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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 4, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, ramping up production of baby formula. a plant comes back online to help america's dire shortage when they expect to have their shelves fully stocked. rushed after a security get scare. what we learned about it. first, thousands to protest gun violence. we will take you to today's march at the golden gate bridge. the news at 5:00 starts right now. considering this, i am terry mcsweeney. >> and i am --. marching for change.
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people are marking gun violence awareness day as the push for change intensifies. after several recent mass shootings. >> of the golden gate bridge, people remember lives lost again violence. here is christie smith. >> we are here to honor survivors of gun violence. >> reporter: gathered by the coating gate bridge, wearing orange, and talking but then violence. >> it's important so they can see the sheer number of people who have this as a priority. >> reporter: the message may resonate more after the shootings in buffalo, vivaldi, and tulsa. >> every single day i have anxiety. i have anxiety that my kids will be harmed. >> reporter: many here want to see change. >> we need to ban assault weapons. we need background checks. the majority of american people want that. >> reporter: president biden has laid actions he wants
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congress to take in the wake of multiple mass shootings. jackie speier joined those today, and said the house is going to pass another package of bills. >> i think there is a difference in the amount of people. i think the pain and anguish and anxiety is welling up in the american people. the question is, is there a difference in the u.s. senate? that's what's got to be tested. >> reporter: people marched across the bridge. many with the group moms demand action. and some just came with her family. >> reporter: some people today told us that they had never come to an event like this before, but because of all of the mass shootings we've had recently, they felt compelled to come. >> we don't want to see this again. it's not okay. we shouldn't be experience doing this. >> reporter: meantime, debate continues in washington with opponent saying certain restrictions punish law-abiding citizens without approving safety. those marching today wants to make sure their message is
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clear. >> and gun violence! >> reporter: christie smith, nbc bay area news. message for a lot of people out there today. thanks much. we continue our message of the aftermath in uvalde. the weapon used -- could be facing losses from the victims. the family of emily joe garza requested information from daniel defense. lawyers say they want to know about how the company markets weapons to teens and children's. attorney say they want to see if their marketing could have influenced the 18-year-old shooter. the letter was filed on friday. one attorney representing the family, they won a $70 million settlement in the gun used in the sandy hook massacre. with gun violence in the minds of many, they posted another event, no questions asked. officers met in south san francisco this morning, and the
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goal is to reduce gun violence by simply getting guns off the streets. they offered $100 for handguns, shotguns, and rifles, and $200 for ghost guns. those that made him cold, hard cash. they say the buyback is helpful, but more needs to be done. >> in queue families, of uvalde, texas. we'll be able to have that same experience. that same experience of crying to see your child graduate. trying to be -- because a gunman killed their child. right now, congress needs to act. >> reporter: the gun buyback program is scheduled to have two events per year. the last event in december, more than 400 firearms work collected. they also had a gun buyback program today, and we are hearing it was an overwhelming response. more guns coming in than expected. we've got our eyes on the skies as well. the theme is overcast. yes, a strange look for june.
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talking about strange, let's talk about rain in june, rob. >> reporter: i think a lot of the rain is going to come down tonight into early tomorrow morning. on the clouds, eventually rain producing clouds. across the coastline, northwestern sonoma county. over the last hour or so, it's been a rainy start to the weekend going into mendocino county. all of this is what is heading our way later tonight from 11:00 to about 6:00 tomorrow morning. that is when the clouds will pass through. look at the rain totals. estimates have gone up in the north bay. may be more than a half inch of rain for most of sonoma county on the coast of hilltops. notice area south of interstate , where they drop off. mace may be a chance of rain in san francisco. focusing at this room tonight, up in north main we will see rain at times. some showers to start up
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sunday. decreasing as we head to the afternoon. if you want summer light temperatures, may be too much of those temperatures coming in next week. we could sing 90s to 100 temperatures next week in the seven-day forecast. >> your whether whiplash continues, isn't it rob? whenever the rain is close your neighborhood, you can download our nbc area app, and check the forecast for your area. fell appearance, announcements affecting families across the country. more baby formula is on the way. avenues a starting production for specialty formulas at its plant in michigan. other specialty and metabolic formulas are expected to be in stores at around june 20th. companies are working to restart production of similac and other formulas. the plant has been closed since february because of contamination concerns. the government has been flying in formula from germany to be
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supplies. a momentary scare for the president and first lady today. they rushed out of their beach home in delaware after a small plane flew right over it. that area is restricted airspace. secret service agents took them to a nearby fire station. they waited inside before they got the all clear. a fighter jet intercepted the plane and escorted it away. secret service says the pilots made a mistake and said there was never really any danger for the president or first lady. the new ambassador to ukraine visit the board of -- today to investigate war crimes committed by russian troops. at one point, russian troops invaded and occupied this town, which is about 40 miles from the capital of keefe. russians deliberately bombed civilian areas -- that is a war crime. russians retreated in march, and now u.s. is helping ukrainians prosecute war
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crimes. >> i think it's important to bear witness to these horrible atrocities. being here today has only strengthened my resolve to help ensure justice and accountability. >> reporter: ukraine says it has identified more than 10,000 possible war crimes so far across the country. learning more about yesterday stabbing attack at sina hospital in los angeles. identified as conciliar soil money as the suspect. he has been -- for attempted murder, and it bail is set at $3 million. investigators say the man pretended to be a patient, stabbed a doctor and two nurses inside the hospital yesterday. he was arrested after a four hour long standoff with police and also has a history of run- ins with the police. the incident happened just days after a gunman opened fire in tulsa, oklahoma. still had, construction underway for new office space in the city. what is project marks a sign of
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progress for san francisco's pandemic recovery. >> it's been impactful on many, many lives. it says it all. >> he has a storybook career in junior ball and college basketball. the celebration in the south bay coming up. don't adjust your screen. we've got the radar up and running for this weekend in june. some of the rain on the north coast region sonoma county. the latest and how much we are expecting tonight, and how much this could impact your sunday plans when we come up. and the chili 911 call the chilling texas student made from the uvalde classroom. why is gas coming up so quickly? all tonight on nightly news.
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for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. be in your moment. fantastic! ask your doctor about ibrance. it felt like a blast from the past in san francisco. classic cable cars and buses rolling down the street. the annual muni heritage day in the city. in 1912, it became the first electrons in agency in the entire country. take a look at these classic beauties. workers maintain these vehicles just so people can ride them once a year. organizers say it's all worth it. >> with all of muni's historic streetcars, our electric buses, our historic hazel buses, we've got a fire engine. we have over 100 years of transit history right here.
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all of it operational and lovingly maintained. >> one of the best parts about the heritage day is all the rights are free. >> reporter: not bad. he is the winningest black coach in all of college basketball. now san jose city college is renaming its gymnasium in his honor. in many ways, it is the house that percy car built. over a 46 year career as head coach, he won an astounding 900 games. today the school held a ceremony to have its gym being renamed after him. you can see, you can recognize him, right? coach carr's legacy is about all of the lives he positively influence. >> he's made his mark. he's impactful. 900 wins says it all. you can do the math, right? that's -- he's been to each
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state championships. >> he couldn't make it to the ceremony over health concerns. it did little to dampen the celebration of there. stomach and other historic journey for ocean adventure. at 83 years of age, he became the oldest person to sail solo nonstop across the pacific. he left back in march today, and reached japan. the extraordinary sailor says that there was tough moments during this journey, but he kept in touch with his family by satellite phone book on march 27th, you right remember we were there when horie set sail with his 19 foot-long sailboat. back in the 60s, horie made history by becoming the first person to sail from japan to san francisco. he did that to show unity between the u.s. and japan. 's take you to a live look from -- tower. we are expecting some rain. it is june.
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we are expecting rain. we've got none in february. >> may be outperforming january and february is the driest in years. that's the way it's gone so far. we need some of this late- season rain. we are still seeing their crews trying to maintain what is left of the old county there in napa county. northbay will probably feel the best in terms of rain chances coming in this evening and overnight. a lot of clouds in san jose. nothing show now in terms of raindrops. it is muggy outside. mid-70s from san jose to dublin. mostly cloudy skies. wins at 50 miles per hour. looking north, from our tower counter, you see 65 degrees. yes, we will see some showers around for your sunday morning. in fact, it's the first half of sunday for breakfast to about lunchtime. we will have the best chance for single showers. by the afternoon, showers on the decline as we head toward 4:00. numbers and turn of highs is similar to what we had today.
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mid-70s around san jose. centris is go to oakland, but if you are wanting those 90s back in the forecast, they are coming our way towards the end of next week. let's talk about these rare june rain chances, because it has been soggy in the north goes. from mendocino county to sonoma county, we are seeing rain on approach here just north of santa rosa in the next 15 minutes to half hour. it will take some time for areas south of san francisco to see the showers. between now and 11:00, you see the northbay. seeing those showers picking up in intensity. just before sunrise tomorrow, san francisco north where this should be the best chance of briefly moderate showers passing through by about mid morning to late morning. we begin to see the central bay with isolated showers. past midafternoon, things clear out with any of those shower chances winding down. if you've been following the storm to the week, they've actually come up here from the
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northbay from mill valley northward. some of the higher hills may be closer to half an inch of rain south of san francisco. showing you northern california, the impact here could be close to daily records for rainfall up towards mendocino county, and even --. almost an inch of rain coming over the next 24 hours. will be watching closely the opposite of a rainy pattern with strong, high-pressure building. it will lead to temperatures climbing up by thursday and friday. as much as 15 degrees above average. as we look at those numbers by wednesday, ila numbers up in the 80s. thursday, it is likely we will see 90s. bayside is still comfortable. 70 to 80 from san francisco to oakland. by friday, you could be looking at temperatures near or slightly above 100 degrees. notice the temperature here for san francisco. showers for your sunday. temperatures climbing into the 70s for the second half of next week, but temperatures will
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start to climb as early as tuesday. seeing the numbers and 80s and very likely thursday and friday. you can see numbers into 100 degree numbers by solano county by friday. that's whether whiplash that we were talking about. showers two numbers to 100 degrees. >> that is wild for june. >> rob, thanks. they are down, but not out. in two around the corner, warriors hoping to bounce back against boston. caught up with fans after game one, and their faith is strong. we've got that for you next.
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with less than 24 hours ago before finals game two, fans are licking their wounds from a shocking loss to the celtics on thursday. there also pump for more great basketball with a full roster of healthy players. they see the chase center is getting loud is orville once was. >> jonathan bloom top two celtics fans who were willing to fork over the cash for game tickets and in some cases -- tickets, and some who gathered outside just to be near the action. >> go warriors! >> let's do it! >> it's surreal. amazing. >> it was a long two years. >> it's been a struggle. here we are. >> let's go!
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>> they are going to keep going. >> go warriors! >> the first game did not work out exactly the way the warriors planned it. in spite of the loss, it is possible a record was set here in game one. a record for the noise level inside the chase center. >> game one, the fans are here. >> the town. >> hopefully the chase center comes to life like -- dead! >> doesn't feel like oracle? >> it is getting there. >> it is just as loud as oracle right now. >> beautiful. >> so loud i'm already losing my voice. >> oracle, baby. let's go. >> 2019, we were there.
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>> our full team on game one in the finals. >> a full, healthy roster. >> who could ask for better than that? >> unbelievable, thanks to this guy. my first finals ever. >> we tag for all games. >> my youngest daughter. >> i've been a fan my whole life. >> we are living in l.a. >> were from the bay area. >> we need to play better defense. >> defense! defense! defense! >> how long have you been a fan? >> 25 years. >> 25 years. >> i've lost track. >> may be close to 30. >> we are in thrive city. >> it feels awesome here. >> everybody is ready to cheer. >> how is the weather? >> a little chilly. you've got to wear layers. >> do you have tickets? >> unless someone wants to give
5:23 pm
us some. >> i've gone to every game until this. i couldn't afford this. >> i am a little intimidated with all of these warrior fans around. >> why do you want to make the trip? >> celtics, we wouldn't miss one of these wins for anything. >> we are diehard. we go to sleep and think about the game and wake up and think about the game. i think the celtics are going to take it. >> five. you heard it here first, baby. >> i'm going on vacation for game six. >> yeah! go celtics! >> it's kind of tough. i thought we were going to win. >> guess what? it is 6-4. will be victorious in the end. >> warriors always find their way back. that was so good. that just shows you could
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always rely on our fans. they are always ready to cheer on. >> you got to give them credit, he got both sides of the bay. >> he did. warriors -- not over until it's over. >> we'll be right back.
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welcome back. a new office building is set for construction in san francisco. it'll be located on brent street. here's the plan. they'll tear down the old building at the site and build
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six stories of office space. it's the first time in two years a project of this magnitude has broken ground. a sign of recovery after the pandemic drove many workers home. this is a rendering of what the building will look like when finished. urban land development is behind this, and construction is said to be done next summer. >> we are back in a moment. >> another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business.
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another successful space flight for blue origin. just bay bills launched its new vessel this morning from west texas. before bringing them back in about a span of 10 minutes. >> passengers included electrical engineer --. that is her. she's about to run and give someone a hug. 26, she is now the first mexican born woman to reach
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space. the youngest american woman too. she went to college in san diego before transferring to ucla. she now works for nasa while blogging about science. inspiration for so many little girls. >> absolutely. thanks very much for watching nightly news. coming up next. >> we will see you again at 6:00. gh floodwaters, drivers desperately trying to free their vehicles. dozens of water rescues across the city cities smashing their records for rain in a single day >> all these cars on the street floating. >> the system leaving a deadly path across the cariean. a cruise ship rescuing 16 people at sea a major baby formula plant in the country restarted production today its shutdown months ago helped spark the current shortage how long until products reach the shelves.


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