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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 27, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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right now, 5:00, could more lives have been saved? parents in texas are demanding answers from police, following the deadly chute school shooting. tragedy upon tragedy, a husband of one of the teachers killed, collapses and dies. amid the covid-19 search, festival returns to the bay area. experts say you can take this even if you are vaccinated, as summer kicks off. there are a lot of events in the bay area. we have really nice weather. temperatures are cooling down. you are watching today in the bay, streaming on apple to be y
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your day. after week of heartbreak and sadness, there is hope in the bay area. the warriors i headed to the nba finals. the team clinches game five against the mavericks. the chase center is literally lighting up. look at the fireworks eliminating this guy last night. that is really fun to see. we are breaking down the big victory, and what comes next. we will have that story, coming up. amid the excitement, this continues to be a difficult week for the entire country. before last night's game, they had a somber moment. [ silence ] that was a moment to remember the victims of the
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texas school shooting. most of the lights were turned off. names of websites were put up on video boards of organizations where people can support sensible gun legislation. the small texas community is trying to make sense of what took place. new information from polices added to confusion and frustration. what we know is four minutes after the shooter entered, local police arrived at 11:44. police admit the shooter was in the classroom for an hour before they were able to take him out. police say they waited for backup, instead of moving in on the gunmen. that left 19 children and two teachers dead. as a law enforcement analyst said, the police response raises more questions than answers. >> this brings up a large number of questions that a dps in texas have yet to respond to the citizens. they need to come up with a clear, and concise timeline as to what happened, as long as it does not jeopardize the
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investigation. some parents say this unimaginable pain may never totally heal. the nation grieves for the 21 lives lost. we are learning about the victims and their families. sadly, the husband of one of the teachers killed in tuesday's mass shooting has died. joe garcia, the husband of irma garcia suffered a medical emergency after returning home after laying flowers at her memorial. the couple leaves behind four children. in the wake of the shooting, there is a new push on capitol hill to push and safety regulations. a bipartisan group of senators behind the new effort. today in the bay, the governor of texas is changing his plans when it comes to the nra convention plant in texas today.>> reporter: that's right . the governor of texas, greg abbott, decided not to give an in person address to the
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gathering about 280 miles away in houston. he said he will be in uvalde for news conference. the governor is electing to give a taped video message that will be played at the nra annual meeting. this as in washington, a bipartisan group of senators tries to find common ground on guns. senator chris murphy has been here before. >> i have been charlie brown enough times to know, up until now, the football has been pulled out from under me every single time. >> reporter: the connecticut democrat thinks there is real momentum to do something, anything with republicans to strengthen the nation's gun laws. >> will see if we can make some progress. if we save a handful of lives, that is worth wild while. >> reporter: nine senators are working on gun legislation, aiming to introduce a bill in june. democrats want extended
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background checks, and the ability for judges to confiscate firearms from those deemed dangerous. while many republicans oppose any modifications to nation's gun laws, some are at least willing to discuss it. soon i will try to work through this and see if we can find common ground. >> reporter: the american people are less divided than members of congress. 80% said they support mandatory background checks on all gun sales. 2/3 back a ban on assault style weapons. the white house is watching the negotiations closely. >> of more guns with a solution, we would be the safest country in the world. we are not. the president has been clear, he wants action. >> reporter: 280 miles from uvalde , the nra annual meeting starts in houston. former president donald trump and ted cruz are scheduled to speak. president joe biden, and the first lady, will be in uvalde on sunday , to visit with the grieving families. those families need a lot
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of support right now. i know they want to see some action taken weekly. we are tracking the latest of elements of the uvalde mass shooting on our website. as new updates come in, you can see them right there on . we are pushing news alerts from our nbc bay area app. the san francisco police department plans to have a virtual town hall this afternoon, discussing a recent officer involved shooting that happened in the mission bay neighborhood. officers responded to a report of two men of involved in an aggravated assault. it is unclear if they died by bullets fired from police. the virtual town hall begins at 3:00 this afternoon. it will be streamed, live on day. the city of oakland will pay ann kirkpatrick more than $300,000, after police commissioners fired her 2 years ago. the jury determined that he
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failed to protect her from retaliation for blowing the whistle on question will actions committed by the award is equal to the amount she would have received in severance pay, had she not filed lawsuits against the city. so far, there is no comment from city hall. memorial day weekend is here. many are preparing to hit the road. thousands will be going to napa for the three-day festival kicking off tonight. >> it does, as covid-19 cases are on the rise. we have more on what the local doctors are saying about what we all need to know. ginger?>> reporter: good morning marcus and laura. it is such a tradition for so many here in the bay area. this is a perfect way to usher in the summer season. we are in front of the main gate. as you can see, it is quiet. all of the lights are welcoming for those that are planning on heading up here this weekend.
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if you're making the trip up to bottlerock, there are things you need to know. first off, the festival starts today, running through sunday. trenton is cash free. register your wristband for payment methods. pay close attention to the rules regarding backsides and prohibited items. there are no chairs or glass containers. as the festival kicks off, and folks prepared welcome summer, health and safety is top of mind for many. the festival organizers are not requiring proof of vaccination, or mass at the event. some communities are seeing an uptick in covid-19 cases. we sat down with that ucf physician on ways to stay safe for the social and other events. the doctor says cases are the latest string of covid. this is one that the original
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vaccine was not constructed to fight. the vaccines are effective at reducing risk for hospitalization, it is worth keeping your mass candy. >> wearing a mask and a risky setting is really important. that is due to confusion and disruptions resulting. it is not like you have to wear a mask everywhere. i take my mask around with me, like the way you take your umbrella if you know what is going to be stor >> that is great way to put it. with a rundown of what you know about the festival, and information about wearing masks, who will we see at the festival? lineup includes a little something for everyone. we have pink, metallica, and pitbull. we had a chance to speak with a group with some local ties. they say it is that combination of artist, from all genres that makes this event so amazing. to make this festival has so
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much diversity. we have a lot of young people that may not be into the 60s and 70s music. they can hear a living legend in rock 'n roll. you can turn them onto something that was their parents music. they may not otherwise get into it and have their minds blown by fantastic music. back out here, the gates open at 11:00. the weekend kicks off. from there, the weekend will be filled with good times and good music. back to you guys. that is a good break that everybody needs. >> a good break and good music is what everybody needs. now we need good weather. >> sometimes bottlerock is really hot. we are always worried about heat exhaustion. that will not be an issue this weekend. the only thing is, it might be cool at times, especially for
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the early shows, and the ones late in the evening. today, we are looking at a mix of sunshine and clouds with temperatures in the mid 70s. we start out with mid 40s tomorrow morning. we go up to 72 degrees. it will be warmer and sunny on sunday. we will go for 79 degrees. let's get you out the door this morning. we are in the mid 50s in the east bay. we have highs in the 60s this afternoon. where can we find lower gas to hit the road? >> vacaville has a better deal at $5.89. we do have $4.69 in concord. finally, we have $5.49 in san jose. the closest station near us is $6.33. let's get out the roadways. we will talk about lighter traffic now. we have seen this throughout the week, as we approach the holiday weekend. this will likely continue into the summer.
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the different patterns over here. another way to avoid spending money is taking mass transit. you don't have to spend so much on gas, but you will need to spend extra time. they are having track works near union city. it is 5:11. the giants begin the five day road trip. today they are in cincinnati, taking on the reds. the game will air exclusively on our service on peacock. they launched the national sunday leadoff game of the week. set your alarm, the game begins at 8:30. coverage starts at 8:00 a.m. there we go, baseball. we have a new push to expand the electric vehicle charging network. we are looking at the investment that companies like tesla are asking the white house for, which they say will help the climate crisis. donating is not painful.
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it is not drilling into your bones anymore. it is like donating plasma. this is a really good cause. we will tell you about the big bike trip kicking off today, and the simple steps you can take to help those struggling with a critical condition. stick around, we are riding along, today in the bay. moving the bay forward means making the community stronger. assuming bringing people together, and understanding our differences. we are working to make sure your voice is heard. >> we are telling your stories. we are connecting you to solutions for issues like climate change. we are giving you the resources to take action. nbc bay area, moving you forward.
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at grand canyon university. visit
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happy friday to you, it is 5:15. as you make plans to enjoy the day outside, in the inland areas, it will be much more comfortable. brentwood is in the mid 50s. we will see the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. we have temperatures in the midst 70s at lunch time. we have a great outdoor weekend. we will talk about that in a few minutes. things are nice and dry right now. this truck is taking it's time. no problems, no delays, unless you are car behind that truck. we're showing you what freeways are moving well, coming up. we are breaking news to tell you about, look at this. this is coming into the newsroom. two alarm fire. the church is burning right now in pittsburgh. these are live pictures from the scene. you can see fire crews are spring a lot of water on that, as a try to get the fire under control. we have been told there is a partial collapse. this is on central and railroad avenue. this is a pentecostal of the bay area church.
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this started around 2:35 this morning. several blocks around the church are closed. there's no report of any injuries. we have a reporter just arriving on scene with a liberal work coming up in about 15 minutes. wall street is set to open mildly lowers the markets look to wrap up positively. it is a bit flat. the s&p and nasdaq will break seven-week losing streak. tesla and other electric vehicle makers, are asking the white house to invest in charging stations for buses, trucks, and large vehicles. 10% of the money would go to expanding that national charging network. supporters say the large vehicles account for more than more pollution and gas emissions than the smaller cars. starting today, in san francisco, a 600 mile bicycle
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trip starts to help save lives of thousands of cancer treatments. >> bob is a 65-year-old leukemia survivor from colorado. he is among those taking part from san francisco to san diego. they are urging people to sign up for the bone marrow registry. this is a similar ride through florida. he credits his donor with saving his life, putting his leukemia into remission for 13 years. so you get a drug that makes you overproduce stem cells in your system. they get in your bloodstream, and you sit in a chair with a needle in each arm, and it's hooked to a machine to sort out the stem cells. you end up collecting one iv bag of stem cells over the course of 6 to eight hours of sitting in a chair. >> signing up for the bone marrow registry is easy. you provide a swab of saliva. you can log onto the website on your screen to register or
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donate to help out. there is a low percentage of african american, hispanic, and asians that are in the bone marrow registry. it is our team right here. we are representing. >> swab your cheek. there is no blood draw. you know what? this weekend is a good time to get out and do that. the weather will cooperate with us. it will be a good day to get out and enjoy. think about a couple of days ago, when we were talking about fire danger and triple digit temperatures. now all of that is a distant memory, as we go into the holiday weekend. we are looking outside in san francisco. we can see the low clouds. we can see the clouds rolling into the inland areas as well. if you're going out hiking, the sunshine will not be beaming down on you. you can still get a sunburn even with filtered sunshine that we will see today. wear your sunscreen.
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we are looking at the low 70s this afternoon. in fremont, we have a high ois tomorrow, we'll see the high temperatures reaching into the low 70s in santa rosa and napa scott was in the midst axes. we will be in the low to mid 70s for the south county as well. we are looking at more of the continued cooling with a mix of sun and clouds on sunday. we are also watching out for some spotty showers. as a heads up, we will be outside, grilling out of the park, and we could have a quick moving rain coming through in the north bay. look at saturday afternoon and evening. there could be rain coming from the north bay, down to the coast. much of the rest of the bay area will not see that. if you have beach plans, it may be drizzly out there, and chile. we have 70s for highs in palo
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alto. next week it warms up to 80 degrees. we have inland areas warming up next week, after a very comfortable and cloudy weekend. what is going on for the commute? >> things are looking good. we do expect it to stay this way of the holiday weekend. we have four lanes in either direction. you can see the skyline as the sun is rising. it is a great drive through the golden gate bridge. earlier, the road crews cleared, but now they have to move the center divide. we have a bit of a build up near the plaza. have a smooth drive in the south bay. near the altamont pass, we are just now seeing people tapping their brakes a bit. back to you. thank you very much. up next on today in the bay, nbc bay area response.
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the housing costs are through the roof. have we had a redline? if so, what can we do about it? i am the consumer investigator, finding the redline. many neighbors are getting creative to make the rent and mortgage payments. we will show you how, next. it was a very special day for one of our very special women. our meteorologist mom is celebrating her birthday. is >> we love birthdays, and we love mom's. the way you love me and your grandchildren is beautiful. she is beautiful. mama hall is there. and your birthday wishes along with all of us here as we wish mama hall a very happy birthday. you can post that on her facebook, twitter, and instagram. we have much more here, today in the bay. it is 5:22.
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here is a question for you this morning at 5:25, how much of your paycheck is going to housing? how much is too much? our consumer reporter set out to answer questions. he is joining us live. what did you find out, chris?>> reporter: we found there is a federal standard for your budget when it comes to housing. we found some creative ways that our neighbors are making it in the bay with the rent and
5:26 am
mortgage payments. let's talk about the numbers. the federal government has a long-standing, redline for our budget of 30%. they said housing should take up no more than 30% of your income. using the census data, we found 40 of the 58 counties where the median cost of renting is in the danger zone. it is getting very close. >> when you hear about this, what can people do about it?>> reporter: this is where we went hunting for answers and solutions. we found a crop of startups that say they are helping renters and homeowners rent out parts of their homes. you can rent out your pool by the hour. there is sniff spot where you can rent out your backyard is a dog park. the top user makes $3000 per month. this allows you to have professional photography. caitlin, that has a very photogenic kitchen, rented it out each week to make ends meet.
5:27 am
>> are recommended, because it is passive income. my kids are in preschool. i am at my job. the house is sitting empty. caitlin says her income covers all utility bills, and some of her mortgage. >> that is really interesting. hopefully they clean up, especially the dog one. let's talk about liability. what if something goes wrong?>> reporter: the apps build in a form of protection, a.k.a., liability insurance. sometimes it is up to $1 million. as a consumer report, i recommend you look at your insurance policy, or contact your insurance agent to make sure that what you're doing is okay by them. maybe get an umbrella policy there. thank you so much. you are waking up early. think your wife as well, hopefully we did not wake her up. here we go, we are
5:28 am
following breaking news. there is a fire at an east bay church. the flames were high this morning. now, there is a lot of smoke or fire crews arrived on scene. we will take you there, right after the break. also, governor gavin newsom comes to the bay. we talked about the first details of his new partnership with a popular global leader to improve conditions regarding the climate crisis.
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, texas. we are looking at the investigation into this week's school shooting. we have the growing confusion and outrage as a new timeline comes to light. we have a live look across the bay on friday morning. our meteorologist is tracking the memorial weekend cooldown. we are looking at what you can expect as you make your plans. 2022, we are going all the way. four more. >> amazing game! go warriors! the golden state warriors are going to the nba finals for the sixth time in eight seasons. why this win is extra special for some fans? this is today in the bay that was so cute to see steph curry's family there. >> good morning to you all on
5:32 am
this friday. today, the unofficial kickoff to summer. that is really on monday. we are taking it off early. people have the extended weekend. we have nice temperatures. >> i don't know if we can ask for anything better than this, with a wide range in temperatures. we have clouds rolling over the south bay. the sunshine is kicking off with temperatures in the 50s. we are near 70 degrees at lunchtime. 70 degrees is the high. we will see mid 70s in the tri- valley. we have mid-seventies in santa rosa. we'll talk about events this weekend, to help you make plans. we will talk about that in a few minutes. we do have breaking news to tell you about this morning. a two alarm church fire burning right now. >> looked like they were putting the fire out. it looks like it is flaring up again.>> reporter: good morning, we have been here.
5:33 am
the fire has died down. part of it has reignited right now. we are on the left side of the church. the entrance is just around the corner. as you can see, the really heavy, blacks, and a good amount of flames in the front. i am not sure from this vantage point, but i can clearly see a good number of flames coming from the back as well. right now, that the firefighters are preparing to climb the ladder. they are attacking the fire from the top and the side. they're looking to hit the fire through the broken windows. the fire crews say this started around 2:45 this morning. several roads around it are closed. obviously the entrance is closed as well. so far, there are no reports of injuries. the firefighters are reporting that the roof has collapsed, given the intensity of the flames and the amount of smoke. you can tell, there is a significant amount of damage.
5:34 am
there are a good number of parishioners here. this is the pentecostal of bay area. there are good number of parishioners consoling each other. the website says there is a good number of members of this church, about 1000 members. as you can see right now, this is still a very, very active scene. we did speak with the cio. he will gather them in a few minutes. hopefully in the next half hour or so, we'll have more information on how this started and the plan of attack to continue to knock it down. live in pittsburgh, sierra johnson, today in the bay. developing in uvalde , people are trying to hold on to 21 lives that were stolen. >> there is so much pain and heartache. we are learning about the
5:35 am
nightmare that unfolded inside of robb elementary school . parents are describing the unimaginable pain, saying they may never totally heal. and a heartbreaking new interview, the parents of alexandria rubio, open up about her last hours of life. they celebrated her making the honor roll, and earning a good citizen award. this has become their worst nightmare, one they believe they would never have to face. >> nobody does anything about it. [ indiscernible ] >> this is prompting action from democratic senators with legislation that could be introduced as soon as next month. today in houston, the nra annual meeting is kicking off, as land. former president donald trump is scheduled to speak. governor greg abbott canceled his in person speech.
5:36 am
he plans to send a recorded video in that. >> reporter: good morning. it is a tough morning here in uvalde . the of estimation enters four. instead of clarity, there are only new questions being raised about why it took so long for authorities to respond to the shooter. we are facing the questions because parents that were outside the school when the gunshots rang out, said it took nearly an hour before a team was able to enter the school. in the meantime, the community is faced with the unthinkable task of trying to move on, after 21 lives were lost. the memorial is only growing. we have the latest coming up next on the today show. we are updating our website with the latest developments, including the names and photos of all of the victims that died. you can learn more about them
5:37 am
right now on is up a church is facing a civil lawsuit tied to a deadly stabbing rampage in the homeless shelter 18 months ago. two people died and three were injured in an attack at san jose's great baptist church. the two people that died were receiving shelter during a cold spell, including the attacker. the church is named in a legal claim, along with the nonprofit assisting with on-site housing. they list inadequate protection. the church is reconsidering holding the program. it would not comment on the lawsuit. governor gavin newsom will be in san francisco later today, joined by the prime minister of new zealand , talking about the climate crisis. they're looking at an international climate change. the communities in california announced that 17 states, including california are suing to reinstate the clean air act
5:38 am
waiver. this allows the state to set stricter laws for car fuel admissions. it was originally granted in 2013. it was withdrawn in 2019, under the trump administration. it is 5:37. we have a memorial day weekend coming our way. people have three-day weekends. it is cookout season with baseball. we kickoff the weekend weather with the a's game at oracle park this evening. that is out of the coliseum. it will be in the mid 60s. it will be breezy. as we go to the evening, we have jackets on, as it dips into the upper 50s by the end of the night. we also have carnaval, and the parade happening in san francisco. it will be a great event. we start out in the morning with upper 50s. throughout the day, you may find yourself wearing longsleeved. you can bring your sunglasses. we also have mardi gras happening in morgan hill, with
5:39 am
temperatures starting out in the upper 60s. it will be a really nice day with a mix of sunshine and clouds. of course, we cannot forget about bottlerock happening all weekend long in napa. it will be 76 degrees. have a cool start. it will cool down in the evenings. we have comfortable afternoon temperatures. it could even drizzle at times to keep you cool. we have upper 70s with sunshine on sunday. if you are lucky enough to go to lake tahoe, you will see 60s today. it will be cooler of the weekend with morning starts near freezing. how is it looking for the commute? due to the holiday weekend, we know traffic often gets lighter in the bay. that has been the pattern for the last few years. we have no major problems. he talked about the game tonight. this is a 6:40 game. as folks are going toward the
5:40 am
weekend, after work, they could get caught in traffic going toward the game. we have no major issues there. you can take heart tonight. we do have of bus bridge in place near union city. they are doing track replacement there. in the future, it will be there. we are looking at the broadway tunnel. there will be work near chinatown. it is 5:40 tonight. we're delivering a message to bay area colleges newtons. a major world leader is set to address them later today. i feel very lucky and blessed that i get to do this. in honor of aapi heritage month, we are shining a spotlight on the singer and songwriter the stopped -- never stopped believing in his dreams. we look at the moments that
5:41 am
changed his life forever. the warriors do it again. on to the nba finals. we are looking at the scenes inside and outside the chase center. you are watching inside the bay. me to celebrate nonprofit bringing life-changing help to veterans. we have grilling tips and tricks from a certified pit master at 11:30 on california live. another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation
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good friday morning to you, it is 5:43. let's get you out the door with a look at how the morning shapes up for you. we are in the mid 50s now. we have a mix of sunshine and clouds. the sun is peeking out.
5:44 am
it is another comfortable day, kind of like yesterday. we will talk about the weekend, coming up. but the friday lights in san jose. we are looking at a build. we are not expecting much of a slowdown. we will track 101. some of these fonts should see some slowing in a few minutes. we are quickly approaching a 5:45. president volodymyr zelenskyy will discuss the ongoing war in ukraine with students at stanford. he has continued calls for support amid the invasion. you will participate in a q&a with students. he visited stanford last september. housing is one of the biggest and wildest issues in the bay area and california. our vegetative unit dropped the final episode of overpriced,
5:45 am
overwhelmed, over it. over the course of four episodes, that you can watch now, the streaming series brings you deep into the crazy world of california's housing crisis. we are talking about investors and their impact on prices. we look at why rent keeps increasing and why california cannot build. the investigative reporter and her team uncovered affordable homes supported by tax dollars that are now going for market rates. we hit the road to find out if billions in tax money was wasted.>> reporter: we wanted to see the properties. >> we are meeting the people that are living in them. >> i am a single mom.>> reporter: we are finding out what they are paying now.>> the arent is really high right now. with the permit right now, we paid $2165. they make almost $3000. >> this place was affordable for quite some time. when the restrictions ended, they could bring it back to market rate. >> reporter: how do you feel about that? >> god, i feel irritated. i don't even have a washer or
5:46 am
dryer. she will join us live in studio to show us what she uncovered as part of the special series at 6:45 this morning. it is 5:45 right now. we are celebrating aapi heritage month. we are highlighting activists. we want to celebrate some of the stories of rags to riches. [ indiscernible ] struggled in the philippines after the devastating loss of his mother as a young boy. he was homeless for a time. he recovered he got a random email. he thought it was a joke. it changes life. it was from the band, journey, that discovered him through his youtube channel. they wanted him to be the new front man of the group. >> show after show, they took me under their wings. they relied on me. it is such a big responsibility. i took the challenge. i challenge myself. it's like if you could hear his
5:47 am
voice, you'd be shocked. you can see that story tonight. i hope you can hear that voice. you can go to to celebrate aapi heritage, seeing more stories like that. >> the warriors are back in the nba finals. this is after the big win last night at the chase center. it is now a matter of who the warriors will face. it could be boston or miami. we will know by sunday. this is after the warriors first big win instead of the relatively new facility. that opened in 2019. this is the warriors sixth trip to the nba finals in the past 8
5:48 am
years. golden state clinched the series against the mavericks at home last night, with the 110, excuse me, the 120 to 110 win. between 2015 and 2019, the warriors were dynasty. they were the most dominant team in the nba. the years between then and now were challenge with the roster changes. now the fans think golden state can win another championship title with steph curry the got the mvp for the series, leading the way. >> it is great to have built it up from the bottom, and not have jumped on late. >> we are going all the way. >> four more. four more. >> it was an amazing game! go warriors. >> we are coming hard in the finals with the celtics or the heat, bring it on. [ laughter ] >> that guy needs some honey and tea. who will they play in the
5:49 am
finals? boston could take it against miami, if not there will be games seven on sunday. golden state will host game one. game two is june 5. reporting live, today in the bay. they also get little chance to rest up. >> yes, they can get the muscles ready to go. >> you have your tickets yet? >> how much are they, like five dollars a piece? i will go get my now. >> i will put 10, you put five, they will take care of the rest.[ laughter ] thank you, bob. the best part of winning the conference title is celebrating with your children. you can see curry celebrating with his kids. you can see dj poking up right there. he is just 5 years old. >> in 18 years, he will be
5:50 am
sitting up there. [ laughter ] is you can imagine that? that is so cute. here we go. friday morning, we have the forecast to be happy about. you may guess, it will be a great weekend in the bay area. i do want to say, if you have plans to go to beach, it will be a bit chilly for you. we do have nice weather if you are going out to the north bay. there are not a lot of people out this morning. maybe they hit the road early, or had the day off, and are relaxing at home. we have a cloudy morning. we are mostly seeing mid 50s. we will be in the mid 60s by lunchtime. eventually we hit the 70s in santa rosa. san francisco, we will be seeing temperatures reaching 64 today. san jose will reach 70 degrees. it will be 80 in fairfield. we are pleasant weather today. there will be more clouds, and some spotty sprinkles here and
5:51 am
there. that would keep temperatures cooler as we reach into the 60s and 70s. on sunday, it is still a windy day. we have mostly sunny skies. temperatures are very seasonable for the end of may. as we go by the hour by hour forecast, want to show you where we can see rain chances. in solano county, and out to the east, we have a bit of rain. in the north bay, saturday afternoon, we can see that sliding on the coast into half moon bay, going into saturday evening. we will not see much clearing before the inland valleys. we will have much cooler temperatures. look at livermore. it will reach into the mid 70s from today through sunday. there will be a quick spike in temperatures for the middle of next week, before it cools down again. we are going up and down. it is down for the weekend, after dealing with record highs we had a couple days ago. we will see mid 70s for the inland areas. for memorial day, it will reach
5:52 am
80 degrees. we have upper 80s for the middle of next week. san francisco will see the fog rolling by. we have highs in the 60s. it will be windy on sunday. we should get more sunshine on memorial day, with highs in the mid 60s. mike, using problems in the commute? you said folks may have left early, like yesterday, or last week. the tolls are looking great. we have an easy, light dry. things will get congested later on in the morning. right now, look, it is almost entirely green. we see a couple yellow sensors here in concord and vallejo. you can see these spots with a lot more slowing. in san jose, we are seeing a bit of a build. now we are back at the limit. we have light traffic. this was not even enough to move the sensors in san jose. this road is at 18 minutes, which is typically the lowest time it takes to get from marsh creek port 580. we have light traffic throughout contra costa county.
5:53 am
happening now, chp is getting ready for another maximum enforcement holiday weekend. we are cracking down on drunk drivers, including dui checkpoints. san jose chp is letting everyone know that the checkpoints will be in place starting tonight. they said about three dozen people, statewide, died in dui crashes over memorial weekend. after a break, we have an exclusive. was the open house and open invitation for burglars? one realtor is sounding the alarm over something he hopes will not become the next trend in real estate. is 6:00, the latest development in the texas school shooting. the brewing backlash ahead of the nra convention, starting in about an hour in houston. the new push in congress for more gun safety. we have a lot more news ahead, you are watching today in the bay.
5:54 am
[ snap ] [ roar ] the doomsday clock might be out of time. [ scream ] what's the plan? whatever happens, that's the plan. we're on the verge of extinction. [ roar ] let's all try to stay positive. [ roar ] [ scream ] see, not so bad. [ crash ] [ roar ]
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5:56 am
it is 5:56. welcome back. only on nbc bay area, did they use an open house to cased the place? a photo from a surveillance camera shows people rolling a brand-new refrigerator out of a vacant condo force dell and san jose. the pictures were provided by the homeowner. we blurred the faces because
5:57 am
police are not yet identified any suspects. the realtor believes he's these main target of the home after seeing all new appliances during an open house. see make it seem like it was a group of three or four people. this does not seem like it was just this particular house. they were prepared. >> the silicon valley realtors association is alerting collies about this case. this is the most read story on you can watch the full report right now on our homepage. an urgent call for help, wildlife rescuers at the international bird rescue in fairfield have been swamped, caring for elegance. they say they have seen dozens of brown pelicans, weak, hungry, and injured. so far, there are no signs of avian influenza and no clear explanation as to why they are starving. they say feeding so many hungry birds is really costly. they spent $2000 a day on fish. that is on top of caring for other species of birds that
5:58 am
also need help. they're hoping that people will pitch in to help them through this mysterious pelican crisis. japan announces initial plan to reopen to foreign travelers for the first time since the pandemic restrictions. it will start for those on package tours. visitors from areas with low infection rate and vaccine doses will be exempt from testing and quarantine. japan is testing the plan with package tours from the u.s., australia, singapore, and thailand. it took three centuries, but the last salem witch has been officially pardoned. massachusetts lawmakers formally exonerated elizabeth johnson junior, clearing her name, 329 years after she was convicted of witchcraft, back in 1693. she was sentenced to death at the height of the salem witch trials. johnson was never executed, but
5:59 am
neither was she officially pardoned, like others wrongfully accused of witchcraft. it was in eighth grade civics class that brought the case to the attention of lawmakers. that is amazing. here we go. a quick look at 6:00. a fire is burning in the east bay, destroying a church. we are live at the scene with what we know so far on the fight put out the flames. if more guns with a solution, we would be the safest country in the world. got more lives have been saved? parents in texas are demanding answers from police following the deadly school shooting. tragedy upon tragedy, the husband of one of the teachers killed collapses and dies. amid the covid-19 surge, a major music festival returns to the bay area. we are looking at the steps you
6:00 am
need to take if you are vaccinated, as the summer season kicks off. as we take a live look outside, it is a beautiful start to our morning. we have nice weather for the weekend. we will look at that in the weekend forecast. you are watching an beast they -- nbc bay area . it is a friday morning. we want to say thank you for allowing us to be part of your morning let's get to breaking news we are following out of the east bay. trying to put out a fire at a at the pentecostals of the bay surrounding streets closed off several blocks. crews say part of the roof collapsed. the fire started a little before three clock a.m..
6:01 am
so far no reports of


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