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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 13, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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let's make a deal. republicans and democrats come together on the framework of new gun legislation. we'll tell you what's in and what's out new details this morning on the alleged plot by a group of white nationalists called the patriot front including the arrest of their leader we're just hours from round two of the democrat-led january 6 hearings including today's witnesses and expectations stock futures are down big time this morning following friday's 800-point drop on the dow. we'll check in with cnbc's steve sedgwick for a read on the week
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ahead. honoring retiring teachers with students from across the years. let's get your week started off right. "early today" starts right now good morning i'm phillip mena >> glad you're with us i'm frances rivera extreme heat is fueling a fire emergency in the southwest the pipeline fire has forced evacuations north of flagstaff, arizona, after burning about 5,000 acres in 24 hours. one man has been arrested for violating a burn ban while that fire is investigated this comes as arizona sees record high temperatures, like 114 degrees in phoenix now, the extreme heat will move in the hundreds more cities this week let's turn to nbc meteorologist michelle grossman who is tracking that heat wave. hi, michelle good morning >> good morning to you both. we're looking at record setting heat we're looking at dangerous heat and historical heat over the next few days. temperatures feeling like 115 in a lot of spots we do have heat alerts stretching from the southwest to the upper midwest, to the great
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lakes. a big part of the country under some sort of heat warning. we're looking at 54 million americans affected this morning and as we go throughout wednesday. this is going to be a big story over the next couple days. that jet stream is so far to the north it's opening the door to the summer like heat we'll see heat index values climbing as high as 110 to 115 that's how it feels on your body and how you need to dress the next few days in nice loose layers we're looking at records being broken in 25 states, a big part of the country, looking at warm air. dangerous heat today lots of 100s out there going to be 90s, 100s, feeling like 110, 115 in many spots. dallas 101 today, 101 in st. louis, 99 degrees in augusta feeling warmer tomorrow we look at temperatures into the upper 90s 98 degrees in minneapolis. 97 in chicago. st. louis 101. and 98 degrees in charleston and then we're going to be above average really the rest of the week, so temperatures not much better in new york city by
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friday we're looking at still the upper 80s. we'll talk more about this heat, this heat is going to spark some storms as well we'll talk about that coming up. >> michelle, we'll talk to you soon today marks three weeks since 19 children and two teachers were killed by an assault rifle. the public outcry may have pushed senators into action. a bipartisan group reaching a framework for gun safety laws. nbc's brie jackson joins us from washington, d.c. brie, good morning what made the cut and what didn't >> reporter: good morning, philip they are saying it is the most significant gun safety legislation to pass congress in decades. the frame work reached yesterday would enhance background checks for 18 to 21-year-olds, incentivizes states to implement red flag laws, includes new funding for school safety, mental health and telehealth it would also clarify who is licensed to sell a firearm and
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penalize straw purchases but here's what's not in the deal it would not ban semi-automatic weapons or high capacity magazines, and it would not raise the age to buy assault weapons. it would also not apply universal background checks. ten republican senators have signed onto this framework senate republican leader mitch mcconnell is not one of them he did issue a statement supporting the negotiations, though not necessarily the final product. meanwhile, senate majority leader chuck schumer called it a good first step. >> for the first time in close to 30 years, congress seems ready to reject the vice-like grip that the nra has had on the congress and move forward to meaningful gun legislation >> reporter: and now senate staffers will have to write a bill that gets 60 votes in the senate phillip? >> all right, brie jackson for us brie, thank you. police have charged 31 members of a far-right group of a conspiracy to riot they were all pulled out of a
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u-ha u-haul van on saturday police said they were headed to a pride celebration. a 911 call may have thwarted violence in a small town >> these guys stopped a u-haul full of dudes. >> reporter: a swarm of extremists i'd police say came to riot. zip tied and arrested from a festival >> we don't want violence from anybody. >> there was a smoke grenade there were multiple shields. >> reporter: coeur d'alene police saturday discovered the crowd crammed in a u-haul after a 911 caller described seeing a little army at a local hotel with masks on their faces and slogans like reclaim america on their shirts police charging all 31 with conspiracy to riot noting they planned to swarm several parts of coeur d'alene and carried paperwork similar to an operations plan that a police or military group would put together they traveled in from states all across the country, allegedly
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united by white nationalism. >> they appear to be affiliated with the group patriot front >> reporter: who is patriot front? >> patriot front is a white supremacist group, is anti-semitic, racist and homophobic to the core >> reporter: experts say the group formed following 2017's deadly unite the right rally in charlottesville, virginia. police in idaho working with the fbi. why coeur d'alene, idaho >> white supremacist group has deep roots in idaho. sometimes they'll choose small towns. less security, easy to show up, less resistance. >> reporter: amid pride month, events across the country now on edge knowing one small town may have dodged a violent confrontation. maggie vespa, nbc news the committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol is getting ready for round two of its hearings. lawmakers are expected to layout
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the case that former president trump knew that he lost the 2020 election and made an effort to spread disinformation. the witness list includes former trump campaign manager bill steppian, and former fox news political editor chris stirewalt. nbc's allie rafa has more. >> reporter: the january 6 committee revealing a key witness to testify former president trump's 2020 campaign manager bill steppian. the committee forcing him to testify by subpoena, safetying last move he supervised the conversion of the 2020 campaign operation into a disinformation campaign to overturn the election that messaging, they say, was then echoed by the rioters >> stop the steal. stop the steal >> reporter: former fox news political editor chris stirewalt also expected to testify >> i was asked to testify and i got to go. >> reporter: stirewalt coming under fire from the former president after defending the network's decision to call arizona for then candidate biden. the first major signal trump would lose his reelection bid.
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the hearing expected to focus on how the deadly attack on the capitol was no spontaneous riot, but the direct result of the former president's misinformation campaign. >> the president absolutely tried to overthrow the will of the people >> reporter: members confident their nearly year long probe has produced sufficient evidence for a criminal indictment. >> once the evidence is accumulated by the justice department, it needs to make a decision about whether it can prove to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt the president's guilt or anyone else's but they need to be investigated if there is credible evidence, which i think there is >> our thanks to allie for that report lester holt will lead nbc's special coverage of this morning's hearing starting at 10:00 eastern. sunday marks six years since the pulse night club shooting in orlando, florida a memorial service was held outside the massacre and other places around the city friends and relatives read out the names of those who were killed and one woman spoke to our orlando affiliate wesh about that moment.
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>> it's a special thing for my family, for myself, and for all of us to have that and so to be able to read those names, they're more than names they have their stories. >> 49 people were murdered at pulse on june 12th, 2016 the gunman was killed after a standoff with police after a two-year hiatus, the pride festival was back in full swing in los angeles thousands came out and even some members of nsync >> every step of the way our community is always attacked and trying to take our rights away you know, this is the time of year we always remind everyone that we're here, we're proud, and we're not going anywhere >> the first-ever permitted pride parade in the world was held in los angeles in 1970. and in d.c., vice president kamala harris made a surprise appearance, taking the stage and speaking against -- about the lgbtq hate and addressed the
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alleged far-right plot in idaho. let's go to michelle for the extreme weather. hi, michelle >> hi there. we're watching extreme weather with showers and storms. we're going to see some spots where we're looking at gusty winds later on this afternoon. zooming in a little closer this morning we're seeing some heavy rain, some storms through the dakotas, north dakota, south dakota we're looking at torrential rainfall and that will be the story throughout this afternoon as well. so 43 million americans at risk for severe weather today strong winds gusting to 75 miles per hour, damaging hail up to an inch or larger a few tornadoes are possible where you see the yellow that is the likeliest spot of seeing weather. indianapolis, columbus we're looking at the chance for severe weather for you today we're looking at the chance for locally heavy rainfall up to 3 inches in some spots, especially where you see the darker0s in parts of the south
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central states 101 in dallas today. 97 in oklahoma city. we'll talk more about the extreme heat, historical heat and the chance for severe weather. we'll talk about that coming up. >> mid june feeling more like late july. thank you, michelle. despite the rain, celebrations were in full swing for the return of the national puerto rican day parade. now in its 65th year commemorating the culture and heritage of puerto rico. dancers, musicians and artists marching along 5th avenue in new york city. more than a million people are estimated to be out there. its what the first in-person parade since the start of the pandemic "early today" is back in a minute with toby keith's private health battle. and nasa ames to explain the unexplainable.
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country superstar toby keith is givin battle with stomach ith announced hewas diagnose and is receiving treatment no mention has been made whether upcoming concerts will be canceled the red solo cup singer assured he is taking time to rest and recover with family and said he will see fans, quote, sooner than later sarah palin is one step closer to joining congress the former governor has advanced in a special primary to fill the house seat of the late congressman don young. palin leads the field of primary candidates who now move forward to the general election in august voters will use rank choice voting to determine who will serve out the final months of young's term the truth is out there and nasa wants to find it. the space agency says it is
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joining the search for ufos using science to try and explain those unexplainable sights in the sky. here's gadi schwartz >> reporter: nasa accepting a mission that so far has proved harder than landing a man on the moon now hoping to answer the mystery of ufos with a new study >> it's really exciting. it almost feels like opening a new book >> reporter: nasa's announcement opens with a new office set up at the pentagon for pilots identifying aerial facilities n -- phenomena in restricted space t. could include reviews of videos captured by civilians. >> what is going on now? >> reporter: up until recently sightings have gone unnotified, an object moving at extremely high speeds. >> have nasa be able to apply the scientific methods of this and really rule out what these
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aren't first and starting from there, it's huge >> reporter: nasa says they hope to eventually cross reference sighting with credible data with atmospheric records. as for what they are >> so far nasa says there is no evidence this is extra terrestrial life does that mean it's not extra terrestrial life >> i'm a scientist if somebody asks me if it's extra terrestrial life, at this time the simple answer is the right one, which is i don't know >> reporter: a promise to keep an open mind and boldly study what no space agency has thoroughly investigated before gadi schwartz, nbc news, los angeles. >> they find something, you'll hear about it. next on "early today," strap in for another roller coaster week on wall street how markets are holding up after friday's big sell off. and soaring food prices are eatingntfaly io mi budgets whether we could see relief over the summer
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[ bell ringing ] wall street is bracing for another bloodbath. nasdaq futures are down 2% on the heels of friday's sell off the index dropped 3.5% while the dow plummeted nearly 900 points after a hotter than expected inflation report the sell-off extended to the cryptomarket crypto market crashed to 25,000. the fed prepares for another interest rate hike this week cnbc's steve sedgwick is here to tell us what we can expect hi, steve. good morning >> yeah, good morning, frances good morning, phillip. i'm afraid the markets are not holding up they are not across the board. some of the highest biggest indices out there, the nasdaq off 30% from its record high the s&p down 19% from its record
4:20 am
high as phillip was saying, crypto getting a dropping at the moment, concerned about inflation, concerned about interest rates the big event for all our viewers this week is the fomc meeting, the hot inflation i'm af afraid could lead to much higher rates not only this time around, but to come. and higher food prices, we've seen increase in palm oil, in wheat, in sugar, in oats food, agriculture, organization food price index is saying that rice could be the next shoe to drop because rice has been relatively steady compared to all those other commodities that have gone through the roof that have led to our viewers having higher shopping bills. according to them, rice prices are keeping up -- creeping up, and substitution from wheat to rice is causing a bit of problem in that market as well i'm afraid to say there is no abating of storm from the markets. no abating of the storm for inflation and indeed for our food price as well it's not a great picture i'm afraid on a monday morning
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or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®... ask your doctor about tremfya® today. welcome back on this monday. lots to watch weather wise this week we're looking at record heat from new mexico to the upper midwest, carolinas and much of the south. also looking at the chance for severe weather in the ohio valley, great lakes into portions of mid east and north atlantic wet in the northern plains, the northwest looking at higher elevation snow there, too. as well. we're going to dry out in the northwest by wednesday a few storms in the upper midwest and extreme heat continues for much of us on wednesday. we're going to see heat indices near 115 for some of us by wednesday. the dangerous heat continues in the southwest. temperatures once again into the 100s and lots of sunshine in the northern plains on friday. back to you guys all right, michelle, thanks. next on "early today," students give an unforgettable sendoff to
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zyrtec. muddle no more. a lesson in saying thanks. kate snow has the special way students are letting their retiring teachers know just how much they matter >> reporter: as schools come to a close for this summer, students are surprising beloved teachers with hugs and high fives. special tributes [ cheers and applause honoring the dedication of educators who have decided to retire teachers like mercy, sheridan and dennis are just a few of so many who have led the way for generations of students.
4:27 am
>> i have been teaching for 43 years. >> 40 years. >> 50 years. >> reporter: so between the three of you you have 133 years of experience? >> it sounds like it >> yeah. >> reporter: when miami pre-k teacher mercy was closing out her career in april, she went to her favorite place, disney world. where her family and school helped stage a celebration she will never forget. there she is posing for a photo when all of a sudden current and former students gathered behind her. those kids from pre-k, many now all grown up >> i thought i was going to pass >> reporter: in grand rapids, mitch, this month, this is the month that moved teacher sheridan to tears when she decided to retire. >> which love dr. steelman >> it made me so happy >> thank you so much [ cheers and applause
4:28 am
>> reporter: appreciation like that also setting the stage for teacher dennis kerr's big sendoff. after four decades of making music, there was this surprise in may at the school band's last show in conway springs, kansas >> inspiration to us all >> reporter: first a former student joined him on stage. and then standing up in the audience dozens more he's helped guide in the classroom over 40 years. >> made you feel so good >> we love you >> reporter: bitter/sweet good-byes, marking new beginnings >> for any of you second guessing your decision now to retire >> no. >> no? >> no. >> i knew it was time. >> i think it's time for me to sit at the beach and enjoy the florida weather. >> reporter: sitting at the beach sounds nice, right, guys >> sounds great. >> reporter: so aside from the beach, dennis has a part-time job lined up at a local music store. both mercy and sheridan said they're going to be spending
4:29 am
plenty of time with their grand kids we wish all of them a happy reti retirement back to you. >> yes, with he do thank you, kate. after decades of sacrifice and influence. >> and all the lives they shaped along the way. to be able to come back and say hi i
4:30 am
it broke my ribs and caused internal bleeding. right now, a teenager recovering after she was shot with a pellet gun. the warning from her father and what we are learning. terrifying moments for people at a library. the reason why the hate crime investigation is underway after a group of men interrupted a scheduled story time.


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