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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 6, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. another weekend of blood shed, a rash of mass shootings leave at least a dozen dead across the country the violence coming as congress sets its sights on gun control. fighting fire with fire. we are live with how the u.s. and south korea are confronting north korean aggression in the region. an epidemic on the road, the shocking surge in fatal motorcycle accidents during the pandemic. gas prices have bank accounts running on empty. rocketing to nearly $10 a gallon in parts of california could we see any relief on the horizon?
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and a buzz worthy new trend, why people across the country are shaving their heads to show support for very special people in their lives it's monday, june 6th. "early today" starts right now. good morning, i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. we if begin with breaking news, gunfire in pennsylvania sends hundreds running for their li lives. police believe a street fight led to all that chaos. three people were killed, at least 12 others were injured authorities found two guns at the scene, but say there's evidence that at least five weapons were fired, not including rounds shot by one of their officers police there still searching for suspects. in chattanooga, tennessee, another mass shooting took three lives outside a nightclub, two were killed by the gunfire and a third died while trying to run away when they were struck by a car. 14 people were shot and two others injured by cars.
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>> those are two examples of at least 11 mass shootings on saturday and sunday. according to the group gun violence archive there were mass shootings across eight states that took 15 lives, that includes four people tilled killed in michigan there were deadly shootings in saginaw and grand rapids. >> a 14-year-old girl was killed outside a strip mall in phoenix. eight others were injured including two women with life-threatening nurse. in south carolina a woman was killed and seven other people were hurt at a graduation party. six of the victims were children, the youngest is 12 years old. as we've seen here gun violence continues to plague the nation and congress could finally take action this week. a bipartisan group of senators began work on new legislation in the wake of the mass shootings in buffalo and uvalde. let's get to brie jackson in d.c. what can we expect this week >> reporter: good morning. lawmakers will hear the devastating personal toll of these mat shootings with family members of victims in uvalde and
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buffalo testifying before a house committee. both the house and senate are tackling gun control legislation this week. in the lower chamber democrats are eyeing a vote on a package that would include eight strict gun control proposals. while that is all but certain to hit a wall with republicans in the senate a bipartisan group in that chamber is working on a more modest legislation. senator chris murphy is leading the charge he said the bill would not include an assault weapons ban or comprehensive background checks, instead focusing on investments on mental health, new red flag laws and more security funding >> i think the possibility of success is better than ever before, but i think the consequences of failure for our entire democracy are more significant than ever. >> i think encouraging states to have some kind of red flag laws could make sense as long as there's adequate due process, i think there are school safety provisions, mental health issues that we could address. >> reporter: according to an abc
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news and ipsos poll americans are overwhelmingly ready to see a change 70% say enacting stricter gun laws should be a higher priority than protecting the right to own guns meanwhile, president biden is heading to california this week for the summit of the americas which will focus on regional issues like immigration and the pandemic the president is also heading to late night appearing on jimmy kimmel live on wednesday phillip? >> brie jackson from d.c thank you. uvalde elementary school employees filed lawsuits against the maker of the rifle used in the shooting it is in a bid to gather testimony and evidence about its sale and marketing practices and lobbying efforts at least two victims' families have hired a lawyer to investigate the gun maker. the shooter a kwoord his weapons legally. nbc news has reached out to daniel defense for comment the company previously said it
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would cooperate with any official investigations. breaking overnight the u.s. and south korea showing a united front against north korea. the two nations firing missiles in response to launches made by kim jong-un. on sunday north korea fired eight ballistic missiles off its east coast and was likely the country's largest single test. let's bring in janis mackey frayer who is live for us in beijing with the very latest good morning >> reporter: phillip, good morning. u.s. forces in korea confirm this combined live fire drill early this morning firing eight missiles toward the east sea, one of them was a u.s. army missile, in response to north korea's latest test. in a statement usfk said that it was done to demonstrate the ability of combined forces to, quote, respond quickly to crisis events, but the pace of these launches, 16 missiles over 24 hours, is ramping up tension in the region
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north korea launched eight missiles over the course of 35 minutes from multiple locations, believed to be the largest single day ballistic launch yet, 18th round of missile testing by north korea so far this year with the expectation that kim jong-un is preparing for another nuclear test phillip? >> following that very closely i want to turn briefly to the war in ukraine fighting continues to ramp up in the east there >> reporter: well, ukrainian forces are said to be taking control of large parts of the key city in the eastern part of the country. russian forces have been concentrating on severodonetsk but according to the governor there he said that the russian bid to take control of the city has actually been faltering. the problem of course there's hundreds of people who are trapped in bomb shelters with street fighting continuing and both sides claiming victory.
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president zelenskyy visited two towns near the front line to show his support and he said to bring confidence he also said he brought something else for the military but he wasn't revealing what it was, but it does come at a time when the uk has promised to deliver new rocket launching systems to ukraine, similar to the long range rocket launching systems, the advanced systems that the u.s. had pledged last week this all stirring the ire of russian officials. russia has said, quote, these long range missiles will add fuel to the fire and russian president vladimir putin has said that his forces are now going to seek out new targets and strike even harder phillip, one more note on ukraine, hats off to the ukraine team, failed to qualify for the world cup after losing a qualifying match to wales. the score was 1-0 and that goal came after a ukrainian player inadvertently headed the ball
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into his own net as he was trying to clear it this agonizing loss for the team coming into a match that had been delayed for months because of the russian invasion. >> yeah, it was an unfortunate timing of that own goal. the whole world was pulling for them except for maybe if you were in wales. we appreciate the update thank you. a north texas man is lucky to be alive after his motorcycle was rammed from behind by a car on the highway timothy maroney broke his back and sustained other fractures. the driver of the car was not issued any citations ma maria guerrero has the story. >> reporter: this mesquite father had a camera mounted on his motorcycle to watch video of his rides. what it captured one night may be difficult to watch. the impact was fast and violent. >> i smashed into the guy's windshield head-first and my
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helmet flew off my head. >> reporter: he was heading home one evening in may, rush hour traffic on 635 in garland came to a standstill, he stopped, a car didn't, smashing. >> him from behind, he flipped, flew forward and hit the ground. >> the first thing in my mind was, you know, don't get ran over don't get ran over and stay coherent. this is between me living or dying. >> reporter: he is part of troubling statistics registered during the pandemic. >> in 2020 when fewer people were driving we still saw a 17% increase in the state when it comes to motorcycle crashes. >> reporter: according to aaa motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die in a crash, most happen in warmer weather months. >> we've noticed an increase in texting and driving or distracted driving, impaired driving, speeding, certainly also aggressive driving. >> i broke my back in three spots. >> reporter: this brace also
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supports his broken tailbone he has broken toes and road rash but credits his gear for saving his life. >> the car hit right in between her. >> reporter: her wife showed us his banged up bike in the garage riding at night is now off limits. >> just happy to be alive. >> reporter: only able to stand ten minutes a day. >> it's painful. it's definitely painful. >> reporter: this grateful survivor has a plea. >> everybody to pay attention, slow down. there's a mother or a father or a brother or a sister, husband or a wife, they are on -- that we all ride and everybody is trying to get home to their kids or their family. >> ur thanks to maria for that report that is remarkable given that video. >> it's frightening. it makes you never want to get a motorcycle even though it was not his fault that that happened. let's turn to our weather as we start a new week. nbc meteorologist michelle grossman tracking all of that for us good morning, michelle. >> good morning. we are looking at a soggy and stormy start for many of us on this monday. we are looking at stormy weather
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through the central plains in morning, that's going to continue as we go throughout this monday. strong storms this morning, heavy rain where you see the yellows, reds and oranges in parts of kansas and also oklahoma, moving into missouri seeing that lightning, hearing the thunder early this morning 6 million people at risk today, winds gusting over 60 miles per hour, damaging hail of an inch or larger and isolated chance of a tornado possible especially where you see these yellow shading from gillette down to north platte, dodge city, and into parts of the tennessee and mid-mississippi valleys, also memphis. heavy rain, at least the potential for heavy rain, we could see totals up to 4 inches where you sethate looking at s great lakes and the midwest.
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all right, guys, more about the storms today, also look at the week ahead in just a bit. >> sounds good thank you. in honor of pride month austrian burger kings are celebrating with a very special burger you have to read between the lines or the buns here they unveiled their pride whoppers than could cyst of two identical buns, the burgers include either two top sesame seed buns or bottom buns. >> i get it. >> the pride whopper will be available only in austrian burger kings until june 20th can you imagine the marketing team going this is what i have for pride month and then the pitch in that conference room. apparently worked. >> it cannot open up in alabama, we can do it in austria. after a two-year hiatus the tunnel to towers returns to new york city. and prince louis was with it again getting eechky with his mom as the between's jubilee came to a close. i literally use this every day.
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leading the news, the tunnel to towers climb returned to new york city after a two-year hiatus climbers honored the lives of 9/11 heroes scaling over 200 steps, up one world observatory. the tunnel to towers foundation which supports the event says the day was about those lost saving others on 9/11. >> we never forget the sacrifice that was made and that's why things like today are so important. >> the tunnel to towers foundation says over 1,000 people made the climb 104 stories up the tower over the weekend. an exhibit honoring breen yanina taylor opened on what would have been her 29th garden. brianne na's garden xr and that -- actually, that exhibit welcomed visitors at the roots 101 african american museum. it aims to provide more facts about taylor's life not just about her death.
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she was shot and killed by police executing a no knock warrant in march of 2020 the exhibit runs through september 3rd. maria carrie is facing a lawsuit over her holiday track songwriter andy stone filed the complaint claiming copyright infringement stone alleges his 1989 song with the same title received, quote, extensive air play before the queen of christmas' hit debuted in 1994. neither stone nor carrie have responded to nbc's news' request for comment. queen elizabeth marked the final day of her jubilee with a surprise public appearance at buckingham palace. of course, prince louis stole the show at the jubilee pageant there he is on the left throwing a little bit of a toddler tantrum. look at him trying to shush his mom putting his hand over his mom's mouth as she tried to talk to him it's hard to keep a 4-year-old
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in line while smiling and i'm sure gritting her teeth telling him you're going to get it later. >> where is the ipad >> i want to go. i'm bored. coming up next on "early today" fuming over high gas prices whether there is in i relief in sight as gas hits 10 bucks a gallon in some parts of california. how to navigate the wave of change washing over wall street. ? oh gosh, what an interesting hemline on those... pants? yes, i do believe they are called pants! pardon me! no! pardon me. at least geico makes bundling my home and car insurance easy. i save so much. (knocking) i have come to call upon... just text me! argh! well i'm heading up. it's a ghost! for bundling made easy, go to it's called self-care. can you save water running a less-than-full dishwasher? you bet! we do it every night, like clockwork.
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in today's news by the numbers lionel messi was on a hot streak on sunday surgery the friendly match towards estonia he scored all five of his teams golf. minute gee lee won the u.s. women's open on sunday, won by four strokes and her victory won $1.8 million. kobe bryant's game worn
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jersey sold for $2.3 million the seller had the jersey from the 1996-'97 season for 25 years. to wall street wherein investors are bracing for a news cycle ahead as well as no peak yet in sight for gas prices. let's go to london and steve sedgwick tell us more steve, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, phillip, good morning, frances they are not good happy monday stories, are they? first of all, ted pick who is the co-president over at morgan stanley says there's going to be a paradigm shift in markets and that's what investors can expect we have had years of financial repression, a transition period, concern about what's going on with inflation and the intersection of the pandemic says we're having a paradigm shift at the end of 15 years of financial repression jamie dimon from jpmorgan has saying a hurricane is out there as well. hold tight, everybod y. in terms of energy prices, oil
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prices going up, that means for some people in california mendocino $9.60 a gallon, absolutely huge. the california average is $6.25, national amount $4.81. double over what it was a year ago. hold tight, sneerv as if we haven't been already. >> i can't believe how much longer it's going to go. thank you. up next, michelle has your weather for the week ahead. >> and ahead, the emotional show of support just when they're needed the most. same state farm agent. texted the next day? same guy. is that even legal? and get this - he remembered my name. of course. (whispering) hey, blink twice if you're in danger. whoa, guys. at state farm, we actually get to know you. it's called service. come on! like a good neighbor, state farm is there.®
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a small act of kindness is spreading throughout the country frchlt adults to children people nationwide are shaving their heads in solidarity with cancer patients to help them feel loved and supported throughout their battle josé diaz-balart has their story. >> reporter: it's become a touching gesture of solidarity, like this one in florida, a surprise show of support for loved ones undergoing difficult treatments for cancer. in georgia maggie burns wanted to make her mom feel a little less alone in her battle against breast cancer.
4:27 am
that's maggie's mom tanya hutchinson getting her head shaved while going through chemotherapy the repeal, maggie's head shaved, too, an emotional tribute to her mom. >> i have not had any regrets. i mean, my appearance is nothing compared to the love that i have for this woman beside me right now. >> it was sad and scary because some of myself identity is tied up in my appearance, but when she took the beanie off in the barber shop i just knew right then that she really, really truly loved me >> this was unexpected >> reporter: in april firefighter christian washy was about to undergo a stem cell transplant to fight a rare form of blood cancers but then the co-workers he considered brothers answered the call to action, dozens united to shave their heads to honor his
4:28 am
bravery. >> >> just seeing all those faces, all those guys lined up and knowing that they were there to get their heads buzzed right there for me, it was incredibly moving. >> yeah, when you look around at all the other guys and see that their hair is buzzed you do immediately think back to christian, it also helps build the beyond between all of us because we were all there together and just a reminder of that family. >> reporter: that type of teamwork playing out across the country like at this elementary school in indiana, a fundraiser to fight childhood cancer. >> having the people that you're helping somebody live a better life it's just a great feeling small acts of love to let others know they're all in it together. >> the only thing that i wanted my mom to know was that she was loved more than she can imagine and she was not alone. and she will never be alone. >> our thanks to josé for
4:29 am
sharing those stories. that's exactly it. helplessness that you feel when you hear something like that for a loved one. not much that you can do than be there for them and an act like that, shaving your head let's them know they are not alone. >> especially for kids, so much of our ident
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this is today in the bay, streaming live on roku, and is on fire, apple tv, and online.


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