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tv   Today  NBC  May 24, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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of the kos, might be a little bit more crowded tuesday as well. >> everybody's going to the beach. sounds refreshing. >> indeed it does. thank you for joining us this morning. we will be back at 7:25 with a live look news update for you. >> and join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. the today show is next. good morning battleground. his primary day in five states with all eyes on george's high- stakes rates for governor. the clash of the republican side pitting the power of former president trump against his own vice president openly campaigning against the trumpet backed candidates. >> the truth of the matter is it's just -- >> this morning inside of the base showdown with major implications at the head of the falls midterm election. mounting concern, a fifth estate now investigating suspected monkeypox cases.
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just a move to release a stockpile of vaccines as investigators go to a potential source of the growing outbreak. we will have the very latest. breaking overnight, homeward bound. president biden returning from his trip to asia after stoking a new tension with china. defending his vow to use military force to defend taiwan if necessary. the ripple effect those comments are having, and what it could mean for the u.s. is already chilly relationship with china. a full report straight ahead. new twist, amber herds legal team is opting against calling johnny depp back to the stand. what they are saying about the latest drama in the closely watched trial just two days before closing argument. all that, plus fun in the sun as we gear up for memorial day weekend. everything you need to know. the travel rush, the ways to cope with soaring costs of gas and food, and now a full forecast. and cruise in control.
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excitement for the top gun sequel reaching a fever pitch. how superstar tom cruise is still soaring 36 years after the original. and with co-star john hamm joins us live today tuesday, may 24th, 2022. >> from nbc news, this is today. from studio one a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, good morning. tuesday, 7:00 on the west coast. we are ready. we are so ready, top gun maverick, tom cruise flying high. we are trying to look at mcgillis in 1988.
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>> you have and dress the part. this is a big movie and it is going to be a lot of fun. tickets for this, we've got john hamm on the show a little bit later, but let's get to our top story, including that new information on the monkeypox outbreak. >> yeah, confirm for positive cases now in five states, including washingtons with health officials looking for ways to contain the spread and minimize the spread. including a vaccine. we've got all covered with a loud report in your answers straight ahead. >> to the 2022 midterm election, critical primaries being held in five states today and the major focus this morning in the state of georgia. >> yeah, the battle for governor is highlighting a rift with the republican party. former president trump backing one and his former pants back in the other. hey, blaine, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is already record election in the state of georgia. early voting numbers are higher than any this stage has ever seen, but it is also a referendum for someone who is not on the ballot.
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former president donald trump attested his power as more and more givens are lighting up against him. >> in georgia, it is the election day face-off though neither of them are on the ballot. during his support, brian kent, the very candidate's former boss is trying to unseat. >> you will send a deafening message all across america that the republican party is a party of the future. >> reporter: it is the clearest sign yet that he is breaking from president trump, who blames georgia's governor for his 2020 election defeat. >> he is a coward and a complete and total disaster. >> instead, trump has picked former georgia purdue. monday, the president had this to say about his one-time vp. >> well, i'm very disappointed, because a lot of people are.
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>> reporter: now the battle could be a preview of the 2024 presidential race. >> of the election were today for president, trump or pence, who would you go for? >> i would have to go for pence as well. i think characters is a lot. >> and midterms across the country, former president trump has not shied away from using his influence in the political rain, setting up a major tent of his power as kingmaker. the results are a mixed bag. in georgia, they show purdue trailing more than by 30 points. on the democratic side, they are trying republican criticism over the weekend for these remarks. >> we are tired of hearing about the best in the country with the business, well, we are the worst in the country to live. when your number 48 for mental health, when your number 1 for maternal mortality, when you have an incarceration rate that is on the rise and wages that are on the decline -- >> purdue criticize those remarks, but then support a controversy of his own with this statement, criticized by many as racist. >> she told black farmers you
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don't need to be on the farm, and she told black workers hospitality and all of this. he she is demeaning her own race when it comes to them. >> reporter: and the showdown that we are seeing between pence and trump has a growing number of republicans who are actually breaking from the former president. >> you're right. they are actually lining up to back his political target. the republican governor association with $5 million here back to camp. in fact, you see prominent republicans blocking here to help him. all of them are really pushing back on the big lie, saying it is time to move on from 2020. >> thank you. also this morning, u.s. is releasing doses of the monkeypox vaccine from a national stockpile. health officials try to contain what has become a global outbreak of the rare disease. national correspondent casey gerace is following this with new developments overnight. good morning. >> good morning. they are amongst the latest people suspected of coming down with monkeypox. now, the two recently traveled to europe and public health officials are watching them closely, but this is not as
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contagious as covid. the cdc expects to receive additional samples today from possible monkeypox cases across the country. the agency saying it has confirmed a case in massachusetts and other suspecting infections in new york city, florida, utah, and washington state. monkeypox is a rare, but potentially serious viral illness usually found in western central africa. they are now identified around 200 suspected monkeypox cases in 12 countries. it includes fever, aches, and rashes all over the body. the cdc says monkeypox likely spreads between humans from large respiratory droplets that only travel up to a few feet, requiring prolonged face-to- face contact. it can also spread through bodily fluid, and contaminated clothes or bedding. he had monkeypox in 2003 with the first u.s. outbreak. he came into contact with an
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infected prairie dog. >> probably was sick for about five days and then two days of antibiotics were helping quite well. >> reporter: there are two vaccines available. one specifically for monkeypox, the other is a older vaccine for smallpox. the cdc is releasing some vaccines from the national stockpile. >> this is not something of grave concern. >> reporter: an adviser to the w.h.o. telling the associated press to explain the current spread of the disease and the transmission among and bisexual men and in belgium. the cdc is now urging the community to be on alert. still, public health experts stress anyone can get it regardless of sexual orientation. >> the company that makes the specific monkeypox vaccine says the u.s. currently has access to 1.4 million doses. >> all right, gabe. thank you so much. let's bring in medical
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contributor natalie a guard. with the pandemic, i think hearing about a virus should get scary. why is this not likely to turn into another covid-19 pandemic? >> right. two things can be happening at the same time. there can be a global public health issue, but not something that you personally need to worry about going about your day to day life and that is what we are talking about here. there are so many reasons that this monkeypox situation is not like covid and the two main ones that we just know how contagious these were. they infected 12 other people, and the big thing that really caught off guard with covid-19 is that we have asymptomatic transmission with covid. we do not have that much monkeypox, and that is a huge relief first of all. >> so the risk if you do happen to get it, the death rate is low, is that right? >> exactly. so the train that is circulating right now, the mortality rate is especially in
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industrialized country. >> we will do if you do get it, will it put you out of commission for two to four weeks? >> it can, that's right. the symptoms are good. but it's a little tricky about it is what we call the early symptoms are the fever, fatigue, muscle aches. it's unlike any other virus in durham, right? and then you develop the swollen lymph nodes that can happen anywhere in the body, but a lot in the head and neck area. a few days later, you develop this characteristic rash, and the rash is really what it's so contagious. the fluid that is in those vesicles and pustules, and it can take two to four weeks for those to resolve. but you are still contagious until those lesions have scabbed and new skin is forming. >> real quick, who should get the vaccine? you see the monkeypox vaccine, but i am assuming they are not trying to vaccinate the whole country. >> definitely not indicated by the population right now.
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i think it is really going to be reserved for those close contact. if your family member and taking care of somebody who is a healthcare worker, remember, the transition is largely respiratory droplets. those large respiratory droplets from the mouth, as well as prolonged skin to skin contact with either of those fluid from the vesicles, or contaminated linens and things with someone. >> don't say pustules again at 7:00 in the morning. also this morning, president biden is heading home after explicitly taking office. triplex mind tangent between the u.s. and china was the residence controversial climate comment about taiwan. correspondent peter alexander is traveling with the president in tokyo this morning. hi peter. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. he the president and safely on his way home right now, but we just learned that japan said it scrambled jets after they were placed near this airspace in tokyo, associating the leaders of what is called a quad summit. and the president. president biden is setting the record after his separation here that the u.s. would intervene if china tried to take taiwan by force.
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a dramatic change in u.s. policy. president biden en route back to washington, but here in asia leaving more confusion than clarity. just a day after saying the u.s. would defend taiwan if china invaded the self, with a long-standing u.s. policy has been strategic ambiguity being vague about what the u.s. would do. president biden overnight at a summit with allies in the region with his policy towards taiwan had not changed. >> know. >> reporter: as to whether he would send fruit to chime on if -- troops to chop taiwan if they invaded. in that statement monday, president biden argued china and russia pay a long-term price for invading ukraine, suggesting that the u.s. could go further to defend taiwan than it has in ukraine.
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>> but the idea that can be taken by force is just not appropriate. it is a burden that is even stronger. >> the president's combative comments are ricocheting around the world, leading the white house to quickly clarify. let's clear was the president's words by design or by mistake. so those who play with fire will certainly burn themselves, but taiwan expressed its gratitude to the president as one of its vocal credits, lindsey graham called present biden's pledge to defend taiwan the right thing to say and the right thing to do. here in tokyo, leading officials with japan's party, the welcome the president's aggressive posture calling it, quote, the most brilliant gasp that present biden will arrive home. there are domestic challenges, but here in asia, savannah, you
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left some striking words and there are potential consequences in his wake. >> absolutely, peter alexander in tokyo for us. thank you, peter. new battlegrounds are emerging in ukraine as russia presses on with its invasion. now entering its fourth month, richard engel at eastern ukraine for us this morning. i, richard. good morning. >> good morning. it was exactly 90 days ago on february 24th that russia launched its invasion of this country. and now most of the fight is focused on this part of ukraine. it is now an artillery fight with ukrainian military and the russian military exchanging artillery fire from more or less fixed positions and the russians are advancing. for example, just down the road from where i am right now is a village that is half controlled by the russians and they moved in yesterday. they are trying to take over the entire town. if they do, it will put the air where i am right now and several other ukrainian towns within artillery range.
7:15 am
and that is how the russians are trying to continue their advanced here in the east. russian now controlled about 20% of this country. including the occupying crimean peninsula and ukrainians are trying to launch a counter defensive. it is out here on the east for the last several days or so. the russian advance has slowly been moving forward. there has also been new evidence a new accusation that russia is carrying out atrocities in the area that is under its occupation. ukraine now has about 1300 different investigations into possible war crimes underway in this country. so many that had a russian ambassador to switzerland. yesterday, they resigned saying he has never been so ashamed of his country. >> richard engel for us there. richard, thank you. before we move on, they have
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been taking an in-depth look at that of vladimir putin's history and what drove the russian leader to this point and be seen news known special. you can watch putin's war tonight at 10:30 eastern on nbc news now. how about our first check of the weather? >> reporter: we've got a lot of weather to talk about stretching from the east coast. this is a part of north carolina with heavy rain, wind, possible tornado, and chapel hill, north carolina. then we moved to the west. north texas. this is a classic wedge tornado and tornado that you can just see the sides of this thing. fortunately, a fairly rural area and we don't have injuries or damage, but man, it is just a classic. now, we right now have a blood thread in the east and parts of virginia, but also texas, kansas, on into louisiana and 9 million people packing. we will look at a heavy rain already developing and these are going to be round to round in the same area. in fact, we've got 15 million people.
7:17 am
wichita falls up to oklahoma city, waco, dallas as well just outside of houston. when watching this low pressure system, it is a slow moving storm that develops over texas today. plus, we've got the strong bermuda high that is sending a poll of moe sure from the gulf, drop of moisture into the midsection of the country, and so we got as the storm crawls slowly through friday, multiple rounds of heavy rain over the same location. so we've got a slight moderate risk of rain from dallas and san antonio of the kansas city, memphis, the western parts of tennessee for heavy rain. in fact, through thursday, some areas are picking up to seven to eight inches of rain down to the lower mississippi river valley. but we are worried about flash flooding throughout this region. your local forecast is coming up in the next 30 seconds. and an espresso is for the afternoon.
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you know how to answer "sparking or still" in over 12 different languages. you'll try anything that's not currently alive... unless of course it's highly recommended. the delta skymiles® american express card. if you travel, you know. >> i'm meteorologist kari hall, in the high fire danger for solano county, but continues through 11:00 tomorrow morning. san francisco reaching into the upper 70s, and will be more the same. wide-ranging temperatures for tomorrow.
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twist and turns in the johnny depp amber heard trial. what her legal team is saying after not calling depp to the stand yesterday as expected. first, this is today in nbc.
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the release of top gun: maverick. >> did you know this? al rocher never saw the original top one. >> i saw this one. it's fantastic. i think i was -- >> by the way, tom cruise is approaching 60 years old. use your local news. >> tom cruise is approaching 60 years old. tom ham is with us coming up
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with the citi custom cash℠ card. ♪ you make me come ♪ ♪ alive ♪ ♪ i'm here to have a good time ♪ ♪ i'm here to have a - ♪ ♪ i'm here to have a good time ♪ summer, made easy! that's totally target. good morning, it is 7:26 right now. i'm laura garcia. here is what is happening right now, as it could become a little bit easier in the north side. >> board of supervisors considered a 45 day moratorium on short-term rentals. now existing, they would be grandfathered into this moratorium on registered property, owners would have on 5:00 tonight to notify the county about their short-term rental. if you're not familiar, it is will and a lot of small villages that are now more than
7:27 am
500 short-term rentals, which is 10% of the housing supply. >> good morning, i am here in drive city, and it all comes down to this game. if the warriors pull off this game against the mavs, they are officially in the nba finals. if you haven't been following the game here, a little bit of a recap. the warriors on a three and zero win against the mavericks. the last game through down what is being the don't of this series. next game tip off, 6:00 pm to play off this win. they will play either boston or miami. let's get a look at the forecast. it's going to be hot in land today. >> not only heat advisory, but also the red flag warning, meaning a high fire danger for solano county and those temperatures in at the upper 90s today. is still going to be very hot tomorrow and we do have some relief in sight going to the end of the week, as well as a memorial day weekend. our high temperatures and some
7:28 am
will reach into the upper 70s. for san francisco where the 70s for tomorrow, where more clouds move in, we will see gusty winds in the forecast for the weekend into memorial day. lauren? >> thank you, carrie. thank you for joining us as well. i will be back with another update for you in about half an hour. have a great morning. meet three moms who each like to bank their own way. luckily they've all got chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours.
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for controller, yvonne yiu.
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chase. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. ♪♪ ♪ summer breeze makes me feel mine ♪ >> tuesday mo memorial day weekend, the unofficial start of summer, three days ago. that is a pretty shot from lakewood, florida this morning and getting us excited for what is to come. tom llamas is joining us, craig is getting along day for his weekend. we've got to check in with them on the forecast. it is important. all right, let's get your headline at 7:30. a second military plane
7:31 am
carrying baby formula from germany as plan to land in tomorrow. it brings 70 pounds landing in indianapolis on sunday. this is part of the biden administration effort to increase supplies of that product amidst the national shortage. one person was killed, three others were hospitalized after falling 300 feet off of a cliff in los angeles. it happened while a group was hiking on sunday night. a rescue helicopter risk lifted them to safety. they did suffer injuries and all expected to survive. >> edit is an end of an era. the last public pay phones were yanked from the ground in midtown manhattan. cell phones, of course, have made old tollbooths obsolete. in its place, the technology kiosks will offer services of phone calls, wi-fi, and by charging. you guys remember when you had to go to pay court is to make long distance calls? >> i don't, i'm too young. i don't remember. >> you don't remember at all?
7:32 am
>> no. >> okay, let's move closely to the case we've been watching closely. the johnny depp and amber heard trial. there are new twists and turns. stephanie gosk is here with the very latest. steph, good morning. >> the surprises just keep coming in this trial. yesterday, amber heard steam did not call johnny depp to the stand, which they said they were going to do. we are waiting to see if they call him up today. the trial is in its final days with closing arguments that take place on friday, but there are fireworks still to come and both sides keep battling it out in that virginia court room. >> johnny depp says amber heard severed his fingertip when she threw -- at his hand back in 2015. >> and i was just pouring out. >> reporter: but they heard monday that depp story doesn't add up. >> it is not what we see in the described injury pattern or in
7:33 am
the photographs. >> reporter: at the time, depp was in australia shooting pirates of the caribbean five. it was only delayed because of the injury. heard insists depp hurt his own finger in an alcohol-fueled bender. >> you can't definitively say what caused the injury to depp's fingers, yes or no? >> no. >> reporter: the testimony kicks off the final week of an unforgivable and unpredictable trial. the current legal team said that they were going to call johnny depp back to the stand on monday. a potential gamble, but then announced that they change the plan. instead, the witnesses testified to heard's case. a psychiatrist saying that depp is displaying classical warning signs of intimate warning signs, followed by abuse followed by apology. >> she would apologize for letting this monster out, letting his anger out.
7:34 am
almost routinely. >> reporter: depp's ex- girlfriend kate moss is expected to testify after heard referenced a rumor that depp -- down a flight of stairs. >> i just remembered kate moss and stairs, and -- >> reporter: and yet lawyers are excited to call. >> they were excited to call johnny depp to the sand, then they decided not to pick what went into that decision? >> it came to a decision, they need johnny depp like a fish needs a bicycle. but that is not the thing that they said before, which is saying they would call him up to the stand. he still can, and the judge
7:35 am
asked them to get some kind of warning this morning if that was the case. of course, he can also further revoke on his days to come. >> in that part of the rebuttal case, as mentioned, when you hear kate moss, the latest of the johnny depp exes. what would her testimony do? >> well, this is interesting and goes back to the defamation case in the uk where amber heard mentioned a rumor that johnny depp had pushed his girlfriend kate moss of the time now, down at the stairs. she made a reference to kate moss and in this case here in virginia. and until she did, there was a fist pump on johnny depp side. literally. you know, a fist bump or whatever they did, they were clearly happy, because they can now call kate moss for johnny depp's rebuttal to then address this issue of pushing her down the stairs in his defense. >> they open the door. >> that's right. and she may testified via video link today.
7:36 am
just ahead, that possible love triangle behind a murder mystery in texas we've been telling you about as police expand the search for a woman accused of killing. buffers, your travel guide ahead of the weekend. of course, we know they can expect to pay for more for gas, airfare, hotels and food. have no fear, kerry sanders is here with some tips on saving where you can right after this. this is an sos from nova corps! everything is disappearing! our outpost on earth's epcot is in danger! hey quill! this thing is so broken.
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(laughter) the citi custom cash℠ card. a different kind of card we need to do this more often! that automatically adapts to you. earn 5% cash back on your top eligible spend category up to $500 spent each billing cycle. apply now. visit we are back at 7:40. your guide to memorial day weekend. >> mentioned the unofficial start of summer is just three days away now. to help you make the most of your time off, we are turning to national correspondent and chief, sanders, has got everything you need to know before. hi, carrie. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if your bags are packed and you are ready to go, whether you are going on a jet plane or not, you can expect it is going to be packed with a lot of
7:41 am
people out there. if you are on the road, you're going to see a lot of these. rvs. the rv association reports that they've had an 18% increase in sales year over year. yes, there is going to be a lot of rvs out there in this is a really big weekend for camping. just like making a reservation for a plane ticket, if you are planning on camping, and reservation for a site is critical. >> with memorial day just around the corner, the summer travel season is heating up and taking flight. many already hoping to beat a major weekend surge. >> we needed a little time before everybody got crazy here. >> more than 39 million americans are expected to hit the skies and the road this holiday weekend. an 8% increase from last year, with travel volumes nearing pre- pandemic levels. >> they are beginning to return to pre-pandemic, so you're at orlando's, anaheim, state park, london, paris, dublin. even with soaring costs to
7:42 am
rampant inflation, many are itching to get away. >> i'm just happy to be traveling and be out. >> from the rail rate to the runway, trains and flights from memorial day already sold out. nationwide, 2.5 million mac passengers were explained did to fly each day this holiday weekend. >> thursday and friday mornings are going to be the busiest days. >> reporter: the real rush will be on the road even if gas prices continue to climb with the national average at $4.60 a gallon. many americans are still choosing to fill up and drive to the destinations to avoid that potential bumper-to-bumper traffic, experts say to plan ahead and get out the door early. don't travel during peak hours on thursday and friday in the afternoon where traffic from coast to coast, including in new york, houston, and los
7:43 am
angeles, is expected to increase dramatically. in the meantime for so many others across the country -- >> $5.61 a gallon. too much for gas. too much. i can't travel. >> reporter: it is forcing them to slam the brakes. alan has been driving his rv for month. the place to fill a single tank? a wallet busting $400. and he only gets about eight miles to the gallon. luckily, he's found a way to enjoy the holiday weekend without breaking the bank. >> we call it a staycation. >> how close are to your home? >> five miles. walking distance, driving distance. it is still a vacation. >> look, if you are getting on the road and you were going to be using a car, a few things to remember, okay? you want to make sure the gas tank is full, to check the oil,
7:44 am
and most importantly, something we all know that we are supposed to do, but we don't, is to check the air pressure in the tires. that is because not only will it make for a smoother ride, but if you have the proper air pressure on your tires, you can get up to 10% better gas mileage. right now with the price of gas, it is a pretty easy thing to do, guys. >> that road trip playlist. >> i've got my bags. i'm ready to go. i was hoping he would pick up on that. >> we did! we got your reference. thank you. mr. rocher, what you got cooking? >> some memorial day travel for you. here in the east, well, the detroit metro airport may have some problem with new york, bc, and charlie houston, showers and thunderstorms if you are traveling along i-95, i 90, we got showers and i 85 landed abridgment. jacksonville to new york again, weather, rest of the country for tomorrow.
7:45 am
owing to be for friday, i'm going to be spectacular from the great lakes all the way down to texas hot and humid. if you showers as we get into this pacific northwest on saturday. what does that look? what is that? what is that? what is that book? >> the unofficial start of summer, so no showers. >> scatter! it doesn't mean downpour. sunshine due to southwest, we need some showers along the specific northwest coast. much of the country -- sunny umbrella. dry and warm, cool out in the northwest. and then on memorial day itself, some mountain snows out through the cascade. no whining here, look what they've got to deal with! texas heat, florida storms, and here in the east we are looking a pretty nice weather on memorial day. that is what is going on around the country. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are so watching our fire danger for the sacramento valley as well as we are
7:46 am
dealing with some high wind and really hot temperatures combined with low humidity. and our high reaches up to 101 degrees up here today and we are looking to get mid-90s from the south county to the tri- valley all the way up to the north bay. tomorrow is also very hot. we deals to see a wide range of temperatures cooling off for the memorial day holiday into the weekend, looking much nicer. >> coming up next. back in the danger zone. >> good morning, aviators. this is your captain speaking. >> inside the top gun returned to the cockpit, 36 years in the making, and what has kept them in the top of the game for so long and hollywood and his co- star, john hamm, will be right
7:47 am
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7:50 am
playing your song. are you excited for top gun? >> i'm excited if you, joe, good morning. >> that's right. top gun: maverick, was supposed to open in 2020, but crews refused to release it on a streaming platform, insisting the only way to watch this larger than life movie was on the big screen. aviator shades on, they are back in the danger zone. reprising his role as maverick.
7:51 am
>> is not a teacher. i just want to manage expectations. >> reporter: by comic book franchises, proves it is a part. one of the few truly global movie stars. >> movie theater owners. >> reporter: critics say maverick lives up to the hype of strong performances as cruises love interest. her fans, the aerial sequence building actual jets, not visual simulation. >> it is easy to do extraordinary things. >> actors went through three months of grueling aviation training. they play the sun of parker.
7:52 am
>> and is something that is been possible grant be done. that's what they get to work. >> the nearly 60-year-olds crews is not holding back. still doing most of his stunts and putting countless hours still. even going viral overnight, terrifying james corden any flight or jet ride. >> he jumped out of the airplane. here is your ring. >> reporter: even though it won't be out until 2023, the trailer for the next mission impossible has already set the internet on fire with tom cruise big-screen summer spectacular at the box. recently, tom cruise has been dubbed hollywood's last action hero back when the original top gun was made, studios could count on a number of stars,
7:53 am
like sylvester stallone or arnold schwarzenegger for a big opening. but today, almost all of the big box office hits our superhero franchises. theater owners and producers have their fingers crossed that this film will help lower adults back to the movies again. >> i can't remember the last time that i wanted to genuinely in my little heart of hearts actually want to go to a movie i went on fandango and pop the tickets for my family. i have not had this anticipation. >> are you dressing up in fighter pilot outfit? >> never even thought about it. >> get your aviator. notice what is happening right now. come on. we will get you down for the screening. incredible. guys, this is a perfect set up. keep it going. top gun maverick is right here live in our studio. the first check of your local station weather. guys, excuse me. i didn't quite get that. i'm hard of hearing. ♪♪
7:54 am
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7:56 am
a very good morning to you, 7:56. here is a look at what is happening now. in santa clara county, where valley water could soon have the power to find water wasters $100 for violations up to $10,000. the water restrictions in effect right now would limit outdoor watering to just twice a week and only between 6:00 at night and 9:00 in the morning. the policy is also to penalize runoff and any property owner who waters 48 hours at a measurable rate. if the policy goes into effect, it is going to go into effect a week from tomorrow. >> we are in this drought and we are facing some fire danger.
7:57 am
weather is hot today. >> yes, and we are talking about temperatures over 100 degrees in solano county, where we have this red flag warning that continues up until tomorrow morning. we are also seeing high wind and extremely low humidity. we are also looking at the possibility of something new records around the bay area, where the forecast is 98, the record is 89. reaching 86 in oakland, we could save a little record in san jose, but still very hot for this time of year, but we are going to see some really for the next couple of days, leading into the memorial day hot today, with 70s as we can, with san francisco, we are looking at highs in the 70 for jumping back into the 60s this weekend. >> we are going to wait for the court on the weekend, thank you for joining me as well. we will be back with another look for this update in half an hour. see you then. mac plus, next level memorial day ideas. this is this morning at 11:30 on california life.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is 8:00 on it is 8:00 on today. ming u coming up, p,primary objective. all eyes on the battleground state of georgia as the high- profile race for governor spotlights any risk in the gop pitting former president donald trump against his running mate, mike pence. what does it mean for the party in the fall midterm election? a love triangle murder mystery. new details of the search for a woman suspected of killing a professional cyclist. investigators looking into the possibility jealousy that may
8:01 am
have been the motive. we are live in with the latest. janice journey. our very own is joining the crew of the uss baton that is set to dock here in new york during the long-awaited return of fleet week. all the details on her exclusive mission aboard the historic missile. from madman to maverick, john hamm is live to talk about the new role in the top gun sql. >> every morning, you will brief us on your instructional plans and writing. >> the hollywood star fills us in on what it is like to officially enter the danger zone. today is tuesday, may 24th, 2022. iowa. >> visiting from dallas, texas ♪♪ >> celebrati >> new orleans
8:02 am
celebrating 42 years of friendship from coral ridge, florida. >> shout out to our 18 kids watching in ohio >> christian's 19th birthday >> how many kids. >> welcome back to today. it is tuesday. thomas ian for craig this morning. good to see you, tom. >> a to see. i feel like we are the responsible parent, we have a wild child here. >> i like that. if you are just joining us, sle
8:03 am
totally support that. to set your dvr and you can watch the show on your schedule. >> it is a busy morning. let's get right to our news at 8:00. primaries are being held in five states. the main event is in georgia were a challenger, hand-picked by donald trump, is trying to take down the current governor is backed by former vice president mike pence. blaine alexander joins us from a polling center in atlanta. good morning. >> reporter: certainly a lot to watch in the state of georgia. it is already a record-breaking election. early voting numbers are higher than any the state has seen. it is also a referendum for someone who is not on the ballot. former president donald trump, his name isn't on the ballot but his endorsements are. he is back in the challenger for incumbent governor brian kemp. he put his weight behind former senator david perdue. he is the hand-picked candidate he selected to unseat the incumbent governor, someone who he blames squarely for his election laws in 2020. governor kemp is getting help from the former vice president. all of it is pending former president against his one-time vice president and setting up what could be a preview of the 2024 republican presidential race. >> we will wait to see those results.
8:04 am
we should mention that chuck todd and kristen welker are hosting in depth coverage analysis. you can watch meet the press on election night addition at 8:00 eastern. now to the monkeypox outbreak. two more suspected cases have surfaced in the u.s., adding to a half-dozen cases in massachusetts, new york, florida, and washington state. the u.s. released doses of monkeypox information. it is a smallpox. it is spread among humans through fluids, sores, respiratory droplets, and contaminated clothes and bedding. a texas woman is wanted in the murder of pro-bicycle racer but i wasn't investigators are looking into the possibility that jealousy may have been the motive. morgan chesky is in austin with the latest. good morning. >> authorities are staying tightlipped about this. to try to track down caitlin
8:05 am
armstrong. this 35-year-old did make prior claims about wanting to kill wilson who may have been involved in a love triangle with armstrong's boyfriend. ken this morning, u.s. marshals are searching for caitlin armstrong. the 35-year-old is accused of murdering cyclist mariah wilson, who had a prior relationship with her boyfriend. police say armstrong has not been seen in nearly 2 weeks and has disappeared online, deleting her social media profiles days after the motor. on may 11th, the 25-year-old wilson was fatally shot at this house in austin. police say neighbors heard someone running out of the home. >> my dad was in the garage when he things he hurt the person who did it flee on their bike. >> reporter: police and found wilson's bike down the street concealed in thick bamboo.
8:06 am
the pro cyclist had just returned from meeting with colin strickland, fellow cyclist, and the boyfriend of the missing murder suspect. strickland, who has not been accused of wrongdoing, and has been cooperating with police, told authorities of the two had gone swimming and out to dinner. in an affidavit, strickland told police he was in a romantic relationship with wilson for a couple weeks last october while on a break from armstrong. the two were working together recently professionally. he admitted he lied to armstrong about seeing wilson the night that she was murdered. strickland also told police he bought armstrong a gun like this one several months ago. days after the killing, a weapon was recovered and tested by investigators who say the potential that the same firearm was involved in the murder is significant. stunned by the sudden loss of their own, fellow cyclists are paying tribute to wilson, honoring her with the hashtag, ride it like mo.
8:07 am
as friends remember her as a bright shining star >> this morning, strickland is not returning our request for comment. in a statement friday, he did say he was reeling from grieving anna wilson's death, and the fact that emerged during this investigation. the mystery of what killed three american tourists at a sandals resort in the home is earlier this month may have been partially solved. and newspaper is reporting autopsy showed the victims died from carbon monoxide poisoning. no details were provided on the source of that deadly gas. the americans had been staying in two separate villas next to each other. their families have requested independent autopsies. a federal judge banned
8:08 am
today's action of address one by judy garland in the wizard of oz amid questions about who actually owns that iconic costume. the dress was featured right here on today last month. it was expected to fetch more than $1 million. address was given to a priest who ran the drama department at catholic university in washington dc. he died in 1986. the school claimed it was the rightful owner. a wisconsin woman, who says the priest was her uncle, says the dress belongs to her state. it is 8:08. we have the news coverage. a california mom has not seen her son and seven years. she is really lucky she did not spill her coffee when he posed as a waiter and surprised her. take a look. >> that is victor. >> oh my god.
8:09 am
>> he looks like my son. the rest of the family enjoyed a good laugh over the prank. the mother did break down and did not want to let go of her little boy. >> she was like oh, you look familiar. coming up next, we are fired up about this and excited for jenna is getting ready to help us kick off the first fleet week in new york city since the pandemic. >> we will chat with her about her very special helicopter ride happening in a couple hours. after this (dad allen) so, wait. everybody gets the same great deal? (mom allen) i think that's the point. (vo) iphone 13 on us for every customer. current, new, everyone. on any unlimited plan. starting at just $35 all on the network more people rely on. give me one of your mcnuggets... si quieres un mcnugget, just ask for it. ay... did i say that or did i think it?
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♪ ♪ we are back. and getting us ready for fleet we are back. we are back. food week. ready for big return to new york city, a tradition that has shifted on active duty making a collective stop the tens of thousands of sailors filling the city. >> this goes back a decade. people are excited for the return for the first time since 2019. you have the best seat in the house, don't you? >> i am so excited, i can barely sleep. i'm honored to be boarding the uss baton in a few hours. will link up with a u.s. navy image 60 helicopter. there she is. i don't know if helicopters are girls, but it will take me out to the baton which will be leading the parade of ships into the new york harbor
8:15 am
wednesday morning. i am so thrilled to be along for the ride. >> reporter: tomorrow morning, i will sail into fleet week aboard the u.s. navy's finest assault ship. the uss baton. it left port monday morning from the naval station in norfolk, virginia, ceiling of the east coast. later today, i will take a helicopter to board the ship off the coast of new york. the uss baton will and its journey at. 88f on manhattan's west side, returning for its first fleet since the pandemic had once on the ship, i will follow the crew along on a typical day. i will be talking to the commanding officer, captain joseph murphy. taking part in firefighting drills, joining the crew at mealtimes, and i'm even bunking overnight on board. nicknamed the big five, the uss baton is a storied history of serving our nation. she was among the first ships to respond after the attacks on september 11th, ceiling to new
8:16 am
york harbor into pakistan during operation enduring freedom. she permitted humanitarian relief to the victims of hurricane katrina in 2005 and the earthquake in haiti in 2010. living up to her motto, courage, commitment, honor. >> i am so excited to get on board and meet the brave men and women who serve in the uss baton. it will be really cool. >> i love that it's also a sleep over. >> how many people get to say they have the honor of sleeping? there are 2500 servicewomen and men who can sleep on this. >> what do you pack? >> a moisturizer. >> bellbottoms. >> the last time i was on an aircraft carrier was when my grandfather has an aircraft carrier named after him, the uss george hw bush, was when she was commission, which was a special day for our family. >> for us we lived in new york
8:17 am
for over a decade, fleet week is a huge part of the new york experience. i wonder what the sailors when you talk to them, if they are excited to get back out. >> definitely. that is where they invited us to do this. as all traditions that were put off for several years felt there was something missing and now we are back and we get to leave all the ships in and see the beautiful new york skyline. >> what is everything so top gun right now? >> and i borrow your jacket? >> we have a message for you. this is from your bunkmate who cannot wait to see you. let's roll it. >>, jenna, i am lieutenant scarborough from uss baton, we are underway headed to new york for fleet week. see you in a couple hours.
8:18 am
>> how cool is that? >> that is amazing. i didn't think i could be more excited. >> you are getting on a helicopter and landing the ship. >> utilized on the uss baton tomorrow. we cannot wait. >> looking forward to it. >> i'll, what have you got for the weather? >> you have great weather coming tomorrow morning. was also show you what's going on for your weather for today. sunshine here in the northeast on the chilly side as you get up into the great lakes. heavy rain into the central plant all the way down to the golf. we could look at flooding conditions over the next 24 to 48 hours. he to build southwest where they could use some of that rain. that is what is going on around the country. here is what is happening in
8:19 am
your neck of the woods. i am meteorologist cary hall. we are extremely high in dealing with a wildfire danger or red flag warning continues up until 11:00 tomorrow with gusty winds and low humidity combined with extreme heat. we are headed for 101 degrees there. will be hot in part of the north day. a lot of our interior valleys will be dealing with highs in the 90s and 70s the coast. we will catch relief heading into the memorial day holiday weekend. >> don't forget, you can always find also on today show radios. off the rails today at 1:00. right now, best time of the morning, popstar. >> maybe i pop on that little helicopter and pop over to the uss baton. >> please. great idea. >> first, let's start with others. the new trailer is up for the king's upcoming biotic behind the remake of romeo and juliet.
8:20 am
the latest preview giving audiences a deeper look at austin butler, the auctor's transformation into playing. and tom hanks as manager colonel tom parker. >> if you don't listen to me -- >> all that your mama sacrificed for you will be for nothing. >> wow. >> age where >> we are in an age where content gets better and better. where i watch things these days. this is really good stuff. >> this is everything you want to see in the movies. >> it is not all rock 'n roll when it comes to the soundtrack. this film has music sent to all genres. the artists on this, eminem, casey ms. graves, stevie next, and came in college, to name a
8:21 am
few. elvis hits theaters one month from today. david bowie got a first look at the music icon's upcoming documentary called manage day dream. the trailer gives a peek at never before seen footage and performances voiced over by david bowie himself. the project comes from brett morgan who had thousands of hours of archival footage to work with. the filmmakers are calling it a cinematic odyssey. here is a look at that. >> no matter who they are, we all wish they had appreciated life more. it is what you do in life that is important. not how much time you have. or what you wish you had done. >> that looks fantastic. >> it marks the first weeks project officially sanctioned by the singers estate. it is hitting theaters in the fall.
8:22 am
the bosses headed back out on the road. springsteen and the band announced they are gearing up for an international tour. the upcoming 14 month trip was put off for a while. this will be the bands first time on the road since springsteen drops the 2020 letter to you album. so far, no dates for the north american like of that tour. next, time magazine, the publication released its 100 annual influential people list. they include mary j bosch and sandhya. each of them landing their own cover. meal acuna scored a spot, her husband has something to say on it. he wrote on twitter saying i already -- i had with my wife. you just had to do this, didn't
8:23 am
you? conan o'brien, the former late-night host turned podcasting mogul landed a monster deal. he hustled his digital media company to sirius xm for a whopping $150 million. he will also produce a comedy channel for the radio giant. conan stepping into podcasting space back in 2018. just released his 180th episode. can't wait to hear more. congratulations on that deal. it is a great podcast. >> we have one more. >> finally, jeopardy. if you did last night, the double jeopardy round had one group featuring familiar faces. take a look.
8:24 am
>> in 2022, this show with gouda, i'll, and savanna celebrated its 70th anniversary. ryan? >> it was the today show. >> we want to bring al-anon. >> you answered our question correctly. ryan long is his name and ended up winning the night. thank you. >> way to go, great work. >> we are on tv every day, but when things like that happen, you feel extra special. >> we are so happy. >> we are dying. we saw it, it is crazy. >> thank you. it is not conan o'brien's podcast.
8:25 am
we are very excited. we have been sitting on this for a couple of years while the world sorted itself out. >> we can't wait to chat with you. >> thank you for coming by, john. >> back with much more and john. we are dying families of those who lost
8:26 am
loved ones in last year's rail road shooting. city advisors are considering and spending and increasing the money for families of the victims. if approved, the support, which includes counseling, will continue through next june. this thursday, across the bay area, people will mark one year
8:27 am
since the shooting were nine employees died at the hands of a deranged employee. let's talk about the forecast and these rising temperatures, to. >> it will be hard for our inland valleys. we have gusty winds and an extremely low humidity and parts of the bay area, especially solano county, where we see the red flag warning continue. we will still have a high fire danger across the rest of the bay area. until we cool off and get high humidity, we will see the breezy winds in the weekend forecast. take a look at those highs and the difference it will make. memorial day looks nice with highs in the mid 80s. san francisco is in the 70s with sunshine. we will see the return of the fog, clouds, and breezy winds with highs in the 60s. >> thank you for joining us as well. another local news update is coming up in about a half hour.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
♪♪ 8:30 now 8:30 now, tuesday morning. hello. we are on air. 8:38, now. giving some camera time. can i tell you guys what's funny?
8:31 am
yesterday i met this lady at the plaza. she goes my husband is your biggest fan. argo really? she goes but he slept in so i sent him a video. i said where are you? i thought you were my biggest fan. look who rolled out of bed this morning. are you? >> it. i wasn't going to miss at this time. >> what is your name? >> kevin flanagan. >> a lot of good things happen in the morning hours. coming up, we have john hamm. >> we have been waiting for this movie. he thought when he was 15 years old, he said he is pinching himself but here he is now costarring along tom cruise. we will talk to john about that and how exciting it is to bring back a beloved movie. >> the summer travel season is almost here. we will tell you where to find the best boat bargain for your travel budget. it is getting so expensive now. >> we are cooking up a delicious one part stirfry that your whole family will love. an added bonus takes a few minutes from start to finish. that is grace young, an incredible chef. we will cook. >> ahead on the third hour, joe martin has a new she made at this morning. an entrepreneur who quit her
8:32 am
corporate job to bring a new flavor to the coffee business. >> you are the weather man of the hour. >> we look ahead towards friday, showers and storms along the east coast. hot and humid down the gulf. warm and breezy as you get through the plane. saturday, scattered showers in the northeast. cloudy and cool in the western plains. sunday, sunny and nice too much of the country. dry and warm in the southwest. memorial day, we are looking for sunny skies up and down the eastern seaboard. a few scattered showers the photo. mountain snow is to the last. wet weather in the northern plains. that texas heat continues. that is what is going on around the country. here is what is happening in your neck of the woods. >> i am meteorologist carrie getting ready for hot temperatures and watching for that high fire danger and the red flag warning for london as well.
8:33 am
since we see the gusty winds kick up to that area, we have low humidity. look at our high temperature this afternoon headed for 101 degrees. really hot temperatures in the inland areas. we will see some relief in time for the memorial day weekend. >> that is your latest weather. >> thank you., up next, one, the only john hamm. first, this is today on nbc.
8:34 am
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and help customers select all finishes without having to leave their home! wow! agm are the only kitchen and bathroom renovations specialists i recommend. ♪ ♪ [announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! woke up. john man hamm has kept us entertained. he is back with the movie everyone has been waiting for for a long time, 36 years to make a top gun maverick.
8:36 am
>> when tom cruises maverick returns, john's character, cyclone, is not shy about letting maverick know he does not want him there. >> the hard deck is 5000 feet above ground level. the perimeter is set not just for the safety of our pilots, but their aircraft. >> every morning he will brief us on your instructional plans and writing. >> sir, it is a request to lower the hard deck, sir. >> john, we are -- >> just look first of all -- >> what do you think of the fact that savanna actually dressed for the interview? i tried to be like kelly mcginnis with this. >> i am a complete nerd about top gun. are you a top gun nerd? >> of course. >> how nerdy?
8:37 am
>> that was important feeling for me and all my friends. remember seeing that movie in the movie theater. when it ended, i wanted to see it immediately again. my friend saw it five times in a row. >> i felt like that about this one. we want to see it again. >> when you got the call that they said hey john hamm, will you be in this movie you have admired since you were a kid? how many milliseconds was it before you said yes? >> they were thinking about top -- yes. that was it. >> did you think you were going to be flying? >> i had no idea. i would have worked on craft service. it was exciting once i found out when almost all of my seems were with tom. i knew that would be a fun experience. >> you don't get to fly in the movie, but you are there. your character, did you have
8:38 am
fun playing this character? i told you right before we came on, he is kind of a jerk. >> let's call him an antagonist. i was very excited to play. i got to meet a lot of the senior leadership in the navy and understands that with those guys do, they take it very seriously. they deal with a lot, servicemen and women. that is a big responsibility. part of that was very exciting to play it it was a great honor to get to celebrate went to the sacrifices that our servicemen and women do every day. >> when you see these pilots flying in this movie, at first i was like this looks incredible, it looks real. it looks real because it actually was. they were actually pulling those of their. >> it is written all over their face. they are going very very fast and there is a lot of forces
8:39 am
acting on their bodies. they went through a 4 1/2, five month training process to get in shape and get prepared for what they had to do. otherwise, it would have been dangerous. >> the scenes are incredible. my brother is a fighter pilot. his car callsign is auto. what would your callsign be? >> with the last name of hamm, there is a lot. i have been dealing with that my whole life. in the film, i was cyclone and very pleased. >> you kind of had the admirals posture, to. >> there was not a lot of room to grow in that. i was pleased. we shot the movie over the course of a year in 2018 and 2019. i was pleased i still fit in the costume.
8:40 am
>> did tom cruise put you at ease? i was thinking of walking in there and seen this guy you watched as a kid. now you will be acting opposite of him. >> as much as i was having an out of body experience being on the set of top gun, i was like it must be weirder for tom. here he is 30 some odd years later in the same costume on the same set. i was like what a weird time warp to do. the wonderful things that tom does is his enthusiasm for not only making movies, but just for his job, is utterly infectious. immediately you are set at ease. he gives you a big hug, bring it in, million dollar smile. there is the american flag and the jet. >> is there any part of you where 15-year-old john hamm is flipping out? >> of course. >> what were you like at 15? if we showed your high school picture, i bet it would look
8:41 am
just like this. >> the guy looked a little skinnier. >> you were cool back in high school? >> i was okay. i did okay in high school. >> do you sing the song highway to the danger zone? >> yes. >> ready? one, one >> and up highway to the danger zone ♪. >> kenny loggins came to the san diego premier and i got to meet him. i totally fan boyd out. >> we are right there with you. >> i am so happy for you. another movie we love from back in the day -- thank you so much. don't forget, top gun maverick is in for theaters this friday.
8:42 am
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8:44 am
we're back. 8:43 >> 8:43 with our series labor day savings. we are bringing last minute travel deals. expert mark elwood is here with top destinations that won't break the bank. those are the keywords for everybody right now with the prices skyrocketing. >> people think should i take a vacation, can i afford one? if you remember the warehouse club, like sam's club or costco, go to their website because they sell travel. immediately, you might find you can cut the price. >> there is a place in mexico that is a good budget. tell us about it. >> this is a place called my a covid. i think it is so glamorous it is like a hidden away jim >> you fly into cancun and it is a 40 minute ride after their. the prices are right?
8:45 am
>> it is about 200. there were discounts depending on how long you stay so you can cut that price even more. >> take us to a beautiful place in the united states. >> i think we all felt back in love with the outdoors. think gosh i love being outside. i am going to take you to lake tahoe. i don't think there is anymore outdoorsy. this is a water with lodge. kayaking, you can obviously parasail, you can paraguay, you have fishing charters. look at that resort. is it affordable we are talking around 200 with a discount with looking ahead. you are right there on the lake. that resort has cabins on the lake. >> if you like nightlife, there is only one cool place to go. vegas.
8:46 am
>> vegas is one of my favorite places in the world. i apologize if i talk about vegas too much. this is a great deal. $35 is the starting rate at the flamingo. >> no it is not. what are you talking about? how can that be? >> they want to get you there. for families, the fling is amazing. there were bunkbed rooms this is the lovely side of the pool there is a wildlife habitat. you can go in, fish, birds, whatever, a lot of stuff for the family to do. >> you usually think of vegas for gambling buckets, through. people are getting back on cruises. >> yes they are. i will take you to a cruise to alaska. i think alaska is a classic crews. you really want to be on the water looking at the land. this line real alaska specialist
8:47 am
since alaska was the state of alaska, you're getting great deals on some of its voyages were kids sale free. >> give me an idea? >> it could be 359 prado's. and the kids sale free. for a week in alaska, look at the snow. do you remember? it is cold in the summer. >> if you want a warmer crews, you have one for us, to. >> if you don't want to pack your mittens, just you became a, i will take you to the caribbean. mse trevino, this gorgeous ship is very chic. mse has its own island in the caribbean. creating a party island, eight features what a conservation. you sale there get off and do whatever you want and then you can talk on other destinations like the bahamas or mexico. >> people are still going on cruises. they have vaccine policies and the whole 9 yards? >> the cruise industry
8:48 am
understands you have to be really careful. check for the travel agent. >> a family friendly place, pop over to florida. >> you know when you book a family location, you put the hotel of the travel in dc now i have to book whatever i am doing. wharton beach have solved the. these little adventure packs combine an activity with the food. you learn how to fish. >> that is equal idea. where do you stay there? >> go to the destined for audit beach cdd website. you can book these packages. there will be advice from local experts. >> carson, over to you. >> we are excited because we are cooking.
8:49 am
we have chef and author grace young was a delicious asian stirfry you can whip up in 5 minutes. you can make it through this commercial but we will wait for you. first, this is today on nbc. april: when i think about teacher appreciation day, i really think about all of the things teachers do that they think go unseen. rosy: my son's first grade teacher really made a difference. he went above and beyond. kiyoko: when a parent tells me that i've made a difference in their child's life, it means the world to me. terrence: when i think of my daughter's teachers, that's about as close to a superhero as you can be. announcer: because the california teachers association
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and we're back with >> sponsored by walmart we are back with our series today table sponsored by walmart. joining us is grace young, chef and author of the wisdom chinese kitchen. she is here to share one of her one pot meals. to go along with others, scan the qr code in order the ingredients. select add ingredients to schedule pickup and delivery. to have you here. what are be cooking today and where do we start? >> my mom's famous vegetable lo mein. this is one of the reasons i love vegetables as a child. i might get you to cut the cabbage and cut is like you will be cutting coleslaw. i have tried shiitake mushrooms here. what happens is you add cold water to the shiitake mushrooms. these have already been soaked. what you need to do is squeeze them and release any excess liquid and then remove the stems . and then just cut the caps
8:52 am
into fine shreds. so, it goes pretty fast. i love shiitake mushrooms because they have an intense meaty flavor. now i am going to fire up the walk. these are the lo mein noodles, we have already cooked them. now i want you to add soy sauce and sesame oil and toss it together. that is my mom's trick for infusing the noodles with flavor . the sesame oil prevents the noodles from sticking. >> we have our tasters over there. i was telling grace of my memory of the 1970s was this kind of wok. we have the old school wok here. >> this is my old wok. i bought this in chinatown years ago. it is a carbon steel wok. it gets better with age. it is natural monster, the traditional carbon steel wok.
8:53 am
the first thing i'm going to do is i'm going to swirl in a little oil. then i am adding my garlic. here is my spatula. the wok is talking to you the entire time. it is not very loud but you will hear a little bit of a sizzle. and i immediately add carrots. the shiitake mushrooms i already propped. i think you are the best. >> can we cut these noodles now? >> know. you don't have to cut some. they can go right there. we are stirfry anglers. and now i am swirling in the last two tablespoons of oil here . you look like a natural born
8:54 am
woker. >> we have a 79-year-old trying to get into vegetables. this will be worth trying. >> you have to stirfry. the motion is scooping, tossing. scooping, tossing. the scraping is okay. the wok is completely forgiving. there is absolutely no sticking. you have to keep the pan down because it is an induction burner. and then now we are going to these beautiful noodles. >> race is an incredible chef and author. what she is not telling you is the work she has done in chinatown, not just new york, but across the country. crushing it, doing great work. >> thank you.'t that fantastic?
8:55 am
i am swirling in. this is the liquid we saved from the mushrooms soaking liquid. it is full of faith flavor. we are adding in more flavor here. >> we have less than a minute. >> finally, this is soy sauce and oyster sauce. >> you can get all of this at any supermarket? >> exactly. >> what else did you have from your cookbook? >> this is cashew chicken. this is the vegetable lo mein. this is a fantastic way to get your family to love vegetables. this is the genius of the wok.
8:56 am
everybody wants to cook. it is so much fun and healthy. it is a delicious and fast. >> thank you so much. she will be back in the next hour. you can buy all the ingredients in this recipe and a lot more from our sponsor, walmart. or had to's table. today earns purchases -- a small portion through our website purchases. a quick check of your local news and weather.
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