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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  June 8, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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that i love. plus, it's a local election that could have ramifications around the rest of the country. our political allen nest weighs in on the district attorney and other top races. i am scott budman, how a spike in mortgage rates is leading to a slowdown in bay area's shows sales. coming up next. gut wrenching accounts
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today from witnesses, family and the survivors of mass shootings. >> he shot. i thought he was going to come back. >> on video, cerillo telling how she survived the shooting comparing to be content. >> i could have lost my baby girl. she is not the same little girl i used to play with. >> me his father is still shaken pleading with lawmakers. >> something needs to change.. >> felix and kimberly lost their daughter that day. >> today, we stand for lexi. as her voice, we demand action. >> uvalde's pediatrician described what he saw at the elementary. >> two but is polarized. they were decapitated.
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they were ripped apart. >> witness after witness begging congress. >> i stood up to save lives. i am here to plead and beg and please, please, do your job. >> your thoughts and prayers are not enough. >> an assault weapons ban raising the legal purchase age strengthening background checks and more. emotional testimony on display for all to see. behind closed doors, negotiators hash out proposals appearing to grow more modest by the date.. >> we are failing our children. we are failing each other. >> republicans addressing mass shootings while ensuring gun owners rights. >> when you disarm, you create not my safety but more apparel. >> while action appears stronger than years, the question remains, will this time be different? in washington, susan mcginnis, nbc news.
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>> after the u.s. capitol was attacked, the house committee is ready to take its case to the public, to you. the committee said it will unveil stunning revelations that show how close the u.s. came to losing its democracy. the committee cannot actually prosecute anyone. as members layout a compelling argument about the effort to the ninth joe biden's rightful victory, that the justice department could decide to ramp up its own inquiry. >> the american people have seen a number of bombshells already. there is a great deal they have not seen. most important is the public has not seen that woven together. >> the center six committee will hold special prime time coverage tomorrow night that you can watch your at 5:00, and our nbc bay area at 4:30 during that time . all it was a local race that much of the country was watching, including president biden. he is waiting in after san franciscans voted to recall district attorney chesa boudin.
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they are reporting air force one to go to l.a. for the summit of the americas. he saw the primary results sent a clear message that voters want leaders to step up and tackle crimes. >> i think the voters sent a clear message last night. both parties have to step up with crime as well as gun violence. >> the president called on governments to spend money on hiring police officers and reforming police departments. for more on the election, let's bring in our political analyst larry gersten. larry, thank you for joining us. after the races today, which stand out to you? >> there are quite a few. let's start with the local level. i think there are two or three there. we have to start with the da. district attorney chesa boudin recalled is a big deal to get recalled as we know. a couple of things happened here, very low turnout.
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that is the kind of thing that will hurt someone like district attorney chesa boudin, because these people are motivated to vote. i think the homeless issue and gun violence as we scene is into the mix. he took the blame for some of that. some of the problem that chesa boudin has and others has to do with competition 47, which frames a lot of what he can do. that did not matter to the voters. the san jose mayor's office is another interesting woman. four major candidates there, city chavez with 39%. not having 32%. that was a close range. if you combine ron perella's similar and davis similar values to matt, you get 47 to 43. what does that mean? it means somebody has to hustle for the rest of those votes and it will be close. the third race i think of great
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importance will be the sheriff's race, an open seat with the mayor by the way. you can see what is going on, very close between kevin jensen and robert johnson. the votes could flip-flop the other way. to see a third person with 20% of the votes is where endorsements can be very critical that both of these two will be going after her for her vote. a facebook site could be interesting race. those are the three local races i think popped out to me. >> larry, those races need a simple majority, 50% +1. if they do not get it, that will be with the top candidates in november. >> that is correct. looks like none of those will end up with a 50% majority. it will go to november. there are a few people that get the 50% +1.
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there are races where the top two go on no matter what. >> let's talk about the statewide races, what is your interest there? >> we have to start with the governor's race. at first, it does not seem important, 56%, while, in a sense it is. one year ago, newsom beat the recall with 63%. he got elected in 2016 with 63%. will the slippage continue in november. will it be close, not because bun dolly is so well-known and respected and valued, but because so many others like the governor? we have to watch that one closely. the controller is a interesting race. that is the state major financial officer. he is a critical player that nobody understands. you have all on each end with 37% and he is a republican. he was not in office since 2006. this is followed by 16%, but
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wait, before you get too excited about this republican winning, the fact is there are others around him, all of the democrats put together 60% of the vote. it could be much tougher than what it looks like right now. those seem to be a couple that are interesting. >> what are the latest numbers you see about the turnout? do you have a percentage? what are you hearing? what can we expect in november? >> i talked to the secretary of state's office today, they did not give me a final figure. looks like it will be in the low 20s. if it is, that will be the lowest ever since they started keeping record since 1880. i think we will see a much higher turnout in november. there is two reasons, one mac, you have the final. you have two candidates running. the second is more important,
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that you will have some real juicy statewide ballot issues. oh my goodness. it looks like they will have four propositions. big money makers for everybody here. they will have the minimum wage. this is a big statewide issue drawing attention from the voters. you will see a higher voltage from that. >> larry gersten, we appreciate your time and insight. thank you so much. i website as a great place for updates, go to and click on the top story box. that will take you to the list of the races we are following . the new challenge when it comes to making it in the bay, a jump in mortgage rates. a spike in what you pay each month to own a home has led to a quick drop in the number of people applying for mortgages. our business expert scott budman has the reasons why, and what it all means. >> this is a story about both houses, and bank. the rise in mortgage rates is
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now slowing home sales in the bay area, even while housing prices are still at record high, some of the recent frothing is has cooled. >> i'm seeing a lot of price reduction. i'm seeing things on the market longer expect the typical 30 year fixed mortgage rate is now 5.4%, high enough that the number of applications for new mortgages is down 21% over the last year. refinance has plummeted by 75% in one year. >> this is where my son grow up. he cannot even afford to live here. that is heartbreaking. >> hitting homeowners in the wallet while affecting current homeowners, like the howells, who say higher rates keep them from buying again locally.. >> we want to sell this house, but we would be moving down south to san juan or batista,
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and that is not within our work area. >> the recent speed dropped in tech stocks. >> if people need to use their stock options as part of their preapproval portfolio, they need to be preapproved again and again like every other week . >> you have potential buyers facing uncertainty because of another drop in their savings, and sellers facing a tougher market because rates have gone up so quickly. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news .. >> trying to make it in the bay. up next, a different kind of booster. the reason moderna thinks this vaccine will be more effective in fighting off covid-19 variance . we have two covid-19 tests that his doctor ordered, then he got two bills he did not expect. our consumer investigative chris cohan from nbc bay area response next.
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i am chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we have a comfortable 70 in livermore today. the heat will get turned up. i have details on how hot we will be in about nine minutes. wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi?
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investigators said the man traveled to the east coast to be arrested after two deputy marshals saw him get out of a taxi in front of brett kavanaugh's home early this morning. he was dressed in all black and carried a suitcase and backpack that contained a gun and knife. the man told police he was upset about the school shooting in texas and the leaked draft of the supreme court opinion on roe v wade and some 90 women, including simone biles, kelly raven and kayla maroney, are suing the fbi for more than $1 billion. they claim to be mishandled. they had sexual abuse plains against former olympic team dr.
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larry nassar. majority of the women said they were abused by larry nassar after he was reported to the fbi in 2015. they claim the bureaus in action a cloud larry nassar abusing athletes until he was arrested a year later.. >> no fbi or the reporters did what they did necessary to protect us. we have been found.. >> times of fundamental errors that were made in this case in 2015, and 16, should have never happened. >> larry nassar pled guilty in my 2018 to it is intent of the more than 265 patients who came forward saying they were molested. larry nassar is serving up to 175 years in prison. moderna said the redesigned version of the booster shot worked better against the omicron variant. they announced a vista booster earlier. the test found this to be eight times more effective and neutralizing antibody levels. side effects are similar to the
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existing vaccine. the ceo said the new version is expected to be a leading candidate for a booster this fall. nbc bay area response to an east bay man who got a double dose of an unexpected medical bill. we asked consumer investigative reporter christiane cordero and it seems true.. >> covid-19 tesco are supposed to be free when a doctor orders them. jimmy, in contra costa county, said his doctor ordered him to to get a covid-19 test twice. he went to a john muir health drive-through test site twice. he got a $25.00 bill twice. john's billing office said jimmy went to an urgent care to see a doctor. he was unexpectedly on the hook for $50. jimmy said he tried to correct this obvious error himself. he was not getting anywhere, so he asked us. we contacted john muir health. the representative explained there was a miscommunications between john muir health and united healthcare, which is his
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insurance provider. john muir health fixed the problem. the rep said they apologized to mr. cooper for the delay in getting this corrected, and for the stress this caused him. speaking of covid-19 tesco, did you know at-home tesco have an expiration date? they do, but it is not necessarily the date stamped on the box, you have to look that up. we made a video showing you how. you can watch that on our website, our streaming channels and our youtube page. you can look for the how to playlist. 02 bay area the streaming service could soon become one. netflix might be buying roku in san jose. that would cost more than 200,000 subscribers. some analysts say buying roku could be a way to recapture subscribers. that is a way for netflix to ad supported content. we have all used this, but did you know facetimed can save a life?
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two members fishing had some technical problems and they tried calling 911, but they had trouble reporting their location. they were instructed to use facetimed to show what was around them, which allowed dispatchers to use the landmarks to see where they were. crews were able to find the men, and they were rescued. what a crazy story. >> that is a great tip to know. here is my location. where am i? we will go to the ocean probably on friday. it will be a hot one. >> it will ramp up quickly for us. i think the most important thing to know is tomorrow, yes, it will warm up. we will be on the comfortable side. we will get to the top temperatures in a little bit. as we start off tomorrow morning, we are getting warmer here, lots of 60s across the bay area and clouds filtering a class with sun.
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we have a decent morning with 65 in the north bay, san francisco is 60 and the east bay is 64. high pressure, this is what will change it up for us. this begins moving in tonight and into tomorrow, really kicking into high gear on friday and lingers on saturday. the storm track will be so close. we are looking at rainfall in washington, oregon. because this is so close with hot air to the south, that will help filter in cloud cover as we go into tomorrow. it might feel strange out there as these numbers get warmer. you look up and you see these high clouds across the bay area. 87 in san jose. to the east bay, we are comfortable. oakland is at 78, fremont is 84. 88 in vallejo, 97 in antioch. that will be one of my hottest in the forecast. we have a cold 68 in the bay.
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san francisco is 70 is popping in downtown. the marina is 67. moving to the north bay, 93 in sonoma and 85 in mill valley's. numbers began to increase tomorrow. i think we hit the peak of that into friday's forecast. that is why we have this heat advisory in effect. that is for the north, east and south bay. temperatures ranging 90 to 105. humidity down to 5%. our fire danger will be elevated. the lower the humidity number goes, unfortunately, the faster a fire can get sparked. we have to be alert on friday with those warm temperatures. the other quickchange we will see after this is sunday, the possibility of spotty showers in the morning. we can go to cooler weather on sunday and a slight chance of spotty rain. 80 on friday in san francisco. 67 on sunday and 60s makes
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monday. through the inland valleys, it is 100. is a hot they. sunday is 81 degrees. i wanted to point out that on friday is wind gusts will arrange into 20 miles per hour. the wind direction would be coming from the west more from the ocean. we don't want to see any wind like that. that is another layer we are watching. >> friday might be rough. up next, banning more plastic, the move by national parks and how it will affect you . did you know that renovating your kitchen and bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations america's number one kitchen and bathroom renovators thanks mike! we make kitchen and bathroom renovations easy for everyone.
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no more plastic in parks over the next 10 years. single use plastics will be phased out at national parks and other lands. the secretary of interior made the announcement today. this is the first time single- use plastic has been banned at national park sites. my 2011, some parks band plastic water bottles to help
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costs. the trump administration rolled back the ban in 20 17th. european lawmakers have voted to ban the sale of new cars that rely on gasoline by 2035. while the measurement is debated by the council, the parliamentary voted seen as the most crucial step yet in the process when it comes after a string of rejections of other climate policies. if approved by the european council, it will be one of the world's strongest laws into phasing out gas cars. you might have noticed tip jars have been were empty lately. inflation is up and tipping us down. credit surveyed thousands of americans on their tipping habits. the company found that fewer people are leaving tips for restaurants and rides are. it is down about 5% compared to 2019. the leading cause is rising inflation. it is happening tonight, the pivotal game three between the warriors and celtics in the nba finals. anthony joins us with a preview in boston. that is next.
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it is almost gametime. the warriors take on the celtics in game three of the nba finals. so nerve-racking. nbc bay area 70 floors joins us from boston. you are the one that said this game three is the pivotal one, statistically speaking.. >> we are minutes away. i was about to say this place has gotten under control. it was crazy earlier. we have plans into the game right now. most of the crowd has made their way into td garden's.
5:58 pm
this is a big game for the celtics and their fans. it has been 12 years since boston has hosted the nba finals. the banners tell the story. the celtics have won 17 nba championships. they have not won a title since 2008. there are people giving me disgusting looks when i said that. they are just 5 in 4 in boston in the season. the warriors have no problem playing on the road. they won at least road game and 26 street in the off series.. >> we have had great talent and great players. they have gleaned playoff experience during the years in california. they believe in themselves. there is a lot of grit to the group. that is what it takes to win on the road.. >> we are minutes away from tipoff. the last few fans are making their way into the garden. game three, the warriors and celtics,
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i have to put my mask on. there is too many people here. we have reactions at 11:00. anthony floors, nbc bay area. >> that is such an anthony reaction. put your mask on. we will see you in a bit. at 6:00, out of a job, san francisco voters recall their district attorney. what happens now? what does it mean for the future of the city? there needs to be a full understanding of what accountability means. >> san jose will soon have a new mayor. will there be a familiar face, or relative newcomer? safety concerns at safeway. employees demanding answers after a coworker is shot and killed in the store. the news at 6:00 start
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snow. think you for joining. >> i am jessica gary. >> voters in san francisco voting to recall progressive district attorney chesa boudin. hearing his speech, district attorney chesa boudin said his removal does not mean to reform the justice system. high-q pledged to continue the fight. although they had a icy relationship over the last several months, the mayor said justice reform needs to continue. >> sometimes accountability means community service. it is not just about law and order and tough on crime and locking people up and throwing away the key, that is not what this is about. this is about accountability when lines are crossed. >> he would not answer questions about future plans during his speech last night. certifying the recall election could take until early july. heas


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