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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 26, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the railyard because this is painful for you because a former classmate lost his life in that shooting. >> reporter: that's right, i went to greenfield elementary and high school with tim romo, he was remembered here today. emilie members wondered if the pain will ever go away. sheriff presented americans like to the head of vta this morning, the same flag federal agents flew over the building after the atrocity one year ago. >> i was in the room where six of my friends were beautiful, brutally murdered. among the dead was jose fernandez iii. >> he should be here. i hate we are here. >> reporter: karen is his mother, she last saw him three days before the massacre. >> we had lunch, took a ride on his motorcycle. i spent six hours with my son,
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i did not know that was the last time i would hug and kiss him goodbye. >> reporter: she says time is not her friend pick she gets by day by day, mama by moment. pain and anguish too much to handle. carrie says the shooting at vta was preventable, someone should have read the signs. >> too many red flags they did not pay attention to. >> reporter: several families suing the agency knowing that will not bring loved ones back. >> i will cheer him on and continue to be his biggest man for as long as i am here. i would've given anything to make sense of it. >> reporter: law enforcement says if not for the quick action the first responders, there would have been more victims. today, those who went in when
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others were running out got a heroes thank you. tonight, we speak one-on-one with two san jose police officers among the first ones to go in, their first-hand account is chilling. damian trujillo with nbc bay area news. >> so heartbreaking to watch the mother's pain. thank you. today, the family one of the victims filed wrongful death lawsuit. he left behind a wife and three sons. names vta, santa clara county sheriff's office, universal protection service, security company at vta. the family attorney said the agency knew the gunman was unstable prior to the incident and did nothing. >> we filed this lawsuit to bring attention to this matter and to do the only thing these families can do which is to seek civil justice and uncover the stones and get the evidence to show how this happened, why it happened and what can be
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done better. >> the attorney says there's no dollar amount attached to the lawsuit, that is for jury to decide pick several other victims filed their own civil lawsuits. vta released a statement that reads in part , vta is focusing on the continued healing of our employees and the families of our deceased coworkers. tragically, we are mourning the loss of the dozens of other victims of hate filled massacres that have happened throughout the nation. we will address lawsuit claims at a more appropriate time. >> i have heard from ian cull employees, the last 12 months have done little. most employees are dealing with profound grief. coming up at 6:00, sending down with glenn hendrick with the vta chairman. reflected on what has happened in texas and pushing for change. >> there's this tragedy in texas, as a society, we have to find a way to make these events
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stop. i don't propose i have the answers to it, can we at least all agree we should stop having people being killed and have open honest persuasion that is not left or right or anything like that. >> we have covered the vta shooting extensively and continue to cover new developments. go to or you can learn more about the victims from a year ago. see their stories again and be reminded of who they are. find that link. the latest in texas investigators rebuilt gunman who killed 19 children and two teachers entered the elementary school without confrontation from school resource officers. that differs from the information officials had given yesterday. at 11:40 in the morning, he walked into unlocked back door
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and started opening fire. four minutes later, police made their way into the school building, that is when the gunman fired at them but not until an hour later, border patrol tactical teams took down the suspect. questions have been raised about the police response. parents and witnesses out by the school have accused officers of not acting quickly enough. >> officers were there, initial officers received gunfire, they don't make entry initially because of the gunfire they are receiving but we have officers calling for additional resources. 's bees present by and first lady scheduled to travel to eve all the on sunday. they will speak to committee and religious leaders and grieve with the victim families. >> hours after, police in the bay area reacted quickly to threat at east bay campus. 17-year-old from fremont made threats against the school and employee and those threats included hate speech. spoke with investigators on how they were able to keep the
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situation from escalating. >> reporter: investigation started at american high school, only one student arrested but the district tells us the violence and hateful messages shared between a small group of students at this school. teachers and students across the nation continue after the violence of texas, another set of gun violence disrupts entire community, this time at american high in fremont. on wednesday one day after the devastating school shooting including racial epithets shared on social media, the post mentions shooting school employee, student say it is scary and uncomfortable situation, especially after seeing 19 children and two teachers lose their lives to gun violence. >> you want to go to school, what if this happens today, bomb threat, what if it actually happened, don't want that to happen for real. >> reporter: police arrested 17- year-old american high student after finding several pieces of evidence in his home that
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backed up the crime. investigators did not specify what they found but did say it was a firearm. they are looking at what was said by others involved. right now, police believe they presented something bigger thanks to collaboration with the school district. >> somebody saw these things, recognized it and decided to take action and come forward. i also see value school resource officers have a relationship with students, school personnel, i believe that is a bridge we appreciate having. each freeman high school has one school resource officer stationed on campus throughout the day. they are trying to respond to every situation. >> even if it is one of us that arrives and we are in a situation where people are actively in harms way, actively dying, we are trained we will deploy solo. >> reporter: police say the investigation is ongoing, as for the district, they tell us in a statement, the messages shared dishonors the entire
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school community. that contacted parents of students involved and will be offering counseling for the students and staff directly impacted. in fremont, stephanie magallon with nbc bay area news. other needs, deal reached between chevron refinery workers in richmond and the union, steel workers on strike more than two months, at issue higher wages. the agreement will go to a vote with results expected by sunday. if it passes, employees returned to work over the next few weeks. by the administration tries to take more effort to covid deaths rates low as cases are rising. paxlovid is the pfizer oral pill that treats mild covid symptoms. federal government will start reimbursing clinics them immediately prescribed paxlovid for people that test positive. 65 and older or those with underlying health conditions. it comes after the cdc issued advisory yesterday that some people who take paxlovid may see their symptoms rebound after a few days of recovery.
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spoke about his wife's experience in a lengthy twitter thread. he called it a covid curveball. he and the other doctors agree the drug is effective. just as many of us planning summer trips, nuisance viewed covid variants making themselves no. it is early so we don't know how infectious they will be. experts told scott budman bear in the south bay. even if current covid cases rise in santa clara county, there are more omicron subvariants already arising. >> it has been detected in the wastewater. dr. marlon wallace of emory university tracking wastewater content. and said well it is early, there's always concern newly discovered strings might spread quickly.
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ba.4 and ba.5 is very low concentration of wastewater, less than 1%, low detection. >> reporter: subvariants fueling cases in south africa and parts of europe. doctors are not surprised to see the strain here, they also say it is too soon to know if they are dangerous. >> there is always a lag between what we see around the world, what we might see in the wastewater and what we see in the community. >> reporter: safety the best route when dealing with what is coming our way. >> we can be prepared and try to protect ourselves as much as we can pick never be worried or freaked out, never be fearful of going into the world because we have the tools to keep everyone away from the hospital right now. >> reporter: scott budman with nbc bay area news. still ahead, they can clinch tonight at chase center
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in san francisco. the warriors look to make another trip to the nba finals. we go live for the excitement. putting your home on the market might be making a target for thieves. the reason to keep an eye on open houses. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, down 20 degrees, down 32 in concord. a closer look at the cooler weather and looking at memorial day weekend coming up in a couple minutes.
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whether he was playing a mobster, baseball player or dozens of other roles, ray liotta always captivated your attention. the longtime actor passed away in his sleep while in the dominican republic filming a movie. leota always remembered with as well as mobster henry hill in the classic goodfellas. he earned accolades for plane she was joe jackson in "field of dreams". he appeared in over 100 films and tv shows. the exact cause of death not known at the time but ray liotta was only 67 years old. as if selling a home is not stressful enough, local realtors as burglars targeted san jose home on the market. police are trying to figure out if the burglars went to the open house and cased the condo. the story will only see on nbc bay area news.
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homeowner filed a police report and officers confirmed they are investigating. it appears the thieves returned to the home to try to steal even more. this photo from a surveillance camera shows someone rolling a brand-new refrigerator out of the vacant condo for sale in east san jose, there's abatement pictures provided by the homeowner, we blurred the faces because police have not yet identified anyone in the photos as suspects. here you can >> were someone smashed the realtor lockbox with the key inside. they used a dolly to steal that brand-new $2000 fridge. >> it seemed like a group like three or four people which does not seem like it was this particular house. they were prepared. three days later, realtors say someone tried to break into the home a second time. this time he says his client's friend was staying there. >> they tried to get inside
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through the side window again. and he called the cops. he believes the thieves targeted the home after seeing all of the new kitchen appliances during an open house. >> i felt like this is probably happening to a lot of realtors and they are not reporting it because they are afraid they will not be able to sell the listings. >> reporter: silicon valley association of realtors says while they have not received recent reports of thieves targeting homes for sale, they now plan to alert members about this case. in the future, he will advise clients to get surveillance system for added protection. in san jose, marianne favro with nbc bay area news. are you ready, warriors about to tip-off at chase center and trying to punch their ticket to the nba final. are you ready? >> i'm nervous and fans are hoping they do it right here at home. live outside chase center, it
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has to be exciting there. >> reporter: you are so right. hello from thrive city where fans are pumped for game five at home. if you have been here, you know the drill. we have the free face painting behind us, all of the queens and kings, princesses and princes. and then you have all of the fans behind the tmz anchor desk and you know how entertaining that gets, charles barkley, we will get into that later tonight. fans i spoke with today so confident and they have a reason to be confident, let's talk about it, warriors are looking really good tonight. here's the deal, home-court advantage has been really great for the warriors this season, finished with 31-10 record during the regular season but the playoffs, if you are watching, they have won all
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eight games at home during the playoffs, why not win tonight, that is what fans think will happen tonight, take a listen. >> taking home the western conference, that's it. >> brought it home, ready to close it up tonight. >> reporter: confident. >> very confident, we are golden, cold-blooded and here to support the warriors to go all the way and we're doing it today. i'm feeling pretty good, i think they will close it out, go to the finals to play the celtics because we all know that is who is going to be. >> reporter: you heard it there, very good vibe. you heard from them earlier, they are confident, yes, i have a quick trivia question, are you ready? okay, ready. >> reporter: how many times has an nba team come back from 3-0 deficit in the playoffs? >> zero.
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>> zero. ding ding ding, you got it right. >> the oracle of sports. >> reporter: that is really good. obviously the mavs try to make it happen, try to be the first nba team in history to do so. cold-blooded fans say no, not going to happen, especially in their house. >> way behind, thanks, audrey. >> i think the gold people have assaulted every person. they are super fun. >> i love it. >> unmask them, take off the makeup, see who they are. >> very dramatic without the costumes. san francisco today, talk about the fog, much cooler today. >> yes, a lot of the bay area had summer-like weather the last couple days and now going back to late winter. the cloud cover not only here in san francisco but extending
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back to the inland valley so if you're going out to thrive city, catch the action, don't have tickets, take your jacket, temperatures in the 50s out here in san francisco. be a little bit wary of coastal drizzle traveling near the coast at all the night, might need windshield wipers. going through tomorrow morning, we have fog, clouds, spotty drizzle and ahead, tracking slight chance of showers and wind coming back. moving into friday morning, sounds good, tgif a little bit early, clouds coming back here at 7:30, chance of spotty drizzle, you can see it with the green color, as we go into the afternoon, i think we get breaks of sunshine here but also clouds continue to linger for tomorrow, that will set us up for another cool day. as we begin, starting off in the 50s, 53 in the tri-valley, peninsula at 54, hold with the trend of low to mid 50s over the north bay emma san
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francisco, and east bay. daytime highs tomorrow stay on the comfortable side. numbers way above average to below average for part of the bay area. the south bay 72 at cupertino, some six in east san jose. moving to the east bay, no more 100, down to 75 at livermore, 73 along the creek, oakland at 65. you will feel the chill again through the peninsula, six in san mateo and 70 at redwood city. san francisco it 50s and 60s across the board and through the north bay, 70 in sonoma, 64 in mill valley. the numbers have cooled off, we will see another reinforcing shot of cooler air, especially near the coastline as we head through the we can from the system. the bulk of the rainfall stays north but slight chance of showers with the wind picking up. let me show the shower chance a little bit better, 4:30 in the morning on saturday, spotty shower potential, going through the afternoon, we get another quick hit of maybe spotty showers from 6:00 until 8:30 on
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saturday. you can see him the seven-day forecast, slight chance of showers on saturday, the wind picks up on sunday, 15 to 35 miles an hour and it looks dry with sunshine on memorial day with 60s in san francisco. inland valley temperatures, don't worry, no 100 the next couple days, 70s all the way through sunday, getting into the 80s next week. thankfully, not as hot as it was this week. it is perfect weather as we head there tomorrow, kind of crazy today, had to pull out the jacket this morning, yesterday i had flip-flops on. >> i know. i still have flip-flops on. too much back and forth. it was very nice with the cool down. thank you so much. coming up, the end of an era. today was ellen's last live show. how she kept up 19 seasons. clearly, the bay area needs more houses. why not just build more? in the next episode of overpriced, overwhelmed, over it, the frustrating reason telephone still can't build the
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after 19 years, more than 3000 episodes, ellen degeneres said farewell today. >> ship in the finale with 19 different ensembles and hairstyles from each year of her show. billie eilish said it was one
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of her first to the appearance of, jennifer aniston was her first guest ever and return today to help say goodbye. recalled how hard it was is it i am janelle wang. meant woman to launch that show but her happiest accomplishment . >> because of this platform, able to change people's lives. the show has forever changed my life. greatest experience i ever had beyond my wildest imagination. switch one last time, fans, -- >> she hopes she inspires viewers to be their authentic selves and to be brave enough to support others. pink was on too, the last singer on the show. still ahead, the oakland zoo sending more than a dozen bison to live in their natural habitat.
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herd in zoos and on the prairies lesson bread and therefore healthier. look how healthy that little and looks. look at the mama. >> they're very protective. don't forget, watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv. roger joining us with more. a lot more confusion and anger about the response to the school shooting in texas. another tense news conference, clear timeline of the events of the shooting. missing pieces to the puzzle. >> it is under investigation, a lot of unanswered questions. gun control issue or mental health issue, health analysts break down the new numbers on mass shooters. ordered to testify, the judge ruling that will have former president trump and his two children question by new york's top prosecutor.


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