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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  May 19, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. about wind is coming in tonight. will tell you where the problem areas may be. san jose, accused of exposing himself to someone who called for help. is not a coincidence how calculated, how criminal, how disgusting. he knew he was doing. plus another deadly freeway shooting. this time come on 580. in the tragedy last night just speaks to the urgency of the need. >> man shaft tells us about her push to increase safety.
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good evening, this is nbc bay area tonight. bad blood over at valley fair mall. we start with a micro climate weather alert. the wind, increasing our fire danger. was bring in just that area. in a really think the highest threat here when it comes to the fire danger is going to be through the central valley is very of the red flag fire effect on the way down towards modesto. this includes solano county. wind gusts dustys, 20-50. 35%. in the bay area, you can see the wind advisory. also, low elevations, 15-35. northeast, and also the south bay mountains are looking at the wind advisory.
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>> what's the timeline here? >> as we head through tonight, what we are looking at is the cold front off to the north as we head through tomorrow morning, it's going to because choice south. let me show you that really look at this. 11:00 tonight come up to 36 miles per hour in napa. but keep your eyes on this magenta color right there. the 50 plus miles per hour. we will see that right towards the north bay mountains as we head through tomorrow morning to be leaving tomorrow morning, north bay mountains would have the highest risk of some of these. all of this, every single bit of this takes a while. about 24 hours to go across the bay area. >> thanks, jeff. a great resource now for our weather, the free nbc bay area app. includes access to our radars,
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and tailored weather forecasts, specifically for your neighborhood. were going to get you caught up now from other stories that we are watching. new accusations against a san jose cop already facing allegations. another woman stepped forward, claiming she was groped during a dui arrest. last week, we broke the story. matthew dominguez allegedly in front of a mother and daughter during a police investigation. this video showed him being escorted off the job by san jose's police chief. now, a woman not to be identified tells us exclusively the officer dominguez groped her while arresting her for dui in december. in i remember telling his partner that officer dominguez had just grabbed me and that he tried to pass it off as helping me with my seatbelt. >> reporter: this was not on camera. officer dominguez wrote in his report that the battery in his camera had died. >> the woman's attorney weather has filed motions, demanding to see the entire personal
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violence of the helix to force the officer to testify. legal experts say it's possible this to be the first of many cases that must not be revisited because of the charges against this officer. also, tonight, antiabortion activists are accused of harassing a san francisco doctor. tonight, one of those activists is facing multiple charges. this all started in march. the san francisco das office says that erin hurley of los angeles was part of a group of people who first defaced this statue at sf general. they call themselves progressive anti-abortion uprising. they are accused of covering that statue with the name of the doctor and fake blood. the next day, the activists accused of merging into that doctor's clinic, filming patients and staff members. they allegedly chanted the doctors name", we know how you are. me know what you do, and who you are. reader, then, the das office
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says hurley and that group went to the doctors home and plastered these stickers in the area. the stickers said a killer lives in a neighborhood. the also allegedly placed fires in the area that attacked the doctor for providing abortion services. it's happened again, another freeway shooting. two people are dead. this time, on 580. this time, it's prompting more pressure to install cameras on our roads. the shooting happened around us in oakland. someone opened fire on a nissan sedan on east end 580. this is near the seminary exit. the shooting triggered a rollover crash. ultimately, two people were killed and two more wounded. this happened and this shooting, just the latest in a string of violence on our freeways. the sheriffs cadet was killed while driving home in january. and here's a vote of 23-month- old jasper farouq, who was shot and killed in november on 880.
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that's a month, amani morris was shot and killed while she and her family had to do a job interview. many of these cases, still unsolved. today, we spoke to amani morris's mother. >> of her but he has cameras. why would you not have it in the one place that there is road rage and everything else. we would at least know who did it had he had it and someone would have been brought to justice. >> freeway cameras are coming after months of pressure here. last friday, governor newsom announced that 200 cameras will be put up in 50 locations across the state. including on freeways in alameda and -- counties. joining us now is oakland mayor libby schaaf. i don't know if you remember, but you told me that she requested governor newsom get those freeway cameras . it's our reality.
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but my question now is when will this cameras actually be installed and where? do we know? >> reporter: say it can't be installed soon enough. the tragedy last night just speaks to the urgency of this need. now, we know that there will be 200 cameras, 50 different locations. over 4 counties. but two of those counties are alameda and contra costa. and the main freeway includes 4 that go through oakland. 880, 580, 24 and very importantly, international boulevard. >> into me know when those cameras will be installed? >> listen, i put in a call to cal transfers this morning, and i said we can't wait until the budget gets passed. it is effective july 1st. we need to start right now. so the -- from my perspective i am putting the heat on to start the installation right now. study michael quinn first. we cannot wait for the public safety benefits of these cameras. people need to know, we are watching your bad behavior.
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not just gun violence, but reckless driving is up. it's a huge issue that we have had in oakland. the organization of -- they come on the freeway and then they terrorize our neighborhoods. so this is a smart technology, with appropriate privacy protections that not only is going to help us with the evidence to hold people accountable, but hopefully, discourage and prevent bad things from happening in the first place. >> the latest homelessness count show the number of homeless people alexa green in your city by about 1000 people. yet, deepest across the bay and services go. you have an explanation of why that's happening? >> well, san francisco has extraordinary resources, on top of the state resources that has been afforded in the fact that it is the only integrated city and county gives them a lot of
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advantages. but there is some good news in oakland as well. the new hit cow actually shows that we were able to double our shelter capacity. and that almost the entire growth in homelessness was of sheltered homelessness. people that we had gotten off the streets and into safety and services. in fact, our street homelessness, people in tents and outdoors actually decreased by 16%. >> mayor schaff, i was appreciate this open communication with you. i appreciate you. >> thank you, roche. >> the homelessness problem, historically would mean that prices would go down. real estate giant re/max has a housing inventory here that's up 10% from this time last year. the jump in supply is not leading to more demand, because housing prices are still rising up more than 12%. local agents say that buyer demand has slowed.
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>> seamless offers, less activity with open houses. definitely a cooldown. >> -- and business tech reporter, we know that this is reasoning the interest rate. slowing down inflation. how is that impacting our housing cost? >> well, it means often, raj. mortgage rates are going higher. part of the recession is often not lower sales of homes. i know, people are looking at the 1.2 million, $1.4 million homes or even more in silicon valley. they may have considered with 3% interest rates. but they are looking at 5% a day. >> well now, here so much of our money and neighbors many is tied into the stock market. with our tech options here. what is the link and is that going to continue. we feel lack of housing also. >> yeah, i think there is a
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link. one of the things i have always thought is that our housing market goes up and down as the nasdaq is up and down because so many potential buyers here in the bay area by their homes or at least put the downpayments down based on the stock options that they can cash in. lately, as you know, tech stocks have taken a big, big tumble. that means, people's options are worth less and it's not just their salaries. they want to cash in those options. so it just happens as mortgage rates are going up, and inflation is making everything else cost more, a lot of people around here are watching their stock options go down and that makes it harder, if not impossible. >> all right, final question since we both grew up here. more of an anecdote. i see a lot more condos and apartments being built. specifically across the silicon valley. we've needed this for decades. are we seeing the payout there? is it helping? >> it's helping a little bit. what it's doing, hopefully as
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is allowing some young people to get in and at least rent here if not -- if they can't afford that condo. young people are the ones that start startups and really drive the engine of the -- but another thing, raj, you and i remember, our parents playing 20% or 19% or similar right around there for their mortgage. so when we say oh my gosh, it's 5%, the previous generation is not only -- not that impressed. if these prices change from 3% to 5%, you've got it. late 1970s, that mortgage rate was about 19% for a lot of our parents watching tonight. thank you, scott. the number one industry in san francisco goes towards them. hotels, once again starting to fill it. hotel occupancy last month was 67%. is the highest we've seen since the pandemic began.
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it's almost double what the city saw last year. you can see it there. about 36% occupancy. here's another milestone. today, 55 -- near union square reopened like a lot of other hotels, enclosed because of coven and it's one of the last major hotels to reopen. we have extensive reporting about our hotels and there's a new push to build more housing in north san jose. you can montessori right now on your roku, amazon fire tv or downloading the nbc bay area streaming app. up next, our next installment of our series race in america. joined me to talk about the -- also, a mall employee, several mall employees. they have to pay to park while they're on the clock. will tell you why they're
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asking. russian missile strike -- in ukraine. >> the masks are coming off. >> climate change, causing extremes. >> how do you keep people safe? >> where is the community insight?
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will come back to nbc bay area news. we continue the conversation. issues that might make you mad. it's our 18th installment of our series called race in america. jessica geary joins us now. there's never a shortage of important and very personal topics. in these topics are often very painful, very difficult to talk about. we have two candid and impactful conversations. one of us was something that i had not heard very much before. but it's the caste system. it is a centuries-old system which ranks a person's value. based on human purity. and what your family physician is. it's actually outlawed in india. we found that caste discrimination has migrated to both silicon valley and into higher education here in the bay area.
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now, at the bottom of this system are -- we had two of our guests with us who identify as dollars. >> it's an identity that you identify with? or is this something that's been cast upon you that you just cannot escape? >> in the face of god, you are seen as disgusting. so dirty that if another person touches you, they would be defiled. i would face violence. it means that those have been broken, but are resilient. >> so, i never expected that i would be discriminated based on my caste placement. >> what i imagine is upsetting for you too, is that this is not black against indians. it's not white against indians. it's indians against indians.
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that was fascinating to sit down with that man, jessica. because when i came here from india, and those two came later, we still believe that stuff that we came with. but here it is, here in the united states. it's eye-opening even to indian americans. >> it's something that's centuries-old in a modern society. at the height of silicon valley, where we talk about technology and moving forward that something so archaic would exist here. a great conversation. the other conversation were having discusses the ongoing violence in the asian community. the anti-blackness in the asian community. robert handa, rt coley, executive director of advanced justice and author -- are going to join me for that. it's really interesting, very layered, very complex conversation that we just need to keep having.
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>> did we start this program during the pandemic? >> we started this right after the george floyd matter. so we've been doing this, this is our 18th installment of it. and every time, we learn something new. something fascinating. people are complex, and there is a movement now to try to bring us more together so that we can have more unity. this is part of that. >> we learn, including you and i. thank you, jessica. we will see you at 7:30. join us for "race in america". also tonight, a popular south bay mall is charging for parking. and it's not sitting well with many of the employees that now have two days apart while they work. today, an employee at the valley ford mall showed the -- the mall charges employees three dollars a day to park. the shopper some if you go there to park you get to park for free and then you have to
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pay a dollar an hour. managements hope is to deter non-shoppers from taking valuable parking spots. >> it's coming off as they don't care about the people that really make the money in the mall. not only is it disrespectful to me . it's disrespectful to the people that are working for years. i mean new employee here. started about one year go. so for those that put their hard-earned hours, and their blood and sweat and tears that are making them a barely livable wage, i find it ridiculous. >> reporter: some employees a three dollars a day doesn't seem like much, but adds up. especially with gas prices going up. malt management says, we support employees who work at the center to voice their opinions. but we remain committed to our control parking plan. question of the day, what are your thoughts on the pay to park policy? danielle leigh writes on facebook, i understand, because parking there is insane, but the workers in the small should have free all day parking.
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why would they make shopping stores even harder when we can buy everything we want online? >> reporter: we are going to be back in a moment with a check in on the friday forecast. this is a live cam in fremont it's going to be picking up wind in the next several hours.
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in welcome back we love this time of week. we have to get through a little bit of wind here. i didn't want to show you this weather alert, increasing our fire danger. tomorrow morning, in the north bay mountains, we have the best chance of those wind gusts, 30- 50. otherwise, as we start off tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 50s. mostly sunny skies. and then, 70s by the bay. 60s right here at the coastline. that included wind through the mountains as we head for tomorrow. saturday and sunday, 80s and
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then next week, warmer 90s monday, tuesday and wednesday. once the wind leaves friday, a nice weekend coming up, raj. >> we are not done right now. up next, marcus washington and jessica aguirre join us for "race in america". we invite you to stay with us. thanks for tuning in. we will see you in just a minute. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms.
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managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. ♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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