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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 27, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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this morning, new questions are emerging about the timing of the police response, why they at any time act more quickly, and muss why the school was unlocked. and we now know when president will visit uvalde. >> we will take a look at the survivors and the community of uvalde the national rifle aso
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association's convicention kick on the scary scene, a carnival ship on fire with passengers on board. and we remember rayle leo a that the president and first lady will travel to texas on friday investigators telling nbc news that victims were found in four different classrooms, not just one. and the timeline of events given by law enforcement has shifted nbc's wendy woolfolk join us what more do we learn about that tragic day and the timeline?
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>> reporter: frances and phillip, good morning to you the emotions are still raw the outside door was in fact unlocked and took hmm aalmost ar for then to take down the suspect, only making the pain and suffering hire even worse. >> a new building. i thought those doors would lock >> reporter: in a small town already grappling with the loss of 19 students and two teachers. new questions. >> was there a school officer on campus and was that school officer armed? >> no. no >> reporter: but wednesday wthis is what officials said >> this great resource officer that approached him, engaged
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him. and at that time, gunfire was not exchanged. >> they don't make entry initially because of the gunfire they're receiving. t . >> reporter: it took approximately one hour for the tactical team to make entry. but not in time to save lexi rubio. the off-duty uvalde sheriff's deputy had just seen his daughter at a school ceremony 30 mi minutes before >> i didn't take her only. i made a huge mistake, and can you never fix it >> reporter: parents' unimaginable pain that will never totally heal e the first funeral is scheduled for next
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we week we do know governor abbott is going to visit the victims and survivors here in uvalde i'm wendy woolfolk frances, back to you america and the world are rallying around the community of uvalde as it mourns and tries to heal from the deadliest u.s. school shooting in a decade, which claimed 21 precious lives. a prayer vigil for the town was recently held by minute isters >> i cry a lot and i cried a lot today and yesterday. i may cry some more here as we speak. you may cry.
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because our hearts are broken. we are devastated. lord, we come in agony, and we come with broken hearts. we come in disbelief, and we come in pain and in anguish. we come with questions and we come with fears, and we come with anger, and we come with all types of emotions. lord, i pray for these children. that have seen more than they should ever see in their lives i pray for their parents, and we lift them all up to you. >> father, we pray for the city! we pray for our community. for all our children who've been impacted and all the families of
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this community we pray healing. we pray for restoration. we pray for reconciliation we pray for unity, father. father, we pray, father, for forgiveness, father. we ask to you give us knowledge. we ask to you give us a hunger for righteousness. we pray, father, for the peace of our city. >> just a few hours' drive from where the horrific massacre happened, the nra will hold this annual convention in houston joining us now is chris pollone. they are closely watch ing who s going to be there hanand who is not. >> reporter: confirmed speakers
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so far include former president trump. texas senator ted cruz is scheduled to speak but has not confirmed whether he will. he bristled when asked why school school shootings only happen in the u.s. >> i'm sorry you think american exceptionalism is awful. you've got your political agenda why is it that people come from all over the world to america. because's it a's the freest. >> reporter: here on capitol hill, clhris murphy is leading a group of senators on a bill to
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be proposed after the memorial day recess greg abbott changed his plans for attending the national rifle of association convention. he will go back to uvalde backing out completely lee greenwood, larry gatlin and larry stewart, all citing tuesday's massacre in uvalde the three-day event is expected to bring hundreds if not thousands of protesters. former president trump and his two eldest children had have to testify under oath a court has ruled. letitia james is investigating the trump organization for tax fraud. an appeals court rejected a bid
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and now the former president anddonaa and donald trump jr. and ivanka will have to sit for testimony the cdc has identified case of monkeypox in seven states only some of the cases involve international travel where monkeypox is active. so the cdc presumes there is some community spread in this country. the memorial day weekend is expected to bring about 1.5 million people to the stcity of chicago the city has mofed into a high community level of covid on thursday thin they are pushing for volunteerly wearing masks indoors.
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students in akron got a surprise fit for a king. >> repeat after me sa say, lebron james. >> lebron james! >> lebron james surprised students at the school he opened he wished a fun and save summer for the kids i wish that was a hlittle widened. >> what a moment this larger than life guy who lite literally helped build the school aaa is predicting nearly 40 million people will travel this weekend around levels seen in
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2019 let's get a check of the holiday forecast hi, michelle, good morning >> hi, guys, good to see you we're going to see busy roadways and wet roadways. some of these storms could bring gusty winds and damaging hail and the chance of tornados we have another spot in the plains where we could see severe weather as well. 30 million people at risk up and down the east coast. we will have wild weather developing later on this afternoon into the evening e rainfevening. we're going to see ponding on the roadways south
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ordered to put on their life jackets as the hulking ship was in trouble >> when you saw the panic from our sister ship, marreddi gras, was scare eye. >> reporter: carnival's emergency response team quickly activated and extinguished the fire, says the company all giuests and crew are save. we continue to asissess the situation. s >> you honestly never think you are going to be in an emergency situation on a cruise ship >> reporter: a frightening scene after a fire on the water. mig gill almaguer. now the shocking death of
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ra ray ray liotta >> reporter: in the history of hollywood tough guys and heart throbs, ray liotta could play them all, with a flash of his baby baby blue eyes > . >> reporter: his publicist confirming that he died in his sleep while filming. he was happiest with family, he said >> i just like staying home with my fiance, watching tv and chilling >> reporter: he leaves behind his fiance and daughter carson and co-stars like joy joe pesci.
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in today's quick hits, the warriors are back in the nba finals for the sixth time in eight years. golden state beat the mavericks
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120-110 to win the western conference now thinkey sit back and wait fr the heat's series. >> and coverage of the indianapolis 500 and justin timberlake sells his music catalog. fkevin spacey faces charges in the uk. he faced allegations of sexual misconduct here in the u.s. with indecent assault in massachusetts but the case was dropped. k-pop sensation, bts is set
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to visit the white house to celebrate asian-american and pacific islander month they have say they have faced discrimination them selves in just a few minutes, we're going to tell you, what phillip has been up to in the past few months, and maybe he seems a little bit more tired than normal on "early today." >> we take a look at this weekend's forecast as a lot of us are going to hit the road for this memorial day. stay with us i'm not leaving without these diamonds! diamonds? i'm just here for the stains. with persil proclean. boom. it's more than clean. it's persil proclean. what makes febreze car vent clips different? febreze has steady release technology. just click, install and boom! febreze uses your fan to circulate freshness that won't overwhelm or fade...
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la la la la la. as we end a very difficult week, we ppromised we would taka look at a bright spot for us phillip's back after four months >> my wife did all the heavy lifting. you see the cool hat, her name is sierra, the cutest hlittle thing ever now i'm obsessed i don't know what else i could
4:27 am
say. i have feelings i never had before tearing up every time they make a sound that's not a cry, a giggle a few weeks ago lit our world up i still have the video of that and i go back and list en to that there's this constant worry now that after speaking with parents of all ages, never goes away >> tell you what, when he helef he said i've never changed a diaper, this is a wonderful, crazy ride >> i can't thank people enough for just being here for me, supporting me and giving me the space and support to let me bond with this beautiful baby. >> look at that hair >> that's all my wife. the hair, that may be the only thing we got we do have the same do, which is one of the reasons i don't want
4:28 am
to cut it when i cage me back. >> i kieep saying, it holooking l like a perfect fake baby doll. >> my stepdaughter here has been so supportive and just so loving and just the feeling that i get, i've never had before. it's really hard to describe if you are a parent, you know, but i didn't know. and you can't until it happens >> you never even realize there is part of your heart that could even feel that way, and these little people who do that. and with that, meaning, a new meaning of family for phillip, i know he like all of us are hugging our loved ones tighter, closer and longer with our hearts so heavy for the families who can't. so as we say good-bye, we want
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to reflect on what's important >> it's been hard for us to get through this story this week i cannot put myself -- i do put myself it's hard to get through this, but we like to think all the, this is memorial day weekend this is memorial day weekend so ♪♪ [children playing outside] reynolds wrap makes it easy to cook and clean up meals in no time. ♪♪ [food sizzle] so i don't miss all the fun stuff. [whoosh] [splash] easy prep, cook and clean. with reynolds wrap.
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right now at 4:30, the unfolding investigation surrounding the school shooting in uvalde , texas. we have growing confusion and outrage over the timeline of events. we have a live look across the bay area. we are tracking the memorial weekend cooldown. we are tracking what you can expect. e way. four more, four more. >> it was an


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