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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 26, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> 331! that's 85, so much right outside the door. i'm scared. >> a disgruntled worker opened fire at a bt rail yard in san jose, killing nine. victims' families, still left grieving and trying to make sense of the tragic events. >> the most emotionally painful experience in all of my years here. i hope we, as a community, never have to experiences that again. >> we go one-on-one with san jose area leaders and mayor to pay trivia to those lost one year ago. >> this emotional day comes on the heel of another deadly mass shooting. a school in texas. the investigation there, as the bay area reflects and calls for you action to be taken. this is a special edition of "today in the bay," streaming live on roku, amazon fire tv and apple tv.
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>> we'll get to more on that in a bit. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i marcus washington. the people of uvalde, and across the country, for that matter, in mourning for the school shooting that killed 19 children and 2 teachers. we are learning more about all of the victims this morning. we now know that at least five of those victims were fourth- graders. let's take a look right now. this is outside of robb elementary school. you can see there, like crosses are up to remember the 21 lives lost tuesday. >> among the children lost, 10- year-old jace 51 and his cousin, siltuero. jason's grandfather said, he used making a pot of coffee every day. her parents said, she didn't want to go to school today. >> front page in the local paper. entirely in black, symbolizing
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one community's profound grief. >> shocking new images emerge, including the cell phone video with the coming dressed in black entering the school. police say, he somehow got passed a campus security officer and barricaded himself in a classroom where all the victims were shot and he actually may have been hunkered down there from to an hour. officers are learning more about the sheer panic from other students on panic and a 9- year-old boy who said, he was in the cafeteria when shots rang out. >> i was really scared. we're all panicking, because we didn't know what was really happening. all we saw were the sounds and the police and border patrol coming in to the cafeteria. we were all hiding behind the stage in the cafeteria when it happened. >> the trauma. these poor children have gone through it the school is closed. grief counselors have been available for anyone that needs to talk to them at a nearby grief unification center. >> it is the today show" team,
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once again, in uvalde, among goes on the ground covering those the elements of the investigation. now, the small town in texas, everybody trying to come together. don't miss the covers that will stop you right after us on "today in the bay," after 7:00 . from a summer day in texas to one here. today, marty one nman stormed a work is, opening fire on pta coworkers. the first 911 calls came shortly after we dispenser broadcast here on "today in the bay." we are following breaking news, interrupting "the today show" this morning, because police in san jose are on the scene of some sort of police activity. >> broke the news to me first that there were seven people who were killed in this attack. we knew that we were going to have casualties. we just didn't know how many.
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>> getting word the development of homeland security is confirming seven people have been killed. we do not know if that includes the gunman. it was a day that took the entire community by surprise. a gunman, opening fire at the bt rail yard. he would eventually go on to kill nine coworkers. then, himself. captain singh, one of them. his family, understandably, still grieving a year later. >> every day that we are not together, it's like we are not that happy like we were. >> they find some comfort knowing that singh died trying to help others. gunfire directed and singh sprang into action, calling employees and warning them to hide or avoid the building before he was also shot and killed. >> it shows what kind of person he was. he always told us, he was always like he would lay his life down for anybody. he would help whoever he can, do whatever he can. he showed that, he is a real hero. >> the bay area showed
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solidarity, mourning the victims, showing up by the thousands to grieve days after the shooting. >> all the pain, that was a beautiful moment, though. >> san jose mayor sam ricardo was on the verge of introducing new gun legislation when the shooting happened. would require gun owners in the biggest bay area city to carry liability insurance on firearms and to pay an annual $25 fee. san jose is the first city in the nation to introduce such legislation, just one step he sees inviting gun violence. >> everybody comes down to the configuration, or they say mental health we need. things can be true. we need all of it. we needed a lot, because this country is bleeding from gun violence. >> sadly, it's been such a tough time across the nation. >> it has been. >> once again. >> it's just scary. you always hope that the last one was the last one, and here we are again. >> right, right.
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okay. well, we'll continue to follow it. these two memorial vents will take place today to honor the nine lives lost a year ago today. >> many, just gathering. as you can see right here, this is a live look outside. many people, just starting to gather there, outside right now. that's a live look. you can see people carrying signs of their loved ones, holding pictures of those victims. today, we report on how the victims will be remembered locally and privately. >> reporter: good morning, marcus and laura. a summer morning here at the bt rail yard, where there are two memorials plan for today. the first, happening at 6:30. it's a private memorial for pta employees and victims' families. it is not confirmed if all nine of the victims' families will be attending, but at the last count, over 200 people are expected to come through. that entrance, if you take a look behind me, that right there is where bta employees and
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victims' families will be entering to attend the short 30- minimum oil. we're told, there will be a statewide platform with 10 candles lit. each candle, representing a life lost. there will be a couple speakers with the general manager of the bta and the president of the bta union. there will also be candles lit and pass run from the eternal flame, which was built by bta employees to honor their lost brothers and i'm told, at some point in the ceremony, there will be a trend that will sound its horn 10 times, symbolic and powerful tribute to the 10 lives lost in this tragedy. today's memorial is a reminder of those events that happened throughout the bay area russia. remember, nine victims for last year's mass shooting, and another victim, a witness to the shooting, who took his life in the months after, leading up to today with numerous steps to offer support for families of the bta victims. the most recent, the bta board of commanders, unanimously
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voted to give $5 million to the victims' families, costing about $3000 a month for those families. earlier this month, crews also began the demolition of the ruling where most of the victims lost their lives. that took lace in building c. the goal of the demolition is to remove what many see as a constant reminder of last year's tragedy. we're also told, bta's schedule will be impacted with the events happening today, and some who have chosen to take a day to themselves -- will see on your screen -- they are expected to be 20 to 30 minutes delay. a phone number with a customer service line that you can call for updated schedules on the website that you can also visit, plans are to build a more permanent memorial for the vta victims. in place, in addition to the new resiliency center, or the public memorial that's set to
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start at 9:30 this morning will take place. that one will be attended by local officials and open to the public. reporting for "today in the bay." >> you can watch more on a website, we'll be streaming the event as it happens. 6:09 three this morning. tracking the forecast for you. >> we are taking a live look outside in san francisco. the fog, you can see, has rolled back in. even drizzling the city this morning. we get ready for much cooler temperatures. still clear for inland areas in san jose as you are waking up and heading out quick, the mid- 50s. this, a cool start, and it's going to be a much cooler day yesterday. we hit a record, reaching 90 degrees. today, how about the upper 70s? significant cooldown, even for the inland valleys, where we did see some triple digits yesterday in fairfield. today, it is going to reach up to 77 degrees. it's also going to be breezy. we can see the continued cooling in the forecast,
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especially for the coastal areas, going into the holiday weekend. we'll talk more about that and look at the drought update coming up. mike, you have a look at what has been a fairly smooth commute? yeah, smooth and relatively light. however, to the plaza, monday, tuesday, very light traffic. wednesday and today, we're seeing more buildup.the open site with how it has been unlike yesterday? moving at good spirits today. no problem. smooth conditions in the wider areas like 47. then the earlier crash has cleared and recovered past isabel on 5 a. i'm thinking the lanes are blocked with a down vehicle at this time near fremont. in san jose, i circled the first slowing that is already cleared. back to you. >> thanks, mike. holiday week and just got here. running a little getaway? you won't be alone. coming up, the advice from experts about what to expect on the road and why gas prices may be just the start of the strain on your wallet.
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a beer and a backer barbecue. get a safe ride home. let's take a look at that. the futures this morning, looks at we are going to have a pretty good day on the stock market. you're watching "today in the bay." (music throughout)
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good thursday morning. we're starting out with sunshine and more clouds moving in today. breezy, really headed for the mid-70s.
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a significant cooldown for you today. we'll see that continuing to the holiday weekend. we'll take a look at all of our microclimates and a look ahead for the next seven days coming up in a few minutes. >> looks pretty cool right now at golden gate bridge. the look at that, the low clouds, presently above the roadways. a little bit of moisture on the road. there was fog on the deck. smooth drive right now. we will see where these are shipping up with the morning commute coming up. good morning. very good happy thursday to you, as well. san jose', buying gm for $60 billion, which is official, after being rumored for a whopper one of the biggest tech deals in all of history. charset twitter are up after potential buyer, elon musk said, he has rearranged some of his own financing to buy the social network. the deal, still on. musk, borrowing against tesla shares. tesla has sank so much in value, though, he has had to
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make other arrangements. he would have to buy fewer shares if he could convince other shareholders to go along with him. he got one major shareholder has agreed, saudi prince on the right there, talal . twitter creator, jack dorsey, and stepping down from the company's board and may pledge his shares to support musk, which would save musk a lot of money. other news, apple, increasing pay at the apple stores and at the headquarters. effective immediately. he races will be expedited to no less than $22 an hour in stores. more expensive places like the bay area will be even more. this is apple fight for talent. other companies, meanwhile, coming back, getting ready for what they expect will be slow times. we previously reported that paypal is laying off, and other companies are downsizing. also, lyft will slow hiring and look for other ways to save as
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it never gets tougher times. uber, doing much the same. you may have noticed, there are fewer ubers, fewer tran46s, and they cost more. some of that is the pandemic, but some of that is going to be frank, the end of the good old days of cheap and easy ride share. companies have discovered, it doesn't matter how big they get, they're not making a profit. your rides, in the past, have been subsidized by investors. not as much anymore, as they begin to cut back, marcus and laura. this may be a situation where we look back in history and say, there was this golden time in which you could just call, and a car would show up that would be very inexpensive, and they're gone. >> yeah. sometimes, small commutes can cost you as little as $5. >> i was telling laura, i will take an uber over to the mall. >> but now it's expensive. >> yeah. >> from the airport to my place before, less than 10 bucks, now it's 20-something bucks >> exactly. >> not small. >> thanks, scott.
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>> yeah. carpal, guys. carpal. if you are traveling this holiday weekend, you're not alone. expect close to 40 minutes of the trouble for the unofficial start of summer. ring out the white pants. a jump of nearly 10% over last year, and close to pre-pandemic levels, but it will cost you a lot more to travel with inflation also hitting the travel industry. not just at the gas pump, but the average low airfare is about 6% higher. experts say, hotel costs are of more than 40%. >> one area that's a little cheaper this year than last year, rental cars. this time lester, the there was that weird rental car crunch, where you could find a rental car, it was a lot more expensive. now that kind of rebuffed things. rental car prices are reasonable compared to last year. >> soaring gas prices, though. aaa recommends planning ahead, but you travel and try to use apps to find the cheapest gas
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prices. training this morning, a collaboration setting the internet on fire this week. >> get this. it's half an oreo cookie and half a ritz cracker. i don't know about this. >> right? >> the new limited edition snack goes on sale later this morning. again, half of the classic chocolate cream cookie on one side, the other side, a ritz cracker with peanut butter. 1000 packs will be given away for free online at 9:00 this morning. do you want it is the question. >> you have got to choose. you get salty or sweet? that's why they're giving it away for free. they're like -- >> you know, do we have a vending machine here? we can make those, marcus. >>, for trying almost anything. >> that was in the almost part. >> i would try it, but i don't know if there was work. >> we will try. get online at 9:00 this morning, guys. not wasting my calories on that.
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>> right? all right, we do have some serious things to talk about here. the weather department has seen a lot of earthquakes happening across the region, and i wanted to show you this 7.2 that happened earlier this morning in peru, really large earthquake, but no threat of a cinemedia for just a little while later, there was one in santiago, chile. we also started out this morning with an earthquake on the ridgecrest fault.all this, most likely tie into that pacific ring of fire, victory that we're seeing happening there. we'll continue to monitor that. we've also gotten an update on the job this morning. this is what it looked like last week. as these areas in red across the central valley. now, we are seeing it going up in a category, with an exceptional drought, the highest level of drought now, over 11% of california is in that exceptional drought category, meaning, the water shortage is on, and most likely, the wildfire season is going to be very difficult for us. as we get a closer look at the
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bay area, not much of a change for us. we're in the severe drought. we are going to most likely see that continue as we enter into our dry summer months. at least we do have cooler temperatures, and also higher humidity, breezy winds picking up today. highs for the coast, reaching into the low 60s. mid to upper 70s for our inland valley. slightly warmer in the valley tomorrow with highs in the low 80s. we will get some cooling on saturday. then, more clouds moving in just to our north. possibly some rain for fuller northern california. it was really nice here for our memorial day holiday. temperatures in the inland area, mid to upper 70s. up to 80 degrees on memorial day. then, getting hotter earlier next week. san francisco, also looking at 60s here with clouds and fog at time. breezy winds -- keep the jacket on if you will be in the city or near the coastline. mike can even washing the commute. things are picking up now? >> picking up a little bit there the richmond-san rafael
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bridge. maybe it doesn't look like much but a lot of steady traffic here coming off the short freeway where i have it circled. speed, close to the limit there. the bay bridge approach, with lights on for the backup support highway 4 on the right there out of pittsburgh, very slow today. easing up into concord and highway 37, slower there. now, the last circle, the northbound 101 commute, kicking in in 5 or 10 minutes before we see slowing. near oakland, lighter traffic there. here's the reason why we will see more in san jose with traffic starting to build from san joaquin. back to you. >> thank you, mike. today, marking the end of a 19-your chapter for a daytime talk show host. the icon herself, ellen, taking her final bow to celebrate . we will take you down memory lane. and some of our favorite
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six, 20 for you this morning. 19 years, and more than 3000 episodes. "ellen's" show, come at an end >> marcus and i sent a well to wish her well. hi, velasquez, it's laura garcia. >> i'm washington. i want to say, one my favorite moments of "ellen" throughout the years is when she dances with the audience on the chair
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and goes, not done yet, dances and more. i love that part. >> me, too. one my favorite moments is when i actually got to dance with you. you probably don't number, but i was in the audience with my sister, started coming down, and i panicked and just started doing the robot. they were nice enough to do with me just a little bit. velasquez, thanks for all the fun all these years and all the laughs. best of luck to you . >> goodbye. you can watch the final "ellen" show today at 4:00 p.m. right here on nbc bay area. >> i love that move. >> my sister tells me . 6:25 right now. look, california can start building more affordable housing, but how? hundreds of shovel-ready projects together, but we asked why in our new series, overpriced, overwhelmed, over it. >> almost 3000 units of housing that was denied funding. >> we lost out on a whole number of projects that are ready to go. >> without the financing, how much harder discuss auction
6:26 am
get? >> close to impossible. >> watch episode three of our new streaming series on california's housing crisis on your roku, amazon fire tv or apple tv by downloading our free nbc bay area app. also go to 6:26 now. coming up next, top stories we are following today, including one you later. we remember the nine lives lost in the vta railyard mass shooting. this is a live look at san jose with workers ' families and the community are starting together for a private memorial, set to begin in minutes. plus, mourning in uvalde, texas. live outside of robb elementary school this morning. it's the scene of this week's mass shooting with new questions from parents. asking them for the 21 victims. you can see cross is laid for them. more as we return here on "today in the bay."
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right no shock, wearing off. the grief, settling in. happening in uvalde, texas. going to take you there live this morning to show the growing tribute for those victims for tuesday's school shooting. heartbreaking new details on what teachers did to help save their students. >> also had a break in sorrow
6:30 am
here in the bay area. the memorial plans to honor the vta railyard shooting victims . 9 employees died 1 year ago today, as they were just starting their day. the effort to make sure they're never forgotten. this is "today in the bay," broadcasting live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. good morning to you. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. to the latest out of texas in moments. first, today marks the dark day in bay area history. >> one year ago when, but this time, a gun and started shooting at a vta railyard in downtown san jose. when all is said and done, it would become the deadliest mass shooting in bay area history. nine employees died at the shooting. the nine people you see right here on your screen now. >> a private memorial is about to get underway for vta employees and their families at the site of where the violence
6:31 am
to voice. it's happening at the vta building in downtown san jose. when it does happen, we'll try to tap in and listen to a moment of it, but we are also going to stream the memorial online. you can watch it live in our website, later today, at 9:00 this morning, a public service will take place at the new resiliency center that was established in the aftermath of that rampage. developing in uvalde, texas, along with the profound sense of grief, new questions emerging about the police response to tuesday's school shooting. 19 children and 2 teachers lost their lives when the gunmen barricaded himself inside the classroom. here's a look at the growing memorial that's just outside of that school. you can see, right there, the 21 white crosses, representing all of the victims. >> and we're learning more about the children who lost their lives. jaclyn cazares and annabelle rodriguez were cousins.
6:32 am
jaclyn's father says, she would go out of her way to help and offered annabelle's butler, opening up about the emotional pain he endured looking for her that day until he got the dreaded news. >> all victims died in that same classroom this morning as we learn about the teachers that tried to save each of those students. we know now about it from sam, live outside of robb elementary school this morning. one, sam brock. >> reporter: good morning, marcus and laura. uvalde will graduate and have a similar tomorrow, what would have been the last day of school today. they have been canceled altogether, as we look at the memorial behind my shoulder and the sobriety from the 21 cross is right there. 19 kids, the ages of eight to 10, killed. 2 teachers, losing their lives doing what they could to protect the children at the time. we know parents go into this
6:33 am
profession, teachers go to this profession because they want to shape young lives. they don't think they have to sacrifice lies. the two women, collective 40 years of educational experience for garcia and mireles. mireles, her daughter positively on social media in trivia to her mom. she said, the half the memory hole, and she can relate to any family.she talked about how her mom would come in and wake her up when she keep hitting the snooze button. something we have all done before. the fact that her hands were callused because she would hold a cross in her off time, in addition to looking after her family. someone with a bond with her daughter, a bond that is now gone and will never be replaced again. we have also garcia, a mother of four children, married to her husband for 24 years. she liked because, and someone who is, as will, a noted number
6:34 am
of the educational community here, who is now gone. it does draw the question, what kind of paradigm, what kind of environment are we living in now where teachers have to make this kind of a decision. do i get in the way of the gunmen and absorb bullets so that i can try to save lives, but also not be able to return to my family? we spoke to a teacher from marjory stoneman douglas, it what is now the third deadliest school shooting. she described that, the fact that mom mode kicks in, because many teachers or parents. in this case, teachers we spoke with have a fifth grader and a child that's going into kindergarten there's no way, in her words, she cannot be retraumatized hearing what happened in south texas. this just keeps happening over and over and over again. she says, like the rest of the country, we thought there was going to be change, after 20 kids were slaughtered. then again, hundreds of thousands of students from parkland marched for their lives in cities all over the country, including san francisco. i'm number the coverage was incredible and poignant.
6:35 am
here we are again, after yet another chapter happened. teachers say, we have had it. enough is enough. at some point, we have to reach a threshold. the expectation should not be that teachers go to school, and may have to protect the children by sacrificing their lives. but that is exactly what we witnessed in the community. >> that's what they have to do every time they walk into a classroom. not only the trauma, you brought that up as well, but the loss of these families think about the trauma of the other children that survived, that they were in that classroom and what they witnessed. they're affected for the rest of their lives. we pray for them, sam. >> that's exactly right. >> reporter: it really is heart breaking. everyone in this unity is damaged for years, if not decades, not just the people who died and the family members, but everyone here. they will never be the same because of what transpired. >> thanks for bringing us the latest on that, sam brock.
6:36 am
now a live look at the state capitol, where state lawmakers are moving for new gun control measures in the wake of the texas shooting >> let's go now to "today in the bay's" barbara del. bob, there's new action the senate? >> your correct for the telephone is to disseminate has sent six bills aimed at reducing gun violence. these are proposed laws that would restrict advertising of firearms to minors, put restrictions on ghost guns, and among other things, allow governments and victims of gun violence to sue the makers and sellers of firearms. a few weeks, present in part of the east bay, and california is having to step in with the federal government not doing so. >> i am just angered at the lack of action. my hope is that this will be the wake up call they need to do what their constituents actually want. 90% of americans, rick ellis of party ideology, want company hands of federal background checks. >> we need to realize that people who think that, well,
6:37 am
maybe we can just implement cover gun laws, that will solve it. chicago and l.a., new york, they disproved that thesis. >> governor averages name checked the state of california. i would caution him from doing that. particularly -- just go to the cdc website -- look at that gun murder rate in 2020. 67% higher than the state of california in 2020. >> nbc bay area spoke with a trainer of the firearms academy who said, in his opinion, a change in gun laws won't save lives, because nationwide, there's more guns than ammo then there are people. now, in the past, if passed by the senate, the new gun control laws will be on the governor's desk by late june. reporting live, barbara dell, "today in the bay." >> the mass shooting in texas
6:38 am
is heart breaking for so many. for parents , that sinking feeling is all too familiar. when mass shootings occur, parents have to figure out how to talk to their kids about violence, safety, and now, even survival. i sat on my colleagues like ron phase you and talked about some of the healthy ways to talk to kids about tragedies. >> the reality is we don't have control over everything that happens in the world. i think a three-step process of connecting care and challenges is really helpful. to connect, it's really understanding your children, making sure the relationship is strong with them, and then care is helping them understand that they can work through anything that they're worried out. if they are anxious, it's okay. you can be inches with them. the challenges trying to help them develop some skills around with the anxiety, or billing afraid. it's okay to be nervous but we're going to talk to you about how safe our school is.if you don't want to go to school today, maybe that's okay, but your friends are going back, and you want to build a
6:39 am
community around having a plan and walking with the children. it's critical to meet your kids where they are, as opposed to what everyone else is. >> like you mentioned before, they are little sponges. they can pick up on our emotions, as well. active shooter drills are a part of a loved school curriculums now. it's very important. but i wonder, how does this affect a kid's sake? >> you know, is different for every child. given the situation that we're in, coming out of a pandemic, everything going on in the world, i think there is a heightened anxiety for children. i think parents and children are concerned, and are fatigued, and it so important for them to have outlets. but it doesn't have to have a huge impact on children for long-term if, in the short term, we're having conversations and stockpiling positive experiences, and they know that door is always open for them to have a conversation with you. >> always so important, all those car rides home. thank you so much for joining us
6:40 am
>> you got it >> great advice. no doubt, all parents are with their kids right now, trying to process it. >> it's really tough, dealing with the kids, how they deal with it. also, a lot of adults are still having a hard time. >> right. you have to watch her emotions, too. they also learn of how you deal with it. >> right. it's tough. good job with that, laura. >> thank you. stay with us for the latest on the recent shootings and elements in uvalde on a website, find a different ways to help the community there. there are several verified gofundme pages that have been set up for those victims for the shooting. we posted the link for all of this information in our trending box. a live look outside now. san francisco there this morning. a foggy drive on the golden gate. on your ride, a layer of fog that's crawling into the city by the bay. ringing in a little cooler temperatures finally, kari?
6:41 am
>> it will bring in a big dip, some 25 degrees cooler than yesterday. palo alto, starting with clouds with a mix of sun and clouds today, headed for the low 70s this afternoon. reaching the upper 70s for the tri valley. oakland today, reaching 68 and 71 in santa rosa. we'll talk about what's ahead in the weekend coming up in a few minutes. mike, you keeping an eye on what's happening now and what's ahead >> pretty standard commute. what's ahead is more traffic into chase center. not only is the game going on tonight at 6:00 p.m. inside, but also outside, there's going to be a crowd i think it will game tonight. folks will be for a big selection to watch. on the other side of the bay, watch the crowds after work passing by there, heading east to the coliseum. the central coliseum, the site at 6:40 for the athletics. another issue. right now, pretty good around the bay. one more to talk about today, the memorial going on for vta. there will be about 20 or 30 minute delays for those, as
6:42 am
ginger talked about, as we can plan for that and observe that remembrance. becky. >> maybe people can deal with a little bit of that today. thank you. still ahead, checking in on this. >> laura, bob was checking in on the action in sacramento and the in action in washington. let's look at what the senate is not doing. then the big board, a good day for stocks. the dow is recovering, up 327 points. the warriors, one win away from the nba finals. coming up, what you need to know at the chase center to enjoy the potential big win. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:45 am
good thursday morning. making plans for the day right now? 6:34, looking at a nice, cool start to the day. going out for a hike and getting some fresh air time outside? it's definitely going to be much cooler compared to yesterday, with highs in the low 70s. we'll get a look ahead to the we can forecast coming up in a few minutes. okay, here's about the same as yesterday. bridge on this side, up to san rafael from richmond, 580, no problems. the east bay, we will see how things shape up with longer drive coming up. thank you, carrie and mike. quarter to 7:00 right now. present biting, calling for ground checks with more red flag laws and the latest school tragedies. >> a few of those ideas were already under consideration. >> already making their way through congress after the
6:46 am
previous mass shooting, which are member, was 12 days ago in buffalo. now, democrats know that they can get all of these ideas through the house, but not through the senate. that's where all progress has stopped. senate leader chuck schumer talked about taking a vote anyway, getting people on record with their no votes, but have since decided to once again back down and try to find a new compromise with republicans. not clear he's going to get it. what is clear is several polls show 90% of americans want additional gun control laws. president biden said, if the senate can do anything, they can affirm his new director of the atf that he has dominated. there has not been a permanent director of the bureau, which regulates guns and enforces firearm laws, in seven years. texas governor greg abbott, due to speak at tomorrow's annual conference of the nra just a few hours away from the crime scene in texas. so, too, former president
6:47 am
donald trump. trump says, will keep the apartment. avid says, they will take the plan day-by-day. there's a push for the nra to cancel this in houston, which will start 48 hours after this tragedy close to uvalde. it will be the nra's first conference since 2019. the past few were canceled because of the pandemic. you may recall, houston had its own mass shooting with 10 dead in santa fe high school back in 2018. all this is very similar to what happened following the shooting at the high school in columbine, colorado. that was a suburb of denver with the 2 students killed and 12 other students and 1 teacher way back in '99. the nra's conference was scheduled for just a few days later, a few miles away in denver. there was pressure to cancel it, but the conference went full anyway. talking about gun control, work, won't on social media, on facebook, you find me on
6:48 am
skype's tv. >> thank you, scott. such a heavy week. nice to get a little brevity and celebration may be, as well. this warrior fan will tell you all that they need to do, all that needs to be done by the dubs, be the maverick that she center and then head to the nba finals. >> they'll be so nice if we can make it happen today. dallas, already facing such a challenge this year. try to do something a team is never done, coming back from a 3-0 deficit. they did win one again. you know, it's one game. we are live inside chase center this morning getting ready for the big game there with sierra johnson. i am sure you are warming up the court, cierra. >> reporter: well, not technically allowed on the court. i don't know if you all want me on the court, but the facility itself is getting ready to see this huge jumbotron that came down from the ceiling.they're getting ready for the pyrotechnics and of activities surrounding the big matchup tonight. just one more game and we are all in the nba finals.
6:49 am
i'm sure this place is gonna be rocking. very exciting times to be a warriors fan right now. i want to give a little bit of a recap. you'll have something to talk about your coworkers there at the water cooler. the warriors, could import the series sweep in dallas tuesday. they lost to the kari. the matchup, hitting a snag with a leaky roof at halftime. that delayed the start of the third quarter. the guy we have all been talking about, the mavs' young star, luka doncic, showed everyone what he is really able to do, dominating the court. at one point, the mavs were up 20 against the warriors. the warriors ultimately lost and is 19-109. this is the only game going on, with the eastern conference seeing the celtics win the last matchup 93-80, which means boston now takes a 3-2 series lead. so, we're getting excited for the game tonight. where did this come from? we are excited for the game. i will show you my skills, but i'm not allowing the court now. use your imagination.
6:50 am
i'm sure the guys this evening will definitely be ready to beat the mavs. live inside the chase center, sierra johnson. >> you can try the twhirl thing on the fingers? >> we cannot try the twhirl thing. yet. >> you can get everything away, right? >> no. no. >> no double dribbling. >> great video on the basketball court. >> q that video. >> you got some skills. >> such good times. thanks, cierra. all right. here we go. 6:50 this morning. we are gearing up and monitoring what we expect, turning out to be a foggy day. >> yeah. you know that things are changing, right? that means we are going to have a big cooldown, even drizzling in san francisco, as we see the cooler air and the return of the fog.we also just got the drought update.
6:51 am
i wanted to show you the changes that we are seeing. it's not for the better. we are seeing more of what we call the exceptional drought. that's the highest level of's forming in much of the central valley and parts of our lives is mainly agricultural land. when we deal with these kinds of conditions, a lot of those fields are not able to be formed, and we could possibly see some water shortages in those areas. here, in the bay area, we're still in a severe drought, covered by orange, as we head into the dry summer months. we may, unfortunately, have a worse wildfire season as a result of this dry vegetation. at least temperatures are cooler today. we're coming out of the triple digits and 90s we saw about some mid to upper 70s? it's also going to be breezy. 60 to the coast.we'll see that again tomorrow. at this point, warmer for some of our valley, with some some spots. then, a little bit cooler on saturday, as the storm system
6:52 am
passes to our north. we'll see more clouds moving in and breezy winds. as we go through our holiday weekend forecast, it looks really nice for any outdoor activities. i know there's a lot of graduations, families gathering. it's going to be great for getting out there. or, so the ceremonies on monday for memorial day, we have highs in the valleys reaching 80 for san francisco without highs reaching into the 60s. gusty winds and fog at times. what's going on now with the commute, mike? pretty drama free, kari. this built about the bay bridge right now. it has been happening for the last few minutes. some of the drive, slower across the city. probably slowing down a little bit in the morning on highway 84, 580, 37. look at that, little bit slower. a short freeway and, sending on 880 down near san leandro, near hayward through sonoma and northbound 101 and 87 to san
6:53 am
jose. back to you. >> thanks so much. happening now, fremont police, making an arrest in response to what they say was a threat of gun violence at one school. according to investigators, a control unit at american high school made threats on social media. they claimed they would shoot an employee and opened fire at an-named secondary schools. officers didn't find weapons in his home. next, top stories here, we continue to cover a summer morning. the latest on texas with questions this morning as families in the community mourns the loss of 19 students and 2 teachers after the school shooting there. live at the bt a real yard where we have been seeing emotional and embracing reports from the vta employees and their families. we have more on the memorials. you're watching "today in the bay."
6:54 am
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all of them died in the same classroom. we know at least five of the victims were fourth-graders. coming up, the today show team is in texas having the very latest developments on the investigation, and how the small community is holding together. today's coverage begins in moments at the top of the hour. also today marks a very dark day in bay area history. one year ago right about this time, a disgruntled worker -- in downtown san jose. when it was all said and done, it would become the deadliest mass shooting in bay area history. >> two memorials are planned for those victims. we are live in san jose with more.
6:58 am
>> that's right. marcus and laura were outside the first two memorials. this first one is a private memorial open only to vpa employees and victims families. it is underway. you can imagine just how difficult today will be for so many here. just moments ago, we saw many of those employees and families hugging each other, offering words of support and comfort a year after that mass shooting. it is something that is expected to continue in a short memorial here. they will be laid out on stage for the lives lost on this tragedy. you remember, there were nine lives lost this day last year. the 10th victim was an employee who witnessed the shooting and took his own life after. there will be a horn that was found 10 times for the lives lost. we are also expected to stream that private memorial live, but there have been some audio issues from the live stream. we will bring you updates at the midday newscast. meanwhile, there will be expected delays in service today. that is because the trains will not be operating. some employees decided to take a mental health day. you can see on your screens the customer service phone number
6:59 am
and where you can find an updated schedule. there will also be a second memorial today set to take place of a new resiliency center at 9:00 this morning. today in the bay. >> nice for taking time. thank you, ginger. >> let's take a live look in san francisco. meteorologist cary hall, and what we can expect today. >> we have a big cooldown coming down, highs in the upper 70s. san francisco only reach the low 60s. mike? >> we are looking at it away from us towards the high-rise. and then they called the cooldown with these higher temperatures as well. heading to the east coast, still available. no major problems. golden gate bridge has some fog, but they dried out after that fog lifted up. >> all right, thank you very
7:00 am
much. thank you for joining us as well. we will be back for you at 7:25 at a news update. nbc bay area news at 11:00. >> we want to leave you with these memorials right here in the bay area in san jose. a lot of people are morning what happened. we are going to continue with today show coming up next, so they continue our coverage. good morning. honoring the vic domes. the close knit community of texas plays tribute to that horrific school shooting. it shows the gunmen running into the elementary school in the chaos that unfolded his parents first arrived at the scene. investigators are pacing together the timeline, searching for a motive, while facing tough questions about their inertial response to


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