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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 8, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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brushfires sweeps through the east bay overnight. rapid response from firefighters to put it out. this is yet another reminder of the dangerous drought and fire conditions. people are angry. they are frustrated. >> ousted in a recall being launched nationwide. san francisco votes to fire district attorney chesa boudin. and the results are in the governor's race. our team breaks down all the results filtering in this morning.
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this is today in the bay streaming live for you on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online at thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington . we have full election coverage ahead, but first, new overnight, a grass fire. this is a timeless video posted by cal fire. it stated that this happened after 1:00 a.m. cal fire telling us this is in woodland hills and south of highway 4. it burned more than five acres before crews were able to extinguish it. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the current conditions. the firefighters are still facing a lot of dry brush out there. yes. now we are going to start
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seeing the temperatures heating up today. it is a clear start as we take a look at look outside. temperatures are about 60 degrees, falling a couple degrees before we see them rising into the mid-70s by late morning. eventually reaching into the low 80s. antioch, 87 degrees with sunny skies. a breezy wind and fog in san francisco with upper 60s for highs. novato reaching 81 degrees. we start to feel that he ramping up tomorrow. we will talk more about that and see how hot it gets in the forecast. hopefully, things are quiet on the roads. quiet but too hot. there is one spot where we are tracking this. northbound 680. reports of a crash. a car fire crashed happened earlier. no one was in the car and i cannot find anyone related to the incident. on the shoulder, i think they were able to get it to the shoulder. we will track that. some slowing coming away from the eastshore freeway.
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look at all this green. and there's one spot in fremont. we will call that out, coming up. turning to the primary election coverage. we begin with the local recall election that is getting a lot of attention. effort to unseat san francisco district attorney chesa boudin. this is proposition h. yes means recall the d.a., no means keep him in office. this morning, the results resounding. boudin is out. we have more reaction on those results. >> reporter: the party for supporters of chesa boudin never got off the ground. nbc news called the race within an hour of paul's closing. supporters are disappointed. they had him and hoped he would survive this election. is 18 months were dominated by the pandemic and widespread property crimes. many of the victims complained
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boudin declined to pursue hate crime charges and some cases. he also became critics and complained about the weight the district attorney, a self described reformer would handle prosecutions, often opting for what they described as lenient plea deal. tonight he says he is a of the anger that voters felt because of the pandemic. he met people are angry. they are frustrated. and i want to be very clear about what happened tonight. the right-wing billionaires outspent us three to one. they exploited an environment in which people are appropriately upset. and they created in electrodynamic where we were literally shadowboxing. >> reporter: he did not take any questions from reporters at this event including whether he plans on running for office again. his removal means that the
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mayor will be appointing someone to the d.a.s office for the second time in her tenure pick she appointed a replacement for the former district attorney who moved to los angeles. for today in the bay, i am 26. as you would expect, a celebration erupted at the watch party when they learned voters recalled chesa boudin. today, we are at delmar tavern with that part of the story. >> reporter: the effort to recall him began a year ago. a lot of money was spent along the way. a lot of effort and that is why, tonight, here on lumbar street in san francisco, they came for the results they were confident. they saw the pulse and felt they were going to win, and they did. when they found out, it was electric in there. people were hugging and high- fiving. i would compare it to when the
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san francisco giants beat the kansas city royals. i'm telling you, it was like that. chesa boudin, the nation was watching and he is on his way out of the office. now it is up to the mayor who will appoint his successor. the folks here who wanted boudin out are not saying who they would like to see in. that the story here or today in the bay. >> interesting. so who will be the next mayor of san jose? another race people were watching. >> so, there is no incumbent in this race in this morning there is a clear front runner. our reporter has more on the celebration for the current vote leader cindy chavez. >> reporter: they are celebrating here well into the night and feel comfortable that they have a good lead in the polls heading into the november runoff but they are going up against a mayhem and relatively new comer to the scene. he has a year and a half of experience being a member of the city council. cindy has a lot of experience,
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first being a city council member and then running for mayor. and being unsuccessful there pick in the being on the board of supervisors. she is on her second run for the mayor of the city. the main distinction is experience. she says she has a lot of experience coming to the negotiating table and getting things done and getting people together. she contrast that with matt mahan and matt mahan says it is time for things to change on the way of doing things in san jose has to change because we are not getting the results we really need. so, he says it will be a clear choice in november. cindy is packed more by the labor faction in the south bay and matt mahan is backed more by the business aspect. so, when you say there will be a choice, there really is going to be a choice. there may be no gray area between cindy chavez and matt
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mahan. we will find out in november. in the meantime, santa clara county is getting a new sheriff for the first time in more than two decades. this comes after the decision to not run for a seventh term. here is the current look at the results. kevin jensen is ahead by 32% but robert jonsen is very close. with 30%. today in the base reporter is in san jose with that part of our coverage. >> reporter: it is the first time that lori smith was not on the ballot but the incumbent sheriff cast a shadow on the race. at this point, the two main candidates who appear poised for a run up are bob johnson, the police chief in palo alto, who has had a lot of experience
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both in los angeles county sheriff's office as well as being a chief in menlo park pick the other challenger seems to be kevin jensen. a long time service officer who ran against lori smith before and feels as though his experience in running against her before is helping him now. both focus a lot on cleaning up the department in making the up for the mess it is in right now in terms of morale. now, there are still plenty of votes to count and the other two candidates christina guy and allen who are current sheriff's deputies are still pulling pretty well but still, at this point, it looks like bob johnson and kevin johnson are headed for a runoff in november. this morning, results are still trickling in. our website is a great place for updates. head to , click on the top story and that will take you to a list of all of the races we are following. there are many. highlighting your favorite posts a still ahead on stay in the bay. we will tell you the update instagram is set to rollout for its users satisfying those cravings will get easier pick the new year options uber eats users will have when ordering from
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out of state. stay with us. you are watching today in the bay.
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i will will why the how will you
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and you will and on all the time now is 4:42 on your wednesday morning. as you are heading out in the north bay, 56 degrees in santa rosa. we will see partly cloudy skies again today. it will be a repeat of yesterday before we get ready for that big ramp up in the heat for the inland valley. i will have more on that and
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take a look ahead at the weekend coming up in a few minutes. a pretty cool look at the bay bridge going up and over the bay. no delays across the span. chp says a higher profile vehicles must be caught with when. were also tracking the road under the water so we will check that coming up. let's get the ups and downs in the overs and the under. good morning. and good morning to you. we've got wall street looking like it will open lower this morning after two straight days of gains. yesterday was an interesting day. some bad news and good news as investors shrugged off some signs that may be we could see an economic slowdown. we have had target cutting profit forecasting and inquired too much inventory pick this is a problem for a number of retailers. target has a lot of patio furniture, electronics, and they will probably be marking those down and you can find a good bargain.
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but the dell had early losses during the news to close up more than 260 point. focus remains that the may consumer price index data coming out on friday looking to see if maybe we will see a peak in that and that could provide clues as to whether the federal reserve might put the brakes on hiking interest rate. meantime, instagram is letting you pin up to three coast to the top of your profile just like you can on tiktok and twitter. they will sit at the forefront of your grade as if you recently posted them. pin post have been in the works since at least the start of this year. instagram announced a formal test of them back in april. and uber eats is launching a nationwide shipping service allowing you to order specialty foods from a number of cities. initially from new york, miami, and los angeles. shipping will be handled by
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fedex which will deliver foods an average of 4 to 5 business days is not like if you have a craving you can get it right away. customers can place an order on the app and after choosing the merchant and the items and placing the order, you will get an email confirming you with the tracking information. i not sure that would work with and in and out burger. that is one of the things i would want to order from l.a. yeah. right. exactly. i guess you could order but they've got a call packet and all that picked >> i was just thinking, in and out. >> i could do stone crabs. i'll have to make a trip. we will go on a road trip drive. >> we would rather have you come here yourself so we can see you. >> thank you. struggling to recover. coming up next, as a long time bars across the bay area close,
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san francisco coming up with a plan to keep the nightlife going. a breakdown of the proposal coming up next. we will be right back. no your health
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right now at 4:48 on wednesday morning, we have a nice start to our day. it will be really comfortable. let me show you what it looks like right now in oakland as you are getting this they started. in the mid-50s and we will see
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a few clouds moving by. our typical start to amid summer morning. we will see our temperatures headed for the upper 60s at 11:00 and eventually reaching 75. all of these temperatures, about what we typically see for this time of year, reaching 80 in san jose. mild temperatures near the coast. san mateo reaching 73 degrees. santa rosa warms up to 86 degrees. tomorrow is when the temperature start to get much hotter in san jose will reach up to 86. livermore will see a high of 91 and 98 degrees in fairfield. unfortunately, we don't stop there. friday is when we reached the peak of the heat. take a look at how hot it will be in concord. 100 degree. 101 in sam martin and fairfield reaching 105 degrees. so, unbearably hot for one day.
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then going into saturday and sunday, we see rain moving close. once again to the bay area. physically it is like we are stuck in this pattern. we see these cold fronts coming through and a chance of rain, just like last week in. we will see some cooler weather but then warming up again early next week. as we take a look at the seven- day forecast, major changes ahead. going from mid-80s a day to mid- 90s tomorrow. 100 degrees on friday. it is still pretty hot on saturday but sunday is when we see the clouds moving in and showers to the north. it will be a nice mild start to early next week. san francisco will also have a significant warm-up. here we are looking at a high of 80 degrees on friday. mid-70s on saturday and much cooler with breezy winds and more clouds and possibly some light showers on sunday. we will be watching all of these changes. mike, are you seeing anything popping up for the commute? changes are more subtle and
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not as big of an impact as a temperature. we are looking at green sensors. the overnight closure continues in construction crews have been working on this project for years now. overnight many nights. also scheduled maintenance overnight. from alameda under the water into oakland, that is reopen in they are now open. no more maintenance scheduled this neat this week. the rest of the bay is smooth through contra costa county. back to you. it is 4:51. the pandemic hammered san francisco's entertainment industry. now, just as the bars and nightlife are starting to rebound, another challenge is threatening to derail them. the fentanyl crisis. today in the bay's reporter explains. >> reporter: for the first time in years, san francisco's entertainment and nightlife industry together in person to talk about their road maps any new normal pick the
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entertainment summit not only focused on pandemic recovery but also on how to address the surging retinal crisis. >> this is an issue that you can't hide from anymore pick >> reporter: he says he can no go turn a blind eye to a huge issue. overdoses in the bars and clubs have become all too common and he says as a bar owner an industry leader, he has a frenzy to the crisis. >> they consume it in their normal way from their normal porcelain and they passed away immediately. >> reporter: for industry hard- hit by the pandemic, this new issue has become another unexpected challenge to recovery. >> i will continue to work with the entertainment commission to do what we can to make sure we are making the right investments and changes to policies to make it easier for us to have fun again. >> reporter: the crowds are starting to return but no one is celebrating just. the entertainment commission estimates some $450 million of unpaid commercial rent in the
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city. many businesses and nightlife are intense if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. and the chief economist says full recovery will likely not happen quickly. >> last month, our economy was growing at a 10% clip monthly. if that continues, we should be back to full employment sometime next year. but we have like in other places. a lot of other indicators are not as strong. wrote that some say full recovery means training to do more than take your drink order. >> we need to learn how to do more. we are on the frontlines with this and waiting for emt and police account can be too late. the day is finally here. still ahead on today in the bay, a preview of the game tonight. game three of the nba finals set to tip off. san francisco city leaders are passing a new law
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strengthening public safety . it is called the crime prevention through policing act. the focus is partly on creating a foot and civil patrols and it's a way to cut down on burglaries and vandalism. more ahead for you this morning. we will be right back. it is 4:54.
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which can lead to dehydration, and may worsen kidney problems. the choices you make can help control your a1c. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. welcome back. in less than 24 hours, the
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warriors will take on the celtics in game three of the nba finals. earlier today, the warriors got their first postseason look inside the garden. they held the media session and then a team practice. the one thing you notice when you walk into the garden is all the banners. the celtics have won 17 championships. >> there's a lot of history in the city in this building. it should be an amazing atmosphere out there on the court tomorrow. >> reporter: the warriors are great at playing in hostile environments pick they won one game and 26 series. on the road with the warriors in boston, anthony flores, nbc bay area. fans can watch for free outside chase center, as always. and can watch inside the arena you can purchase a ticket for $25. doors to the arena open at 5:00 p.m. in the game tips up at 6:00. whether you're heading to boston or here at home make sure you share your golden blue with us or you can get a chance
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to be featured right here so send those pictures to us on instagram, twitter, facebook . we might see you or your family right here on tv. taking a stand against gun violence. ahead on today in the bay, a lab report from washington as lawmakers prepare to hear from victims and survivors of the messages in buffalo and uvalde. the action they are demanding the leaders take.
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right now at 5:00, a brush fire sweeps through the east bay overnight. the rapid response from firefighters to put it out. this latest fire another reminder of the dangerous drought and fire conditions. plus, people are angry. they are frustrated. ousted any historic recall being launched nationwide. san francisco voters vote to fire district attorney chesa boudin. the results are in for the governor's race. who will face off against governor newsom when the voters head to the polls in november. our team breaks out all the results filtering in this morning. this is today in the bay streaming live for you on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online at a good wednesday morning to you and thanks for starting your day with us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we have full election coverage ahead but first, the new overnight


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