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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 26, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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one year later, may 26 is the day forever etched into the bay area memory. >> can help you? >> that's 85, there someone shooting right outside the door. >> a worker opens fire at a pta railyard in san jose killing nine people. victim families are still grieving and trying to make sense of the tragic event. >> i worked today to make sure those in our community who depend on our service will be able to get where you can go at
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the same time they are grieving. >> we got 101 with the san jose mayor as bay area leaders come together to pay tribute to those loss one year ago. >> i hope that we at the community never have to experience that again. this emotional day comes on the heels of another deadly mass shooting at a school in texas. the investigation unfolding as the bay area reflects and calls for new action to be taken. >> not everybody processes the evil that happened. some people block it out and i felt like i blocked most of the events out for a long time. >> this is abc bay area news, streaming live. thank you for joining us for our midday newscast. >> we have a lob outlook from texas as we are awaiting a news
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conference expected to happen at 11:30 am this morning. it is a very somber day in texas and is a somber day in the bay area as well because one year ago a durain scum and stormed his workplace opening fire on vta coworkers. >> the first call came in shortly after we finished day on the bay. >> we are interrupting the today show this morning because police in san jose are on the scene of some sort of police activity. >> seven people was killed in this attack. we knew we was going to have casualties we just do not know how many. >> the department of homeland security is confirming seven people have been killed and we don't know if it is the government. >> the day took the entire community by surprise at the gunman opened fire at the vta railyard and eventually went on to kill nine coworkers and
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then himself. the family is still grieving one year later for taptejdeep singh. >> every time we get together gunfire erupted he sprang into action and ward employees to hide or avoid the building before he was shot and killed. >> he tried to help whoever he could whenever he can. he is a hero. >> the bay area showed solidarity morning the victim starting out by the thousands to grieve together after the shooting. >> it was a beautiful moment to see how many people came out. >> san jose mayor sam liccardo
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was on the verge of introducing new gun legislation when the shooting happened. he was requiring government to carry liability insurance on firearms. san jose was the first city in the nation to introduce such legislation. >> one group say we need gun regulation and one group saying we need mental health. both things can be true. we need all of the above. >> this morning two memorials in san jose paying tribute to the victims of the vta shooting. >> the first one was private and the second one public. but it was highly emotional as the killing of the victims was deeply expressed. we are live back with the grieving message from a mother. >> reporter: it was very difficult to see the visible
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pain of a mother today one year after she lost her son jose dejesus hernandez to the vta mass shooting. she shared her emotions and emotional pain and a clear message that this could have been prevented. >> i cannot microwave 35 years. we was inseparable. we had a very intimate relationship. i am wearing the clothes that i wore with him the last time that i saw him on sunday, may 23. we had lunch and we took a ride on his motorcycle. i did not know that will see only time i
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could hug and kiss him goodbye. >> reporter: it was hard to find a dry eye in the crowd or someone not moved by her message. she shared the extent she would have taken to save her son's life. >> for as long as i am here, i would have given anything to have taken those bullets for him. >> reporter: she is just one voice from the many who are feeling the triggers of the vta mass shooting today. employees gathered earlier at the railyard welcoming one another with long embrace if and comforting words. this happened at a private memorial and the horn sounded 10 ties before the nine lives that was lost as well as the 10 lives that was lost a month afterwards when an employee who witnessed the shooting took his
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own life. this employee fought back is your saying the anniversary and recent massive shooting in uvalde is triggering. >> it depends on how everybody processes the evilness that happens. some people block it out for a while and i thought i blocked it out for a long time. >> reporter: several other vta employees we are told took a mental health day to cope with the anniversary. >> you can feel how deep the wounds are for people. thank you ginger. profound grief in uvalde, texas is leading to so many questions. this as new heartbreaking stories emerge about the victims in this week school shooting. >> our reporter is in uvalde where authorities are putting together a timeline. >> reporter: this morning
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investigators pieced together what unfolded inside of robb elementary school during the terrible masker. video of merging showing desperate parents outside of the school. the ap reported that one parent whose daughter was killed in the attack said he was upset that police was not moving more quickly telling the ap that the authorities was unprepared. different video appeared to show parents frustrated with police outside of the school. a city councilman said police was present. >> we have a video of parents making the police to go in. this unfolded for more than 40 mins and may be as much as an hour. >> i left my office and was here right before 12. when they say it took 40 minutes it wasn't.
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it was like 11:45 am when i got here, and there was already police officers and border patrol. >> reporter: all of this comes as more chilling video emerges. a law enforcement source told nbc news this brief clip shows the gunman running into the school. inside of the what he said he was confronted by an armed resource officer but kept going and made himself inside. that he locked himself in the classroom and began his rampage. border patrol officers eventually opened the door exchanging gunfire and eventually killed him. investigators work together to piece together a motive. >> my heart hurts for everyone. >> reporter: do you have any idea why he flipped? >> i don't know what was going on.
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>> reporter: as so many others struggle to make sense of another mass shooting, families torn apart by this evil. >> the recent violence all happening the same week as an already scheduled in ra convention in texas. >> the artist behind the song american pie said he is dropping out of performing at the convention saying it will be too disrespectful so soon after the employee shooting. there is actually pressure to cancel this convention. >> the convention is just a few days after the shooting, the same state and just a few hours away by car from the crime scene. maclean have been scheduled to play but said in the statement i decided it would be disrespectful and hurtful to perform at the nra at the convention in houston this week. i am sure all the folks
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planning to attend are shocked and sickens. after all we're all americans. texas governor greg abbott is due to speak at that convention and said he will take his plans day by day. former president trump is scheduled to appear and said he will keep that appointment at the convention. this will be the first convention of the nra since 2019 as the past two was canceled because of the pandemic. you may recall that houston had their own mass shooting in 2018. this is very similar to what happened following the shooting at the high school and columbine, colorado. 12 status was killed along with one teacher in 1999. the nra conference was scheduled for just a few days later in denver just a few miles away. that was pressure to cancel that one as well but the conference went forward anyway. we expect this one will as well. >> no doubt, that timing.
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breaking news into our newsroom in monterey county. residents and businesses have been ordered to shelter in place because of a standoff with a man armed with a gun. according to our sister station sheriff deputies was serving an eviction notice at an apartment complex off of san pablo avenue when the resident fired at least two shots to them. police say the suspect barricaded himself on the balcony. officers are communicating with the suspect trying to get him to come down. also ahead keeping an eye on the bay area weather patterns. >> much cooler air is coming in as we approach the holiday weekend. low 70s in san jose and only headed to the upper 70s. we will have more at this
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headed into the weekend and we will talk about it coming up. a bit of much-needed hope and optimism ahead of an important game tonight at chase center.
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thank you for sticking around this midday. a new lawsuit being filed by angry twitter shareholders in response to the proposal by elon musk for the takeover deal. the twitter top executives were not discussed the deal and elon musk was not part of the summit. but attorneys filed a civil complaint saying that the twitter stock-price was manipulated. we did contact twitter who did not comment on that suit. there is some sad news coming out of hollywood this midday.
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actor ray liotta has died. he was best known for his role in "goodfellas" and "field of dreams". he appeared in dozens of films over three decades and won an emmy award in 2005 for his guest role in 2005. he was in the middle of shooting on location in the dominican republic where his publicist said he died in his sleep. he was 67 years old. the school shooting in texas this week is hard for everyone to comprehend. children face an added challenge as parents on how to talk to the kids about violence and safety and survival. i sat down to talk about some of the healthy ways to explain these kind of tragedies. >> the reality is we don't have control over everything that happens in the world. i think a three-step process of connect and care and challenge is helpful. to connect is to understand
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your children and make sure your relationship is strong with them. care is helping them understand they can work through anything they are worried about. if they are anxious it is okay and you can be anxious with them. the challenge is to help them develop some skills around dealing with that anxiety. it is okay to be nervous. we will talk about how safe the school he is and if you don't want to go to school today maybe that is okay. but your friends are going back and you want to build a community around having a plan and walking with the children. it is critical to meet your children as to where they are. >> like you mentioned before they are little sponges and pick up on our emotions as well. active shooter drills are part of the school curriculum now. it is very important but i am wondering how it affects the kids sake? >> it is different for every child. coming out of a pandemic and everything going on in the
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world, i think that parents and children are concerned and are fatigue. it is so important for them to have outlets. it doesn't have to have a huge impact on children for the long term if in the short term you are having conversations and stockpiling positive experiences, and they know the door is always open to have a conversation with you. >> always so important, all of the car rides home. thank you for joining us for the great advice. >> a lot of people have been asking about building more affordable houses. hundreds of several ready projects are stre >> there was 3000 units of housing that was denied funding. >> we lost out on a number of
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projects that are ready to go. >> without that financing how much harder that the construction get? >> it is close to impossible. >> watch episode 3 on the new streaming series on your apple tv or fire tv by downloading the free app and go to i think a lot of people need more joy in their lives today especially if you are a member of the nation. >> all the warriors need to do is win tonight and go to the nba finals. >> reporter: here we go again as we are back at the chase center, and there is just one game that separates the warriors from entering the nba finals as they take on the dallas mavericks tonight. this place will have fans hoping to witness that. the warriors could not pull off a series in dallas tuesday night as the match-up hit a
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snag when a leaky roof delayed the start of the third quarter. at one time the mavericks was up more than 20 points and even the, and as for the eastern conference the celtics won the last match-up which means boston takes a 3-2 series lead. the warriors are leading the series 3-1 and although we are hoping this is the last match- up, if the warriors cannot pull off that win they will be back in dallas for game 6. >> let's hope they pull it off. >> absolutely. it is time to get a look at that forecast for you. we have been monitoring what to expect today. >> still foggy over the golden gate bridge.
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although they are getting sunshine downtown we are seeing the cool air coming in thanks to the fog rolling over the golden gate bridge. we are in the mid-50s thanks to that ocean breeze coming through the delta. it is 70 degrees at fremont and san jose is at a comfortable 73 degrees. let me compare today to yesterday. it is 28 degrees cooler in santa rosa compared to 24 hours ago. this is a huge change as we get back our natural air conditioning. a strong ocean breeze is picking up to around 25 miles per hour in san francisco. as we go into the rest of the day we are looking at a risk breeze. high temperatures in the low 70s for today. in much of the tri-valley, as livermore reaches 78 degrees.
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santa rosa will reach 71 degrees. tomorrow war in some of our inland valleys as we don't get as strong of an ocean breeze. it will still be fairly comfortable and about normal for this time of the year. we will see a drop in temperatures on saturday as we get a cold front moving to our north. take a look at the 7-day forecast and as you are making holiday plans we will see some showers just to our north and a possibility of some of the showers moving into the north bay friday and saturday. for memorial day we will warm to 80 degrees, but the warming trend will continue next week with upper 80s in the valleys. in san francisco more clouds and the fog that will return as we keep very nice and comfortable air as we head into memorial day as well. some low 70s for the middle of next week. here is the last chance for
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the last dance. >> in this case strike up the band as ellen is doing one last dance today. coming up we walk down memory lane. actor kevin spacey is facing new criminal charges in the united kingdom. four counts of sexual assault have been filed allegedly involving three men over an eight-year period. his career took a nosedive back in 2017 with claims of misconduct as la prosecutors looked into allegations but never pressed any charges citing the statute of limitation. we will be right back.
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after 19 years and more than 2000 episodes the ellen show is coming to an end. >> today will be her final show and we sent her a farewell. >> it is laura garcia, >> i am marcus and one of my favorite moments is when she would go to the audience and dance with the people and get to the chair and say i am not done and dance some more. >> one of my favorite moments was when i got to dance with you. i was in the audience with my sister and i panicked and i just started doing the robot.
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it was nice to do it with me just a little bit. thank you for the fun all these years and all the laughs. >> we love you. you have another episode as you can watch the final show tonight. >> that's a fun showed to watch. kelly clarkson, she is no stranger to doing some amazing cover songs. >> she does a daily segment and soon you will be able to add it to your playlist. >> it debuted on june 9 and she kicked off the announcement by dropping on the cover happier than ever. you can catch every episode right here.. >> this is an nbc news special
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report. >> reporter: good day and we are coming to you from uvalde, texas for a briefing from an agency investigating the shooting. there's going questions about the police response and if they waited too long to enter the classroom to stop that shooter. subreports suggest they waited anywhere from 20-60 minutes. our correspondent joins us right now and the biggest question right now is why that armed security guard, the school resource officer who encountered and confronted, why that officer did not shoot the gunman who entered the school? >> we are still waiting for a solid answer on that. once the police officers got into the school, and we believe that the door was locked, and
11:29 am
he was apparently firing through the wall at the police officers. he had a very powerful weapon with rounds that was able of cutting through the wall. the police was taking fire outside of that classroom and could not see into the classroom. that may be one reason why they was not firing back. they didn't know at that point where the children was and the teachers and it was very difficult for them. >> thank you so much for being here today. my goal today on this conference, this press conference is to give you a snapshot where we're at snapshot of where we are today. this incident happened on tuesday, may 24 so there is a lot of information and a lot of moving parts. a lot of people are involved in this investigation.
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i will give you a summary of what happened. bl before i do that, i was able to make it here during the event. on may 24. same with a lot of other law enforcement that came to this critical incident. i got to see the victims, i get to see the officers, i got to see the community members. it is so hard. it is hard to take. it is traumatic. we are all hurting inside. we are hurting inside for the community members in uvalde, texas. we are hurting inside with our local partners that have to live here and work here every day. the victims and the family members, we feel for them. i see it in my kids. behind me are my family members, their kids, it is


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