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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 27, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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suspect entered. >> reporter: three officers arrived and went through the exact same door the gunman went through. the first child called 911 begging for help, followed by several other calls from students, all asking for help. at 12:50 after a janitor finally got a key to unlock the door, a border patrol s.w.a.t. team wins again. today the director admitted it was the wrong call to wait. >> the on scene commander at the time believed it had transitioned from an active shooter to barricaded subject. >> in hindsight, of course it was another wrong decision, there's no excuse for that. >> texas governor greg abbott held his own news conference today saying he felt misled about what happened. he said he also did not know it took 19 officers nearly an hour to move in on the suspect.
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>> reporter: the information i was given turned out in part to be inaccurate. i am absolutely livid about that. >> reporter: he also held his position that stricter gun laws would have not prevented -- would have prevented the shooting, pardon me. he argued with background checks or any new laws, he believes the focus should be on mental health and not gun- control. now to a story on nbc bay area, hundreds of students walked out of class in san jose today to send a message back and violence and school safety. it comes at the same time san jose police at a specialist patrol cars to watch over schools for the rest of the academic year. damon trujillo is at one of the schools involved and has the exclusive details. >> reporter: the specialized units have two main purpose, one is stupid children and their parents at ease and two,
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eliminate any potential threat. >> there are four patrol cars, each with two officers. officer vanessa is in one of them. >> we are here to protect the community. >> reporter: the specialized units are called guardian cars, they are staffed by police officers working overtime shifts , all hoping to add a layer of security during these tense times. they are ready in case the unimaginable happens. >> here we have the ar rifle, bolts and bolt cutters and this is to help breach doors. a wedge in case there is a barrier we are able to breakthrough. >> reporter: the tools they say could break down any door standing in their way. as patrols rollout, students today walked out at willow glen high school. hundreds of them had class at 9:00 a.m.
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they called for more to be done to ensure school safety. >> we knocked on classroom doors and said come on, walk out for gun control, for gun safety. we should after about safety in schools. >> i did what i did because i am tired of having to show up to school every day wondering if we will be next, if we are going to get thoughts and prayers sent out but no policy and action. >> reporter: jennifer is no stranger to gun violence, she was one of hundreds at the oakridge mall over the holidays, when a shopper started firing again at a group he claimed was harassing him. >> i had to barricaded in a pizza hut for around three hours being terrified for my life. >> reporter: the fiers will be here for the rest of the school year. >> i am always ready, that is for sure. we are always ready. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. in the rake of this shooting, the giants manager said he is fed up , dave kapler's shared and open with
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letter to his website this morning titled home of the brave with a question mark at the end of it. he said he will no longer be on the field during an ethanol asked and them until the country stops going in the wrong direction. >> i don't plan on coming out for the anthem going forward until i feel like there is -- i feel better about the direction of our country. that will be the stop. i don't expect it to move the needle necessarily. it is just something that i feel strongly enough about to take that step. >> reporter: he said he was ashamed he did not protest the national anthem earlier this week. is father taught him to sit down during the pledge of allegiance in elementary school if he felt his country wasn't representing its people well. >> parents all over the country
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are on edge and afraid after the texas school massacre. today we all got an unwanted look at what the fear really looks like. someone posted a vague threat on that triggered panic at a lot of schools including at some schools in the bay area. >> reporter: a big nationwide social media threat filing violence that rhs prompting panaca schools nationwide including rodriguez high in fairfield. >> obviously it happened recently, just the threat -- it is just scary. too scary. i came right away, luckily i was able to get him out. >> reporter: the school announced it was investigating the threat out of an abundance of caution and offered parents the option to take their kids home. dozens chose to do just that. >> they are not telling the kids what is going on. everything in light of texas last week, if anything was to
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happen and we don't pick him up, you never would forgive yourself. >> reporter: police in multiple cities and federal authorities are investigating. fairfield school officials have since confirmed there is no danger to students and staff but understand it is little solace for nervous parents. >> with covid, now the school shooting. >> it is a lot. how do we, paris, manage this anxiety? fear? >> the entire time right now is so uncertain. everyone is anxious. parents, teachers, children. >> reporter: dr. michael, a psychiatrist with the childline institute in the bay area says the increased anxiety is normal. to deal with it, first ignores what you're feeling. then it is about having honest conversations with each other for support. >> we need to support everyone, parents, friends, family. it trickles down to the children. >> reporter: then, reassure your kids and no one to get
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outside help, after today mask incident that is exactly what ed ramirez says he plans to do with his son, noah. >> it is just scary times we are living in, you just never know. >> reporter: the school district says the investigation at rodriguez high school is still ongoing, students from at least three different states have either been arrested or turned themselves in claiming responsibility for the social media threat. in fairfield, nbc bay area news. 70 families in texas have been shattered by this tragedy. there are ways you can help. on our website, we have a webpage dedicated to efforts to help the victims families financially. go to, you can find a link on the page along with war coverage of the shooting. memorial day weekend is here and so is a surgeon trend in cases. 880 in the east bay, moving
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pretty good right now for friday. not too bad if you're heading out. also picking up, chanting cases. saint francis, the rate has doubled the state average and much higher than last year's holiday weekend. today's emphasis, seek positivity rate, over 11%. data from the public health dashboard shows at the same time last year the rate was below 1%. health officials are asking people to get texted and vaccinated but there has not been a rush to bring back any restrictions. here is where we are heading into the holiday weekend. we pulled data from each county's website, states website, few counties have a positivity rate below 10%. contra costa county, over 12%, tests are coming back positive but unlike the delta surge or other surges we are still not seeing a spike in hospitalizations. one of the hottest holiday events is rocking tonight. the three-day festival celebrating move objects, food
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and wine is expected to draw tens of thousands to one country which is great news for napa businesses but could lead to a greater surge. christie smith is joining us now from bottle rock with a look at how the day is shaping up. >> reporter: it has certainly gotten busier as the day has gone on. a lot of people tell us they have been counting the days until the festival returns. there ready to get inside and celebrate. while there really is not much in the way of covid restrictions, some people say they are taking precautions of their own. >> reporter: when the gates opened up bottle rock, many people who lined up knew where they were headed. this and traveled all the way from the east coast for another chance to see bay area hard rock legend metallica, one of tonight's headliners. the band does not play until tonight but he and many others say they came early to make sure they had a prime spot.
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>> it is nice to see them. >> reporter: more than 100,000 people are expected to gather here for a celebration of music, food and wine. there are touchless pay options, a culinary garden and spotted enough shade to offer an option for those who have had enough sun. >> one of my favorite things to do this weekend is try a lot of the local flavors and winds and the bubbles they have and enjoy it. >> he came in from florida and is asked happy to see the festival back on track. >> i know covid as an issue. it is rearing its head again and people have to be cautious but we also have to live our life. >> reporter: in line with current guidelines, attendees will not see covid requirements although masks are strongly recommended at indoor areas. there are also available masks
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for free but some brought their own. >> we are being really cautious because we have kids at home. >> reporter: cautious, keeping some distance, but enjoying their time. >> it is great to see live music and be out side. >> reporter: they have multiple stages here and judging by quite a few of the t-shirts it looks like a lot of fans are here to see metallica but it there is something for everyone. bottle rock runs through sunday. christie smith, nbc bay area news. washington is expected to announce next week it is sending rockets to ukraine. this is a system that has a longer range than many other weapons ukraine has so far. president biden's spoke to students today. while discussing the ongoing war with russia he called for more support from western nations. when it was the students turn to ask questions his trademark
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humor emerged when it was asked where he finds the strength to keep going. he says he has no choice. >> people inspire me, believe me. i am another human being just like you. i have to do a different job but i am very happy that i have this trust. >> reporter: several students asked what they could do to support ukraine and the president's response was to keep spreading the truth on social media. avenue some teamed up with the leader of new zealand, climate change on the agenda but it was not the only issue addressed. the response to the mass shooting, coming up. i am chief meteorologist jeff ben dery, we are tracking more clouds tomorrow morning plus the slight chance of showers. i will have details, coming up.
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for many, finding affordable housing is an impossible task. we investigate hidden housing across the state. you can watch it on your roku, amazon, fire tv, and apple tv by downloading the nbc bay area app or go to .
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hundreds of people gathered at a protest at the annual nra convention in houston. protesters chanted not one more, pushing for assault weapons to be banned and tougher gun control to protect schools. in the aftermath of the shooting there has been a lot more criticism of the nra. some guests dropped out of the convention but is is going on as scheduled. the governor of texas was supposed to speak that he canceled to attend an update on the shooting and sent a prerecorded video instead. one of the headliners today, former president donald trump who in a speech in front of people said the answer was to
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have more guns instead of les. the prime minister of new zealand is in the bay area today joining california's governor. some are calling it a landmark agreement on climate change but it is not the only issue they ended up addressing. >> reporter: and her first visit to the united states of the pandemic, the new zealand prime minister spent the morning visiting with gavin newsom. the theme of the visit, cooperation on climate change. >> we want to make sure it is not just government, we are driving in the same direction. we need help. is a nation of 5 million we want to have all of the solutions ourselves. >> reporter: as governor of the most populous state in the union, governor gavin newsom and was not shy about flexing's california's solutions. >> work we are doing in california, the work she is achieving in new zealand. >> reporter: he says green energy jobs are 6 to 1 compared
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to fossil fuel jobs in california. it was largely symbolic visit. they signed a memorandum of cooperation, a voluntary agreement with no binding legal obligation. the prime minister of new zealand was also asked about what her country did when they were confronted with a mass shooting there a few years ago. christchurch new zealand, 2019. a single gunman armed with a semi automatic shotgun and ar 15 assault type rifle a test two mosques killing 51 people and injuring 40. as the newly installed prime minister helped engineer an assault weapons bad, a buyback program and tighter controls on gun ownership within a matter of weeks after the attacks. >> the answer to all of our issues as they relate to weapons in new zealand, no. but they were practical steps
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we believe are necessary and would make a difference and so we made them. >> reporter: as americans continue to learn details of the mass shooting at an elementary school in uvalde, texas, many are calling for more action to prevent future attacks here. new zealand has not had a mass shootings since 2019. in san francisco, nbc bay area news. we are learning more about the offshore wind project that would place hundreds of wind turbines in california's coastal waters. one area is near morro bay, the other two off the coast of humboldt bay. the goal is to generate up to 4.5 gigawatts of wind energy, enough to power about 1.5 million homes. the idea is to help the country reduce reliance on fossil fuels. public comment starts tuesday. the terms of the leases includes other ocean users. we have had some offshore winds. is that right?
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>> onshore is cooler, offshore is the dry fire winds. after the past two weeks we have had a mix of both stove those things. in san jose we got sunshine today after cloud cover to start. currently 72 degrees but take your jacket if you're headed out. 60s coming our way as we had through the next couple of hours. also chilly in san francisco, 57 with 50s holding on as we had through tonight. we have changes as we had through this weekend, from a system just off to the north. best rain chances will be toward washington and oregon but we will see a slight possibility of some showers with wind kicking up from the system. taking it to the forecast, you can see how the clouds are returning, possibility of drizzle through the day. sunshine returning here to the north bay. by tomorrow night, in the north bay is where we have the best bet of a slight shower. nothing too heavy or that will
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ruin your weekend plans but i want you to be ready in case your outside and feel a couple of those drops. we are also tracking that wind, not gusty tomorrow morning, 10 to 15 miles per hour. heading through tomorrow afternoon, the sea breeze kicks up, 15 to about 30. tomorrow morning's forecast, we will start off with temperatures in the sit 50s across the bay area. 52 in the south bay, over to san francisco, starting off at 52 and the north bay coming in at 49. daytime highs, some of you might like it hotter for your memorial day weekend but it will not happen. we will be below average here on the south bay, low to mid 70s. east bay, 72 in antioch, oakland, 64. to the peninsula, 67 in san mateo. san francisco, chile, 50s and 60s and through the north bay, 70 in annapolis, 63 in mill valley, 67 in santa rosa. in san francisco we are holding with 60s through your memorial
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day weekend. i see gusty winds on sunday, 15 to 35. monday it is looking good on memorial day. sun in san francisco and we are dry over the next seven days. to the inland valleys, 74 tomorrow, 73 sunday, back up to 80 on monday. memorial day looks like the best day of the three-day weekend. we are seeing temperatures search up to 88 next wednesday, but definitely not nearly as hot as what we went through earlier this week. we have made it to the weekend. we will have a look at the weather forecast coming up at 5:30. coming up, a new bill aimed at protecting your cat. the effort to be on a painful procedure that is picking up steam. or, yiu saved taxpayers over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you.
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a search is on for a missing teenager in oakland. police say they need help finding this girl, 13-year-old ben if he does, she was last seen wednesday morning on 52nd street not far from ucsf children's hospital. she was wearing a blue and red hoodie with jeans and jordans sneakers. if you know anything about her whereabouts, call the police department. lawmakers are considering banning the procedure of declawing katz. removing a cats claws is not only painful and can lead to other health problems but leaves the animal defenseless. the american veterinary medical association also discourages declawing unless a cat has excessive or inappropriate scratching behavior. the bill passed the state
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assembly yesterday. we will come back with a 600 mile journey to raise awareness for a good cause. (music throughout)
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a 600 minus mile bicycle trip is under way to help save
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the lives of thousands of cancer patients. >> bob is among those pedaling from symphysis go to san diego urging everyone to sign up for the national bone marrow registry. he credits his bone marrow donor for the transplant that saved his life. >> you get a drug that makes you overproduce stem cells in your system, they get into your bloodstream, you sit in a chair with a needle in each arm and it is hooked up to a machine, you end up collecting one iv bag of stem cells over the course of 6 to 8 hours of sitting in chairs. >> reporter: to join the registry, fill out a medical listener and provide a swab of saliva. log on to now, we will see what is coming up at 5:30. a lot of new details coming out of texas, angering a lot of the parents there of the
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victims and even from the kids who survived. officers waited more than 45 minutes in a hallway outside of the classroom before confronting the gunman. the families want to know exactly what happened between the first 911 call and the moment the gunman was killed. tonight, investigators are giving some answers and admitting to mistakes that were made. wendy willful cassie latest from uvalde. >> reporter: texas authorities addressing questions about the response to tuesday's shooting at rob elementary school revealing a detailed timeline. investigators say the suspect crashed his vehicle and fired shots toward a nearby funeral home. the first 911 call was made at 11:30. minutes later, police say the subject ran through an open school door. >>


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