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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 9, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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events. >> all eyes on capitol hill as a month-long investigation into the generally six capital riot finally is taking center stage. new information expected to be revealed today. and the fire heavily damaging a south bay church, one man under arrest, the role officers believe he played in the destruction. this is today in the bay streaming live it is thursday morning quickly approaching friday. >> it is a busy morning. we want to cover the breaking news that we've been covering for you all morning long because bart, the key transit got off to a rocky start this morning. the systemwide delays are set to be over giving writers a sigh of relief this morning, but expect major delays.
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we are tracking major developments. they are finally up and running? >> it was a little confusing because they got the flurry of information then we got the flurry of updates. bart is running. the systemwide stoppage is over, but the major delays will continue until trains can catch up. they were halted until just about 6:00 this morning, so there's a lot of trains stacked up that need to get into the system. this will ripple back toward recovery and we are in recovery mode right now and trains are running resuming systemwide, they just showed the dublin bart station, plan on delays. others have hit the road and we will look at roadways packing and like the bay bridge toll plaza where we had a lighter traffic flow expected today. a lot of graduations and college graduations to affect the local traffic. they see high school grads commuting.
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it's not really that bad, but it's different this morning. bart is back in service. the system is back.
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all of this is part of the efforts to gig into president
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trump's actions into the insurrection. the committee's pledge to present compelling received a risky offer. the committee is on the hook to deliver. >> while ever news organization will cover the news lines, not every organization that people get information from is covering this tonight. so it's going to be a case where those informed already were informed. i think that's why something goes viral that grabs people's attention, sadly that is it. washington has to think that way. >> most republicans have dismissed the work as political
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theater. the committee plans to show video of his daughter. >> thank you. we want to let you know that nbc will provide that live coverage for you, first major hearing scheduled to begin our time at 5:00 a.m. the news airs at 4:30 and you can tune into nsnbc for coverage. an arson suspect is under arrest after a fire gutted a church. the church community responding together here. >> this church dates back to 1958, it was gone in just a minute. now san jose police say that the fire was set on purpose. nor is what is left of st.
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paul's united methodist church. it started at 3:30 in the afternoon. police believe it was a homeless man that started the fire. he was spotted and was arrested afterward. the church pastor told us they're already looking forward to rebuilding. >> we are daily dealing with mental health issues and homeless issues. our philosophy is to walk into it and be a solution to those issues. >> there's a song we use that goes, the church is not a building. the church is a people. that's what we believe. >> church members have some answers with that arrest. also they will have opportunity to continue to gather to worship because several of the churches in the area reached out to the pastor right away and offered their building for
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services there in the meantime. >> isn't that nice? the community coming together to worship. >> covid cases now reportedly nearing levels not seen since january in san francisco. the chronical reporting that the positivity rate is nearing 15%. during the winter surge it was less than 19%. this graph may give you an idea. those represent two subvariants known as ba 4 and ba 5 which make up 13% of the u.s. cases. ba2 showing up less and less, slowly replaced by similar subvariant which last month made up half of the new cases nationwide. >> 6:07. want to take a live look
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outside. a little hazy look as we look at the bay bridge this morning. temperatures expected to climb. keeping track of the forecast. >> we're heading toward a peak of the heat tomorrow. be prepared for hotter afternoons and make sure you have those water bottles and try to stay hydrated. starting out this morning with temperature of 54 degrees. we'll see those temperatures warming up fairly quickly and going to make sure you have that air conditioner set so that when you get home, you will have some fairly mild temperatures inside the house because take a look at the outside temperatures. 98 degrees in fairfield, 91 for napa. this will not be the peak of the heat. it gets hotter tomorrow. fairfield under a heat warning for 105 degrees. we'll talk about this and a look at the weekend forecast in
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a few minutes. what is the update on public transit and the community. >> great news, taking you to the dublin bart station. we will go out because they are open and trains are running. they apologized to the early- morning riders but had computer problems. things are back in service. plan on slight delays. they reported major delayed system-wide, but the trains are running throughout. let's get a look at the gas prices. you don't have to take those cars to bart but now better prices tracking san jose. costco in heyward for $5.95. and a look at the roadways as well.
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lighter traffic, it may be different than avoiding bart. you're hear bart is back online. it is running. the roadways lighter delays and traffic. heyward, trivalley and the south looking good. clear back to you. >> thank you. this might be a question you're thinking about as you go on vacation and think of renting a property. can the host place a camera in your vacation rental? where it is and not allowed and what you can do if you find one that was never disclosed to you. some say the great resignation has a way to go. the many people switching careers. up next, the top jobs left behind. we got used to shortages,
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the next one has a bit of a kick. out to the futures. wall street looking at more losses. >> okay, look, throwing it back. the back street boys bringing special guests on stage with them. you don't want to miss that adorable moment. stick around. we'll be right back.
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it is almost friday. and it's 6:14 right now as you get ready to head out. looking at pleasant hill and how it shapes up for you. we're in the upper 50s to start. 89 degrees, it's going to be a hot day. we'll talk about this and a look ahead to even hotter temperatures before we cool off in the forecast in a few minutes. >> a live look. this is the dublin bart station. if you just joined us, bart was down this morning and back online the last half-hour and in recovery mode. trains are running again.
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plan on potential delays, check those schedules and overhead signs. happy thursday to you. the number of people applying for mortgages has hit a 22-year low. probably not a surprise. rates on 30-year fixed hit 5.4%. that's on a conforming loan about 650,000 dollars or less. very few homes in the bay area would qualify under that limit. fewer people looking for a home might bring house prices down. here's why. when mortgage rates go up, people in a house don't move. why would i move out of a house at 2% into a loan of 5%. i will stay where i am. that keeps prices high. back on capitol hill yesterday telling the senate that the
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biden aministration speaking act reducing the tariffs on goods. we paid the tariff. the u.s. economy is doing quite well. the consumers are spending money, wages are up. and we will talk yesterday, we can talk ourselves into a recession. nobel prize winning economist just said the same thing. he said americans are more likely to succumb to a self- fulfilling prophesy of a downturn because of the pandemic. we have heard of toilet paper shortages. i was reading about a shortage in contrast dye. the latest to warn this week told its distributers not to
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promise customers any supply because the factory has ground to a halt of salt that goes into -- chili pepper that goes into the sauce. we cannot confirm the other people's reporting on this to get details. two all-spicy jokes aside, weather will play a prominent role in business. as we talk about the future of the companies and the products, farms and agriculture, climate change is going to be a very serious effect. >> big time. just dry fields out there. if you drive out and look at the banners these farmers have, we need water. very concerning.
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all connected. >> it is. >> a lot of people looking for new jobs and new this morning, two years into the great resignation and employees are still leaving their jobs. bloomberg reports 4 million people left jobs in april. here's the countries most in need, registered nurses with a salary of $68,000. truck drivers, manufacturing reps, the supply chain crisis continues and so are customer service jobs. rounding it round -- rounding out the list. back street is back with new members in town. >> call them back street
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fathers. the fans at the hollywood bowl went wild tuesday night promoting their new album, dna. the boys brought out their children to help perform their new song that features family members in the music video. if they were all like the teen craze and now they're all dads. >> backstreet dads. >> we call them now the backstreet boys and girls. >> pretty soon the grandpas. it's coming. also coming, the heat up. you've been telling us about it all week. >> this is like back street boys, 98 degrees. talking about it later today. a live look outside in san francisco. clouds rolling by and it's going to help keep the city cooler compared to the high
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heat we feel for the inland areas. it's clear, sunny in san jose. let me show you the trend. we'll see mid-70s by 11:00. 83 degrees, reaching 87. this is definitely warmer than we had yesterday. 92 in livermore. san francisco is in the mid- 70s. the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. check it out as we take a closer look at tomorrow's high temperature. it's going to be the peak of the heat. we're going to see some of those highs close to or above 100 degrees with concord hitting 101 and santa rosa, 99 degrees. warming up in san francisco and it's comfortable at the coastline. by saturday, it's pretty warm in the afternoon. just not as hot as we will see on friday. that's the reason we have all
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of these areas shaded in orange under a heat advisory and an excessive heat warning with temperatures above 100 degrees. as we go toward the end of the weekend, we'll see some rain chances for southern california. cooler air, it's going to be like a repeat of last weekend, there just won't be as much moisture. we're not expecting as much rain as we had last weekend. it looks nice into next week. we have to make it through these next three days where the temperatures are going to be sizzling in the valleys. you've been keeping an eye on all of the changes for the morning commute this morning. >> yeah. pantly. most of those changes, the rail bart system is now back online. it's running. let's show you the main commute. it's lighter in parts of the bay sliding in towards those summer vacations in the area, after we tend to see, the
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opportunity to take the kids on a break as well. we're getting a break in traffic. hitting the usual spots. not as heavy in most areas as we usually see at this time at 6:21. i've circled in oakland, those avoiding barts may take to the roads. bart is in recovery mode, they're still running. and then you have to pay full price. they will honor those from the slow start. coming up next on today in the bay. we respond and answer travel questions. can a host put a camera in your vacation room?
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welcome back. 6:25 right now. when you stay in a vacation rental, you have to watch out. the host may be watching you, even inside. >> you can take steps to see if the vacation rental has spying eyes. we see how. >> if you think cameras are totally forbidden from vacation rentals, you're wrong. the host may be able to have a camera outside of the house and inside some parts of the house. surveillance devices such as
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community cameras and smart doorbells are allowed, but not inside. airbnb prohibits any that observes certain private spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms. airbnb says require hosts to disclose all cameras in their listing. liquefy it -- look for it in the listing. message the host with a question like this. where do you use security cameras. if there is one not in the booking, you get your money back. you find a camera not supposed to be there, what should you do? contact airbnb immediately to
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investigate and make things right. you can contact a lawyer and law enforcement, especially if you think a camera was concealed to invade your privacy. >> 6:26. coming up next, the top stories, including the triple digit temperatures. tracking just how hot it will get where you live. overlooking the bay bridge, drivers, have you been paying your tolls? if not, you may have to pay some hefty fines. today is the day the house committee will reveal to the american public what it has found so far. we have a preview.
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right now at 6:30, a crackdown on unpaid tolls. the reason tens of thousands of bay area drivers may face hundreds of dollars in penalties and fines. what is at stake if you don't pay up. 18 months after the january 6th riots, bracing for new details on that day. what you need to know ahead of the hearings. a renewed chance for justice. the district attorney, one bay area family is hopefully their son's killer will receive due
6:31 am
process. live on amazon fire, apple tv and online. a very good thursday morning to you. >> time to get a look at the forecast u today. tracking that heat that we're expecting. talking about this all week. it starts today. hotter temperatures moving into the bay area. walnut creek, we're nice and cool now. try to get in those indoor activities and pack that water bottle so you can stay hydrated as we head toward the 90s today with a mostly sunny sky. we'll see upper 90s in fairfield today while santa rosa will see 94, down to morgan hill into the low 90s. not bad yet for san francisco, it will be uncomfort tomorrow
6:32 am
for those without air- conditioning. we'll talk about that and the events going on and when that cooler air arrives in the forecast in a few minutes. micah has been keeping us updated with what is happening with the commute. that's coming up. >> thank you. a live look at the bay bridges which are bound to be more crowded today. bart has some earlier, running this morning. there's going to be some hold up there with the lines later. if you are bracing for that, and when it comes to those tolls that you pay, if they arrive by mail, you have to start paying up if you haven't paid already. the bay air toll authority is planning on cracking down on those violaters. >> there's a lot of money to collect here. >> reporter: that is right. we're seeing that the bridge authority is planning to collect $50 million in unpaid bridge tolls and about $130
6:33 am
million in late payment fees. the group says most of these bills stem from when drivers crossed the bridge during covid, no toll booths because the attendants were not there. a lot of people negligented to mail in the bills. 96,000 drivers have outstanding fees and late fees. 101,000 drivers owe 101 to $114. some will receive calls from collection agencies if they owe more than $1,600. they are concerned with those who are barely making it since lack of payment could lead to a hold on your license.
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today in the bay. nearly a year and a half after the u.s. capitol was attacked leaving 5 dead, america will hear detail on the investigation later today. it is set to play out at the very building where the riot took place. >> prime time viewing for most americans tonight. >> carried by every network except fox. a 5:00 start for us. what we think you will see is a very carefully produced clear and stomach churning program of video documenting how trump supporters went to the capitol and i said well produced. many of the same people working with or on the house committee worked on the second
6:35 am
impeachment on trump. the videos and presencations put together by the impeachment committee stunned a nation. >> this is video from the house impeachment committee of the same event. trump was impeached but not removed from office. we know much of it already, through trump's own words and actions, he insisted he won the election, there were no irregularities. he told the crowd, they should march to the capital and he would go with them, though he did not. to paraphrase something, the vast majority of americans watched the videos, have a good grasp on what happened just like they do 9/11. there's going to be those who
6:36 am
don't believe it. it's the goal of the select committee is to convince them it will probably fail. brooks warns we don't need a committee to regurgitate what happened, with need a committee that preserve democracy in 2025. the peaceful transfer of power all attacked on january 6th. we know it, we saw it. the question for congress and the courts, what are you going to do about it? what safety wheels to make sure we continue as a democracy and not as a mob. they will include live coverage at 5:00. it's prime time on the east coast. nbc bay area news airs at 4:30. thank you. 6:36, a story you only see here on nbc bay area.
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a san francisco family speaking out following the recall of jasay is personal. jose antonio lopez died a year ago. this is when someone shot him in the head as he was walking out of a liquor store. they charged the 17-year-old for his murder. they refused to treat the suspect as an adult. >> he was going to be sentenced as a minor. we are hoping to get justice for my brother. >> he is on his way out and hoping changes will be made to give other families the justice his brother deserves. the problem is just trying to get there, the trial supposed to resume on tuesday. it didn't, but expected to
6:38 am
resume today. a juror came down with covid and the added concern is that other jurors were exposed. they plan to call another two witnesses to the stand before wrapping up its defense. convicted founder elizabeth holmes not expected to testify. looking outside, san jose, while it will be hot here, it won't be the only place feeling the heat across the bay area today and tomorrow. tracking that weekend forecast and we are going to have a hot one. a hot start to the weekend as you make plans. maybe you want to plan them around the temperatures and today. the shot at the golden gate bridge. if you go to the livermore parade, it's in the mid-80s. it's starting to warm up there. eventually, headed for the
6:39 am
upper 90s saturday afternoon as the festivities continue around livermore and it's going to be cooler in san francisco, wrapping up the weekend on sunday, we'll have temperatures here in the highs reaching up to 68 degrees. so not bad at all. in napa valley, it's going to be very hot on friday, saturday pretty hot and look at the changes on sunday, pe70s, more and maybe a couple of spotty light showers moving through. we will see a big difference from one part of the weekend to the next. we're just trying to make it to work this morning. how is it looking for the commute? >> on the bart lines, as marcus pointed out, bart is back in service, the trains are running in recovery mode as we look at the live look. trains are running again in
6:40 am
recovery mode system-wide. some folks are already on the alternate rout and have to complete it. they are using this, and have to pay everybody and go back to normal. the ways are normal now. lighter than normal because we are looking at a summer schedule for a lot of folks. one does have a lane and the express lane blocked. no major injuries. closed to see the activity there. looking ahead for traffic around the park, just the giants game tonight this afternoon at 12:45, the game th a quick look the bay bridge, getting across the bridge, traffic toward the toll plaza. and it looks like the roadways are running fine. back to you.
6:41 am
thanks, mike. a military crash in southern california leaves many unanswered questions. the reaction from residents who live near the base where there's now major concern. the markets have been opened about 10 minutes or so, down a little bit. looking at the big board. stocks falling as the yield is pushing higher. at the garden in boston. what the coach is saying about the injuries, that's coming up later in sports
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good thursday morning to you. it is 6:43. let's check out a really nice and comfortable day. we'll head for the upper 60s and low 70s in half moon bay. the coastal areas staying nice and talking about the wide range in temperatures and where we hit over 100 degrees in the forecast. that's coming up. and the toll plaza loosening up a little bit. the bart training are running again. hopefully people are back to the rails. but they are all running again. we'll show you there is slowing coming up. 6:44 now, developing, the
6:45 am
u.s. military still not confirming the numbers of dead after a military crash in southern california. four of the five marines onboard have died. it happened east of san diego. it was in the third marine air force. people are feeling for the crew member's family. >> my nephew was in the navy, even out of deployment, you always feel like you're with them. >> at this time, the military will only confirm there were 5 marines onboard. right now, there's still no word about how it happened. quarter to 7 now for warriors fans the pain may still be there this morning, but have to give boston a little bit of credit. they took the best shot and
6:46 am
took control in the fourth quarter grabbing a lead in the finals. >> a big concern is whether steph curry will carry over to tomorrow's game 4. more for us from boston. >> good morning. in boston; the warriors rally from 18 down but could not hold onto the lead. boston beats golden state in the finals. boston was walking. clay thompson trying to work his way out of the slump. he dropped 15 first half points. despite playing with four fouls, he leads that patented third quarter charge. it gives golden state a 1-point lead but the celtics regain control in the fourth.
6:47 am
both beets golden state 116- 110. celtics lead the series two games to one. a foot injury steph curry suffered in the fourth quarter. same thing i did in boston in the regular season. not as bad. >> no concern for steph? >> i didn't say that. the injury didn't force him out of the game. i took him out because we were not going to catch up. >> going to be some pain, but i'll be all right. figurer out how it feels tomorrow and get ready for friday. >> they have little time to regroup before game 4 on friday. i'm anthony flores for today in the bay. looking for this weekend, friends and family in oakland just named as one of the 50 best bars in america. coming in at number 33.
6:48 am
the woman and queer owned cocktail bar first opened in 2020. cheers to them. might have to stop over to have a little responsible drink. going to be a hot one out there. >> you want to stay hydrated, maybe one alcoholic beverage and the rest is water, right? make sure you're getting all of those fluids in over the next couple days as we talk about the nice and cool start this morning. when the temperatures are in the 50s and low 60s, that's when you want to get in that run and the outdoor activities. i don't want to see you running when it's 100 degrees outside. looking at the morning commute, we're in the 60s to start at 7:00. we're at 77 degrees at 10:00. these temperatures heat up so fast by 1:00 and in the upper 80s reaching into the 90s today. san jose headed for 87 degrees while oakland sees a high of
6:49 am
83. 75 in 75, with reach the peak of the heat tomorrow. looking at the forecast, san francisco. dublin will see a high of and fairfield reaching 105 degrees. livermore reaching 97 degrees. saturday, it's hot in the valleys and warm near the coastline. we will see the heat advisories going up for friday. and the excessive heat warning in effect because we'll be above 100 degrees for several hours. you want to make sure that you're staying hydrated and paying attention for signs of heat-related illnesses. we're headed to 100 degrees which may tie the high tomorrow. livermore reaching 101, the record is 102. we'll be close. by the end of the weekend, some big relief coming our way in
6:50 am
the form of rain near by. we can see it in the north bay while we get the nice cooldown and we're back to dry weather as we get once again those unusual showers coming through. we're looking at temperatures in the low 80s on sunday. that's my pick of the weekend. saturday is still hot. we have to make it through the couple of days with temperatures in the 90s and 100 degrees. san francisco is going to be warm reaching 75 degrees and 80 tomorrow which is uncomfortable for those without air- conditioning. we catch the breeze and upper 60s on sunday. what is the update now on the morning commute? you can go out to the bart station and get picked up by a train. one person running and may have a couple extra seconds. the schedule will be different as we look at the grid.
6:51 am
major delays system wide. you're in recovery mode which may be an issue for folks getting on the trains. the travel time is probably about the same. traveling on your other routes and county connection, they're offering mutual aide. they stop at the end of the show. looking over toward the rest of the bay, congestion points, the lighter traffic because it is toward that summertime traffic. that might be one of the reasons it could be for the outage again. get on the rails again. you don't have to hit the roads. there's a slow down here. the biggest jam-up because of a crash. southbound 80 around 238 and the express lanes. waiting for a tow truck for the motorcycle. no injuries. probably the worst.
6:52 am
>> thank you. happening now, walnut creek gun owners must make sure that the firearms are locked up. that's under a new rule passed this week. they must have their guns in a locked container or gun box. the fine for those with unpaid bridge tolls. the fines you could expect to pay. a south bay church destroyed by flames and they believe they have the man who did it in custody. what the pastor says about moving forward.
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6:55 this morning. welcome back, we're moving you forward this morning >> the hearing on the january 6th capitol scene. today will be a very different scene. the actions of trump will be the focus tonight as they present their findings. they plan to present new evidence. among those expected to testify, the law enforcement officer injured and a british film maker that followed far right extremists as they
6:56 am
stormed the capitol. live coverage at 5 p.m. bay area news airs at 4:30. >> an arson suspect has been arrested after a fire gutted a san jose church. >> police say they believe they have the right person in custody. he is a homeless man who witnesses say started that fire yesterday afternoon. this is the st. paul's united methodist church. the church dates back to the 1950s. it was gutted by fire. the church organ destroyed. the pastor says that the community is resilient. >> we are daily dealing with mental health issues and homeless issues and our philosophy is to walk into it
6:57 am
and be a solution to those issues. >> the pastor says that neighboring churches reached out and offered their building so that the church can continue to hold services. the man arrested will be charged with felony arson. 6:57 now, covid cases now reportedly nearing levels not seen since january in san francisco. it is nearing 15%. during the winter surge, it was less than 19%. this graph may give you an idea. those represent the two new subvariants. a live look at the bay area bridges this morning, if you're holding off on paying any bay
6:58 am
bridge toll bills, that may arrive by mail, the toll authority is planning to crack down to collect $50 million in unpaired tolls. it includes $130 million in late fees. 400,000 drivers have late fees up to $88. -- pay up. >> nice live views out there. let's take one from the south bay this morning. sun is up over the bay area. warming things up. that's for sure. tracking this trend of hotter temperatures. temperatures in our inland falllis headed for 96 degrees today. and even hotter tomorrow reaching 100, a few spots above
6:59 am
100 degrees. we're still going to high heat for the start of the weekend, take a look into next week. we may have some rain close by for parts of the north bay and spotty showers, warming up to 80 in san francisco. we'll see milder weather for the end of the weekend. that's what we're looking forward to even though we want to enjoy our weekend. mike. unfortunately, those temperatures reflect approach the summer, also so does the traffic. slowing right here, oakland, south 880 blocking a lane and the express lane around 2:30. it's not bad for the rest of the traffic flow. 87 and 101 barely coming in. it's a later, lighter flow in the south bay. a quick look. the roads have been relatively slow. we have the bart station. trains are back in service
7:00 am
after this morning's service. >> all right. let's hope things pick up out there. >> not traffic-wise. picking up with bart but not the traffic. back at 7:25 with a live update. >> don't forget to join us for the newscast. today show is next. have a great one. the insurrection. televised live coast-to-coast in prime time, this morning the evidence and the evidence and videos that will be revealed for the very first time, was at stake for both parties, and the potential impact they could have on the minds of american voters. we are live with everything you need to know about this historic event.


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