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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 28, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, tracking this wildfire burning in the east bay and the wind is causing problems as firefighters work to contain it. carnaval returns back in full scale after being sidelined by the pandemic. festivities return even though the covid-19 numbers are jumping again. and there is more talking about -- and what we are hearing about the police chief that delayed response with the
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shooter. thank you, for joining us. today, governor gavin newsom became one of them. he tweeted that he tested positive and has multiple symptoms. he was just in san francisco on friday to announce a climate change pact with the prime minister of new zealand. got gavin newsom has been in isolation before when a staff member tested positive in 2020. two of his children caught it in september. we have more coverage of the school shooting in uvalde, texas. there is a growing memorial in the town square to remember the lives of those that were lost after he gunned down in 19 students and teachers. there were 19 officers waiting in the hallway outside of the classroom ready to bust in.
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they thought the shooter was no longer an active threat, which was not the case. >> school district police had taken an eight hour course of two years in a row for dealing with a school shooter. that the gunman was killed after federal agents ignored orders to wait in taking down the shooter. today biden spoke at the university of delaware. he called today a turning point in history in the wake of the uvalde shooting and the recent tragedy in buffalo. >> there is too much violence and fear. too much grief. let's be clear. evil came to that elementary school classroom in texas. to the grocery store in new york and far too many other places.
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in the face of such forces, we need to stand stronger. >> reporter: he is set to travel to texas tomorrow to meet with the families of the victims. vice president kamala harris was among those that attended the service of ruth whitfield in buffalo. she is one of 10 people that was killed by an 18-year-old gunman at the tops grocery store. she called for courage in the face of hate. >> we will not allow small people to create fear in our communities. we will not be afraid to stand up for what is right to speak truth, even when it may be difficult to hear and speak. >> after the funeral harris and another gentleman made a stop at the site of the shooting where they laid white flowers at the memorial. the uvalde tragedy was the deadliest school shooting since
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the sandy hook massacre nearly a decade ago. we are following the case and we have a page with live up rates on our website, you can find it anytime by clicking the link on our trending bar. take a look at this. a big fire at a recycling center off of leo avenue. the fire department says several buildings have been threatened and they are shutting down seventh street. bear asking you to avoid the area. it is not clear how the fire started and so far no evacuations have been recommended. check out this time lapse of this fire in the east bay. it is not threatening any buildings but has burned at least 200 acres. firefighters say it is now 100% contained. >> this is coming as we are expecting more wind this weekend. let's check in with rob mayeda for the latest. we are seeing winds for
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sure in san francisco. cold temperatures in the 60s and sunshine. north winds between 20-25 miles per hour. for right now a strong seabreeze reaching inland. the way the smoke is moving, you can see the gusty winds. because the winds are on sure humidity levels are not that bad. about 40%-50%. watch what happens by the time we get to memorial day on monday. we will have strong onshore winds bringing in clouds and maybe some drizzle on the coast going into tomorrow. replacing it with a north wind which means we will see a fire weather watch. this is monday going into tuesday and we will see warmer temperatures to wrap up the holiday weekend. a closer look at that in the full forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, rob. a fire destroyed a home on bethel island.
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the fire was right next door to a fire department that is scheduled to open soon. there are no fire hydrants on the island. one neighbor said he was startled to find his next-door neighbors house fully engulfed in flames. >> i was worried about them, my house, about the people in the house. everything. but i saw them scrambling out towards the yard at the front of the house. i figured they were going to be okay. >> a woman who lives in the home said they had to jump from the second floor balcony to escape. thankfully, no one was hurt. carnaval is back in san francisco after the pandemic brought the celebration to a halt for two years. this is also at a time when covid-19 cases arising in the bay area.
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christie smith reports . the grand parade returns tomorrow and organizers say they put a lot of thought into putting this together in a fun way and providing tools and resources for people related to covid-19. in the san francisco mission district, carnaval is coming back. >> it is awesome. it is great. >> people are having fun. we got to dance with some other people. it was fun. >> reporter: it is a festival celebrating cultural arts and traditions. tomorrow the parade returns with more than 60 contingents. >> you can see guatemalan, brazilian. >> reporter: spoke with the executive director. during the pandemic it was scaled-back but this year there is a full event. they say they were on pause during the planning process,
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keeping a close eye on covid-19 cases. >> we were on pause throughout this time because we were very careful about how people could stay safe. we have six different stations where people get rapid tests for free. they can get tested on site and vaccinated as well as get the booster. and we have masks as well. >> reporter: some people to give it thought. >> there are actually people walking around handing out tests , which is amazing . >> reporter: and there were something for everyone. >> we are so glad to be back and it is beautiful to be walking around the street. we just spent 40 minutes looking at the low rider cars. truck in san francisco i am christie smith for nbc bay area news. thousands of flags were planted beside veteran
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headstones at the san francisco national cemetery. about 40,000 veterans and their family members are buried there. you can see thousands of flags waving in the breeze. this is done in preparation for a ceremony that will be held on memorial day. it is the smack heard round the ballpark. advocating fire safety in a big way. a first of its kind fair coming up. a breezy start to the week. we could see stronger when wind speeds tomorrow as temperatures crime. climate. we will have the full forecast when we come back. the school shooting generation. we are talking to parents and kids about the mental health impacts of school shootings, drills and added security. rental car trouble troubles also. that in much more coming ahead.
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if there is a bizarre situation involving the giants. an outfielder has been so son suspended over fantasy football. reds outfielder tommy pham played in fantasy football lead. allegedly pham walked up to peterson and slapped him in the
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face during a batting practice. >> it was an unfortunate situation. >> the rays went on to win the game and pham was suspended . tomorrow, the san francisco team takes on the cardinals again. set your alarm for the game. coverage starts at 8:00 a.m. and the game starts at 8:30 am tomorrow morning. marin county held a festival dedicated to fire prevention. it was held at the marin civic center. there were vendors selling things like fire resistant
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material and landscapers even showed up to teach people how to lower fire risk in their yards. they say they need to prepare for wildfires is more pressing than ever. >> wildfires season is getting longer every year and we are becoming all too aware of the dangers. we don't have to look far to see what will happen if we don't get ready. >> in addition to information there was music, games, and food. is everyone is talking about fire preparedness and fire danger, things are looking pretty good this weekend. >> wind in any direction could cause problems. we will have a north wind that will drop humidity down and temperatures will climb up going into next week. pretty pleasant outside aside from the winds. 73 degrees. 69 and cool around the valley. southwest wind at 20 miles per
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hour. san rafael is 63 degrees. a lot of the wind and low clouds could have some drizzle. san francisco is 62 degrees with winds at 25 miles per hour at times. we have 60s and low 70s and wind arrows onshore and what is causing this is a weather system to the north that is bringing showers to the north coast. you probably saw the lenticular clouds showing up over the hilltops. you can see the breaks in the clouds here and you get that with strong upper-level winds as the moisture rises, conventions and creates this thin band of clouds. it looks like most of the moisture is going to stay off to the north. there is a chance of the low clouds being forced inland, we might see if you light showers. we see mostly cloudy skies
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through 9:00 and 10:00 and then tomorrow morning, clouds clear and it looks like a windy finish to the weekend come especially on the coast. morning temperatures in the 50s and by lunchtime tomorrow numbers mostly in the 60s. the highs in the valleys, in the 70s. 60s for san francisco and near 70 degrees in oakland. let's talk about the wind. it is blustery right now. 5:00 tomorrow, this is the coast. around san francisco there is a lot of red and that means stronger onshore winds. the winds will switch from the seabreeze to a north wind that will lead to a warm-up that gets started there memorial day on monday with mid and upper 70s inland. 80s in contra costa county. in the valley, highs in the 80s and 90s.
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mid 90s towards solano county and mid-80s. this is the third week in a row we have had midweek warm-ups and then cooling temperatures going into the weekend. notice the storms for the most part are staying up here on the north coast. more clouds and cooling and as we head into next weekend, slowly but surely, temperatures warm up in san francisco should be closer to 70 degrees. cooling as we head into next weekend. it looks like less wind and a bit warmer and then a taste of summer coming back midweek ending cooling as we head towards next weekend. >> i think a lot of people will be happy with that forecast. coming up, he did not stop believing. you know the story of the latest front man for it journey? we will introduce you to him as we celebrate a api heritage.
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out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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we continue to celebrate heritage month. >> and we go on a journey with a man leading a legendary band. we go behind the scenes with journey front man arnold pineda.
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truck it has been called a rags to riches story but for him, it is simply his dream come true. >> how many filipinos can say they get to do this. it is that that i am really proud of. >> there is a lot to be proud of. for 15 years he has been the voice of journey. >> so many people are surprised. they thought i was still in my 20s . >> reporter: his bandmates say he has reignited the soul of the band that stalled when steve perry left. but his passion for music began long before fronting the band. in a documentary he talks about the devastating loss of his mother as a young boy. it being homeless in the philippines until music and a
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random email that he thought was a joke changed his life. nothing could have prepared him for what was in store. >> i am so short and i look so brown. i look really asian. >> what you call a misfit, mark some might say, you being the front man is a sign of the times. have you felt support from fans? >> from the fans, of course. but some cannot accept it. i treated as a challenge and that is why i i am still here. it is okay. at least i know that i tried my best. >> reporter: what makes it worthwhile for him? to represent something more.
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>> we are courageous just to try it, even if we know we will fail. there is this a 10% chance that we will make it. so we just keep striving because it is the only way to chase our dream. >> reporter: or as he regularly and passionately sings on stage, don't stop believing. >> he is a hero to so many family members and friends. we love singing his songs. we have many more stories online. just go to and look for celebrating aapi history. coming up, we go inside a new exhibit at the science center.
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it is a problem that affects us all. the california housing crisis. if you have been househunting you know that every home goes for above list price. >> there is actually a sick rate world of off market listing. and we went searching for the hidden deals. >> reporter: this home sold in november and estimated value is $1 million but it sold at $855,000 through a secret listing. his home in concorde sold off
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market in december and is estimated at about $570,000 but sold for $470,000. >> how do we get those deals? >> watch all four episodes on your roku, amazon fire tv, or by downloading the nbc bay area app. turning to decision 2022 and happening today, voting centers are going to be opening for early voting. some opening include the pacelli event center, st. pete parish in pacifica and more. in sonoma county there is the veterans memorial building and the primary is on june 7. election day is nearly here. our decision 2022 page has the latest on local and national
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nasa has big plans to return astronauts to the moon but first they are sending a machine to search for water. nasa held a ceremony at the space and sign center in oakland. they unveiled a replica of its new water hunting rover called viper. a kind of resembles a golf cart with a satellite on top. the viper is expected to spend 100 days on the moon looking for icewater deposits. the plan is to eventually live off of water there.
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we do have a change to the morning lineup tomorrow. sunday today will air at 5:00 a.m. and then meet the press at 6:00 a.m. followed by today in the bay at 7:00 a.m. nightly news is coming up next. tonight, growing outrage in uvalde, texas, as we learn more about the delayed police response to the deadly school shooting the police chief blamed for the inaction now identify. new details about how the border patrol defied his orders to finally act and enter the classroom. plus, these photos of uvalde police holding a school shooter drill just months ago. why weren't proper procedures followed? while today, the town pauses to remember those lives lost boiling point. protests outside the nra convention and across the country this activist dragged away, after confronting senator ted cruz at a restaurant today, the


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