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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 24, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> it appears that two responding officers were shot but are expected to be okay. the chief of police moments ago canceled all classes in that town. governor newsom has repeatedly called for stronger laws on gun safety and criticize republicans following the shooting. he tweeted out another shooting and the gop will not do athing about it. who are we if we cannot keep our kids safe. this is preventable. our inaction is a choice and we need nationwide comprehensive
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gun safety now. report on senator from texas ted cruz had this to say. heidi and i are lifting up the prayers of the family and children from this horrific shooting. we are in close contact with local officials but the precise details are still unfolding. thank you for the heroic law enforcement and first responders for acting so swiftly. in just a few days senator ted cruz and for president trump and governor greg abbott are scheduled to speak at a nra conference in houston. >> warrior coach steve kerr spoke about the tragedy moments ago visibly upset. >> since we left shootaround 14 children were killed and a teacher, and in the last 10 days we've had elderly black people killed in a supermarket in buffalo. we've had asian churchgoers killed in southern california.
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now we have children murdered at school. when are we going to do something? i am tired, so tired of getting up here and offering condolences to the devastated families that are out there. i am so tired of the moments of silence. enough! there is 50 senators right now who refuse to vote on hr 8, which is the background check rule that the house passed a couple of years ago and has been sitting there for two years. the reason they will not vote on it is to hold onto power. i ask all of you senators who refuse to do anything about the violence and school shootings and supermarket shootings, i asked you are you going to put your own desire for power ahead of the lives of our children
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and our elderly and our churchgoers? that is what it looks like. that is what we do every week. i am fed up and i have had enough. i am going to play the game tonight but i want every people listing to this, here tonight, do you think about your own child or grandchild, mother, father, sister or brother, how would you feel if it happened to you today? we cannot get numb to this and sit here and read about it and say another moment of silence. come on, let's go! that is what we are going to do. go play a basketball game. 50 senators in washington are going to hold onto posture, and 90% of americans regardless of the political party want to have universal background checks. 90% and we are being held hostage by 50 senators in washington who refuse to put it
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to a vote in spite of what we the american people want. they will not vote on it because they want to hold on to their own power. it is pathetic! i have had enough! >> visibly upset and he spoke just before the warriors game tonight. for bay area schools a painful reminder of the importance of preparing for a possible active shooter. >> which is confounding reality for every parent to think about. we are live in san jose with a look at the steps a school district is taking to protect the kids. it is unfathomable but so familiar. >> reporter: it truly is the new reality. i just spoke with the superintendent of franklin mckinley school district in san jose and said he requires both his teachers and students to do two drills every year preparing for an active shooter situation.
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right now there is no credible threat against any local school. as details emerge about the deadly elementary school shooting in texas school districts across the bay area said they will be listing and looking to learn from the tragedy, and strengthen their own preparation for a possible active shooter on campus. at franklin mckinley school district in san jose teachers conduct biannual drills to make sure the kids know how to react quickly to stay safe. >> to get away from the door and windows and create what we call an interior barricade. use your desk or anything you can move to create a barricade they hide behind. >> reporter: recently the district made an important change. >> one of the things we did was change our door locks so that anybody who has a school key can lock the door from the inside even if it is not the
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classroom or office. >> reporter: the district tells kids if there is ever a danger on the playground it is okay to write off campus to stay safe. many bay area schools have tightened security by limiting how many points of entry people can use to get on campus. tomorrow at franklin mckinley and every single school there will be social workers available to help students process what they saw in texas. reporting live back in san jose. president biden has ordered all flags to be flown at half staff because of the tragedy today. he was in asia when the shooting happened but is back at the white house now and expected to speak on the shooting in just a few minutes. we will bring you that speech live when it happens. just last week the president addressed the nation following a shooting massacre at a supermarket where 10 people was killed. we will follow the latest on
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this story on line and as soon as we hear of days we will bring them to you. you can track developments on if you feel like you need some help processing this tragedy you can call the california youth crisis line. this line is open to everyone 24 hours a day, and you can find the number on our website at, on the trending bar. a workplace mass shooting was averted here. san jose police arrested a man who they say had a plan and an arsenal to carry it out. the news was broken on twitter this morning and we are joined with exclusive video of the weapons that was seized. >> reporter: the suspect bryan velasquez said he has no comments. but court records show the coworkers feel something catastrophic was about to happen. it took an entire table to layout the weapons from the man
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they believed was about to go on a rampage. >> this is a semi automatic rifle, ar 15 style. >> the reason it is illegal is because they have an attachable magazine and a pistol grip. >> reporter: police arrested bryan velasquez last week and he had been fired from the san jose company that wishes to remain anonymous out of fear. he sent threatening emails to former coworkers including a video of himself floating and shooting guns and information that he knew where the former coworkers lived. >> the combination of threats and harassment and firearms are particularly deadly. >> reporter: a months long investigation ensued, and the mass shooting at a buffalo supermarket took 10 lives. the sergeant said he knew he had to act fast. >> he gave me a lot of anxiety and stress that we was not moving fast enough and doing everything we could to stop
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this person. >> reporter: with the arrest the chief said they may have prevented the worst. >> there is an individual who has animosity and hatred and anger towards others. this was averted. a mass shooting i believe was averted. >> reporter: tonight velasquez is out on $50,000 bail and faces one felony count of stalking and other potential gun charges. if convicted he could spend up to six years in prison. >> the goal of the prosecution will be to permanently disarm this individual. he also could be a convicted felon who cannot possess firearms again. >> reporter: the guns will go to the evidence locker as the owner has to explain his actions to the judge. we are a couple of days away from the one-year anniversary of another mass shooting, one of the darkest days in the san jose history.
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night coworkers was killed at the vta railyard. the city council proclaimed a day of remembrance for the victims. that rotunda will be lit in colors of white, dark blue and light blue. >> there are no words that we can offer that will be able to express the profound loss we experienced last year. the committee of vta was challenged, and we roast together and grew in unity. >> on thursday another ceremony will be led by city and county officials to honor the victims. let's change the subject a little bit. this is alignment look where temperatures are close to 100 degrees, increasing the fire danger all over the area. jeff it was so hot today and we had to have broken some records. >> we definitely did and you can see the current numbers over the past half hours. we have it up to 100 degrees in
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santa rosa. oakland is at 85 degrees. 99 degrees in livermore. san jose with a new record. you will see one more day of these hot temperatures inland from this area of high pressure. that will keep the highest fire danger here in the central valley. some on and off wind gusts of 40 miles per hour. the thing that we are looking forward to right now is not only cooler temperatures but maybe the chance for some showers. i have a brand-new update on this and when he can get here in about eight minutes. still ahead riding along. what mount diablo high school is doing tonight to honor japanese-american students. a new plan to help save the climate in practice with the
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and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. house speaker nancy pelosi went public with her reaction to the san francisco archbishop banning her from taking communion.
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the archbishop last week instructed the priest in his diocese to bar the speaker from receiving communion. today the speaker was asked why the archbishop has not denied community to other politicians who share her views. she said it is not about religion but the politics of abortion. >> the same people are against contraceptives and family planning and in vitro fertilization. they use abortion as the front man for it while they try to undo so much. >> nancy pelosi is a faithful churchgoer. she attended mass over the weekend and did receive communion. a long overdue mount diablo class of 2022 is a little larger than plan. some former students that was denied a diploma eight decades ago will finally be honors. >> having to be pulled away from high school, having to
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pack up everything in two suitcases and be hauled away to a camp. >> reporter: karen describes what her uncle endured at 17 years old. ripped from mount diablo high school and sent to an internment camp with his family during world war ii. >> just because of what we looked like. cause we looked like the enemy. >> reporter: along with 40 other graduates at mount diablo high school never got a chance to earn a high school diploma but tonight the school hopes to finally make amends. >> i was shocked to learn that people who attended my school had to go through something so bad. it was shocking. >> reporter: when the school ethnic studies students learned the japanese-american students never got there diplomas they set out to change that.
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it took the students two years of writing letters and making speeches to convince the school board. they just got the word in march their efforts have paid off. tonight diplomas will be issued in the name of each of the 40 students. >> it is a small gesture on our behalf and we understand it is 80 years too late. we wanted to tell them they have been added to us and are a part of our community. >> he would be humbled and overjoyed. >> reporter: the niece and nephew will accept the diploma on the uncles behalf. the army veteran died in 2007. he and his three brothers all fought in world war ii, one of them dying in combat earning the purple heart. >> they was faithful to their country and that is why they
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served in the war to prove their worth basically as an american. >> reporter: they say they are faithful to the kids who fought to right a wrong and getting the diploma means everything to their family. >> i wish he was here to get it himself. we have some breaking news as you see firefighters are battling a house fire on el dorado street. you can see smoke is coming out of the attic. they are spraying water from above and from the ground. many power lines are down. you are asked to stay away from this area. of third alarm just called and they are doing it with hot temperatures. fortunately no gusty winds today. we will bring new information as soon as we get it. the crackdown to protect our climate and crisis. waterways could face six penalties if a new plant passes.
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the valley water district is voting on a plan to create new penalties and the rules will limit how often people can use water outdoors. water wasters could be fined up to $10,000, and the district will hire the workers to enforce the penalties. if it passes it begins next wednesday. the spring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri and we have a fire and the temperatures are not helping. >> that's right and you can see some of the hottest today in temperatures getting up to 100 degrees in santa rosa. i'll alto at 95 degrees. i do see one more day of this hot weather through the inland valleys as we head through tomorrow from this area of high pressure. we will see that seabreeze kicking it by tomorrow afternoon. overall we will see numbers dropping a few degrees.
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but again a spec some of that heat through the inland valleys. tomorrow morning we can look for some mostly sunny skies and mild to warm temperatures. 64 degrees here and southbay at 63 degrees. san francisco will start off in the 50s. over to the east bay 62 degrees. down to the southbay you will see the forecast again as it will stay warm with temperatures 50-20 degrees above average in some cases. check this out in gilroy. not near as hot at 89 degrees and that is because of the seabreeze that is moving in from the south. over to the east bay isolated heat. over to danville with the mid to upper 90s. 79 degrees in oakland. cooler numbers on the peninsula. san francisco some 70s through downtown and then cold in the marina. to the north bay lots of 90s.
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number starting to drop off as we hit thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. i wanted to share some new information we are seeing headed into this upcoming weekend. we are looking at a storm system off to the north, and the best rain chances with stay away from us. but as it passes through northern california a possibility of maybe getting some spotty showers as we head through sunday morning. this would mean the chance of some sierra snow sunday night into monday. it would be enough to throw you a curveball if you are headed up to the sierra this weekend. i wanted to make sure that you got that if you are planning a trip. on the 7-day forecast a slight chance of showers for san francisco and back into the 60 this weekend. memorial day is looking good with sun and a few clouds.
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79 degrees on thursday and we stay with more comfortable temperatures as we head through this upcoming week. keep an eye on the possible shower chance and more updates coming up at 5:30 pm. coming up it is getting harder to make it in the bay. the bay area city where the rent is the highest. do you want to get in on a little-known housing secret? in our new streaming secret overpriced and overwhelmed and over it. we investigate why these prices just keep getting higher. >> you can watch episode 1 right now on amazon tv are your fire tv by downloading the nbc bay area app. come back tomorrow for episode 2, landlord concessions.
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♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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california senate unanimously passed a bill that protects the dna of sexual assault survivors. these two to work together on the bill and prohibits law enforcement from keeping the dna profiles of sexual assault survivors in a searchable database. they say it protects the privacy of survivors and encourages more people to come forward and report crime. they can consent to a exam where the dna is gathered. a quick glance of wind making it in the bay is so difficult. san francisco is the most expensive city with one-bedroom units going for $3000 a month. the big surprises in the southbay campbell.
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sunnyvale sold their rent prices dropped 5%, but it is still the third most expensive city with a one-bedroom going for $2700. gearing up for pride in the city and we will show you preparations for the pink triangle illumination up next.
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as we draw closer to p.r.i.d.e. month a call for help is going out. >> the lights of the triangle can be seen from 20 miles away. volunteers on twin peaks laid the groundwork for the famous symbol. for decades it was made from canvas and now that it is made from thousands of pink lights organized need help setting it up. >> today, tomorrow and thursday we are putting up the infrastructure which is about 120 polls -- [ class is being polled ] seven feet tall, and you have to ratchet them down to have a lot of tension. >> to two miles of shiny pink streamers will be suspended below the cable so it makes a statement at day and at night. >> you can watch us live on amazon fire and apple tv.
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>> there is a lot happening and we are tracking the new information coming out of texas. we are awaiting president by then who will address the nation following this latest school shooting. we will take you live to the white house in just a few minutes. also what we are learning about the gunman in texas and the bay area response. the heartaches of the small community also justified of san antonio. >> there are families who are in mourning right now and the state of texas is in mourning with them for the realities of these parents not being able to pick up their children. >> unfortunately and tragically the united states is no stranger to mass shootings at our schools. our investigative unit is digging into the latest information for us. the first monkeypox case have been identified in california and why the cdc is issuing a travel advisory and


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