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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 31, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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if love could have saved them, they who be here. shining a light on melt met. parents of students to took their lives. and heroic actions. one of the first first responder's wife and daughter
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were inside the school. good morning to you on this tuesday. i'm marcus washington. we have a red flag warning in effect for parts of the bay area. fire crews have been out. the fire started near fern drive. crews said it was difficult to get it under control. it burned in total about half an acre of vegetation. there's no word on a cause. kari hall is here. it's been so early to have this many fires. we know we didn't get a lot of rain. now we're heading toward the hotter temperatures and lower humidity. we're seeing the temperatures starting to crank up. it continues for solano county.
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the rest of the week will have a significant cooldown. solano county and our viewing area includes much of the sacramento and central valley. we'll sea the winds kick up. that's the other factor. we see the humidity going into the single digits but it will be higher elsewhere. i'll be tracking that and we'll get a look at how the roads are flowing. that's coming up in a few minutes, marcus. make sure you track the fire danger by downloading our nbc bay area map. you'll get updates to your phone and a tailored forecast. today marks one week since that deadly mass shooting in uvalde, texas. 19 students and two teachers were killed.
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as the federal investigation continues, the chief was scheduled to be sworn in but the mayor is postponing it. many said he made the call not to send officers inside that classroom even after 19 officers arrived on scene and learning the heroic actions of one father. jacob is a border patrol agent. at the time of that shooting he was getting his hair cut when his wife, who is a teacher at robb elementary school texted him that there was an active shooter situation. he ran to that school to get his wife and daughter out. after talking to his daughter and taking her to safety, he said he continued to evacuate the nearby classrooms. >> i could see their faces. half crying, the others panicking and crying.
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i tried to cheap them as cam as i could. >> you can watch that full interview on "the today show" coming up at 7:00 right after us on "today" on the bay. this is in the wake of the shooting. there's no pressure to change gun laws. brie, is there any hope for action. is this different? >> there is more of a sense of hope. president biden pointed to an assault weapons ban. lawmakers said there is renewed energy following that deadly mass shooting in texas. funeral services begin this week for the 19 school children and two teachers killed last
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week in the deadly mass shooting in uvalde, texas. >> people are getting more rational about it. >> reporter: democrats and republicans are working on a bipartisan plan. >> we have one job that many of us run for and that is to protects our constituents, protect lives and we have an opportunity to do that. >> reporter: it includes expanding background checks and red flag laws. >> when you see people about to blow, give the cops, with plenty of due process, the chance to go stop it before this starts. >> reporter: also on the table more school safety resource and raising the gun buying age from 18 to 21. some republicans said the proposed measures would be unfair and ineffective. >> one, they infringe on the rights of gun owners. two, it wouldn't have the impact you're hoping for. >> reporter: can jan prime minister justin trudeau announced legislation to freeze
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gun ownership there. >> we isn't let the gun debate become so polarized that nothing gets done. >> reporter: president biden stressing his executive powers only go so far. >> i can't outlaw a weapon. i can't change the background checks. i can't do that. >> reporter: as shooting victims are laid to rest, there's growing pressure for congress to take action. congress is on recess this week but there's a bipartisan group of senators that are working during the break trying to find common ground on a gun safety plan. they hope to come up with a deal by june 6th. marcus? >> brie, before you go i know the nra held their annual convention near uvalde. they also reelected wayne la
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pierre. how will the bipartisan group handle that? >> that's a tough question there because lawmakers are going to have to find a way around that. advocates have pushed lawmakers to mush back against the nra there. that's a fine line lawmakers will have to walk. lawmakers have been long opposed to most restrictions on firearms. in a statement lapierre said he would support mental health services as well as securing schools, making them more safer but he wasn't specific about through could be done. >> each time we have one of these shootings, the question is will it change things. we show so. brie, thank you. mental health takes center stage in our mind matters
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series. it focuses on student athletes who took their own lives. that includes katie meyers who took her own life earlier this year. bob, we are hearing from katie's parents. why did they want to speak out? >> reporter: good morning, marcus. stephanie asked the meyers and parents of other student athletes who died by suicide the same question. the answer is they want to help others. the mother said there were zero red flags, that this was in the on their radar that their daughter kay ti would take their own life. meyer who was 22 years old and star goalkeeper for the stanford team took her own life on the campus of stanford.
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katie's mom said if love could have saved her daughter, she would be here because she loved katie or than young else. >> carries mat charismatic speaker. >> reporter: speaker. >> one parent talked about the pressure of social media. we spoke to dr. jacqueline flood, a behavioral healthcare that focuses on:and adolescents. she said it makes it difficult
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when they don't succeed. her advice is establish that it's okay to talk out loud about your thoughts and feelings. >> i think a lot of times parents will ask a lot of close ended questions. how was your day. the answer is good. or what's going on and the child says nothing and they don't get anywhere. you have to focus more effort on the listening and make sure the child feels like they have an opportunity to talk about those things. >> we reached out to stanford university where katie meyer played soccer. over the last two years they have added to it as well to the wellness coaching program. this is in addition to a number of other services the campus already offers. don't forget later today on
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today at 7:00 a.m., mind parties, athletes and their mental health. reporting live, bob redell. >> thank you. if you or anyone you know is struggling, there is help available. you can call the national suicide prevention lifeline. call that number right there on your screen. it's 1-800-273-8255. starting on july 16, they will give you an easier number to call. that's 988. that takes effect july 16th. a scare for firefighters in southern california, this after a car fire spread to a nearby brush yesterday in the angelese national forest. last night it was about 50% contained and posing no threat
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to structures or homes nearby. certainly, you see what the firefighters are up against, kari, not just in the bay area but across california. we have the high fire danger here, especially for solano county. our temperatures reach into the upper 70s in oakland. it's going to be very mild will. warming up to 85 in livermore. we'll talk about that fire danger and the rest of the week with a cooldown. if you're still undecided about your summer vacation plans, well, we have a few options for you. airbnb's top pick for getaway destinations. and artifacts from one of the most popular singer/sponge
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singer/songwriters of all times. we have lots more available for you.
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still watching that high fire danger. we're starting off with 50 degrees, lots of sunshine and really comfortable at lunchtime.
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we'll heat up in the inland areas and weekend cooldown. as you're heading out, let's look at shopping. it seems like a smooth commute on this tuesday morning. we'll take a look at the bay area and your drive times. now let's head over to cnbc and check in with bertha coombs. >> thanks, kari. wall street is hope for open. the dow rising. the nasdaq was up nearly 7% tend cut its losses for may down to 1.7% breaking a seven week losing streak. stocks getting a boost from several retailers, particularly on the high end. inflation reports shows prices
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may be easing. still, the dow is off about 10%. the nasdaq is off 20%. in the meantime, president biden will meet with federal reserve chair jerome powell. i don't think it's going to happen along with the meeting with bts but they will be meeting at the white house today as soaring inflation continues to hit american's wallets hard, the first meeting since biden nominated powell to the second term. they will discuss the state of the economy and how best to tackle inflation. in the "wall street journal" the president said tackling inflation is his top economic priority. apple's annual conference is next weekend.
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apple will likely share info on io16 and an always on display feature for the upcoming pro model. there will be alerts without having to fully wake up the screen. now i know what your' saying if you have an android phone, we've had that for a long time. apple is just copying android. i guess there will be folks who will say that but i'm not one of them. >> i'm not one of them either. thanks, bertha. look, are you looking to get away this summer? ab has released the top destination. s. people are looking to go international. they have their sights on
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venice, italy, including bahamas and costa reask. others include walton county, florida, stonington, kentucky, forks, washington and big sur, california. the coast is a common friend for us. >> you mentioned big sur being a trending destination for us. that's due to coastal travel for the summer. actually half are within three miles of a coast. >> sounds good. so airbnb is adding a new search feature to help their row down your stay. the company is also airing quick stays. happy traveling. it's 5:19 right now.
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speaking of artifacts, how would you feel to own a piece of song writing history. ♪ like a rolling shown in stone ♪♪ >> i'm sure you recognize that voice, bob dylan. it's among the items he is currently putting up for auction by christie's. there are other hits just such as blowing in the wind. that will run you around $150,000. you are wondering how it all came together. >> i like well you see something scratched out. i've seen something like that
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with janet jackson. there you have it. >> all right. hopefully you're in the place where you have some cooler weather. we're still looking at a wide range of temperatures across the bay area. it will be hotter for the inland valley. we continue with the fire danger. now tomorrow we're still looking at hot temperatures in the valley. at least the fire danger will subside as the winds calm down. the rest of the week we'll have a significant cooldown. take a look at today's highs. 83 in novato. san francisco in the upper 60s. fairfield 91. keeping an eye on fairfield. temperatures soaring to 92 degrees tomorrow. it will be a breezy day.
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we'll be up to 83 tomorrow? san jose as well as novato. we cool down as we reach into the upper 60s, oakland reaching 3. 77 in dublin and fremont. we are seeing the approach of that next storm system that cold front. this will be fairly significant for us for this time of the year because it could bring in some rain. yes. we're talking about early june and rain chances but it's been basically playing out over and over again in the come ter models. we could at least have spotty light showers. i wouldn't cancel outdoor plans because it will be hit and miss but we are going to see a nice cooldown. take a look at brentwood. we're only in the upper 70s for the weekend. that's going to heat up early next week. so enjoy the natural break from
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the heat. we'll see temperatures in the proratette and vest of the for the weekend. keeping an eye on the saturday and sunday rain chances with some cool temperatures for san francisco from today through early next week. as you're heading out on the roads, into alameda county we're looking at a 25-minute drive from grant line road. that's starting to slow down. at our wide view and those green sensors, we haven't had major problems. next, nbc crash responds. >> you should wash your car before your next road trip for safety reasons. i'll explain why next.
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the owner's man yell. a hate crime investigation. hear the first hand account from a man who said he was shot because of his sexuality.
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right now at 5:30, saying
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good-bye. the new details on the now federal investigation into the police response. plus, pushing to help renters make it into the bay. a live report up for vote in oakland and the impact it could have on landlords. good morning to you on this tuesday morning. i'm marcus washington. want to give you a live look across the bay area. this is a look at shopping. we are still tracking that microclimate alert. kari hall has been timing it out. the vegetation is extremely dry. today we add in that wind. we take a look at san francisco. it's a nice clear start. we're focusing on solano county
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and this red flag warning. it's not only solano county but add in wind and low humidity and that humidity at times will drop down to the single digits in fairfield while in the 20% to 30%. we'll continue to monitor the dry and windy conditions but talk about how hot it will be coming up. kari hall is keeping us updated even when we're not on air. you can find out what's happening with the changing continues. you can follow her. her handle is at kari hall weather. this week the agony of saying good-bye. later today mourners will say
5:33 am
their final good-byes to maite rodriguez and amerie garza. we have the latest on that investigation. >> reporter: a very somber morning in uvalde, texas. it marks one week since the shooting. plans are already being discussed to raze and rebuild a new school. there are talks about what took place inside that school. state representatives said they have reviewed footage of some of the first officers to rush inside. on top of this, the man who told officers to wait instead of engage will not be sworn in today as and. >> morgan, thank you. we are tracking the latest on
5:34 am
our website. as the news updates come in, we'll push them there, a san francisco man is recovering after he space someone yelled a homophobic slur and shot him in the hip. emory etheridge said he was walking in the soma neighborhood one week ago when he stopped to call an uber. that's when the person shot him. he didn't see the man, but said he believes he was targeted because he's gay i'm not going to complain about my situation after seeing what i've seen this week. i'm just lucky to be alive. >> emory's husband said the police department is handling the case and treating it as a
5:35 am
hate crime. well, we all know making it in the bay is tough for everyone. today the city of oakland may be taking action to help renters. we have more on that new proposal up for a vote today. cierra? >> reporter: many who are renters anticipate rent going up a little bit, but renters in oakland were shocked to see their rent could balloon by 6.7%. they're looking to put a cap on just how much their went could go up. now that vote is scheduled for later today at a meeting that would put a cap at 3%. this comes after the city announced owners of present controlled properties would be allowed to raise rents as high
5:36 am
as 6.7%. one member heard from constituents. she said she's hoping others see the heavy burden. >> i'm hoping people will seat majority of oakland residents are renters. 60% of the residents rent. and so i hope there's compassion to the lives turned upside down because of covid. >> reporter: it goes into effect july 1st. so if this passes, the new policy would undo the rate. . as we know inflation has been quite high recently, so that vote is investigated for 1:30.
5:37 am
we'll keep you posted on air and online. we're live, cierra johnson reporting. >> all right. thank you. 5:36 right now. we're hearing for the first time from paul pelosi, the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi. he addressed his arrest on dui in napa valley on saturday. he was hit in the back fender when he tried to cross the highway. they arrested pelosi on suspicion for dui. a statement on his behalf said he was attending a dinner party at the home of friends near oakville. he left that party at 10:15 p.m. saturday, to drive to his home a short distance away. he was alone in the car. the state refutes an element of our statement that shows he was arrested on similar charges
5:38 am
four years ago saying quote,a prior driving offense erroneously attributed to mr. pelosi is untrue and likely refers to another person with the same name. pelosi's representative said he was fully cooperating with agencies. speaker pelosi was on the east coast when that incident took place. nancy pelosi helped celebrate 125 years, the anniversary of the mission neighborhood centers. this is a social service nonprofit. later at 12:30 she will join the asian pacific islanders. this shower known as tau
5:39 am
herculids was seen. this is a trail of broken comets. the last time it passed was 20006. take a look at the screen. you can see, if you squint real hard. i'm thinking that's -- wait, i don't see it. at first, i couldn't see anything. so that is pretty cool, kari, that we get to something something like this because it doesn't happen all the time. >> we can count on scott budman
5:40 am
to give us pictures. all right. we get a live look outside in dublin. we check out 580. it's nice and cool. cooler than the past few mornings. grab that warmer jacket. it's going to be quite comfortable here, reaching into the mid-70s at noon and eventually heading up to 81 degrees for the high. we are going to start to feel the temperatures warming up. the fire danger will be with us through. as you're heading out on the roads, let's take a look at what could impact your drive. we have the graduation happening around the golden gate park area. drive times are still looking pretty good heading across the richard bay bridge or san
5:41 am
mateo. i'll have another update coming up in a few minutes. a verdict could come today in the high profile liable trial between johnny depp and amber heard. he's suing heard over an op ed she wrote depp was not named but his lawyer said he was defamed by it. there were more than a dozen incidents that she said she suffered at depp's hand. depp denied ever strike her and alleges that heard was the abuse are in the relationship. coming up, the encouraging signs expert point out even though infections trend higher. and governor gavin newsom is is receiving a recently approved treatment and if you should ask for it if you become
5:42 am
infected. a very unique wedding going viral for one popular bottom of your screen. we'll be right back. it is 5:41.
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we are under a microclimate alert. a live look at our beautiful sunrise. it's a clear start.
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temperatures at 8:00 at 57 degrees headed toward the upper 70s. we'll have an update on the fire danger, but right now as you're heading out, a live look at the bay bridge where it's a smooth flow of traffic. i'll have a look coming up. the european union trying inflict new economic pain on russia. eu leaders have improved an embar give on most russian oil imports. by the end of the year eu nations should cut all imports. they approved another $10 billion in assistance to ukraine. investigators in the south bay trying to determine why a tandem hang glider crashed into south bay killing one of the
5:46 am
two people. this happened yesterday around noon at ed r. levin county park in milpitas. a man died at the scene. new data showing no let up in the surge the seven-day average in san francisco is 503 cases. a month ago it was less than that. contra costa county the seven- day average is 536. one month ago about 180. the surge comes at a time when people are out and about for memorial day. two experts said they aren't worried about it. >> the idea is the more you increase cases in the community, the more people are coming in for other reasons. >> we probably have or cases being reported. we have such low rates on top
5:47 am
of some scales. it means we're at a high rate of immunity. >> the highest rates are those who come in for something else. one of those recent infection, governor gavin newsom. he tested positive over the weekend send in isolation. the governor said he is being treated with the drug called paxlovid. experts said it's best as soon as you test positive. the average patient must take 30 pills in five days. doctors said the medication is becoming more and more accessible. >> just had a patient call is me over the weekend and was covering for my practice. i sent the prescription over to
5:48 am
the local pharmacy. >> doctors say people 12 years and older who weigh more than 8 pounds and have high risk conditions maybe eligible for treatment. healthcare providers should also consider the benefit/risk for each patient. the original screen queen and it's proof takes all times. jamie leigh curtis' wedding had halloween in mind, a wedding at the curtis' home. all attendees were urged to dress new costumes. one photo said life is sweet referring to her daughter rue but i and her daughter's partner. there you have it. i don't know about a halloween themed wedding but it that's
5:49 am
for you, na's okay. >> if it was halloween time. >> if it's your wedding, you do what you want. i don't have to pay for it. we're enjoying sunshine in the bay area. we also had these hope winds and increasing our fire danger for solano county. it's already windy and then the humidity will drop as we go into today. will the me show you how dry the air will be. we're taking a look at fairfield where the humidity drops into the teens. so reallyian where we have to be careful with these conditions as the wind continues to gust. we're looking at a wide range of temperatures. then we're up to 91 in
5:50 am
fairfield. as you make your way inland, those temperatures start to heat up. that continues tomorrow but still some 90s in fairfield. concord and livermore will be in the upper 80s. still blasting the air- conditioning. 88 degrees. 82347 santa rosa. it's comfortable in san francisco, upper 60s through the and of the week. so as we go into the weekend, major changes ahead a cold front may bring us some rain. i know it will be june 5th where we typically don't see rain but it's looking like we could consistently -- we've seen this in the computer models. it may play to spotty showers. not a big south korea. but at least this will bring? some cooler air and higher humidity. let's check out brentwood because we are dealing with heat temperatures today and tomorrow reaching into the low 90s. take a look at how much cooler it will be from friday through
5:51 am
sunday with upper 70s. then we heat back up early next week. of course a lot of changes here. it's nice to have that break as we go into the weekend but in the near term we're dealing with the heat and the high fire danger, especially for the inland areas. all right. let's get a look at morning commute. 101 is looking nice. around the bay area where seeing a lot of green sensors. everyone is driving at speed. it's been nice to the soo see anything, heading through the altamont pass and liver more. once you get over to livermore,
5:52 am
it's looking good. i'll keep an eye on things. lowell high school will hold their ceremony at 8:45. then the alliance of black school educators will hold their ceremony to honor black seniors. coming up today on the bay, including the rain forest in danger of disappearing and how to could impact people in the bay area. >> i can't outlaw the gun laws. >> plus, hear exclusively from a father who jumped into action to rescue his wife and daughter
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bay.. the rain forest is being deforested. the national institute for space research shows deforestation in the amazon totaling 390 square miles in one month. deforest station has soared since brazil's government allowing for more mining and farming in the area. even with deforestation on the rise, the analysts said they are aunderstand by the high rainy season. the presence of the amazon is vital to stopping catastrophic climate change because of the carbon dioxide that this usually absorbs. scientists said it's emitting
5:57 am
more carbon than it absorbs. you can more stories and this includes solutions to reducing your carbon footprint. marcus? >> thanks so much, kari. some great news for build ares. it could also be bad news for the economy in the short term. the price of lumber plummeting. it's been an indicator of supply chain problems. prices shot up in the summer of 2020 as americans used the lockdown to remodel and repair projects. prices dropped more than 50% since march. experts said it's a sign that inflation may be working. some unnerving news from the world health organization on another virus make headlines -- monkeypox. the organization said it's too
5:58 am
soon to know if it will head to another pandemic. the virus should not be mistaken for covid-19. the risk to the general public remains slope and there's currently a window of opportunity to curb it. monkeypox has a mild infection but it does lead to lesions. the cdc has indicated and identified ten cases of mon economy pox across eight states, california is among them. two cases have been reported in sacramento county. the mona lisa was the victim of an attack. a person disguised as anle derly person in a wheelchair jumped up and threw roses everywhere as he screamed about
5:59 am
climate change. as security escorted the man out, the man yelled think of the earth. police took him to a psychiatric hospital. egypt is showing off some newly discovered relics. the drove of range sent trove of ancient artifacts have 250 painted coffins and well preserved mummies inside. there were pots used in rituals. all right. heroic actions. one of the first responders whose on wife and daughter were inside robb elementary school when that gunman opened fire. he shared his story for the
6:00 am
first time. >> if love could have saved them all, they would be here. we loved them more than life itself. >> shining a spotlight, the parents of a stanford student are calling for change. the advice they want thousand here. high fire danger remains. >> meteorologist kari hall is track. it this is today in the bay streaming live on roku. good tuesday morning to you, thank you for allowing us to be part of your morning. take a look at what we can expect in the forecast today, we've been tracking the fire danger. >> that red flag warning continues through tomorrow, tonight i should say. we are still looking at hotter temperatures today, tomorrow th


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