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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 7, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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bye bye! ha ha ho. oh, i'm scared of heights too, grandma. but then i got tall! ha ha ha. illinois, the middle of everything! . gun reform front and center. a bipartisan group of senators are negotiating on a number of fronts we'll lay it out for you as the nation grapples with yet another weekend of over a dozen mass shootings. skyrocketing prices at the gas pump adding sticker shock to almost everything we buy to the once-prominent family of alex murdaugh the body of the housekeeper is
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being exhumed. and something that will forever change how iphone users text flooding in northern minnesota is getting worse, with relief still weeks away. "early today" starts right now good morning i'm erin o'hearn >> i'm phillip mina. governor kathy hochul signed ten gun-related bills into law on monday, including raising the age for semi-automatic rifles to 21 >> it keeps happening over and over and over again, and very to ask, when did we become a nation that reveres the right to have the ability to possess a gun over the right of a child to stay alive when did that happen
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>> governor hochul also referenced the weekend shooting in philadelphia that claimed three lives. overnight, police revealed a second suspect has been arrested in that case meanwhile, uvalde native, matthew mcconaughey spoke with lawmakers at capitol hill. and on the steps of the capitol, student activists demanded change >> senators, please act. don't look away. don't look away. don't look away. >> the group, students demand action, were joined by senator, including chris murphy, who has been leading gun reform talks. could we see movement this week on gun reform in congress? >> reporter: good morning, phillip. the key senators involved in those bipartisan talks seem optimistic that a deal could come this week senators chris murphy and john cornyn have signaled that at the very least a framework or outline could be revealed in the
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coming days. the discussions have been centered on things like red flag laws, background checks, school security and mental health >> a determined criminal is going to eventually be able to get a gun. i understand that. but that doesn't mean there's nothing we can do to make it harder for that person to get a gun. >> everything that we include in the legislation has to be able to get 60 votes in the senate. and right now we're actively exploring what can get 60 votes. i'm not interested in setting arbitrary deadlines. >> as the senators move toward a deal, there will be more pressure this week survivors of the buffalo and uvalde mass shootings and family members of the victims have been invited to washington, d.c. to testify before congress at a hearing tomorrow morning on gun violence phillip? >> brie jackson starting us off,
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thank you. the average national price of gas is pushing $5 a gallon, with many dependent on a car for work or school or even visiting family this pain at the pump is being felt across the country. and, as our jay gray explains, it is likely to get worse before it gets better >> reporter: another week, another record high. according to aaa, the average price of gas in the u.s. iw $4.86 a 5 cents in the last week. the highest price at the pump close to $10 a gallon in northern california. >> here i am spending $100 on filling up my tank >> reporter: and it's not likely to get any better with summer travel driving demand and prices higher >> i never thought that i wouldn't get to see my kids because of gas and airplane prices, you know, it's really sad. >> reporter: for others, it's the trip to work that's getting tougher to make. >> i try to erase it from my
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mind, because very to go to work >> reporter: getting clothes, food and other goods as well, an expense passed on to consumers >> it could worsen if we get a major hurricane or any refinery shutdown >> reporter: potentially adding to what is already a very costly summer jay gray, nbc news turning now to ukraine, where russia's war there has been raging for 104 days the intense battle for the east continues as russia escalates its attack, attacks on the luhansk region according to the governor there, the fight has worsened for ukraine. president zelenskyy said his forces are not giving up fighting there there may be more than 2500 ukrainian prisoners from the mariupol steel plant being held in the occupied areas of the donetsk and luhansk regions. the country is working to
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negotiate and bring them home. new in north carolina a $3 million settlement has been reached following the death of andrew brown jr., a black man shot and killed by law enforcement in april of last year officers were serving drug offense warrants at brown's home when he tried to drive away. claiming they feared for their live they opened fire at him, killing him. his family claims that deputies acted with quote intentional and reckless disregard for brown's life this settlement waives all claims against officers now and in the future. a federal judge is ordering the louisiana legislature to redraw the congressional districts because of racial gerrymandering they have one majority black district out of six. the louisiana republican governor said he will call the
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legislature into a special session to draw up a new plan by june 20th. water levels are rising up to an inch a day get this it may not recede for weeks. from our minneapolis affiliate, we look at how exactly residents are coping >> reporter: historic flooding continues on rainey lake, leaving those along it trying to stop it. >> i'm feeling like i'm overwhelmed, but you can't quit. >> reporter: she is the owner of an ice cream shop. >> the first houfloor of the boathouse is under water the main party of my building is still about four inches above water. but the way the water came up last night and the forecast i, i expect it won't be very long >> reporter: she says her entire building is about to be surrounded by water, putting a hold on both her businesses.
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sandbagging no longer works. she's focussed on moving her things to storage. >> it's not in toothpicks and not in ashes, so i consider myself fortunate >> reporter: the county it sheriff says friday, rainey lake water levels surpassed the 1950 record >> we're rising anywhere from a half inch to an inch a day >> reporter: the sheriff says flooding has impacted more than 900 structures with about 250 homes damaged. >> and our thanks to heidi for that report. and it's not just the midwest seeing heavy rain. michelle grossmann joins us with a storm eye fy forecast for som. >> a lot of us seeing storms and heavy rain summer-like storms where we see a lot of heavy rain. you can see a lot of green a lot of us waking up to wet weather. some of us waking up to storms early this morning we have strong to severe storms in the southern plains
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this will be the bull's eye. so we do have a severe thunderstorm watch, seeing heavy rain where you see the yellows, reds, oranges, 10 million at risk today for damaging hail two inches or larger that's large hail. also winds gusting up to 60, 65 miles per hour a few tornados are possible. most likely where you see the orange but wichita, we could see storms there as well. we're concerned about the heavy rain as well, especially where we're goine darker shading we so hot in some places, 107 in san angelo, 107 in phoenix we're going to talk more about the spring sizler.
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we're looking at dangerous temperatures by this weekend in the southwest. it was a rare and a bit unsettling sight spotted less than a mile from the new jersey shore. fishermen encountered this massive great white shark. and it is massive. the coast guard estimates it's about 12 feet long great whites are a rare sight for new jersey where there have only been 15 confirmed unprovoked shark attacks in the last two centuries or so but i say go ankle deep and then get back on the beach. >> get right back out. wise words there starbucks that had just voted to unionize has closed down is it a coincidence or something else to the once-prominent family of alex murdaugh the body of their former housekeeper is being exhumed what goes on it. usually. and in it. mostly. here to meet those high standards
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involving the former prominent attorney alex murdaugh the body of his family housekeeper will be exhumed. >> reporter: the housekeeper who died after falling on stairs outside the home of once-prominent south carolina attorney alex murdaugh is set to be exhumed south carolina authorities say they will recover and examine the body of gloria satterfield in the coming weeks, part of the ongoing investigation into her death. the report called her death natural. and no autopsy was performed this is the latest twist in a southern saga, involving a series of deaths of individuals close to murdaugh and multiple indictments against the lawyer for financial fraud. former south carolina attorney general charlie condon telling nbc news after his arrest in the fall >> it's very difficult not to
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see how he would be serving a very long prison sentence. >> reporter: claims that he never paid out what he was supposed to. >> she felt like they were family we thought they were family, think they are family. >> reporter: what did alex murdaugh say to you after your mom died >> that he was going to take care of us and stuff and kind of look out for us. >> reporter: this after last june the south carolina law enforcement division has suggested their deaths were homicides, but have made no arrests related to their killings and just months later, murdaugh's attorney alleging murdaugh hired a hit man to
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ki kill murdaugh himself. that alleged scheme led to his arrest for insurance fraud murdaugh's attorney saying. >> he has indicated clearly that he is going to try to right every wrong, financial wrong and others that he may have committed. look, he's reconciled to the fact he's going to prison. >> reporter: the south carolina law enforcement division telling nbc news that they received permission to exhume her body and further investigate the circumstances of her death we've reached out to the lawyer but have not gotten a response coming up, a ford classic got a colorful makeover to celebrate pride month. a new york star bucks is closing, and the union is calling the coffee chain out and jelly beans. the number one brand for hair, skin and nails. with two times more biotin to bring out more of your inner beauty. nature's bounty.
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. celebrating pride this month, pop-tarts is releasing a
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pride-themed box and flavor feature colorful designs by a queer illustrator. they will all be unveiled each friday on instagram. ford has a rainbow-themed bronco with a speckled gold finish the truck will be on display at pr pride events in memphis and detroit. >> a report has found new york is the best state for queer businesses mean while, south carolina was worst. >> a starbucks in upstate new york is closing, and a union backi backing unionizing evidents is
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complaining. >> reporter: to retaliate against workers' activist efforts. >> i was shocked >> they read a statement about how they were closing because they couldn't deliver us the partner experience and business needs. >> reporter: the store closing its doors a week later on june 10th almost two months to the day after workers voted to unionize. a spokesperson for starbucks says we have fully followed the process laid out by nlrb and claims union busting claims are false. >> between insurance and paying for college, using those hours and that job would mean losing all that >> reporter: workers at over 100 locations across 26 states have voted to unionize.
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the closure the latest in the growing battle between starbucks and the national union movement, something that's reared its head at amazon this year as well. >> starbucks has engaged in one of the fiercest campaigns in history. >> reporter: workers filed an unfair labor practice charge on friday, alleging starbucks is closing the store in retaliation to workers unionizing and striking in april. >> they think it will send a message to workers everywhere else if you try to unionize f yunionize, if you try to speak up for yourselves this is what will happen >> reporter: most recently, amazon workers voting to unionize in the spring the national labor relations board hosting a hearing reeltded to the complaints that the company tried to interfere when
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they tried to organize a spokesperson for amazon said the allegation are, quote, without merit. in the meantime, recently unionized employees heeleaning n each other for support >> even if we take this loss now, it's going to turn around june just got started, but michelle is bringing the heat. next and turn back time on that embarrassing tech. the game-changing new feature coming to iphone yup. see you around. i knew that was the last time i'd see tom. the truth is, i was spending too much online jake from state farm. don't give up what you love. state farm has options like bundling home and auto, so you get a rate that fits your budget. tom! i'm gonna buy more stuff! for surprisingly great rates that fit any budget... like a good neighbor, state farm is there.® call or click to get a quote today.
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zyrtec. muddle no more. in today's top stories, more social modeedia elon musk is threatening to walk away from buying twitter he has accused the social media company of resisting and thwarting his right to information on fake accounts his lawyer call it is a clear material breach of the terms of the merger agreement back in may, he said his million purchase of the company would not move toward until he had more information about the number of fake accounts on the service. twitter says it has and will continue to share information
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with musk. have you ever sent a text that you didn't mean to, wish could you take it back soon iphone users will be able to do just that. apple is adding a major feature that will let users edit or recall midessages. >> use the 24-hour rule. the leader of the proud boyce boys and four other members are facing charges it is alleged that he was aware of discussions on plans to storm the capitol. members of the oath keepers were indicted on the same charge. we'll get our best look at the events leading up to the fateful day. the first prime time hearing will be thursday a british documentarian will
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appear as a key witness. transgender athletes are no longer allowed to participate in women's athletics in louisiana the law called the fairness in womens sports act prevents students who are not biologically born female from playing on teams designated for girls and women in public and state-funded elementary and high schools in the state and here's one way to turn your wedding into the hangriest place on earth the internet is roasting a cup w couple on who spent all their money on cheese for minnie and mickey mouse the poster is a self-described huge disney fan and the cost of
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having minnie and mickey was almost what their parents allotted for the catering budget >> these were adults >> yeah. it wasn't cosplay. it was a wedding >> good luck to you all and your parents. thanks for watchin
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somebody get shot here. and can you call my dad so he can pick me up. rainout 4:30, a day at the library turns terrifying after a man is chased down and shot. the investigation unfolding in san jose and what police are revealing about the suspect involved. the primary election is here. these are big races, but small turnout. the number of voters who have already cast the ballot.


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