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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 20, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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highest gasoline taxes in the nation. is to make this is a leak we don't want to be in. inflation nation, from gas to groceries, it is getting harder every day to make it in the bay. we are crunching numbers about how much more everyday items are costing you, and the reason prices will not be dropping anytime soon? game on, the warriors are gearing up to take on the mavericks in game two of the western conference finals. what you need to know if you are heading to the game tonight? this is today in the bay, streaming live for you. >> here we go, it is a fun filled friday morning. thank you for letting us be part of your morning. let's look live outside. we have a beautiful start to our day. we have so many beautiful places in the bay area. we have had some nice weather.
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>> let's check in with our meteorologist, cary hall. we are dealing with high fire danger. yes, if you are in the inland valleys, it is super windy. it does not look that call, like what we are seeing at the bridge. we have the high fire danger for solano county. the red flag warning continues. in these areas and orange, this is a wind advisory for the windows have been gusting over 40 miles per hour. we have a live look out there. we saw the wind gust up to 47 miles per hour. in concord, it's about 22 miles per hour. it is up to 36 in santa rosa. in san jose, we have a lighter wind. we have a nice day i had. we're dealing with high winds. we will talk about what is ahead in the weekend forecast in a few minutes. developing now, a deadly officer involved shooting in san francisco is under investigation. >> gender is live with more on
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what we are learning in this case. good morning, what we do know is not much. this happened yesterday on owens street. this is near you cfs, mission bay. i was in the neighborhood at that time. there was a lot of people out. so far, the police department hasn't shared much. officers responded to an aggravated assault in progress. officers arrived, locating two males. an officer involved shooting occurred, and medics were called to the scene. one man was declared dead at the scene. the other was brought to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. we don't know if both deaths were involved in a shooting, or the original, aggravated assault call that the police department responded to. we know that no officers were
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hurt. more answers can be expected at the town hall meeting, expected to happen within 10 days. live in san francisco, today in the bay. web new video overnight showing fire crews in oakland working to put out hotspots at a structure fire. this is near edgewater drive. one person is being treated for smoke inhalation. fire officials say the building appeared to be a formal commercial space. no other structures were damaged. the cause of the fire is being investigated. it is becoming more and more expensive to make it in the bay, when it comes to rent, food, and gasoline. we have the report from the east bay today. drivers will need to dig deeper to try to travel this memorial day.>> reporter: unfortunately, you are correct. we are back in the six dollar range for a gallon of gas.
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we know it is guaranteed to go up another three cents on july 1 when the gas tax goes up. here are the latest overnight numbers from aaa. these are the averages in the three major cities. oakland, san francisco, san jose, anywhere around $6.29. we are up $.40 per gallon from 30 days ago. we spoke with the head of petroleum analysis and gas part. he blames russia's war in ukraine, and supply and demand in the united states. >> was on the refineries shut down over the last 3 years. amidst the high supply, excuse me, amidst low supply, refineries are struggling to keep up with demand. the inventories are plummeting by millions of barrels. the amatory plummeted nearly 5 million barrels in a week.
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bloomberg reports the price for a gallon of milk is up 25% since the start of the pandemic. bacon is up 30%. the food prices could go up even more. the business publication points out that food distributors and restaurants have been trying to hold back on price increases to help the consumer, by squeezing their own margins. they can only do that for so long. eventually, they will pass the cost along to us. this comes as inflation hit a 40 year high in this country. >> reporting from dublin, today in the bay. this morning, president biden is in south korea. this is his first trip to asia as president. just into the newsroom, two secret service staffers are home. we are told this is due to a drunken incident that led to a
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scuffle over a taxicab. the staffers will reportedly be placed on administrative leave. meanwhile, this is out of south korea, with the president speaking at samsung. due to his trip, he is highlighting the partnerships with asian companies. the white house says the agreements will create jobs here in the u.s. and alleviate supply-chain issues. the president will visit japan. the trip is seen as a sign of unity with key allies in the face of growing military and economic threats from north korea, china, and russia. >> we are looking at an affirmative vision of what the world can look like if the democracies and open societies of the world stand together to shape the world. >> u.s. senate passed the $40 billion aid package to help ukraine in the battle with russia. it is now on its way to south korea for the president to sign. help is on the way for parents dealing with the ongoing baby formula shortage.
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the first flights carrying supplies from other countries could start arriving in the u.s., as soon as this weekend. it comes after the biden administration took emergency action. some organizations are trying to help women. one is in austin, texas. this is the largest breastmilk donor organization in the country. formula demand in that city has skyrocketed 300% since the shortage started. the executive director says the organization is being stretched thin right now. >> this is a burden we feel. we don't have enough milk to help every family. that is painful. >> you watch the full story at 7:00 a.m., after today in the bay. it is 6:07 right now. the chase center is where it is at. the warriors showed up for work. that a nice workout starting
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out with steph curry. he is practicing the threes. he makes it look so easy. you know, in game one, they were dominated. rest assured, the mavericks don't to face that embarrassment again. they will come out firing. this is when you don't want to miss. tipoff is tonight is 6:00 p.m. we have coverage on air and online. >> do you know what is shaping up to be a big night? we have the vision rivals, the padres and giants face-off at oracle park. you can watch the game here. you not face that traffic in the city. the game starts at 7:15 tonight, right here in the bay area. this is a live look inside of oracle park. this is a beautiful shot. if you go to the game, the weather should not be too bad, right? >> a try, it will be a beautiful evening. it is still breezy. we have seen the high winds over the past couple of days.
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look at the wind gusts at 39 miles per hour. that will make the ball go way out to left field. we are temperatures in the upper 60s, going to the low 60s by the end of the game. it is all clear out there. temperatures are in the low 70s. it is nice for the coast. inland, the temperatures warm up. it could be as warm as 86 degrees in fairfield. we have mostly, upper 70s in the interbay and south bay. we will get a look at the weekend, coming up. how is it looking at getting out and about? >> in san francisco, this is the last bit. we have more slowing near treasure island. that is making things clear. we have a disabled vehicle blocking one lane. the meter lights are on and i see slowing here. they may have slowed the light sent to compensate for the issue. getting on the westbound commute, it is an easy drive. these are usual spots.
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highway 4 and 37. we have no major concerns. 84 shows slowing in the south bay. back to you. it is 6:09 right now. when will he launch what will be the purchase of twitter? former president trump's wondering where his truth social app is on android. we know, that is coming up. we are looking at one rare day on wall street. >> we will take it. we will take it. [ laughter ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ a lot of us can relate to this, these are called vines. these are the items that americans are splurging on most.
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>> the economy is tough right now. it's fumigant is not tough for everybody. will talk about that, and so much more, on today in the bay. ♪ [ music ] ♪
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for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money.
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wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. right now, at 6:13, if you start with a workout in hayward, or you are going to the gym, we have temperatures
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in the low 50s during the next hour. we will be warming up nicely. i do like the afternoon walks, in the mid 70s. we are looking at the weekend. we have concerns of high fire danger. i do like reading a good book. we are looking at the bay bridge. we do have an issue here. one lane is blocked around treasure island. we the westbound commute. we will see how this is impacting the east bay. we will look at friday's commute. good morning, happy friday to you. boeing launched a rocket from cape canaveral that has big significance to that company, and the future of space travel. at the top of the rocket is the star liner space capsule. there is nobody inside. this is an en masse test. they have had trouble testing this system. at the time, their competitor,
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spacex, was routinely launching manned rockets. twitter says they plan to move forward with the sale to elon musk, despite his claim that the deal is on hold. looking back, we should have been more specific. he has talked about the idea of this being on hold. there is no such thing as on hold with a contract like this. he agreed to purchase twitter. you will have to pay a penalty to twitter if he doesn't buy it. stomach a few minutes go, he tweeted, he says he has verbal approval to build a hyper loop train. verbal approval means nothing in business. he would also need written approval from dates and counties, and towns. other news, the rolling stone magazine reports donald trump blames google for the fact that his new social networking app, truth social is not on the google app store.
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if you look at the truth social website, the apple app store as a link and the google store is grayed out. president trump says they have delayed the approval. they said truth social is not finished building the android app. you have not committed anything for approval. more losses on wall street, although they were minor. the s&p 500 is just about the bear market. if the closing market on the right gets to 3837, we would be at a bear market. that is a 20% drop from the s&p 500, all-time high on january 3. going in, we will have a positive day. it will be a long day. we have been negative on the overall weeks for quite some weeks now. >> i know, i am trying out to check mine. >> nor should you. [ laughter ]>> i did. okay, thank you. we have a new poll in the
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case of american spending more money on impulse purchases. this surprises me, given the economy right now. this is according to a survey conducted by slick deals. they find 64% of americans are increasing the impulse purchasing this year. it comes out to about $314 per month. 60% say inflation has had a huge impact on what they are spending their money on. when it comes to impulse buying, most people splurge on clothing, food, and household items. >> i can see it. they are not traveling as much or eating out. they don't even have to travel to work. it just makes them feel good. it is 6:17 right now. this is something that will not break the bank. we have free ice cream sundays. >> you said free, that is my favorite word. >> this is in celebration of the grand reopening of the
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chocolate experience. this is free ice cream sundays to the first 170 customers in line today. >> i got a go. this is due to the air 170th anniversary. >> that is what is breaking the diet. >> that is my diet. >> have you had a sunday they are? they are amazing. they are huge, and delicious. stomach somebody will be standing in line. stomach all right, it is a bit cold for ice cream. stomach if you are in the inland area, it will be warming up again today. it is an ice cream afternoon. we have a gorgeous shot of oakland as you are heading out. the sunshine is rising, and it will be a nice day. the winds are kicking up in the hills, and the delta.
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solano county continues with the red flag warning until 2:00 today. in the areas in orange, we are under a wind advisory. we are a step below a red flag warning. any small spark could spread very quickly. that, combined with extremely low humidity. look at the afternoon humidity numbers. we are in the single digits. that is so dry. if you are not feeling with the wind, you need to put on some moisturizer. we have the relative humidity at 4%. that is extremely low. it does come up a little bit tonight. we also the wind gusts. keep an eye on the areas in purple. this morning, we have 50 mile- per-hour winds possible. this comes through the central valley and across the bay, onto the ocean. we will see the gusty winds. yesterday morning, we got an
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update of the drought monitor. it is showing that much of the central valley is in extreme drought. we have a severe drought here. we have had these warm temperatures drying out the vegetation even more. with the low humidity, warm temperatures, and gusting winds, any small sparse could spread quickly. the fire danger continues today. temperatures are not bad. we are seeing upper 70s and low 80s and for many spots. it's about the same on sunday. as we go through the forecast, the dry conditions continue. next week, temperatures are coming up several degrees. we have 90s on monday and tuesday. san francisco will have a nice weekend. it will be breezy with highs in the 60s tomorrow and sunday. what are you watching for the commute? >> i am watching the green in the bay. these roads are under 20 minutes. that is great for those areas. the bay bridge, right here, the
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bottom left of the screen, we have a disabled vehicle near treasure island. the road crews are heading there. we saw the alert go from yellow to orange. this is the worst spot of the day going from oakland over to san francisco. the disabled vehicles should clear. we will track that and get back to you. nbc bay area response. stomach where two cases where viewers have been waiting month after month, after month, for their money back. we stepped in to help. and ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> we are better together. we have the new song, the first one for the official soundtrack of the fifa world cup this year. we are six months away from the start of the games . you can
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watch all of the action, live, on our sister station. it is always a lot of fun. it is 6:21 right now. we will be right back.
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it is 6:24 this morning. frustrated viewers contacted us, because it busisses were dragging their feet. stomach where two cases where the team spoke up and got the wheels turning.>> reporter:
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good friday. arlen fernandez helped esme in san francisco. she has been waiting months for a $1300 flight refund. no one was taking action. he discovered the bank had rejected the deposit. the airline tried again. she got back $1340. stomach our team helped ray, in san jose. he had been waiting six months for a $745 dresser. the furniture store said over and over, it was delayed, obviously. fed up, he called us. we called the store and got the dresser delivered, eight months after he ordered it. no explanation from the store. if you're frustrated with the consumer problem, give us a call. have a great weekend.
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it is 6:25. we continue to honor and highlight the accomplishments of members of the aapi community. we want to honor an author the took the leap to write about her life, and the challenges she conquered. she is a commercial real estate by trade. she wanted to write a book to tell her life story to her children. she says the mission evolved into something much larger, story of how she navigated, with so many other asian americans have raised. to make the transition will never be smooth. it is in your power to change your life. despite the categorizations of people give you. after i wrote this, i got so much positive feedback on how inspired immigrants, or those that thought they can't succeed in a country like this. stomach this is her book. she said that writing process is cathartic. it helped her get her feelings from her heart onto paper.
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the month of may is dedicated to raising awareness on mental health. yesterday, during mental health action day, a local eighth- grader from isaac newton graham middle school, in mountain view, won first prize for her work to destigmatize mental health struggles. congratulations to her and her classmates. >> is nice to see. we have top stories today in the bay, including a we can warm up. we have windy conditions. carey hall will track all that for us, and how long the fire danger will last. starting today, the elementary school aged children can get a booster to help protect them against covid-19. i can show you where you can make an appointment, and the parents might be rushing to get the shots. you are watching today in the bay.
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right now, at 6:30, getting boosted. the call for children to roll up their sleeves as covid-19 cases rise. we are breaking down we can take your child to get that shot, starting today. with the weekend warm up. these are conditions we do not to see. our meteorologist is tracking high fire danger as we start your day. this is today in the bay friday morning, we are getting you started with the
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day. thank you for joining us. we will check in with the traffic conditions in just a moment. first, let's look at the forecast. it has been pretty warm. soon i guess, normally we don't have high fire danger in may. that is the case due to the lack of rainfall due to the low humidity heading our way. you will see this continuing in solano county. we are watching closely for the red flag warning. notice the orange shading here and in the north bay. we will have a wind advisory continuing through this afternoon. we do have extremely dry fuels. we are looking at fairfield. we are in the upper 50s. will go for another warm day with gusty winds. we will talk about the weekend in a few minutes. it is 6:31 right now. a homicide investigation is underway in the east bay. oakland police responded to a shooting on west cypress road and main street this morning.
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officers say they found a man unresponsive in the driveway, suffering from a gunshot wound. the victim died at the scene. there is no word on arrests or motives. one restaurant owners being remembered this morning, after being fatally shot. jun anabo was shot and killed, right outside of his a popular filipino restaurant . this happened in front of his son on wednesday night. dozens of people, yesterday, came to the restaurant to mourn his death. he leaves behind one son. no arrests have been made in connection to the shooting. this marks the 43rd homicide in oakland so far this year. going forward to the pandemic, this is a day that many parents, and kids have been waiting for. 5 to 11-year-olds are eligible to get the covid-19 booster shot. soon i today in the bay, chris sanchez joins us from the vaccination location. we are looking at how this can
6:33 am
help a lot of kids. >> reporter: hello there, this is the santa clara county expo. this is one of the locations that will have the smaller booster shots available for children ages 5 to 11 years old, starting today. the pediatric practices will also distribute the boosters. call ahead. the boosters are the smaller dose, just like the first two covid-19 vaccinations. due to the smaller doses, then immunity doesn't wayne is sooner. it is more important for kids to get boosted than the general population. as of today, the cdc authorized this for the kids at least four months after the second dose. the cdc strengthened the recommendation for a second booster for those 12 and up that are immunocompromised, and anyone who is aged 50 and up. you should seek a booster four months after the first one. parents of elementary aged children are not exactly
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clamoring for this protection. only one third of california children in this age group are fully vax needed. we are looking at the stats. 4.4 million children tested positive for covid-19 since the pandemic began. 15,000 ended up in the hospital. 180 children have died of that virus. the county websites are taking those appointments in santa clara county. we have appointments as early as 8:40 in the morning. if you want to swing by reason not to school, you should be able to get in for an appointment. thank you so much. it is 6:34 right now. as families know, the pandemic has been challenging for all of us, including kids. this is mental health awareness month. new data reveals, almost half the parents across the country say the pandemic has cause mental health problems for one or more of their children. i spoke with the doctor and
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founder about why this is so important. >> talking about their motions, and making space for that, allows them to develop the language, and the capacity to understand, and identify the emotions they are having. >> she is working with the sounded out campaign, working to raise awareness about the issue. i asked her what parents should look out for. >> if you notice something is not quite right with your little one, please reach out, to your pediatrician, or school counselor, or therapist in your community. these are the early signs. you are also looking for any changes in their behavior, their mood. i know, teenagers and adolescents can be tricky. they are going through all the hormone changes that comes up. you are looking for mood changes that persist beyond the daily up and down.
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they will persist for two weeks or more at a time.>> reporter: parent should be looking for changes in the child's eating and sleeping patterns, or if they are spending way too much time alone. i spoke to the doctor about so much more. you can watch the full interview on our streaming app. download it for apple tv and amazon fire. you can find the interview under the must-see playlists. cal fire is suspending they say this is in anticipation of the increased fire danger, due to drought, warm temperatures, and climate change. the decision goes into effect on monday. lake yellow and other counties are facing lar restrictions. firefighters are on high ert due to high fire conditions. this the new, state-of-the- art plane that is on standby in sacramento, in case a fire breaks out. the office of emergency services sent this video. this is a fixed wing aircraft with high-tech cameras and
6:37 am
sensors. it can send real-time images to emergency crews on the ground. they have pre-positioned the firefighter resources to protect threatened communities. our meteorologist has been monitoring that, along with the high winds as well. also, we have some nice conditions for a game today. hopefully we make it beyond the fire danger to enjoy our weekend. it will be breezy. the wind is dusting at almost 30 miles per hour. temperatures are near 70 degrees. as we go to the game, the wind is calm down and temperatures drop into the low 60s. tomorrow, we have the burger and brew festival happening. it will be a beautiful day out there to enjoy the festival. temperatures are heading into the upper 70s in the afternoon.
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it is warm. you have a lot of drinks to cool you off. if you're going to sonoma valley, we will be in the low 80s. notice the morning temperatures in the mid 40s. we are starting out cool. it warms up in the afternoon. we have a lot of sunshine around the bay area, and the north bay. if the weekend plans take you along the coastline, enjoying the views, we are in the low 70s. we started out at 50. will reach 66. it is breezy along the coast. on sunday, we are in the upper 70s. in the bay area, will see a wide range of temperatures. if you are in san francisco, we are in the upper 60s. for napa and san jose, it will reach into the low and mid 80s. this all just depends on where you are. make sure you have your jacket in the backseat. this morning, you are planning the commute for us now. >> you can see that bay bridge
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toll plaza. cars are moving better. the deal is, we had a disabled vehicle at treasure island. that has cleared. keep in mind, all morning, and into the evening, we have traffic in the city. you did mention the giants game. that is at 7:15 at oracle park. over the chase center, they have the warriors game. you can watch the giants on tv if you have a ticket for either game. you can flip back and forth. i hear the warriors will be televised as well. we can save you from the parking. we are looking at a smooth drive through the rest of the bay. san jose is just starting to see a bit in the commute. it is 6:39, a heroic effort, firefighters rush into save dozens of dogs from a cal fire. still ahead, what they say caused the flames to get out of control? president biden is in asia,
6:40 am
hopefully bringing technology back to silicon valley. industrial is up 200 points. we are trying to keep our planet beautiful. today, they are talking about food waste, things you can do to make a change, and help our planet out. i will be back with more. you are watching today in the bay.
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happy friday to you. it is 6:42. as you are heading out, we are in the upper 40s. it is sunny, with a light wind. the wind will kick up. we go from the upper 40s to the mid 70s. it will be a nice and warm afternoon. i am concerned about fire danger in one spot in the bay area. we will watch that and talk about it in a few minutes. we have some backups over here toward the north expressway near the san rafael bridge. we will show you how things are shaping up. we don't want any slowing, but we clearly have some. it is 6:43. firefighters rush to the scene of a document after a fire broke out. this happened at that would boulevard near lonetree way. an air conditioning unit caught fire, spreading to other buildings. sadly, four dogs died as a
6:44 am
result. nearly a dozen were rescued, and appeared to be in good condition. the president is on his first trip to asia. he is talking about at the factories being a bra here. >> this could speed up the supply chain as well. it will take time. you cannot build a factory overnight. president biden tours the samsung facility in korea. it is a korean company. it has thomas to build chips here in texas. intel promised a new chip fabrication, building a mega facility in arizona. the chips are designed here in america. most of them are manufactured overseas. 75% are built in asia in general. >> are two nations work together to make the most and best technology in the world. this factory is proof of that. that gives the republic a edge
6:45 am
in the global economy. >> he has been urging chip companies to think america first. he is working with leaders. you may recall the ceo of intel was a guest of the first lady of the state of the union. president biden was spent five days in asia. you will go to japan next. you will meet with leaders there, along with leaders from australia and india. at home, the select committee is investigating the january 6 attacks, would like to know more about an alleged tour of the capital. the georgia republican gave the tour the day before the attack. the committee proposed a voluntary meeting with him next week. in a statement on thursday, he said no republican member of congress led any kind of reconnaissance through the capital. in pennsylvania, the race between dr. oz and david
6:46 am
mccormick is too close to call. 99% of votes are in. several reports say mccormick will claim the election was somehow fraudulent, and that would put dr. oz on the other side of the normal argument. there is no sign of fraud in that primary. the winner of the primary goes on to challenge the democrats in november. we will be watching that very carefully. we have been for quite some time. if you are on facebook, you will find me there. it is 6:46. $408 billion of food is wasted every year. >> our meteorologist is shining a spotlight on the climate in crisis this morning. i know you spoke with a store, creating a movement to eliminate waste.>> reporter: yes, it is a big offender to our planet. i don't know if you know this, but it creates a big carbon
6:47 am
footprint. 24% of food in the u.s. ends up in the landfill. a lot of that food does not break down. it has a lot of contaminants. this is included in perfect foods. one nationwide commerce that works with farmers and vendors, purchases food that would otherwise end up in the trash. the company has this location in san francisco. imagine yourself doing this, you are at the grocery store, looking for the perfect apple, or that avocado. if the company says the unique aspects is in the title of their name, it is imperfect. >> and traditional retailers, many fruits and vegetables, foods that are oversized or undersized or have cosmetic challenges, will not retail well. we are here to purchase them and share them with our customers and community. that means that the carrots
6:48 am
that may not look the best can still make a really delicious dish. just because they are not pretty does t mean they will you said earlier, you jump up the food anyway, you are tossing it into the mix that you are creating. if you want more information like this one, you can go to and look on the climate in crisis tab.
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