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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  May 30, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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visitations after last week's massacre. what the president is saying about gun control as he remembers fallen soldiers. was just as important to them and numbering those skilled in uniform. the presentations of four to 10- year-old girls were held today. texas governor greg talbott in longview, texas today to deliver a keynote address at a memorial day ceremony. he asked the crowd to keep the victims of the uvalde shooting their thoughts and prayers. >> there are kids there were
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hoping to get out of the end of the school year who were hoping to have fun and time. kids not having fun. parents who lost the joy of their life. as we gather today on this memorial day, i have a special request for you as well as everybody else across the state of texas. they ask you keep in your prayers of the people of uvalde, texas. >> today, the first funeral services for those killed were held. we are also learning the chief of the school district police department is no longer going to be sworn in at a ceremony tomorrow. he is the one who made the decision to hold officers outside the classroom for more than an hour before confronting the command. across the country, americans observed memorial day with greater etiquette commemorations, trips to the beach and backyard barbecues. in washington, the president and vice president attended a summer ceremony at arlington national ceremony. the president top of mind with victims of last week's school
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massacre in texas. >> reporter: the president biden laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier is washington in the nation paused to remember the u.s. war dead with the. paul out of afghanistan, this is the first memorial day in 20 years the nation is not at work. >> we know the memory is still painful of all the families who lost their lives during the last two decades in combat. >> reporter: the somber ceremony a day after the president and first lady comforted families grieving from the uvalde, texas school massacre. memorial day commemorations were on the schedule, the president still have the census act of gun violence on his mind. the president optimistic a bipartisan group of senators can reach a deal to strengthen the nation's gun laws. >> i'm going to continue to
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push and we will see how this works. >> reporter: americans marked the unofficial start of summer on the road and in the air despite record high gas prices. >> nothing to keep me from traveling. >> reporter: bad weather and decreased staff of the nation's airlines likely to keep up with demand. doesn't the flights have been delayed, hundreds canceled. the nation's health officials fear the nation has forgotten about the covid-19 pandemic, which is very much ongoing. new cases are five times higher than they were a year ago. chris pollone, nbc news. governor newsom hans covid- 19. he tested positive saturday after a high-profile meeting with the prime minister of music live in san francisco. the governor's office has not put up a minister. gavin newsom says he has mild symptoms and is taking an
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antiviral. he will stay in isolation until he tested negative. he received a second booster shot this month. with governor gavin newsom's leadership amongst the covid-19 pandemic has brought him a fair share of present criticism. let's bring in political analyst dr. larry gersten. larry, thanks for being here. how does this covid-19 announcement to have any impact on his election chances? >> it's kind of ironic, isn't it when you consider some reports of the gavin newsom management of covid-19. on the one hand, this may remind people love inconsistencies. the good stuff he was the first governor to lockdown a state. the good stuff is he was an early recipient of federal goods to deal with covid-19 from president trump. these are a compliment. then there is the other side. does the covid-19 case he has no remind people of what happened at the french laundry, the terribly embarrassing moment when the governor was
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found to be having dinner inside a restaurant with lots of lobbyists when he had asked everybody to be inside their own homes? will it remind people of other things, like when he has been caught without wearing a mask, especially during sporting events when they were required? so, that is the kind of inconsistency that this event may remind people of one way or the other. >> well, election advertisements coming out, gavin newsom is going to great lengths to place the overall condition of the state, how is that sitting with people who live in this state? >> you know, the governor is certainly counting the state in terms of the great surplus we have in the budget but voters don't see it that way. a poll released only four days ago asked people if we are going in the right direction with the wrong direction. there you have it on your screen, 45% say right direction but 52%, more than half the state says we are going the wrong direction. that is not exactly a
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relinquishment of a governor. and communal these kinds of things happen in such a way where when things go well, the governor gets to place. when things go bad, the governor gets the blame. when you got the kind of statistic up there on the board, it looks like you've got more blame, and then present two and one if all this covid- 19 stuff may make a dent in the interest mutation. >> let's talk about reputation. paul pelosi, the husband of speaker nancy pelosi, he received a dui over the weekend. does that have any impact on nancy pelosi? >> probably not much. here is why. she has a reservoir of goodwill with the city of san francisco. san franciscans love her. she is a speaker, she has been in congress for 35 years. as speaker she has brought all types of good things back to her district. it is an overwhelmingly liberal, democratic district. it fits in so well with the politics. you put all that along with the fact that she has no real opposition and it is probably a
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one cycle story. it hasn't been a close race, someone fighting for his or her life against a real good candidate, that is the kind of thing that can make a difference. in this case, chances are between slim and none. you know where slim is. >> as you look at all the mailers you are getting, you know all the stuff from all the commercials and everything, do you see any race changing, is there any surprise out there we might say that might be different than what we were expecting come the primary? >> i think there is a couple. number one, attorney general has been catching all kinds of flak. it is isil episode of things going on with people wondering whether the legal system is too easy and the ag and the da all over the place are catching a lot more flak than people might've thought. also, something that is interesting is that the insurance commissioner. two democrats running, including the incumbent, cut a lot of flak for decisions he has made. these are the things to watch for.
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it should be a low turnout election, not a lot has been discussed. for me, there are only two kinds of elections, good and better. >> larry, thank you for working the holiday, appreciate it. take care. >> thank you, jerry. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy to to the destruction in the country's second largest city yesterday. it was the first official trip outside of key west since the russian invasion, wearing a bulletproof vest, he spoke with military leaders while surveying the damage in the city of kharkiv. russian forces have destroyed over 2100 department blocks. russia hold about 30% of the kharkiv region. president biden returned to the white house this morning after spending yesterday in uvalde, texas meeting and comforting the families of the robb elementary school massacre. he went back on his ministrations stands about sending long-range rockets to ukraine. >> we are not going to send ukraine rockets that can reach russia.
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>> just last week, the biden administration's that it was preparing to send advanced long- range rocket systems at as ukraine suffers losses in the east region from advancing russian forces. european leaders cannot agree on new sentence to target russian oil. today, ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy addressed the european union's 27 leaders. he did it in a 10 minute video. is demeaning the european union go after russia's lucrative energy sector and deprive moscow of billions of dollars a day in payment. hungary, however, is among a group of countries, including slovakia, the czech republic, and bulgaria that say they cannot afford to implement those sanctions because they rely heavily on russian oil. up next, separate cisco cable cars. we celebrate asian heritage. each trip feels like a gift. after two months without a
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cooktop, a family was fed up. i am consumer investigator chris, were. nbc bay area responds, next. while we do have hotter temperatures the next two days, look at this. maybe, just maybe rainfall coming into our june forecast. i will have an updated look in about eight minutes.
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nbc bay area response to a
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south bay freeway whose kitchen was partly out of order for a few months. >> they were pointing fingers at a warranty company and asked consumer investigator chris chmura for help. >> reporter: a $1300 cooktop he bought back in 2018 went on the fritz right around christmas. well, here is the thing. the manufacturers warranty was expired. but, anthony had an extended warranty. he figured that would get the cooktop fixed or replaced. long story short, it didn't. instead, he said he got the runaround for two months. so, he contacted us. we contacted the company. a representative responded and said there were some communication breakdowns on our end that resulted in a longer than normal repair cycle. they want him to say, "we are very sorry and understand how frustrating this must to be." they then said it authorized a replacement for anthony. that is exactly what he had hoped for around christmas, a $1300 or percent win.
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over the years, we have received dozens of extended warranty complaints about the various companies. we searched the consumer financial protection bureau database and found hundreds more.. sites can protect itself. first, you should know what you're getting into. i know the cashiers and springs the sales pitch on you while you are checking out. step out of line, ask for details and to sign up until you read and understand what you are or aren't getting. second, if you do buy an extended warranty, keep the contract. third, check your credit card before writing. some of them include card production at the park. and he contacted us online. you can too. go to, click the response option from the main menu or call us at 888996 tips . all of my, we have been celebrating asian pacific islander month here at nbc bay area. time to shine a light on the communities that make our area unique and really fabulous.
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>> one of the biggest bay area it was, of course, is inferences goes to the cars. we have the story of a great man who brings those cars to life. >> reporter: you hear them, feel them fumbling up and down the street. san francisco's wooden ambassadors from another time. >> it is a living history. >> reporter: veteran cable car grip man valentine lupin could also be from another time. >> i think they just like the way i dressed. >> reporter: he has been at the grip of history for over two decades. >> i can look at a photograph of one of these from 1930 and say oh i was driving that last week. >> reporter: he has something in common with the cable cars, he was born and raised in general does go. >> i'm half japanese, half filipino. my mom was born in tokyo and that was born, my mom has friends in chinatown and the grown-ups would go play cards. so, i wandered up the hill and
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i saw the cable cars from past like oh that is cool. >> reporter: he was eight years old when he heard is calling. >> little kids, you want to be an astronaut or lease officer. i always wanted to do this. on a nice quiet, sunny day in the not too much going on i think maybe this is what it was like on 1890. >> reporter: growing up in the mission district, lupiz's mother gave him a piece of advice. >> she always said being asian i would have to work harder in order to prove myself. >> reporter: so he has. the city often calls lupiz for special events with the launch of a special card. >> i'm very proud of what i do. everyone knows you to do a special job that it gives us a good feeling. >> reporter: just don't ask and advise which car is his favorite. >> it's like a favorite child. they are very much like people, they are individual.
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>> reporter: when the pandemic shut down the cable cars for nearly a year and a half, lupiz missed those individuals, the human and the wooden kind. >> it was pretty depressing, i won't lie. the actual work , being on the road, ringing the bell, working the brakes. the smell, the sound. >> reporter: by the time he got his hands back on the grip, lupiz had rediscovered the same feeling as a kid watching the cable car client. >> it is really made me appreciate even more but i have. >> reporter: if there was a highlight, it was a few years back when historic carpet 19 was relaunched after seven years in storage. they chose lupiz to grip its inaugural run. >> it happened to be my birthday. that was one of the greatest birthday present i ever forgotten. >> reporter: now, and really behind the stick feels like a gift. >> i don't do that, you have used up all my luck. >> reporter: it may have less to do with luck and the work ethic and the joy of a childhood dream come to life on the health synchronous go.
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joe rosato junior, nbc bay area news. we have a lot more stories elevating the contributions of the ip community online. just go to and you can watch them all. jeff, pretty darn good memorial day weekend. >> not bad. really today we did have some of the best weather. whatever you are doing outside of it if you are still one may be getting the grill going for some burgers or whatnot tonight, we have mostly clear skies. nothing that is going to get in your way. 73 degrees in livermore. super comfortable. now, our weather the next two days is all about this area of high pressure. again, it is not going to stick around all week long. we see a little bit of wind elevating our fire danger. the worst of the fire danger will be across the central
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valley down to about solano county. as you are moving into tomorrow morning's forecast, we are starting off mostly sunny. this will make it a little easier for you to get out the door if you want the three-day weekend. clear skies, temperatures in the low 50s in the peninsula. that they get 50 people to to the north. san francisco and the east bay, starting up in the low 50s. temperatures, because of the area of high pressure, certainly going to warm up anywhere from 5 two 10 degrees tomorrow. in the south bay, that is going to put us back up in the 80s. 83 in morgan hill. to the east bay, we are going to get close to 90 in concord and antioch. pleasanton, 84. hayward, 77. moving through the peninsula, a chilly 60 in half moon bay. palo alto, 79. sanford discovered 79 and in town. let's take it up to the north bay, 86, 85 in napa. tomorrow, it is hot. let's check out the 10-day forecast. we are not going to have to suffer too long with this weather. by saturday and sunday, we have
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added some much cooler low 70s. by next week, we get back up into the 90s by the following thursday and friday. but, let's take a closer look at what is going to be bringing in these cooler temperatures. it is a system that is going to be just off shore on saturday. saturday right now does look cloudy for us. as we head into sunday's forecast, look at that. so awesome to see in june, the possibility of rainfall through modern color telephone you. that includes the bay area. we can't kneel down exact totals. i can show you the early estimates are ranging anywhere from 1/10 to about a quarter of an inch. updates on this the daily as we get closer. as we move into san francisco, you can see the clouds increase wednesday and thursday going from mostly cloudy on friday also into saturday. it chance of rain on sunday. to the inland valley, 88 tomorrow. 89 on wednesday. here we go. numbers dropping. 70s this weekend with that
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chance of rain. very glad to see that this weekend. we all like the sunshine for the weekend. can't argue with june rain with our drought in place, right? >> totally. thank you, jeff. >> more rain in june and february. let her eat cake. the priceless piece of art vandalized by pastry. see the moment a protester took aim to the mona lisa. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. are you looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations thanks mike! too often, homeowners hire the wrong contractor. ivan, i see this all the time. delays, shortcuts, hidden fees - nightmares. at agm we use the top trades, and each project is finished on time, on budget,
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. the mona lisa defaced. leonardo da vinci's famed
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masterpiece was the victim of a pastry attack. the man who seemed to be disguised as an elderly woman jumped out of a wheelchair and smeared cake on the class that protects the painting. witnesses say he first tried to smash the glass but that failed. the man also threw red roses everywhere and screamed about climate change as the security escorted him out. he yelled to the ground in french, "think back to the earth." according to the associated press, police took him to a psychiatric unit. the nba finals begin this week. it looks like most of the country has the warriors on its brain. according to google, the warriors were the most searched nba team in 37 states this month. you can see on this google trends map. counted to a google trends expert, there is no doubt the most searched player is. >> they dominate. steph curry is at the top searched player of all the teams in this playoff season. and, the warriors being the top searched team. when you look at the top searched matchup, when people
5:55 pm
are trying to predict who might be in the finals, it is the celtics and the warriors taking the top position. >> it turns out a lot of people have seen this matchup coming. top searched last week for the championship was celtics versus warriors. it starts thursday in san francisco. >> the countdown is on for thursday this? this is supersonic wifi from xfinity. it's fast. like, ready-for- major-gig-speeds fast. like riding-a-cheetah fast. isn't that right, girl? whoa! it can connect hundreds of devices at once. [ in unison ] that's powerful. couldn't have said it better myself. and with three times the bandwidth, the gaming never has to end. slaying is our business. and business is good. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything.
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okay, nba finals said. golden state warriors will be taking on the boston celtics for another shot at a franchise title. >> the last time both teams met in the finals was 1964. they are heading to this week's game pretty evenly matched. less than they weren't evenly matched. the celtics won that one back and 64. first underplayed,: state won. second meeting in march, boston took the win and steph curry was knocked out of the game. marcus smart rolled on his left foot. might have been a blessing, steph curry took the rest of the season off and he is willing now. warriors still missing some key players. today, coach's desk curtis said gary payton, otto porter all work out but they did not join the teams scrimmage. game is not until thursday. status for game one being determined again, it all starts at 6:00 on thursday. >> going to be an exciting, super exciting night. coming up now at 6:00, parts of the bay area on fire watch tonight. the north bay under a red flag warning. chief meteorologist jeff
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ranieri will show us how long it should last and we will show you what firefighters are doing to prepare. covid-19 sending a growing number of people to the hospital. what are local doctors about the likelihood of another surge. and in a deadly accident. when i hang gliding flight ends in a crash. the news at 6:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm jessica aguirre. we want to show the breaking news we are tracking. a deadly hang glider accident in milpitas. one person is dead, another was hurt. scott budman joins us why from the scene. scott, what have we learned? >> reporter: we haven't learned all that much except for the news . one man dead, as you mentioned. one woman injured in a hang gliding accident. let me show about where it happened. we are in the city of milpitas. behind me, the hillside at ed
6:00 pm
r levin county park. lots of hang gliding and paragliding happening here. the incident, we are told, happened shortly before noon. again, the man pronounced dead at the scene. the woman airlifted to the hospital. the sheriff's department doesn't have all that information, all that much information. they say they are still investigating. they say a lot of hang gliding and paragliding happens here. today was a very windy. no roads shut down or anything like that. we found plenty of people at ed r. levin still barbecuing, still throwing the frisbee around. they had no idea because this accident happened so far up in the hills. again, we are waiting for more information. we know one person dead, one taken to the hospital after a hang gliding accident happened around noon in the hillside above calaveras road in milpitas. that is where we are live tonight. i will send it back to you in the studio. that accident, is memorial day commemorations are happening all over the bay area. people coming out to


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