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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 22, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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found alive after being missing for five days and what we know about an incredible rescue on the peninsula and also getting paid to get rid of old guns and the effort to make the streets safer. if you think it is warm today, you have not seen anything yet. we are tracking an increase in fire danger as temperatures heat up this week. we are following breaking news out of san francisco. police are asking people to avoid the area of third and mission and you can see the
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intersection right now and a crew is on the scene saying that about floor clock today a taxicab lost control and plowed into the outside dining area of a restaurant. at least two people are dead. it is unclear if the victims were eating there or were pedestrians. we don't know. but we do have a crew on the scene, and we are working to get more information. again, a taxicab went into a dining area outside with two people confirmed dead and we will bring you updates as we get them. the warm-up is on the way coming as firefighters in the north they are still putting out hotspots from the quail fire the one that sparked yesterday afternoon prompting evacuations and those have been lifted now. the fire is now 75% contained and 135 acres burned. here is a look live outside and san rafael and it is dry and warm in part of the bay area
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will be under a red flag warning starting tomorrow. we will get right to rob. we are watching those temperatures closely and the wind. it will be the north wind increasing that drives the warning starting up at 11:00 in the morning toward solano county, where we do see numbers in the upper 80s and the areas in red showing you the red flag warning for the county and interior northern california and tomorrow until eight a clock on tuesday and the heat advisory for the central valley with a will see temperatures of 100 degrees tuesday and wednesday. you can see the wind direction is across the bay and still a light on share wind but here the inland hills accelerating offshore and it is windy and dry. we see red flag warnings because of that and here is the drop in humidity from this afternoon compared to where we will be likely on tuesday afternoon. you are talking single-digit humidity numbers and possibly out through solano county. so the fire danger is going up. it is widespread 90s and here
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it sees a chance of 100 degrees as early as tuesday and widespread 80s along the bay. we will have a look at how long these will stay around and windy changes ahead and that seven-day forecast. when we are not on the air, his twitter page is a great resource and he is tweeting updates about the wind and fire danger. we are following developing news out of daly city and the north county fire authority tweeted out a picture and i will show it to you here. they said first responders have just rescued somebody who had been missing for five days. it happened on thorton beach in the missing person is now on the way to the hospital. we do have a crew headed to the scene and we will give you more information as we get it. getting guns off the streets. the gun buyback today brought in 400 unwanted firearms and they could have been used in serious crimes or accidental
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shootings, and now they won't be on the streets. kristi smith explains. >> reporter: on two tables, a look at the portions of a result of a gun buyback today. >> the most important thing about today is to prevent accidents and prevent potential thefts. >> reporter: the santa clara county district attorneys office in law enforcement and others made the event happen. they think it could potentially prevent gun violence and crime. >> maybe burglaries or other forms of stuff that could be used in criminal activity and the community responded. today, we processed 182 cards and firearms and all kinds of guns. >> reporter: people with an unwanted firearm drove them down in the trunk and they could received $100-$200 without having to answer any questions. >> and it is an anonymous event. on the question we ask folks are where are the firearms and
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how many do you have and we are not asking people's names, identity, date of birth or immigration status. >> reporter: they will check if any guns collected are lost or stolen. >> if they are stolen, they will be reported in the owners will be contacted certainly, but for the rest of them, all of them will be turned over to a contractor that won't be reusing them or reselling them. they will all be melted. >> that push comes a year after the deadly vta tragedy and thursday will mark a year exactly since an angry coworker shot and killed nine employees in san jose and there will be a memorial service that day and the agency unveiling a torch in memory of the victims. it is welded from two railroad spikes and it has a ribbon of hope made out of over headline. so much needed help on the way.
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baby formula has arrived in the united states with 132 pallets of formula. it landed in indianapolis after coming from germany and that is enough formula for half 1 million baby bottles and that is part of the presidents plan called operation fly formula aimed at getting more formula in the united states. >> it will go on trucks and be delivered in hospitals and other home health clear clinics across the country. this provides support and help. >> reporter: the president tweeted that another shipment of nestli formula will be sent to pennsylvania in the coming days. president biden arrived in japan today kicking off the second leg of his trip to asia and before leaving korea, he visited the airbase with the u.s. and south korean forces monitor nuclear threats from north korea. in japan, the president was a reeded by the u.s. ambassador to japan and the minister of foreign affairs. he is set to meet with the prime minister of japan as well as attend a summit with the
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australian japanese and indian leaders. today is milk day and san francisco hosted its first celebration since the pandemic to honor the legacy of harvey milk. you can see there was food and music and a band in the plaza there and he was the first openly politician in california who was shot and killed in 1978 by the former supervisor dan white a year after he had been elected a supervisor. organizers today said many people think of rights when they think of him, but he stood for so much more. >> he got the ballot in san francisco translated in chinese and it wasn't before. he was supporting a lot of issues around women's rights. it wasn't only justrights . it wasn't only that. he really was for the brought picture of social justice.
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>> harvey milk day has been a state holiday since 2009 and it is all on may 22 because that was his birthday. with the climate in crisis, finding ways to reduce waste is important including food waste. here a panel got together to see what could be done about this and the goal is to emphasize why it is important to cut down on throwing away food that we are not using. restaurants are place work too much food gets thrown out on a daily basis. we started by partnering with restaurants because so much waste happens in the restaurant industry and just with food left over on the plate because we don't see the end result and we don't have to see where it goes. but really educating the consumer that that has to go somewhere and restaurants can't repurpose that waste. >> the organization imperfect foods lead the roundtable today and partners with farmers to help save ugly produce and surplus items from being wasted.
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another case tonight of monkeypox has been confirmed in the united states. foreign health officials announced a presumptive case from a person who flew in from overseas. doctors are working to find anybody who may have been exposed. the cdc confirmed the first case in massachusetts a few days ago. they are monitoring several others in new york with a confirmed case on friday. symptoms include a flulike illness, swelling of the lymph nodes, and a rash on the hands and body. as of friday, the who said it has confirmed 80 cases in 11 countries. we are back in 90 seconds and we will continue to follow breaking news out of san francisco with two people that after a taxicab crashed. what we know. >> also for one woman this virtual call saved her life and we will explain that. some of the hardest workers in the world need some help right now and how some bay area girl scouts are trying to help the population of bees. we are wrapping up the weekend at 72 in san jose, but
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this is one of many sites that could be climbing into the 90s as we head toward the middle part of the week. we will come right back.
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we want to return to that breaking news we are following out of san francisco. at least two people are dead after a yellow taxicab crashed. this happened about four clock at third and mission streets and the taxicab lost control and flew into the outside dining area of a restaurant and it is
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unclear if the victims were eating at the restaurant were pedestrians or maybe somebody in the cab. we do have a crew on the scene and are working to get more information on that. we will bring that to you as soon as we get it. spacex is raising a massive round of fresh funding according to an email by the company and the private space venture is looking to bring in $1.7 billion in new capital at a price of $70 per share sending the company's valuation to about $127 billion and they did split its price back in february lowering the common stock to $56 per share these new shares represent a 25% increase in stock price. several girl scouts are buzzing about the be population. they helped install several the boxes and this will help the biologists and it it is
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pollinator habitats. >> the first of the pollinator boxes is to add the final touches we have bird boxes and other enhancements and weed pulling and now this is the final touch that we have pollinators as well as birds and everything else for this area. >> the populations have been struggling every year and many plants can't reproduce without them. a lot of us have become accustomed to virtual meetings during the pandemic and one in north texas ended up being life- saving. laura and vicki meet online for work related issues and one day last august she abruptly stopped talking. she said things got blurry and had a headache and she assumed it was just a headache but vicki thought differently and quickly called 911 on her behalf and lori ended up having an aneurysm that could have been deadly. >> i would have probably thought i need to go lay down
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and rest. i am so grateful that vicki was on the call with me. >> here's to many more, friend. >> the topper on all of this is that both women were at the university of texas brain institute. lori is fully recovered now. let's check in with rob. a very pleasant day but not every day this week will be that way for some people, right? this weekend and next weekend probably will be more pleasant to be outside. between now and then, a warm-up is around the corner right now 72 in san jose and yes, san jose by tuesday should be closer to 90 degrees for the daytime high and out toward dublin 75 and you can see the wind direction is west at 15. that will change. you will see a little bit of the north wind tomorrow and in
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the tri-valley tomorrow with the upper 80s to 90. we should eventually see mid-to upper 90s by tuesday and wednesday and here is a view of san francisco at 59 degrees. no heat obviously but a strong seabreeze but even san francisco we can see temperatures climbing into the upper 70s toward the middle part of the week. thing to watch for the inland valley and santa clara valley, moderate air-quality tomorrow. the wind will be gusty on the hilltops but not quite as strong down and some of the valley so we will have to watch those air pollution levels and especially inland contra costa counties seen numbers to spare those levels by the middle of the week. the seabreeze is winning the battle in terms of wind direction. everybody is onshore right now. heading into tuesday, the winds will turn off shore. and you can see the forecast and try not to be distracted by that. the numbers are climbing. tomorrow morning it should be in the 50s with hazy skies and by lunchtime, pretty close to the high temperatures today. so you can expect the numbers
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like 80 about noon tomorrow and 60s and 70s bayside tomorrow with the 90s popping up in the north bay valleys toward solano county. as we move forward into tuesday and wednesday, high pressure builds more strongly. so we will start the day off warmer with daytime heating kicking in toward tuesday and wednesday. you can see the temperature trend tuesday. almost every alley -- area in the valley will be mid-90s by average but livermore has 97 with fairfield getting up to 102 and we do have heat advisories for the sacramento valley. i would not be surprised if solano county and maybe the inland portions may be added to that for tuesday and wednesday. you can see here we do have two days of mid-90s across the inland east bay and maybe a little bit of sign the south wind cooling off in the north bay, but the bigger drop in temperatures comes on thursday. you can see the impact there with the wind turning back onshore leading to cooling temperatures by the end of the week.
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the bay won't see a lot of wind. it is really the hilltops of the north bay and we will get it dose of that offshore wind and the high fire danger through the middle part of the week and thursdays of the cooling temperatures. i wish we did have rain attached to that, but that will stay to the north likely. so plan on breezy conditions at times and cooling temperatures as we head into the weekend over memorial day. so we do begin the week with a warm. san francisco has mid-to upper 70s and the fire danger will have to be watched during the hottest days through the middle part of the week. we do trend cooler with windy conditions, but the temperatures will be kind of like the numbers we have right now into saturday and sunday. they are sharing their stories of survival. you will hear from people in michigan after a twister ripped through town.
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johnny depp is set to be back on the stand in his high profile contentious trial involving his ex-wife. he testified a few weeks ago in his 50 million defamation trial against amber heard. she is countersuing for $100 million and now he will be a witness tomorrow and they both deny be abused each other during the relationship and marriage. harrowing stories of survival are starting to emerge after a tornado that touched down on friday in gaylord, michigan, a city north of detroit. it reached up to 140 miles per hour and you can see the aftermath with cars flipped over and businesses and pieces. two people have died from injuries and tonight we hear from survivors. >> it picked me up and i know
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it was now the tornado and it picked me up and on the right side of the car it started to go up and the whole car was up and the next thing i remember is it was rolling. >> here's a look at that car. can you imagine. one person was missing after the storm but that person has been found alive. and now time to pay up. the mavericks will have to pay $100,000 for a fine for violating the nba's inch to core them. it is the first time their bench has gotten in trouble. it is the third time this month that the team has been find for this. they have already had a pay $175,000 during game 2 of the series and it stood inches from the sideline getting dangerously close to the action on a number of occasions and i believe he threw a pass to a guy over there in a white jersey who looked like he was masquerading as a worrier. >> that is the only play where steve kerr said that can't happen. he loves the enthusiasm and
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passion of them but the one play where he was confused is he said that can happen. the mavericks, i don't think they are changing because mark cuban, the owner, has a pocket book. he tweaked his ankle in game 2 but he is good to go in dallas. a preview of that is coming up next.
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welcome back. andrew wiggins is in the starting lineup for game 3 of the
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western conference finals in dallas but all-star was listened and listed as questionable with an ankle he injured and he said today he is good to go. >> it was just a little tweak last game and i came down on it wrong. i feel good, so i don't think it will affect anything. >> i don't think they will change things up a lot. you always have a few things in your back pocket, but i don't anticipate any major changes, strategically. but you do always try to be ready for that. >> game 3 is underway in dallas. with the worriers off to a good start. they have an early lead in the first mac quarter and we will have highlights and reaction on the news coming up. a rough day for the giants at the ballpark. >> why are you showing this? >> because we are local. he misplaced the single here and
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the padres scored 5 runs in the 4th inning, and they go on to sweep the giants 10 minus one is the final. sorry, terry. >> and saddle up. gone long. >> the big stars for the angels put on a power show against the a's in anaheim and he homered in the first mac but mike trout goes in the 7th and the angels beat the a's for minus one. >> the final round of the pj championship and the san francisco native came up clutch on 18 and he sinks the par putt so the leader would double bogey and he gets in a three hole playoff with justin thomas at 5 under and after matching birdies on the first mac, jt birdies the second so he needs to bertie that one to tie it doesn't fall and thomas tips and for part and wins the playoff by one stroke in a second championship title and second major of his career. >> a ground ball and that
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should do it. over to first in time. stanford shocks the crimson tide. >> and upset on the diamond. unseated stanford blanks alabama 6-0 and they get the tuscaloosa regional and advanced to the superregional for the first time since 2011. that is a look at sports. more news coming up.
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we will return to that breaking news were following in san francisco where at least two people were dead after a yellow taxi cab crashed. we got an update from the police say it happened about 4:30 at the intersection of 3rd and mission. they said it was involved in a crash with another car and the cab bounced off of that and hit several pedestrians. two women are dead at the scene and two men and the taxi driver taken to the hospital. the taxi driver had non-life- threatening injuries and we know the condition and drugs and alcohol not believed to be involved. will have the latest tonight at 11:00 but it third and mission street about 4:30 today, yellow taxi cab in a collision bouncing off going into the dining area at a restaurant and two women are dead and two other people hospitalized. a last check of the forecast and we will check in with rob.
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>> rob's microphone is not on at this moment but i can tell you this. it will heat up, and next weekend memorial day weekend, you have three days off, it will be nice again. to get that right? >> got it right. >> got it right. thumbs up. thank you for joining us and we will be back at 11:00. we hope you can join us then. good night. what's it like having xfinity internet? it's beyond gig-speed fast. so gaming with your niece, has never felt more intense. hey what does this button do? no, don't! we're talking supersonic wi-fi. three times the bandwidth and the power to connect hundreds of devices at once. that's powerful. couldn't said it better myself. you just did. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. whoa.
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