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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 21, 2022 1:37am-2:07am PDT

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tú tienes el toque... now go and deja tu huella. it's a cheetos thing. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests bob odenkirk and bobby moynihan i want to thank derrick wright [ cheers and applause and the 8g band. stay safe, get vaccinated, get boosted, we love you everybody [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ as other branches of the military.
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at 11:00, a devastating night for an east bay neighborhood. a seven-year-old boy hit and killed by a car while on his bike. the concerned neighbors had. after a warm and dry windy conditions we will have a look at the when forecast as we head into the weekend. now used to get, now you don't. the high-tech license plate that caught the attention of police and landed a driver behind bars . the warriors a big comeback that has fans pumped. we will hear from the team fresh off of the big win at chase center. and evening. would begin tonight with the giants game which ended right here on nbc bay area. anguish and anger in a fremont neighborhood. a small boy hit and killed by a car while riding his bike this afternoon. this happened at montrose and jamestown road. we have that story and why neighbors say it is a dangerous
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intersection. >> an entire block of this south fremont neighborhood is not open. a seven-year-old boy hit by this car according to witnesses. the nissan finally coming to a stop on the front lawn of the corner house. police and paramedics swarmed the scene soon after. the boy was taken to stanford children's hospital, where he died of his injuries. we spoke briefly to the boys family. >> it hurts me because that grandson really loves me a lot. we had a great bond together. >> the boy was wearing a helmet when it happened. one neighbors a surveillance camera captured the collision, and the footage was given to police. >> this is very disturbing and heartbroken. >> multiple neighbors have complained to the city about cars speeding down montrose avenue. they have asked for stop signs and speed bumps of the past.
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>> i used to bike here a lot and i used to play on the street. it is really dangerous. >> they really need to work on something to stop people from driving so reckless in the residential area. >> police say the driver stayed at the scene and cooperated with officers. investigators are trying to discover what led up to the collision, and if speed played a factor. the answers will come much sooner than the pain felt on the street ever goes away. firefighters have their hands full in the east bay. crews were chasing flames and fighting when that we usually don't see until the heat of summer. >> there were a lot of concerns when the fire started this afternoon. enough so that contra costa fire protection closed three buildings because a fire was just on the other side of the
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hill. firefighters are already busy and is not even june yet. powerful wind pushed the gas fire off highway four in concorde. the fire marshal captured the video with glowing embers threatening to start more fires. >> the fire district has fully staffed teams in anticipation of high fire danger and a canceled two days of training due to wind conditions. >> i will take a day like today with high winds and low humidity. >> the cruise rush to stop the fire as quickly as possible and called in cal fire for air support. they contained it to 20 acres before it reached buildings and were finished before dinnertime.
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they also successfully doused the planes onto more fast- moving fires >> this is an early and ominous prelude. let's turn things over to our chief meteorologist.
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tom said the wind has died down. is going to stay like that? >> we will get our typical sea breeze 10-25 miles an hour near the coastline kicking up through the afternoon. expect that at this the coast but not nearly as drying is what we went through today. fairfield coming in at 42. the fire warning in the central valley expired at 8:00 tonight. the trend again on the wind continues to go down 86 ounce in an up to and warmer 90 on monday. i will have your forecast coming up in about 15 minutes . mac you can download our bay area app. you will get live updates and tailored forecasts for your
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area. we know more about two men killed during an officer involved shooting in san francisco. it happened around 7:45. police say officers were responding to a report of two men involved in some sort of aggravated assault. it is not clear if the men died by bullets by police or each other. there men ages 57 and 49 years old. we don't know where they are from and we don't have their names at this point. firefighters couldn't get inside because a man said he had a gun. the fire to to home --
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blocks from san francisco archdiocese, city and state federal leaders toward a planned parenthood northern california site. it is meant to highlight changes needed if the draft striking down holds. >> >> for him to try to somehow pressure speaker pelosi or any other catholic to change their views on this issue.
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the baby formula shortage is getting worse. the national out of stock average rose to 45% last week. it is the highest yet. the first flight bringing formula coming from europe is expected this weekend. it will be the equivalent of 1 1/2 million eight ounce bottles of formula from the manufacturer, nestli. house officials are offering advice when it comes to dealing with the shortage. the first is if you are nursing, try to keep doing it. talk to your child's doctor about substituting a brand. avoid making your own milk. watering down are using expired formula can be harmful to the baby. they say apply the government assistant.
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it was a big party at chase center, a party with some star five star power. it wasn't the only place to be in the city.'s
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we are trying to create an experience. we want to create an experience where you can bring your family we are back in 60 seconds. lowering prices at the pump? what is it going to take?
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we are following developing is out of michigan where a tornado has killed one person and injured others. you can see the tornado
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churning to a densely populated area. you can see the cars cost of. business insider broke the story and say in 2018 space x page $250,000 to a flight attendant after he allegedly spoke so.
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anyone who drives is feeling it, the pain at the pump. bay area gas prices above six dollars a gallon. california state republican leaders promised the pain could be political poison the upcoming election. >> gasoline averages over six dollars across the golden state. >> it is not good. it is expenses for faster.
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savings would be realized at the gas pump rather than waiting months for the for dollar rebates teenage driver. >> gas prices are usually attributed to the president. even though the president had a little oversight over the economy. >> is improved have a bra support in the recall election and over on the economy is strong but he has republicans
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will try to caramelize of the of to you. >> gop leadership will try one more time to keep the gas prices down by getting the taxes temporarily suspended. the success comes as the company trusted stake place with space x. the shattuck cinemas are located one block from the cal campus appear even in our student i can help them.
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>> the event was a -- we have much calmer awareness. that is really symmetrical .
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max cold at the beaches 50s and 60s. head over to redwood city perfect. san francisco 69 and let's move it to the north bay and of to wine country.
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. the following weekend we will be back into the 70s. much cooler as we look ahead to thanks again
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forest service officials are hitting pause on prescribed burns. claims for one of the's burns six ages
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officers say the driver and accomplice were able to get inside several garages and break into cars. police found her, cash, key fob remotes and josh's
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hundred went on to win a have a fair picture
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breaking news tonight. a judge's major ruling involving immigration at the u.s.-mexico border a federal judge blocking the biden administration from lifting trump-era covid restrictions on migrants days before it was set to happen the impact on thousands of people seeking asylum and where the fight goes next also tonight, the dow falling for the eighth week in a row, the longest losing streak since 1923. stocks barely clawing back from the edge of the bear market. what's driving the plunge, and is the u.s. headed for a recession? the baby formula shortage getting worse. 45% of the nation's stock sold out when the first flights
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bringing formula from europe to the u.s. are expected to take off severe weather the tornado strike in michigan and the record heat spreading across much of the eastern u.s. the first funeral for one of the ten victims of the buffalo supermarket shooting new york city investigating a possible case of monkeypox after massachusetts confirmed the first u.s. case of the year, the growing global spread and inspiring america. the fifth grader giving other kids just like her a reason to smile. >> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt good evening there is breaking news as we come on the air tonight. a federal judge has just blocked the biden administration's plans to lift covid-related restrictions at the southern u.s. border the trump-era rule known as title 42 was set to end on monday but will now remain in place. it allows border ag


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