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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 30, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now at 4.30, another red flag warning going up for solano county as we deal with increasing winds and low humidity. i will be tracking that fire danger and exactly where and when we can see the increased threat of wildfire. source and emotional visit, president biden back in delaware after traveling to uvalde, texas. large gatherings have
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experts concerns a current surge of covid could only get worse. the steps you can take to make sure you get safe when you get together with friends. good morning to you on this monday. i am marcus washington. we of course would like to thank all of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. here we go. we are going to see the winds increasing throughout parts of the sacramento valley into solano county as we go through the next couple of hours and that is going to increase the threat of fires, brush fires could increase. as far as temperatures today, not too hot yet, we have enjoyed some cooler weather, that continues today with half moon bay
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reaching 54. 66 in san francisco . we are also going to see some upper 70s for a lot of inland spots especially for the south bay. we are up to 75 in south jose. we will talk more about it coming up in a few minutes. we are sending out updates as the fire danger moves in. if you haven't already, make sure you download our free nbc bay area app. we will send the latest making news and weather alerts to your phone. the agency says it will open a review into why it took officers nearly an hour to take out the shooter at the elementary school inside a
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elementary school in uvalde, texas. the announcement came as president biden visited uvalde over the weekend meeting with the community . sam brock explains the ashington actions president biden is promising the community. >> raw emotion everywhere with long lines to see the memorial in 100 degree heat. president biden hugging and consoling
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those grieving. >> she was a star that shined and now that it she is gone, it is like the star has gone out. >> the families had some irreplaceable stolen. >> does it feel to you like police did their job? >> no. >> the clock is ticking. it is not an hour, it is seconds
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. they never did anything. what about the kids? >> kids whose closest cousins share their aspirations. >> what did she want to be when she grew up? >> a lawyer and a nurse. >> does it hurt? does it feel like there is something missing? >> a piece of my heart. >> sam brock, nbc bay area news. a powerful tribute to the 21 victims killed. the towers united methodist church set up this memorial from the front church. they put up an empty chair from each of the 19 children and two killed in texas. a steady stream of adults and children came by to pay their
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respects, many of them leaving flowers and notes. rescue we're tracking the latest developments of the uvalde mashing on our website. as updates come in, you can see them posted online. according to cdc guidelines, medium to high transmission areas for bid with festivals going on this weekend. drawing an estimated 300,000 people to the bay area. some experts say are next surge could begin in a matter of days. they look at the uncertainty
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now and what you can do to minimize your risk. from the 100,000 people expected at the festival in napa to the tens of thousands who gathered for the carnaval parade in san francisco, it is clear crowds are coming back this memorial day weekend, but the events are ramping back up, so is california's covid rate. >> probably one in 20 people who have absolutely no symptoms who are infected and we have that data from ucsf. >> doctors are preparing for another surge. >> what i'm concerned about after this weekend is a lot more cases. >> the specialist says he expects to see a number of patients hospitalized with covid after the holiday weekend but says the bump is likely manageable. he says right now the most common variant circulating in the bay area is an offshoot of
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bhu, that is 30 to 40% more transnational than the original omicron variant. and while he says people should get back to enjoying their lives he suggest you opt for outdoor events, wear a mask in crowds and look into how and where to get covid antiviral medicine, should you need it. >> a plan of action just in case leading to tomorrow's positive test. the relatives of the victims one year later. >> we are trying their best to keep his memories alive.
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>> one man's family says he gave his life trying to save others. still ahead, the way they are making sure he is never forgotten. but first, there is memorial day, several events we will be right back.
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[ vroom ] [ rawr ] [ snap ] [ roar ] the doomsday clock might be out of time. [ scream ] what's the plan? whatever happens, that's the plan. we're on the verge of extinction. [ roar ] let's all try to stay positive. [ roar ] [ scream ] see, not so bad. [ crash ] [ roar ]
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as we look at palo alto, it is clear, temperatures in the mid- 50s and we will cool off a few more degrees before sunrise. we will talk about where we have the highest fire danger in the forecast coming up. this morning, the texas school shooting where does one year ago they came together to honor the memory of one of the victims.
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>> family and friends say they are honoring him by sharing the values that he lives by. >> we are taught to protect others when needed above your own. i didn't realize in the moment how tough it gets even after.
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>> and a special prayer as they honor him, they are also aware that families in places like texas and new york are now facing unthinkable loss and pain. >> these months have been tough in general. it just stops my heart to know how much pain they are going to feel, not just now but even throughout their life. >> my heart goes out to the families who lost their little children in texas. the teachers. it is happening too many times and there are so many places. >> they say their hope their memories close thinking of their selflessness, generosity. >> this morning, the vice mayor
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apologizing after being arrested last week on suspicion of driving under the influence. laura hofmeister was taken into custody by police on wednesday.
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the bay area city expanding early voting hours as we approach the june primary. we will be right back.
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♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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a beautiful look of this morning. >> we are dealing with something not so beautiful now. >> starting at 11:00 this morning, we do already have gusty winds coming through solano county, but, later on this morning, the humidity levels will be dropping and we know it has been a long time since we had a decent rainfall so the vegetation is basically primed for any starks to spread quickly with gusty winds and extremely low humidity. under the red flag warning the increase fire danger for today. as we take a live look outside
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in san jose, the days are getting longer and longer already starting to see a little bit of light and the sun getting ready to come over the horizon. temperatures in the low 50s have really started a comfortable morning and cool temperatures with a light wind and we are going to keep the nice weather and sunshine throughout the morning into the afternoon. today continues as our high's reach into the upper 60s and hayward, 75 in dublin and in fairfield we are looking at a high of 83 degrees. while we will start to see some slight
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cooling near the coastline. here is what is going on, we are still looking at a large area of high pressure blocking any rain and then we are also tracking further to the south, hurricane ida said that is getting ready to make landfall over mexico, the first, of course, of this hurricane season for the pacific and that will be moving in there so we will be watching the impacts. here, we are looking at some hot weather through midweek but take a look at the weekend. there is a chance that on saturday, and i know this is june, there could be a chance of rain moving in. now is you are heading out from work this morning if you are working, this is a live look of the bay bridge toll plaza and it is so nice to see the light commute if you do have to work today, hopefully it stays that way. i haven't seen any major
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problems. there was a hit and run on parts of the peninsula south of redwood city and also for the rest of the bay area, things are looking fairly quiet. i will keep an eye on it for you and we will have another update coming in a few minutes. this morning we are still looking to learn when a third suspect arrested in connection to the mass shooting in downtown sacramento will appear before a judge. investigators believe payton was one of several elected gun members who opened fire over the weekend he was taken into custody while at an apartment complex in las vegas. they have been arrested with charges of murder and other gun charges. six people were killed including three men who believed to have been targeted. three women were killed that were innocent bystanders. turning out to decision 2022. in person voting is opening up across the bay area. in san francisco, city hall
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voting center is expanding the weekend hours. it will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during the week it is open until 5:00 p.m. unset except for today, memorial day. and we have full election coverage including keyboarding deadlines on her website. you can also see full pitches from the mayoral candidates and santa clara sheriffs candidates . that is all on nbc bay area. >> naturally reminder that police can step in to solve problems big or small. they say early yesterday morning, southern station officers spotted a mother duck frantically crack caulking at a storm drain. the ducks had fallen and were trapped inside. what you see right there officer stepped in and everyone is in a better place.
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are you getting excited? i am shirking one of the nba finals days away and we now know who the warriors will face for the title. next. we we'll be right back.
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warriors fans, it is on. the match-up now set for the nba finals. the boston celtics held on in a tight win here and they beat the miami heat last night in the eastern conference finals. the championship series tips off thursday where game one and two will take place. they split two games against each other in the regular season. and game two of the nba finals is on saturday. >> i looked at tickets and they are way too expensive for me, even the nobly nosebleeds. >> we will be watching at home. the golden tate warriors were the most researched team in 37 states as you can see on this map and according to a google trends expert there should be little doubt about who is the most searched player.
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>> steph curry is the top searched player of all of the teams this playoff season. and the warriors being the top searched team. when you also look at the top searched shot when people are trying to protect you might be in the finals it is the celtics and the warriors taking the top positions. >> tops out people searching on google had a pretty good sense of who would make it to the finals. celtics versus worriers was the top. skyrocketing prices bay area drivers face to this memorial day. also what you need to know as you prepare to travel.
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cary hall is tracking fire danger across parts of the bay area. be dry enhaut conditions firefighters are already facing. nearly a week later and still so many unanswered questions about the deadly mass shooting inside a uvalde, texas elementary school. the investigation being launched into the police response. streaming live for you on roku. a never before seen meteor shower might light up the


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