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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  June 3, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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tonight, nbc bay area news tonight, humility and grace guys in the bay area. what about rain? breaking down chances for a rare june storm heard masks once again required in alameda county. is anyone actually following the rules? >> there were fewer masks than i had anticipated. >> i don't know if it's going to make much of a difference. >> a lot of confusion and frustration. what are businesses doing about it? it goes over the handle and into the doorway. >> is a sobering sign of the times as we are joined by this
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bay area teacher who is prepared for classroom combat red videos getting a lot of attention. we will ask her about the bulletproof equipment and the parents reaction. good evening. we have made it to friday. we are going to have a busy weekend. starting to have rain in june. all that green stuff headed towards northern california. looks like just north of us. also, the pacific northwest. we are seeing a big change in our weather. right now, it is muggy. let's bring and rob mayeda. it is like miami and hawaii combined. >> we are saving you the travel. this is it for any time of year. saw on the satellite view, it is skipping it up. not as strong as its winter counterparts.
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probably feeling it outside. that moisture increasing to the weekend 100%. you will notice humidity. we will call this interstate 80 north rainstorm. we can see here, the peak totals are coming down. especially into sunday morning. notice the gap here and the rainfall. san francisco tri-valley and the san jose at not seeing as much. up there towards mendocino county, we could see some very impressive rainfall. >> i like the line of demarcation there. 80. everything north of 80. , trainer with thinking and what is the timeline here? >> for june, it is significant right now. we will sing it during the day. scattered showers. probably coming down sunday morning. look at this. this includes mendocino county. the area in regular received 1 to 3 inches of rain. excessive rainfall outlet. we could see planing on the road.
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well it's up to you rica and crescent city. some localized ponding on the road with the heavy rain coming down during what is typically one of the three driest months of the year. >> we are talking fire danger, as well. it is so much a part of what we do. speaking of weird weather, this brushfire in san bruno mountain today, or on san bruno mountain today, is that a combination of fog and flames there? usually fog is a good friend that puts out the flames. >> low clouds, low visibility. probably wondered how is that burning with the misty skies and the fog? it is what is burning and how dry it is driving our fire danger is so far this year. a few moisture samples from the santa cruz mountains. great there, all time low values . the blue line is where we are right now. the redline is driest for this time of year. this was actually
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more common with conditions that we typically see in mid to late july. due to the drought, we are about 4 to 6 weeks ahead of schedule in terms of field moisture that we are seeing around the bay area. even with onshore wind and foggy conditions, the fire danger is still high. >> that is scary. not a good sign. we will see later on. another way to keep track of the ring having an is with our nbc bay area app. see exactly when that rain is going to arrive. you can receive alerts if you sign up for it minutes before the storm rose into your neighborhood. gas prices go from bad to worse. we have had a new high for gas prices. essentially every day for nearly 2 weeks. california averages $6.25 a gallon. the bay area, even higher. san francisco, $6.61 a gallon. that's the average.
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some in the city are seven dollars and above. $6.28. some others that are more than $7.00. look at gas prices in the city over the past month. since may 22nd, we have hit a new record high every single day. tonight, day one masks are required in alameda county. we have been through this before. you've got to wear a mask in indoor public settings. there are a few exceptions here. no masking requirement in schools except to oakland. these do not apply to the city of berkeley. how are people taking it? we check in with many businesses in fremont. as you can imagine, some frustration and confusion. to the most part, customers are putting them back on when asked. >> i don't think everybody knows that the mandate has happened again. there was one customer, before you guys came in, we politely asked him and if they refuse,
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we kind of just tell them we can't serve you unless you have your mask on. >> i have not heard anyone complain. i dropped my kids off at school earlier. i didn't hear anything from any parent. i think people here in fremont are pro-mask, mainly. >> the announcement, there was also confusion at the airport. oakland international, masks are required in the airport, but not on the actual airplane. this is adding even more headaches to travelers. >> we want to travel, honestly. we did not travel for two years. we have been waiting to take this trip and we have finally made it and now back out. >> nobody likes them but it's a good thing. we need to stay on top of this. >> so, what next? do we continue this game for the next
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few weeks? at what point will other counties follow suit and reinstate a mask mandate? joining us tonight, nbc's melina jones. nice to see you. you are out there at oakland airport. give us what you saw there. how many people were masking up, how many were not? >> reporter: it looked like what we were saying when it was optional. around 60%. some people coming into the airport with masks on, but a lot of people, that's gate is we saw a lot of people on masks. >> 60% wearing them or not? >> reporter: 60% wearing them. >> we heard everyone that they counter sink please get your mask on. what is the enforcement? are people actually saying to put them on? >> reporter: there is the suggestion there, right? you hear the p.a. announcements every couple of minutes. the airlines themselves are asking passengers to mask up. they even have masks to give to passengers.
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if they don't put them on, there is not much real enforcement after that. we saw a lot of people going through tsa unmasked and the tsa agents did not ask them to put them on. >> a lot of tik-tok able but you spoke with today? >> reporter: not so much tik- tok people, but people who are not willing to put the mask back on. a lot of people coming out of the area. these are not our rules where we are flying to. so it does not really apply when really, if you are flying in or out of oakland, that is the rule that you have to abide by. >> it's frustrating. thank you for your insight and spending the day there at oakland international. our question of the day, are you fed up or tired and experiencing mask fatigue? i think a lot of people would say yes. twitter says it's not fun, but neither is getting sick with
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covid. when instagram, monica says she has no problems because she has not worn a masking month. interesting. another comment says, i am boosted and have to mask at work. i will probably wear it forever. i work in a medical clinic and think you for your comments on all our social media platforms. a backpack that doubles as a bulletproof vest. >> this can stop a handgun. >> it looks like i am preparing for your work, but i'm going to school in a first grade classroom. >> joined by this schoolteacher who is getting millions of using her to talk him account. how she is prepping her students for an active shooter. time for one more drink. lawmakers once again pushing to keep the bars open until 4:00 a.m.. why they say the latest attempt might just work. you are watching nbc bay area news tonight.
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. making it here in the bay area and not getting any easier. nearly a quarter of us are living in poverty. comes from the united way bay area. more than 42,000 people experienced homelessness last year. four out of 10 people are spending 30% of their income on housing. the reasons for this problem and why it is going to be tough to overcome. >> it's no surprise that poverty is and has been a growing problem here. according to united way bay area 25% of all bay area residents now live in poverty. it has recently gotten worse. >> the covid-19 pandemic, i think, increased the poverty. >> so many people unable to make ends meet even if they have jobs. it has become that expensive to
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live here. >> they are working. it's not that they don't have jobs. rising costs and inflation, a lot of families are not making ends meet. >> struggling to put food on the table and make rent even while working multiple jobs. >> it is not new. should people be morally outraged? absolutely. >> she says they see it every day. >> they're making the choice between do i pay my rent, by my medicine, or do i buy food? >> what is the poverty level for the bay area? basically it is about $100,000 per year of income or less to a family of four. this is not the reality for many teachers. they are buying bats, block doors, bulletproof backpacks for their classrooms. one teacher is getting millions of views for her tik-tok videos about how she is preparing for an active shooter.
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>> this is what i have to protect my kiddos. so, this is a metal bat but i have here. and this is called the barracuda. basically, it goes on this doorframe part, jams it. cannot open it. >> dancing videos with a lot of smiles, but this is real life stuff that she is doing. she is a first grade teacher in pittsburgh. she has been gathering supplies for years. after last week's shooting in texas, she started sharing her ideas on tick-tock frame. that includes the barracuda, the bar she was talking about to prevent a door from being opened. a metal bat and a backpack that doubles as a bulletproof vest. >> so, i am going to go ahead and put it on. super easy. it slides right over my head.
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so, this is the front. this is the back. it looks just like a backpack when it zips up. >> it is crazy that we have come to this. kelsey joins us now. nice to have you on the program. how surreal is this for you to be doing this on tick-tock name and your classroom? really prepping for combat at your own school. >> hi, good evening. it is crazy that this is what we have to do to feel safe in our classrooms. but i would much rather have a plan in place, instead of wishing but i had something when it is too late. >> kelsey, have you thought about it -- it is a personal question, but have you thought about getting out of the business with all of these are shootings, or do you stay inspired with all of your kids? >> no, not at all. i have never thought about leaving. my students are incredible, little human beings. that is why i went into teaching. there are incredible to work with every single day.
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the school or work to is amazing. the staff i work for is amazing. i would not want to leave it. the only thing i can do is try to make the classroom a little safer. that is what i'm doing. >> you talk about community. what is the response of the parents of the first-graders and the response from your own administration? >> everyone has been very supportive. they have been nothing but kind . i have had parents from my previous years. i am on my third year teaching. i had parents from my first year supporting me and messaging me. i had parents from this year saying that they sought an open house and saw the videos. looked like a normal backpack and tell we saw the videos. glad that you have it. said that it makes them feel safer sending their kids to school with me. >> are you paying for this out of your own pocket or is the district helping you? >> no. all of this came from my family. my first year of teaching, originally, we did some trading, which repairs you for
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an active shooter scenario. it freaked me out knowing that i was not prepared. i come from a family of first responders. i came up with a game plan. we all did. we figured out what tools i need to help keep the students a safe and myself safe in a classroom. so, we got the backpack. my dad gave me one of his old police kevlar vests and a bulletproof plate. my brother gave me his personal plate. then, my mom helped so everything together to add on the velcro, thinking that, you know, in a true scenario, your agenda: adrenaline is going to be going. your motor skills may not be very good. all in my back pocket. >> what about the teachers that don't have the background or resource you do? is there a way to help them and is that part of why you are spreading this on tick-tock frame? >> yeah. we don't have anything at school besides the training
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that we did. i'm hoping that this starts the conversation, the important conversation of what can we do to keep our students safe. and what can we do to keep our teachers a safe in school, also ? i am hoping something can come from this. obviously, my setup is more extreme and i know it is expensive, but there are many tools out there that are cost- effective that teachers can get to keep themselves safe and their students. >> kelsey, thank you for your time and we appreciate what you are doing there. we hope you and the school stay safe. thanks a lot. >> thank you for having me read >> we reached out to pittsburg unified school district for comment about the story. we have yet to hear back. last call might be getting much later. state lawmakers are trying to extend last call at bars and nightclubs until 4:00 a.m. if passed, hours could be extended in seven pilot cities across california including san francisco and oakland. right now, they must close at 2:00 a.m., as you probably know. state senators are behind this
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recent patch. they made the announcement today. they say extending the cutoff would help businesses that are still trying to recover from the pandemic. a similar bill made it to the governor's desk in 2018. governor jerry brown vetoed it saying it would result in more drinking. supporters say if approved, cities with a later last call would have to work with law enforcement to come up with public safety and transportation strategies. let's take you outside on this foggy friday night. a live look at the golden gate bridge. rob returns with an updated look at our weather. back in a moment. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked
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welcome back. rob made a talking about the weather this weekend. it should be good basketball whether. >> 60s and 70s. comfortable if not for the humidity. you will notice it in the north bay. tomorrow, chance of showers
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mostly north of san francisco. mid to upper 60s in san francisco and oakland. mid-70s around san jose and the tri-valley. we will start off in the north bay at about 4:00. not expecting much from san francisco southward to her about saturday afternoon. most action up in the north bay. the peak rain chances will be heading into sunday morning. picking up on those isolated pockets of moderate rain at times down towards orange county. from 5:00 a.m. until about midday sunday with the rest of this weather system, may give us isolated showers around south bay. we can see clear skies and muggy conditions are starting to move out. the best chance of rain this week and across the north bay. we will see that during the day tomorrow. sunday morning, clearing skies and a pretty big warm-up. look at the seven-day forecast. mid to upper 90s.
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>> is not a typo on friday, 97? >> no. that's a big jump. >> thanks, rob. happy friday for you. that will do it for us here at 7:00. for everyone from nbc bay area , hope to see you back at 11:00.
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i have nothing to hide. i will read to you the one message. >> fighting back after his exit. "access hollywood" has matthew morrison's defense against all the nasty gossip surrounding his contact with the "so you think you can dance" contestant. and his wife gets her say, too. >> now, about oscar night. >> i'll be very honest with you guys. it made me cry. >> vivica a. fox holds nothing back. >> there was in accountability. >> were those boos for harry and meghan


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