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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 1, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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assault rifles in his home. a tip to police first alerted them to that potential danger. that mountain lion that was holed up for hours, we have learned the male cub has been captured and is on his way to the oakland zoo. this is the animal here, the mountain lion was curled up near what looks like a desk and filing cabinet. a quick thinking school employee was able to keep everyone safe. >> what a day it has been. a shelter in place, eighth grade graduation postpone, all due to an unexpected visitor, a mountain lion cub. >> definitely not a pain.
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school officials found this mountain lion cub 10 minutes before school started, many students and staff already on campus. >> the door to the main hallway was closed. they closed the door behind him to lock it in there. the department got to the scene, the school looked to shelter in place. that is put in effect if we have a wildlife emergency. disrupted final exams, and did school earlier than planned. >> you can see here, it hasn't been touched. we did get to see the mountain lion cub. >> very atypical behavior for an animal.
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>> when they arrived, they noticed the couple skinny and aggressive. >> is safely being transported, we work with our partners. >> the eighth-grade ceremony will take place right before high school graduation tomorrow night. firefighters quickly put out a fire at a building in san francisco's chinatown today. sky ranger was overhead this afternoon, broke out at a building on washington street. it started inside a kitchen. sheryl sandberg has long been the second-in-command that meta-, next to founder mark zuckerberg. she plans on leaving the company, but plans on
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continuing to serve as the board of directors. she was to focus on her foundation and philanthropy. >> she has launched facebook, do you think this is a personal decision for her to work out the foundation? or is this a fallout that has been under the direction? >> she has dealt with personal highs and lows. i think it's become untenable,
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asked to be the face of facebook and explain misinformation and political disasters and really the web as a nation -- weaponization of social media and she has not contributed that. she made it an advertising powerhouse, she did that extremely well and externally successfully. she created herself a billionaire, many millionaires, i think the tension between her and the company, it just got too much. >> we never saw sheryl sandberg in that role at all. >> she in many ways is a much better phase of the company than zuckerberg. she is more personal.
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but she has been relegated to a role a little bit behind him and the leadership and that's been criticized. but at the same time, she is still being held accountable for a lot of what facebook and social media in general has become. >> he said that basically her role is going to be changed, but it won't be exactly the next person that steps in. >> she had a huge role as making facebook monetarily successful, but the new direction mark zuckerberg is taking we have never really heard sheryl sandberg talk about. she hasn't been mentioned when it comes to the readers of this new and diverse. my guess is she is not really feeling it all that much. and the direction the company is going is going in that direction without her. >> she has really been the face
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of when it comes to female executives, very high level female executives. now for her not to be there, what does that say about her legacy? >> it leaves a big chasm, that speaks badly of the valley. but i can't say enough how important they have been to telling women step up, don't let men dominate meetings, don't let them ask for the races you are not getting. sheryl sandberg was absolutely at the forefront of that. again, that kind of is in the past. a lot of that got overlooked once 2016 happened and cambridge analytica. now she will undoubtedly try to put some distance between her and facebook and maybe get back to a leadership role. because silicon valley definitely needs more women. >> that is for sure, it is one
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of their big issues that they have every day. thank you very much. the man accused of intentionally setting a home depot store on fire was back in court today. numerous charges, including arson. robert handa is live at the santa fe courthouse. sounds like the criminal history created some publication today. >> reporter: the home depot arson case is complicated enough but all those other cases involve so many details, including witnesses. he was stoic in the santa clara county courtroom, staring while sitting with his arms crossed as he appointed public defender. the office had a conflict in defending him, presumably according to the prosecutor because all the other alleged crimes he will have to fight in court. at this point, the five alarm
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fire that caused a $17 million damage is still unique. >> currently this is the only one. >> all the other ones are about theft. >> they anticipate he will say he only meant to start a fire to distract workers so he could shoplift. not to commit aggravated arson. well-known bay area attorney says that shows how big it did when he is in. >> it's completely foreseeable and predictable that starting a little fire could easily lead to a big fire. so now he is in a lot of trouble. >> reporter: rick garcia says he hopes the legal system works it all out. >> being that i was so close to where the fire started, definitely top of mind is being thankful that i was able to get
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out. >> reporter: the complications aren't over just yet. he is set to return to court on june 29th. but that is mainly to make sure that the defender's office doesn't have too many conflicts to take on. robert handa, nbc bay area. a lockdown at a school in the south bay, this is in san jose. you can see large police presence on campus. a man showed up on campus. they are not sure if there was a weapon involved. the principal did place the school on lockdown, we are trying to figure out who he is and what happened. the lockdown has since been lifted. the old fire is now 20% contained. and holding to just 600 acres.
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evacuation orders have been lifted and thankfully no homes were burned. now if air quality, and air quality advisory is in effect in napa valley through tomorrow. it is important to know the air alert is not in effect. pollution is not expected to exceed the national standard. ready or not, it's happening. the big game almost here, game one of the nba finals is tomorrow. but today, media day. players and coaches should sat down with coaches at -- taking on one of the most historic franchises, the boston celtics. before the series kicks off tomorrow evening in san francisco, coach steve kerr says it is important for the veterans to get the young guys mentally and emotionally ready. >> our veteran players have addressed the difference in the finals compared to earlier
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playoff rounds, in terms of the atmosphere, the vibe. >> it's going to be a great matchup. the last time they played in the finals was back in 1954. a return to the office or else, the demand from elon musk of his employees. how many hours he is expecting everyone to be back to work. but first, the first of its kind in the nation. what california's reparations task force detailed in a new report. and how slavery impacts the lives of black americans today. cooler temperatures on the way, some june rain. i will have some updated timeline and about seven minutes.
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a first in the nation, a task force to investigate reparations for black americans. a thorough examination of the harm that has come to black americans that started with slavery. christie smith shows us what it says and what happens next. >> it's a thorough and sobering look at america's treatment of african-americans from
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enslavement to generations facing discrimination. modest disco people are watching closely. >> i am very excited to report has come out, excited for the research, the history. >> reporter: executive director of the san francisco human rights division. she believes these new reports could have far-reaching implications. >> the bias that has been legislated, that has been really supported by laws and policies in california, our local task force will be able to leverage some of that resource. >> reporter: the report provides a conference of look at the impact of enslavement and discrimination on generations of black americans. with a specific look at the role california played. >> california did not answer the state. it was plenty complicit with
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the institution of slavery. even passing fugitive slave laws. >> reporter: and member of the state task force. >> between the impasse of enslavement and the arrows of jim crow, so-called separate but equal, and every area that has been impacted, and criminal justice. >> reporter: the task force was asked to focus on the effect on black californians. later, they will begin to examine. >> california is not innocent, it created a great deal of harm. it set us back centuries. >> reporter: a professor of politics and a member of the san francisco task force on reparations. a final report is due out next year with suggestions for what reparations should look like.
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back to what is in the office or else. elon musk is demanding his employees stop working from home. in memos obtained by the new york times, musk sent an email to employees telling them they are required to spend a minimum of 40 hours in the office per week. if they don't show up, they will be fired. he also sent a similar memo to his tesla employees. musk told executives that they should depart the company if they don't return to the office for a minimum of 40 hours a week. new water restrictions start today in the south bay. valley water customers must start limiting water outdoors to two days and only water outside between six at night and nine in the morning. they also penalize anyone who waters within 48 hours of rain. fine from $100 up to $10,000.
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fighting fires faster and protecting the most tolerable, that is what senator alex padilla says he hopes to accomplish as california prepares for what could be a historically bad fire season. >> reporter: streamlined firefights can help communities require faster. california senator alex padilla outlined his plan. >> i am determined to use all the tools in our belt to prevent wildfires when we can, put them out quickly when possible and help communities recover from wildfire emergencies. >> dependent on three bills, one of them the fire act. >> last year's fire season was the worst in our state's history. and sadly, it's not an outlier. it's the same before that.
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>> reporter: this fire season is well underway with cal fire already responding to more than 2000 fires that have already burned 11,000 acres so far. which is why the california office of emergency services says they are working closer than ever with fire and management agencies to ensure they can respond statewide. >> they are also leveraging the technology as a part of our fire resource system. new fire intelligence and reconnaissance aircraft and a wildfire forecast intelligence and information sharing center. >> upgrades to the spotter system, and hundreds of millions of dollars for new programs to help disproportionately impacted communities. they also say there are still complexities. >> need to make sure there are mechanisms and pathways up and
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down the state, not specifically the fire districts but every fire district throughout the state. we need to find a way to get those funds from the state all the way down to the local level. >> reporter: other bay area agencies say the programs and grants are a great help. but they are limited, meaning that every fire agency gets equal access. but every fire station at its unique needs. >> reporter: let's bring in the chief meteorologist. we were bringing -- looking at the napa fire. what are the conditions? >> we are going to see some wind gusts tonight and tomorrow. i really have to say and give a ton of credit to the fire agencies that were out here, such a quick effort yesterday with the temperatures, low humidity, they started an aerial attack. so right now, we are dealing with some low -- warm weather. humidity at 26%, wind gusts
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could go up to 25 miles per hour. evacuation orders have been lifted but if you live in this area, be sure to have those alerts turned on on your phone just in case anything were to change. we will have coverage of that and also on our social media. let's move it right into tomorrow's forecast, the change we are starting to see a little bit of today. this area of high pressure, moving off toward the east. also some fog at the coastline, overall we are setting up for a nice june day tomorrow. we will begin with some cloud cover over the east bay, likely son to the north bay. we see some high clouds moving across, also some filtered sunshine. still looking pretty excellent. temperatures overall not that uncomfortable, 56 in the south bay, over the san francisco 55,
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north bay at 54. daytime highs because of how that weather pattern is beginning to change, should drop off by about 5 to 10 degrees, that puts us at 78 in san jose. over to the east bay, 83 in concord, right to oakland getting back into those cooler 60s. the peninsula 59, edward city 74, san francisco 50s and 60s. the north bay, 82 here in napa, 76 in of otto and 76 in clearlake. i am super excited to continue to bring you this information tonight, we are looking at a storm system this weekend lining up by saturday night to the north and moving over sunday morning into the early afternoon. it is not a major storm, totals are not externally high but we can see with our fire danger, any kind of rainfall we can get is going to be excellent.
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about a quarter inch on average, higher elevations could see about half an inch, everywhere else trace amounts. we will get more information but that's very promising. temps in the 60s, then by next wednesday we are up to 70. tomorrow in the 80s, but then by the weekend 70s return, clouds increase with that chance of some showers on sunday. so this is very promising. >> thanks so much, jeff. orbited space and even went on a tour on the streets of l.a. now the space shuttle endeavor will have a new place to call home. i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling--
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a plan to point the retired space shuttle endeavor toward the stars is now underway. a groundbreaking ceremony took place in l.a. on a permanent museum that will house the old space shuttle. when completed, the shuttle will be placed vertical, as is ready for launch. the last remaining authentic fuel tank and two solid rocket boosters will also be attached. that will make it the tallest spacecraft display in the world. the museum will take roughly three years to complete. the south bay iconic park getting a makeover.
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the pride celebration kicked off in style today in the south bay and a very prominent location. the roof of the discovery museum in san jose. check out the discovery desk getting draped with pride flags this afternoon. thousands of people see it from the cars or streets of downtown san jose. will wear the traditional rainbow flag and progressive pride flag for the entire month of june in honor of the lgbtq community. you may notice, she continues to wear her mask as well.
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you can also watch us live on roku, amazon fire and apple tv. >> there is a lot happening right now. that high-profile celebrity case has come to a close, how much money a jury says johnny depp is owed in his libel lawsuit against his ex-wife amber heard. >> we are most pleased the trial has resonated for so many people. inflation frustration. americans are paying more for everything from food to fuel, as the president makes that a priority, the head of a big bank issues a big warning. he is been the face of football for decades. and now a new owner


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