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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 24, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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♪♪ [children playing outside] reynolds wrap makes it easy to cook and clean up meals in no time. ♪♪ [food sizzle] so i don't miss all the fun stuff. [whoosh] [splash] easy prep, cook and clean. with reynolds wrap. right now at 4:30, more wind and heat and fire danger. fire dangers send crews scrambling across the bay area. we track how long the dangerous conditions are expected to linger. a chp officer injured. the driver left the scene. the condition of the officer and what we are learning about the suspect. this is today in the bay streaming live for you.
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starting out on a terrific tuesday. >> let's start out with a breaking news, hit-and-run sent a chp officer to the hospital. we have brand-new video the scene just coming into our newsroom. this happened about 1 a.m. in oakland on 80 near university avenue. chp says a driver in a pickup truck veered into a fog line and struck a patrol car hitting an officer who was helping someone on the side of the road. the driver was later found and arrested. the officer is considered to have major injuries but should be okay. >> we've been monitoring the roads. >> the video you just showed, you mentioned the fog line for those folks, that doesn't mean there was a line of fog, that's the line on the right shoulder, the solid line and you know that in the fog, you look for the road so you know if you are going off the side. it is now clear.
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it was closed for about 2 to 3 minutes and it opened up to lanes and you saw the activity westbound 80, all lanes have reopen. and all traffic has been recovered. now in the last couple minutes, we have had all lanes northbound blocked by a crash. this is going on as you see chp starting to move. they could be clearing a couple of lanes northbound 880. this is shy of high street. i was trying to give it a few more seconds to get going. we will track this closely and i will give you the latest on twitter. we need to know about the weather. we are reaching the peak of hot temperatures for the week. we still have fire dangers for solano county. that continues up until 11:00 this morning. into tomorrow morning. it has been extended. as we take a look at the 24 hour wind gusts, gusts in san
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francisco reached 38 miles per hour but mostly a 25 mile-per- hour wind gust is what we've seen so far and temperatures today really heating up for the inland valleys reaching 101 degrees in fairfield today. and in concord, 96 degrees, 98 in santa rosa and san francisco in the upper 70s today. extremely warm temperatures for a lot of spots. i will check that and we take a look at the forecast leading into the memorial day weekend coming up in a few minutes. with the high fire danger, it's been a busy 24 hours for s burning in st. helena. this is time-la last night near polk street and silverado trail. the trail is back open after being closed for several hours. the fire prompted mandatory evacuation orders for a few hours, but they have since been lifted. the flames in total burning about 5 acres and it is now 80% contained. another fire in the north finally went out after they
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were fighting it for days. they fully contained the fire in solano county. it started saturday afternoon at quail canyon and pleasant valley road north of vacaville. and in contra costa county, fast-moving flames had fire crews scrambling. firefighters dealing with the fire in the valley in the hills above san ramon yesterday. >> we have more as firefighters remain on alert. >> the signs are up warning residents in the area that they have less than a week to complete weed abatement around the properties before facing consequences. this is why. vegetation vies like this one in top are a valley is what firefighters are afraid of. >> i saw the flames coming over the hill. >> john moore and a friend rushed to pour water on a property located in the fire path. >> it is scary. >> it was. the wind was blowing pretty
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good at the time. i saw the wind coming and i said is it going to continue on? >> this grass fire started near highland and collier canyon road. crews battling the flames with fire retardants from the air along with bulldozers and hand crews from the ground. it grew to 92 acres before it was contained. there is a red flag warning in the north bay but right now every fire agency is preparing for the hot and dry week ahead. >> we canceled our prescribed burn training, and we are going to make sure our crew 12 and bulldozer and wildland apparatus are ready to go when needed. >> all of that was needed and dwayne montes was thankful for it. >> keep my fence line clear, mow this down. the trees around here, i try to trim them back. i do what i can dupe your >> all on today in the bay. >> wildfire season comes in, san francisco leaders are holding a preparedness training
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upholding the partnership of the emergency services and the san francisco fire department. fire season this year is expected to start a bit earlier in june after an unusually dry start tower year. a free nbc bay area app is a great way to track dangerous conditions. you can download it on apple or android devices. now to a story that you will only see on nbc bay area can we been exclusive look inside the back room of a san jose home this is the home also that served as a church where a 3-year-old girl died in an exorcism. three people were arrested, the mother along with an uncle and grandfather. our exclusive reporting already revealed some of the details in this bizarre case. we have new details. a look inside the makeshift church for the first time. partners capturing the video showing the rented room on the side of a house on south second street in san jose.
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it is converted into a small church with seating for about 40 people. the same place a 3-year-old girl was killed in an exorcism. allegedly involving the girl's mother, claudia hernandez, her uncle and grandfather, the pastor both named reni hernandez. prosecutors say in september, claudia brought her little girl to the church where they prayed and then physically abused the girl. after they were arrested, landlord told the church to live giving them 30 days notice. he has changed the locks. my colleague at telemundo spoke with the man who claims to be a member of the church. he says when he heard of the exorcism, it made no sense because only do is pray for the sick but we don't engage in that behavior. he says he knows the suspect along with another member was arrested in kidnapping.
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a story that made national headlines connected to a small room and it's congress. he never suspected any of it. he says this caused sadness among the church because you learn to appreciate all the members in fact that this is all happening is really sad. >> the three members are being held without bail. if convicted, they faced 25 years to life in prison. holding onto your car just a little bit longer. we will tell you the factors experts they are keeping older vehicles on the road. a more robust tik-tok experience, with the social media sites as you will get if you are willing to offer up five dollars a month. stay with us.
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right now on tuesday morning, we are under a microclimate weather alert as we deal with extreme fire conditions as well as high heat today. take a look at how the day starts up. mild temperatures in the mid 60s at 8:00, 91 at 4:00 and it will be a hot day. take it easy. we will talk about what's ahead in the forecast coming up. high temperatures in this spot, good news, the traffic where all lanes were blocked, blessed time and, the last time
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we took a look, it is cleared. by the coliseum, the flashlights are over on the shoulder just a distraction. we are on the lookout. good morning. wall street is set to open in the red as markets struggle to gain momentum from yesterday rally. shares in snap are tumbling after they blasted profit forecasts dragging down other tech stocks. it is rebounding from the selloff and the dow jumps more than 600 points. affected in part by comments that biden is reducing tariffs on china and j.p. morgan chase with a focus today. data and home sales from best buy, the average agency on the road edged higher last year. they hit a record of 12.2 years as americans challenged by higher sticker prices and few vehicles on dealer lots are holding onto current cars longer. it's the average vehicle age increasing. the trend has
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accelerated during the pandemic due to the global -- global chip shortage. tik-tok announcing a new program to let viewers subscribe to specific live streamers they want to support. live subscriptions gives fans access to perks such as exclusive chats and badges that set them apart from nonsubscribers. it launches in beta format on thursday and packages will reportedly start at $4.99 per month. >> start. 2 years now, it will be $17.99. exactly. fighting fires using artificial intelligence. how 21st-century technologies helping battle a climate in crisis. and the long-term impact the developers say it will have on future generations. we will be right back.
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my classic and spicy popcorn chicken with 100% all-white-meat chicken. and good good sauce. ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ pop my $6.49 classic and spicy 50/50 popcorn chicken combo. order on the jack app today. a very good tuesday morning taking a nice look outside at san francisco but it's nice and cool right now. you can see the place you're going to want to find because it will be warm today. we have to get to the forecast in just a moment, first some chapter concerns. >> we had the traffic break and all lanes stopped the nimitz freeway to take a look in case you missed it just before. we are looking at the traffic bull looking like it is back to normal, we have the arrow pointing to the activity on the right shoulder of northbound
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880 just shy of the high street offramp. and everything is clear. a distraction if you can never you see flashing lights, move over and leave one lane cleared, that is the law, but we rarely do that especially on the nimitz where we rarely have space to do that. but we can right now. back at the green zone. 580 moving clearly out of castro valley over towards the maze the number of problems as we look at the rest of the bay and it's a pretty clear drive right now. no wind advisories from chp, but what you have for today? >> it picks up as we go to the next few hours. especially to the delta. that's the reason we are really concerned about the wind coming through the sacramento valley into the fairfield and vacaville areas and the red flag warning continues until 11:00 tomorrow morning and it's been extended as we are going to see high wind kicking up and low humidity as we are starting out this morning. we know it will be a hot day, but let's compare what we will
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see today versus the record high. it is not supposed to be this warm this early. look at santa rosa, this forecast today is 90 degrees, but the record is 89. that was set in 2020. and in concord, 96 was the forecast they, the record 92. you can see a lot of these temperatures will be near or above record for later today. let's go to the south bay. it's going to reach into the mid-90s for gilroy and cupertino. 91 degrees, 84 for hayward and 94 for martinez and and bailey city, happened they is 70s and upper 70s and parts of san francisco the northbay highs could reach up to 98 degrees once again. we have a hot start to the week. the temperatures pick between today and tomorrow with the increased fire danger, but we have major changes ahead and that is the good news, we will see rain very close by on saturday and also much cooler temperatures and if you will be traveling just a heads up that there will be some showers especially for northern california, but here, we're
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looking like mostly dry conditions as the temperatures come down. so gilroy even though you are hot today, there's going to be some relief coming your way heading toward the weekend and for the inland temperatures, we will see highs coming out of those upper 90s to low 80s by friday and then upper 70s for saturday and sunday. memorial day is looking very pleasant with highs in the mid 80s and san francisco, we see temperatures in the low 70s today, but we will see some mid- 60s and gusty wind for the weekend. now as return to the climate in crisis, wildfires are not only expensive, costing billions of dollars in damage, but they are deadly, killing thousands of people around the world every year and climate change continues to threaten not only communities but wildlife and forest. and forecasting wildfires presents challenges, factors such as the wind and drought and lightning and humans can all start a fire and cause it to spread and artificial intelligence cloud companies called a h2o created a contest called the wildfire challenge
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to encourage the greatest minds from around the world to develop applications that will help the addict and prevent wildfires. the founder and ceo of says new developments will not only help today's society but future generations. >> i think that will be everyone's mission, fully empower millions of entrepreneurs and founders with the purpose to use ai and solve the problem of big value and the planet earth is so important for all of us. the next generations looking at us the kind of rise up and do something. awesome to protect nature. and i think ai is good in that. and we are super excited to be empowering the next generation to solve problems of high- value. >> the teams are set with the challenge of creating an app that would in some way aid with helping predictive behavior of
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wildfires, protecting where they will start and also reducing the loss of life and property from those fires. with over 200 submissions from around the world, the top prizes included a cash prize. you can check out more information about that and goar in crisis page and look for the story. today marks three months since the russian invasion of ukraine. in the pentagon, they say 20 countries have agreed to provide new military aid. this comes as they make new gains in eastern ukraine. volodymyr zelensky says they could be losing up to 100 soldiers per day and he has called for maximum sanctions against russia during a talk at the world economic forum in switzerland. president biden calls it not just a european but a local issue. video-out of east palo alto shows the moments leading up to it deadly crash. the driver lost control and
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crashed into a tree and died. the car was seared in half. it happened on bay road around 8 p.m. the officers say the driver was speeding. let's take a look at the surveillance video from east palo alto police. you can see how fast the vehicle was going. no other cars were involved in the crash. 4:52 right now and developing, the cdc is investigating four new suspected cases of the virus, monkeypox. >> they all involved men that traveled outside the country. new cases are in new york city and florida and two in utah in addition to a confirmed case last week in massachusetts. health experts say there's no evidence the virus is spreading widely, it may be getting passed through same-sex encounters. and there is a stockpile of vaccines for people that come in contact with infected patients.
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this morning, we heard from one doctor that contracted monkeypox in 2003. take a look. >> i was lightheaded and feverish, somewhat nauseous. i felt that i needed to lie down . at the time, i had a lesion upon my thumb that was very painful locally. >> you can watch more of the interview coming up on the today show at 7 a.m. right after today in the bay. the time is now with a new batch of the most influential people in the world, today the bay area superstars making a list and the immigrant actress who's husband has a lot to say about her selection. state lawmakers are pushing to better protect women in california from antiabortion laws in other states. family members approving a new law preventing courts from taking up cases and fetal heartbeat laws in texas. this would shield providers from civil lawsuits elsewhere.
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this comes in the wake of the "leaked" federal court release.
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and oakland native can add one more thing to her already lengthy recipe. >> she was named time magazine's 100 most influential people. the actress appears on one of five coverages looking stunning in the red dress. they recognize her as an innovator and a cultural icon in the making. on the list, actress mila goodness who came here from ukraine which was then part of
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the soviet union. one person with a lot to say about her is her husband, actor ashton kutcher. they already said i lose every argument i have with my wife, you just had to do this, didn't you. she will be on ellen today. ellen is wrapping up the daytime talk show this afternoon at 4 p.m., you don't want to miss it right here on nbc bay area. south bay water customers facing a new crackdown. >> coming up, the big fines you may be forced to shell out to help the climate in crisis. we are talking about extreme heat today, not only the heat but fire danger and check out santa rosa about 22 degrees above what is normal this time of year. we will talk about a weekend cooldown and what is ahead with the fire danger coming up. and a smooth drive take a look at the golden gate bridge.
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the picked up the last of the cones on the south end. there still heading north and used to left to move the center divide, but so far it's so great. you can see it all the way across the span.
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right now at 5:00, a red flag warning in effect in parts of the bay area, the hot and dry conditions and we are tracking it all in the climate weather alert.
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>> from fire to lack of water, the new self a restrictions up for vote today and how much it could cost you for ignoring it. >> it is all on the line, the warriors would be championship bound with a key win tonight. we will break down what the team is up against. they have the all-important victory as people await celebration tonight. this is today in the bay streaming live for you today. a very good morning to you. thank you for starting today with us. >> the heat and the wind hasn't fire crews across the bay area on high alert. we've seen several fires pop up in the past 24 hours. >> 15 happened yesterday and talk to her of valley near san ramon. aggress by stogner highland and collier canyon road. groaning nearly 100 acres. crews fought the flames mayor along with bulldozers on the ground.


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