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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 26, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now, the shock is wearing off, and the grief is starting to settle in. the growing tributes to the victims of tuesday's school shooting in uvalde, texas, and the unfolding investigation, with the focus now on the timeline and the suspects history. >> here in the bay area, a memorial planned to honor nine
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employees that were killed one year ago as they were starting their day. there are efforts to make sure that they are never forgotten. this is today in the bay, broadcasting live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. another difficult start to our day. thank you so much for joining us. >> i am marcus washington. let's go to our meteorologist and talk about the cool down in the valley. >> it has been so hot, lots of records have been set but we will start the field with cool air coming in, and our temperatures to start off this morning are mostly in the 50s. we are seeing temperatures anywhere from 48 in sonoma 27 three in vacaville. we will see this in our inland areas. stay in the 70s today. it will be a big cooldown in some spots, at least 25 degrees lower than it was yesterday.
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livermore headed for 78 degrees today after hitting 100 yesterday. oakland will reach up to 68 degrees this afternoon. we will be taking a look at our holiday weekend, coming up in a few minutes. also, we will have a look at the weekend ahead, how are we looking? >> up to the north bay, in vallejo, i heard about a traffic rate. it sounds like they are just moving some construction equipment. that is typical. they are getting away from the bridge and heading up through vallejo. this backup should be short- lived. there may be another issue that has cleared south of walnut creek. we are okay right now. back over to you. for the bay area and our team here, on today in the bay, today is a day that we will never forget. one year ago, two hours from now, if disgruntled workers started shooting at the railroad in downtown san jose. be the deadliest mass shooting
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in bay area history, a private memorial will be held for employees and their families at the sight of where the violence took place. then, at 9:00 this morning a public recognition ceremony will go underway at a new resiliency center that was established following the massacre. jeff rosen will lead that ceremony. i spoke exclusively with the mayor about what he remembers about that day, and about the changes that he pushed to make sense, coming up in our next half hour. hearts are already heavy, the entire nation is morning the loved ones that were lost in the deadly school shooting area here is a lie look outside of robb elementary school . families were supposed to be planning for summer vacation, having fun with the kids. this is the final week of school and now they are planning a funeral. >> uvalde is uniting to mourn their victims. we follow the latest
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developments. >> reporter: pain, and grief in uvalde one, texas, hundreds have come together, many are still in shock, holding each other up. unsure if they have tears left, remembering and honoring the 21 victims. >> our hearts are broken. we are devastated. >> the memorial stretches across texas, and then o, signs the names of the victims. another in the capital of austin. savannah guthrie speaks with the father of joe garza, seen here beating as she was named to the honor roll during the award ceremony on tuesday. this is just hours before she died. >> i want to honor her name
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area and i want her to be remembered as the type of person that she was. not staining her name with the tragedy that happened. >> reporter: lester holt spoke with a girl, still clutching her teddy bear. >> did you hear the shooting? >> it sounded like banging, but our teacher said it was fireworks. we knew they were not fireworks, so everyone was panicking. my friend michael was by the window. he kept saying that someone got shot >> reporter: that's a lot for anyone to deal with. how are you doing today? >> i'm doing better. >> reporter: you got to talk to someone today? >> yeah. >> reporter: among the other victims identified, alanna torres, a student and athlete that love soft ball. fourth-grader use i a garcia, third-grader annabelle rodriguez killed in the same
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classroom as her cousin. josi florez. xavier lopez. alecia ramirez, rogelio torres and allie garcia. authorities had confirmed that all of them were in a single classroom led by irma garcia and eva mireles, friends and co- teachers for the past five years. irma garcia was an avid hiker, and the fun of the party. a relative also called eva mireles a hero, citing law enforcement saying that she used her body to shield her children from the attackers. i have worked for this district for 30 years. i never thought that i would be sitting in front of you doing this today. please, pray for our teachers, pray for our community. we will move forward. >> another american town,
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shattered, that will remember these names and faces forever. back here, locally, and outcry for lawmakers to truly do something to prevent another mass shooting from happening. the name and the age of each victim was read aloud, and the memorial in foster city. among the speakers calling for change was a young student. >> i want our country to be better. i hope that someday we will not be worried that this will happen to our loved ones. >> organizers encouraged people last night to lobby to their lawmakers in order to make change. details out of sacramento following a late-night vote, the assembly pushes forward with gun laws. can california influence the rest of the country? here is trump too, with more on the growing debate.
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>> reporter: the california state assembly enhances a package of six gun violence prevention bills, heading to the senate. the bills include limiting ghost guns, and panic gun shows that the torah county fairgrounds. assemblywoman buffy wicks cited that these bills will strengthen gun laws, something that she says that the federal government is not doing. >> i am so angry at their lack of action on this issue. i hope that this is the wake-up call that they need to do what their constituents want. 90% of americans regardless of party ideology one federal background checks. >> the debate over how to deal with mass shootings taking center stage during a press, it's in texas. the state governor, greg abbott was confronted by candidate for governor beto o'rourke . >> have universal background checks. he won a solution?
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red flag laws, or extreme risk protection orders, stopping a shooting before it happens. >> reporter: governor abbott slammed gun control approaches, saying that it is not a real solution. >> we need to realize that the people who think that maybe we can just implement tougher gun laws, it will solve it. chicago, la, and new york disprove that thesis. >> reporter: governor newsom had a stern response. >> added just named the state of california. i would caution him from doing that. particularly, if you just go to the cdc website, and you look at the murder rate in 2020, it was 67% higher than the state of california in 2020. >> that is how the governor feels, but not everyone agrees. >> the firearms academy trader harold johnson says that changing laws will not save lives. >> nationwide, it will not do
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anything. there are more guns than people, more ammunition than people. >> reporter: michelle hurd, today in the bay. is a calls for reform rollout, we know all well the pain of gun violence. former congressman gabby giffords will arrive at a gun safety form, held in san francisco's mission different. giffords is herself a gun violence survivor. you may remember that she survived the assassination attempt at an arizona camp pain stop. the form begins at 5:00 tonight. stay with us for the latest on the tragic shooting in uvalde, on our website, that way you can find ways to help the community there. there are several company pages that have been set up for the victims of the shootings. have also posted the link to all of that information. a pine valley company was getting their workers a raise,
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as retail employees push for better pay. a $150 million settlement, we will tell you what you may have seen on your social media feed, leading to a big payout, and changes from twitter. stay with us. you are watching today in the bay.
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start at 50 degrees. it is going to be a much cooler day, nice and refreshing area and we are going to keep that heading into the holiday weekend. we will take a look at all of our microclimates coming up >> it is not about on the golden gate bridge, today, the fog will have you working in some tough gusty breezes. i can keep you moving mutely. here's bertha. >> good morning mike, good morning to you, i am bertha from cnbc. wall street looks like it will open higher, despite a disappointing forecast from chip giant nvidia last night, the company is seen as a bellwether in the tech sector, gaming chips, and tips for economist writing. we had a new driver this morning, we have just had news of an acquisition, broad, is acquiring vm ware.
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that will get tech stocks a lot higher. the markets right yesterday, the nasdaq read the way, bouncing back with a gain of 1 1/2%. the dow, nasdaq and s and er on track to be positive for the week. that could mean that if it holds, the dow will finally lose its eight week losing streak. today, we are waiting on reports of jobless claims, that we get every thursday. pending home sales and a second read on first order gdp, or economic growth. in the mean time, apple says that they will raise pay for corporate and retail workers later this year, apple will hike the starting pay for retail employees from $20-$22 an hour, this comes after google, amazon and. have adjusted their pay scale in recent weeks. an effort to attract and retain workers. there's a lot of competition out there. apple is also facing union
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drives at the retail stores with employees pushing for higher wages. twitter will pay $150 million to settle allegations that they used private information such as phone numbers, and email addresses to send targeted ads after telling users that the data was being collected for security reasons. the federal trade commission allows twitter to put new state guards in place. the ftc is part of a much bigger five million dollar agreement in 2019. marcus and laura, you click these things all the time saying do not track me, and yet i am always skeptical. >> i am with you. >> thanks, bertha. with parents already nervous here in the bay area, a school district is revealing about the recent threats of gun violence. we will tell you who police say is now in custody.
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how often do you get a new phone? why swapping out your device might be costing you battery power, and what you can do to fix it. we will be right back.
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a great thursday morning to you. we take a light look outside. this is the san mateo bridge. let's check in with mike, you have a look at that morning commute?
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>> it is cooler right now, which i think is great. kerry has the forecast coming up . let's take a look over here in tennessee, where we have the issue. north 87, the on ramp expressway, there is a crash working. we need a few more minutes until the tow truck gets there. no major injuries. 87 is moving smoothly. the on-ramp, all the way to downtown, both sides of the bay with no major delay yet. carrie, look at this. our camera, from time to time, we have of wind out of there. >> it will be kind of windy as the cold front drops in area and we will have a big change in our temperature. however, for now it is all nice and quiet as we take a look at our clearview and san jose. we have seen the fog rolling in . you can see it on the camera. this is really going to cool us off. as we go into the weekend it is going to linger, especially for those early hours. looking at our high temperatures, coming down off of 90 degrees in san jose, 78
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degrees for this afternoon area and we will also see temperatures in the east bay reaching into the mid to upper 70s. danville reaches 75 degrees, staying in the 60s with oakland in hayward. upper 50s in half moon bay, about 67 degrees. upper 50s in the outer sunset area, and 53 in the mission district area and 62 in mill valley while clearlake heads up to 82 degrees. there is a wide range of temperatures from the coastal areas to our inland valleys, but much more of a stronger ocean breeze will be helping us cool off temperatures. still, there will be gusty winds in order to continue into the afternoon. we are looking at the high winds in the ocean breeze, also, ray nearby going into the weekend. that will keep us cool into early next week. we are going be some gusty wind . looking at our temperature trend for napa, we will cool off quite a bit for the weekend, and then we will heat up early next week.
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temperatures are in the upper 70s. we are looking at a very nice memorial day weekend, it will be windy with highs in the 60s in san francisco. turning now to our climate crisis, something you use every single day. multiple times a day. your cell phone. how often do you get a new model? it could be a major impact on the environment and here is our meteorologist with this week's climate attack. >> reporter: when it comes to my phone i try to keep it for as long as possible. however, when it is time to replace it, what is everyone doing with their old phone? >> reporter: the average person replaces their phone every two years. they are made of cobalt and lithium. mining those things take a big amount of electricity and water. it is time for your climate hack. >> the best tip is to not replace your phone unless it is
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a solidly necessary, like if it is broken. i know the latest models can beat him. if it is time to replace your old phone, did you know that there is a proper way that you can recycle them? reggie you cannot throw your old phone in your recycle bin. it will end up in a landfill in things worse. instead, look for stores that offer a drop off location. i might even offer you a credit towards a new one. what is the payoff? the epa says that if america recycles 50 million pounds per year, we could cut greenhouse gas emissions by 630,000 tons. it could save enough energy to power more than 194,000 homes. that is just about the size of the city of hayward. >> check out more climate hacks and stories like that on tran three. click on the climate in crisis. this morning, fremont
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police are reporting the threat of gun violence in a bay area school. officers have said that a 17- year-old student at american high school had made threats on social media. he had allegedly claimed that he was going to shoot a school employee and then opened fire on an unnamed secondary school. the student was arrested, no guns were found at his home. the superintendent released a statement saying in part that they hateful words and threats of violence strike at the heart of the diverse community that we celebrate. these messages dishonor our entire school community, and more directly impact specific students and staff. it is a big night i had for the lawyers, the championship hopes could become a reality. that is next on today in the bay, what fans expect as they look for another trophy to add to their case. happening now, san francisco state university is getting ready to hold their first in-person graduation ceremony since 2000 19. it will take place later today, and it won't be just this
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year's graduation, members of classes of 2000 20 and 2021 will get a chance to walk on stage. that event happens tonight, and that this year's class will be honored tomorrow. we will be right back. i'm so glad sauced & loaded fries are back. yea. i really missed this. i missed us. to my fries—and to my guys. my $3.50 triple cheese & bacon sauced & loaded fries. order on the jack app today.
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kick off the party with my triple cheese & bacon sauced & loaded fries. yep. my famous curly fries smothered in three melty cheeses and bacon are back.'re drooling. my $3.50 triple cheese & bacon sauced & loaded fries. order on the jack app today. tonight would be a perfect night for a celebration, especially if you are a warriors fan. >> let's just hope that tonight is the night. the night for a conference championship area at the warriors lead three games to one in their playoff series. the last game, last game in dallas was pretty ugly, and the mavericks finally one. okay, so the warriors went tonight, if they do, that would
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be great. they will return to the nba finals. if they lose, then they would have to win in dallas on saturday. right here at home is where it is. >> we are on a good role. all right, this morning, a day that no one will ever forget. a disgruntled worker started shooting at the railyard in san jose. next, we go one-on-one with the mayor, sam accardo, as family members contribute to nine workers killed nine years ago today.
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may 26th is a day etched into bay area memory. >> reporter: and disgruntled worker opened fire at a railyard in san jose, killing nine. the victims families are still left grieving, trying to make sense of the tragic event. >> it is the most emotionally painful experience that i can recall. i hope that we as a community never experience that again. >> reporter: we go one-on-one with san jose's mayor, as bay area leaders pay tribute to those that were lost one year ago. the emotional day comes on the heels of another deadly mass shooting at a school in texas. the investigation


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