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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 24, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> from fire to lack of water, the new self a restrictions up for vote today and how much it could cost you for ignoring it. >> it is all on the line, the warriors would be championship bound with a key win tonight. we will break down what the team is up against. they have the all-important victory as people await celebration tonight. this is today in the bay streaming live for you today. a very good morning to you. thank you for starting today with us. >> the heat and the wind hasn't fire crews across the bay area on high alert. we've seen several fires pop up in the past 24 hours. >> 15 happened yesterday and talk to her of valley near san ramon. aggress by stogner highland and collier canyon road. groaning nearly 100 acres. crews fought the flames mayor along with bulldozers on the ground.
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one firefighter suffered minor injuries. the cause is still under investigation. a red flag warning in effect. how is this timing out for us? >> we will see the gusty wind the cup through parts of the bay area and especially solano county where we had the red flag warning in effect until 11:00 tomorrow morning. we still have low humidity as well as gusty wind. even a wind at 20 to 30 miles per hour could cause a small fire to spread quickly especially due to the record dry vegetation that we had especially in the hills around the bay area and we are dealing with that along with the gusty wind over the past 24 hours that has picked up to 30 miles per hour in san francisco, 25 to 30 mph gusts elsewhere and at the extreme temperatures really ramp up today. we will reached the peak of our heat and look at fairfield reaching 101 degrees while livermore will reach 94. and 94 in morgan hill and in napa reaching the upper 90s. so
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it will be extremely hot and dry today. due to the ongoing drought, many water customers may be forced to conserve more water or even pay big fines. valley water voting on new measures to combat the climate in crisis. >> we are joined with what we need to know to save water and money. valley water is proposing things that a lot of us may already be used to after years of ongoing drought, but they are really focusing on what people do outside their home which is where most households use half of their water. i will show you what the proposal is on the table for today. including limiting outdoor watering to just twice a week and only after 6:00 at night and 9:00 in the morning in order to limit evaporation. between 6 p.m. and 9 a.m. . the conservation would also penalize runoff and any property owner who waters 48 hours after measurable rain.
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they been focused on education and warnings for first-time offenders who will have the opportunity to rectify their situation, but if the board adopts the new policy, there will be enforcement for repeat or intentional water wasters. valley water would be able to find people $100 for violation up to $10,000 for people who are willingly wasting water. because of the ongoing drought, they've not been able to save any water and importing water is getting more difficult. >> 50% of the one that we use comes from outside the county. and last year we had an allocation of 5% of our contract and now it is just whatever is necessary for public health and safety. >> if this passes today, the ordinance would go into effect
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a week from tomorrow june first. by the way if you don't live in santa clara county, you could be subject to water restrictions as well as the governor warned yesterday, if people don't voluntarily cut back, we could see mandatory restriction statewide. >> we need to get out of the situation. >> a big decision today could impact the families of those that lost loved ones in the dta railyard shouldn't. santa clara supervisors are considering extending the money for families of victims. the support which includes counseling would continue on through next june. this thursday across the bay area, people mark one year since the shooting when nine coworkers died at the hands of a deranged employee who took his own life in several memorial events are planned for thursday, we will have complete
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coverage starting at 4:30 on today in the bay. the mayor has tested positive for covid. his office confirmed this with us late last night. this is video during a news conference earlier yesterday. he says he wasn't feeling well last night. he took a covid test and he said he's thankful that the vaccination presented any serious symptoms thus far. . storming it all comes down to tonight. just to face the mavericks. all eyes will be on the home team with some fans inside and others taking it all in outside. we will be outside. >> we will be at home watching that. >> that is where we find what fans can expect when they get out there. >> good morning. i will be one of those fans
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watching from the outside or if i go to a local bar and stayed him, we will all watch the warriors. we are so close, we just have to get through this one game. for the folks that make it to thrive city, they won't be alone. i'm sure lots of folks will want to come out to see the warriors grab the big w and keep going on for the nba final. if you haven't been paying close attention and want to have that conversation at the water cooler, we have a recap. the warriors as i mentioned just one game away from the nba finals. they are three minus you're leading the series over the mavericks in the western conference finals. if you missed the last game played in dallas, you really missed a good one. andrew wiggins threw down what is been called the dunk of the series or maybe even his career, social media still buzzing with talks and replace and crazy names of the dunk the warriors edge out the mavericks 109 to 100.
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for those coming down, tipoff is at 6:00 and they can pull off the win, then either face the winner of the east boston or miami, but first things first, beating the mavericks. it takes place here tonight. a lot of excitement in the city of san francisco. we are live in the bay. >> you've got the jacket and everything. >> you are ready to go. and if the win is anything like that smile, we've got it in the bag. >> okay. we want to take alive look at the golden gate. a beautiful shot. it's beautiful all around this morning. we are dealing with the wind and heat and dry conditions making way for a fire condition. >> we are concerned about that
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for inland areas. we start out with temperatures in the low to mid 50s for many areas and of course this is the time that you are letting the house cool down and trying to get some of those activities done before heats up. take a look at napa with 63 degrees at 8:00 and at noon, it is already 86 degrees and heading for the low 90s today. when you compare the high temperatures versus what's the record for today, santa rosa, the forecast is 98 degrees. the record is 89 degrees and then we take a look at concord. that could be about four degrees above the old record. san francisco is where it stays mild today as well as oakland even though it will be slightly warmer. that could be a new record set today. san jose, the old record is 96 degrees. we expect to hit 90 today. well above normal weather as the heat peaks this afternoon with gusty wind and low humidity. we will talk more about the fire danger and a cooler forecast coming up in a few minutes. we have a look at where we can find some lower gas prices.
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>> 579 an express gasoline on san ramon valley boulevard. we see 589 on montevista avenue in vacaville and in the south, the san jose is 569 at the arco on east santa clara street. if you options to try to find those prices. they are other than a lot of things. roadways, we've seen great drives and travel times are the problem. we have a couple of issues including the one i'm circling right here on 580 that has a sign we are told about some sort of a water break, a water pipe break alongside 580. we will check along l charo. you can see the area and i will let you know what's going on. we will check on it. back to you. no marching, next on today in the bay, pride organizers block uniformed police officers from participating in this year's parade. the other first responders now choosing not to participate and one key city leader as well. get ready for a good cry
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as you are heading out on this tuesday morning, we are still under the high fire danger and as we started with a clear sky and three months, temperatures are in the low 50s. a nice cool start but it will warm up quickly. at lunchtime, 80 degrees. we will look at the microclimates and where the temperatures will be hottest in a few minutes. will get west 580. i don't see any problems or restrictions and my traffic partner has remove the water main break from the list of incidences. so there appears to be no problems with that. we will check the rest of the commute coming up. wall street is set to open in the red as the market struggles to sustain momentum from the rally. stocks rebounding from last week sharp selloff which saw the index briefly dip into bear territory, down 20% from the most recent high.
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the dow jumps more than 600 points left in part by comments from present biden that he is reducing tariffs on china. data a new home sales and earnings from best buy, shares and snapper tumbling after the company slashed its profit forecast and the economy worsened faster than expected in the past month. the reported earnings back in april, projected sales could grow as much as 25% this quarter and a memo to employees, they will slow hiring and evaluate the rest of the budget to find potential cuts. a popular wedding planning site confirms hackers managed to access account of a number of users of the gift registry. over the weekend, some users posted on social media there linked bank accounts had been
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used to buy gift cards. the breach took place through a credential stuffing attack and that is where the hackers test combinations of stolen emails and passwords targeting people that use the same password on multiple sites. credit card and bank information wasn't exposed and it automatically reset passwords. >> we have to be so careful. >> every time and every month. later for you this morning, the u.s. postal service will hold a job fair at the post office in palo alto. until 1:30 this afternoon. they tell us that they have a dire need to fill more than 600 positions in the south bay. the starting pay ranges from 18 the $23 per hour. we asked usps about the money being offered. >> it would be a challenge to find people who can afford that
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wage and still live there. >> that is why what we are agreeing to offer, the fact that we have positions available in the neighborhood. so if it is important to you and you don't want to commute far from you can find your position right in your backyard. >> apply at the job fair, you must be 18 and be able to pass a drug screening and criminal background investigation. you also need to bring two valid forms of id and register ahead. >> if they get to drive those vehicles. >> it is hot outside. trust us, if you don't have any tissues at home, you may want to stop and get some before tonight. >> after six seasons, this is us is saying goodbye. we have a spoiler alert.
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we have a spoiler alert if you haven't seen last week. we followed the death of the family matriarch played by mandy moore, but the stars say the finale not just a celebration of the character but rather an entire family and group of actors who became one throughout the past several years. >> now the bubble will burst and everyone goes back to the regular lives and move on to the next chapter. >> every actor has given what they've given 1% from the very beginning. >> the series finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. on nbc bay area. it's really a great show. >> just go to peacock. >> i think i watched two or three episodes, period. >> chris sanchez has been very
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inventive. this is video that chris posted over the weekend. he was making her a sandwich with the help of power tools. because of the peanut butter to her jelly. as always, you can keep up with chris on twitter and instagram. >> i guess it's thick. throw it up, because it settles. i know this, because chris and i had talked about the ongoing discussion that she and her husband have. >> who throws out peanut butter when they open a new one? >> i say yes compact the sandwiches today. you don't want any cooking or anything that you have to use to heat up the house. it is going to be superhot today. especially in the inland valleys and as we take a look at the increasing fire danger and the red flag warning that continues for celano county, also extending into tomorrow morning, so we do have several more hours of gusty wind and
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very low humidity. as we are taking a live look outside in san francisco, we are starting out all clear and we've also seen some breezy when, that the city cool and kept it from heating up with those winds coming in from the west as the gusts reach up to 39 miles per hour for santa rosa and concord and oakland and san jose. it's been about 25 miles per hour and take a look at the roads of humidity. this is another factor in what we use as a criteria for a red flag warning when the relative humidity numbers drop down into the teens, the vegetation dries out even more and fires that develop spread quickly with 5% relative humidity in fairfield. and you combine that with temperatures heading for 101 degrees today. and it will be extremely hot. much of the north bank of the inland east bay, the tri-valley down to the south county this afternoon, but there are still some places where the
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temperatures stay mild. we will see that in half moon bay and san francisco. tomorrow's to look at high temperatures reaching back into the triple digits in fairfield tomorrow, most likely the red flag warning will continue with the extremely low humidity and breezy wind, but thursday, the temperatures start coming back down. more clouds move in and we will see the heat really starting to back off as the high-pressure starts to retreat towards the east. but it will allow for storm systems to come to the north, possibly some scattered showers near our area on saturday and temperatures come back to the 70s. we do have some big swings here as we go from the upper 90s to the low 80s by the end of the week. the memorial day holiday weekend if you have plans outside is going to be much more comfortable. we will see temperatures in the mid-80s on memorial day inland while san francisco will see mostly 60s. we are going to have those 70s for today and tomorrow. you've been watching some key spots for the commute. >> i don't like those
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temperatures for today. looked over here, these sensors are all green for this map except for the ultimate pass as you expect is an issue on grant line road. the shoulder could be a distraction but not a disruption. byron has a crash off of byron highway. that is an issue. people are involved, but vasco is still under 20 minutes from that point basically down to 580. a smooth and easy drive out of byron and discovery bay near the coliseum that completely cleared. all of the backups not a problem at the bay bridge. rv owners struggling in the bay may have fewer options. we will talk about some new changes being debuted today in two cities. but first, bay area response. >> car warranties can require routine maintenance like changing the oil or changing the tires, but they can't
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require you to do that work at the dealer. the federal trade commission says it is illegal for a dealer to deny you warranty coverage simply because you have routine maintenance or repairs performed by someone else. that means you can go wherever you want. if you have concerns about your car, give us a call. or go to .
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you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star.
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and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music] it is five equity for now and next month, pride month means san francisco is gearing
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up for a popular parade. the parade is coming with controversy. it started when organizers announced lgbtq police officers could march but not in uniform. the city's lgbtq firefighters and sheriff's deputies are opting out to show solidarity with the police department. the mayor is saying she won't be there either. >> pride is about radical inclusion and allowing every member of the community to bring their full and entire self to pride. >> the parade is set for june 26. there's still time for a settlement in both sides right now show no signs of compromise. if you spend any time in san francisco during pride month, you've seen the iconic pink triangle. it's been a staple of pride month for almost 30 years. this year, people are welcome to help with what would be a mile and a half of pink streamers and 2700 l.e.d. lights. so you can see it all at light.
5:26 am
the message is particularly important given the political and social climates. >> was happening in supreme court with roe v wade has many afraid of what is going to happen with marriage equality a number of other personal freedom choices. the pink triangle is all about remembering hatred of the past. >> the pink triangle is the symbol used in germany to distinguish members of the lgt you community. the commemoration ceremony will be on june first. leaders debate new policies that tighten the rules for some people struggling to make it in the bay. councilmembers noel gallo actually is drafting a new proposal to ban rv parking on the majority of city streets. more and more area cities are crafting similar laws in the plan could involve treating a new so-called safe parking site. also today, mountain view leaders will fine-tune the recent ban on overnight parking
5:27 am
for large vehicles including rvs. voters first approve the measure in 2022 crackdown on overnight parking. last year councilmember's created an initial plan tied to streets that were too narrow and had bike lanes. today, they will discuss allowing overnight parking on new streets where it previously was not allowed and implementing new bands elsewhere . stormy coming up next, the top stories we are following today. we take you inside a church where authorities say a 3-year- old girl died in an exorcism like ritual. what one member is revealing in the store you will only see here. making it in the bay, dwindling supply of housing, another county set to restrict short-term vacation levels. stay with us. you are watching today in the bay.
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right now, more wind and heat, more fire danger. grass fires over the past few days are keeping crews on their toes. we are tracking along the dangerous conditions are expected to linger. breaking overnight, chb officer injured on the freeway, the suspect the driver is leaving the scene. the latest on the condition and what we are learning about the suspect. this is today in the bay streaming live on roku an amazon fire and apple tv.
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here we go at tuesday morning. thank you for starting the day with us. we are tracking more dangerous windy and hot conditions out there. we've been time get out. and we have a red flag warning still in effect? >> this is for solano county extended until 11:00 tomorrow morning. we are dealing with high wind as well as extremely low humidity and drought induced dry vegetation. we will continue to see the conditions for sacramento as well. we want to show you the relative humidity. how dry the air is and with a spark or fire in dry vegetation and relative humidity, that is only at 5%, even a light wind could cause at the spread quickly. we are looking at wins spreading anywhere from 20 to 30 mph in those areas. we are seeing slightly higher humidity elsewhere but it is a dry and also a very hot day as temperatures peaked to 101
5:32 am
degrees in fairfield this afternoon. we will talk more about that cooler temperature this afternoon in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> we are updated about the wind and fire danger even when we aren't on the air. always tweeting out updates about the changing condition. give a follow. bring overnight in the east bay, chb officer recovering after being struck in an early- morning hit and run in the east bay. it's on the freeway. this is new video from the scene and the accident happened around 1 a.m. on interstate 80 and university avenue in berkeley. chp says a driver in a pickup truck veered off and struck a patrol car. an officer helping someone on the side of the road was injured. the driver got away but was later found and arrested. >> a vehicle had crossed over the fog line and struck the side of the patrol car and possibly the officer at that time. he had to take emergency action to get out of the way and
5:33 am
jumped out of the way. he suffered some injuries and he was transported to highland hospital in oakland. the injured officer is expected to be okay. only on nbc bay area, the first look inside a church where investigators say a 3-year-old died in an apparent exorcism. her death happened last fall and our partners at telemundo 48 captured this video. this shows the rented room on the side of the property on south second street in san jose. it occasionally converts into a small church with seating for about 40 people. prosecutors say last september, claudia hernandez brought her little girl there to the church where she and two family members prayed and then physically abused the girl. this is over a 12 hour period. claudia and her uncle and grandfather were arrested. the landlord told the church to leave, giving them the remaining members 30 days notice. he has changed the locks and
5:34 am
three members of the family are being held in jail without bail and if convicted in the girl's death, all three face 25 years to life in prison. we have more on the story. making it in the bay could become a little easier in the north bay >> today in the bay, we're live. another bay area county will consider a temporary moratorium on short-term rentals and that may even help long-term rentals. >> that could be the idea. that is the idea. good morning. yes, you will recall that earlier this month, sonoma county did something similar and established a 45 day moratorium on short-term rentals and later this afternoon, the marin county board of supervisors will consider the same thing we're talking about a 45 day moratorium on new short-term rentals properties existing vacation rentals would
5:35 am
be grandfathered in. unregistered property owners would have until 5:00 tomorrow night to notify the county about the short-term rental. that's still a possible moratorium. (and this is the mother talk about just west marin, it's a lot of, it's very rural and his love small villages where there are now more than over 500 short-term rentals which is 10% of the housing supply. it is worse in place like stenting beach where they are ruining the character of the community. >> we are hearing from the fire departments, they are having trouble staffing the volunteer fire department. we are hearing from the schools about declining enrollment. we are hearing from some of the affordable housing organizations and they are really having trouble securing the housing supply and people are having more and more trouble competing
5:36 am
for available housing because it is so much more lucrative to use even modest units as short- term rentals. >> if passed, the moratorium could be extended up to 2 years to give the board time to come up with new short-term rental regulations for all the county. the intent is not to outright ban short-term rentals but find a better balance. in 2018, they started requiring short-term property owners to get a business license. the county was going to revisit the regulations in 2020, but held off because of the uncertainty over covid at the time. as i mentioned, the problem is not exclusive to marin. i would imagine sonoma county you will recall the city of city, the city of lake south tahoe and residential neighborhoods same with truckee which kept a number of properties available for vacation rentals. happening now, in a few
5:37 am
hours, registered nurses, at good samaritan hospital and regional medical center in san jose plan to hold a picket. they say there understaffed and overworked. a group plans to rally outside the hospital around 7:30 this morning. we reached out to both hospitals for comment, we have yet to hear back. candace and the investigative unit have been following several issues with good samaritan regional medical center and the parent company hca. you can find the full report on our website, just go to turning back to the high fire danger, busy 24 hours for fire crews, the crews have the upper hand on the brushfire in st. helena. this is time-lapse video of the pope fire starting about five directory last night your pope street and silverado trail. they called overnight and the trail is back open after being closed for several hours. the fire prompted mandatory evacuation orders for a few hours, but they've since been
5:38 am
lifted. the flames in total burning about 5 acres and it is now 80% contained. >> and a fire, another one in north bay also finally out. this is after days of firefighting. crews finally fully containing the quail fire last night in solano county. it started saturday afternoon on quail canyon, at quail canyon and pleasant valley road north of vacaville. >> as we go to wildfire season, san francisco leaders are holding a preparedness training. it will highlight the partnership between california governor's office and emergency services and the san francisco fire department. fire season is expected to start a bit earlier in june after what we keep talking about is unusually dry start to the year. >> joining us now to talk about that in the training is lieutenant johnson baxter of the san francisco fired apartment. i want to thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me and good morning, everybody. >> first i want to start out with how the crews are gearing up for fire season because usually we have a section where
5:39 am
we would see fires and pretty much all year long. >> you keyed in on the right term, it's no longer a fire season. it's just fires in california year long. across the state of california not just here in san francisco, departments and municipalities are getting prepared right now. basically following the ready set go that we and we are set to respond and if we have to go, we will go on a moments notice. one of the things we're doing here in san francisco today to prepare for that is we are demonstrating use of what we call the mutual aid assets. and these are vehicles that are specifically dedicated to respond out of san francisco to help our neighboring counties or even other states in dire need of immediate assistance to put out wildfires and again, going back to what you said a minute ago where this is no longer a fire season, look what
5:40 am
happened in southern california the other day when there was not a high fire danger. we are seeing a very high likelihood of a fire danger this weekend including today. >> piggybacking off of that, we are seeing the spot fires in the bay area, what are you expecting the this fire season for the bay area? because the conditions make it just right for these fires the pop up? >> this fire season, we are always hoping being optimistic that we will have the worst fire season ever, but if you are in the media realm in the fire realm, every year we say it's going to be the worst fire season that's because every year we see these dynamic changes in our weather patterns and it's getting hotter, i mean in san francisco, we stabbed ocean beach and it was horrible. it was foggy and now southern cal the beach coastal destination, that is just one island we are seeing in northern california with the dry humidity and lack of water, lack of resources across the
5:41 am
board with the fire crews, we used to depend on volunteer companies and smaller municipalities, those agencies no longer have the personnel to send out or adequate personnel to send out for the larger fires. so the larger departments and counties are now relying on this mutual aid system. to effectively put the fires out. >> lieutenant baxter, want to thank you and everyone and all the firefighters for doing what you do to keep us safe. stay safe out there. as you know, we try to do our part to make sure the fires don't pop up. >> have a good day. >> we want to turn out to kerry hall. you been monitoring these conditions out there like we were saying, these are just the right conditions for those fires . >> we were talk about the record heat and how usually in late may, we aren't seeing the weather this hot and then the fuels, the vegetation is as dry
5:42 am
as it normally is in september and we do see the red flag warning continuing for solano county, the sacrament of valley. but really anywhere we could see the fires developing and spreading rapidly because of the wind that will pick up today, we will still see the gusts up to 25 to 30 miles per hour all across the bay area and in tomorrow. like you've been watching a couple of spots for this morning and later today. >> and the foreseeable future, hopefully appear north, first we have the j mac that came back in service over the weekend. the real mccoy is another series and that will take effect starting today. that is great for commuters and a little bit less hassle over here, little bit more hassle because not only do have a game with the giants which is a good hassle to have but another great hassle is the viewing party over at drive city outside chase center. there will be crowds again one starts at 430 for the arrival and the game starts about the same time as the oracle park activity as well. the rest of the day moves well and we will check that coming
5:43 am
up. back to you. a car suddenly split in two. surveillance video capturing the moments leading up to a deadly crash on the peninsula. what investigators say led up to the tragic turn of events. and joe biden concludes his trip to asia, the comments he made overseas capturing the attention of the world when it comes to key foreign policy issues.
5:44 am
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♪♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military we've grown to serve all, who've honorably served. no matter their rank or when they were in. a marine just out of boot camp or a petty officer from '73 and even his kids and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly - why, you should join. good tuesday morning. right now we are keeping an eye
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on the deerfield area, solano county under the red flag warning and the microclimate weather alert right now breezy at 60 degrees already with the wind at 50 miles per hour, take a look at the temperature trend, we will heat up to 91 degrees at lunchtime and eventually we hit 101. we'll talk more about the wide range and temperatures across the bay area coming up in a few minutes. >> warmer temperatures also in the graduation. so we are approaching the summer months. we are looking at traffic a little bit lighter here. you often see it backed up on the screen at this time but will see if there's anything going on on the approach or if it may be a shift that's coming up. will check back with you. it is 5:46. new video out of east palo alto shows the moments leading up to a deadly crash. the driver died last night when they lost control, crashing into a tree. the car was sheared in half. it happened that university avenue and bay road about 8:00
5:47 am
police say the driver was speeding and you can tell. take a lookzzas from east palo alto police. that car was going so fast, wiese froze the video right before impact. no other cars were involved in that crash. >> controversial comments from president biden coming ahead of the meeting today with world leaders at the summit in tokyo. they are meeting as part of the latest efforts to counter china's region territorial claims in the indo pacific. president biden also said yesterday that the u.s. would intervene militarily if china attacked taiwan. he was asked to follow up on the comments today at the quad summit. >> no. >> mr. president -- >> our policy hasn't changed. i thought of that when i made my statement. >> following the summit, the
5:48 am
present will return to washington. one problem affecting all californians is the housing crisis. you know nearly every bay area home on sale goes above the asking price, but you know what, there is a secret world of off market listings. we went searching for the hidden deals. >> this home sold in november, estimates valued it at at least $1 million but it was completely advertised to investors and sold for $855,000. that is $145,000 cheaper. >> this home in concord also came off the market in december. an estimated about $570,000, but it went for $470,000. 100 grand less. >> interesting. watch episode one of overpriced, overwhelmed, over it. right now on your roku and amazon fire tv and apple tv
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downloading our bay area have, or you can go to bay and jump in episode one, this will be an episode per day, so come back tomorrow for episode two, landlord confessions. this is the end of an era daytime tv approaching for us all. >> what about ellen. three more shows to go before she hangs up the sneakers and says farewell. the run lasted 19 seasons and today, she is sitting down with another daytime diva who knows what it's like to say goodbye. her friend, the one and only oprah winfrey. oprah tells ellen to enjoy the final days, because it is not going to happen again. >> this is the truth. there will never be never ever be a time like this. i just said this to your team. everybody is like, you will go on, he will go on, but you will never ever have a time like this where you were held in the public sigh and received the joy
5:50 am
in such a way that all of you came together and made that happen. there will be other things, the only other great things, but there will never be a time like this. >> such is life. that made her sad to hear that. interesting trivia for you, oprah played her therapist during the infamous coming out episode of her sitcom a long time ago. >> and heirs this afternoon at 4 p.m. on nbc bay area and the final episodes have been really fun to watch. because everyone is coming in and paying kind of tribute and in a sense, the actors and some of them she's had on multiple times. dozens of times. >> it is really cool to see that. >> she always had wise words. >> live in your moment. >> ever again. until tomorrow. [ laughter ] it is time to get a look at the forecast.
5:51 am
carryall looking in san francisco. >> we were taking a look at this clearview and the lack of fog that we are seeing this morning, you can tell it is humid, but we are also seeing a clearview as you go across the golden gate bridge and then for some of the breezy wind kicking up, also creating a high fire danger the reason why we are under the microclimate weather alert is because of solano county and the areas that we will have to watch not only here but also around the bay area. let's compare what we should feel for the end of may and what is the normal high temperature here for santa rosa, the average high temperature is 76 degrees, but today, we are expecting a to reach 98. that is 22 degrees above what is normal for late may and in concord, we are expecting to set a record as well reaching 96 and we can see what the kind of comfortable whether we are used to feeling and what we are not going to be feeling for today, but the good news is
5:52 am
that we do have some cooler weather in the forecast. amateurs peaked today and tomorrow with the increased fire danger. but then as we go to the end of the we, will start to see more clouds and storm systems passing to the north and by saturday, there will be some rain at least for far northern california and also for parts of the sierra and where we get the cooler air coming in, we will continue at least into early next week. let's check out antioch. we are heading for the early, the upper 90s today and tomorrow, but then at least a 15 degree drop in the temperatures for the end of the week into the weekend, that looks really nice for the memorial day holiday. and for a lot of the inland areas really hot temperatures once again. a lot of sleepless nights if you don't have air conditioning. we are still looking at some warm weather for the end of the week. but we're going to get back to some nice breezes sunshine highs in the mid to upper 70s and memorial day is looking good. san francisco will see 70s today and tomorrow we will bring it back to the normal 60s maybe even the return of the
5:53 am
fog at the golden gate bridge and we see some gusty wind in the forecast for the weekend. how is it looking for the commute? >> this particular shot is looking like. we will look at the camera once again looking really like but perhaps there is a crash on the approach and you don't see anything in the reports and we don't see anything really unusual, but just north of 680 where it crosses over 101, that's where the slowing happens. that's right where the camera is. and must let up just shy of the camera and it's only slowing north of there. more slowing for 84, but again, lighter volume at the dublin interchange not a problem and light flowing down 880 into union city out of hayward. that is really the only spot tapping the brakes. the neighbors toll plaza. and we are starting to see those folks slowing down approaching the toll plaza. happening now, state lawmakers are pushing to better
5:54 am
protect women in california from antiabortion laws and other states 70 members approving a new law permitting california courts from taking up cases tied to fetal heartbeat laws in races like texas which would shield abortion providers from civil lawsuits filed elsewhere. all this comes in the wake of the leaked supreme court roe v wade draft opinion suggesting federal abortion rights will be taken away. fighting fires using artificial intelligence, still ahead, the 21st century technology helping battle climate in crisis. and a long-term impact the developers say it will have on future generations. south bay water customers facing a new crackdown, we are live taking down the big fines you may soon be forced to shell out and the water police who may soon be staying on top of things. you are watching today in the bay. [ vroom ] [ rawr ] [ snap ] [ roar ] the doomsday clock might be out of time.
5:55 am
[ scream ] what's the plan? whatever happens, that's the plan. we're on the verge of extinction. [ roar ] let's all try to stay positive. [ roar ] [ scream ] see, not so bad. [ crash ] [ roar ] ♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california. when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. another crazy day? of course—you're for you a cio in 2022.uction. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business.
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with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™ forecasting fires presents challenges such as when drought, lightning and humans
5:58 am
can all start a fire. artificial intelligence cloud company created h2o to encourage minds around the world to predict and prevent wildfires. new developments will not only help today's society but also future generations. >> i think that's going to truly empower entrepreneurs with a purpose to solve a problem and a climate benefit, it's important for all of us. the next generation is looking at us to rise up and do something often to protect nature. i think ai is a force for good in that. they're super excited to be empowering the next generation. >> the teams are set up with a challenge of creating an app
5:59 am
that would in some way aide to predict wildfire behavior and predict where the wildfires will start and reduce loss of property and life from wildfires. the top five prizes included cash. look on for the story. >> thank you. developing now, chp investigating four suspected cases of monkey pox. >> all involved men that traveled outside of the country. that is in addition to a confirmed case last week in massachusetts. health experts say there's no evidence that the virus is spreading widely and may be getting passed through same-sex encounters. this morning, we heard from one
6:00 am
who contracted monkey pox back in 2003. >> i was light headed, feverish, nauseous, felt i needed to lie down. i also at the time had a legion upon my thumb that was very painful locally. >> you can watch more on the today show at 7:00 a.m. right after today. right now, a red-flag warning still in effect for parts of the area. hot, dry conditions leading to more fire danger. tracking it all in a climate weather alert. >> from fire to lack of water. those up for vote and how much it may cost you if you ignore it. >> it's all on the line. the warriors would be championship bound with a key win today. what is team


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