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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 22, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now 5:00, gaining ground on the baycrest fire in the north they. a race against time as more heat is on the way. we have an update. a competitive bike wrecker with strong ties in the area gunned down by a fellow cyclist first, paying up to bring down gun violence. a way to get rid of firearms for good. would begin tonight with breaking news. cruising daly city have rescued someone who has been missing for five days. this rest go, you see it here happened at thorton beach right
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there the missing person now on the way to the hospital. ecru is headed to the scene and we will provide you more information as we get it. other stuff stories, the gun buyback got more than 400 on hundred unwanted firearms at the palms. organizers say the went weapons could've ended up in the hands of criminals or children. here is christie smith. >> reporter: on this table is a sample of some of the unwanted guns collected in the gun buyback event at the community center. >> it is good to know that people in the community are willing to give them a picks >> reporter: santa clara county supervisor of the santa clara district attorney's office teamed up to make it happen. and people showed up, turning over firearms that they did not want. organizers say it could help prevent potential accidents, gun violence, or crimes.
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firearms, or burglaries, or other forms of theft that could be used in criminal activity. the community responded, today they talked about we can recovered 415 firearms shotguns handguns, rifles, people stayed in the car with the gun unloading the truck. they were offered cash ranging from $100-$200 with very few questions. >> the one good income of the important thing is that it is anonymous. the only question we ask our where are the firearms and how many do you have? we are not asking your name, identity, date of birth immigration status, none of that. >> which i can see if any of the guns collected are lost, or stolen. >> they are stolen, the owners will be contacted to be returned to the rightful owners and all of them will be turned over to contractors and not be reusing them or sell it selling them come they will all be
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melted picks >> reporter: organizers spent more than $40,000 on the buyback and believe it made a difference. will, that push to get guns off the street comes nearly a year since the deadly bta tragedy. thursday marks one year since an angry coworker shot and killed nine employees at a bta rail yard in san jose. there is going to be a memorial service that they with the agency unveiling a torch in memory of the victims. it is welded from two railroad spikes. we continue to follow the quail fire burning north of vacaville, evacuations have been lifted and the fire is now 75% contained the flames broke out yesterday afternoon in the intersection of quail canyon road and pleasant valley road. people who live in the area were evacuated and the fire was moving quickly. it is now at 135 acres, holding pretty steady since last night. decided a man for the possibly starting a fire with a weed wacker, then this one arrested
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him for outstanding warrants. while there is progress on this fire, the danger is still there but vacaville will be under eight red flag warning from monday to tuesday night. rob is tracking the heat. >> yes, we see more heat this time around as the north winds pick up. speaking of solano county, 11:00 tomorrow morning back into the red flag warning, as northwind begins to accelerate through the sacramento valley and probably into the hills of the north bay and the after range where we could see some gust up to about 40 miles per hour. as we look at the wind speed it starts to pick up during the day. you see a lot of the yellow across the inland portion of northern california. by tuesday morning the areas of red and purple on the higher peaks we could see some gust approaching 40 miles an hour. notice these arrows offshore across the hills with the week max sea breeze to across the interbay. look at what it is doing in terms of humidity. from what we have today to what we will have on tuesday is a
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big change we could see single digits relative humidity at times, and possibly triple digit temperatures out toward solano county by wednesday. so, valley 90s lively, bayside 70s and 80s, we talk about how long the hot temperatures could stick around and more wendy changes ahead in the seven-day forecast coming up in about 12 minutes. thank you so much we have the temperatures climb into the wind picking up, the nbc bay area app is a great resource to have. we have breaking news and weather straight to your phone from your area to be haven't already, make sure to download it. one woman's jealousy i have had deadly consequences. the family of a rising star of a competitive cycling is speaking out at the search continues for curricular. orion wilson lived in san francisco, recently burst onto the competitive cycling scene. last week she flew to austin texas to do a bike race and she was found shot to death at the home where she was singing. there is now a search for this woman, katelyn armstrong. she was dating a professional cyclist who had a prior relationship with wilson.
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investigators say armstrong grew jealous, trapped wilson down, and shot her. her friends in the bay area are stunned. >> you could tell right away she was a very special person picking oh, she was intelligent, she was approachable. you know, modest. she didn't have a lot of people in the cycling world, had maybe a bit of an eagle, that was not her picks >> reporter: the family give us a statement this morning. they said she recently became passionate about building stronger community and that she wanted to empower young women athletes to encourage people of all walks of life to find joy and meaning through sport and community and inspired all to chase their dreams. her family is raising money to fund community organizations in her honor and a scholarship fund is in the works as well. you did today is harvey milk day, the people of san francisco were able to celebrate his legacy in person for the first time since the pandemic started. there were speeches, activities, food, music, and as you can see, marching bands. right there at harvey milk
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plaza. milk was the first opening ga white -- by former supervisor dan weick now leaders in the castro district are working to raise money to improve harvey milk plaza. >> we are working to create this to transform this space so it truly honors harvey milk for all that he stood for. and not only just him as a person, but for his messages of social justice and equality. there harvey milk day has been a state holiday since 2009. this is may 22nd, because that was his birthday. every bit helps, the first shipment of baby formula from europe has arrived in the united states. military aircraft carrying 132 pallets of nestle health science formula landed in indianapolis after being shipped from germany. that is enough formula for more than half 1 million baby bottles. president biden's plan called
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operation five formula, they ended up getting more formula into the u.s. from other countries. >> and it is going to go on trucks and it is going to be delivered in hospitals and home healthcare clinics all across the country. providing support and health. president biden tweeted today that another shipment of formula will be sent to pennsylvania in the coming days. don't expect ukraine to concede anything, that is the message from president zelensky. he says only the diplomacy will end the war with russia as his top officials ruled out a cease- fire. he previously floated the possibility of being open to certain concessions to enter the war. the message comes as russia continues to push into the donbas region with bombing cities in eastern ukraine. it is a rare disease, spreading across the world. the u.s. is confirming another case. the latest on the outbreak, coming up next makino, with how
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it is getting in bay area, it's important for us to keep shoreline as a place for native species, natural habitat and wildlife. some of the hardest workers in the world need some help see how some local scouts are trying to boost the bay area's depopulation. finishing the weekend out by doubling 80s right now, but this time tomorrow could be closing in on a 90 degree temperatures. more on a big warm up around the corner when we come right back. ahead, live in indiana where the formula shipment just arrived from overseas. where it could be heading next. tips for staying on budget does he plan memorial day weekend getaway pick those stories and more all ahead on nightly news.
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amid the case of monkeypox confirmed in the u.s. tonight. florida, health officials announced a presumptive case of monkeypox to a person who flew in from overseas. person now being isolated, doctors working to find anyone who might have been exposed. the cdc confirmed the first cases a few days ago. that was in massachusetts. the agency is monitoring several others and new york and for mickey's on friday. monkeypox is a rare flu -like illness that can cause rashes across the body. on friday that w.h.o. said has confirmed at least 80 cases across 11 countries. president biden of proved from south korea to japan today. tipping off the separate second leg of his trip to asia. mike molly is in tokyo with
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more. >> reporter: president biden continuing to might economic concerns at home while dealing with security challenges about the president on sunday closing of the south korea leg of his trip joined by the chairman of hyundai, as a korean automaker announces plans to expand operations to a new $5.7 billion electric vehicle plan in georgia. the president calling this a trend in his administration saying manufacturing jobs are back in america. the president also joined by south korea's president visiting servicemembers at boson air force base where the u.s. and south korea are preparing to expand their joint military exercises with an eye toward north korea. tells reporter she's not concerned about whether or not north korea might launch a missile test during his time in asia, saying they are prepared for whatever north korea might do. the president has arrived in tokyo where on monday he will meet with japan's emperor, as well as the prime minister. the president also preparing to announce what they are calling the indo pacific economic framework. this is an alliance of about a dozen democracies in the
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region, aimed at countering china's economic influence, but also working together on issues like trade and dealing with supply-chain challenges that have in the rate of inflation and other economic concerns at home. traveling with the president, nbc news in tokyo. several girl scouts are buzzing about mountain views nee population . some help from a nee keeper and the city of biologist is help when the googles grant to shoreline aimed at expanding mountain views pollinator habitats. the purpose of the pollinator boxes to really add the final touch to the habitat that we are enhancing. we have heard boxes out here and other enhancements we have done with native plantings and weed pulling. so, now this is the final touch that we have pollinators, as well as birds and everything to complete the ecosystem for the area. >> the nee populations have been struggling in recent years, made many plans rely on bee's to pollinate them
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it looks like a great day to be dealing with the bee's. >> the birds and the bee's. >> it wasn't that windy out there is going to be a little bit of a different story by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday. right now we have got northwest winds enhance san jose at 22 miles an hour. a little bit breezy to wrap up the we can pick 72 degrees out toward dublin. at 82, this is one spot tomorrow that will likely be close to 90 degrees during the afternoon. and into san francisco, we will eventually see highs around downtown, climbing closer to the upper 70s, especially by tuesday and wednesday. right now a little bit of a sea breeze out there. -- contra costa county and the santa clara county valley. now moderate errors is for air pollution. by tuesday or wednesday, some these areas make it closer to unhealthy for sensitive groups for air pollution if the wind
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stayed down and the temperatures were rising, we might see some error alerts to the middle of the week pick keep a close eye on the forecast. right now winds still on shorts, written the recent temperatures are quite comfortable. of the offshore winds pick up you are going to notice a big warm up heading toward the middle part of the week. temperatures are pretty comfortable, mostly in the 50s, and around lunchtime tomorrow pretty close to the high temperatures we had today. so, as early as noon tomorrow, we will see upper 80s out toward fail field and solano county, near 80 in san jose, 60s and 70s from san francisco to oakland. mid afternoon numbers closer to 80 in oakland, low 80s san jose, and starting to see 90s toward fairfield and santa rosa for monday. high pressure continues to strengthen. right now still on target to be the hottest dates of the week, tuesday to wednesday. this is what is is going to look like if you are in the valley the average is going to be in the mid-90s.
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san jose, 92. look at fairfield, 102 degrees. 97 degrees and livermore and santa rosa. san francisco and oakland should see 70s and 80s, similar trend for wednesday. notice the upper 90s around tri- valley. we have to see if we get any heat advisories, may be added for that inland east bay counties. by thursday, the drop in temperatures. sea breeze comes back and we are back in the 60s and 70s bayside and 80s inlet, but watching the winds closely it is going to be a bit of a battle. a week mac onshore breeze across the bay, look at the gusty winds across the hilltops. those are the dry conditions and the fire danger we have to watch in the middle part of the week. as we approach closer to memorial day weekend for next week, the stransky passing is to the north. so, unfortunately, that probably means more wind, but at least some cooling as we head toward next weekend. fire danger on the hill going up, san francisco temperatures going up into the 70s because we approach the middle part of the weekend a taste of heat from the valleys, trending
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cooler into next weekend, but no rain. unfortunately, little more wind right around this time for next weekend. through midweek, hot weather settling into the bay area. >> thank you so much. preserving her, she kept rocking and i said you are not okay and i called 911. the pandemic made ritual calls the norm. one call save a woman from a silent killer. two friends look back on the scary moment, next. did you know that renovating your kitchen and bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations america's number one kitchen and bathroom renovators thanks mike! we make kitchen and bathroom renovations easy for everyone. we quote and design each project
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virtual work meetings have become the norm for many. one north texas woman says she never thought that one of those calls would save her life. bianca castro has the story. how are you? i am good. >> colleagues lori and and nikki meet over microsoft teams. what happened over one of these meetings last august is a miracle that stowed it in their own words. >> shed she said oh, just one more thing. and so i was like okay. right at that moment she went blurry on me. she kind of cocked her head and another screen had frozen. and i said lori, can you hear me? >> i woke up at some point and i sat up and she was talking to me, but i could not hear her straightaway. and i said are you okay? she didn't say anything. i said i need you to tell me if you are okay. and she raised a finger and she
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kept rocking and i said you are not okay and i am calling 911. i remember telling nikki my head hurt so badly. it was the most excruciating pain i had ever felt. and i was nauseous. and so, i didn't know. i didn't know what was happening. i just knew that i had lost consciousness. i knew that i was nauseous and that my head hurt. and i knew vicki was insistent on me going to the emergency room. >> vicki's keen eye and insistence got lori to the e.r. in the nick of time. doctors found lori's brain was breeding.. an aneurysm she knew nothing about had ruptured. >> i actually couldn't process it at all. i couldn't believe that that is what i had suffered. so, by the time we got to the emergency room, i felt so normal. >> she felt normal because of what had been a second miracle.
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brain aneurysms are bulges in blood vessels. one one ruptures there is a 50% chance of sudden death pics from the other 50% of the time, miraculously, the body is able to seal off the rupture. >> but neurosurgeon dr. jonathan white says lori was still far from okay, the busted blood vessel was not clocking as well as he had hoped. he and his team had no choice but to perform a six hour brain surgery to stop the bleeding. anxiously waited pics the surgeons had come up from the o.r. and i went over to hug them and i said i cannot say anything but thank you. and they said this is what we do. i said it is, but it's different when you do it for one of ours. >> both vicki and lori work at the o'donnell green institute where lori was not the patient. >> i will tell you that it makes my commitment to the brain institute like i was
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committed before, but i am really committed now. >> no need to go to this extreme. really. it is really okay. >> lori has not recovered from the aneurysm, now living life to the fullest with her family. even though doctors found that she has three other brain aneurysms, she is grateful she knows they are there, and doctors can monitor them. of course, she is even more great for the fateful day when a routine work a meeting became anything but. >> i probably thought i would need to lay down and i need to rest. and, so, i am so grateful that vicki was on the call with me. i wouldn't have called 911. i wouldn't have. >> she knows how grateful i am, she knows how grateful i am. >> here's to many more. >> thank you. appreciate it. with a story, that is beyond the castro reporting. coming up, the problem captivating and puzzling
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millions. johnny depp and amber heard, back in court tomorrow. will tell you what to expect.
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while space companies try to land astronauts on the moon again, experts say the revenue from the space industry is headed to the moon as well. this month, financial company citigroup published a report on space travel. it estimates the industry pioneered by space x reasonable falcon nine rocket is going to reach $1 trillion in annual revenue by 2040. the cost to launch two space is expected to drop by 95%. so, maybe more customers. the dramatic drop in cost is the main reason for the revenue boom. the report is optimistic. there are some things out here.
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for example, the future of asteroid mining, and space tourism. they are still up in the air, so to speak coming tomorrow, johnny depp expected to be back on the stand in the high-profile trial between him and his ex amber heard. he said a couple weeks ago in his $50 million defamation trial against her, she is countersuing for 100 million. now her legal team is expected to call him as a witness tomorrow, they both deny the abuse to the other during the relationship and marriage. we will be back in a moment. what's it like having xfinity internet? it's beyond gig-speed fast. so gaming with your niece, has never felt more intense. hey what does this button do? no, don't!
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we're talking supersonic wi-fi. three times the bandwidth and the power to connect hundreds of devices at once. that's powerful. couldn't said it better myself. you just did. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. whoa. fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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the suit went the extra mile for grizzly bears this weekend and came up with a snow day in may.
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the zoos their brothers rescues from alaska have not seen snow since they were cubs. this week the zoo brought in 15 tons of it and dumped it in the habitat. they had a ball. a snowball. even enough to give some to the wolves and bison. it was a party at the oakland zoo. we are back at 6:00. breaking news tonight, the first signs of relief for families desperate for baby formula weeks into the crushing shortage, a delivery from overseas, enough formula to fill 500,000 bottles. but it won't be going to store shelves. where this batch is heading. and who will be first in line. our reporter speaking to the secretary of agriculture. >> did the u.s. government drop the ball here? late today, the biden administration's announcement on where the next flight is heading. monkeypox concerns, a possible new case now in florida. the president weighing in >> it is something that everybody should be concerned about. >> plus, what he s


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