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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 7, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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somebody get shot here. and can you call my dad so he can pick me up. rainout 4:30, a day at the library turns terrifying after a man is chased down and shot. the investigation unfolding in san jose and what police are revealing about the suspect involved. the primary election is here. these are big races, but small turnout. the number of voters who have already cast the ballot.
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good tuesday morning. i am marcus washington. >> and i am laura garcia. we will check in for more about our morning commute in a little bit. but first, let's go to kari hall. it is going to start to heat up over the next few days. it is a clear start and nice and mild with the mid-50s. we will see some clouds for the early morning. mostly sunny skies heading into the afternoon. as we reach into the upper 70s there, we will see a high of about 80 in san jose. nice and cool. reaching 90 degrees. this is the start of it. we will talk about what is ahead, coming up. you have been watching the roads this morning. how is it looking? >> i am tracking the overnight cruise, not because i want to know their business, but this
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is in san francisco on the off ramp. they will be there for another half hour but no problem. you can exit to the area of san francisco. heads up. overnight, we have the closure from alameda into oakland which be closed again tonight. it is reopen from last night. it should be just fine. you can use the park street bridges. primary election is here this morning. last-minute campaigning taking place across the bay area. no race is getting better more attention than the recall election. today we have a closer look at this election day.
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>> reporter: down to the last hours of what has been a long and expensive campaign. looking for horn honks of support. swept into office with like- minded das from other big cities. >> exploring other ways to get to safety. they're not committed to a punishment only approach, a jail only approach. the what services and they what support because they know, like we do, that it is more likely to solve the problem. >> reporter: the viral images of crime and the lack of prosecution for violent criminals prove it is time for a change. some say if a liberal bastion like san francisco can essentially fire a reform minded d.a., other cities could follow.
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the polls show they might get what they want. a new d.a. >> criminal justice reform does not just mean letting people out of custody. you do not need to choose between criminal justice reform and public safety. he is not delivering that. >> reporter: of voters in nearly all of the bay counties are electing new sheriffs. the sheriff in santa clara county is stepping down for corruption. san jose is looking for a new mayor. the best and hollis issues are
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housing, and crime. >> if someone does not get a majority of the vote, there will be a runoff in november. if you have not already done that, get ready to vote today. we've always said that every vote counts. of the nearly 22 million ballots mailed out in california, only 3 million have been turned in. statewide, that is only about 15%. here in the bay area, turnout is better, but near historic lows, even in san francisco where votes will be decided on whether or not to recall the district attorney. recall is only 20% so far. here is a paul mitchell. >> a lot of money is being spent for some really important elections, but that does not always mean that voters get engaged in the same way and turnout. in georgia, having record primary turnout largely because of voters i really feel like
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the future of the countries in their hands. voters in california don't seem to have the same passion for turning in ballots this year. >> he predicts statewide voter turnout could be lower than 30%. ballots must be turned in person or postmarked by 8:00 today. stay with us here on nbc bay area. we continue election coverage all day. we will bring you those results live throughout the night right here on air and we will stream them online. developing for you and the south bay. shooting inside a san jose library leaves children and parents scrambling. >> it happened at the hillview library yesterday afternoon next to fisher middle school. we have details on what police are revealing about the suspect. >> reporter: gunfire breaking out of the library. two suspects changed chased another man into the building and then shot him.
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>> somebody gets shot here and i'm in the library. can you call my dad so he can pick me up. >> reporter: no one else was hit. no one was on the campus of the middle school next door. her son is shaking up. >> he and his friends. he said his friend called 911 after that and they were hiding inside. >> reporter: police swarmed the scene and said it appeared to be gang related. officers canvassed the neighborhood to get and review surveillance video and collected evidence left behind at the scene. the victim was taken to a hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. many of the people inside the library heard and saw what occurred. obviously it is very traumatizing for young child to see and hear such a thing. >> reporter: mental health counselors were brought in to be available for children and
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families. she is glided was not any worse. >> i was scared because especially now that we have a lot of school shootings, i never thought this would happen to us. especially my kids. 4:37 this morning. apple met fans halfway for the yearly worldwide developers conference. the tech giant's new software. and help you pay back student loans. president biden is expected to announce a new plan.
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[announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! it is 4:40. let's check out walnut creek and how the day will seep out for you. we will start out with a few clouds. partly to mostly cloudy today. the temperature going from the low 60s up to the low 80s today. slightly warmer in spots and the warming trend continues. we will have more on that in the forecast, coming up in a few minutes. a live look at fremont. 680 into fremont, there is a crash. it sounds like a hit and run. . good morning. wall street is set to open lower following small responses yesterday. closing slightly after giving
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up most of the early gains on the tenure treasury bond. it is at the highest level in about a month. the move is coming and mid-no economic data or earnings reports and with the federal reserve and the blackout period ahead of the next policy meeting. they are awaiting a key report on friday. the data on that trade deficit and consumer credit. president biden is unlikely to announce a decision until at least july or august. last month the president had promised to share the plan within weeks. the "wall street journal" reports that the delays are being called by disick nation this agreement. student loans outpace that of
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credit cards or other loans. a buy now pay later service with apple. it will be managed to the wallet app. customers to be able to use the service for items whatever apple pay is accepted. the service with purchases up to four payments over six weeks with no interest or other fees. will bill available to qualified applicants when ios 16 launches later this year. >> that is interesting for the big purchases. >> thank you. a new warning about this year's hurricane season. how our climate in crisis is playing a role in impacting the severity of the storm. we will be right back.
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where is everyone? i guess it is early. it is looking light this morning. do you know who is the pro when it comes to traffic? this guy right here. this is like the brady bunch. >> we need alice. >> where is alice? probably hanging out with sam. >> probably. the meat market. >> we will take you got to do some shopping. a lot of folks are not right now.
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we are out at the toll plaza part of the bay bridge. we have a little bit of slowing a little less than a few minutes ago. this is the off ramp where it will be a little bit of slowing for the next few minutes. i was concerned about this. north 101 around sfo. it has just cleared but hopefully that will clear and we will track it. the crush over in the fremont area looks like everything is off to the shoulder. no major injuries but we will track that because the first traffic built out of the
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altamont pass. >> it will be windy for the next few days. transitioning from mild weather to hotter temperatures. anytime you see the fog near the coast and valley heat, we will see the air moving. that is what we are experiencing this morning. heading out the door in oakland, we are starting out with clear skies and we will start to see a few more clouds moving in as we go through today. heading for the upper 50s at 9:00. many more people will be out the door and heading out to work, we will see the temperatures the mid-60s and the late morning is making up to 75 degrees. you can see the 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. it is going to really start to crank up the heat over the next few days. it is fairly mild this afternoon, but you will notice that there will be a wide range of temperatures from the upper 60s in half moon they to the mid-70s in oakland. mid-80s for concord. 90 in fairfield. and even hotter as we head toward thursday. look at how much hotter it will be. 91 in martinez. oakland will be in the low 80s. here's what is happening. a large area of high pressure building and also changing the
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wind direction. it is fighting back any chances of rain up until the weekend. that is when we will start to see the high pressure moving out of the way and the cooler and more moist air starting to move into northern california, even a slight chance of rain close by. as we go through the 7-day forecast, we can see the highs heading for 94 degrees in the inland area on thursday. friday it is reaching the triple digits and it will be pretty hot for a lot of the inland areas. it is a hot on saturday but we are making much more progress from sunday into monday. for san francisco, we will not see the weather is hot here, but will be heating up to 80 degrees which will feel very warm if you do not have air conditioning. we still start to see temperatures coming down by the end of the weekend. now let's turn to the climate crisis, they are predicting a very active hurricane season with the 65% of above normal activity.
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this begins on june 1st. the climate factors are the hotter sea surface temperatures and above average monsoon rainfall. they recently revealed the satellite time-lapse of the 22 one hurricane season. it was the third most active on atlantic record. with 21 named storms. seven of which were hurricanes. scientists are saying these hurricanes are developing faster and more frequently and they are also tracking what was tropical storm alex that moved across florida and then raced through bermuda. we're still following the latest on that. you can see the flooding there. there is more stories on our climate in crisis, go to and click on
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climate in crisis. in the east bay, investigators in fremont are hoping to crack an old murder case by offering a reward. he was shot and killed in the parking lot of an apartment building in 2007. the families adding to the original $50,000 reward for information leading to the rest. a social media challenge leaves a mailman shaken. there is the pellet gun that a teenager used to shoot a mailman . it is what is called the challenge on social media and encourages people to sleep sneak up and use a pellet gun. parents have started living inside the shutdown elementary school.
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they are running in unsanctioned summer school. the group started camping out on campus. the reason is because of the district. they voted to close or consolidate dozens of school same that in enrollment our revenues are dropping. parents are they will not leave unless the district meets all of the demands. that means creating a new program for students. and reversing plans to eliminate grades 6 through 8. >> it is a shame that we have to be here fighting for something that is for our children's education. we should never have to fight or compromise over our children's education. >> the district has said that the closures are necessary due
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to a massive enrollment drop and budget challenges. home prices saw another month of double digit increases. among alla d the biggest jump. the price of a single-family home rose 23% to $1.8 million. alameda county was next with an increase of 20%. prices are up 13% with the median home going for $1.3 million. experts say that the high mortgage rates will eventually lead to prices dropping. some real estate agents say that they are already seeing this happen. a year investigating the housing crisis. you can watch our streaming service. download our free nbc bay area streaming apri can watch it online.
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it will be on we are gearing up for game three. the warriors touchdown for the next round of the nba finals. the team is preparing this morning. happening now, if fourth covid vaccine could get approval. the maryland-based company started in 2020 but struggled to produce the shot in large quantities. choose in parts of europe and other countries. fda clearance is key. we will be right back.
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after the war years win over the celtics in game two, my game began in oakland. no one was complaining because we know how hard it is to land a plate with a flat tire. the right at the boston hotel at 7:30 p.m. local time. they will practice in preparation for game three of the nba finals. >> in the 39 previous finals, the winner of game through has gone on to win the championship 82% of the time.
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the issues with gas prices soaring to a new record day after day. look at what is behind the surgeon what is being done about it.
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now at 5:00, election day is here. we have live team coverage for
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you. the local race getting natural national attention. someone gets shot here and i am in the library. shots fired forcing kids to duck for cover. the search underway. the pain at the pump gets worse. the average price for a gallon of gas rising again overnight. we will break down what to expect to pay. this is today in the bay. pretty much everywhere. it is 5:00 on tuesday morning. thank you for starting your day with us. i am


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