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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 8, 2022 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests, adam sandler, james patterson, everybody our friend post malone, fred armisen, joe russo, the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated get boosted. we love you. ♪ ♪ ♪ right now at 11:00. he is out in a recall that is watched nationwide. san francisco has voted to fire
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district attorney boudin. >> we are going to keep fighting for that san francisco. despite tonight's decision the da still talking about the future. what happens next? we are live in the city. also, who will replace san jose mayor. >> i feel great. we have come a long way. i feel like we are making great progress. >> the city of san jose needs to turn in a different direction and that will take experience. >> the two candidates that appear to be headed for a runoff this fall. >> the results are in for the governor's race. who will face off against newsom when voters head to polls in november. how much of a race will it be. some races are too close to call. election workers still counting ballots at this hour. it is election night and a busy evening. >> we are tracking several
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races. we are in team headquarters in several counties. we begin with a recall election that is get sog much attention. the effort to unseat district attorney chesa boudin. you can see the result. boudin is out. >> the bay area in the city with boudin tonight, what is the mood there? >> reporter: you know, the party organized never got off of the ground. nbc news called this race within an hour as san francisco polls closed around 9:00 p.m. tonight is when nbc news called it. supporters here disappointed. they had hoped that boudin, the former public defender turned chief prosecutor would survive this recall election. 18 months in office dominated by the pan demic and widespread property
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crimes including retail break ins and assaults on several members of the aaip community. many say that he declined to pursue hate crimes. several prosecutors became his loudest critics and complained the way boudin, a reformer, would handle prosecutions often opting for what they described as plea deals. >> people are angry. they are frustrated. i want to be very clear about what happened tonight. the right wing billionaires out spent us 3-1. they exploited a environment that people are appropriately upset and created a dynamic where we were shadow boxing. >> reporter: now, boudin
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did not answer questions from reporters while he was here including if he plans to run for office again. now, his removal means that now mayor breed is going to be appointing somen to the district attorney's office for the second time in her tenure. he is going to replace the predecessor when he moves to los angeles. reporting live in san francisco bay area news. >> thank you very much. as you might expect after a browsing recall campaign a wild celebration erupted at the yes on h watch party. they learned voters recalled the da. you heard boudin say it there. he talked about the real estate and the big tech money that he says fueled that recall. >> reporter: we did not hear it here because they said it is a street level operation that began a year ago here at the del mar
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tavern as you said. they came here, they seen the polls, they knew they were supposed to win and felt confident and they waited for the results and they waited and finally the count came in and the place exploded. the results came in shortly before 9:00. 61% of voters saying san francisco needs a new d.a. >> 61%. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: people hugging, high-fiving. >> san francisco -- [cheers and applause] >> reporter: with the nation watching, boudin. only holding office for a little more than two years but was blamed for a lack of justice system. the next da is up to the mayor. >> i know people have been talking to her. i don't know who they are. i don't have an opinion. >> reporter: what i would compare to this to if you are watching your favorite
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sports team and they win on that last play of the game it was that electric. but people here will tell you there was far much more on the line here. back to you. >> okay. thank you. let's bring in our political analyst. larry, i know you are not surprised boy the outcome. we saw it swinging to the other side. but, does this is a that the progressive march even has a limit for progressives? >> i think so. we knew there was always a difference of opinion between progressives and moderates, you get too far out and people say you have to bring it in a little bit. in fairness it is not about boudin is about a ballot proposition we passed that liberalized the crime issue. there are a lot of fingers to point here. but he took the brunt. >> larry, obviously this is only half of the effort for the people fighting to recall the district attorney. now the work starts.
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who is going to replace him and then will that district attorney be able to turn around some of the crime that people are seeing that got the first da recalled in the first place? >> crime is part of it. that is absolutely the truth. also, the relationship between the police and the da's office was so toxic. that did not help anybody. so, i think the fence-mending will begin and begin quickly and the mayor will find the right person to do it. >> all right, thank you, larry gerston, you stay there and we will bring you back to talk about other issues. right now we will talk about race for governor. newsom took the lead tonight, other top candidates included brian dahle. tonight it looks like the runoff is set between newsom and dahle. >> the race for senator confusing on the ballot. alex padilla's name appeared twice. that is because he was
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appointed to harris'seat. he is the winner for the raft of the current term that ends in january, padilla also on the ballot for a six year term that begins january of 2023. definitely taking the lead tonight along with republican mark meuser. both will face off for that senate seat in november. >> what about the mayor of san jose and who will replace him? that is another race people across the bay area are watching tonight. >> the mayor termed out. no incumbent. tonight, a clear front-runner, though. we are at the celebration for the current vote leader for cindy chavez, show has been around for a long time in san jose politics. >> reporter: yes, she has. she is still here. the party ended but everyone still wants to talk to her. she is way over on the left talking to our colleagues. she is wrapping up the party here. early returns came in after
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8:00 this evening and this place erupted. they realized that cindy chavez will be the one, one of two candidates headed for the runoff. her opponent, councilman matt mayhem. she wrapped up just before 9:00 to cheers and applause. she has no shortage of political experience. she served on san jose city council before a failed run for mayor. she ran and won a seat on the board of supervisors. likely november opponent is matt mayhem. he has only been on the city council for a year and a half >> the thing that i offer is a track record of accomplishment and experience in the public sector. the city of san jose is a big place. it needs to turn in a big direction. that will take experience. that is why i am running. that is why i decided to run in the first place.
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>> i think voters want to see accountability for results, doing a lot of the same things and expecting different outcomes. time to take a different direction. voters want a choice and they will have one in november. >> they will face off in the november runoff election. the winner gets the mayor seat. damian trujillo, back to you. >> thank you. a new sheriff for the first time, smith decided not to run for a seventh term. >> joining us now bay area robert honda live in san jose. robert this is one of the elections where the person not on the ballot was the biggest talking point. >> reporter: that is right. maybe because of that there was a lot of interest generated in the santa clara county sheriff's race. early returns, two candidates
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appear poised for a runoff. >> at his election party. jensen is upbeat as early returns show him to be one of the top two candidates. jensen, a retired long time sheriff's deputy ran and lost to laurie smith in the past but says his stance against her before helped him now. >> my first priority of building the public trust and changing the culture of the sheriff's office that is in dire straits. and palo alto police chief and his experience with the sheriff's department and police chief gives him an edge. >> that diversity in policing has really helped and given me the opportunity to pull on those experiences in different jurisdictions. >> reporter: the other two candidates drawing votes, current sheriff deputies are christine mcguy and shawn allen. >> reporter: now, again, top two are doing pretty well at this point. you will need to see the activity inside
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to understand there are still plenty of votes to count. live. >> san jose, robert handa, back to you. >> we have the latest results on our website. click on the story box for a list of races that we are tracking. again, we are back in 60 seconds with a terrifying encounter caught on camera. a south bay woman opens her garage and finds strangers inside. what happens next. plus, a warning from the police of a home invasion robbery. >> also, a forth option now. the fda could soon approve it and why you might be interest inside this one i'm chief meteorologist with the latest excessive heat watch headed for the bay area. back with that in less than 10 minutes. as we go to a break a look at more of the outcomes
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another race we are
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following is attorney general. california attorney general position. governor newsom appointed rob bonta to the post last year. bonta is the projected winner tonight. 57%. but we are still waiting to see who he will be running against as you can see it is close. now, to the state controller's race. a single republican is facing four democrats. chen is the republican that might offer him an advantage because the democratic vote will be split between four candidates. right now we are looking at cohen, 22%. top 2 advance to the november election. >> race for lieutenant governor, the clear front-runner, kounalakis. underwood jackobs is in second place. >> despite big races and big money voter turnout was dismal here in california. >> yes. we tried to find out why.
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>> reporter: tab hraeugz machines are working over time tonight. they are really starting to wrap up right now because so few voters came out for this election. >> reporter: voting day in contra costa county means different things. >> it is my civic duty to vote and be part of the solution and not the problem. >> reporter: some people in this county cast their ballot early in the state primary just over 113,000 people out of 706,000 voting by mail, that is 16%. >> conta costa county we are seeing low turnout compared to a general election. that is typical for primary elections when it is a midterm election. >> some 13,000 people voted in person here. megan is one of them. >> i don't follow politics a lot. i probably should more. but, yeah, when i hear about the local things, of course it makes me. >> we have been through a lot
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these few years and i really believe that every vote counts. >> reporter: it is not just here turnout low across the state. the tab hraeugz tabulation machines will wrap up here in the next few minutes. let's bring in our political analyst again, larry a couple of things here in terms of voter turnout. is it fatigue because we had a recall election nine months ago and also let's talk about the demographics of the people that did slow up. what does that tell you? >> reporter: voter fatigue, you are right. the fact that we had another election where the candidates were not particularly important. i don't want to disparage the governor but it is not the president kind of thing. that is another thing and then the district thing, redistricting. people were confused where to
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go and who their candidates were. put it together, low turnout, very low turnout. >> now, low voter turnout in november as well then? >> we know off year election which is it is because it is not a presidential election always has a lower turnout. you will see a better turnout in november because we will have a dozen or more meaty statewide ballot proposals. that will bring out lots of different people to take positions on those. >> and larry, in terms of the people that did show up to vote how does that skew some races in terms of we probably see in these races we have seen minorities showing up less in a primary race than we have in other times than maybe the major races. how does that change the outcome of some of these elections. >> reporter: it does. it absolutely does. when you don't come out and vote those that do have the power to get it done. in this case it is white people, 65 and
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over who had the greatest percentage. so, that means they will have the greatest amount to say over these things. poor people, young people, minorities turned out in smaller numbers than average that means they will have less to say so that is a lesson for the next time. >> thank you, larry for your time. now, some other races that we are following, several council seats in san jose. district 1 seat is open. looking at it right now. kamei was in the lead there. in district 3, torres leading that field. district 5, one of the races to replace term out this year, nora campos is in first with 32%. >> the rules are still trickling in. our website is a good place for
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results. click on the top story box it will bring you to a story with all of the races we are following. let's turn to the weather now. >> we have big time heat on the way as we head through the end of week. we are talking about triple digits. tomorrow, definitely still going to be comfortable outside. definitely want to enjoy tomorrow before things get probably a little too hot here for a lot of us. as we begin tomorrow, high clouds moving across areas of patchy fog near the coast and the bay. starting it off cool, refreshing here with the 50s, 54 in the peninsula. 57, san francisco, 55, and the east bay, 58. let me give you a better look for tomorrow. you can see with what it will look like at 7:00 in the morning, high clouds moving in. the afternoon, we will get sunshine pushing on through. overall, your wednesday looking good for us. temperatures, day time highs, like today, at a level with tomorrow. in the 80s, putting us to 83 in
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livermore. 70s near the bay. oakland to palo alto. 60s here in san francisco. i have you at 60 at half-moon bay. everything changes for us heading into thursday, friday, saturday for this area of hot high pressure that will sit and linger in those three days. now, because of what we see moving in, there is an excessive heat watch here for the north bay, east bay and south bay. the hottest day of the week that i see getting here on friday's forecast. again, 90s to 102 degrees, humidity as low as 5%, obviously with the drought it will increase the fire danger. a lot happening in the seven- day forecast. let's move it into san francisco. we will be able to see, up to 80 on friday. dropping it down to 67 on sunday, a slight chance of spotty showers early on sunday morning, i adjusted the timing on it. nothing big that will ruin your weekend. we will watch out for that. monday, tuesday, watching for more 60s. going up to 100 on friday, dropping it down to 82 on sunday and more
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80s into next monday and tuesday's forecast. once we are over friday i think we will manage a descent weekend. >> friday will be hot. >> thank you. >> thank you. warriors are on the road and so are we. still ahead, what is happening in boston tonight on the eve of game 3 on the nba finals. happening now, the crowded los angeles mayoral race is a two candidate battle. two candidate battle in the mayoral
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race. the video of check out this video. they drive up to their house and they see a home invasion robbery. captured it on camera. a woman came home to find strangers in her garage near summer dale high. the woman caught them stealing,
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then they sped off from her driveway right there, just as she was calling the police. they said that van was used for the robbery was stolen but it was taken from another home nearby. no arrests so far. today, the two people arrested for kidnapping a baby from a san jose home told the judge that they are not guilty. they are accused of kidnapping a 3-month-old in late april. they plotted and tried to take the baby at least three times before they finally succeeded. the attorney told us that they do not believe she was a stranger that she abducted. they say she may argue she was not abducted at all because she often baby-sat for the family. covid-19 cases have plateaued here in the bay area. here is what has happened in the past three months. last month we saw the beginning
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of the surge but recently you can see the cases starting to dip. right now, our state positivity rate is just under 9%. that makes four as in a new fourth covid-19 shot may be on the market. it is novavax. it still needs approval from the fda. the shot is different from pfizer and moderna because of the protein technology that has been used per decades in vaccines. researchers say it could offer even better protection. okay it is getting close. are you anxious? are you excited? game three is tomorrow. we wi
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welcome back. in less than 24 hours the warriors will take on the celtics in game three of the nba finals. earlier today the warriors got their first post season look inside the garden. they held a media session and then a team practice. the one thing that you notice when you walk into the garden is all of the banners. the celtics won 17nba championships. >> a lot of history in this city, in this building.
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it is going to be an amazing atmosphere out on the court tomorrow. >> the warriors are great at playing in hostile environment. they won at least one road game in 26 consecutive road games. >> looking forward to it. warriors were back east giant his it all to themselves. colorado rockies beat the hometown team 5-3. blackman, 3-run home run in the 6th inning.
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a quick round up for you. a look at the last races. boudin out of a job. overwhelming approval of the recall. right now, 60% yes on proposition 8. turning to san jose for the mayor's race. the supervisor cindy chavez and city council and matt mahan are leading. >> johnson and kevin jensen for sheriff, laurie smith will not go for a seventh term. she has been sheriff for six terms so far. she will walk out of the job at the end of this year. now, find the results for all of the bay area races on our website. we will be updating the votes as they are
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counted nomorning team will be on it starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning with any of the late counting going on and late reaction or early reaction they will have it for you in the morning. >> thanks for being with us, see you tomorrow, bye-bye tonight, the momentum in washington to pass new gun laws in the wake of deadly mass shootings signs there may be a bipartisan deal. what's in, what's out. and the calls for change on capitol hill the son of the oldest victim of the buffalo supermarket shooting testifying his powerful message and at the white house, uvalde native, matthew mcconaughey joining the briefing, saying now is a window for real change. ahead, the emotional moment the actor's wife with a replica of the green sneakers used to identify one of the ten-year-old victims. also, gas prices surging past $5 a gallon in 13 states. the rest of the country likely not far behind
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will americans start cutting back on driving? primary election night in seven states. all eyes on california where progressive democrats are facing a major test on crime. the severe storm threat and potential tornado danger across 15 states tonight. we're tracking it. major trouble for the airlines will there be enough pilots when you fly this summer and beyond and the 94-year-old who still climbs 17 stories to brighten the lives of others >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening i'm savannah guthrie in for lester. tonight, the impassioned calls for change in this country, from the uvalde teacher, the lone survivor of his classroom among 11 dead students, to a grieving son of buffalo in a hearing room on capitol hill to the white house briefing room where this afternoon the actor and uvalde native matthew mcconaughey made a surprise appearance,


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