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tv   Today  NBC  May 23, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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we are getting out the morning, with the local news update. >> at 11:00, we leave you a live look at the golden gate bridge. have a great monday morning. will be back in a little bit. b . >> but who is in line to get it? and how long before production here at home ramps up? the latest just ahead. breaking overnight. hard line. president biden in asia with surprising words for china saying the u.s. will intervene just made a major shift, and th.
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>> does that mean we don't have problems? we do. we have problems the rest of the world has. >> the very latest straight ahead. and monkeypox mystery. a potential new case of the rare virus now being investigated in florida, with concern spreading here in the u.s. and overseas, what you need to know this morning. back on the stand. johnny depp set to testify again today. expected to be called back by amber heard's legal team. why experts say that could be a risky move and what it means as the trial enters the final stretch. those stories plus flower power, the queen ready to return to the spotlight at one of her favorite events. we're live in london. and bye from new york. the season finale of snl marking the end of an era for beloved cast members. >> colin and kay and millions watching to see if i bring up kanye. >> including an emotional goodbye from kate mckinnon.
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>> well, first -- [cheers and applause] i love ya. thanks for letting me stay a while. >> where those fan favorites are headed for their next act. today, monday, may 23, 2022. ♪♪ from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning everybody. welcome to "today" it is good to have you with us on a monday >> good morning, everybody. let's talk about saturday night. the end of an era. a lot of beloved stars. >> saying farewell. we'll have great recap and say good-bye to all of them. >> first, let's get to our top story, the much needed shipment of baby formula that arrived in indianapolis last night. it came from germany. >> it is enough to feed 9,000 babies, 18,000 toddlers for one week.
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the second shipment expected to be flown into pennsylvania. that will happen on wednesday. but with 43% of supplies out of stock across the united states and the initial shipment specifically targeted for babies with certain cow's milk allergies, it could be some time before shelves are back to normal. jo ling kent on the story this morning. good morning. that plane was a welcomed sight. >> reporter: good morning. seeing that c-17 land in indianapolis was a welcome sight for so many parents around the country. now challenge is that supply on the plane was very limited and only serves a certain group of babies and children. now all hope is being pinned on the definition production act to fill shelves in the u.s. as soon as possible. as the nation grapples with widespread formula shortages, this morning relief could be on the horizon. the first operation fly formula aircraft touching down in indianapolis sunday. aboard this c-17, more than 70,000 pounds of hypoallergenic
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infant and junior formulas. unloaded after its journey from germany. >> this shipment provides enough formula to take care of 9,000 babies and 18,000 toddlers. >> reporter: the precious cargo destined for babies and kids with cow's milk allergies. >> at least we can breathe a a little bit. >> reporter: the first batch which nestle says has already been tested will be send to hospitals and healthcare providers in a couple of days. the rest of the shipment nestle says will be tested and sent out the next two weeks. >> how long do you expect to be delivering formula on an emergency basis around the country. >> as long as needed but up until the production has caught up a matter of weeks we're thinking, not months. >> reporter: just as new york city declared a state of emergency over the shortage. and the ceo of abbot formula apologized in an "washington
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post" op ed saying sorry for every family let down since the recall she has one week of formula left for her baby son dylan who has a cow's milk allergy. >> it is definitely a sense of anger or betrayal that we feel because if the government was aware of this, you know, we kind of should have been more proactive. in getting our hands on the formula before the shortage got to this point. >> reporter: did the u.s. government drop the ball here? >> i don't think that the u.s. government dropped the ball. we moved as expeditiously and quickly as possible. >> and as mentioned the shipment is going to cover thousands but any sense how much is needed and when will more relief arrive >> so much more formula is needed to feed babies and toddlers right now and that is really the challenge. and overnight the defense
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production act was put into motion the white house saying that two of the major manufacturers placed their first orders to get expedited supplies and ingredients to ramp up production the white house says they will both be able to reach maximum capacity and fill shelves hopefully soon savannah >> jo, thank you very much. president biden making headlines this morning during his first trip to asia since i taking office reiterating over night the u.s. would be willing to intervene militarily in china were to invade taiwan. peter alexander is traveling with the president and joins us now from tokyo good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. i was in the room at today's news conference. and one of the president's top priorities in this asia swing is to demonstrate the strength of the u.s.'s alliances in the region to counter rise of china. but his comments overnight in support of taiwan appeared to be a provocative message directed at the chinese president biden this morning
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unequivocally with his stunning sponges to a question whether he'd be defend taiwan militarily if china were to invade. >> yes >> you are >> that's the commitment we made but the idea that -- that it could be taken by force. just taken by force is just not -- >> reporter: those comments appearing to break with u.s.'s long-standing stance of ambiguity on taiwan. the white house quickly qualifying that our policy has not changed. the u.s. existing position to sell arms to taiwan to defend itself still the third time president biden said the u.s. would use force to defend taiwan overnight one of several criminate comments about china's expanding reach making reference to the war in ukraine saying the world cannot let up in sanctioning russia
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>> what signal does that send to china is about the cost of attempting, attempting to take taiwan by force? they are already flirting with danger right now by flying so close. >> reporter: after a trip to the imperial palace to visit japan's emperor president biden durand his attention to kasich table issues at home insisting a recession is not inevitable. >> we have problems the rest of the world has but less consequential than the rest of the world because of our internal growth and strength. >> reporter: and acknowledging record gas prices will not come down overnight >> this is going to be a haul. this is going to take some time. >> reporter: china quickly responded to president biden's comment that the u.s. would defend taiwan militarily, expressing, quote, strong dissatisfaction with his remarks, addal china will take firm actions to safeguard its own sovereignty and security interests and we will do what we say. hoda back to you.
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>> peter alexander with the president in japan. ukrainian forces taking a stand as russian troops intensify efforts to capture a key city in the east nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel on the ground there richard, good morning. >> good morning savannah we're in the city of kramatorsk in eastern ukraine you can hear air raid sirens going off here here they are going pretty much around the clock to tell people to stay off of the streets, to stay inside. it is a heavily militarized area as russian forces are trying to push in and capture the region >> reporter: having failed to capture kyiv where this weekend the vehicles that tried to capture the city, now curiosity. and after being driven back from kharkiv. russian troops have their sights on the donbas.g driven back from
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ukraine's eastern coal mining region close to russia's border. and out here the russians are making slow destructive progress lobbing unguided rockets and artillery into ukrainian lobbin villages to chip away territory from the government. russian forces have the center of donbas surrounded on three sides. and are driving towards the city of kramatorsk. in kramatorsk is one of the donbas's only trauma hospitals that's still working all of the women in this recovery room were wounded by russian artillery and survived that split second between whistle and bang >> what happened to you? how did you end up here in the
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hospital "i just left my house when i heard something flying," says anna i just grabbed the doorknob to my basement. that's the last thing i remember." in a nearby bed, vera, 95, was in her bedroom relatives were cooking outside suddenly there was an explosion, she says, i felt a blow to my head and the windows and door in the bedroom flew off but reaching the towns and villages around kramatorsk to evacuate refugees and wounded is increasingly a challenge this is as far as we've been able to advance for now. ukraine security forces won't let us push further towards that village. and it is obvious why. you can hear intense exchanges of artillery fire between ukrainian troops and russian forces and its been going on all morning. amid the exchanges of fire
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two russian jets stream by at low altitude the fighting too intense for evacuations today. >> reporter: and today for the first time in this conflict a russian soldier was convicted and sentenced for a war crime. he had pleaded guilty to killing a ukrainian civilian outside of kyiv and he is to serve life in prison savannah >> richard, thank you. as the nation deals with yet another covid surge there is growing concern about another virus called monkeypox cases now in 12 countries including a new suspected case here in the united states. gabe gutierrez has more on this. lot of people concerned about this one, gabe. >> that's right. and first public comments on the outbreak over the weekend, president biden said americans should be concerned. but overnight he added, monkeypox does in the rise to the level of concern of covid.
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researchers around the world are scrambling to find out more about the virus's transmission. a mysterious new outbreak of monkeypox is growing this morning. in florida a potential case is now being investigated in broward county. the first case in massachusetts and another case in new york city. president biden highlighting the issue this weekend. >> it is something everybody should be concerned about. if it were to spread it is not nice. >> reporter: overnight, downplaying concern. >> so i just don't think it rises to the level of the kind of concern that existed with covid-19. >> reporter: worldwide at least 92 confirmed cases and 28 suspected infections of monkeypox have been identified in 12 western countries. portugal, spain and united kingdom. a rare but potentially serious viral illness usually found in western central africa. it was first discovered in monkeys in the lathe 1950s. more than a decade later it spread to humans. common symptoms including fever,
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aches and rashes all over the body. >> the most likely sprayed of the cases we're seeing now are probably human to human. it usually requires prolonged contact. so we're not talking minutes. but we're talking a long amount of time and direct contact with body fluids or lesions. >> reporter: outbreaks can be controlled the use of smallpox vaccines and anti-viral treatments. >> this is a virus we understand. we have vaccines against it. we have treatments against it. it is not as contagious as covid. so i am confident we're going to be able to keep our arms around it. >> reporter: the w.h.o. says the death rate from monkeypox is usually around 3-6% of cases. it is less contagious than smallpox, and causes less severe illness. hoda? >> gabe gutierrez for us. thank you. also this morning, police in new york are intensifying the search for a gunman who shot and killed a subway rider yesterday
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in what witnesses are describing as an unprovoked attack. emilie ikeda joins us with the latest on the man hunt good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a brazen shooting marking the fourth transit homicide so far this year. the suspect described as the dark skinned. heavy set male with a beard remains on the run this morning. terror on the train. another attack in new york city subway system sending a wave of fear over riders this morning. >> most efficient way to go somewhere. but you know what? it is what it is. you got to take your chances. >> reporter: in broad daylight, police say a 48 year old rider was gunned down as the q train crossed the manhattan bridge sunday. an unprovoked and fatal shot to the chest. >> the suspect was walking back and forth in the same train car. and without provocation pulled out a gun and fired at close range. and what we've gotten from the
7:16 am
witnesses, there is to prior contact between the victim and suspect. >> reporter: dmitry was on board and called 9-1-1. >> everybody immediately reacted and started dispersing to the very ends of the cars. everybody huddled. >> reporter: the victim's family this morning telling nbc news daniel enriquez was the son of mexican immigrants, an nyu grad who enjoyed the rich new york culture. his tragic death comes several months after a 40 year old woman was shoved in front of the subway is six weeks when ten people were shot on the subway in brooklyn. this time the surveillance cameras were working. >> investigators a in possession of and reviewing the security video from the station. >> reporter: mur >> reporter: murderers in major cities have surged throughout the pandemic increasing 44% since 2019. this morning there is growing pressure on new york's mayor to fulfill his campaign promise of cushing gun violence new york passengers have been slow to return to public transit. and just over half of what we saw before the pandemic. >> not what we need at a time
7:17 am
when our city is trying to recover. >> reporter: in an interview with the new york post the victims family said the city is not safe and his brother-in-law called on mayor eric adams to do his job. the mayor has not responded to our question for comments but on sunday responses concerns about subway safety that the city was increasing the presence of police officers in the system. savannah >> emlie, thank you very much. >> how about a check of the weather? >> severe weather for our friends in texas and down to the south. we've also watching this system come on shore. the national hurricane centre was keeping an eye on it it is now just coming on shore as a low pressure system bringing a lot of rain in the meantime we've got a risk of severe weather from the system in the southeast. also six million at risk, a slight risk for wind gusts, damaging hail, tornados possible and tomorrow from dallas to austin we've got a pretty good risk as well 9 million people for isolated tornados, wind gusts as well the system coming out of the west it is bringing in -- moving into the southern plains. heavy rain for the mid atlantic and the southeast as that system
7:18 am
moves off but this second system brings a flood threat increasing from missouri into texas as that system pushes slowly north and east the flood threat moves east from tennessee to eastern texas and on into the ohio river valley some areas to the south from houston up into little rock, rainfall rates 3 inches per hour, with rainfall totals up to 8 inches so we're going to be watching this area for flooding over the next 24 hours. your local forecast in the next thirty seconds what? lot number 1: her emails. the ones she's opened and read. drug store purchases. her recent transactions. do i hear 600? 620? 640? 660? 680? oh! ♪♪ ♪♪
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good monday morning. i am metrologist kari hall. we look at the salano county as well as the sacramento valley. that starts at 11:00 and continues until 8:00. high winds and low humidity is a big issue for us. as the temperatures heat up for the inland valleys, it does stay mild and comfortable. it's breezy today. the fire danger continues tomorrow. the valleys heat up to the triple digit and upper 90s, and still a hot day on wednesday. >> that's your latest weather. guys. >> al, thank you. >> thank you al. still ahead. all eyes on johnny depp, set to take the stand for the second time as that contentious trial with ex amber heard enters its final week we'll have the latest. also as we count down to the queen's platinum jubilee, inside the beloved royal tradition, one of her favorites the world famous chelsea flower show but first this is "today" on nbc.
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state farm has options to personalize your policy, so you get a rate that fits your budget. amazing! [raft deflating] be right back. for surprisingly great rates that fit any budget... like a good neighbor, state farm is there. call or click to get a quote today. very good morning to you u. it's 7:26. i am laura garcia. here are today's top stories for you. a lot of questions after two woman were hit and killed by a car in san francisco right in the middle of the afternoon. another pedestrian also sent to the hospital along with a drive every. this was near mission and third street. it looks like a taxi driver crashed in go to another vehicle, and then hit the woman that died along with another pedestrian that was sent to the hospital. witnesses say
7:27 am
they were shocked but not surprised. i am sharon in berkley where a thousand of students will have to mask up gain in the schools. this affects about 10,000 students and 16 schools with the berkley unified school district. the superintendent says that they're following the recommendations from the city's public health officers. parents were shocked to hear the latest numbers when the announcement was made that showed the city with the 40 daily cases when there were only eight last march. a look at the forecast. >> yeah, we're under a weather alert due to the high fire danger for the salano county. warnings going up and gusty winds across the bay area. look at the high temperatures for the next couple of days. continuing to be hotter and reaching to the middle of the 90s. as we go to the memorial day weekend, much cooler and high in the mid-70s. san francisco is where we're going to have moderate temperatures for the next couple
7:28 am
of days. highs in the mid-70s by wednesday. more clouds and dropping back to the 60s by the end of the week in to the weekend. >> thank you so much. thank you for joining us as well. is will be back for another news update in a half an hour. see you then.
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and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. beautiful, just four days and counting until memorial day weekend. the unofficial start of summer kind of felt like it got here this weekend, didn't it? >> yeah. >> i love the countdown. >> it was hot. >> yankees game saturday come on. >> -- sunburn there. it was hot. >> -- for craig this morning headlines at 7:30. leaders at the southern baptist
7:31 am
convention mishandled sexual abuse allegations for almost two decades according to a scathing 288 page investigative report issued by a third party firm the investigation found that survivors repeatedly shared allegations with the executive committee only to be ignored, met with resistance and outright hostility from some members according to the report. in a statement, they called on southern baptist to change their culture and implement reform >> breaking news on covid-19 vaxing front pfizer released new clinical results for children six months to five years old. pfizer says its throe dose covid vaccine offers strong protection for children younger than 5. it says the vaccine was 80% effective against the omicron variant. children under 5 the only group not yet eligible for vaccination. pfizer plans to present later this week.
7:32 am
at the pga championship. chilean golfer needing just a par on 18 to win his first ever major. one swing from glory look at the ball though. tee shot right into the water. he would double bogey the hole and finish tied for 3rd. that would set up a three-hole playoffs between justin thomas and will zalatoris here is how it ended. >> five years after his win at quail hollow it's justin time again at the pga championship. >> look right there. justin thomas who entered the day seven shots back he made the incredible comeback. wins the pga championship for the second time in his career. lifting savannah's favorite trophy. >> the wanamaker.
7:33 am
>> five years after his first major win. incredible. >> exciting finish there. >> lot more to get too including that dramatic defamation trial involving johnny depp and amber heard. >> depp is expected to return to the stand today and nbc's stephanie gosk here with the latest >> good morning. four weeks since we last heard from johnny depp in the court. and a lot's happened since then. he's suing for $50 million and claimed he never physically abused her she is countersuing him for 100 million and has been fighting to prove that he did abuse her. heard's lawyers expected to call depp back to the stand today in what legal experts say is a big gamble. >> never did i, myself, reach the point of striking ms. heard in any way nor have i ever struck any woman in my life >> reporter: this johnny depp insists is the truth, that amber heard was the aggressor in theih
7:34 am
a slap. it could begin volatile, sometimes violent four year relationship. >> in her frustration and in her rage and in her anger, she would strike out she would -- it could begin with a slap it could begin with a shove. >> reporter: now heard's team is putting depp back on the stand to challenge his story, kicking off the final stretch of a trial that's become a worldwide sensation. >> there is lot of risk because we know he has been a well prepared witness and a likable witness for the public at large. >> reporter: depp claims heard defamed him when she called herself a public figure representing domestic abuse in a 2018 "washington post" op ed she's suing for $50 million and heard is counts suing for 100 million. witness after witness by heard's
7:35 am
team has described depp's drug and alcohol abuse. >> he was dr. drunk all -- most -- a lot of the time. >> reporter: fuelling again a violent rage. >> i'm facing amber. he comes up behind me, strikes me in the back. >> reporter: heard describing a torrent of abuse. >> it just hit me over and over and over again and i thought this is how i die. he's gonna kill me now. >> reporter: depp's team tried to poke holes in heard's story and her credibility in a bittering cross-examination. >> there aren't any medical records reflecting you sought medical stream for any of this, are there. >> >> no. >> not for the rape. >> no. i did not want to tell anyone. >> reporter: the case and
7:36 am
lighting up social media, where everybody's got an opinion both depp and heard claim the flood of allegations has damaged their careers and cost them movie roles. but in the courtroom and online, the spotlight is still shining on the darkest chapters of their relationship. >> reporter: mention the risk of putting depp on the stand again. what is the strategy from heard's case. >> well legal experts say they had a tough time in the cross-examination with that but if public opinion is anything to go by, lot of people were endeared by his performance, if you will, during do that period of time. so what they are trying to do is get a second crack at him and hopefully try to hip him up. the gamble is that they may not. and that will be one of the lasting impressions the jury has of johnny depp. >> and his team will get another crack as well. so it is not without risk. >> thank you steph. >> thank you. up next the return of one of the -- favorite and most colorful events. the world famous flower show a special way it will mark her platinum jubilee right after this from had to buy every tool dan... honest question. do you know what this does? making the most of his gym membership dan...
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7:41 am
more hi kelly, good morning >> reporter: hi, good morning to you guys yeah there are reports this morning actually that the queen will be bowing out of yet another key event. this one for the jubilee but today in just a couple of hours she's hoping to be back among the public and the flowers. 70-year reign. this >> queen elizabeth opens the chelsea flower shop. >> reporter: it is a tradition back to the queen's childhood, visits to the famous chelsea flower show. queen elizabeth hopes to get a sneak peak of the blooming exhibits in her honor later today. the show this year dedicated to the monarch's 70-year reign. this morning, reports of another big change the british newspaper "the sunday times" says the monarch will not take the salute in the annual military parade for her official birthday known as
7:42 am
"trooping the color" for the first time in 70 years handing the reins to prince charles, prince william and princess anne. she's been delegated more duties to other members of the family >> for any 96 year old doing a fashion of what she attempts to do would be almost impossible. nobody wants to see her overdo it but everyone wants to see her enjoying. >> reporter: the queen is regularly using a cane and seen in public just three times the past few weeks beaming at this celebration of horses and history the kickoff her platinum jubilee with star studded tributes from helen mirren and tom cruise. >> it wouldn't be complete without a celebration of a kinked united. your majesty, my lords, ladies and gentlemen, the united kingdom. >> reporter: the queen opening a new london underground line named after her learning how to top up her subway card and getting a glimpse of her favorite horse show in windsor from the comfort of her car. during the last jubilee celebration, tens of thousands cheered the queen as he waves if the famous buckingham palace
7:43 am
balcony. and she is expected to be on the balcony this year too with prince charles and camila, prince william kate and their three children all waiving to the crowds. >> what a shot of kelly. is today's flower show any indication that we're going to start seeing more of the queen as we get into the jubilee >> well on paper savannah the schedule is incredible busy. but it is another matter deciding whether or not the queen actually carries out a lot of these events. she is older, the palace has said she has those mobility issues and she's famously said i have to be seen to be believed. the public of course wants to see her. but it is a delicate balance and, you know, people are concerned about her welfare quite frankly. a recent pole showed nearly half of britains think she should actually retire because of her age and health
7:44 am
guys, it is not likely that is going to happen in the next couple of weeks. >> no. but slowing it down and sharing with other members of the royal family a good idea probably. thank you. by the way exciting news we're launching our newest today podcast. it is called "born to rule, when charles is king. >> keir simmons hosting it exploring his place in the royal family and how the stage is prepared for him to become king and role of the monarchy in the modern world. >> to follow born to rule on apple podcast scan the qr code and you can listen to a preview ahead of its premier next monday >> that will be fun. al, the next time you do a half marathon, you can listen to a podcast. >> why didn't you tell us about your hall of fame marathon experience. >> i don't know. >> the rest of us were being lazy and you did the brooklyn half marathon. >> it wasn't execute a speed record but like the the snail said on top of the turtle, woo the new york road runners did a wonderful job and everybody got through it and we had a good
7:45 am
one. we're looking at temperatures coming down. omaha 12 degrees below average 64, washington, d.c. 73 albany 71. memphis 75 tomorrow boston cooler than average. same in philly, detroit, minneapolis and little rock. even atlanta a degree cooler than usual but then temperatures moderate towards tend of the week by thursday 79 in rochester. new york city at 77. 79 in louisville and as we look ahead towards the memorial day weekend, a good swath of the country. warmer than average. colder than average in the pacific northwest. precipitationwise going to be dry in the northeast all the way good morning. i am metrologist kari hall. it's going to be windy today. especially for the inland areas as the temperatures heat up. we
7:46 am
also have a high fire danger especially for salano county. you need to be on high alert for the next several days as it gets hotter. our temperatures peeking tomorrow and on wednesday with a few spots hitting the triple digits. as we head to the holiday weekend, it's delaying to feel much nicer with more clouds higher humidity. highs in the 70s, and san francisco will see them dropping back to the mid-60s. >> that's the latest weather every. >> thank you. coming up next, the end of the error for our friends at saturday night live. that's after this. te davidson and kate said goodbye, right after thise from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past
7:47 am
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7:50 am
here with all the highlights >> we learned four key members leaving "saturday night live." kate mckinnon, pete davidson, aidy bryant and kyle mooney. and this past saturday night a few stars took time to say farewell >> reporter: the season finale began with a goodbye. >> i always felt like an alien on this planet anyway. >> reporter: kate mckinnon gavis laughs and tears >> i love you. thanks for letting me stay a while. >> reporter: the comedian closed out a chapter on her out of this world ten year run, celebrated for her impressions of political powerhouses like hillary clinton and ruth bader ginsburg. mckinnon told hoda earlier this year she's ever grateful for her time on the show. >> its given me a work family that is so close knit and so kind and so wonderful. >> reporter: also departing, pete davidson who delivered a heartfelt goodbye on weekend
7:51 am
update sharing how snl boss lorne michaels gave him a chance at just 20 years old. >> he looked me right in the eye and said i don't know, i don't think you are right for the show so let's screw this up together. >> reporter: davidson gave his one final rap parody ♪ and rounded out eight seasons of laughter and headlines, including a newer relationship with guest host kim kardashian the hilarious aidy bryant also a farewell in the weekend update. >> my best guy kissing me. >> reporter: they joined later on the show's last sketch of the night. >> and we'll love him forever. >> reporter: the iconic players leaving their hearts in studio 8h with their beloved cast and crew. >> have a great summer
7:52 am
>> reporter: many of departing cast members have ongoing projects kate mckinnon set to star in the highly anticipated barbie movie. aidy bryant voice actor in a netflix series and pete davidson in june a new comedy i think they are all going to be okay. >> imagine if you had a ticket to last night? lucky ticket. >> thanks joe. >> ahead of signs of a seismic and inspiring shift the way americans think about dieting. a groundbreaking new study and why it is so important for the nation's overall health. >> plus talk about a small world, remember this scene, uncle al, from jaws? >> oh yeah. >> you will never guess what one of those boys has now grown up to be. that and a lot more on "popstart" after quick check of your local news and weather. what do you mean? these straps are mind-blowing! they collect hundreds of data points like hrv and rem sleep, so you know all you need for recovery. and you are? i'm an invesco qqq,
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7:56 am
otezla. show more of you. you may recall this weekend the quail fire burned and that was part of the county. it started on saturday. as of yesterday it burned 135 acres, and now 35% contained. yeah, the hot and dry conditions are concerning, kari. that's the reason that we're under the alert for salano county as we're going see the winds picking up once again in the low humidity.
7:57 am
this time also happening when we have temperatures in the 90s and close to the triple digit. we're still looking at some warm weather through the midweek. by the end of the weekend and weekend, temperatures start to cool off. by the weekend, it's looking nice. it's going to reach in to the loser 70s. high in the mid-70s for tomorrow and wednesday. you can see how much cooler it's going to be for the end of the week and a windy weekend and the temperatures reach something to the mid-60s. in the near term, corn certained about the high fire -- concerned about the high fire danger. we will continue to monitor that. we will be back with another local update in 30 minks. enjoy your monday morning.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it is 8:00 on "today." coming up. bottle service new hope for parents as emergency baby formula shipments arrive from overseas what the white house is saying more about arrival this is week and when the empty shelves could start to get restocked then, man hunt police searching for the suspect in the murder of a professional cyclist. what authorities are saying about the romantic relationship she might have had with the victims boyfriend. we're live with the latest plus, wait for it, a new study showing a surprising shift when it comes to the reason
8:01 am
americans are losing weight. why it is now more important for many to feel good than look good. >> i'm already starting to see some things like my resting heart rate has improved. >> what this trend could mean for the future of weight loss. and cue the man. superstar hugh jackman live from -- to his latest stint in the "musicman" on broadway here to talk about his legendary career and start the week off on a high note. ♪ >> first time in new york from kentucky. >> mother/daughter trip from iowa. >> alabama >> iowa. >> los angeles >> we brought --
8:02 am
♪ >> from chicago. >> today i'm 50. >> shout out to nurses in the county >> from st. louis. >> celebrating 45 years of marriage 67. >> my 92nd birthday. >> 92? >> wow. >> looking great >> good morning everybody. monday morning, so glad you are starting your day and your week with us. and as we gear up for summer and maybe we hope you are sleeping later but you can always dvr us starting at 7:00 a.m. so you can watch on your schedule you do you. >> and last week, jenna's big adventure on the usa baton for fleet week tomorrow she's going to be on a tour of the ship and take a helicopter and introduce us to some of the 2500 service members and then on the baton live as it pulls into new york harbor it is going to be a beautiful sight to see. air lifted baby formula from overseas providing relief to thousands of american parents
8:03 am
during this current nationwide shortage jo ling kent is in indianapolis with the first operation "fly form" plane touched down yesterday, jo, good morning. >> good morning. it was certainly a welcome sight to see for so many parents when that c-17 military aircraft landed here in indianapolis. the idea is to supply formula for kids with cow's milk allergies. this is the infant and junior formula made by nestle that landed here. and we do know according to secretary of agriculture that it will serve 9,000 babysit and 8,000 toddler. the big question now, why is it only serving these kids for just one week the defense production act meanwhile at the white house has
8:04 am
officially been put into action overnight. we heard from two manufacturers, abbot and wreckette which owns immediate johnson. they say they have placed orders with the white house to get expedited supplies in order to ramp up production at home here. the idea is to expedite production to get more formula on shelves right now but looking ahead we know there is another flight scheduled to land in the d.c. area at dulles airport, priet operated by fedex express. that that will also carry hypoallergenic formula that is precipitation only that will then be trucked by fedex to pennsylvania to the nestle facility there and distributed to hospitals and pharmacies and caregivers in homes. so many families eager to see those empty shelves resolved that is really where the defense
8:05 am
production act will come into play, hopefully delivering some relief sometime soon guys. >> can't come soon enough, jo. thank you very much. during his first trip to asia since taking office, president biden said overnight the u.s. would be willing to use military force to defend taiwan if china ever invaded it >> yes >> you are >> that is the commitment we made >> but the idea that -- that it could be taken by force, just taken by force is just not -- >> now the white house later clarified that long-standing u.s. policy recognizing one china. that hasn't changed. although beijing claims taiwan is part of china u.s. has the means to provide taiwan the means to defend itself. shocking murder in austin, texas which police believe may have been the result of a love triangle the victim an elite bicycle racer who apparently became romantically involved with the suspect's boyfriend. morgan chesky is in austin with the very latest.
8:06 am
morgan good morning. >> reporter: yeah tom, some disturbing details here. and a nationwide man hunt for 35 year old kaitlin armstrong who is accused of murder days after this crime took place, police took armstrong into custody and questioned her on a crime but officers had to tell armstrong she was free to go and today they now believe she's on the run. this morning a coast to coast search for a murder suspect who isn't been seen in a week. 35 year old kaitlin armstrong accused of shooting anna moriah wilson they found her with multiple gunshot wounds aed this home. >> life saving measure bus victim did succumb to her wounds. >> reporter: in an affidavit,
8:07 am
police say the victim wilson had met with the suspect's current boyfriend, colin strickland, the night she was killed wilson and strickland both pro cyclist who is said briefly dated fast fall went swimming to to dinner before she was dropped off at her home and later found dead this video shows a suv similar to kaitlin armstrong's outside when officers confronted her with video evidence, she continued to remain very still and guarded. police later told her she was free to go in a statement wilson's family says they are devastated by the loss of our beautiful daughter and sister >> i don't think anyone would have anything bad to say her about her. >> reporter: as police investigate, they say an anonymous tipser they call credible told them armstrong -- strickland, her boyfriend was having a romantic relationship with wilson. wilson's family says at the time of her death she was not in a romantic relationship with
8:08 am
anyone >> it is all moriah wilson -- >> known best as mo. wilson had been a rival talent in the gravel cycling circuit, combination of mounten and road biking. >> i really, put a really hard effort in the at the end. >> reporter: now as investigators piece together what may have led to wilson's death. the search is intensifying for the missing suspected murderer. >> and right now strickland is not believed to be a suspect because he does van alibi and security footage does not place him near the scene at the time of this crime. they add he's fully cooperating with authorities is is very much on going investigation tom? >> lot of questions here morgan thank you for that. >> a group of smash and grab robbers in california is left
8:09 am
empty handed when employees at a jewelry story fought back. one of the would be thieves used a hammer to break occupy a display case, and partners start to fan out but are confronted by brothers and sisters and sister sarah and dallas they come out punching and kicking. another employee shows a chair at the intruders who quickly run away none of the employees hurt and police still looking for those suspects >> unbelievable. >> toughest jewelry store i've ever seen. >> we got the news covered going do switch gears and get a morning boost. lot of people learned new skills and hobbies stuck at home in the pandemic like a little boy who decided to take up the piano. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> 5 year old albert lives in italy. he started playing when the pandemic began both parents are musicians and wasn't long before they realized
8:10 am
their son was a prodigy especially when it came to mozart they are not strict about making him practice so he still has time go go to school and play and watch tv. >> wow. >> and no sheet music. she's just playing that is incredible >> his little hands. impressive coming up next, perhaps a positive from the pandemic the surprising and encouraging results of a groundbreaking new look at what now motivates americans to diet? plus tips to help you on your journey. right after this it could change the lives of millions. see what mrna could do. moderna this changes everything. you never know where adventure awaits. like inside of every kinder joy. a yummy treat and dinosaur toy from jurassic world: dominion in theaters june 10th. rated pg 13. kinder joy. oh! you're doing it wrong, man. what's wrong with action figures? nothing. capital one shopping instantly searches for available coupon codes and automatically applies them. whoa!
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by the lindt master chocolatier. ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ voltaren. the joy of movement. ♪♪ the citi custom cash℠ card. a different kind of card voltaren. the joy of movement. that automatically adapts to you. earn 5% cash back on your top eligible spend category up to $500 spent each billing cycle. apply now. visit we're back now 8:14 with your health and this morn's first on "today." surprising results from the mayo clinic revealing how americans think about dieting. >> researchers say success comes to the way we approach it and during the pandemic motivations have changed according to this survey and that may be the key
8:15 am
to losing weight and keeping it off. anne thompson here with more >> reporter: memorial day is days away and its historically been a time when americans may have been focused on trying to lose a few pounds to fit into their swim suits for summer. but now new research shows weight loss strategy changed during the pandemic. and now it is more about being healthy. the mayo clinic calling in a seismic shift in the reason irs shows a surprising trend in the way americans are thinking about weight loss. getting healthier is the prime motivation the mayo clinic diet study found 83% surveyed wanted to lose weight for their health. with five times those surveyed reporting it wasn't about their looks. researchers say this is a
8:16 am
seismic shift from the past where appearance was a key motivator. >> we think there may be a new movement on focusing on improving health >> the study found that being sbrenzically motivated, as in doing it for yourself as opposed to pleasing others or meeting society's expectations is key. and women seem to stick to it better than men, with 67% of the most motivated weight loss participants in the study being women. becky hubbard says she was ready for a change married right before the having kids. but becky wanted to feel her best and to be healthy before they began that journey. >> well, i've always struggled with my weight, off and on
8:17 am
throughout life. and what made this time different is that jk and i would really like to start a family. >> reporter: and she's not alone. authors of the study say this follows a global trend of people focusing more on health and wellness, following the pandemic the way we exercise has also changed because of the pandemic. with the rise of virtual workouts, gyms are now offering hybrid classes, with some online and some in person in order to meet members where they are. quicker workouts, even ten minutes at a time. and home gym equipment have also made it easier to squeeze in exercise becky has changed they are portion sizers, now gets lots of exercise hiking and most of all, changed her focus to being healthy. he's lost more than 40 pounds and has seen multiple benefits. >> i knew the improvements would come already starting to see some
8:18 am
things like my resting heart rate has improved. my cholesterol levels have already improved so long-term health improvement. >> reporter: experts say it is these lifestyle changes and intrinsic motivation that could help keep the weight off guys >> anne, thank you we want to turn to dr. natalie azar for more. what's about this study. >> the statistics speak for themselves 55% of americans have tried six or more diets in their lifetime. and we know historically that people have a really difficult time sticking with diets so this was so interesting because the survey really shows that people are looking for these more like foundational, sustainable changes. because if your goal is to be healthy inside and to feel happy and accept yourself, then the rest probably comes naturally but it is not all able how you look in an instagram post.
8:19 am
>> do you think, i wonder when they called people up, because things are tricky. you might say that because that's what they want to hear. >> -- to tom in the green room i was like there are a few places i think you need to be honest honest with your psychiatrist and honest with your doctors and, i think you can be honest on a survey that is technically anonymous. we did survey over 200 thousand people, but yes it is true that, you know, sometimes we sort of say a little sarcastically some people will inflate answers a bit. >> because people continue to care about physical appearance but let's talk about you mentioned it if someone is motivated by something positive, i'd like to be healthy, i'd look to look good as opposed to some beat down, i wish i didn't look like x, that is going to be more sustainable. >> and what was interesting about the survey is actually was a psychological survey and the three factors, how you see yourself, where you are in your
8:20 am
state of change, so, for example, if you have a lot of weight to lose, sort of like earlier on in the process in the mind set and also your degree of motivation but here is what's interesting hoda we talked about it. that you would think that you need to be so highly motivated to lose this weight. and they found that people were anywhere on the spectrum of motivation actually lost an equal amount of weight which by the way with 5 percent of their body weight at 12 weeks which was quite a lot but the whole point was again not to just to start engaging in behaviors to get to that point on a scale or fit into those size whatever jeans but really more about oh look apt my resting heart rate maybe my blood sugar is better and again if you are feeling healthier inside and you are healthier inside, there is going to be that external, you know -- >> cycle already dr. azar, thank you. more tips, more information, go to our website >> let's head over to mr. roker get another check of the weather. hey al >> i just like the idea that it came from the mayo clinic. anyway what's going on? ham on five, hold the mayo anyway the week ahead, cooler weather in the northeast heavy showers and thunderstorms to the southeast severe storms through texas. hot and dry out west
8:21 am
and then as we work our way into the midweek period, below average highs out through the plains, wet weather stretching from the great lakes flood risk through the lower mississippi river valley heat advisories out west beautiful weather along the eastern sea board. and latter part of the week. showers and storms in the northeast. florida storms firing up the warmth expanding in the midsection of the country and sunny skies out west th good morning. i am kari hall. that means we have a high fire danger today in salano county. the temperatures head for the upper 80s and mid-90s by the middle of the week. more clouds and look at friday and saturday. it's more comfortable for the inland areas. it's windy and sunshine and cooler combi the end of the weekend to the weekend. >> that's your latest weather. >> that's your latest weather. now the best way to start your monday "popstart" >> let's go. >> first up.
8:22 am
-- d umentary tre atme nt life , career and farew ell tour will be the subset of disney's upcoming project lengthy title. goodbye yellow brick road. performances that made his legend set to feature decades of never before seen concert footage and elton's own handwritten journals doc also featuring a look at his personal life and video. mic problems okay video of his family. no word yet on a premier date for that one but his goodbye yellow brick road tour scheduled to wrap up this fall? should i say the title -- >> -- yesterday the hollywood couple announcing big news officially welcomed baby two posting this announcement on social media revealing little eloise christina was born saturday joining her two older siblings the first daughter, lyla marie and 9 year old jack. chris says mama and baby are doing well and the couple feeling beyond blessed and grateful
8:23 am
for grandma, our friend maria shriver who goes by mama g she wrote on instagram the birth of any child is a miracle. as the joy, a blessing eloise, welcome. and we're so glad you are here and we're sending huge congratulations to their family this morning next up. marin morris is throwing her hat in the ring for one of broadway's biggest shows. sending in an audition tip for "wicked. the tony winner replying you can play either part call me and let's chat you got the chops. this weekend marin shared a short clip of her auditionhared short clip of her audition ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sign her up
8:24 am
>> yeah. >> be here july 28th on the plaza as part of our citi concert series. >> is that for the film or just broadway >> broadway. >> -- love that she shot her own little audition. >> isn't she going to be on our concert stage? >> yeah. >> thought i'd reiterate. >> "jaws" in here, al. terrified beach goers in the 1975 classic one of those little rascals >> one of those little rascals tu turned out to be not so much after a menace to society after all. on the rightside of the screen, he's been named police chief of oaks bluff in martha's vineyard, that is where the "jaws" was filmed
8:25 am
he appeared in the movie alongside his real life brother stephen. he joined the department in 1986. >> also son of a former police chief as well. about the irony of the position, he told the post i'm finding the whole thing quite funny myself tim mcgraw opening up about going method acting for his latest gig, the popular yellowstone prequel series he was so good in this 1883. recent podcast interview sharing how his wife and on screen co-star faith hill was not a huge fan of his character. >> show progressed i want him to look more and more tired and haggered and sleep deprived. and i think we accomplished that i look back. there were a few times my war forced me to take a shower while shooting you know i wanted to stay in
8:26 am
character best i could. >> it's method >> she's i don't care about method you stink. >> that's your "popstart." >> coming up guys, "the music man" himself, hugh jackman is here and his broadway show. good morning to you. it's 8:26. i am marcus washington. drug maker says that three doses for children ages six months to five years old gave children a strong immune response and more than 80% ethicacy. pfizer plans to give that data to the u.s. rerj later later this week for the emergency use authorization. it's time for a look at the forecast for you. kari hall tracking the dry and dangerous temperatures. >> yeah, we're really heating up for the next couple of days.
8:27 am
this is for the inland areas. the valleys are hotter. when you compare that to the coast, wide range in temperatures. as we look at the forecast today, the winds are picking up in livermore and reaching the upper 80s. 97 degrees and fairfield in the county, and we're watching closely because of the high fire danger as well as the temperatures in the parts of the north bay in to the upper 90s tomorrow. going in to wednesday, it's hot inland. we're going to see the comfortable weather near the coast and going in to the rest of the week and weekend, we continue to cool you cool off for the holiday weekend. >> we will have another news update coming up for you in a half an hour. i will see you then.
8:28 am
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♪♪ ♪ >> good morning. 8:30 monday morning.
8:31 am
may 23rd musical morning on the plaza thanks to the quartet. mr. hugh jackman going tell us about the long road to opening night. worth the wait already up for six tony nominations. six. including hugh and -- ♪ >> they sound good all right. coming up also adriana brock with a new round of today best sellers. items you never now you needed for summer including a brilliant way to put on sunscreen without any mess or waste. >> they also know sweet adelaide, one of my favorites. a beauty coming up chatting with jay ellis about his role in "top gun: maverick" and what this was like acting while pulling off those epic stunts and the tom cruise boot camp he was put through. >> and speaking of the sequel. another one of the stars here tomorrow jon hamm has been pinching himself ever since he got to join the cast.
8:32 am
we got preview it last week. we have a need for speed so fun. >> and mental health awareness month. and lot of important conversations all month long another one for you co-wednesday jay shetty will be here life to tell us about managing stress and anxiety and why connection is more important now than ever. >> and so cool he'll also answer your questions and all you need to do is make a quick video and share it us with on and hopefully he'll answer it. >> we've got a beautiful crowd first of all, it is your 92nd. a quick hello to this beautiful lady happy birthday. what's your name. >> diane >> what a great group. oh my god.
8:33 am
but hold on where are rosy and isabella raise your hand. rosy, isabella who ran the marathon how fast it? your fifth one. >> yeah. >> your fifth. >> yes. >> did you run one when you were pregnant. >> yegt pregnant, yeah. >> but the real story is this little one and she wants to meet someone. who do you want to meet? >> savannah. >> savannah guthrie. with have a young lady dieing to meet you come on over she begged her mom and you get to also meet hugh jackman. >> hi. can i have a hug >> yes. >> it is so nice to meet you this is hugh jackman famous movies. >> who what >> tell us why you wanted to meet savannah? >> i've been watching since i was a baby and i wanted to meet you for the past 10 years. >> my gosh i am so happy to meet you. thank you for coming to visit us. >> we're happy you are here. >> this morning my mom woke me up and she was like are you sure you want to go and i was like yes.
8:34 am
>> early riser just like us. >> happy to see you. congratulations mom. yeah here i'll do it. let me take one for all of you. >> i'll take it. you get in there there you go perfect. yes. >> thank you so much >> what a great day. >> -- meeting you. >> that was dool. >> thanks so much honey. >> mr. roker got a check of the weather? >> today's show bringing dreams true i love it. let's show you what we have gone doing for today. cooler highs in the northeast. morning frost and freeze in the northern great lakes looking at severe storms through texas, sunshine out west tomorrow, that heavy rain moves into the central plains where there is a flood threat. severe storms through texas and heat in the valleys. good morning. i am kari hall. we're under a climate
8:35 am
wethd area loretta due to the high fire danger in salano county. that's where the temperatures are heating up today. we do still have the nice mild weather for the coast in san francisco with the upper 60s today. the upper 80s in napa this afternoon. take a look at how much hot it is and reaching the 90s for the upper counties. going in to wednesday, it's still pretty hot while san francisco is going to keep it comfortable. high in the 70s. >> that is your latest weather. what a great day we got hugh jackman. we've seen him tear it up as wolverine and hit the high notes in le mis. and now he's taking on another iconic role. professor herald hill in the i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. tesla's full self- driving technology.
8:36 am
the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk." "experts see deep flaws." "that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life." to stop tesla's full self-driving software... vote dan o'dowd for u.s. senate.
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out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
8:38 am
what a great day we got hugh jackman. we've seen him tear it up as wolverine and hit the high notes in le mis. and now he's taking on another iconic role. professor herald hill in the classic show "the music man" and he's bringing trouble to music city and broadway. ♪ >> so worth the wait huh? >> oh. >> can you believe you were talking about this in 2019 you were ready to go in 2020 >> yeah. and then we waited i ran into someone who was at the show on sunday and said i
8:39 am
had my tickets three years ago and i said, i know i know how the wait felt but it is all the sweeter for it now and you feel it every night. you feel the audience just so excited to come back there's 49 of us on stage and the excitement and the joy is just palpable. >> what does it feel finally to have that again? >> it is incredible. there is nothing like the theater. and you know i'm very very lucky i get to go movies but there is something about broadway that just feels like home there is something about the people t atmosphere and not just our show the whole community. it feels like home and i'm probably in my happiest place. >> is that right >> yeah. it is harder to get up to speak to you but for you'll get up at any hour my wife, literally i was on the phone you say you will have to sleep in -- but for hoda you
8:40 am
will get up at 6:30. >> -- nominations, how many? you got one. sutton -- >> -- show got one the designer, choreography and best revival and this is sutton's seventh tony nomination. or as i to say, between us we have nine. amazing yes. >> what's great about you. you spend most of your time or a lot of your time shining light on other members of your cast. i think sutton got the drama league award that's a biggy. >> it is huge. >> you made sure 245 when the show was over that the audience learned that bit of information. >> yeah and she's still not talking to me. but sorry. it is special. because all awards split them up this is the one award, the drama leagues have broadway, off broadway, off off broadway it is one award. they don't split up.
8:41 am
actor or actress supporting, lead play or musical. they give one for the whole season and she won it. and it is so richly deserved because i think she's one of the greatest of all time and it is my privilege to be with her every night. so i just wanted the audience to know that. >> you loved "music man" since you were a kid. >> love it. >> very first. >> very first musical. i was 14 if you wanted a part in my school musical you had to audition if you just want to be in the ensemble, you are in but i wanted a part. so i never auditioned. so i opened up "the music man" and very first thing was this thing where you didn't have to sing it was talking i was like perfect and eight parts. took me about a month to learn it i still kind of know the whole thing. >> you learned every single part. >> every single part, yeah. >> you didn't get the main role. >> no. that was david andersen. i've been in touch with him. and he was really good by the
8:42 am
way. >> was. >> yeah. >> eve gist brought him tickets, he's coming to new york. >> we also reached out to ander. >> an doe. >> david andersen had something to say after he stole your part in high school >> goo day jaco. been a long time since we did "the music man" in school. big congratulations from moving to the leading role. i cannot wait to get to new york to see the show. cheeky beer. >> said a cheeky beer. >> i'm sure he had zero idea i was even in the show we all looked up ander >> so cool. >> -- back then. i know you loved theater and you wanted to learn to dance and i think your brother made fun of you initially but he came around and said actually you should go ahead and take dance lessons did you know once you started this was going to be your path >> no. i didn't if i look back, i was always doing it at school, even at college bottom i for me i just assumed it was just something you did like you play golf you know, it is a fun thing to do but if i look back all the times, i would spend all my time
8:43 am
doing it even when i went to to college my final year, i had to do my theses to graduate 90% of my time was doing this little play. so it wasn't till i was about 22 where i was like oh, hang on this could be a way to go. >> and one of your biggest cheerleaders and was your dad. and i had the privilege of interviewing you back in august of 2021 and your dad was alive then. and i remember that it was a difficult time and he's since passed of alzheimer's. do you think about him when you are on stage >> all the time. >> i feel him. i have his picture there in my dressing room. and my dad is just -- was the sweetest man
8:44 am
and he would love the show and the fact that she saw me do the show when i was 14 i can just see him crying his eyes out and with joy and the poor guy. had to put up with so many movies that really are not his, you know, bag over the years he would only ever say wonderful things but he would have absolutely loved it. but i feel his presence all the time and i have a little moment before every show. yeah yeah. >> the last little bit was there were -- you know, where i read it but there was someplace i read that said you are going to be "the music man" for a while and then justin timberlake was going to come and take over. >> yeah. >> is that true? >> i'll open for justin timberlake any day come on. i'm happy. and if you want to show us off, i'll just step in. if you are doing stadiums, don't worry i'm there. actually could you take me with you on the stadium that would be grade. he would be great in the part. he's a great actor, j.t. >> -- >> just 20 years -- we're going whole hog but you know justin will only be like 13 at this time very humble. >> well we love you. love your wife love her and your kids are a all doing well >> so good and thank you to you i'm going to give a shout out. i like giving shout outs to
8:45 am
people but when it was a difficult time when you interviewed me last time and you were incredibly kind and i'll never forget it. so thank you, hoda. >> love you. >> love you to. >> you can see "the music man" on broadway at new york's winter garden theater this is "today"on nbc. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ good night ladies ♪ i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
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we are back. we are back. 8:47 "today" best sellers, the unofficial start of summer is almost here. memorial day weekend this weekend. and since we just love discovering things we never knew we needed. shod "today" editorial director adriana brock is here with items to help us enjoy every moment of the season everything is under 20 bucks shop right now scan the qr code or go to adriana. >> hello. >> i'm so happy doing summer items. summer is upon us. >> so true
8:48 am
i'm camping this weekend so i'm already eyeing a lot of these. scan the qr code if you haven't already. this is great if you are going to be near the water a lot of people like it for kayaking and boateng you can lose it at the beach or pool it is a dry bag. so cool and also floats and made with a water proof tarp-like material really sturdy and the brand says it is puncture proof it comes in bunch of different sizes. you open it up, throw your valuables in there, camera, phone, keys, everything you need for an adventure and roll it you have and then you clip it and that creates a water tight seal. >> water tight seal. okay >> and your stuff is safe. >> a real lifesaver.
8:49 am
>> really could be you don't want to mess up with the valuables. >> only thing i don't like about summer is trying to get my kids to sit while i put on sunscreen for them >> this is a great solution we discovered on tiktok and it is a simple little thing. all you have to do is pour sunscreen in here. it is a sunscreen applicator pour it in, screw it on and it is a roller ball applicator. you put it on, it is great for the face, for the top of the ears can't forget that. dermatologists say reapply all day long not just one and done. so this is a great solution. it also fits three ounces. perfect for travel. >> great love it. >> and that is free. >> what is this? >> i love it i'm going camping this weekend i'm probably going to bring these. these are little tabs for your canned beverages kids and adults can enjoy it and it helps you open the can with zero, super easy. and then you just turn it to keep it safe from bugs, dust and dirt >> oh. okay >> so everyone can identify their drink. everyone can keep it debris free and it has a key hole so you can bring it on the key chain on the go pack of six for about $12. >> an invention i've never seen. >> a cool one. >> ice makers but more. >> exactly a pack of four ice cube tray
8:50 am
mangers. the number one best selling ice cube tray right now. and you are like why >> why. >> exactly that is what we thought too. it makes these huge cubes and they have a silicon base which makes it easier to pop out into your bowl these are really easy. you stack 'em up in the freezer, they are not going take up too much space. >> what ses with the colors? >> just fun. yeah you don't have to awkwardly bend the tray and get all out what i also love is that they are really wide. great to make like cocktail cubes or coffee ice cubes for ice coffee >> that's a pro tip right there. >> pro trip right there. >> coffee ice cubes. >> so it is great and super easy. >> headbands for the summer. >> we love a pack of sets. this is 10 headbands for under $15. >> ten >> yes it comes to about like $2 each where can you get something for $2. >> i love headbands. when your hair doesn't look
8:51 am
good. >> it keeps it out of your face in the summer. so cute. i love this when my hair is really frizzy and crazy. >> yeah. definitely in the pool or our hair was all crazy. headband. >> and is it knotted headband trend isn't going anywhere a great for all the ladies out there. all hair types too. >> 10 for -- >> it is not an umbrella led light. number one best selling patio it comes with three settings >> shouldn't have stared right about it but yeah. >> and only $12 and zero tools to install. >> what do you do -- >> -- on your umbrella light it up and so easy to put on. >> just makes it -- >> it makes it look pretty on the patio. comes with two hooks so you can hang it off a tent or anywhere in the backyard. just a really easy solution. >> thank you if you want to shop these items
8:52 am
you can scan the qr code or go to solely products available on amazon which does have an affiliate relationship with affiliate relationship with today.
8:53 am
♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
8:54 am
♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california. this monday morning. glorious, great crowd and now time to celebrate some birthdays. >> let's fire up the smucker's jars, and give 'em a spin. who do we have first a happy 100th to katherine kelly. an expert line dancer from new york when she's not dancing you are going to catch her doing yoga at the senior center. leonard shaffer from new
8:55 am
yorkwalk ohio. celebrating 100 years. best known for his famous potato soup happy 100th to sarah topi, a card playing champion from utica, new york. she rides her three wheeled bike all around town. margarita fisher of massachusetts. married to the love of her life more than 75 years next leroy kennedy of baltimore maryland he's also 100. he didn't retire until he was in his 90s. and last but not least, happy 105th birthday to dixie hale, from tampa florida, she says the secret to longevity a martini every day at 4:00 in the afternoon. ohio yeah dixie her personal happy hour and doing it for 25 years. i'll have what dixie's happy having. >> such a good time out herecro.
8:56 am
we loved it. what a great crowd we loved it. >> we got to pick isabella, rosy and hugh jackman >> awe. >> a framer. >> all right guys. coming up on hoda and jenna. emmy rossum tells us how she transformed for her role in angeline >> and dylan cooking with cal again and a special helper, making minestrone. >> local news and weather. have a good day. unanswered questions last night following a crash. a taxi drive over hit another car and crashed in to the sidewalk and
8:57 am
hitting both victims along with another pedestrian. a san francisco police spokesperson says that both are cooperating. neither drugs or alcohol appear to be factors. ahappening now, pack your mask in the backpack. the berkley unified school district requiring masks in the classroom what the district says is triggering the policy shift. what the parents are saying. hot and windy conditions with a combo in the bay area. kari hall -- tony is bridging the digital divide and carrying over a million computers for students and championing $6 billion for high speed internet across the state. for kids back in the classroom, tony delivers for student services, support program, and career preparations for 21st century jobs. democrats tony leading us
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this morning on the third hour today, special delivery. the first emergency shipment of baby formula, arriving in the u.s. as the nationwide shortage continues, how long before is in the hands of parents who need it? later, we feel the need for speed. top gun maverick started j ellis five in studios, talking about those -- and tom cruise's movie boot camp. we are loading up the car for a getaway. from packing to relaxing, how to prepare for the ultimate summer road trip


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