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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  May 25, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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country. >> we joined our political analyst and what we can realistically expect on our lawmakers. and the two-year anniversary of george floyd's death president biden signed an executive order on policing. what it plans on addressing. more baby formula has arrived in the u.s. where it is heading and why only certain babies can use it. the news at 5:30 starts right now. good wednesday. starts now and i am janelle wang. >> is clear this kind of school shooting can and does happen across the country. details are emerging about what happened at robb elementary school at this tightknit small town and this is a visual happening at the county fair? in uvalde. a middle-class town that was
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his high school football and local churches. investigators say the shooting started at the gunman's grandmother's house, about a half a mile from the house. he shot his grandmother and took her truck. she crashed her black truck in a ditch. soon after, a gun battle with law enforcement officers at the school. let's bring in brie jackson from washington d.c. free, the country united by the great but divided by solutions going forward. yes, that is right and good evening, rog and janel. this is a place our country has been in before. he and the first lady plan to travel to uvalde, texas with the president challenged members to do something. lawmakers expressed sadness over another deadly mass shooting we see anger and frustration after lawmakers
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have repeatedly failed to take legislative action to address gun violence. >> reporter: police investigating another mass shooting. across the country people morning the elementary school children and teachers killed in texas. >> when, in god's name, will we do what needs to be done to stop and fundamentally change the amount of carnage that goes on in this country. >> all-too-familiar condolences coming from capitol hill. >> the innocent lives taken by this pointless brutalities. >> reporter: still no signs of action to stop mass shootings. efforts to pass new gun legislation have repeatedly failed. two house passed bills expanding background checks stalled in the senate democrats blame republicans. >> too many members on that side care more about the nra and they do about families who
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grieve. victims of gun violence. >> reporter: violence parents impacted by school shootings worn will happen again expect the next one is being planted now. >> reporter: some school systems have beefed up security to better protect schools and teachers. texas authorities say armed officers failed to stop him from entering the school. there are concerns about someone so young legally purchasing a deadly weapon. >> i want to work with the legislature to change that. i want it to be 21. >> while the families of the 10 people killed at a buffalo supermarket put their well loved ones to rest, in texas the community is just coming together degrees. >> senate majority leader, chuck schumer, that the senate will not rush a vote on legislation to address gun violence. we are told senator schumer is giving lawmakers 10 days to hash out some kind of a
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bipartisan deal and then the senator plans to bring a vote to the floor and some kind of legislation because senator schumer says he wants the public to see exactly where lawmakers stand when it comes to this issue of interesting gun violence. xavier lopez. we mentioned the love and support and the anger. the governor was interrupted by beto o'rourke, the democratic candidate for governor he called out governor abbott for doing nothing following several mass shootings in that state. >> if you want a solution of universal background checks red flag logs or extreme risk protection orders which stop the shooting before it happens. if you want all solution, safe storage laws. >> he interrupted the governor and held a makeshift news conference outside. governor abbott blamed the shooting and mental health challenges and did not mention munch about the easy access to
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assault rifles. >> we want to explore the idea of universal background checks for joining us now as a political analyst, dr. larry kersten. larry, thank you so much for joining us. the mass shooting in buffalo when the shooting massacre at a church in orange county yesterday shooting at an elementary school in texas. it seems like these mass shootings are happening more often. >> janel, good evening. if it seems like they are happening more often, it is because they are happening more often. this is not an illusion. the data here are overwhelming. the organization known as gun violence archives. they call a mass shooting four people hurt or killed. that's a mass shooting. there have been more than 200 of them this year alone. so many, that when we hear about four or five it doesn't pay to listen to it. only when we hear big ones, like this one.
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213 mass shootings, and a number of them in the schools. 27 mass shootings in k-12 schools this year. that is 1.5 mass shootings per week. so, you know, one this week, odds are there are one or two next week and so on and so on and the shootings keep coming. >> it is terrible to think of. consult supporters are calling on congress for the basic level of universal background checks as the first step to address this crisis. this has been talked about for decades. is there data on whether or not a universal background check will work, and. these shooting massacres? >> is data. four of the reason you want universal background checks, so many deals are done one person to another. two out of four purchases are private. there is no universal
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background check that is something behind the thinking there. yes, there is data. the survey came out just about a year ago from morning consult in political and what do you see? 84% support, 84% support background checks. universal background checks. 91 democrats. independence 82. republicans, 77%. three out of every four republicans, three out of every four republican voters favors the universal background check. it is a hard thing to look away from. >> larry, there is bipartisan support. why can't they pass it? is it about money or power? quickly, let us know. >> is about all those things. four things. the gun manufacturer spends a ton of money on the nra could give the two elected officials. republicans are afraid of losing elections with that data that we showed you as well.
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some people believe it's peer and cannot be touched. and fourth, the most important, janel, the public has to get behind this and not forget as i have week after week after week. >> people are being vocal now. dr. larry kersten, thank you so much for your time. there are 100 senators and it takes 60 of them to immediately change our gun laws. among the senators who support it's california's alex padilla. no other developed country has to deal with mass shootings like we do here. >> now some folks suggest arming teachers or providing more armed presence on school campus will make them safer, if more guns were the answer u.s. would be the safest nation in the world. but it is not the case. >> senator padilla is pressing work on safety legislation.
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>> raj we want to talk about the 21 people who lost their lives. remembering them in the way their loved ones describe them. a 10-year-old javier lopez. his mother described him as full of life and never wanted to shy away from the camera and could not wait for a summer full of swimming. a 10-year-old jose torres junior. jose love baseball and going to school. he got an award for making the honor roll. there is a 10-year-old eliana cruz torres also killed in the shooting. his grandfather said she was full of energy enter and that her final game was scheduled the day of the shooting. and this is alithia ramirez. her father said she wanted to be an artist and entered a doodle for google contest. our thoughts and prayers with the victims and we will share more stories throughout our
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newscast and we have much more on what is being done to protect her children at 6:00 p.m. the steps in place at one bay area and how technology could be used to prevent other shootings stay with us at 6:30. lester holt is live on the ground in xavier lopez with a special edition of nbc nightly news. today is a significant anniversary in this country and it has been two years since the death of george boyd george floyd was murdered on memorial day of 2020 when a minneapolis police officer held his knee on ford's neck for more than nine minutes. video sparked nationwide protests and calls for police reform today the president signed the order which addresses federal law enforcement agencies requiring them to review and revise the use of force rules and the order provides incentives to state and local law enforcement to improve their policing
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practices. >> a fedex plane carrying the second shipment of baby formula touched on in dulles international airport. 1.5million bottles headed to hospitals, pharmacies for kids who are allergic to cow's milk. the first shipment of 70,000 pounds of baby formula arrived in indiana three days ago. part of president biden's operation fly formula and the effort to ease the baby shortage following the closure of abbott nutrition in michigan. up next. we catch our breath and continue our celebration of a api month. how delicious food can bring together different asian cultures. i am chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. clouds returning tomorrow even some drivel with the full outlook in eight minute.
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. we continue our celebration of a api month. one of the things every culture shares is a look for food, right, janel? chinese food and india food. we see a metaphor for things that help unify several asian cultures. >> in san francisco's greek tenderloin a stretch of larkin street known as little saigon.
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the sizzle will lead you to the kitchen of hello sand ridge and noodle. for the family they stroked the families of traditional dishes from her native vietnam. sandwiches and spring rolls are some of the taste of her country. but when new year's rolls around you are likely to find her in her kitchen making a version of a dish. sticky rice stuffed in leaves. >> i learned in my country. >> this uses banana leaf. >> here i have cooked rice, among not being, we use pork belly. >> looking on is literally low, the chinatown activist interested. >> that's all you have. >> yes. >> there is an art to folding and tying the leaves so water doesn't get in when you boil it. >> how long have you been doing it?
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a long time. >> one time, to time? >> how long do you cook these? >> eight hours. >> simple and intricate. >> it is a lot of work. young people will not learn and it takes too long. >> and chinatown, ae's restaurant you find ducks and geese hanging in the window, chopped to go. today there is a gathering to make the cantonese version. >> jonathan translates for our shy master who does not want to give her name or reveal how long she's been making the dish. >> she does not want to give away her age or expect from the look of her skills she's had plenty of practice. >> sticky rice mixed with peanuts and then pork belly and then some chinese sausage. assaulted a yoke. >> cantonese is made with bamboo and a few more ingredients. versions can differ by country and sometimes by neighborhood.
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>> sometimes mushrooms and water chestnuts. there are variations and vietnam and korea and some kind of sticky rice thing. >> he has organized cooking classes and it transitions passed down through generations across multiple cultures which he hopes will continue. >> people in china know how to make it. the young generation does not how to do it. we just want to bring the culture back. >> in the great melting pot, traditions are sometimes boiled down and forgotten. but maybe a simple dish of leaves, stuffed with rice, can bring people together across cultures and generations. the taste of the old country here in the new one. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> lucky joe. he just ate his way through san francisco tasting delicious
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food. my mouth is watering. thanks, joe. celebrate a api heritage to watch that one. >> there is a dish janel where you wrap up fish and other things in that banana leaf and steaming. >> i'm starving. >> that looks good. >> how are you doing, jeff. we might be seeing rain or precipitation? >> a slight chance for a few showers and we will get you ready for that. tonight i am hungry after seeing that story. we will have these numbers dropping off. not quite as uncomfortable. be your favorite restaurant to detour things here at midweek. walnut creek 95 degrees. a breeze coming out of the west at 17. anytime you see a westwind it's colder. it will drop things off dramatically. by 8:00 p.m. 73 degrees and eventually, 60s
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coming in. we see the westerly wind pickup from the fog coming in from the coast. look at this tower in in san francisco as the fog moves in. much chillier here in san francisco. 62 degrees and 50 is underway tonight. the impact is large a cursory across the northbay. 14 napa, 10 san francisco down 9 degrees in san jose. setting us up for cooler changes tomorrow and check this off. we started off with wide spread cover here. spotty drizzle at the coastline. cloud cover lingers as we head through tomorrow. mostly cloudy to partly sunny expected for us and a real sharp change after all the heat and sunshine we've had lately. we will started off here on the chillier side with a lot of 50s here across the bay area. as we roll through tomorrow numbers down 10 degrees or 20 degrees. instead of 90s down to 78 in
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san jose. inland was paid 90s-100. 75 danville, 68 hayward. chilly in san mateo 67. palo alto 64. san francisco 50s and 60s across the board and through the northbay. 72 napa. 72 lovato. 62 in the valley. this is the first parts of changes with more stuff headed our way as we head into the weekend a slight chance of a spotty shower on saturday morning. nothing that will ruin the weekend. storm system just off to the north. saturday morning a slight chance. as we head through sunday 15 to 25 miles per hour. by monday it looks good for memorial day with 56 for san francisco. inland valleys no more 90s to 100. 79 tomorrow through sunday. 80s returning monday, tuesday
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and wednesday. a pretty good weekend coming our way. >> looks pretty pleasant. thanks, jeff. >> thanks, jeff. the war in ukraine rages on. vladimir putin's latest plan to gain strongholds in ukraine.
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village five village. putin bolstering his hold on civilians by giving them a fast path to russian citizenship there is concern over the blockaded port city of odesa. with no ships going in or out many countries will not get the green ukraine produces which will raise prices and deprive nations of a reliable food source. long covid is a problem for many people. getting vaccinated may keep you going to the hospital but a new study says vaccines do not help for long covid. researchers looked at medical records for more than 147,000 people and found vaccinations made little difference from preventing people from developing lasting covid symptoms. researchers hope future vaccinations may better address long covid. up next. the warriors, like so many of us are trying to process what happened in texas, the players
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and coaches speaking out about the massacre. before we go to break we remember the lives lost yesterday. this is a 10-year-old rojelio torres. his family says he was hard- working, helpful and very intelligent. a 10-year-old ellie garcia was killed. her favorite sport was this? this is supersonic wifi from xfinity. it's fast. like, ready-for- major-gig-speeds fast. like riding-a-cheetah fast. isn't that right, girl? whoa! it can connect hundreds of devices at once. [ in unison ] that's powerful. couldn't have said it better myself. and with three times the bandwidth, the gaming never has to end. slaying is our business. and business is good. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything.
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. the warriors are back in the bay area after losing last night in dallas.
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the tragedy in texas weighs heavy on their minds. >> the warriors are not afraid to speak up and speak out. here is anthony flores. >> reporter: after allowing 20 three-pointers last night in dallas the warriors dropped their first game of the western conference finals. >> else was great. the executed and played with more force and we let them get into a groove once they get into a three-point groove it's tough to get them out of it focusing on basketball was a challenge for the warriors after a deadly shooting at a texas elementary school earlier in the day. coach kerr made an impassioned plea for lawmakers to take more action on gun control. >> they won't vote on it because they want to hold onto their own power. it's pathetic. i've had enough. >> reporter: a father of three stuffed braces steve kersh
5:59 pm
words were powerful, and important. >> i have kids and i send them to school every day and you drop them off. you feel for the parents going through what they are going through. i cannot even imagine the pain. i accept the challenge to try to figure out a way to again, use my voice and hopefully make change. >> the warriors will shift their focus to the game plan for game five of the western conference finals. with the wood the warriors would eliminate the mavericks and earn a trip to the nba finals for the sixth time in the last season. >> closing time is talk. you have to strap up on defense. when we go home, game five and figure out the first quarter. >> so far the warriors are undefeated at home in this year's playoff run. ellie garcia is tomorrow night
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at chase center. anthony flores, nbca area. >> thank you, anthony. let's bring in jessica. >> right out at 6:00 a lot of anxious parents across the country in the bay area as they drop their own kids off. the steps and east bay district is taking or try to solve or east some of those fears. we really talked about things we are doing immediately, long- term strategies around social emotional learning and mental health, mental well-being. turning to technology. the options the silicon valley is producing that could one they prevent school shootings struck the governors of two of the biggest states in this country. by the governor newsome and the texas governor are trading barbs. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thank you for


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