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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 20, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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pretty great snow out here. >> they contained the fire. before it reached any buildings. thankfully, no structure damage. >> those fire that we thought really on in this incident. that's what we could expect to see. from here, thsummer. when we have these windy datoda
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the cause of this fire is still under investigation. reporting live, kristi -- >> they were able to get it under control, but what is the rest of the couple of days for them. >> we are really starting to see this dry wind event that we've had over the past 36 hours beginning to calm down. when the fire started, we did not have wind gusts from 20-40. but again, things are starting to drop. look at our peak wind gusts here today. mt. diablo, 51. fairfield out 42. humidity values as low as 10 and 15%. now, we still have a red fire warning that continues the next couple of hours until 8:00 p.m. write down towards modesto. where -- could be down to 50
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miles per hour. some low humidity, down to 5%. the trend as we move through tonight will be down on the winds. it's about 5-10 miles per hour and it continues to decrease as we head through tomorrow morning. i will take you to that full forecast coming up. >> with the higher temps, we need low wind. thank you. so you can also download our nbc bay area app. get live weather updates to your phone. you can tailor the forecast is for your area. just into our newsroom, prosecutors inform us there are no co owes. -- has rested s. now, it the defenses turn to call witnesses to the same -- is accused of defrauding -- the trial is taking place at the federal courthouse in san jose. in january, may a jury found -- elizabeth holmes guilty on for fraud related charges.
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she said to be sentenced in the fall. church and state are cautioned today. a declaration from san francisco's catholic archbishop is making headlines worldwide. archbishop -- has declared house speaker nancy pelosi is barred from receiving communion. unless she ends her support for abortion rights. >> -- joe cantata has the story from san francisco. >> archbishop -- was not available for comment on this, but in a prepared statement, he says he's been working for months to try to have a conversation with speaker nancy pelosi about this. but since he ultimately decided he needed to make a decision, in that prepared statement by the archbishop, he writes in part, i have determined a point in which i must make a public declaration that she is not -- unless and until the public -- for abortion rights. today, add event, just -- city, state and federal leaders of northern california. that tour is enough to
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highlight -- in the supreme court draft decision. striking down roe v wade. they said in september. 75 witnesses. getting the procedure in their home states. at least 22 states already have laws that would immediately ban nearly all abortions if roe is overturned. today, reproductive rights supporters were quick to condemn the arch ships announcement. >> nancy pelosi has done more to protect children, women, families, than he could ever imagine. and scott, to deny her communion is, it's laughable. >> for him to try to somehow pressure speaker pelosi, or any other -- to change their views on this issue, by denying them an opportunity to exercise their freedom of speech. >> reporter: last summer, the u.s. conference of catholic
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bishops voted under resolution to deny communion to high- profile catholics like president joe biden and speaker pelosi. when the resolution was passed, the vatican warned against denying the eucharist to high- profile leaders. speaker pelosi had said that being denied communion would be very serious to her. we reach out to her office for comment on the archbishop's comment, but have not had an immediate response. in san francisco, sergio quintana. shots fired, shot is fired. >> reporter: this video has been edited. the shooting happened back in september. officers responding to a 911 call a basis vicious person. when they arrived, the suspect was waiting and started shooting. that's when officers returned fire. one of them was fired.
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that wounded officer is recovering from an injury, but is said to be okay. rising recessions here sent stocks of falling with the s&p 500 dipping into fair market territory. that's when an index has brought 25% from a recent high. the s&p hit an all-time high january. at one point today, falling 20%. the s&p recovered slightly, closing 19% before the january record. we will break down what this all means for you coming up soon at 5:30. >> gets back to masking in a berkeley schools. almost 10,000 k-12 students found out they're going to have to wear these again starting monday because covid cases are rising. the unified school district made that announcement just a few hours ago, saying the return to mask policy came after recommendation from the cities public health officer. they said they made the decisions for eckstein school to make sure that students in
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their families can attend as many end-of-the-year activities as possible. the parents we talk to at rosa parks elementary school reluctant, but willing. >> you never know, and we want to keep our kids safe. we want to keep them happy. so i really just think that we are going to have to do it. organa have to do it. just to be safe. >> the school year does end june 3rd. the district had dropped the mask mandate in march. some parents have been waiting for. others are still questioning. ages 5-11 now qualify for covid boosters. it comes at the state positivity rate. the highest it's been since mid february. health leaders continue to urge everyone to get vaccinated and boosted. if we look at the vaccination rates for kids from 5-11, in santa clara, contra costa and san francisco counties, nearly 60% of kids in that age range
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have gotten vaccinated. alameda county has an even higher rate, at 65%. nbc -- and stephanie at the santa clara county fairgrounds where younger kids are already rolling up their sleeves again. hi, stephanie. >> yes, families i spoke with today say that they started looking for appointments when they saw the fda approval. in fact, just out of 4 for an hour. adjust to making some and get that booster shot. 11-year-old zoe was among the first in her age group of 5-11 to get a covid-19 booster shot in santa clara county. >> it was very exciting. >> i have been on my phone, trying to get registered for the last couple of days. it just opened up this morning, so i tried to grab the first spot that i could. me my children and parents have been showing up to these vaccinations i thought they. >> it hurt a bit more than i anticipated. by not going to get covered, so that they win.
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>> many say they have been keeping an eye on the latest surge. and got sooner was better than later. especially those with trips planned for the summer. >> it just seems to be heading california, so we want to be safe and get his immunity up. >> reporter: the fda approval comes as california's positivity rate hits 6%. the state is reporting more than 9000 cases per day. here in santa clara county, the rate, slightly higher. 6.6%. >> -- from day today. is much as we are seeing in the past. >> we have not seen these types of numbers since february, during the concert. experts don't think that we've had rp get. but not everyone is on board. some expert the parents say for now, they are not convinced boosters are a necessity for the age group. the county says they are working with healthcare providers so that they can start offering the booster shot to patients in office and depending on demand, the county
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is considering opening up some booster clinics at schools. in san jose, stephanie maranon. >> thank you so much, stephanie. we have you covered when it comes to covid-19 guidance. were tracking all the changes and rollouts. just go to for all the details. continue nursing if you can. talk to your child talked about substituting a brand. here's where they get more important. avoid making your own baby formula. watering it down, or using expired formula. you should apply for government assistance programs, such as health officials say they will try to continue to monitor the shortage and provide updates as new information becomes available. >> still ahead, the new rules trained operators will have to follow when it comes to noise. >> a big night in the city.
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the warriors and the giants both playing tonight. we are already celebrating outside chase center. that weekend is almost here. we are expecting sunshine, some 80s and lint. in a lot less went. i will give you all the way through your saturday and sunday and beyond. coming up in about 8:00.
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understanding that her journey is not quite done yet. we do want to be able to have the full permit but this is an incredible start. >> the quiet hours begin at 10:00 p.m. and run through 7:00 in the morning. >> okay, one thing is for sure, there will be nothing that is quiet in the -- our center tonight. dove nation is ready for game 2 of the western conference finals. there ready to be loud. >> let's go to cheryl hurd. she is out bike chase center nexium and cisco. tipoff is less than an hour away. hi, cheryl. >> the fans have been happening
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here since early this morning. there yelling here right now that the warriors have not been to the finals since 2019. there here right now. you may notice that they are trained towards the teensy stage there. the reason why they're looking there and yelling is because of charles barkley. he may all know, not going to go into it. they have a battle between charles barkley and the fans. it is continuing right now. people are getting ready. and i have a special guest for you right now. her name is robin. >> hi, robin. in i was so excited. she is such a big fan. people want to take pictures and everything. but i want to know, what moves are you going to have to leave. >> items my special brothers, we have a new one in the pool. >> the/brothers? that's a little -- there. >> so, who's going to win tonight? what's your prediction? >> we have a lot of momentum
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going. the maps are going to come out fighting. but you know what? -- has no turnovers. we got this. >> you heard it. robin, from oakland. born and raised. if she says that, it has to be so. thank you very much. a few little footnotes for you. the warriors sold out the 424 consecutive games. that is a lot. in the national anthem tonight is going to be sung by naiad jamison. she is originally from san jose. she is singing the national anthem for the years since she was nine. a lot of excitement here for tonight. go warriors. my prediction, warriors moving forward in side. >> you have got the flash for this. i mean, you need to be able to get this. >> robin has a lot. >> she sing, you need the team to be the -- for zoom it.
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is a how you doing? that is good. >> thank you, ladies. >> there's -- they are in sync. that's got to be a tick-tock. we have to document that. >> it is going to be a crazy night in the city. not only are they going to have fun there. the giants have a game tonight also. it's a division rival. the padres and the giants, both teams trying to take control. of the hotly contested -- years will we are going to say to you. first pitches 7:15. you won't miss the episode of -- and if you really want wash it, get up and see attitude:35 in the morning. >> is going to be beautiful and crowded. >> we can all try that dance right now. something like this. >> jessica, you really got it.
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yes, we have the giants also happening out here. live at work a park. showing the players out here, getting the practice in. if you're headed to the game tonight, expect our typical cool conditions. but i think the start here around 7:15 will be a 65. gusts up to 24 miles per hour. i will continue to drop the temperatures. be sure to bring a light jacket. again, this game is right here on nbc bay area. if you don't have tickets, we have your vip pass. let's move it into the forecast. if you are here near the bay, we have a beautiful 70 degrees. temperatures 8:00 and 9:00 will be done into the low in mid 60s. through the inland valleys, what a night to have dinner outside. 81 degrees. we have sunny skies. staying in the 70s here through seven in:00. maybe downtown san jose. willow glen. wherever you're headed for of some fantastic weather this evening. as we move through into tomorrow, i did want to show you the wind forecast.
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we were under very high fire danger, but those winds are going to continue to calm down for tonight into tomorrow morning. you can see, 8: 30 small. only seen winds of about five feet and 13 miles per hour. i think will get the typical seabreeze back into about 20. but this humidity keeps the wind from getting too dry. overall come i don't see any problems with the wind. as we head through saturday or forecast, starting off tomorrow, mostly sunny. no fog at all. 52 the peninsula. a great start. whatever you have planned for the morning. low 50s into the east bay. san francisco, in north bay. daytime highs really are not going to adjust a lot of the south bay. maybe starting to open up the pool, getting it ready here for pre-summer. 79 in san jose. back up to 85 by antioch. 76 in hayward peninsula, looking good. especially redwood city a 76.
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san francisco, 60s from downtown to the ingleside. across the north bay, wine country with some lows in the mid 80s. now, the trend as we head through the next couple of days. i did want you to see that we have some heat coming in next tuesday and wednesday in san jose with the 90s. check this out. the next weekend, we are dropping it down to the 70s. so you might want to enjoy that heat this weekend. because the following we can, stubbornly going to be cooler. right here, some 60s through this weekend with the seabreeze moving in. in the 80s saturday and sunday. in those 90s next monday and tuesday. i can get looking pretty good as we head through the next couple of days. >> thank you. still succumb, 75 years in the making. the bay area world war ii veterans that are finally being honored. >> not you. -- find you.
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>> for 25 years, you had -- managed hundreds of audits. has mayor, she saved -- finding ways, saving money, because you is for you. >> exactly. democrat for controller. ♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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today, congressman -- holding out gold medals of honor to marines in san francisco. the metals recognize their service. it is a result that legislation recently passed tumor means who provided critical support in the war. and suffered a higher percentage of casualties than any other branch. >> i jumped over the minute them suckers started to shoot. and i was in the water for an hour and a half. in following the war, it took merchant greens 50 years to receive the same benefits as other branches of the military. more than 700 cargo ships were sunk during the war and more
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than 8500 merchant marines, killed. >> old-timers in berkeley will recall when their work 6 movie theaters downtown. next month, there will just be one theater left. -- cinemas, located just a block from campus. but apparently, even a large student body could not save the movie company. they were given a glamorous overhaul in 2009. berkeley theaters will close next tuesday, or the end of the month. >> coming up next, a suite reopening in the city. we will ask lynn, when we come back. get live stats and scores with xfinity x1. xfinity, the future of awesome.
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hot fudge sundae's on the house. in san francisco this morning. >> it was a celebration of the grand reopening of the ghirardelli chocolate experience store. companies founded in san francisco also celebrating their 170th anniversary for the first 170 customers who were treated to a free half of sunday. >> this chocolate company has survived 2 global pandemic. earthquakes, fires, other challenges. and throw all the time, enter all of those difficulties, they are in a true example of what
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it means to be resilient. >> resilience, indeed. is closed for the past four months, but you can see the new l.e.d. board and a candy bar. for the first time ever, fresh chocolate will be made in the store. they plan to have more renovations in the upcoming years. that is a truth san francisco treat. >> yes, it's a good one, jenna. >> it's one of my favorites, fisher. all right, coming up now, 5:30. rising interest rates. high inflation, and the war in ukraine. a recipe for a stock market drop that is worrying investors. >> it's really hurting our business. because we can keep catching up have more than a trust. >> we have two cases where viewers have and waiting month after month for their money back. so we stepped in to help.


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