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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 28, 2022 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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sunday. the latest next at 11. right now, an emotional night in texas. the community coming together in prayer in the wake of that tragic shooting as we learn more about how prepared school police were to combat an active shooter. also. >> it makes me sick to my stomach. >> the tragedy in texas triggering and traumatizing bay
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area shooting survivors. and neighbors putting out flames with garden hoses as a fire rips through an east bay home right next to a fire station. the reason it took crews some time to get there. we start with candles, tears and prayers. tonight the community so rooted in faith coming together for a vigil to remember the 21 victims of tuesday's massacre. we have learned school police recently went through active shooter training. tonight so many are wondering why didn't school police stick to the play book? >> this as we learn more about what school police protocol is. just two months ago the school's police department shared these pictures on facebook of training at that school, specifically for an active shooter incident. we have learned in december that the school district police chief himself completed a training course on active
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shooters. >> what should have happened? what is the protocol? the texas commission on law enforcement created a response play book in the wake of the shooting in parkland, and said the number one goal is to stop the killing and the first priority is to move in and confront the attacker. document later said first responderns not willing to put innocent lives before their own safety should consider another career. investigators say the school district police chief did not order his officers to confront the shooter because he thought that the shooter was no longer an active threat. a memorial is growing outside the elementary school where the 19 students and two teachers lost their lives. the president addressed the shooting. >> to much violence. to much fear. to much grief. let's be clear. evil came to that elementary school classroom in texas.
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>> the president and first lady are set to travel to the area tomorrow to meet with the families of the victims. as victims families and the community search for answers after the school shooting in texas the tragedy is triggering many emotions for survivors of the gilroy garlic festival shooting in 2019. some of the survivors plan to come together tomorrow to offer support for each other. >> we walked out the gunman was like ten feet, 15 feet away from us. >> cheryl was at the garlic festival nearly three years ago when a gunman opened fire, killing three and wounding 17 others. >> i could hear the gun fire, people yelling, people screaming. it was horrible. it was something i would never wish upon my worsen my. >> she said even now she is still traumatized and on edge and watching the school shooting in texas last week only triggered more anxiety. >> it just makes me sick to my
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stomach. i start thinking will someone come around here? >> which is why she planned a gathering tomorrow. >> we are very affected by that mentally. it's really bothered a lot of people and i don't know if everybody has a way to connect. >> one expert said talking about a shared traumatic experience can help with healing. she offers this advice. >> find a therapist that has a trauma informed practice and that can help the victim work through the stages of resilence and teach them to recognize when they are in the throes of having anxiety. >> as a community begins the healing process cheryl knows the road is long. she hopes the comfort of community will make a difference. >> thank you.
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in the meantime survivors of first televised shooting are in texas. they survived columbine23 years ago. this will mark you the rest of your life. >> right. >> we talked to a lot of parents, even yesterday who are upset and the anger is justified. we get that. just be careful that it doesn't take root and make you bitter. >> they traveled in hopes of trying to help the community heal in any way they can. a nonprofit sending love to the survivors in the form of teddy bears. they are called comfort cubs. organization sending 700 of them to the area. enough for every student at robb elementary and family members of the victims. >> i created the comfort cub to heal a broken heart. >> we had people write a special note and we have been told that those little touches
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mean so much. >> it said 12 years ago i lost my son and was given a comfort cub. i slept with my bear every night for over a year as i mourned and healed. >> the creator of the bears actually lost a child herself. she said when a parent losing a child it's the greatest loss you will ever have but it also creates a connection with all of the other parents who have lost a child no matter how they died. our coverage of the tragedy continues online. we are posting the latest updates on the investigation as well as a page dedicated to how you can help the victims of the shooting, just head to the website. nbc bay click on the link at the top of the home page. fire crews are still on the scene of an afternoon fire at a recycling center in san jose. this is leo avenue. at one point smoke could be seen across the city. firefighters say it was hard to put out because the fire was buried under the pile of repsychables. you can see them digging the
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tractor. firefighters will be there overnight to manage potential hot spots. outside for a live look at san rafael. if you haven't stepped outside it's a bit breezy. even saw some sprinkles in parts of the bay area. let's bring in rob and i was over in santa clara tonight having dinner and i can smell rain. >> yeah. not that much. santa clara valley. a different story back toward san francisco. something of a bit of a drizzle storm we have had this evening and tonight right now 56 degrees. you would love to see that in terms of short term fire danger. real rain coming down. measurable around san francisco and parts of the coast. coupled with a strong sea breeze which has brought the humidity numbers up. we will start to see changes. clearing skies. notice the wind speeds heading toward tomorrow afternoon. especially toward san francisco and the coast. into the red. wind gust of 20 to 40 miles an hour but specifically a change in the wind. it'll start to take place by
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tomorrow night on into monday. you see the winds turning out of the north. up increasing fire danger. memorial damon. how hot the highs can get around the bay area in about ten minutes. >> we will see you in a bit. fire crews are on their toes this weekend with fires across the bay area today and more fire weather coming our way. stephanie has how busy crews have been and what's still to come. >> a charred frame, ashes and smoke is all that's left at this home after an early morning fire. >> jumped off my back porch. >> i looked out the window, saw the fire on this side right here, on the side of the house. that's when i got up, jumped out and got on the phone.
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>> neighbors started hosing down what they could because even though the home was right next to a fire station that building has to open wednesday staffed. >> they would have got a good start. >> out here the biggest challenge is that we don't have a continuous water supply. we have to use water tenders to shuttle water back and forth and the distance that the units have to travel to get out here is significant as well. >> thankfully nobody was hurt. in bay point over 218 acres are burned after a homeless camp went up in flames. just take a look at this video showing how winds helped spread it onto dry grass, con fire said it's 100% contained with no injuries and no damage. a one of a kind festival dedicated to getting marin county residents ready for a long and hard fire season. >> we are all becoming all too aware of the danger. we don't have to look far to
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our neighbors to the north and south to see what will happen. >> the stop was held at the marin civic center with first responders, and vendors. >> most think of fire as i about i go wall of flames and there's nothing we can do but evacuate and get out. that's not really the case. most homes burn because of embers. we can stop the embers from catching fire and spreading to homes. >> everybody bracing ahead of california worst months for wildfire. no word of the cause of a two alarm fire in san jose. this is in the willowglen neighborhood. you see some of the smoke coming from the rooftop there. firefighters say it may have started from a fence or tree fire which in turn spread to the house. about a dozen trees caught fire. two homes were damaged.
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you may have heard the governor is isolating tonight after testing positive for covid. this a day after the governor was in san francisco for an event with the prime minister of new zealand. he tweeted the news and said he has mild symptoms so far and will continue to work remotely. he also is taking medication that has been proven effective against coronavirus. he is vaccinated and has had two booster shots. as for the prime minister, she had covid earlier this month. even with cases on the rise carnival made a come back in san francisco this weekend. the festival returned to the mission today after a two year break. people were happy to see it back. tomorrow the grand parade returns. >> we were very, very careful about how people could stay safe so we have six different stations where people get rapid
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tests for tree, can get tested on site. get vaccinated and get the booster so we feel safe. we have masks as well. >> the two day festival featuring latin american and caribbean culture continues tomorrow. the parade has more than 60 entries this year. always quite colorful. still ahead we are back in 60 seconds. he has learned his fate. what lie as head for the north bay man accused of plotting to blow up the state democratic party headquarters. and the main stage group that won't be at bottle rock tomorrow. and watching drizzle and low clouds on the decrease heading toward tomorrow morning. wind spread speeds increase and temperatures set to rise in the seven day forecast. look at the changes as we come right back.
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california man accused of plotting to blow up the state dnc headquarters after the 2020 election has plead guilty. the 46-year-old, ian rogers charge charged to conspiracy to destroy a building, prosecutors say he and another man had a list of several targets. they allegedly hoped that by blowing up the dnc in california it would start a movement to keep president trump in office. rogers plea agreement will result in a sentence of 7 to 9 prisons. [inaudible] to plant thousands of flags beside veteran head stones. you see them right there. it takes place at the national cemetery where about 30,000 military veterans and their family members are buried. this is all done in preparation for a big ceremony on monday, memorial day. a live look at sfo on this
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busy travel weekend. a lot of people hitting the roads and the skies. some airline passengers being met with cancellations. can you imagine that? flight aware is reporting that more than 1400 flights were canceled today. that follows 2300 cancellations yesterday. weather is a factor but also the extreme pilot shortage for all airlines is playing a role. here sfo reported 9 cancellations, 99 delays, similar numbers to yesterday. looks like a good time at the napa valley expo. thousands showed up for a day 2 of the bottle rock festival. 21 pilots headlined the show tonight. tomorrow the music festival will be closed by pink and luke combs. bad news for one of tomorrow's bands. bleachers posted this tweet just a few hours ago saying is a huge bummer to announce we have to pull out of tomorrow's show due too a positive covid
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test in the band. organizers haven't said who if anyone may replace them on short notice. shouldn't 21 pilots help with the pilot shortage? is that a different thing? >> you're onto something. >> whatever they can do. > nice weather outside. no weather delays other than a little bit of low clouds and visibility. san jose we have some low clouds, 62 degrees, northwest wind at 12. cool, 59 in dublin with a southwest wind at 9. from oakland off to the west under the low clouds, 58 degrees. you had a trace of rain, not to faraway from oakland. right now 56 degrees, west wind at 15. for now it's a strong sea breeze that is reaching all the way there to solano as the winds start to change direction by tomorrow night. that will lead to the warming trend and unfortunately
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probably much dryer conditions across inside northern california. one thing you will notice tomorrow, unlike today, the increasing clouds we had today will be increasing sunshine but also increasing wind, clearing skies, watch these wind speeds out on the coast. you have gale warnings off shore. sunday afternoon. notice how the sky should clear. any chances of drizzle and then looking at mostly sunny skies and temperatures overall similar to what we had today. we start the day off with the 50s with some patchy low clouds starting to clear out. by lunchtime 68 degrees in san jose. low 60s san francisco, into oakland and for now inland temperatures hanging onto the low 70s around san jose, livermore, about 74 degrees. fairfield at 80. as we head toward memorial day, monday, tuesday, and wednesday, just like last week, high
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pressure starts to build back in. temperatures will trend progressively warmer from memorial day. then notice the trend once we hit tuesday. solano county into the 90s, mid- 80s around san jose n to morgan hill and by wednesday now, you are looking at temperatures in the 90s from the tri valley. areas east of 680, out toward fairfield and morgan hill. a little taste of summer like conditions by wednesday. after that we start to cool off as we head toward next weekend. this is the third week in a row. we will have to watch the gusty winds, san francisco trending more mild by tuesday and wednesday. with a taste of summer coming back our way. as we head in to the middle part of the week. cooler, more clouds and more of that ocean air conditioning into next weekend. all of the days making up the holiday weekend, mop should be the warmest but the warmest day of next week should be looking at more 90s across the valley by wednesday, back to you.
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>> really good. thank you. anthony flores joining us to prove that fantasy football and bad sportsman ship don't mix. >> it's a little too competitive. at least for one person. major league baseball hits back after a pregame slap over, you heard it, fantasy football. why giant's out fielder jack peterson is apologizing.
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major league baseball is forcing tommy to take the weekend off. he has been suspended three games for slapping a giant's out fielder. it happened before friday's game in cincinnati. the dispute was over fantasy football. that's right. the suspension started on friday and runs through sunday. as for peterson he was in the line up today for the giants, down a pair in the 6thst evan longoria hits a solo home run. it cut the lead down to a run and then with two on and two outs in the top of the 9th
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flores with a chance to be the hero. joey bart on second trying to beat the throw home. not even close. he is out. the rids beat the giants 3-2. back to the flap. at issue was a roster move and peterson making fun of his former team. >> it's true. i did send a gif making fun of the padres and if i hurt anyone's feeling i apologize. it was supposed to be light hearted and i understand people take jokes differently. i apologize for that and looking to move past this and show up tomorrow with no distractions and try to help the team win. >> someone has to lighten up. you can watch tomorrow morning's game on peacock set the alarm clock, starts at 8:30. ly have highlights at 6:00. coverage starts at 8:00. at the coliseum the a's
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taking on the rangers. a beautiful day at the ballpark. down a lot in the 5th. ramone tees off for a solo home run. that's his first of the year. the final score, not so much. the a's fall to the rangers. they get hammered 11-4. he is done. no need to translate that. that was a goal. the 2nd of the match. lafc would score in the 47th minute. la wins, 3-2. did you get that? that's a look at sports. more news after the break. another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business.
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nasa has big plans to return astronauts to the moon but first they are sending a new machine to search for water. the agency previewed a replica of its new water hunting rover. it's expected to spend 100 days on the moon looking for ice water deposits. plans to learn to live off resources and eventually mars. real quick programming note. the ind y 500 is tomorrow. meet the press is at 6:00 a.m., not 8:00 a.m. and followed in the bay at 7, then ander. have a great nights.
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