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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 2, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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jody hernandez spoke to the family earlier today. >> this has been a long and intense investigation. after more than four months a major break in the case. the arrest of the suspect, is not going as planned. >> we believe alexis gabe is the victim of a homicide. >> reporter: paul beard said the person responsible for alexis gabe's disappearance and murder was the last person she was with. her ex-boyfriend, 27-year-old marshall jones. police say jones is the man seen in surveillance video. walking away from her dumped car. his dna was found under a recovered cell phone case. amount of other forensic evidence all pointed to him. >> the investigation has led us to believe that alexis' boyfriend, a 27-year-old man and a resident of antioch, killed alexis. at her home on or about january 26. when police arrested him at his
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friend's home in washington last night, they say he charge them with a knife. >> reporter: officer shot and killed him. gabe's parents say they were crushed with that jones had been killed last night. >> i look in the mirror and i asked him why would you do this it was my daughter. but what happened to my daughter? what happened that night? >> reporter: they once considered jones part of their family. they suspected him all along. they never talked publicly about it until now. they did not want to them. >> alexis told them that he threatened to kill himself. if she did not get back with him. he threatened alexis to kill alexis if she did not get back
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with him. >> reporter: they hoped that jones left them to their missing daughter. police have their eyes on another person of interest. one of the suspects family members. who may have played a role in the cover-up. >> they have identified another person of interest. we cannot say who it is. >> reporter: gabe's parents are hoping that person comes forward. they say they will not rest until they find her. >> if you have a conscience please speak up. >> reporter: and oakley, jody hernandez, nbc barry area news. it's time to take out the big pile of masks.
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the rise in the cases probe did proved leaders to bring back masking. masks will be required in most indoor public settings. grocery stores, malls, gyms and places of worship. among a lot of other things. masks requirement will not apply to the city of berkeley. which has its own health officer. k-12 schools will not require masks indoors. it is strongly recommended. daily cases have surpassed the peak of last summer's delta wave and is looking more like the summer spike from 2020. let's check out the numbers. from may 25, about a week ago, daily cases compile from that date was 853 cases. compare that to the same day last year. there were 40 cases. compared again to may 25 in 2020 and 73 cases. you can see the wave is hitting alameda county much harder than
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previous years. >> hospitalizations of people with covid have started to climb. we are about 100 people in the hospital with covid. we are starting to see increases with people in the intensive care unit. for that reason we followed the trends and decided to take action. >> let's take a look at the numbers. let's compare that to the last three years. the latest data from the county as from may 30. on that day there were 102 covid patients. last year that was 35 and two years ago it was around 99. alameda county 7-day positivity rate is now at 9.4%. this time last year it was less than 1%. the kids under the age of five could be getting their
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first covid shop before the end of the month. the biden ministration said kids five and under could get their first dose as soon as june 21. that is if federal regulators authorize the shot for that age group. if the fda gives the green light the shot could be shipped out the following week. the youngest age group that is a pretty good covid vaccines is 5 to 11-year-olds. in santa clara and contra costa counties, 60% of eligible kids have received their shots. entire at 65%. from vaccines to mask rules we are keeping track of the changing guidance to help move people forward. you will get the latest updates on our website. you can find out what the rules are in your county. >> president biden spoke about gun violence in the country after several massacres in the recent weeks. he vowed to toughen gun laws involving assault style weapons and untraceable ghost guns. >> after sandy hook and kalambayi in charleston and orlando and las vegas, after parkland, nothing has been done.
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this time that cannot be true. this time we must actually do something. the issue we face is one of common sense and conscious. >> the president went on to say that guff tough gun laws is not about banning guns or taking away the guns from responsible gun owners. we will have more in the president's address coming up at 5:30 pm. including steps he wants congress to take to reach a deal on gun's. a staffing shortage could lead to the closing of two court houses. sheriff lord smith said there are not enough deputies to provide security at the palo alto in the morgan hill court houses. morgan hill court houses are relatively new. the one in palo alto opened up for being closed after two years after the pandemic.
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deputies are working mandatory overtime. because of low staffing levels and smith says it is untenable. smith says there is not a lot of options at this point. >> it's important we keep the courthouse open. >> both sets say they hope to find a temper solution to the problem in the near future. races images on social media and is now demanding an apology for the school district. a group picture with a mannequin head that got fierce backlash. the cheer squad says it's cheerleaders are getting bullied and threatened. all because of a lie. more from san ramon. >> reporter: i'm here to clear my daughter's name. >> reporter: after a week of backlash parents of the
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california high school are demanding an apology. and the resignation of the district superintendent. after they say their students were defamed and bullied based on a lie. >> i had to pull my daughter out of school. student screamed at her from across the quad. you are a racist. >> reporter: pictures were posted to social media showing what appears to be members of the colorado high school posing. the images leaving any parents with incoming students upset. >> the thoughts of him feeling good about being who he is and be accepted is important. >> reporter: some believe the photos were taken out of context. >> some photos were doctored or used. i do not think it has been fair. >> reporter: and attorney says the allegations of rhesus post were started by a parent whose daughter did not make the team.
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>> the refused to investigate. they refused to address threats that were made to students. it is an obligation to protect their students. >> reporter: this is a picture that their attorneys provided the media today. they claim it was gifted to the team seven years ago. we did not know where the pictures came from. we have yet to find their original image. as far as the mannequin's name, they say it was a name given by the manufacturer of the products. >> we understand no malicious intent. the truth is the existence of the mascot regardless of context and regardless of all of those other factors is still harmful to some. >> reporter: the superintendent is being blamed for sending out a district letter where he addressed the incident calling it offensive and racist. >> we take responsibility to make things better.
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this is not on the back of students. >> it is also addressing an incident of racist graffiti that was found at the school. they plan to address the board next week. a call to address all the issues and more. switching gears now, let's talk about the warriors. they are about to start another run at an nba championship. >> game one is less than one hour away. let's bring in our own thom jensen. i can venture to say there is a little bit of a threat behind you? the warriors are becoming the third most winning team in the nba championship.
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the celtics however are going for their 18th nba championship. a record time with the los angeles lakers. a lot of warrior fans screaming at the chase center. more than 18,000 and capacity. obviously it will be packed tonight. a lot of excitement. you can feel it in the air. people are here for the pregame show. really fired up for this. we have live music. they are all here for the big show. the game against the warriors and they go for one more title tonight. a month starting in about
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15 minutes. in early morning wake-up call for parts of the bay area. i felt it. >> reporter: 900 games in the making. san jose city college plans to celebrate. that is next. >> the calendar says june, check out what is coming our way this weekend. a rare chance of rain showers for your weekend plans.
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spy for the first time since 2019 san francisco will be hosting an lbgtq prize parade. the decision has been uniform. police officers led to the mayors and the fire department and one supervisor. tonight it appears there has been a break and the mayor says she will march after all. the rainbow flag outside of city hall to compromise between lbgtq police officers in the san francisco pride board. the issue involves including a
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checkered and sometimes violent history among many an lbgtq community in the city police force. members of the police officers pride alliance say barring them from the parade would be equivalent to asking them to deny who they are. >> i cannot serve any police department anywhere in this country. a lot of officers have joined law enforcement to make sure the evidence of that passed do not happen again. >> reporter: details are being hammered out. according to the pride work president officers likely will be asked to wear something more casual than a full uniform. >> we told you earlier a big night for the warriors in the head coach steve kerr. game one of the nba finals against the celtics tonight. >> did you know there is a bay area basketball coach, almost any coach ever. garvin thomas is here to tell us about the upcoming owner with a coach with an incredible
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legacy. >> reporter: this saturday on the campus of san jose city college they will rename their gymnasium in honor of longtime coach, percy car. naming gyms after coaches, that things happen a lot. why is this a big deal? a career like percy cars, that's never happened. anywhere ever. let's start with the numbers. by the time coach percy carr retired from san jose city college you have been their head coach for 46 years. over that time, he won 900, yes, 900 games. that only only makes him the winningest junior college coach in california history, but coach carr is the winningest black head coach in all of college basketball. >> he was in my house when i
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was 18 years old. >> reporter: harris went from being recruited to coach car to being his boss. as the athletic director. he knows firsthand the quality that made coach car the legend that he is. >> strong leader of men. passionate and stubborn in a good kind of way. it was going to be his way. it was usually an inclusive way. >> many have asked over the years with so much success why no bigger school was ever going to take coach carr away from city college. as coach carr told us in the 2014 interview, back when he had only one 800 games, coaching at this level was the perfect place to launch his players onto brighter horizons. both on and off the court. >> the most thing i am trying to do at this city college is 97% of them graduate.
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>> i have encountered young men who have come back. they would have been lost. i have heard that story many times. >> reporter: it is a remarkable legacy of winning and leadership . it's well worth honoring. garvin thomas, nbc news. an earthquake rattled the east bay early this morning. take a look at the seismograph. the 4.1 quake hit six miles northwest of pittsburgh at 5:07 am. and in the bay area felt the shaking. people took to social media. the earthquake was huge. tonya and contra costa county said she was knocked out and
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did not feel a thing. she hopes everybody is okay. it was a first time experience for liz. she said i thought it was my sister moving the bed within the whole house started shaking. it was scary. there was a slight stay the shaking for for five seconds. i felt that this morning but i was too lazy to get up. i fell right back to bed. did you feel it? what? you guys were out. >> a nice day around the bay area. we have sunshine in san francisco. waiting for low clouds to reappear. it will great your morning commute with patchy fog and maybe misty skies early tomorrow morning. 64 in oakland. 72 degrees in san jose right now. we are seeing a typical june spread of temperatures. as you head higher up lynn across santa rosa and calistoga into the 80s. 80s around saratoga and out toward scotts valley. the wind is onshore for now. that's good news.
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it will bring in a few patchy low clouds and tomorrow morning we may see misty skies early in the morning. the low cloud is trying to come back to the inner bay around 8:00. partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. breezy conditions and leading up to very interesting changes. coming our way for the weekend. friday waking up to the patchy low clouds and 50s to start. around lunchtime a mix of sunshine and clouds and staying in the 60s. from san francisco to oakland. highs trending cooler with the southwind up to santa rosa. numbers in the 70s tomorrow and the temperature trend not changing much. saturday we are in the 70s and lynn. sunday similar temperature pattern. this is the most important part of the sunday forecast. the chance of seeing showers here in june.
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what's going on with this weather system that has a good batch of moisture? clouds come our way into saturday, and by sunday, especially sunday morning, a chance of showers passing through. 11:00 a.m. saturday and most of saturday should be dry. 11:00 we see the showers in the north bay. moving across the bay area as we head into sunday afternoon. saturday may end up being the better of the two outdoor days for your weekend plans. rain totals are higher up here. we are talking rain totals right there in june. scattered showers south in san francisco. as we head through next week that shower chances on sunday. thursday and friday the maps turn purple. it means high pressure is getting stronger and very likely we will see heat right around this time next week. or clouds and breezy conditions in a chance of june rain showers on sunday. not a lot. we will take what we can get. the clearing skies return on monday going from 70 to 90's and the 7-day forecast.
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thursday and friday a taste of summer headed our way. in the meantime, set showers coming in. the ipad to be getting a revamp. we will take a peek at what apple will announce. next week the conference. (music throughout)
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[click] put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. apple is said to introduce major changes to the ipad. it will make the ipad more like a laptop and less like a phone. according to people with knowledge on this matter. it will include a redesign interface that makes it easier. you will be able to use multiple apps at once. apple will show it off at next week's world divide developed conference.
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we know who will take the main stage at this year's pride celebration in san francisco. martha wash is set to headline. she is best known as one half of the weather girl. who scored that hit in 1982. it's raining men. jeopardy champion amy schneider. still has celebrating 70 years. the uk is honoring queen elizabeth the platinum jubilee. we will have more right after the break.
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>> 70 years of service platinum jubilee celebrating queen elizabeth underway in england. free parties and concerts kicked off this morning in london. hundreds of thousands of people gathering to honor the longing longest-serving monarch. >> she has done so much for the country. it is incredible.
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it is the least we can do is come out and see her. >> the 96-year-old queen participated in today's festivities. buckingham palace said she will skip the celebration tomorrow. after filling some quote, discomfort. you can watch this live on roku and amazon fire and apple tv. >> reporter: the moment to send the message to the country. a short while ago president biden addressing the nation and pushing congress to pass common sense gun laws. >> there are too many other schools to become killing fields and battlefields here in america. >> reporter: the gun control compromise brewing among a small group of senators from both sides of the aisle. >> a new virtual reality training system to help law enforcement prepare for physical shooter situations. the sheriff's office is the first to have it. how it works,


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