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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 11, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, it is not just california. drivers nationwide feel pain at the pump. plus, if you choose to fly this summer, there is one less covid requirements to worry about. the change is coming at midnight for airports around the country. but first tens of thousands protest violence, a message for lawmakers. the news at 5:00 start right now. thanks for joining us, i am terry mcsweeney. the unrelenting toll of gun
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violence in america called tens of thousands of people across the country to stand together. they have marched for change in the wake of several recent mass shootings. this is a view of some of those demonstrations, here. we have oakland, l.a., new york, and chicago. they were everywhere. march for our lives started in 2018 after the parkland shooting. this year, they are marching for uvalde, buffalo, and many others. people at home demand congress take action. nbc bay area -- coverage from san francisco. >> reporter: today's message was simple and clear. protesters here at san francisco a more needs to be done to protect you against the threat of gun violence. they want that cry heard across the nation. >> we need to let them know they will be voted out if they do not increment common sense gun reform. >> reporter: people here say they will not get tired of fighting for new gun laws or of rallying to call attention to the issue. there have now been about 250 mass shootings in 2022 alone.
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firearms are now the leading cause of death of children in the country. >> moms are terrified to send our kids to school. it should be safe. our stores, our theaters, our churches should all be safe. >> we will not stop at anything to make sure our voices are heard. >> reporter: more important, organizers, students and teenagers, are sending a message all the way to washington, d.c. >> we are trying to show politicians that if you do not implement federal gun reform, we will vote you out and replace you with someone who will implement federal gun reform to protect students in the future. >> reporter: this seven cisco kindergarten teacher said her school had an active shooter threat shortly before the tragic shooting in uvalde. since then, it has been difficult for her not to live in fear for her students. >> is at the front of my mind every moment with my students. -- how we can advocate for change for them, because they deserve better. >> reporter: san francisco's
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board of education says they will use this summer to continue securing campuses and planning solutions for the district 49,000 students. >> we need to listen a little more to them. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. the rally in parkland drew thousands -- also demanding new gun laws. 2018, a teenage gunman opened fire at a high school there, killed 17 people. students who survive the parkland massacre organized march for our lives. >> people say that most -- take a long time until changes made. 10 years since the sandy hook shooting and four since the parkland shooting seems like a pretty long time to me. >> reporter: in all, there were more than 400 marches across the country today. one we have not seen often, the rising count of mass shootings this year. -- have counted 254 as of today. archive has tracked gun violence for years, counting
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mass shootings as at least four people shot and killed, not including the shooter. >> president biden called on congress to act, he spoke on the tarmac as he prepared to leave l.a. this morning. >> yes, keep marching, supporting. -- cover election issues. the way people listen -- congress -- my vote. too many people are dying. -- the house and senate -- most important -- all needs to be done. the idea -- anyway. the senate went to the weekend break without a gun reform deal, but senators on both sides of the aisle said he planned to meet virtually. they are optimistic an agreement can be reached soon. issues like mental health funding and school safety are relatively set. better background checks and red flag laws are still being
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discussed. -- allow families and please others to petition courts to keep firearms out of the hands of people deemed dangerous -- update as soon as a finalist. more updates on the market on our website. national rallies on gun violence, you can find those articles on our homepage. turning to microclimate weather coverage, let's go outside. a last look at san francisco. another hot day across the bay area. more weather whiplash on the way. watching some of those changes, cooling changes at least now, cooling into the 90s. remember the same places yesterday there were over 100? fairfield 92, san jose -- 60s and 70s in san francisco. this map shows it is indeed cooler outside. does not feel much like it yet. but by tomorrow -- you will really notice temperatures coming down. a little windy right now, 15 to
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25 miles per hour wind, -- he advisory for the bay area yesterday, that will move up, but in its place, the weather whiplash terry referred to, humidity and clouds for tomorrow. look at that, coming to the bay area tomorrow, this brings opportunity for isolated showers as part of the sunday forecast, and perhaps substantial rain for the northern sierra on sunday. cooler changes just around the corner, much cooler than we saw today, but muggy conditions for sunday. a closer look at who has the best chance of showers in the forecast coming up in about eight minutes. back to you. >> more heat on the way. better keep track of this in your neighborhood. on your phone, you can do it easy. download our app for personalized forecast and whether it was. tarmac pumping gas continues to get more painful across the country. now for the first time ever, the nationwide average for one gallon of gas has hit five dollars. according to aaa, the national
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average jumped $.19 in the past week. there are several reasons for the surge in gas prices, according to aaa. travel demand is up, oil prices are rising, compounded by sanctions against russia. at the pump hurt even more for drivers in california, as you know. the average price here is $6.43, for a gallon of regular gas. by midnight, another covid retirement is going away. cdc will drop mandatory covid test for incoming travelers. u.s. will join several other countries, like the uk. this comes after months of pushback from airlines and the travel industry. cdc says they will review the decision in three months, and change if a new variant poses concern. >> a triumphant return, there is now a moving tribute to victims of the a.i.d.s. epidemic in golden gate park this weekend. nearly 3000 handstitched panels of the iconic a.i.d.s. memorial quilt are on display. it is the largest display san francisco has ever seen.
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all of this to mark the 35th anniversary of the quilt, which has been stored on the east coast for the past two decades. it is now officially back in the bay area, where the project started. each block tell the story of a person who died from a.i.d.s. >> reporter: 35 years ago, this week, the first panels were made during the darkest days of the pandemic. it is now grown to over 50,000 panels, with 110,000 names stitched within, made with love, out of protest, for action, and to remember the names of those lost to a.i.d.s. >> any who would like to see this display can stop by between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., golden gate park. it is robin williams meadow. people celebrated 10 years of pride on the peninsula today. hundreds of lgbt members and supporters met at downtown san mateo this afternoon. there was a dj on the turntables, food trucks, vendors , rainbow flags draped everywhere.
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organizers were not able to create an in person event for the last two years, so they use this year to make sure everyone knows they are still here and still proud. >> really impressive, our 10 year anniversary. we are still here and still proud. we are just happy to be in this space. >> this year's event was smaller than past celebrations. organizers spread it out further, and held entirely outdoors, due to covid concerns. ahead, not your typical gun buyback, how oakland is taking firearms and making them into something new. the pandemic hurts, young worker young workers do not want to lose, we will tell you what it is. tarmac awaiting return of ocean air conditioning coming back to the bay area. we will talk more about some rare junior shower chances in the sunday forecast.
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athletic director for university of san francisco has retired, after director joe mcdermott made the announcement yesterday. she has sent six years at usf, appointed to position in 2019. mcdermott steps down as the university pays lawsuits involving several of the school's sports teams. after a shooting at a south bay library earlier this week, trying to take that space back. two suspects are in custody. shooting inside the hillview library in san jose left families, as you can imagine,
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scrambling for safety. today, organizers put together a community event to reclaim that building, you can see peace, love, and other symbols written in chalk on the sidewalk in front. >> is not your ordinary gun buyback event in oakland today. people turned in firearms at -- ministries on industrial boulevard. they knew what would happen to the guns they no longer wanted. these weapons would be melted down and forged into gardening tools. garden tools, yeah. the guns to god's program is modeled on similar programs around the country. bus routes in the east bay are making changes for summer. east bay transit services reforming several lines starting tomorrow. will provide earlier and later right on some lines, starting at 6:00 in the morning, ending at 11:00 at night. also, while school is out, all school day trips will be suspended for the next few months. with summer finally here, it is also finally vacation season. for many workers, the idea of unlimited vacation or paid time off sounds like a dream, right? yes. but turns out, clocking out
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with no limit is not always what it is cracked up to be. -- has the story. >> reporter: summertime. warm weather, slower pace, and of course, vacation season. workers, that means clocking out and taking their time off. but budgeting those vacation days can be kind of tricky. this is why one workplace benefit team tried unlimited vacation. it is a perk more and more young workers are looking for during the pandemic. in a 2022 harris poll for fortune, over 70% of jen z and millennial workers said unlimited pto was a benefit that would be important to them, with some going as far as saying they would even sacrifice a higher salary for unlimited time off. what does unlimited pto actually look like for folks who have it? let's start with the positives. it is a way to address a major issue many workers have struggled with over the past two years: burnout. >> i did a lot of studies about how much time people are taking off. they were only taking off, on
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average, 7 to 8 days. that is not very much. >> reporter: dean of local talent at linkedin. she helped usher in unlimited pto at the company seven years ago. >> in the old model, you have to earn your vacation a little bit at a time in order to be able to take it. with unlimited pto, there are no waiting periods like that. the reception has been great. i think if we tried to take it out there would be -- >> it all sounds simple enough, right? but there is another piece of the equation. do folks who have unlimited vacation actually use it? >> admittedly, i do not take a ton of days off in the first place. >> reporter: david vetter works at a fortune 500 company that offers unlimited pto. he says when it comes to actually taking advantage of that benefit, it all depends on the attitude of the workplace. >> my manager is actually pretty up front with us saying, hey, you have this time. please use it. >> if people do not see the
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manager taking time off, or they feel there is a frown when they asked for time off, that makes them not want to do it. >> it is not lost on me, i do not think it is lost on anyone else. i do think about, like, you say it is unlimited, but if i really take advantage of that, other going to be repercussions on the back end? >> i have got to tell you, on a day like this, unlimited time off, give me several of these in a row i will take them all. a great summer day. >> san jose was beautiful today. a good day to be down there, we had 80s. >> five will make a bit of a comeback, and we are starting to cool down a little. if you do not want to leave the valley, we will certainly see cooler conditions tomorrow right now, 84 degrees in san jose, northwood at 21 miles per hour, also breezy out to dublin, where it is 88, currently. we were near 100 degrees this
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time yesterday, now seeing more fog. that is a sign of the cooling from the ocean ac, making a bit of a comeback. 67 degrees in san francisco, westwind at 14 miles per hour. most of the map is now in the 80s, a few 90s in land, most locations 5 to 10 degrees cooler than the same time yesterday. this pattern will continue tomorrow, as our in land highs will be mostly 70s and 80s. though with increasing humidity, which is the reason why, for the first half of the day, morning and mid-day, there could be a chance of a few showers. morning temperature starts off in the 60s. around lunchtime, muddy conditions outside, 70s around san jose. from center to go to oakland, 60 to low 70s. as the wind picks up around 4:00 sunday, in land highs, now 70s and low 80s. the temperature was, things are coming down, but the humidity is about to come up. we will look at that again in about 30 seconds. right now, wind speed is something also to watch tomorrow, they will be stronger than we have seen today.
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by 5:00 tomorrow evening, 25 to 30-mile-per-hour winds, that will push the humidity out, but it will be dusty and cooler for sunday. you sought clouds around the golden gate bridge. not much there yet. santa cruz, still in the sunshine. pacifica and half moon bay into foggy conditions. here is an interesting view. this does not look like june, when you consider we have a weather system here that is approaching the coast, bringing a good chance of showers, and yes, boosted by the atmospheric river component. it is going to make the airfield moist outside. we had that last weekend, had pretty good rain in the north bay. we had half an inch to one inch of rain. this time around, it will not do that, but it could be enough to measure at least for a few parts of the north bay, around santa rosa and down toward kaplan bay. it is the coastal mountains and the north bay mountains, in that subtropical muggy air that potentially could ring out some extra raindrops. we will watch that around midday on sunday, then skies should start to clear.
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so, the best window of opportunity for finding showers will be sunday morning, around 10:00. you can see around sonoma county, and then by 2:00, passing through the central bay, then the skies start to clear, and winds pick up heading into sunday evening. and that system moves out, the other half of the weather whiplash is a warming trend for tuesday and wednesday. right now, looks like for today, we can see highs. similar to what we had today, i noticed fort fairfield, but then by wednesday, the 90s come back just like that. the seven-day forecast, once again, going from cooling and muggy tomorrow to some warming we will have to watch. notice today, we put the dry hills as a notice, because we could see northwind in the interior of northern california. we have to watch that for fire danger as temperatures start to climate. then cooling, should be windy and much cooler again toward the end of next week. so, june is really not behaving much like june, with shower chances and cooling as opposed to long, prolonged heat. that is good news. we could certainly use the
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extra shower. >> you mentioned last weekend, june has more rain for the bay area then february did, which is bizarre. >> looking ahead a little bit, we keep doing this 100 degrees, 75, rain here, rain there. >> what is interesting about the end of the week, thursday and friday, you see the cooling as we head toward next weekend. there is a chance there might be more showers across northern california again. with respect to tomorrow's weather systems, the bay area will not see much, just half an inch to one inch of rain in the northern sierra. for parts of the state, that is a short-term good news for fire danger to get that much range. >> buys a little time, right? thank you. >> a few days ago, a gas station went up in flames in the north bay. today, firefighters are giving us an update on the case. they are saying it was no accident. story when we come back.
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uc berkeley has some major new bragging rights when it comes to astrophysics. follow me on this one. researchers, using gravitational microlensing, believe they have found a free- floating black hole in the milky way. the big deal is, this would mark the first time a black hole has actually been directly observed. until right now, they have been only theoretical. part of the reason black holes are so hard to detect is they are invisible without the light of a nearby star. international team that maybe discovery was run by uc berkeley graduate, casey lamb. >> following up on a fire we reported earlier this week,
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video showing a chevron gas station up in flames, happened wednesday in the town of anglin, east of calistoga. firefighters brought under control in just 15 minutes, with no one hurt. today, though, fire department says they tracked down a 22- year-old man who they say is the one who started the fire. he has been booked on one count of felony arson. >> president biden continues continues his trip to the west with a new focus: wildfires. >> how do you describe the housing crisis? answer comes from nbc bay area. want to capture one of the issues of our time but as a local news station, i am so proud honor nbc bay area for the peabody award.
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president biden left los angeles and traveled to new mexico today, to be briefed on wildfires burning in that state. the massive fires could be easily seen from airports, you see them right there. the hermits peak fire and the -- canyon fire have now emerged. they are responsible for burning more than 300,000 acres, the largest fire in the history of new mexico. president biden says the federal government is committed to helping the people of new mexico through this emergency. >> governor, let me be clear. we are here for you and response and recovery and will be for as long as it takes. >> reporter: the fire started as a controlled burn. look at it now. so far, 1200 homes have burned, tens of thousands are evacuated. an outreach program is being awarded for helping survivors displaced by the l and u complex fire in the north bay. that fire burned more than 300,000 acres back in 2020.
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now outreach program is being recognized with a national award. county supervisors say the program was quickly able to help all 500 people displaced by that fire with proper living situations and resources for debris removal to repair for rebuilding. >> we are tracking another shortage, this one affecting women. details when we come back in a moment. another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place.
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thank you, for joining us on this special edition of nbc bay area. across the area people are marching for change.
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we spent the day on the national mall. let's go to washington. >> reporter: from coast-to- coast, americans say, enough is enough on gun violence. >> why are politicians scared of the backlash from the nra? >> reporter: in a nationwide rally led by a group of people that was started after parkland. >> calls for gun reform were united by a string of mass shootings in texas where 19 students and two teachers were gunned down. >> my students at the end of that gun, what will i do if that happens tonight? >> reporter: in buffalo new york a teenager killed 10 people in a supermarket. >> there is a lot of grief in


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