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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  May 23, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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the races. president biden causing confusion during his overseas trip, saying the u.s. would be willing to defend taiwan if china indeed. a warning that appears to deviate from long-standing u.s. policy. >> the idea that >> taiwan can be taken by force, just taken by force, is
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not appropriate. it just locates the entire region. >> reporter: taiwan, who is self governed, welcomed president biden's comments. but, china claims taiwan as part of its territory and expressed strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition. the white house and the president's supporters worked to clarify his statement. >> the president is succumbing to the chinese that the kind of things we are seeing in ukraine are the kind of things we need to prepare to deal with in regards to taiwan. a long-standing, very close partner of the united states. >> reporter: the defense secretary echoed that sentiment. >> again, our policy is not changed. >> reporter: while meeting with his japanese counterpart, president biden further condemned russia's invasion of ukraine, saying the conflict is partially to blame for an increase in gas and food prices. >> russia has to pay a long- term price for that. >> reporter: the president also announcing a new trade deal with a dozen asian nations to address economic concerns. >> the united states is deeply invested in the indo pacific. we are committed for the long haul. >> reporter: knowing pressure is mounting with memorial day travel and midterm elections, president biden warning americans solutions to economic challenges will take time.
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before returning to the u.s. tomorrow, president biden will take part in a summit and meet with the prime minister of india, who has so far refused to condemn russia's invasion of ukraine. in washington, i am brie jackson for nbc news. a russian soldier today was sentenced to life in prison for killing an unarmed ukrainian civilian. this is the first war crimes trial since russia's invasion began in february. the soldier pleaded guilty to shooting the unarmed 62-year- old man. prosecutors say the sergeant fired an automatic rifle from the car window to prevent the civilian from recording the location of russian troops. today's sentencing could set the stage for a series of prosecutions by the international criminal court and the hague. we are tracking the current monkeypox outbreak. there is a new suspected case in the u.s.. florida's
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department of health in broward county says the patient is in isolation after traveling internationally. it is a rare virus, monkeypox. it was discovered in central africa in monkees in the late 1950s. the first human case was identified in africa in 1970. health experts, though, say exposure risk is low because of the disease transmitted by prolonged human to human contact. a lot of parents have been waiting for this. covid-19 shots for young children. pfizer will ask for emergency use authorization for children five and under. this would be a three dose series that uses a smaller dose than the adult vaccine. pfizer says research shows the shots worked among nearly 1700 children in a trial. the efficacy rate was more than 80%. those results will be submitted with the application this week.
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now, it could be approved by next month. a warning this evening from vice president kamala harris. health care workers are burned out after more than two years of the pandemic. the vice president and the u.s. surgeon general visited children's national hospital in washington, d.c. they laid out recommendations to address this problem, which is nationwide. it includes better data collection, mental health screenings, and improved communication concerning the mental state of health care workers. >> it takes a lot. they grieve also, they experience pain also when they see human suffering. so, let's realize the impact that can have in terms of and well-being and mental health and we are here to say let's put some resources into supporting our health workers. >> since the onset of the pandemic, more than 50% of public health workers have reported symptoms of at least one mental health condition. election deniers who say donald trump defeated joe biden in the 2020 election are running to be the top cop in
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four battleground states. arizona, georgia, michigan, and wisconsin. some election watchers worry if they win their state eternal generally races, they could use her powers to unfairly tilt the outcome of elections but the 2020 results in those four states were all decided by just a few thousand votes. despite dozens of losses in investigations, no widespread election fraud was founded the 2020 election. several states holding their primary elections tomorrow. to see how those races are giving up, let's bring in our political analyst, dr. larry gersten. to have you on this monday. the former president has publicly endorsed several gop candidates already. has it helped or hurt them or know impact at all? >> reporter: good evening, janel. we look at donald trump. we almost put them aside and compare how he's doing versus the others. a lot of people talk about how the trumpet candidates are around 35%. therefore, his influence is waning. not necessarily the case. if we focus on several key races, what do we see? we see that in fact while the trumpet candidates have gotten 30, 35%, whatever, others just without his endorsement have
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done just as well. jade events in ohio. other trump candidates got 52%. in pennsylvania, dr. ross, 31%. mccormick, who also sought donald trump's endorsement, 31%, along with barnett. 25% in idaho, governor brad little, 53% but others, 43%. what do we get out of this thing? well there is trump, janel and there is trumpism peter decided to separate them. even if his name is not there, the folks who go with him are doing all the things and saying all the things he believes. >> how are republicans nationally feeling about him? i most of them unified in supporting him or has that changed or waned a little bit since he has left office? >> democrats would like to think otherwise, i am sure. but, the fact is trump is still
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the favorite of most republicans. a new nbc poll came out last week, asked who should lead the republican party. you see it, trump 53%. look at that category right below. someone like trump, 33%. move away from trump, 7%. you put that together, 86% of republicans surveyed say we want someone like trump or trump himself. the person who has those kinds of values versus the rest of the world, against minorities, against abortion, all those kinds of things that trump has talked about. 86% republicans want trump or someone like him you put those categories together and it says volumes about the republican party right now. >> what can we glean from this information with respect to the 2024 presidential election? >> we are looking into the crystal ball. it is kind of fuzzy right now. the nbc poll that we've talked about did ask the question. okay, soon the election is
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tomorrow the 2024 election, who would you vote for, trump or biden? do you see it. it is a dead heat. you throw in the plus or minus and it is in fact a dead heat. much can happen, of course. different candidates. perhaps biden doesn't run. war, recession, all these kinds of things. the fact is right now, janel, this country is every bit as divided as it was in 2016 and in 2020 and it shows no signs of going in any one particular direction. trump and trumpism are still very much alive. >> dr. larry gersten, thank you so much for your time. today is the last day to register if you want to vote in our primary election, which is next tuesday. thanks, larry. the moment you arrive in the bay area, we have to talk about this. talk about the impact of the housing market. >> we all feel it. if you live here, if you write here, if you own, it doesn't
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really matter. our investigating unit is tackling this problem in a new streaming series called "overpriced, overwhelmed, and over it." we uncover the exclusive world of housing investors billions of dollars of affordable housing money wasted and what is really driving direct to skyhigh levels. let's bring in our investigative reporter, candace nguyen. >> reporter: we are going to release the first four episodes for everyone to watch. we are dropping one a day tomorrow. our overpriced housing prices is one of the, if not the, biggest issue in the bay area in california. it impacts almost everything, which also makes it overwhelming. our goal here is to uncover and unpack how california created a housing crisis and how, just maybe, we are going to climb ourselves out of it. here is a look at the trailer. this is california living. for some. for many of us --
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>> this is my bedroom. as you can probably tell, it is a pod. >> this is the van that i live in. i am in this full time. >> right now we are in a makeshift lot in a garage. >> what do we want? housing. >> reporter: if you do get evicted, how would that that change your life, where would you go? how did california housing get so crazy? the new gold rushes pushing so many people out. >> it really depressing, all of this. >> reporter: for more than a year, we have been digging to get answers to your questions. was it investors? do you think you are contributed to the affordable city crisis?
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was it landlords? >> they are just saying take this money and go away. >> it's our fault for the housing crisis ? >> reporter: was it government? >> we have housing crisis. we need to change the way we are doing business. >> reporter: what the cost of rent back to pre-pandemic levels, eviction moratoriums expiring and soaring housing prices, we wanted to find out what is going on? we have been investigating this wild market to show you how our housing crisis got so overpriced, overwhelmed, leaving many of us just over it. >> some good reporting here. we are releasing a new episode every day starting tomorrow. you can watch these episodes on your roku, amazon fire tv or apple tv. download our nbc bay area streaming app or go to . >> i want to make a correction. on our streaming app, we have more on the election. the primary elections are two
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weeks from tomorrow. today is last day to register online but you could register the day of your local polling station. in other news, to the south bay, new efforts to reduce gun violence in santa clara county. the department of public health has released a new study that finds gun violence costs santa clara county about $72 million a year. that does not include the cost of putting the gun user in jail. tomorrow, the county board of supervisors will discuss this study. they will be looking at ways to add new regulations when it comes to "ghost guns" which are guns with no serial numbers. >> the cost of gun violence are enormous and they are enormous in fear and suffering. we can do more. and, if we continue to build on these smart ways to address these problems, we will. >> new regulations would aim to close the gap in state and federal laws and they would first be applied to unincorporated parts of santa
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clara county. up next, fighting back against thieves. take a look, the jewelry store employees down in southern california who took matters into their own hands. eight months away. $500.00 in limbo and zero response from a contractor. i am consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area response, next. it was a warm day today. up to 89 right now in walnut creek. we will talk about warmer temperatures on the way tomorrow.
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nbc bay area responds . a
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problem with a contractor. more than 500 reasons for us to drop the hammer. consumer investigator chris chmura shows us why. >> reporter: linda lambert says she had this company visited her house to install a new bathtub liner. she signed the contract and paid $570.00 in a deposit. that was in july. well, by march, eight months later, still no top liner. linda expected her money back because she said her contract said if bath fitter is unable to complete the project, they will refund the owners deposit. linda said she made repeated calls, all to voicemail. no response, to refund. so, she contacted us. we reached out to fitter headquarters. a representative responded within two hours. linda then got her $570.00 back. that fitter sent a statement
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that says, "we take tremendous pride in offering a positive experience to all our customers and we are sorry that this was not reflect of the lambert experience." two reminders for any job that requires a contractor. first, get a written contract. also, don't over . linda's worked out to about 10% of the total cost of the job, and that is fine, right at the legal limit. state law caps the money a contractor can demand up front to $1000 or percent or 10% of the cost of the job, whichever is less. linda contacted us online and you can too. go to, click the response option from the main menu or call us at 888-9996 tips. another smash and grab robbery. but, this time, a lot different. employees turn this robbery into an all out brawl. they fought back. this happened yesterday at a jewelry store down in huntington beach. you can see one of the robbers
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smashing the display and then workers rushed out and started swinging and even taking. another runs out with that highchair right there to fight back. the robbers were forced to make an early getaway. >> they feel like they can get away with it but i am really happy that we were able to stop them and stop that from happening. >> it is unclear if the thieves got away with anything at all. no word on any arrests. pretty incredible video down here. another check of the forecast. things are definitely heating up in the bay area. we actually have a red flag warning and one part. >> it is going to be getting hotter through the next 24 hours. in santa rosa, we are at 98 degrees. that is well above the average of 76. concord, 91. seven cisco, 79. san jose up to 83. we are seeing the heat return from this very familiar pattern, which is this area of high pressure setting up shop across the west and pushing the storm track off to the north.
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it is not that unusual this time of year to see high pressure moving in and bringing us warmer temperatures. the thing we don't want is the gusty winds. it does look like primarily through the central valley we will see gusty winds of ram reading dr. stockton. it also includes solano county. gusts of 40 miles per hour in effect until wednesday. i just want to give you a sidebar here and take a look at the wind gusts through the bay area. it is not expected to be extremely bad. that is why we are not extended into the fire warning at this point. you can see for tomorrow morning, it is called to about 10 miles per hour. the wind in the central valley, illustrated by the red color there, you can see it building. it is situated in the central valley. by tomorrow afternoon, we get the typical sea breeze coming out of the west, 10 to 25 miles per hour. we'll keep an update on it. any change to the fire warning, we will definitely let you know. otherwise, as we head through tomorrow morning's forecast, starting off a little bit warmer. 62 in the tri-valley, is south
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bay at 69. with bay coming in at 61. daytime highs tomorrow, warming up by about 10 degrees. in the south bay, you are going to feel it. up to 90 in san jose, 95 in morgan hill, 94 in gilroy. over to the east bay, you will notice by the water, warm day for you. from fremont to oakland. still getting a little bit of a breeze off the water. you head over to east bay hills where there is going to be no ocean breeze, we will get off to a hot 97 in concord, 98 in antioch. write to the peninsula. 87 in redwood city. up to daly city, 86. san francisco, 70s downtown. off to the north bay, 96 in napa, 85 and 96 in santa rosa. my seven-day forecast in san francisco looks like this. some 70s next two days. then we get clouds moving in thursday, friday. cooler 60s for our good memorial day weekend coming in with the 60s. and, through the inland valley, hottest data, tomorrow. 97 down to 78 on friday. then we have some 70s and 80s rolling in for memorial day weekend.
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we get over the next two days and then we have really nice weather coming our way this week. >> we have a holiday weekend coming up, guys. >> that is for sure. thanks so much. up next, going after mark zuckerberg. the reason why the attorney general of washington, d.c. is suing the meta ceo. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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washington, d.c. is taking mark zuckerberg to court. the meta ceo is being sued by d.c.'s attorney general over
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the cambridge analytica scandal. cambridge is a consulting firm accused of collecting data on 87 million facebook users without consent for political ads. the lawsuit argues mark zuckerberg created the framework on facebook that let it happen. back in march, the attorney general's office trying to add mark zuckerberg to a consumer protection complaint against his company but a judge rejected that rule. the exodus continues. starbucks is the latest company to leave russia. starbucks paused operations and stopped shipments of its products back in march. now, it is me the permanent decision to close at 130 locations across russia. mcdonald's, exxon mobil, and british american tobacco have also withdrawn from the country. we have a recall to tell you about tonight. jeff peanut butter product are being pulled into the salmonella outbreak that spans 12 states. it is on lexington, and can kentucky manufacturing facility. so far, 14 people have reported illnesses, 2 of which resulted in hospitalization. the fda and the cdc are investigating.
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okay, here we go. just one more victory and the warriors will be heading to another nba finals. not quite yet. today was the take it easy day in dallas.
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was game four. all right, did you watch last night? the warriors in firm control of the conference finals. they have a 3 0 lead in this best-of-seven series. steph curry was amazing with 31 points. and that dunk. janel, you saw the dunk, right? andrew wiggins. you saw right there with the nba veteran, electrify the nba. over luka doncic. now, the warriors focus on closing out this series. >> the fact that we are so close to having an opportunity to compete for a championship, you can allow your mind to kind of wander a little bit. but, i think we leverage our experience enough to know that you can't do that. >> try to close the series out. it is always the toughest again, the closeout game. we know it is going to be difficult. that is all we are focused on. from practice today in dallas, they are really loose. >> they look so cute like that.
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>> juan toscano-anderson, gary payton the second, and jordan poole. tomorrow night's game four in dallas. if they win, she reaches over into the nba finals would start june 2nd at chase center against either boston or miami. 49ers news. the 49ers talented wide receiver deebo samuel was at last night's game hanging out with steph curry after the win. today, the 49ers had an off- season workout. the workout is voluntary but it is always a headline when one of the top players doesn't make it. an even bigger headline since deebo samuel spent the entire off-season showing his displeasure at times that not having any contract from the 49ers. if he decides to skip the mandatory minicamp in june, it would cost nearly $100,000.00 in fines. right now, deebo samuel and the 49ers dancing with each other.
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>> we will see what happens. raj, coming up at 6:00, more victims coming forward. details in the case of a former san jose police officer accused of touching himself well responding to a call. >> then i kind of pulled away, leaned towards the right and he grabbed my inner thigh. you know the drought is not helping firefighting activities but how can water conservation also be a detriment? also, a high school cheerleading squad in hot water in contra costa county. but they did that spurred the accusations of racism and how the school and the school district is responding. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us this monday. i am raj mathai's. >> i'm jessica aguirre. then there were three. a third woman has come forward saying a san jose cop arrested for indecent exposure


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