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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 22, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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at nine, eight central and of course, i'll see you each weeknight for nbc nightly news i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, goodnight. right now a tragic crash in downtown san francisco. how the taxi ended up on the sidewalk killing two pedestrians. storm a mentoring love ones one year later. how they will honor victims this week. a dry hills and gusty wind. part of the bay area will be under a red flag warning.
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figuring out how it happened. two women are dead and there was a crash involving a taxi. this happened right outside of several hotels and restaurants. we have reports speaking with witnesses and investigators. police say they will stay out here for a while getting all of these surveillance. >> a tragic accident has the looking for answers. grieving the loss of two women. many say they are leaving the giants game where they saw a collision between two drivers and two pedestrians. it all happened around 4:30 sunday afternoon. struck and killed with another pedestrian coming to the hospital.
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there is an impairment due to drugs and alcohol. there is not a stone that we will leave unturned in an incident like this. >> investigators are still trying to see how everything happened. they say he ended up outside of this business. both are cooperating well. several people and city leaders i've spoken to say they've seen several accidents with cars speeding and ignoring traffic laws. >> this is a sad situation. a neighborhood that is disproportionately affected by traffic accidents. >> reporter: police say they will not be identifying women into their families are notified . but we know that they were both adults.
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in san francisco, bay area news. >> if you have not already make sure you download our new app. we send the latest news and weather alerts to your phone. containment on the quail fire. hellfire says it 85% contained. evacuation orders have been lifted. there were 135 acres monitoring misfire overnight hoping to gain full containment tomorrow. checking outside for a live look at san rafael and dublin. two places that have similar weather coming up. it's not a good combination. keeping an eye on all of that. we will have the return of red flag warnings.
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even though technically these are areas that will see it soaring into the 90s. there will be return of north winds getting underway. as we do go into tuesday morning there are areas of purple showing up in the bay hills. that is assigned a very low humidity levels reaching closer to the hilltops of the north bay. comparing today to what we will likely find on tuesday these are bone dry relative humidity numbers. high temperatures in a few areas could be close to 100 degrees with 70s and 80s and those hot temperatures that are going to arise. more wind coming up in your seven-day forecast. >> only tweeting out updates about the changing conditions and uses great graphics. give him a follow.
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thursday will mark one year since a deadly shooting in bay area. this was at the railyard when nine people were killed. tonight we spoke to the family members about how they will be remembering their beloved cousin. >> reporter: one year ago she never came home. when a coworker started shooting the warned employees to hide or avoid the building before he was shot and killed himself. >> it shows the kind of person you are. the help whoever he could whenever he could. >> the gunman killed nine employees that day. they say it is painful to learn the mass shootings are still
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continuing across the country and they hope more will be done to prevent them. >> it's like changing the rules again and again. >> one year later the grief he feels for a man he considered a brother is just as strong as it was that tragic day. >> every veteran that gets together, it's not like they were as happy as they were before. many victims died in this area. some employees are working to not have to go back there. it will be exactly one year since the attack so they will gather in a private ceremony to pay tribute to the workers that have been killed. his family says they will gather to pray but they admits that this anniversary will be punctuated with pain. >> this will be one of the
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hardest weeks. all of those emotions and feelings that we had a year ago are probably going to resurface. >> reporter: in san jose, nbc bay area news. several memorial events are planned for thursday. complete coverage on today in the bay. 400 unwanted guns collect did. the buyback had organizers paying to turn in firearms so they do not end up in the hand of criminals or children. >> it can lead to major criminal activity. today we processed 182 cars and 115 firearms.
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the only questions asked, is where are the firearms and how many do you have? it ranges from $100-$200 for the cash prize. a discovery of a missing person in the beach. they called 911. first responders came to the scene and the rescue this en missing for five days. dorton beach a few miles north of the pacific are reaching out for more information on that missing person and the rescue. we've not yet heard back. the first shipment of baby formula has arrived. in new york city the mayor is taking action to present prevent price gouging. joe kent has more. >> reporter: a welcome sight for edgy parent 's. a military aircraft hauling 78,000 pounds a formula landing in indianapolis.
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>> it provides enough formula to take care of 9000 babies and 18,000 toddlers for one week. it's about half 1,000,008 ounce doses. >> it took off in germany. the first flight of the operation fly formula. on board alpha male infant in junior formula meant for babies and toddlers. it will be distributed across the country and waves. the first batch is already been tested. they will dispense it to families that need it. the rest of the shipment will be tested and sent out in the next two weeks. another flight from berber is expected to arrive in a few days. >> when will the cells be full again? >> that is a matter of week.
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probably because of the sequencing events taking place. >> this is a long-term solution is opening the shuttered abbott nutrition plant. >> alexander marco it was glad to see this for the sake of her three-month-old dylan who has a cow's milk allergy. but she is not satisfied. >> there is a lot of anger and betrayal that we feel. if the government was aware of this, we should have been more proactive. on getting hands on this formula before it got to this point. >> we move as expeditiously and quickly as possible. the key lesson for us is to learn from the pandemic and that efficiency is certainly
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important. >> that was joe lean can't reporting. the white house has set up a second flight to send pennsylvania. it is expected to happen in the next two days. the prices just keep going up. in california they've hit a record high according to aaa a gallon of regular gas went up $.11 last week. it now crosses the six dollar mark. $6.07. in comparison it's $4.59. it is no surprise that it is even higher where we live. on average it will cost $6.32 a gallon.
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if you didn't see the warriors game you can guess how it went. this is a scene out of chase center. they have highlights from this big win coming up in sports. not so fast, employees are fighting back against would-be thieves. the entire thing caught on camera. you're going to want to see this. bay area girl scouts are trying to boost be population. 50s outside with a patchy coastal fog. turning to a red flag warning underway in the north bay going toward northern california and solano county. you can expect temperatures in the 90s.
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off a smash and grab robbery. sarah and alice bocker who on this store are working on their computers when the nurse thieves walking in and smashing glass. they jumped up and got right down by punching kicking and chasing the clowns out of the store. >> i was hesitant at first. i was stunned that this was even have inning. but as soon as i saw them coming in and fighting, i needed to get in there too. >> there it is again. the employees are okay. a good right hook. it does not appear if they were able to get away with any merchandise. all of that for nothing. san francisco hosted the first in person celebration to honor harvey milk's legacy.
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he was the first openly homosexual politician in california who was shot and killed in 1978 by dan white's. that was one year after he had been elected supervisor. organizers of today's event they think of ravi milk and he stood for more than that. >> he got the ballot and translated to chinese. he was supporting a lot of issues for men's and women's right. it wasn't just in those rights. it wasn't just lgbtq rights. he was for the broad picture of social justice. >> this has been a state holiday since 2009. several girl scouts are buzzing about the be population. they had some help from a city
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biologist and a beekeeper. this happen when they found out about the grants to shoreline expanding the pollinator habitats. >> we have birdwatchers and other enhancements we've done with native plantings. so now this is the final group that we have with pollinators and birds to try to help rejuvenate this area. >> new populations have been struggling. after not happening in the past two years it was finally time to move forward. a long time event on the peninsula. the final day of the hometown games in san connors. this is that burton part with live music and a lot of good food. hometown day started on friday. i just want to see how this climbing goes. the 40th year it has taken place despite the pandemic over the
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past two years. s&l season finale was an emotional one. for of the biggest shows are now saying goodbye including the great kate mckenna in. >> wow. fighting back tears as she wrapped up one of her final sketches. she's been on the show since 2012. pete davidson there and amy bryant calling it quit. kyle mooney calling it quit. mooney here since 2013 and davidson since 2014. it was the end of the 47th season.
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unfortunately there's still a lot to cover. the heat will be one aspect. the wind and maybe air quality issues. we will walk you through all of that coming up in the next few minutes. it is comfortable outside right now. keep that in mind as the heat starts to build. you will probably see temperatures in the 60s and 70s. 56 degrees toward san rafael. ringing in patchy and low clouds for san francisco currently looking at 53 degrees. moderate for the inland and the santa clara valley. you get that wind that will stop in the inland valleys. for now, you may see some coastal fog or hazy skies for
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the morning. there are the high temperatures coming in the upper 60s to 70s around oakland. notice that temperature trend by 3:00 to 4:00. numbers in the 90s close to concord and san jose southward in the low to mid 80s. your top concern are the red flag warnings and solano county. in northern california have these from 11:00 until about 8:00 on tuesday. locally we will see a battle between the slight seabreeze and the return of the northwind on the high elevations of the north bay. that will drop your humidity levels down up to solano county. the high pressure is strengthening this area and you will see temperatures likely peaking on tuesday and wednesday. you can see mid to upper 90s
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for the tri-valley. solano county likely to see temperatures at 100 degrees. 90s in san jose and 70s and 80s to oakland. very similar temperature-wise but more 90s around the santa clara valley and still near 100 degrees in fairfield. temperatures drop considerably on thursday. that may be good news. 70s and 80s as the cooldown begins. you have increasing winds coming over the entire bay area. humidity levels will take some time to recover after what we see for the middle part of the week. you can wrap up with some rain showers but it doesn't look like anything will get close enough to the bay area to bring us shower chances. cooling temperatures and likely wind at times going toward memorial day things will be cooler and breezy at times. there is the look at your seven- day forecast. san francisco warmest days likely be tuesday around the valley going into the 90s.
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close to 100 degrees. there will be. for some heat but trending cooler for next weekend. the rodeo is normally wild. but this one got too wild. what happened when this one got away from the cowboys.
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check this out. a runaway bowl injuring several people. it took off running. you can see them going after it. but then it jumped the wall.
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right into the crowd. knocking down five people at ringside. go backup as it leaves the arena. before the cowboys can catch up with and take it back to where needed to be. >> the woman was taken to the hospital but not seriously hurt. a dazzler during the winter olympics. 9000 people poured into the center and to watch some of the top american figure skaters in the world including gold medalist nathan chen. madeleine chalk and kevin bates also performed. >> i have always loved figure
11:26 pm
skating. i most excited to see nathan. >> there's different things that the audience doesn't usually get to see during competition. whatever genre you choose may be more theatrical in nature. somewhat more for show than that nailbiting competition. >> karen chen born and raised in fremont also performed. a lot of fans looking to return to the u.s. figure skating championship in january. the golden state warriors hoping for a championship in june. anthony florez joins us with the highlights from tonight's game. >> a road game with 26 consecutive playoff series. they are one away from making the nba finals. reaction from tonight check the dugout. stick around sports is next.
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what you need to know if you want to cast a ballot in the upcoming june primary. also we break down some of the top races to watch. make sure you join us on monday morning. the warriors are now one win away from a trip to the nba finals. really taking care of business on the road for game three of the western conference finals. players were standing too close to the court will look at him trip over the vendor. he was a little bothered by it. taking the three to beat the buzzer and the warriors led by one at the break. klay thompson moving without the ball. warriors go up 14.
11:30 pm
a team-high 31 points with 11 assists. andrew wiggins check this one out. that deserves another look. 27 points and 11 rebounds. even better the second time. under one minute to go jordan poole gets the dagger and the warriors beat them 109-100. a commanding 3-0 series lead. >> you can see it is really a big win. a lot goes into making that happen. >> you have to take advantage of this momentum. you can't let them achieve that you know what the balances. i'm just really proud of how they competed. >> game before they can go for the sweep tuesday night in dallas.
11:31 pm
you don't want to see this. a rough day at the ballpark. padres low it open with a five run fifth inning. at two runs score and the padre sweep the giants. 10-1 is the final. a power show against the a's. a home run in the first and getting the yard in the seventh. dangerous beat the a's 4-1. will sell a taurus coming up clutch on a team. sinking that part but. he gets a three hole playoff with justin thomas and goes matching birdies in the first. but he leads to a tie.
11:32 pm
he taps in for par and gets the playoff by one stroke woke his second pga championship title and second career major championship. taking on the sporting kansas city. down a goal and jackson you'll gets the header. the match would end in a 1-1 drawl. up stitt on softball. the tuscaloosa regional seeing them advance. this is the first time they are in that superregional since 2011. one other note the number one ranked amateur in the world. 18 holes away from leading the cardinals to back to back
11:33 pm
championships. a seven shot lead heading into tomorrow's final round. we will be right back. are you looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations thanks mike! too often, homeowners hire the wrong contractor. ivan, i see this all the time.
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president biden met with the emperor of japan. trying to form a strong relationship between the u.s. and asia woke he posed with a photo op before heading into a meeting. we have this report from tokyo showing us how the second leg of the asian trip is being overshadowed by growing concerns of monkeypox. >> the surprise of the first trip to asia is not the work to build diplomatic alliances.
11:36 pm
and it is also not to think u.s. troops. the unexpected is that there is another health threat. growing cases of monkeypox demanding attention. the world health organization says that monkeypox has been found in at least 12 countries including the u.s. with confirmed cases in new york and massachusetts. a possible third is being investigated in florida. there have been no deaths reported yet. the president is using this visit to south korea and japan to highlight investment headed back home. but the president is under pressure to confirm what is going on with the rising prices for americans. the urge patients but say that the ongoing crisis will bring more economic strain. >> there will be another ripple effect in more slowdowns. >> china is struggling.
11:37 pm
i think the ripple effect will continue. tomorrow a new trade partnership will be announced. bringing up 13 countries in the indo pacific region. making supply chains more resilient and shortages causing economic hardship it new revelations about a police officer accused of roughing up a citizen during an arrest. we've been following the story for several years now. there record showing there were a reputation for violence and a troubling name. according to recent court records, other officers also referred to him as the fuse. he appeared to celebrate that reputation for using force. >> february 2018. surveillance camera capturing a
11:38 pm
group of police officers converging ordering them to come out of the house. one officer says he spotted him driving on a suspended license. as we first reported sergeant wayne benitez strikes at least once.'s they slam his head into the windshield of the parked car. later that night his microphone captures a candid commentary
11:39 pm
from the officer. bennetts has also seemingly mocks alvarez for being . paulo alto city has settled a lawsuit for more than a half-million dollars agreeing to put every officer in the department through two hours of mandatory lgbtq awareness. the district attorney later charged him with two misdemeanors. assault by public officer and filing a false police report took now court records in the criminal case place new questions about the culture within the police department. one transcript shows text messages between the officers from the night of the arrest.
11:40 pm
one officer, was there. you missed out. the fuse was lit tonight. the fuse according to prosecutors, was a nickname within the department. >> the fact that they call him the fuse, what is your reaction? >> it does not surprise me. >> i saw golf before when is brand-new. and that was what it was like in los angeles woke they show the response that it happens tonight. typing out amazing. i love it. 100% real cop. >> they need to change the police department completely.
11:41 pm
>> this is object of evidence that this is a culture that exists. make they say the message shows the toxic culture that goes well beyond sergeant benitez. >> they knew something horrible occurred. they did not stand up against what was blatantly illegal or wrong. >> is the forceful rest of the year cryan with asian dust difonzo. no longer with palo alto the police department, officials will not say why. we reached out to the attorneys and directly to officer mullarkey but never heard back from anyone. robert johnson also declined her interview was request citing pending court cases
11:42 pm
interesting side note chief johnson is now running for sheriff seeking to replace lori smith who said she will not be running for reelection this year. particularly in the wake of several scandals during her time in office. if you have a story for the investigative unit give us a call at 888996 tip. or go to bay investigations. spectacular views from above. but yesterday while passing over new mexico, they spotted the black fire. you can see that smoke plume. it has burned more than 130,000 acres in the city of truth or consequences. it is only 6% contained. that is the concern that we have here? >> yes. we are looking at the return of the red flag warnings.
11:43 pm
along with the rising temperatures that could be the hottest that we have seen so far this year
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. the series finale of this is us is just a couple nights away. many may need an extra box of tissues. we look back on the journey as they had to the finale.
11:46 pm
>> i think about what my last memory will be before the candle goes out. >> they've done amazing. people found a way to change this one. such a beautiful thing. this is what we want. let's take it. >> now i think the time for everything is so much harder. >> this journey would not of been the same without all of you.
11:47 pm
>> from the beginning to the end we did something. >> i feel like we've reached to the audience. >> i feel wonderful that we were able to tell the story. that is legacy. >> you can watch the finale on tuesday night at 9:00 right here on nbc bay area. one of the most anticipated music festivals is days away. it is little rock. a three-day music festival that will kickoff in the napa valley expo oak a lot of food, three stages and a ton of music. headliners include metallica, 21 pilot, pink, and luke homes. a lot of people are wondering about rob mayeda and what the weather will be like? >> i would be concerned if it
11:48 pm
was tuesday or wednesday. napa county will see 90s for the first half of the week. even beginning to see some changes out there in the north bay. 53 degrees but look at santa rosa. 50s into san jose. if you compare this to the same time tonight's temperatures are warmer in the north bay. this will be an ongoing trend as we look at these high pressure building in it's going to be trending warmer with lows in the 60s. temperatures hanging on maybe into the 70s for the morning hours. we see the transition before things warm up for the morning. patchy at low clouds and temperatures coming in at the 70s and 80s. unlike today where we did not hit 90 degrees it is the difference lori elk going to calistoga close to 90 degrees.
11:49 pm
upper 60s to near 70 in san francisco. the giants forecast, the mets will be in town we should see the upper 60s to low six is. and then trending warmer even for san francisco for tuesday and wednesday. the red flag warnings starts at 11:00. see the gusty wind and that area inland to california. you will have to watch this closely. low humidity level and rising temperatures. 97 in santa rosa. here is fairfield. 90s around san jose and bayside. i think it will be the east bay that sees the top in terms of those temperatures for the next two days. wednesday still not 100 degrees. and easy to face the seabreeze
11:50 pm
before i can deal with this. you see 60s and 70s across the way. as we head to the forecast into the weekend there are breezy conditions and it looks like the showers will stay away from the bay area and storms that miss us to the north, give us more wind in addition of that cooling. it is heading toward memorial day. kind of a hot start to the week. dry conditions in the hills. you have to watch the northbay and east bay until wednesday morning. cooling changes with more wind going toward next weekend. and more comfortable temperatures for next saturday and sunday after a few areas near 100 degrees for swanner county. still ahead finding ways to cut down on food waste. it is important to help this climate in crisis.
11:51 pm
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finding ways to reduce waste is important. that includes food waste. in the mission district, we have a food waste panel gathering together to decide what can be done about this. we talk about why it is important not to throw away the food you just use folk restaurants is somewhere were too much food gets thrown out on a daily basis. >> so much waste happens in the restaurant industry. not only is there the food here but you don't get to see the end result. you educate the consumer that has to go somewhere. >> in perfect food led the roundtable today. partnering with produce who worked to save a deep shots. when it comes to fast food hemmi time to be thrown away extra packets of sauce or catchup given to you from your favorite fast food restaurant?
11:54 pm
probably many times. according to a greenpeace report, 855 billion of these single-use packets were sold worldwide. in the u.s. to to 10% are actually recycled. so how do we fix this? there is a company called terra cycle which is working on a solution. >> we can turn all of this in the press plastic granules and they make it into different products. everything in between here. to see the full story, go to or watch lx anytime on tv. over the air or xfinity channel 185. how about the oakland zoo? going the extra mile for grizzly bears. coming up with a snow day in may. the rescues came from alaska. if not seen snow since they were cub's.
11:55 pm
they ordered 15 tons of snow and dumped it into their habitats. you can see they had a great time. party on. even enough snow to give to the wolf and bison enclosures. we will be back in just a moment.
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nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california. we leave you with a love story for the ages. it includes heart break and heartbreak healing. this is martha and tester. they are 99 years old. the oldest known married couple in pennsylvania. they met in high school and started dating. they got married at the age of 18. at 19 they already had a child. but the nation was at war and chester felt the need to do his part.
11:58 pm
>> i felt guilty. not going into protect our country. >> and maybe he would have regretted it but he joined the navy. one day martha opened a newspaper and read that his ship was lost at sea. she was devastated. but he did not die. he survived. and the pair has rather been close ever since. they are now celebrating 80 years of marriage. congratulations. thank you for joining us and have a great night and week.
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