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tv   Today  NBC  June 6, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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coming up for you anyway opening look at weight loss. they believe the old ways might not be working for you. that, and much more on today coming up. >> we are back at 7:25 with a live local news update for you. we will take a live look in san francisco. have a great monday morning. a weekend of staggering violence in america 13 mass shootings in just 48 hours. scenes of chaos from chattanooga, tennessee to philadelphia this morning the mounting pressure on congress to act. and the science of progress now coming from members of both parties. >> we are talking about a meaningful change in our government. >> it feels to me like we are closer than we've been since i've been in the senate.
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>> where a potential deal stands straight ahead skyrocketing record gas prices jumping again overnight and no signs of easing. attention. who will testify, and what evidence has yet to be revealed? we're live on capitol hill. >> highest in my lifetime. i'm 86. >> is 6 dollars a gallon around the corner the disturbing forecast just ahead. prime time the january 6 committee set to hold the first public hearings into the capital insurrection this week. . a rough weather, dozens of florida beaches closed after tropical storm alex ripped through. more than a foot of rain in some areas. we have the cllatest and where many can face storms today. remembering d day. 78 years later, we traveled with members with america's greatest generations. >> i'm here to tell you they are buried over here. >> their impact still being felt today.
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>> i think they are very courageous. >> we remember just ahead. grand finale. the green wraps up with a surprise appearance by the guest of honor herself. inside the weekend filled with personal start tributes. june 6, 2022. >> from nbc news, this is today with savannah guthrie and open copy live from studio one letter a in rockefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody. today is monday morning. how about the queen? there she was on the balcony. this is the culmination of her platinum jubilee celebration. >> talk about the prices. she did not disappear in the
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flesh. this is a hologram version going through the streets of london in a 260-year-old guilty carriage. what a sight. we have much more on the festivities coming up. >> that is cool. today marks the 70th anniversary of d day. we have a live look in normandy. we have veterans nereturning to be honored. ou we have their story of bravery and sacrifice. a weekend of gun violence across the united states highlighted by mass shootings hours apart in philadelphia and chattanooga. >> there were at least 13 shootings over the weekend according to gun violence archived. nbc national news correspondent dave philly has the latest this morning. gabe, good morning. >> seven a, good morning. there were hundreds on the
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street when the gunshots rang out. the victims range in age from 17 to 69 years old. this is as islawmakers push for new gun legislation. this morning, newly released video capture the moments gunshots rang out in philadelphia. a massive crowd can be seen in a nightlife area saturday night. gunfire killed three people and got 11 others wounded. >> a unthinkable act. >> hours later, chattanooga, tennessee, police say 12 others were injured and two others killed at a nightclub. >> there will be shootings. we cannot say how many. >> the back-to-back deadly shooting having a weekend of gun violence across the nation. since friday, there have been 13 mass shootings according defining as four or more shots. on saturday, eight injured and some were in south carolina.
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one my person was killed and seven others injured including minors. >> i am scared for the whole country and my neighborhood. >> a lone gunman killed 19 children, two teachers at the elementary school in texas. >> i can see the evil look. >> he tells nbc news he locked eyes with the shooter moments before the gunman started his rampage inside the school. >> i feel guilty because i could stop him. >> buffalo, tulsa and other communities that tighten pressure on congress. top lawmakers hope they have a bipartisan gun reform package by the end of the week. some on both sides are cautiously optimistic note to.. >> whether we can deliver at a moment of fierce anxiety among
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the american public. . >> victims have survivors from botht buffalo and you've all t are set to testify with congress. actor matthew mcconnaughhay, who was born in you've all the, he is calling for changes that he said guwill prevent gun violence including age limits tobacco assault rifles to 21 and instituting a waiting period for assault rifles purchased.. >> do we have any more information about what sparked the shooting? >> they are looking into this right now. what they think is one of the men who died got into a fight with another man. both of them opened fire. that is when multiple people started shooting. there was as many as five. there are no arrests. >> thank you very much. a national spotlight, the
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record-setting gas prices. the national average creeping higher overnight standing at a jaw-dropping $4.87 a gallon. nbc is in miami. sam, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. arise with record gas prices has been relentless. we had this conversation a month ago. that would have cost you about $63 to fill up a 15 gallon tank. the same tank is $73. analysts right now are predicting $6.00 per gallon by labor day. this morning across the country, storing gas prices are causing jaws to drop. the national average bags record for another day.'s one my station charging nearly $10.00 a gallon in mendocino county. los angeles station has $8.00. california leading at $6.34 per
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gallon on average. nine states stand above five dollars and another 10 are within striking distance of. >> s i have to go to work and g to where i'm going. >> are you surprised that demand has not shifted? >> it has been surprising. wages have been going up. >> reporter: a concern even with the oil-producing of opec agreeing to pick up production. energy experts say it will not make a dent in prices, or offset what happens in russia. the european union slapping more sanctions on russian oil and gas. demand is also rising in the u.s. as the busy summer travel season approaches. oil producers were not prepared for this bounce back so quickly . >> tens of thousands of workers shutdown well and that will be years before they need them. the economy came back.
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>> in washington, republicans planning the biden administration is not doing enough. transportation secretary pete buttigieg, over the weekend, striking backn . >> this was not set by a dial in the oval office. >> stuck in limbo. >> it cannot be any higher or i will be broke. >> are people not filling up as much? >> that is true. as i go to the gas station today, this is eight gallons for $4.00. when you look at consumer behavior, this has not been impacted in a significant way. they were up 5% from where we were one year ago when gas costs $3.00 two per gallon. diesel gas is at a record $5.64. many people do not use that on their car.
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the food you eat and the close call you by our having powered trucks. no essential goods will go up. back to you. >> sam brock in miami. thank you. we watch in washington nearly 18 months after the january 6 attack on the capital, the house committee investigating that assault is taking its case to the public kicking off a series of televised hearings in my prime time. nbc's capitol hill correspondent is in washington with more. >> good morning. these will be the culmination of a year of work more than 1000 witness interviews and the review of more than 120 5000 documents. the committee thinks they have a powerful story to tell about what caused january 6th. they hope the country is still willing to listen. teinvestigat attack on the u.s. capitol is preparing to present its case to the american people. there is a series of televised hearings beginning thursday night. the committee members and have
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the assault by supporters of former president donald trump to a wider plot to overturn president biden's 2020 victory standing from the trump white house.. >>rh the american people have seen bombshells already. there is a great deal they have not seen.t the public has not seen this woven together more importantly. >> reporter: the committee is expected to feature live testimony from two witnesses inside the trump white house along with witness deposition including those of trump family members like the former president's daughter ivanka trump and her husband jared kushner.g in a filing, the committee said at this campaign he gave in a criminal conspiracy to overturn his election 50 feet. congresswoman liz cheney, one of two republicans serving on the committee, said she believes there was a conspiracy. >> it iy ganized. it is chilly. >> reporter: this is days after
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the justice department former indicted peter navarro on two counts of attempted congress to not talk with the committee. >> the committee is investigating the approach. >> reporter: the justice department said it will not bring charges against chief of staff mark meadows or advisor and is giving a. a house committee called that decision puzzling. trump is turning to alice formally endorsing house minority leader kevin mccarthy for another turn in congress on saturday. kevin mccarthy slammed the former president after the fact and is signaling a subpoena from the committee investigating the attack. as for former president donald trump, he and his allies are expected to stick with a attack against these hearings labeling them a part of a witchhunt. a new nbc news poll showed americans agree with him
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revealing fewer americans hold the former president responsible for the attack on the capitol compared to last year. 45% said they hold him solely or mainly responsible, that is down 52% after the insurrection. >> garrett hayes, thank you very much. it is almost 7:13. let's go to craig with the war in ukraine. >> good morning to you as well. russia's vladimir putin making threats over the advanced weapons by united states and other places. we have nbc's richard here. >> russian president vladimir ki putin warned the united states and nato not to send ukraine more advanced weapons, or that will expand the war. speaking on russianst televisio president to attend promised to strike new areas if ukraine's western allies supply it with rocket that can fired hundreds of kilometers into russia. to prove serious, russia bombed
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kyiv this weekend for the first time in weeks. the u.s. has agreed to give ukraine artillery and rockets. for now, washington is not supplying the advanced ammunition. president volodymyr zelenskyy has promised not to get this weekend, he visited ukraine , and rallied soldiers in the south and east where ukrainian forces are facing their biggest challenge of the war so far. russian troops have been circling pockets. they are in the donbas region. they are pushing to close the gap still held by ukrainian forces. he ukrainian mirror popovich fought for the afghanistan. he became a citizen for the g.i. bill and returned home. he said after failing to take kyiv early in the war, russian
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troops changed their strategy. >> i think they reevaluated their capability. they brought much more artillery and rockets and more soldiers. looks like there soldiers are never ending. >> they still bring more. it is like more growth. i hope so. they are pushing. we are strong as well. we have more equipment from the state. >> reporter: several ukrainian officials say russia is sending in more troops and claims only an influx of new weapons could potentially turn the tide, which is exactly what vladimir putin seems to be winning the west not to try to do. >> foreign correspondent
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richard. thank you. south florida is cleaning up this morning after a weekend of torrential downpours and flooding. tropical storm alex unloading up to 15 inches of rain in parts of miami. the water is crossing making some streets not passable. we have more severe weather. >> good morning. it is bermuda that is under the gun for bermuda. 140 miles northwest of buda, 65 mile-per-hour winds is moving at 20 miles per hour. right now, bermuda is starting to feel those tropical effects. that will be the worst of that. they look at heavy rain and wind. we are watching severe storms in the planes all the way up to the great lakes making its way to the east coast. 6 million people have risked damaging winds and isolated tornadoes all the way into the great lakes down into the appalachians.
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we are looking at this to push. heavy rain for the ohio and tennessee valley. scattered storms developing in the high plains. or tomorrow, the system pushes into the northeast bringing more rain, but the heaviest rain and storms will be from the rockies into the planes. this is done through the mid- mississippi and ohio valley. rain is one to two inches. we could have upwards of four inches of rain. we will get your forecast coming up in the next 50 seconds . y. save on outdoorsy furniture, decor, and more. you're so outdoorsy honey. what are you... spend less on everything outdoorsy at wayfair. ♪ wayfair you've got just what i need ♪
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>> and that is your latest weather. guys >> thank you still ahead a spectacular and surprise end to the queen's platinum jubilee her balcony appearance to close out the star studded weekend and where the royal family goes from here. a live report from windsor castle. plus, we're in normandie with some of the brave americans who returned 78 years after taking part in fact invasion that changed the world hear their emotional stories and how they are being honor but first this ieds
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alexa, play our favorite song again. ok. ♪ i only have eyes for you ♪ good morning. it is 7:26. i am watching washington. here is today's top stories, including a deadly confrontation in the south bay. >> police are searching for a gunman who shot a 24 year old safeway employee who was allegedly trying to stop a theft when he was shot. the victim is identified as 24- year-old manuel huizar cornejo. he's described as cheerful and helpful by his colleagues. police say manuel huizar
7:27 am
cornejo was trying to stop someone from stealing liquor from the safeway store, where he worked in san jose when he was shot. it was about 3:30 on sunday morning . >> i am sarah johnson. it is a great he to be a warriors fan just coming off the warriors win against the celtics. they are rebounding from a tough loss. 22-year-old jordan has what have might have been the shot of the night with a 39 foot three- pointer. the next point is three and four against boston. i live excitement to come still . >> excitement about the for short. we are excited about the forecast. meteorologist kerri hoff has what to expect.. >> we have a nice look as we take a look from oracle park to the bay bridge where it is beautiful and sunny with a breeze. we have upper 60s there. as you make inland, we have low
7:28 am
80s for napa. san jose will be in the upper 70s. going into the day tomorrow is warmer for parts of the south county up to the north bay, we are up to 91 degrees in fairfield on wednesday. we will see the temperatures cranking up by the end of the week and hot weather this weekend. we will have another local news update coming up for you in 30 minutes. we will see you then. for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. meet three moms who each like to bank their own way.
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♪ highway to the danger zone ♪ let's go 7:30 monday morning, june 6, 2022 7:30 on a monday morning. it is june 6, 2022. coming up, we have a brand-new milestone to talk about with john cruz, top gun maverick. >> come on. watch this. >> we have an eye popping number to tell you about. the u.s. and south korea launched eight ballistic
7:31 am
missiles into the sea this morning. this is matching north korea's weapon test a day earlier. south korea's military leader said the drone was aimed at demonstrating to north korean attacks. the north wants 18 rounds of missile tests this year alone. experts say those lunches are helping to negotiate economic and security concessions. cobra to the governor tonight is holding no-confidence vote for uk prime minister boris johnson, one that could oust him as britain's leader. if johnson loses, he will be replaced as conservative leader and prime minister. if he wins, he will be saved from another challenge. he has been struggling to turn the page on the scandal. that was over breaking parties and government buildings during the covid-19 lockdown.. >> we have a report from the music world. alice john, founding member of bon jovi has died at the age of 70. they were reunited.
7:32 am
bon jovi's rock 'n roll hall of fame back in 2018, in a statement, bon jovi said, "alex was always wild and full of life." he brought smiles to their face and tears to their eyes. they will miss him. >> we have celebrations for the queen at the jubilee festivities wrapping up yesterday after a weekend of star-studded events, including a surprise appearance by the guest herself.. >> we are joined by kelly. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the queen is also back here in windsor inside windsor castle, her home. yesterday, on the final day of the jubilee, she thanked the public. she said she was humbled and deeply touched that so many came to celebrate. she gave them that one last reason here. a royal surprise on the last day of jubilee celebration, the
7:33 am
queen appearing on the palaces balcony, giving the crowd the cherished moment they were waiting for. the 96-year-old looking vibrant in bright green joined by three generations of royals thinking the country. "my heart has been with you all, and i command to be committed to you supported by my family." leading sunday's parade was a hologram of the young green waving to the crowd beamed onto the historic carriage she rode for the nation years ago. the real queen elizabeth showed off her acting skills kicking off saturday's concert with another british icon. >> perhaps you would like a marmalade sandwich. i always need one for emergencies. >> so do i. i keep mine in here. >> the queen's family taking
7:34 am
center stage including prince william and kate's three children, kept away from the cameras. over the weekend, they were the stars. prince charles leading the tribute adding personal touches in a heartfelt speech. >> your majesty, mommy, we all say thank you. >> the queen's late husband. philip. >> my papa would have enjoyed the show and joined us wholeheartedly.. >> tens of thousands stood shoulder to shoulder in front of buckingham palace saturday night to musical legend rod stewart, elton john, and diana ross. prince william and kate's oldest son, 8-year-old chris george, loving the show. kate sharing a video as the
7:35 am
family baked cupcakes. the real show steelers was 4-year-old louis making faces and chatting with his great-grandmother, the queen, hugging and challenging the mom, kate, sitting on grandpa charles' lap. prince harry and megan keeping a low profile at the church service spending most of their time privately while the rest of the family, and country, celebrated their queen. >> kelly, louis was cute. he was more than just cute. they were out doing royal work. is that right? >> that is right. princess charlotte and prince george both went with their parents to a while engagement in wales. they got a behind the scenes look at a concert that will be performed for the jubilee. they shook hands with members of the public getting an introduction into what their life would be like. the cambridge is shared the
7:36 am
video on their social media. they were putting them forward easing them into the spotlight. the queen's other great grandchildren prince harry and megan's children were not seen in public on the strip. the daily mail is reporting today that before the celebrations were over yesterday, nbc news reached out, but we have not heard back yet... >> calico ba, thank you so much . >> we was left behind. >> incredible. new hope who have been impacted by the baby formula shortage. the critical step taken over the weekend, and how soon you can see relief on the store shelves. 78 years later, how today's anniversary of the invasion that changed in the point of history marked by u.s. veterans of normandy. we will take you there live right after this.
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tell your doctor about all your child's medications. do not take maois with or within 14 days of starting qelbree. qelbree can increase heart rate and blood pressure and may cause manic episodes in patients with bipolar disorder. qelbree may cause sleepiness or fatigue, so use caution before driving or operating heavy machinery. visit and ask their doctor if nonstimulant qelbree can help make your child's adhd symptoms manageable. welcome back. 70 years ago today, the world history changed with the d day invasion. >> three families are being held in normandy to honor them. the brave u.s. and l.a. services stormed the beaches to help france and other european nations in world war ii.. >> nbc's national correspondent joins us right now from
7:41 am
normandy. carrie, this is a breathtaking moment that has changed the course of the world. >> it is incredibly emotional. over my shoulder, 387 americans died here. that was just beyond the beaches where on june 619 44, the americans came ashore. for those who survived the landing and remarkably are still alive today, this is an incredibly emotional today. our colleague tom found them as the greatest generation. we never forget the sacrifice made for freedom. along the french coast, american veterans, some who have not been back here, but have sounded like this. d day 70 years ago today i expect this is robert in the newsroom in new york.
7:42 am
this is the invasion of hitler's europe.. >> today, a hero's welcome to the greatest generation. >> walter, like so many, doctored his work certificate into joining the military when he was 15 years old. >> how do you feel being here? >> humbled and astonished and grateful.. >> hitler's nazi germany occupied germany for years, this invasion liberated france and eventually europe . the cost was steep. as depicted in the movie, saving private ryan, on this beach alone, codenames omaha in 24 hours and 3000
7:43 am
casualties. along the 50 mile coast, d day cost the u.s. and allies more than 4400 lives . almost twice the number of americans who died in afghanistan, over a span of 20 years. >> what does a file putting your shoes back on the sand? >> ha ha ha. it is eerie to be here. >> jake larson waited on the shore up to his chin. >> i said, god, what am i doing here? what the hell ? i weighed 120 pounds and i was five for seven. i was a toothpick. honestly, i was thinking that. >> reporter: at 99, jake says his message on tiktok. >> you tiktok fans keep me going
7:44 am
. >> reporter: social media fame allowing jake to ensure those who died defeating hitler are not forgotten. >> i can feel their presence right now. their souls are right here. >> what are they telling us? >> they are telling us thank you for coming. this is where we were killed. if we call you a hero->> i am not the hero. the heroes are buried over here . >> reporter: in normandy, no matter your age, everyone knows what america did for their freedom. >> i think they are brave, courageous, and nice. >> the message is to protect our freedom, honor the heroes that have given their lives at a young age.
7:45 am
honor these people. do not honor me, give them the message. >> jake larson joined eight of the veterans here today, there were others that served in world war ii. they are all here thanks to a partnership by the defense foundation and delta airlines. they are moving into their hundreds. guys are telling me this is their last return ever. >> for that reason, we should hang onto their every word. >> you are changed forever when you see the scope of what they did, unbelievable. >> we have a check of the weather. we have warm temperatures to talk about. jetstream is up to the north. record highs and del rio is
7:46 am
109, 14 degrees above average. dallas is 97. albuquerque is 93. the heat extends to birmingham at 91 degrees. we have more heat, said angela with 107. durango is 88 degrees. the summer heat moves to the east getting up to about 80 by friday. 90s in atlanta, houston, dallas will be in triple digits. memphis has temperatures into the 80s. cooling average around the great lakes and upper ohio river valley, but look at how hot it stays in the golf all the way into the southwest. that is what is going on. here is what is happening in your neck of the woods. >> i am meteorologist cary hall. it will be nice with our inland high valleys reaching about 80 degrees. breezy winds and a few clouds
7:47 am
clearing out. more sunshine tomorrow as we warm up. we will be warm on wednesday before it gets hot by the end of the week. our temperatures reaching the mid to upper 90s. this is where it stays mild, we have upper 60s headed for the upper 70s by friday and 70s for the weekend. . >> what is your latest weather. coming up, tom cruise not only scoring in the box office, but proving he has staying power for top gun maverick. it is flabbergasting. we have that after this. the moment you become an expedia member, you can instantly start saving on your travels. so you can go and see all those, lovely, lemony, lemons. ♪ and never wonder if you got a good deal. because you did. ♪ ♪♪
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7:51 am
♪♪ >> what the hell? >> good morning aviators. this is your captain speaking. >> and we're off. ♪♪ chills. >> yeah. >> today's cant miss today, the movie that everybody wants to today's cannot miss today, the movie that everybody y want to see in theaters, top gun maverick setting yet another record. it is a global box office. it has crossed a $500 million mark. it has only been out for two weeks. >> it will make $1 billion. >> this was the highest rated memorial day weekend ever. >> that is amazing. >> period. >> it was shot back in 2019.
7:52 am
over the pandemic, they did not want to release it. tom cruise said do not put that out on tv yet. >> i want to go see that again. >> i might see that again. >> did you see the first one? enjoy the second one. >> i'm excited for what is to come for the summer. >> the stars were out for last night's mtv movie and tv awards. we will have a highlight and the big winners on pop stars. that is ahead. let's get the local news 1st. hp just went up. must be fate. and phil. he forgot a gift, so he's sending the happy couple some money. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop banking.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good morning to you. it is 7:56. i am marcus washington. here is a look at what is happening now. >> i am scott mcgrew. apple gets underway with a conference. it is mostly virtual like last year. that means anyone can attend. they start at 10:00 a.m. this is not one of those big iphone announcements, this is more technical for developers. we might hear about improvements to the ipad, and maybe what apple plans to do in virtual reality. highlights on the midday and was is at 11:00. looking at the microclimate forecast, meteorologist cary hall is
7:57 am
tracking the numbers. >> we have fairly mild and weekend rain to hot and dry and sunny by the end of the week. a big transitioning happening with inland reaching into the low 80s. tuesday is up to 90 and 95 on friday. san francisco will not be much of a dramatic shift. we see gusty winds and we see a mix of sun and clouds about the sun on friday as we reach 70 degrees. we are cooler in time for the weekend. it was nice to get the rain over the weekend and reduce fire danger. unfortunately, that might come back as we go back to the hot, dry and windy weather by the end of the week. >> thank you. we have another local update coming up in 30 minutes. we will see you then.
7:58 am
i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is 8:00 on "today." it is 8:00. gas prices quickly put in $5.00 a gallon. what is causing the record cost and what is being done to drive prices down. live reports just ahead. then, wait, what? a new report from a group of top doctors saying the old color was in, calories out model of weight loss could be setting them up for failure. what we need to know to lose weight and really keep it off. joyful reunion.
8:01 am
the cast of "scrubs gets back together, sharing memories from the hit show. all the talk about their lifelong bond and the possibility of a reboot. and, i want my mtv. everything you need to know about the star-studded movie and tv awards from the knights big winners. to the can't miss comments including j-lo. >> to the people who told me to my face or when i wasn't in the room that i couldn't do this. >> monday june 6, 2022. ♪ >> thank you, today. >> from illinois >> hello indianapolis. >> shout out to houston. >> south carolina. >> today is her birthday >> first trip to new york. >> love to holly >> san antonio >> today's super fans.
8:02 am
>> from vancouver, washington. >> from atlanta. >> and glendale, california. >> on a girls trip >> iowa. >> graduation trip >> hi to our family watching in rhode island >> we're turning 10 on "today. ♪ >> take your time. >> be kind rewind. >> dvr coming up tomorrow, one of our favorites. sheinelle catching up with none other than chris martin himself, mr. coldplay he shares the groundbreaking changes and technology they are using to make that is shows as sustainable as possible. that's for you tomorrow. 8:00 monday morning.
8:03 am
americans who did not refill this weekend unfortunately going pay more for it now. prices continue to rise. sam brock is in miami with the latest sam, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. this one hurts just about everybody as you look over my shoulder, you will see in miami, it is $4.75 for regular, right in line with florida's average, which is ten cents lower than the national average now pushing $5 a gallon. we're expected to hit that the next couple of weeks
8:04 am
we've seen an increase of a americans feeling it there are about nine states that are above $5 a gallon. california leading the way at $6.34. arizona, nevada, oregon, washington also in that category and then savannah another ten states within striking distance. those are just averages we're talking about. about three hours north of san francisco, one station is charging nearly $10 a gallon in los angeles consistently seeing prices above 8 dollars a gallon you might think this has got to be the european union and gas imports. but the reality is there is a fuller picture there is an increase in travel demand from americans as we hit the summer travel season and also producers have contracted their staff, shut down wells after demand vaporized during the pandemic. they never thought we'd get back to this point already. but lo and behold the economy has come roaring back. so far it hasn't impacted consumer behavior, yet. >> there's been no let up in the recent string of mass shootings across the united states 13 incidents this weekend alone. the fun violence archive reports at least 12 people killed, 40 hurt since friday.
8:05 am
the most shocking attack was in philly where police say multiple gunmen opened entire into a crowded entertainment district three of the victims died. and chattanooga, gushes outside and hours later in chattanooga, tennessee, gunfire outside of a nightclub left two dead there were no immediate arrests in either shooting. parents who have been struggling to find baby formula in the nationwide shortage jesse kirsch is at a plant in ramping there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. certainly a sign of hope for families across the country. when the plant shut down it exacerbated the baby formula shortages we've been seeing across the country but now abbot nutrition has met the initial requirements laid out by the fda to resume production it is beginning with specialty and metabolic formulas including ella care which is hypoallergenic the company expects the ella care to be released around june 20th
8:06 am
and two flights from melbourne, australia expected to reach the u.s. later this week but this crisis is far from over the latest numbers showing out of stock rate with 75% and some states almost completely sold out. >> some good news now the plant is reopening jesse kirsch, thank you. new announcement from the pope fuelling speculation about his future in the church >> pope francis has a busy summer travel itinerary, including africa and canada. but one trip in august has some wondering if it signals more than just a visit. >> reporter: pope francis on pentecost sunday this morning it is his presence and future that has the rumor the vatican announcing over the weekend the pope will visit the
8:07 am
italian city home to pope saint italian city home to pope saint celestine v who resigned in 1294 and where pope benedict made a symbolic gesture in 2009 before announcing his own resignation four years later nicole winfield says some are reading meaning into the trip. >> we now have pope francis also making a pilgrimage there. maybe or maybe not he might have in the back of his mind he migh the pope might hav in the back of his mind he might also resign. >> reporter: francis will make also resign. >> reporter: francis will make the trip to create 21 new cardinals. 16 are under the age of 80 and eligible to choose his successor, including american cardinal designate robert mcilroy of san diego >> it could joust be coincide but at the same time you can't
8:08 am
ignore the facts when they present themselves but with a grain of salt knowing that this is a pope, he can do whatever he wants. >> reporter: might that be another reason to step aside >> there is nothing insidious it's logical and it's normal >> reporter: at 85, francis about the appointments it is just business. it is logical. and it is normal >> reporter: at 85, francis endures physical challenges, also fuelling speculation. he underwent colon surgery last summer, and suffers from sciatica he recently started using a wheelchair because of pain in his right knee >> i don't think being in the
8:09 am
wheelchair has affected his papacy whatsoever. >> reporter: what can dismiss all the speculation experts believe is the presence of his predecessor. >> i don't think he's going to resign while pope emeritus xvi is still alive it is confusing enough people think there are two popes. >> reporter: despite the speculation, pope francis has given no sign of stepping down he plans to go to kazakhstan in september and working on implementing his reform to the vatican bureaucracy. including setting term limits and allowing women to head he's go got a full plate in front of him. >> thank you we've got the news covered at 8:0. how about a morning boost. lost and found with a jersey high school is a chance to reunite students with things they lost. but it was a setup one teacher could be reunited with her soldier son
8:10 am
u.s. army sergeant had not seen his mom in more than a year when he found out, he called his sister to organize this special surprise >> wow. >> beautiful. up next our special series "beyond the scale. try as you might, why you can't lose weight. what experts are saying about a common struggle for so many americans. morgan radford with the eye opening details. >> and the big news shared by mand moore about some growing family. but first these messages rst thes a crash can have on your life.
8:11 am
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8:13 am
more protection, more sun, more joy. beach defense® from neutrogena® the suncare brand used most by dermatologists and their families, neutrogena® for people with skin. we're back. we're back 8:13 now with a kickoff of our
8:14 am
new series "beyond the scale." we're digging into the latest discover rys and breakthroughs when hit comes to diet and exercise. >> studies show folks gained an average of 15 pounds in the first year of the pandemic and 10% more than 50 pounds. >> before the diet we've got important new information this morning. actually morgan does tell us what we're going to learn today. >> this is really interesting and pretty groundbreaking research study after study consistents shows moats people who go on diets either fail or gain the weight right back. now a group of scientists says it is not your fault it turns out we've been trying to lose weight all wrong. >> it is the weight loss mantra doctors have been touting for decades. eat less, and the weight will disappear. advice jennifer tried to follow. >> anything click or work. >> not really. >> every time i do it, i couldn't stick to it >> how it it affect you
8:15 am
physically. >> physically i was very tired sfwl a report finds telling people to eat less could actually be causing more harm than good and that restricting calories not only causes people to be more hungry but also slows down metabolism. >> the body fights bac against calorie restriction. >> reporter: dr. david ludwig is the report's lead author he and his colleagues are suggesting a new approach called the carbohydrate insulin model the idea is simple if overeating isn't fuelling obesity. stop counting and calories and just cut carbohydrates to control your insulin levels. >> too much insulin, fat cells get programmed to hoard calories so there aren't too many calories in the bloodstream. there are too few. and that is why we get hungry. >> reporter: new research finding low carb diets are effective and sustainable. something jennifer found out
8:16 am
first happened when she signed up for a study in 2019 led by a researcher who's been studying low carb diets for 25 years he put jennifer on a diet that contained 37 grams of carb a day and high protein and healthy fat likes avocados and nuts. after just six weeks jennifer lost 20 pounds >> this is just six weeks later and all this white fat has been reduced. >> yes and this is the type of fat you really want to target. >> reporter: and kept going. >> three years later, how much have you lost in total. >> in total about 88 pounds. >> lost 88 pounds. >> yes. >> that's a big deal. >> yeah. >> reporter: jennifer says the diet wasn't easy as first. she was forced to cut out pasta and potato but seeing results was all the motivation she needed. >> once you get used to it it is way easier. >> reporter: and she's not alone.
8:17 am
the studies have found people on low carb diets can lose more than 10% of their body weigh and keep it off. >> what actually happens to the body when you are to a low carb indict >> when you limit carbohydrates, the body gets really good at burning its own body fat because it doesn't have a lot of sugar to burn for fuel. >> reporter: something jennifer says has been a game change zpler i feel great it is easier to get up and easier to sleep and i feel a lot more comfortable with myself. >> so one of the most interesting things about this new approach is that it also eliminates the stigma surrounding obesity which is typically treated as a behavioral problem doctors often assume people are overweight because they eat too much but instead it focuses on regulating the hormone insulin and that is what it is all about. >> besides just, you know, dropping the weight. are there other benefit here's >> tons of other benefits. the fact that researcher we just spoke to has been studying low
8:18 am
carb diets 25 years. and new studies now. looking at different types of cancer and mental health and studies so far really promising. >> but low carb has been around a long time. i guess never knew the science backed it up. >> atkins diet. >> al and i did keto for a while. but this is low carb not no carb. >> exactly >> you pointed out, she didn't exercise at all? >> did not exercise at all did not lift a finger or two anything differently and keto is a more extreme kind of low carb. it's low carb but you can have a few thuings and there >> exercise. and not extreme exercise we're doing that start today every day walking challenge. that improves i think your mental health, combined where low carb diet. and i've lost about 45 pounds in the last several months.
8:19 am
>> you did >> yeah i. but only doing, i do about 100 grams of carbs a day and i walk. >> you don't just walk i've seen you workout. you do weights you do a like real exercise. >> well look, i mean, i'm the oldest person here i'm trying to last a little longer >> the most energetic. >> more juice than anybody. >> -- >> that was eye opening. more of our "beyond the scale" series in the third hour talking to dr. john torrez about the future of tennis we're going to take a look at personalized and prescribed exercise plans >> okay. >> let's get a check from mr. roker. >> what's left of him. >> what you got? >> let's see how long it lasts let's show you what we've got. watching strong storms in the
8:20 am
central plains risk of severe weather today gonna watch that especially stretching from the plains into parts of the ohio river valley the heat is on from the gulf into the texas and the southwest. 90s and 100s, cooler along the northern tier of states and as we take a look at "today." sunshine, mid atlantic it is going to be a spectacular day. chamber of commerce day. mid atlantic into the northeast. sunny and hot out west and record heat down through tex good morning, i am meteorologist kari hall. our temperatures for the inland area is added up to 80 degrees. really nicely to start up the weekend argument to be. going into tomorrow, it starts to warm up and we will really feel the heat cranking up by the end of the week with highs in the mid 90s. there will be a few spots touching 100 degrees.
8:21 am
still pretty warm for the weekend. while san francisco stays mild, upper 60s today and upper 70s by the end of the week. hollywood's biggest names, the kings of queens of streaming everyone was there the top win going to teen so you were hero tom holland in spiderman in the movie category. and perhaps one of the biggest surprises of the night went to olivia rodrigo "driving home to you" beat out documentaries of janet jackson and the beatles. and jennifer lopez was honored with last night's special generation award she was really touched bit unconventional who she chose to thank for her success so far. take a look. >> i want to thank the people
8:22 am
who gave me joy. and the one who is broke my heart. the ones who were true, and the ones who lied to me. i want to thank true love. i want to thank disappointment and failure for teaching me to be strong. and my children for teaching me to love. i want to thank all the people who told me, to my face, or when i wasn't in the room, that i couldn't do this i really don't think i could have done it without you >> wow. >> -- absolutely beautiful. >> absolutely beautiful. >> and she's got a movie or documentary coming out at tribeca called "halftime" and all about her life, the halftime show and talks a lot about those kind of thins. the people who held her down and she -- >> -- about it. >> yeah. >> all right next up the peabody awards today makes the beginning of annual awards celebrating achievements in entertainment, documentary, public service and more. and this morning we can
8:23 am
exclusively reveal this year's very first honoree the award goes to hulu's lipided series dope sick exploring then going opioid epidemic in america. taking a look at the company responsible for the drug o oxycoten also, what keaton had to say about being recognized >> tackling such an important issue as the opioid crisis in america was not only daunting. but well worth it. the fact that this was recognized means a lot not just me personally, but everybody who worked on dope sick deserves an enormous amount of credit. because it makes us all feel like we kind of got something right. >> good work for sure. >> if you haven't seen it, usual
8:24 am
definitely -- >> fantastic all the winners will be announced this week on social media and that starts today at noon eastern next up. nope a new teaser out for a highly anticipated thriller the comedian has become famous for making our skin crawl. his latest movie stars some big names and it has everyone saying just one word. >> there is something out here >> yeah, na na, na. >> nope. >> nope. >> hmm hmm >> na. >> no. >> nope. >> do you want to see more >> yes. >> no nope >> i set you up for that one on july 22nd. finally. mandy moore. "this is us" may be over but the beloved singer and actress saying hello to a new chapter. over the weekend she revealed he and her hubby taylor gold smith are expecting baby boy number
8:25 am
two. and writing, one incredible chapter just ended and the next one as a mother of two is about to star. and we are ever so deeply grateful and excited mandy, who by the way is getting ready to take her new album on the road this week noted that going on tour will probably look a little different than expected mom and dad certainly can't wait to meet their new little one babe number two is expected some time this fall all sending mandy and her family a big congratulation this is morning. >> love that. >> yeah. >> we mentioned the tribeca festival just ahead chat with the robert de niro and jane rosenthal. what is new with this year's event and how yo can join wherever you live. >> also if you were a fan of "scrubs" before? don't go anywhere. a cast reunion is going put a smile on your face this monday morning.
8:26 am
more after these local news, weather and messages ♪ time is running out for balance voters to cast their ballots. tomorrow is the last day to vote in the june primary. this is a video of an early voting sentiments inferences go. all counties have in person voting and vote by mail options available. a lot of those races will be decided by a tomorrows vote from primaries for u.s. senators to state leaders and local officials. we are following all of the races and the ballot.
8:27 am
you can scan right there the qr code on the screen and go to our decision 2022 election page on our website. we put together the information for you on the candidates and races. meteorologist kari hall is tracking what we can expect to dig in the forecast. >> we are starting out with sunshine. it is such a beautiful day out there as we take a live look at outside. san francisco, breezy winds. we will keep the sunshine with highs headed for the upper 60s. a high of 75 in oakland. 78 for san jose and 87 travail field. keep an eye on inland areas because we are headed for the low 90s by the end of the week. even upper 90s and some of those spots at they really cranked up. we have a warm weekend ahead, definitely much warmer than the week and we just had, marcus. we will have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. i will see you back here then.
8:28 am
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and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours. welcome back wow. can we just say wow? awesome crowd. 8:30 a monday morning it is june 6th i mean, y'all, this is like a concert crowd. >> is harry stiles here? >> look who joined us, brighten up the day a little more
8:31 am
jenna bush hager. >> first we have a special event to talk about, hear about. our senior vice president of "today," libya reese, and -- were married at a beautiful ceremony in utica, new york. we were all there. it was absolutely magical. there was so much love in the room and the wedding party. and jenna and emily fisher set this couple up they never mention it but they are the reason for this wedding. >> they never talked about it. >> i remember how you first talked about when you set them up and predicted this moment would happen it was a beautiful wedding day it was magical something special.
8:32 am
congrats libby and sayam this year is kicking off a are going to tell us everything you node to know. >> also in a few minute, a real treat for "scrubs" fans. thee than a decade after the finale the cast reunited over t weekend and gadi schwartz was there. a funny story they she they sha creating the show. >> speaking of things to watch fall cone's new series it is starring alongside his wife melissa mccarthy. she is stopping by tomorrow. >> very first fit to new york
8:33 am
city little juliana and kim hi. >> hi. >> how do you like n >> >> special trip. we saw "hamilton" and the yankees and now "today." >> well we just love having you here will you come back and visit us? >> yeah. definitely. >> okay. great. thank you so much. we have a great crowd this morning. >> fantastic. >> how about a check of the forecast >> you know, besides the weather. they are getting a free book from jenna who says you can't get something free in new york city? let's look at the week ahead and you are going to see a beautiful day today. strong storms in the plains. out west looking at sunshine through the southwest texas heat midweek period, wet weather along the eastern sea board. mild strong storms in the south plains desert heat out west and by
8:34 am
friday looking at a fantastic day from new england into florida. there will be some showers next round of rain coming out of th ohio, mississippi river valleys, reco good monday morning to you, i am meteorologist kari hall. we have some really nice weather headed for the bay area today. low 80s for morgan hill and also for concord reaching 83 today. met by reaching 81. upper 60s san francisco. while our inland areas will reach into the mid 80s tomorrow, we are really not going to see the temperatures get hot until about thursday or friday. yes, it is going to be really hot, reaching the mid-90s. the weekend, that is when we start to cool down, especially on sunday. here we go coming through
8:35 am
look out here they go woo! coming around the horn round the horn. >> al roker. >> man the only thing that might top that is jenna bush hager -- >> thank you for staying here. hoda and savannah are too busy but i'm so happy to be here. >> we're coming. we're ready for the june selection. i'm so excited for it. count it down? let's do it. ready. three, two, one. [cheers and applause >> debut novel -- debut novel okay it follows the friendship of three muslim girls navigating love and their faith at their college years come to an end there is one dramatic night that separates the girls. but they find their way back to each other and lean on each other in so many beautiful ways. it is about female friendship, which is a theme i always lean heavily into and about love and how it comes in a variety of forms.
8:36 am
>> okay. >> y'all this, may be the perfect beach read read it with us. >> "these impossible things. >> membership is free. all right. if you want to go and join the conversation, join the club. you can scan the code there or go to with jenna. coming up. tribeca festival founders. they're going to tell us everything that is new this year including how you can experience the films at home. but first this is "today" on nbc. when it comes to cybersecurity, the biggest threats don't always strike the biggest targets. so help safeguard your small business with comcast business securityedge™
8:37 am
it's advanced security that continuously scans for threats and helps protect every connected device. the choice is clear. get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company. so you can be ready for what's next. get started with a great deal on internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2 -year price guarantee. call today. self-driving cars. our power grid. water treatment plants. hospital systems.
8:38 am
they're all connected to the internet... and vladimir putin or a terrorist could cause them all to self-destruct... a cyber 9-11 that would destroy our country. i'm dan o'dowd and i wrote the software that keeps our air defenses secure. i approved this message because i need your vote for u.s. senate to send a message... congress needs to fix this. welcome back the 21st annual tribeca festival kicks off wednesday. this year's line up has something for everybody. >> film, live talks with artists and celebrities. music lounge so much to talk about. and get this
8:39 am
you don't have to be here in new york you can enjoy this whole thing at home. >> robert dinero and producer jane rosenthal are the festival's founders. always good to see you first of all mr. dinero, we want to say tribeca film festival its been changed this year to tribeca festival why? >> to encompass more things we've always been doing but that is basically what it is. >> we've been doing films and gaming and podcasts for years. so this way we could show, you know, it is not just film. film is always in our dna. we have amazing films at the festival this year and also we open with jlo's halftime at united palace theater. >> what is it all about? >> it is really about the perseverance and her artistry and getting the show that she wanted to perform at the halftime show.
8:40 am
and there is also the political struggles in this. it is so good. it is definitely not what i thought about jennifer. >> when lot of people think about the tribeca film festival they think if i ever get to new york maybe i'll try to go there. but this is something no matter where you live in the country there is a way in. right? >> yes again. >> -- >> and actually, you know, bob's always at the festival but occasionally likes to watch tribeca at home. anybody can come to the website and you will see tribeca at home and all the great movies >> tell me about the music lounge -- >> --
8:41 am
>> what? >> retrospective screening of "heat". >> reunited with al pacino >> yeah. and michael mann art lentz, the producer. and yeah i don't know who else is going to come. >> it is a spectacular print and then there will be q&as. >> what is that like when you are reunited with old friends like that. >> i think it is great it is a nice time to get together i'm thinking of, we're sort of running out of movies of mine. so bring back less years or many many years before. >> you have been part of this so long what do you get out of this festival >> well we started because of 9/11 and talked about doing festivals before that. but not seriously. and then when 9/11 happened we thought this would be a way of revitalizing the neighborhood. and so on. so that's how it really started.
8:42 am
and we never thought, we always say we never thought it would go on for as long as it is going on and that is great. that is part of the cultural fabric i like to think of the city, even the country and so it is a great thing but jane will tell you the details again. >> but it's true you always attract big talent. taylor swift. >> taylor swift has a short film festival this year and also ferrell is doing a talk at the festival. machine gun kelly is in a movie. little baby in a movie also derek jeter has a docu- -- >> what's his? >> captain it's terrific. spike lee will be interviewing him. there is a little of everything for people at the festival there is also a wonderful doc on jeremy lin on lin-sanity, what he went through. 80% of our films are made by women and lgbtq. and it is a great festival this year there are also a number of films you can watch outside for free
8:43 am
so it is going to be fun a celebration after the year, couple years we've been through. >> and everybody can get in on it before we let you go, your colleague, former co-star, ray liotta just passed your thoughts? >> yeah. well, i didn't know ray well i liked seeing him he was a wonderful actor and i'm very sad he was too young, as far as i'm concerned. sad about that. >> thank you both for coming today. we really appreciate it. >> we'll see you in tribeca. the tribeca festival begins wednesday if you want more on it and how you can get tickets go to up next a heart warming and fun "scrubs" reunion, a decade in the making. are you looking to renovate in your kitchen or bathroom? di's exclusive intervigaew
8:44 am
i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations thanks mike! too often, homeowners hire the wrong contractor. ivan, i see this all the time. delays, shortcuts, hidden fees - nightmares. at agm we use the top trades, and each project is finished on time, on budget, backed by a five year warranty.
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bing watching over the weekend. the beloved cast back together >> over 100 episodes, just streamed all the way through. >> how was it? >> it was fantastic. holds un and i don't know about you but everybody i know says that when it comes to the medical profession, squubs is the hands down most accurate it is not gray's anatomy it is not general hospital it is "scrubs. we got a chance to sit with the cast this weekend and ask about thatt us in -- ♪♪ and let's just say, they left us in >> its been a decade since the cast of "scrubs" walked the halls of sacred heart. but some things never change >> what is it like being back
8:47 am
together for the festival? probably none had as much fun as the cast of "scrubs" reuniting. >> walking down the streets of austin as a group for dinner and having people going out for the night do double takes and go, you from "scrubs"? >> there were so many drunk people that it was becoming hard to get home. >> reporter: and just like that, the crack medical team that saved lives and dreamed back was back it a again with raunchy jokes. >> literally a leaf, a maple leaf covering my junk. and that was it. >> reporter: and secret noises >> that noise. and sarah would always start laughing. >> reporter: the show that inspired a generation of new doctors and nurses. >> of all the medical shows this
8:48 am
is what universal doctors and nurses say was the most accurate and a testament to bill. he always said we're going to be very silly sometimes but i always want the medicine to be accurate. >> reporter: the series followed the characters for nine seasons. >> it's a stupid sitcom. >> i mean that's a sitcom. >> full of slapstick dream sequences. >> pretty sneaky, death. >> and tender moments of compassion dealing with death like no other show had done before. >> can dialysis you could live another 80, 90 years. >> i think you are being a little irrational. >> and going on to become real life best friends. >> listen, man, i mean i found my life partner while making this show, man it's like. >> -- your wife's gonna watch this. >> my wife is watching i found my life partner casey,
8:49 am
while making "scrubs." >> i got ask about the dream sequences. what was the most expensive dream sequence you ever came up with. >> i wanted zach to be righting a scooter and go in a puddle and go underwater completely the producer came into the writers room and he goes this joke is gonna cost 75,000 dollars. sure you want to do it >> you saw a manatee down. >> yeah. >> so much of the script written on site or improvised. including one of the best danceoffs of all time. >> i love that song. ♪ >> reporter: the dance so popular its been immortalized by the video game fortnite. >> my son said dad this makes you an even bigger legend. i said yeah i'll accept that.
8:50 am
>> and he was on book. >> granted, to you five days may seem like an eternity seems as it is roughly five times as long as any of your white pasted relationships have lasted. >> these giant page long monologues and be like you got do this word for word in about 45 minutes i decided if i was going to memorize this i was not going to give you a cut point you are going damn sure stay on me the whole time. >> you made me shave my mustache. >> that was before i knew what was under there. it just feels like it was yesterday for me >> and tiktok. >> my kid has become hip to the show. >> it was the best job in the world. you knew you were going to belly laugh several times a day. >> we would all each lunch
8:51 am
together and the writers would come tow and hang out.gest imprn and we'd go down to the writers room and hang out. >> i don't think i'll ever experience what we had on this show again >> got to go back and watch this >> absolutely. the biggest impression i got from every one of them is this immense gratitude towards fans and real love they had towards each other so the natural question, could we see an on screen reunion? the cast said they would love. but bill laurence said he's too busy with projects lately. and -- shot back saying let's do it so stay tuned. could see a "scrubs" movie. >> coming to peacock. >> very cool. >> -- had of its time too. and lot of that stuff probably couldn't do half the jokes >> yeah. >> just ahead we've got a special honor for our friend savannah and you can really sink your teeth it into.
8:52 am
for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. (music throughout)
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they asked what would be your dream breakfast sandwich. and this is it savannah's dream croissant sandwich sausage, egg, cheese, avocado and tomatoes they added that. i don't know what that is. and to jazz up the croissant we everything bageled it and side of fruit which is hilarious. i'll just take the big sandwich. you gonna try it. >> of course. >> look good >> try that. >> here you go. >> that's big sandwich.
8:55 am
>> al don't you have a sandwich at the cafe? >> i think they took it off for yours. they rotate. >> they rotate it. >> that's really good. >> oh my god. >> oh wow. >> where did you come one this >> in my mind. >> the avocados and cheese. >> oh my gosh. >> everything bagel sauce on top. amazing. >> its got a great texture to it too. >> thank you cafe in orlando you made my day. >> if you're visiting universal studios florida, check out the "today" cafe inspired by our studio 1-a and if you can't get there, you can make it at home. we've got the recipe at >> worth it. >> that's right. >> really good. >> no birthdays. >> we have what's coming up on hoda and jenna celebrating pet appreciation week and donna tries her hand at speed dating.
8:56 am
>> good. >> third hour. a look beyond the scale at what the future of fitness. >> take another bite. >> personalized, exercise precipitations >> after your local news and weather. >> delicious >> so good >> good. [cheers and applause good morning. it is 8:56. marcus washington. is a police are searching for a person who shot a safeway store
8:57 am
employee who was trying to stop the theft. family and friends is a 24-year- old manuel huizar cornejo was cheerful and helpful. san jose police say manuel huizar cornejo was trying to stop someone from stealing liquor from that a safeway story where he worked on hamilton and viridian avenues in san jose when he was shot. he was san jose's 14th homicide victim of the year. if you know anything, you can report it anonymously. happening now, apple kicks off its annual developers conference today. the keynote address by ceo tim cook, much of the focus will be on the subway. coming up admit day, we will have a review.
8:58 am
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this morning on the third hour of today, gas prices rise to another level sweeping to 5 dollars per gallon. >> an unexpected appearance at her jubilee celebration. all weekend of family activities and an unforgettable time. plus, we are live with the highlights. >> he is filling us in on his new show.


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