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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 31, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11, danger and parts of the bay area. here's a live look for you this mid-day. windy and dry conditions continue. were tracking how long it will last. this is nbc bay area news streaming on roku, apple tv and online. thanks for joining us. our team issuing weather alert as that warning is in effect for part of the bay area.
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>> that includes solano county where we do have the morning. a high fire danger around the bay area due to the dry conditions and the gusty winds. oakland as you get ready to head out for lunch or going out for a walk, we of course have been focusing on solano county where we do have that red flag warning from the national weather service which also includes much of the sacramento valley, parts of the central valley. take a look at the other factor that goes into a red flag warning that we have high winds, but also critically low humidity and take a look at the middle of the afternoon. relative humidity numbers. listen to the single digits. but also it's very dry and other spots in the bay area as you look at parts of the south county with relative humidity numbers in the teens and breezy wins. so as we go into the rest of today, 20 to 30 mile-per-hour winds will gradually get lighter, but we are also dealing with high heat and some of our inland valleys. we take a look at some of those numbers in the forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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new for you this morning, bay area students demanding action following last week deadly mass shooting at an elementary school in texas. right now, several students at thomas s hart middle school in pleasanton are walking out. this is all part of a demonstration. this is new video coming into our newsroom. a student organizer telling us that they want lawmakers to do more to prevent another future shooting from happening. of course, this is all in response to what happened one week ago today. that's when 19 students and two teachers lost their lives at that texas elementary school shooting rampage. now, the painful process of seeing their final farewells, but many of those in the town of uvalde trying to move forward. morgan has more including the swearing in ceremony that's now on hold in the developments in the new federal investigation. >> once we do get information that we can release. >> reporter: the police chief
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would've been hours away from being sworn in as a new city councilmember but city officials now say that meeting has been canceled. the man investigators say made the call to wait instead of engaging the gunmen staying silent. nbc news free shopper, but no response. the city's mayor maintaining he is fit for office. but he was elected and there's nothing i can do to change that. that's something that the people will come to terms with. >> reporter: the highly criticized police response, the focus of a new justice department review. a senior official telling nbc news the doj is expected to name the person who will lead that probe within days. meanwhile, president biden taking aim at assault weapons. >> i know it makes no sense to be able to purchase something that can fire 300 rounds. >> reporter: during the president's visit to texas sunday, state senator roland says they discuss the future of
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robb elementary and the possibility of tearing it down and rebuilding a brand-new school. >> they don't want to go back in. they are traumatized. every kid that comes here keeps bawling when they come near the school. we can't let them do that. >> reporter: those laws now being remembered in this tightknit town. the first visitation services taking place monday, as mourners paid their respects to young lives cut short, like 10-year- old rodriguez. she dreamed of going to college to become a marine biologist. her name, just one of 21 on white crosses. now covered in flowers and notes of love. like i said, they were helpless in there. calling out for help and nobody came. >> morgan chesky reporting there. this mid-day, there's new data for you showing note let up in the bay area's open search.
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the averages more than 160 cases. this is one month ago where we saw it was less than that i 239. the 70 average is 536 infections one month ago, about 180. the surge comes at a time when people were out and about for memorial day weekend, but two experts we spoke with say it's not where we were yet. >> the more you increase cases in the community, the more people are coming in, so other reasons. >> there are more cases being reported. on the other hand, the fact that we have such low rates of severe disease on top of so many cases is a very high rate of immunity. >> dr. say many of the hospital patients are people who come in for something else, and just happened to have covid. the number of deaths also trending down. one of the recent infections
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is governor gavin newsom. he tested positive over the weekend and is in isolation. the governor says he's being treated with the drug paxil. is better if you take it as soon as you test positive for the virus and once you end up in hospital, it's not effective. the average patient must take 30 pills and five days. dr. say the medication is becoming more and more accessible. >> i had a patient call me over the weekend and i was covering for my practice and she had all the risk factors. i sent her prescription over to a local pharmacy and she had no problem getting it. truck the fda issued emergency use authorization for transport last month. people who weigh more than 88 pounds and have high risk conditions may be eligible for treatment. may is mental health awareness month and in response, the today show, along with today in the bay is doing a joint project.
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this is called mind matters. it's a theory focusing on student athletes that have taken their own lives. this includes katie meyer. she's a stanford soccer goalie who passed away early this year. nbc bay area's bob rendell explains that her parents and many others still need to speak out right now. >> reporter: nbc news at the myers and the parents of other student athletes who took their own lives. why do they want to speak out? the answer is simple. to help other parents. gina meyer, katie's mom said sadly, there were zero red flags. that this is not on their radar that their daughter katie was going to take her own life. in early march of this year, meyer, who was 22 years old and was the star goalkeeper for the stanford women's soccer team took her own life inside a campus residence. katie's mom told the today show, if love could have saved her daughter, katie would still be here because she loved her daughter more than life itself. >> a lot of people know her as a soccer player and she was so much more than that. she was a great student,
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charismatic speaker. she had incredible opportunities coming her way. >> is a powerful moment for all of us to be together. >> we need to help and i think we all find ourselves unfortunately, in a unique position to do that. >> reporter: one parent in an interview mention the pressure of being a student athlete and striving to be perfect in this world of social media, which many nonstudent athletes can relate to as well. we spoke with dr. jacquelyn flood. she's the director of clinical psychology at elemy, a behavioral health company that focuses on children and adolescents. she knows some student athletes compete at such a high level without much experience in dealing with failure, which makes it more difficult when they don't succeed. her advice to all of us parents , establish a culture at a young age in your home with your family that it's okay to talk out loud about your thoughts and feelings. that is acceptable to let us know what's going on inside.
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>> i think a lot of times, parents will ask a lot of close ended type questions by, how was your day? the answer is good. or what's going on? and then the child says nothing and you don't really get anywhere. so for people who have all of these things going on internally, you have to focus more effort on really listening and making sure that the child feels like they have an opportunity to talk about those signs. >> reporter: we reached out to stanford university where katie meyer played soccer. the university says over the last few years, they have added to their clinical staff to reduce wait times, as well as adding to their wellness coaching programs. this is in addition to a number of other services the campus already offers. so don't forget, mind matters. athletes and their mental health journey. this is an ongoing series for nbc new so be sure to catch a. bob rendell, nbc news.
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i also spoke with today's carson daly who is spearheading the project. he has his own personal connection with mental health disorders and says oftentimes, it simply can be ignored for years. >> people don't look at their mental health they do their physical health and an analogy has always stuck with me is if you're playing basketball and you sprain your ankle, maybe it's broken, nobody wastes more than 10 minutes to run down to urgent care to get a diagnosis to see what it is. where is with our mental health, the time period that goes by for when somebody has the very first symptom of a mental health issue to when they actually go get treatment is 11 years. so i think that sort of, we shine a light on it to say we need to start treating our mental health as efficiently as we do our physical health. that happens of the government level also but it starts with the frontal issue of breaking the stigma of talking about our mental health. >> reporter: i think it affects us more so when we have someone we know talking about this. we look at someone like you. many of us grew up watching you on television and you are so open about the conversation.
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how has this conversation helped you deal with some issues? >> marcus, it help me tremendously. i have disorder. i thought i was going crazy for over 10 years. i thought i was one of those statistics. sometimes he saw me on mtv. i had my first panic attack and it wasn't until i got into therapy that i look back and realized i'd been going to all this. when i decided to start talking about it and owning it and being proud of the way god made me, i say i was hardwired. i was always a nervous kid. i did that in 2018. thanks to somebody like kevin love who wrote an article sharing the same thing i went through that i was hiding in silence about. i said that guy functions at a high level and he has the same experience i do. so i'm honored to be able to get on television and talk about these tough topics and really break that perception.
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when people see me on the voice or at mtv, they say that guy has got it made. his life is perfect. that's not the case. i struggle and so many other people do and it's okay. >> reporter: if you or anyone you know is struggling, you can call the national suicide prevention hotline. the number there on your screen. it's 1-800-273-8255. starting on july 16, you can simply dial 988 to reach the national suicide prevention hotline. one bay area city ready to take a stand for struggling tenants. coming up here in our midday newscast. we will talk about that boat today that may see the tide of skyrocketing rents. also, one of the best-known pop bands making a very important stuff. no, not to perform, but to talk the talk with the president of the united states.
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details on their white house visit and the conversation coming up next. a
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investigating an apparent alligator attack that killed a man outside of tampa. this happened this morning along the lake in largo. investigators say that man was playing frisbee nearby and went into the lake to look for it. the death still not confirmed, but fish and wildlife members are there working to really try to track and locate that gator. they say there have been other gator attacks in that same area in the past. hurricane abaca, one of the earliest and strongest hurricanes on record to strike north america from the pacific has made landfall in mexico. this is video from yesterday afternoon new puerto escondido.
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winds were recorded as strong as 105 miles an hour. this is according to the national hurricane center. but drop to around 70 miles per hour once it made landfall. this is now a category one hurricane. unc here, flooding left behind as a lot of people there trying to save their belongings from the home. that storm now headed to oaxaca. this is where there are fears it could bring more flooding. strumming new day tells this midday. the european union trying to inflict new economic pain on russia in response to its invasion to ukraine. eu leaders have approved an embargo on most russian oil imports. the embargo does allow some exemptions, but by the end of the year, eu nations should cut around 90% of all oil imports from russia. the eu leaders approved another amount of assistance to ukraine. today, the city of oakland
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may be taking action to help renters printer struggling with inflation. nbc's sierra johnson explains the proposal is up. >> reporter: people anticipated the rent but got a little but they are shocked to learn that the rent could go up nearly 7%. 6.7%. this increase is based on inflation, but today a special meeting is being held in the city of oakland to vote on a measure that would cap that rent increase of 3%. the vote is slated for 1:30. that special meeting again would permanently cap rent increases to 3%. this comes after the city with rent-controlled properties would be able to raise rent as much a 6.7%. this is being pushed by councilmember carol sykes who tells us she heard constituents concerned about the domino effect of rent rising so
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drastically. right now, the level of support they currently have, they hope others will see the heavy burden of so many in our community. >> i hope people understand the majority of oakland residents are renters. 60% of the residents of this city rent. so i hope that there's compassion for the people who are living here, whose lives are then turned upside down because of covid. >> reporter: as it currently stands, the rent increase allowed currently goes into effect on july 1st of each year, so if passed, the new policy would have that at the last minute. we will keep you updated both on air as well as online. sierra johnson for nbc bay area news. >> okay. are you looking to book a
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summer getaway? if so, airbnb released its top destinations of summer. so here's what people are heading. travelers looking to go international, they have their sights set on venice, italy. other top locations are bahamas . also in italy, you have capri and then mexico and costa rica. the top domestic destinations include lofton county, florida, connecticut, washington and big sur. the superstar k-pop group bts will be vips at the wh today. look, they dominate pop music world during the start of the pandemic and this afternoon, the group will meet with president biden at the white house. president biden and bts will discuss asian inclusion and representation, as well as address anti-asian hate crimes.
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the group is expected to arrive there anytime now with the meeting scheduled to start at noon, our time. so maybe they will teach president biden some moves as well. i don't know. >> is always great when you see these big pop stars. they are doing something important, so it's pretty cool. >> they have a big impact too. >> was take a look outside as we continue this microclimate weather alert. a clearer view in san francisco as we look across the city into the north bay and the headlands. it's a really nice day. there's a lot of graduations going on, but as we look at what to expect, our temperatures haven't heating up and we do still have a high fire danger, especially for those inland valleys. then tomorrow, that he continues as those temperatures crank up. while san francisco will stay nice and mild, but we will all get a nice cool down in time for the weekend. let's take a live look outside in san jose where our temperature is at a comfortable
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71 degrees. it will warm up another 10 degrees during the middle of the afternoon and then start to come right back down with a breezy wind. as we of course talk about the wind, we cannot miss that red flag warning and the high fire danger that continues, especially for solano county, areas off toward the north and east where there is a greater chance that any fires that do spread very quickly. so the fire risk also continues for much of the bay area as well . but it just won't be as dry in time for the relative humidity. temperatures will head for the upper 60s and low 70s. napa today reaching 85 degrees, but 91 in fairfield today. san jose in the low 80s. then taking a look at tomorrow, slightly hotter in those inland areas, but notice the temperatures that will stay in the 60s and half moon bay along the coastline as well. you had across the bay to oakland and hayward in the mid- 70s and we are also looking at some upper 80s in the tri-
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valley. then it will start to come down a few degrees on thursday. cooler and more clouds moving in and that's going to be the trend going into the weekend. so we are looking at more clouds, even a chance of rain nearby. we are not going to see the spotty showers. here is going to be to our north, but there is the chance that on sunday, we could see some hit or miss rain here and we don't typically see it in june, but it will be nice to help bring in some cooler air and maybe even just for a little while, decrease that fire danger. take a look at brentwood and how hard it's going to be over these next few days. we have upper 80s and low 90s going into the weekend. will see temperatures in the upper 70s for the weekend, and next week, it will be cranking right back up. so we take a look at our seven- day forecast. upper 80s here and then we will see some mid-70s for the weekend. even a chance of rain on sunday and of course, we will keep watching that as we get closer. >> thanks. a piece of major music
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history. [ music ] >> you can find it when we come back. still ahead for you this mid day , we will tell you what it will cost you to own the works of one of the most popular singer/songwriters of all time. first, happening now, high school graduations in full force in san francisco. they held a ceremony earlier this morning and tonight at the stadium, san francisco's alliance of luck educators will hold this third annual rite of passage ceremony. we want to say congratulations to all the seniors in the bay area. we will be right back.
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welcome back. egypt showing off some newly discovered relics. the ancient artifacts date back some 2500 years. archaeologists
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uncovered them at a famous burial ground near cairo. among those fines, 250 painted coffins with well preserved mummies inside. 160 bronze statues of ancient gods and bronzed rituals. the artifacts will have a permanent home at the new grand egyptian museum which is under construction. how cool is that? this morning, speaking of artifacts come how would appeal to own a piece of songwriting history? did you see what you are looking at there? this is the original original sheet paper that bob dylan used to write music. currently up for auction at christie's and this is worth about $1.5 million. you can also own signed lyrics to another hit, blowing in the wind. that will run you $150,000. our temperatures heating up the inland areas.
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upper 80s and that fire danger continues. keep checking back in for updates on what's going on around the bay area. i want to thank you for joining us for our midday newscast. the next one coming up for you at 5:00. get the latest information at @nbcbayarea. we will see you back here tomorrow morning.
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or are breastfeeding. for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. be in your moment. fantastic! ask your doctor about ibrance. right now on california live, the fear of the walking dead star janet elfman is here spilling season finale secrets. >> big stories set of that will launch us into season eight. >> find out what alpacas and labrador have in common for your well-being. >> we take you inside the interactive pop-up experienced celebrating black hair. >> every black girl has a story. you guys made it a whole exhibit. >> it is happening right now on california live.


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