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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 24, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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this morning, the cdc is southbounding the alarm for gay and bisexual men as monkeypox spreads. but officials stress anyone can contract it, regardless of sexual orientation new details ahead. a new military cargo plane with much-needed baby formula will arrive in the u.s. tomorrow, as our jo ling kent follows the biden administration's urgent attempts to solve this crisis. as we approach memorial day weekend, more skbhr people are bracing for high-gas prices. we found one place selling regular for almost 8 bucks a
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gallon. to the murder mystery involving a world-class cyclist, who may have been killed as a part of an alleged love triangle. and it's trump versus pence in the peach state primary as the former president and vp choose opposite candidates in the election "early today" starlets right now. >> good morning, i am erin o'hearn. >> glad you are with us, i'm frances rivera another planeload of specialty baby formula from abroad is expected to land at dulles washington airport tomorrow. the shipment will then be moved to pennsylvania by road for further distribution meanwhile, outrage is growing over private sellers online who offer formula at more than 300% the normal-store price new york city recently declared a state of emergency to crack down on price gouging. our jo ling kent has the latest onto crisis. >> reporter: when the first emergency aircraft for operation fly formula landed, it delivered a sign of hope alongside growing nationwide panic
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>> everything is empty. >> i don't know about y'all. but this is scary. >> aboard the c17, more than 70,000 pounds of hypoallergenic formula. but just for one week, a drop in the bucket the formula will be sent out to families over the next two weeks through hospitals and pharmacies in new jersey, isabella has been facing the shortage since january, before her son thomas was even born. >> it was definitely a lot of relief where i was like, okay, something is happening here. but i think it was still really frustrating because we have been talking about this for a really long time. >> families are demanding more answers from the white house the vice president saying -- >> our administration is working around the clock to ensure that there is enough safe baby
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formula available for all who need it. >> reporter: the white house also announcing that two major manufacturers have received defense production act approval to purchase expedited ingredients and supplies to ramp up production. one of the manufacturers, reckitt, which owns mead johnson, predicting to nbc news it will be 40% more formula in june. but supply-dhan experts say the defense production act can only help so much. >> how much of a difference can this make in getting formula on shelves soon >> it really won't make too much of a difference. the problem is this -- is that the formula manufacturers don't have that extra capacity so if a factory goes down, and then you go to another factory and sayings hey look, we want more formula they are not going to be able to produce as much as you are going to need. >> for now, isabella is relying on her family and her mom group to get what her son needs. >> we take pictures of the formula shelves whenever we're there so other moms can see, like, walmart and, you know, wherever has this this n stock
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if you need it, you just shoot on over. and it's unfortunate that it's kind of fallen on the shoulders of mothers who have already had to do so much. >> and our thanks to jo ling kent for that report turning to the war in ukraine, now ongoing for full three months the pentagon's saying 20 countries have agreed to provide new security packages to ukraine. they will include ammunition, coastal-defense systems, and armored vehicles this, as the russian offensive makes gains in the east of the country. now, to richard engel, who has the details from ukraine >> reporter: out in ukraine's far east, russia's advances gaining ground in a slow, destructive assault on the donbas nothing seems to be off limits ukraine saying russia just bombed this music school russia controls areas on three si sides of the donbas, a coal mining heartland and is closing in on territory still held by
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ukraine. at the center is kramatorsk where the main trauma hospital is receiving wounded mostly from russian' artillery vera, 95 years old, was in her bedroom. what happened snou it was very quiet, and suddenly, there was an explosion i don't understand how i stayed alive, she says. but reaching areas around kramatorsk to evacuate evacuees and the wounded is increasingly a challenge. ukrainian security forces won't let us advance further down the that road and if you listen, you can hear why there is an intense artillery battle underway between ukrainian forces and russian troops it's been going on like this for several hours. amid the exchanges of fire, two russian jets dropping flares for defense, scream by at low altitude russia seems determined to take the east even if it has to destroy it
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russia's first convicted war criminal, a young soldier, was handed a life sentence for killing a 62-year-old unarmed civilian there are new science of at least some internal opposition to president putin's war a top-russian diplomat in switzerland resigned saying he has never been so ashame of his country's actions. richard engel, nbc new, ukraine. cases of monkeypox are increasing steadily across the globe. the u.s. currently has two k confirmed cases but as a former fdi chief explained on cnbc, many domestic cases are likely just not discovered yet. >> but i suspect that more cases that are going to emerge in the coming weeks as people start to present and as we he go back and find out a lot of people were misdiagnosed. >> now, for the latest on the global-health scare, here is gabe gutierrez >> reporter: an unprecedented global spread of monkeypox has the cdc on alert the agency saying it's confirmed
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one case in massachusetts, and suspects four other infections in new york city, florida, and utah over the weekend, president biden weighed in >> he walk back that comment during his trip overseas. >> and so, i just don't think it rises to the level of the kind of concern that existed with covid-19 >> reporter: monkeypox is a rare but potentially serious viral illness, usually found in west and central africa but the world health organization has now identified around 200 confirmed or suspected monkeypox cases in 12 western countries common symptoms include fever, ache, and rashes all over the body it's rarely lethal. >> this disease has a death rate of less than 1%, and that is in countries with aeker healthcare systems. >> the cdc alert gay and bisexual men anyone can contract it
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regardless of sexual orientation. >> we are not talking minutes but we are talking a long amount of time in direct contact with body fluids, or lesions. >> and our thanks to gabe gutierrez for that report. let's turn to japan, where president biden is wrapping up his meeting with the quad leaders. this morning, attended a summit with the heads of state from japan, australia, and india. the white house is seeking to strengthen global trade alliances, and supply chains but much of the economic agenda has been overshadowed by president biden's comments on taiwan our chris pollone joins us now from d.c. and, chris, the white house has been here before it is in clarification mode. but now, over that answer that the president gave about taiwan. >> yeah, erin, good morning. and the president is discussing this topic again, today. china, of course, looming large over the president's first trip to asia and president biden drew lots of attention when he said the u.s. would intervene
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militarily, if china were to invade taiwan. the president used russia as an example, saying china must see that russia will pay a long-term price for invading ukraine the government of taiwan welcomed president biden's comments but china, which claims taiwan as part of its own territory, said the u.s. should refrain from sending wrong signals. the white house says the president simply reiterated the u.s.' commitment to provide taiwan with the military means to defend itself and this morning, president biden insisted the long-standing u.s. policy of ambiguity on this issue is unchanged [ inaudible question ] >> no. no policy has not changed at all. i stated that when i made my statement yesterday. in his final day of meeting, president biden met with india's prime minister india has yet to denounce russia's actions in ukraine and the president was expected to put pressure on india to do
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more president said they discussed the war, but it's under -- it's unclear whether he he convinced prime minister narendra modi to distance india from russia president biden is also meeting today with with the newly-sworn--in prime minister of australia this morning. >> all right, chris, we will see how the impact of this trip plays over the next few days thank you. so-called active shoot ever incidents increased more than 50% last year according to fbi' statistics in 2019, there were 30 cases the fbi defines an active-shooter incident as one or more people using firearms to actively kill in a populated area the deadliest incident last year happened at a grocery store in boulder, colorado, where ten people died. all but one shooter was male all right. let's turn to your tuesday weather and nshs meteorologist michelle grossman is here. good morning, michelle. >> good morning to you both. and we are looking at really
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busy radar this morning. really busy yesterday and we are going to see another day with possibility of severe weather. looking at radar right now, you can see heavy rain falling where we are seeing darker colors. also, seeing some lightning, hearing some thunder and that will be the trend throughout the day. so severe threat for 15 million today. winds gusting to 60 miles per hour could see large hail also, the chance of a few tornados the yellow includes lubbock, dallas, also into waco we are also looking at a threat for some really heavy rain this is a slow-moving storm, so it is dropping a lot of rain at least through wednesday. and we are looking locally, five inches or more where you see the dark colors here, that's where we are looking at that heavy rain we do have a flood watch where you see the green. flash-flood warnings is what we are going to see popping in and out throughout the day because we are seein, and even
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kansas 80 degrees in dallas today all right, guys, we will talk more about the temperatures really warming up in some parts of california but also looking at a really big big cooldown in the middle of the country. >> trading places when it comes to temperatures. michelle, thank you. stale head, the stunning details surrounding the mysterious deaths of three americans in baham. poce issue ran anne arrest warrant in the death of an elite cyclist. that's when we started using swiffer. in just a few minutes, duster captures dust before it gets airborne. it traps and locks dust in one swipe. yes! for our floors, sweeper's heavy duty cloths easily trap dust, dirt and hair... locking it in. see ya, dust! and swiffer partners with the american lung association to support clean air. pre-rinsing your dishes?
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you could be using the wrong detergent. and wasting up to 20 gallons of water. skip the rinse with finish quantum. its activelift technology provides an unbeatable clean on 24 hour dried-on stains. skip the rinse with finish to save our water. one prilosec otc in the morning blocks heartburn all day on 24 hour dried-on stains. and all night. prilosec otc prevents excess acid production that can cause heartburn. so don't fight heartburn, block it with prilosec otc. leading the news police are searching for a murder suspect who they say killed an elite cyclist after she became romantically involved with her boyfriend nbc's morgan chesky has the story. >> reporter: u.s. marshals leading a coast-to-coast search for a murder suspect, who hasn't been seen in more than a week. 35-year-old katelyn armstrong is accused of fatally shooting
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professional cyclist anna mariah wilson police say on may 11th, officers found the 25-year-old's body at this austin home with multiple gunshot wounds. >> there is some suspicious activity going on in there so, we definitely went with the suspicious death >> reporter: in an affidavit obtained by nbc affiliate, kxan, police said wilson had met with the current boyfriend, colin strickland, the night she was killed the two pro-cyclists, who strickland said they briefly dated last fall, before strickland dropped wilson off at the home she was later found dead detectives say one minute after he arrived, security shows footage of an suv appearing to pull up outside. she provided no explanation, and continued to remain very still and guarded. police, later, told her she was free to go in a statement, wilson's family says they aredevastated by the loss of our beautiful daughter and sister.
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>> i don't think anyone would have anything bad to say about her. >> reporter: as police enlist help of u.s. marshals to assist with finding wilson's suspected killer, investigators say an anonymous tipster they call credible told them armstrong discovered strickland, her boyfriend, was having a romantic relationship with wilson the tipster telling police armstrong became furious, and was shaking with anger and wanted to kill her wilson's family says at the time of her death, she was not in a romantic relationship with anyone. >> it was all mariah wilson. >> reporter: known best as mo, wilson had been a rising talent in the gravel cycling circuit, a combination of mountain and road biking. >> i really put a really hard effort in at the end. >> reporter: now, as investigators piece together what may have led to wilson's death, the search is intensifying for the missing- missing-suspected murderer. still to come, soaring gas prices has wallets running on fumes where a gallon of regular unleaded will run you nearly 8
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[ bell tolling ] that cheering indicates a bit of relief on wall street as markets bounce back from last week's relentless selloff. the dow jumped over 600 points while the s&p was up nearly 2% nasdaq also climbed 180 points fuchlts are slightly down, though, as investors look ahead to a speech from fed chair, jay powell, later today. now, some disturbing news for drivers ahead of this memorial day weekend, where millions will hit the road. plus, some dicey news out of snap let's bring in juliana tatelbaum, always good to he so you. good morning. >> let's talk, first, about those gas prices as people prepare for memorial day
4:20 am
weekend. and good morning thank you for having me. gas prices are reaching new records daily. and in some parts of the country, the pain is more severe than others. in california, at least nine stations are now seeing gas prices higher than the federal minimum wage now, bear in mind, california's minimum wage is much higher than the federal one but still, drivers are facing a huge crunch at the pump. so, um, gas prices more than $7.25. they have a lot of stalgzs around los angeles and other parts of california and this comes, as millions of americans take to the roads this weekend um, in stock-market news, you mentioned the relief we saw on wall street yesterday. it was a very strong day on wall street but sentiment changed after hours, and a lot of this came on the back of snap snap delivered a pretty disappointing update for investors. snap warned that it will miss its revenue and earnings targets this quarter and shares plunged 30% after hours.
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the social-media company said they are also going to slow hiring this year, as they try to manage expenses and in thermos of what is driving the pressure, inflation, supply chain shortages and this warning has weighed on other tech giants, as well. >> what a trickle-down to the social media world kids on that awl the time. juliana, thank you. coming up next, michelle has got your tuesday forecast. and trump's pitted against tance in the peach ste the dueling rallies ahead of today's primary. ♪ (sha bop sha bop) ♪ ♪ are the stars out tonight? (sha bop sha bop) ♪ ♪ ♪ alexa, play our favorite song again. ok. ♪ i only have eyes for you ♪ this is the story of two homes.
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so pull it in close. secret works. in today's top stories, a new report claims carbon monoxide poisoning is the cause of death for the three manes who died at a bahamas' resort earlier this month according to the newspaper the nassau guardian nbc news has not verified this report and has reached out to the authorities for comment. michael and robbie phillips, and vincene all found dead at sandals resort vincent's wife is recovering at a hospital in miami. victims' families are still waiting on results of a private pathology test. >> it is another big day on the road to the 2022 election with critical primaries in four
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states but it is all eyes on georgia, where incumbent governor brian kemp and david perdue are battling for the respect on the ticket in november fight highlights the rift within the gop. former-president trump held a telephone rally for perdue last night. while his own running mate, mike pence, stumped for the governor. according to the latest-fox news' poll, kemp has a commanding lead in the race with 60% and perdue trails with 28%. two years into the pandemic, vice president kamala harris is helping frontline workers battle burnout. >> our administration has invested more than $100 million to expand mental health resources, including funding for health-care organizations, to create evidence-based programs around mental health and wellbeing for their employees. the vp toured a children's hospital in t.c., along with the surgeon general. dr. vivek murthy predicted an alarming 3 million
4:28 am
low-beige health workers in the s francisco between first responders and the city's pride board who, back in 2020, banned lgbtq plus members of law enforcement from walking in the parade in uniform due to historic tensions between the lgbtq plus community and law enforcement. well, the city's police officer pride alliance blasted the board's decision calling it a step, quote, back in the closet. san francisco's mayor says she will not attend this year's pride parade if the board doesn't reverse the decision the city's fire department, which isn't banned, says it will also not be marching that's in solidarity be the police. "time" magazine's 100 most influential list is sharing the biggest game changers of 2022. like sima liu and academy award winners were recognized. tim cook was named as a titan of
4:29 am
2022 and mary j. blige was kmened as an icon. and ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy was honored as an influential leader we thank you for starting your morning with "early today. i'm frances rivera. i'm frances rivera. >>
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♪♪ [children playing outside] reynolds wrap makes it easy to cook and clean up meals in no time. ♪♪ [food sizzle] so i don't miss all the fun stuff. [whoosh] [splash] easy prep, cook and clean. with reynolds wrap. right now at 4:30, more wind and heat and fire danger. fire dangers send crews scrambling across the bay area. we track how long the dangerous conditions are expected to linger. a chp officer injured. the driver left the scene. the condition of the officer and what we are learning about the suspect. this is today in the bay streaming live for you.


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