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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 31, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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first time. >> if love could have saved them all, they would be here. we loved them more than life itself. >> shining a spotlight, the parents of a stanford student are calling for change. the advice they want thousand here. high fire danger remains. >> meteorologist kari hall is track. it this is today in the bay streaming live on roku. good tuesday morning to you, thank you for allowing us to be part of your morning. take a look at what we can expect in the forecast today, we've been tracking the fire danger. >> that red flag warning continues through tomorrow, tonight i should say. we are still looking at hotter temperatures today, tomorrow the valley temperatures
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continue to go up but in the rest of the week we will be cooling down. we do have some great news there. let's take a look at the area we are concerned about, solano county and parts of the central valley dealing with red flag warnings as it remains quite breezy and the humidity have been dropping into the teens. keeping an eye on fairfield, we have a light wind, eventually hitting 91 today. we are looking at 70s and 80s across much of the bay area. wide-ranging temperatures and i will have more on that with a look ahead the commute. two make sure you check the danger by downloading our free app, you will get updates and write your phone and tailored forecasts. today marking one week since the deadly mass shooting at rob elementary school, where
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19 students and two teachers were killed. response to what unfolded there, the schools police chief is set to be sworn in as a sitting council member. however, the mayor postponing that as victims funerals continue. many are criticizing the chief, investigators say he made the call not to send an officer's into that classroom where the shooter was even after 19 officers arrived on the scene. we are also learning about a heroic action of one father who rushed into that school. jacob alvarado is a border patrol agent, at the time of the shooting he was getting a haircut and his wife texted him that there was an active shooter. he ran to the school to try to get his wife and daughter out. after taking his daughter to safety, he continued to evacuate. >> half of them were fine, the other ones panicking and
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crying, trying to make sure they were following the process. >> the love of a parent. you can watch that full interview on the today show at 7:00 this morning right after us. a live look at capitol hill, in the wake of this deadly shooting there is new pressure to change gun laws. live in washington this morning. is there any hope for action on gun reform? >> we have seen this before, and there is a sense of hope from some lawmakers. speaking with reporters monday, president biden pointed to an assault weapons ban as an option. but lawmakers say there is a renewed energy around this issue following that deadly mass shooting. >> funeral services began this
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week for the 19 children and two teachers killed last tuesday in uvalde, texas. democrats and republicans are working on a bipartisan plan to address gun violence. >> we have one job, to protect our constituents, to protect lives. we have an opportunity to do it. >> it includes expanded background checks and red flag rules to banned weapons from those deemed a danger. >> with plenty of due process, give them a chance to stop it before it starts. >> more school safety resources and raising the gun buying age to 21. >> they infringe on the rights of millions of gun owners. and they probably wouldn't have the outcome you are hoping for.
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>> in sharp contrast, canadian prime minister justin trudeau announced legislation to freeze handgun ownership there. >> we cannot let the gun debate become so polarized that nothing gets done. >> president biden stressing higgs executive powers only go so far. >> i can't outlaw a weapon, i can't change the background checks, i can't do that. >> reporter: there is growing pressure for congress to take action against gun violence. and congress is on recess this week emma but there is a bipartisan group of lawmakers that are working during this recess to try to find common ground on a gun safety plan. they hope to come up with a major by june. >> the nra held that annual convention near uvalde, they reelected the leader there, he
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is also known as a no compromise approach. talk to me about the bipartisan group of senators. how are they expected to handle that? >> reporter: this will be a tough challenge for them, but advocates have continued to push lawmakers to push back against the nra little influence. as you mentioned, the nra has long opposed most restrictions. in fact, wayne did release a statement saying that he does support improving mental health services and also making schools more safe but did not get into details. >> thank you. developing now in the bay area, trying to get to the bottom of a mystery on the water. they say a body was found
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yesterday floating face down. someone in the canoe spotted that body near the boat ramp. so far, no word on who that person is or how they died. mental health takes center stage on our mind matters series. we are teaming up with the today show for this project. it focuses on student athletes who took their own lives. this includes katie meyer, the stanford soccer goalie who took her own life. we are hearing from katie's parents, why did they decide to speak out? >> stephanie gosk asked the myers and other parents of student athletes who died by suicide that same question, and their answer is to help other parents. gina myers, katie's mom, said there was zero red flags, that this was not on their radar. in early march of this year,
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meyer, who was 22 years old and a star goalkeeper, took her own life inside a campus residence. katie's mom says if love could have saved her daughter, katie would still be here because she loved her daughter more than life itself. >> a lot of people know her as a soccer player, she was so much more than that. she was a charismatic speaker, she had incredible opportunities. >> it's a powerful moment for all of us to be together. >> we need to help. we are in a unique position. >> the pressure of being a student athlete and striving to be perfect. we spoke with dr. jaclyn flood,
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a behavioral healthcare company that focuses on adolescents . she knows some student athletes compete at such a high level without much experience in dealing with failure which makes it more difficult for them when they don't succeed. establish a culture that it's okay to talk out loud about your thoughts and feelings. that is acceptable to let us know what's going on. >> a lot of times, people will ask a lot of close ended questions like how was your day? or what's going on? then they say nothing. they don't really get anywhere. for people who have all of those things going on internally, you have to focus more effort on really listening and making sure that they feel like they have an opportunity to talk about those things. >> we reached out to temple
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university, the university says that over the last two years, they have added to the clinical staff to reduce wait time as well as adding to their coaching program. don't forget, later today on the today show at 7 a.m., mind matters, athletes and their mental health journey. reporting live in the bay. if you or anyone you know is struggling, there is help out there for you. that number on your screen right now is 1-800-273-8255. starting on july 16th, you will simply be able to dial 988 to reach them. but again, right now 1-800-273- 8255. a scare for firefighters in southern california, after a fire spread to nearby brush.
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this is at the angeles national forest. that fire burning 50 acres the four teams got a handle on it. it was about 50% contained and posing no threat to structures or homes. but again, another sign of how dry it is and how dangerous it can be. >> you do have to be very careful in the side of the road or anything, because of the record dry. we are starting out with temperatures nice and cool, mid 40s in the north bay, 51 in san jose. the relative humidity drops to the single digits, combined with the wind and part of the reason why we are dealing with dry fuel and high fire danger today, especially in solano county. elsewhere, looking at some relatively high humidity, but temperatures will be warming up heading into the low 80s for pleasant hill. as we get a look at the words
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-- roads, those cars are stacking up. we've also seen a little bit of a delay getting across the bay bridge. hopefully a good transition back to work. >> are you ready to get a new iphone? coming up next, we will tell you about the big upgrade from apple, possible changes for the next generation iphone 14. and, if you are undecided about summer vacation, you have a few options. airbnb topics for getaway destinations. if you don't know who this is, i am sure somebody does. the international k-pop band now walking and talking to the
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white house. the reason bts is meeting with president biden today.
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s.t.e.m. a look at this morning's business headlines. >> investors return from the long holiday weekend following last week's bounce that father doubt -- saw the dow rose more than 6%. the nasdaq was up nearly 7%, breaking a seven-week losing streak. getting a boost from solid earnings from several retailers and an inflation report that showed prices may be easing. still, the dow is about 10%
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below the record high and the nasdaq is set to finish may up on the month. reports on home prices, manufacturing and consumer confidence. president biden will meet with federal reserve chair jerome powell at the white house today, it is their first in person meeting since biden nominated powell to a second term in november. the white house says they will discuss the state of the economy and how best to tackle inflation. his top economic priority is inflation. apple's annual developers conference is next week, we are getting more details about what to expect. apple will likely share information on the new operating system, including a
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display feature that will initially boost users to the pro models. the feature has long been available on many android phones. morning business report. 6:18 this morning. are you looking for summer vacation getaways? if so, airbnb this morning releasing its top destinations for the summer. and, here is where people are going. looking to go international have their sights set on venice, italy. other top locations include the bahamas, mexico and costa rica. the top destinations here domestically would be florida, connecticut, port washington and right here in california, big sur. the coast is a common trend.
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>> half of nights booked are for listings within three miles of a coast. >> airbnb adding new search features to help narrow down stays, also adding split states, this will allow you to book separate homes for the same trip and split the state. pretty cool. also trending, superstar k-pop group bts will be vips at the wh. >> everyone loves them. dominated the pop music world during the start of the pandemic, this afternoon will be meeting with president biden at the white house. they will discuss asian
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inclusion and representation and address anti-asian hate crimes. that meeting is set for noon today. >> it's tuesday, heading back to work, you need that. but we do have something serious to talk about here, our microclimate weather alert. and our fire danger. as we see the wind picking up and really keeping an eye on solano county, where the red flag warning continues until 8:00 . still pretty breezy but as we go throughout the day, the humidity will be dropping into the single digits. critically dry, and we are now at 50 degrees but we can see the trend where our
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temperatures really do start to warm up quickly. we are reaching 83 in morgan hill, and for the east bay up to 89. while oakland has scored 77 degrees. downtown san francisco reaching 69 degrees an hour north bay highs reaching 86. and 75 in mill valley. we are looking at dry weather now, hot temperatures but we are in for a big change this weekend. we are seeing all of that green extending from the pacific northwest into the bay area. which means we could see some rain, we don't typically see it in june but it looks like it will be fairly light, spotty showers. let me show you, we are going from highs in the low 90s today and tomorrow to upper 70s
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friday and to the weekend. then we will heat back up again. we are still dealing with these big jumps in our temperatures. in the upper 80s for our inland valley today, then it's a mid- 70s for friday and the weekend, those rain chances between saturday and sunday with highs in the 70s. we are staying in the 60s here links to our national air- conditioning. now let's switch over to traffic, get you a look at how the commute is going in the south bay. not bad at all. taking a look at 101. i have been keeping an eye on one particular spot in the east bay, that's been about 20 minutes but it is starting to slow down heading southbound on 880.
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head, the tread is worn and it might be time to replace your tires. you will also want to inspect your battery, your oil, other fluids, a lot of auto shops will do general inspections free. if they do any work, make sure you get a written estimate. next, the car wash. modern cars have sensors and cameras galore, they power things like lane departure warnings and collision warnings. when dirt covers those, they can't see the road and can't help. if you want to see where they're located, check the owners manual. the top stories that we are following, including that fire risk for parts of the bay area. we will have the latest on the current red flag warnings. >> we will have that story
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coming up. you are watching today in the bay.
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any aspirational project at an inspirational price. because with an unmatched selection of high-quality products all at everyday low prices, your bathroom upgrade has never been more "you." discover floor and decor today! funerals continue for the victims of the texas school shooting rampage. we are there was new details on the future of the school where that tragedy played out. pushing to help renters make it in the bay. a live report on the proposal up for a vote in oakland and
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the impact it could have. this is today in the bay streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. a good morning to you on this tuesday. a live look across san jose this morning, as we see the sun coming up. beautiful shot of the sunrise. we have been tracking what the meteorologist has been talking about, the microclimate weather alert. >> we have seen that since yesterday, that microclimate weather alert. we take a live look outside in oakland, as you are getting ready to head out we are going to see hotter temperatures in the inland area. we are keeping a close eye on solano county. low humidity and high wind, a small spark or fire could spread very quickly and that is
6:32 am
what we are concerned about. we are also looking at hotter temperatures with a high of 91 in fairfield. you compare that to 81 in mountain view, 71 in san mateo and 66 and half moon bay. in the north bay, looking at some low 80s and it does get hotter in some of those valleys tomorrow. 88 in concord. we are also looking at the upper 80s while san francisco will stay in the 60s. once again a weekend cooldown, we will take a look at how they are moving in the traffic report coming up. keeping us updated on the wind and fire danger, even when we are not on air. you can find out more about those changing conditions by following her. one week ago today, 19 students and two teachers lost their lives in uvalde. that agony of saying goodbye begins for loved ones.
6:33 am
they are today, they will say their final farewells. these painful burials, so many questions still unanswered. parents want authorities to fill in those gaps of the mistakes made by police. >> reporter: a very somber morning because it marks seven days since the deadliest school shooting in texas history. and the school's future is now uncertain. plans are already being discussed to potentially rebuild an entirely new school, simply because of the tragic reminder of what took place. in the meantime, learning more about what took place inside that school. state representatives saying they have viewed footage of some of the first officers to rush inside. on top of that, the man who we are told told police to wait instead of engage will not be sworn in to city council today as previously planned.
6:34 am
we are tracking the latest developments on the uvalde shooting on our website. we will post them there, nbc bay making it in the bay is tough for everyone these days. today, oakland may be taking action to help renters. sierra johnson joining us with more on that new proposal. >> good morning, marcus. many of those anticipate their rent will increase but the folks in oakland said they were shocked to learn that their rent could increase as much as 7% in just one year. but today, there is a meeting being held by the oakland city council to vote to have a cap placed on how much rent can increase. if you are in a rent-controlled building. so that vote slated to take
6:35 am
place later this afternoon, it would permanently cap rent increase at 3%. the list comes after the city announced owners would be allowed to raise rates as high as 6.7%. the legislation is being proposed by a council member who says she heard from constituents concerned about the domino effect of rent rising so drastically. she says right now, she is unsure of the level of report that she is hoping others see this and it could remove -- help so many in her community. >> the majority of oakland residents are renters. 50% rent. so i hope that there is compassion for the people who are living here.
6:36 am
you heard from the parents of one stanford athlete earlier this morning, we will continue that conversation with today show. >> thanks for having me.
6:37 am
>> now really is the time to have this conversation. the today show during that series on mental health, mind matters. everyone is affected, whether it is something personal in your life or what is happening in the world. >> i think the idea here, my colleague stephanie gosk reporting and getting those families together. a part of this horrible club of losing their loved ones who seem to be at the pinnacle of their athletic careers and lives. getting people to break the stigma of mental health, to have those hard conversations with their family. we were all enlightened by that story today. we are all trying to do more on the topic. i know you guys are doing it which we appreciate. >> because we are seeing more of it. more people are becoming more comfortable talking about it.
6:38 am
>> people don't look at their mental health like they do physical health. if you are playing basketball and you sprain your ankle, it's broken, nobody wastes more than 10 minutes to get it diagnosed to see what it is. with mental health, the time. when someone he has a very first symptom of a mental health issue to when they go get treatment is 11 years. so i think that, we shine a light on that say we need to start treating our mental health seriously. breaking the stigma, talking about our mental health. >> you are so open about the
6:39 am
conversation, how has this conversation helped you deal with the issue? >> it helped me tremendously. i have generalized anxiety, i suffered with it thinking i was going crazy for over 10 years, i was one of those statistics. i had my first panic attack during an episode. it wasn't until i got into therapy that i looked back and realized i had been going through all this. when i decided to start talking about it and being proud of the way god made me, i did that in 2018, thanks to kevin love who wrote an article sharing the same things that i went through that i was hiding. i thought he functions at a high level, he has the same experience that i do. so i am honored to be able to get on television and talk about these tough topics, really break that perception. they think he's got it made.
6:40 am
i ve struggled and so many other people do and it's okay. >> that's why we share our stories. thank you for joining us this morning and what you are doing. >> again, thank you and thanks to the team. if you or anyone you know is struggling, you can call the national suicide prevention hotline. that number is 1-800-273-8255. starting on july 16th, you will be able to call three digits to get that assistance. it is 988. interplay starting july 16th. one of the strongest and earliest hurricanes on record to strike north america from the pacific has made landfall.
6:41 am
this is video from yesterday afternoon. this is near puerto escondido. those winds recorded as strong as 105 miles per hour. though it dropped by about 70 miles per hour after it made landfall. this is now a category one hurricane. this is the flooding caused by that and people trying to rescue their belongings from their home. that storm is now headed to oaxaca, where it could bring more flooding to that area. what can you tell us about that? >> it is a tropical storm but we are still seeing a lot of deep convection. around the veracruz area. we are looking at another wave of rain that could cause more mudslides, so more concern of
6:42 am
flooding. as we look at what is going on here in the bay area, we are waking up to a beautiful sunrise but it's also going to be warmer. san jose starting at 51 degrees you may feel a little bit cooler than normal. we are headed for some mid-70s here, and there will be a wide range in temperatures all depending on where you are. look at the temperatures in fairfield reaching 91. 85 in livermore and san francisco in the upper 60s. driving from one spot to the next, be sure to be prepared for the type of weather that is going to be there. let's talk about driving, as you are heading out this morning there is a huge backup at the bay bridge right now. started out so smooth, but now we are seeing it really backing up. it takes a long time to get across the bridge, a lot longer than normal. at the san mateo bridge and dunbarton still doing well.
6:43 am
also watching a big backup in the east bay, looking at 880 going southbound near hayward. you can see the long backup there. plan a little extra time for your commute. we are hearing for the first time from the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi, representatives addressing his dui arrest in napa county over the weekend. no one was hurt here, but they arrested pelosi for suspicion of dui. in a statement from his representative, he says that he was attending a dinner party at the home of friends near oakdale. he left that party to drive to his home. he was in the car alone. napa county records show he was arrested on a similar charge
6:44 am
four years ago, saying that "a prior driving offense erroneously contributed is untrue and likely refers to another person with the same name." representatives say he was fully cooperative with officers. nancy pelosi was on the east coast when that incident took place. hate crime investigation underway in same for cisco. >> a store you will only see here on nbc bay area. here the first-hand account from a man who says he was shot because he is gay. why this scene is so rare, and a chance that you will still have to see it this year yourself. we will be back with much more ahead right here on today in the bay.
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>> checking out a chilly start in the mid-40s as we go into the afternoon, it warms up into the upper 70s, a really nice day but breezy and still watching that fire danger. and the reason why we have this weather alert. we look ahead to cooler temperatures in the forecast, coming up . to a store that you will only see here, a san francisco man recovering after he said someone yelled a homophobic slur and shot him.
6:48 am
he was walking in the soma neighborhood one week ago when he stopped to call for uber. a gunman started firing. he never clearly saw the shooter nor the vehicle. but he believes that he was targeted because he is gay. >> i think that makes it a hate crime. i'm not going to complain about my situation after what i've seen this week. i'm lucky to be alive. >> his special investigations unit is handling the case and treating it as a hate crime. new details for you this morning, the european union trying to inflict new economic pain on russia in response to its envisioned ukraine. improved an embargo on most russian oil imports. the embargo does allow some
6:49 am
exception, but by the end of the year they should cut about 90% of oil exports from russia. that meteor shower, they had a chance to check out their own spectacular show. this is called a solar phenomenon happened twice a year when the sun aligns perfectly with manhattan street grades. it is one-of-a-kind, big apple sunset that happens for two days in may, then again in july. july 11th and 12th. you will be able to see this. we talk about this every year, and it really is cool how it aligns perfectly. we also get some of those like that here in california.
6:50 am
>> i think here is the fire fall in yosemite. but manhattan henge is on my bucket list. as we are starting out with this microclimate weather alert. a live look at side in oakland with a hazy view of the start of our tuesday morning. we are also focusing on solano county, we continue the red flag warning. we have seen those winds picking up, combined with low humidity means that any small fires could spread quickly. take a look at how dry the air will be this afternoon. looking at a relative humidity of only 8%. so extremely dry. temperatures had 491 degrees.
6:51 am
we're still getting an ocean breeze in san francisco, keeping those temperatures in the 60s. we also will see upper 60s tomorrow, reaching into the upper 80s but there will be some slight relief on thursday with some of those areas that were in the upper 80s. we are looking at bigger changes ahead for the weekend. there could be some rain extending all the way down, where we usually don't see rain in june but there is chance of spotty showers on saturday into sunday. it will also bring in some significant cooling. going from low 90s today and tomorrow to upper 70s for the weekend, this will be a nice break before it heats up once again. as we take a look at our valley temperatures, we will reach into the upper 80s across the
6:52 am
area. breezy wind and some spotty rain for some of those areas. but it does look a little more likely for simpson cisco. those temperatures don't change as much, we are looking at highs in the 60s throughout the week. let's get you ready for the morning commute, as we get a look at the san mateo bridge, one of the better drives around the area because we are seeing some big backups heading to the east bay. looking at westbound 80, takes you about 29 minutes. elsewhere, looking at everything going at traffic speed. but also picking up on a couple of problems. now we are starting to see that backup. we also had an earlier incident on 880, it is also slowing if you are heading southbound. we have also seen the traffic slowing up as people are heading out the door. even getting into the bay area
6:53 am
from vacaville, elsewhere across the east bay we are seeing it in some spots really starting to slow down. so now may be the time to get out the door. we also have graduations this afternoon, so a lot to watch out for. happening now, high school graduation season in full force in san francisco. they will participate in a ceremony this morning at 8:45. then tonight at caesar stadium, san francisco's alliance for black school educators will add -- have its third annual ceremony. a quick look at those family -- stories, families thing their final farewells to victims in the school shooting rampage.
6:54 am
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6:56, welcome back. we are moving forward with a look at the top stories. today marking one week since the texas school shooting rampage. and the people of uvalde beginning a painful process of and two teachers killed. later today, they will say their final farewells. the federal investigation and police response just beginning,
6:57 am
a swearing-in ceremony now on hold for uvalde school district police chief, set to be sworn in today as the new city councilmember. but the mayor postponing that, as the victim's funeral continues. and many criticizing the chief, believing that he made the call to not send officers into that classroom while everyone died. even after 19 officers arrived. our team on the today show will be live in uvalde this morning , in just a few minutes our coverage includes an exclusive interview with a first responder who rushed to that seen with his own wife and daughter trapped inside one of those classrooms. he shares his story for the first time at 7:00 this morning on today. deputies trying to get to the bottom of a mystery on the water. they say that i body was found yesterday floating facedown in the marina.
6:58 am
someone in the canoe spotted that body near the boat ramp. so far there is no word on who that person is or how they died. new data showing no let up in the bay area covid surge. the current seven day average in san francisco about 503 cases. a month ago, it was less than half that, 239. the seven day average is 536 infections, a month ago about 180. but experts point out that there is a fear that -- feel that fewer cases are leading to hospitalizations and deaths. the meteorologist has been monitoring those conditions we can see throughout the bay area. >> a beautiful day, but we do have to be very careful because of our high fire danger. and valley temperatures will be heating up, then a nice cooldown going into the weekend with a breezy wind in simpson cisco. we will even be watching out for a chance of rain this
6:59 am
weekend. some spotty temperatures possible on sunday. heading out on the roads this morning, big backups at the bay bridge. and the drive times have been very slow, it takes you about 24 minutes to get across the bridge. the san mateo bridge and dunbarton are slowing, but those may be some alternatives because we have seen a lot of slow spots starting to happen is people are going back to work . >> that slow start as people return after the holiday weekend. here we go. it's only a four day work week for a lot of people. >> hopefully it is a good rest of the week. coming up for you in a matter of minutes, we are going to look at savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, getting ready for the show this morning. the parents of four college athletes who died by suicide, coming together to share about asking for help . including the parents of katie meyer.
7:00 am
it is a powerful, really important conversation that you don't want to miss coming up in just a few minutes on the today show. that does it for us on today in the bay. we will be back at 7:25 with a local look at the news updates we have. don't forget to join us for our midday recap at 11:00. a beautiful shot of san francisco. today show is next. good morning. honoring the victims. the first funerals under way. one week after the nation's worse school shooting in a decade as outrage grows over the police response an exclusive life interview with a first responder who rushed to the scene with his own wife and


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