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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  June 13, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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second day of the january 6th hearing focused on former president trump's effort to spread lies that he won the election. the testimony from many, including former attorney general bill barr. our political analyst breaks down what he heard today and how a bay area congresswoman helped make the case. also closing in on gun reform. the steps being taken by a bipartisan group of senators that the they say could save lives and how soon that could become a reality. and a brutal day for the stock market. the new low it dropped to and what the fed plans on doing about it. good afternoon. the news at 5:30 starts now. >> it's day two of the january 6th hearing focused on president trump's disinformation campaign in order to hang on to power.
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here's the details from washington. >> reporter: day two of the january 6th hearing focusing on donald trump's efforts to spread false information to overturn the 2020 election. >> millions of americans believed him. >> reporter: the committee today laying out a case that trump planted the seeds of fraud before election day and declared victory afterwards. >> the only way we're going to lose this election is if the election is rigged. remember that. >> frankly, we did win this election. >> reporter: fired fox news journalist who worked on the fox political desk during the night they called the election in arizona for trump described it this way. >> you're better off playing the powerball. >> reporter: the committee illustrating that despite advisor after advisor telling trump there was no widespread fraud, he continued to push the false claims. >> you can press a button for
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trump and it goes to biden. >> he said dead people are voting. indians are being paid to vote. we told him flat out much of the information he's getting is false. >> reporter: former attorney general bill barr debunking trump's claims including that dominion voting machines were rigged. >> he's detached from reality if he really believes this stuff. >> reporter: trump ignoring all but his then attorney rudy giuliani. >> they're bringing in thousands of ballots in garbage cans, in waste paper baskets and shopping baskets. >> reporter: the committee trying to prove the former president pushed a false narrative the remain in office and convince his followers they must fight to keep him there. while the committee claims there's ample evidence, there's undetermined if criminal charges will be brought against the former president. in washington, nbc news. >> so what's next here and who's actually paying
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attention to this? we bring in our political analyst larry. what are the key take aways from your mind today? >> the tapes of barr were not flattering to the president. remember, barr said at one time the president seemed totally detached from reality. the fox editor was very impressive because he talked about how arizona went ahead and called the election, and i think we can use that almost as a prototype for other states, which is very important if you're trying to discount the idea that the election was stolen by biden and the democrats. and finally, i think what's interesting at the end, was that the trump defense fund that was mentioned briefly, $250 million in that fund, and by the way, there's no accountability. trump and his people can use it for whatever they want. it does not have to go to fighting the election results or anything else. that's a lot of money to be going around and more still comes in all with this election is rigged type of stuff. >> yeah, three big take aways. we can talk all about this
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testimony, but if fox news and other conservative news outlets are not reporting or following the hearings, how do the truth and details get out? >> that's a good question. fox has its followers, and we know that almost all the followers who watch fox voted for donald trump and i'm not sure you'll ever get some of those folks because they're very dedicated. this is what they believe, and nothing is going to convince them otherwise. the question is beyond that, can you get the republicans who don't watch that? get them to understand. that's what this is all about. get the independents to understand what's going on. and you know, if the committee can let people at least see the facts, that's what's most important here. >> a bay area congresswoman was front and center today. is this her sweet spot and why
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she's on the january 6th committee? >> she has more experience in impeachment, and this is kind of related to impeachment, than any other member of congress. she was a staffer for watergate, a congresswoman for the clinton administration and two times with trump. no one has as much experience as lofgren, and she demonstrated the kinds of questions she asks and digging she did, she was digging for information people sometimes aren't willing to. >> they have five more scheduled meetings. can they win this case, and i don't know what win means here. what's the end game? >> well, win of course would be the hearts of the american people, to have them understand. we're not getting them to fry and vote differently. we want them to understand. but let me me give you one comparison to watergate.
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watergate had 237 hours of hearings. the committee met over 11 weeks. here we're talking about seven hearings, 14 hours, over 83 weeks. this is a big heel for these people to climb on what folks say is a much bigger problem, much more serious problem than we had in watergate. whether they can turn it in a short time remains to be seen. >> thank you for your time and analysis this evening. frame work for stricter gun safety laws is what senators from both parties decided on this weekend. it was enhance background checks for gun buyers 18 to 21 years old. the senators also agreed to help states take guns away from people deemed a threat, close a loophole that allowed some domestic abusers to buy guns despite a violent past, and provide money for school security and mental health. >> it is a substantial compromise that's going to stop a lot of suicides, a lot
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of homicides, and save a lot of lives in this country. >> undoubtedly there will be some further tweaks. we're continuing to meet. >> ten republican senators have signed on to the bipartisan compromise. a positive sign that it could get the 60 votes needed to become law. senators are pushing to vote on the bill in the next couple of weeks and get it to the president's desk by the end of july. today a scary scene at a summer camp in duncanville, texas. this is in the dallas-fort worth area. reports of an armed man at an indoor sports facility. when police arrived, they shot and killed the gunman. none of the 150 children, staff, or officers were injured thankfully. police have not yet revealed the name of the suspect or why he was carrying a gun at the facility. making it easier for teachers to carry guns in schools is the new law of the land in ohio. weeks after the massacre in texas, ohio's governor made a change.
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a new bill drastically reduces the amount of training teachers and staff need before they can have a firearm on school grounds. instead of 700 hours of training, they need 24. >> i'm directing the school safety center to require the maximum number of hours provided by the legislature which is 24. >> the measure also calls for eight hours of prequalification training, active shooter training, and first aid care. the teacher union and gun safety groups oppose the new law. from bad to worse, you probably know by now a rough day for the stock market. the s&p 500 fell nearly 4%, which is a new low for this year. the market is now down more than 20% from its all time high set in january. this comes amidst growing concerns of a recession and ahead of a federal reserve meeting this wednesday. the fed is expected to hike
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interest rates by a half percentage point. also rough for cryptocurrency. bit coin fell as much as 17%, wiping out $250 million across the market. they haven't seen their value this low since 2020. a budgeting nightmare in the bay. soaring gas prices got higher overnight. there was a gallon of gas for $7.15, above the state average of $6.43. to put things in perspective, a year ago it was $4.22. a lot of drivers say they're making changes in their daily routine like incorporating public transit. >> it's making me think about taking bart three days a week. there's a station right up the street that's within easy walking distance. >> some things you can try, use a gas finding app, pay with a gas credit card, and
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plot the most efficient route to your desantis in addition. locally and nationally we know hate crimes against asian-americans have been a big issue during the pandemic. today president biden signed a bill hoping to bring more support and celebration for asian culture. the bill would create a brand new museum, the national museum of asian-american history and culture. he hopes it inspires asian-americans to be more connected to this country's history. >> more than anything else, this will help people see themselves in the story of america, the story that makes us a better america and made us a better america. that's why it's so important to me that this administration looks like america. >> vice president harris was there and discussed her own asian-american background. her mother was born in india. she discussed the challenges facing asian-americans today. actress amber heard is opening up about the verdict in her defamation trial.
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tomorrow on the today show, she'll sit down with savannah guthrie. >> so you don't blame the jury? >> i don't blame him. i actually understand. he's a beloved character. and people feel they know him. he's a fantastic actor. >> the job is to not be dazzle by that. their job is to look at the facts and the evidence, and they did not believe your testimony or evidence. >> again, how could they after listening to three and a half weeks of testimony about how i was an uncredible person? >> hear more of the interview with heard tomorrow and on wednesday on the today show. well, we know the high cost of living here in the bay area. up next, another red hot expensive real estate market on the east coast, and how it's leaving people like here feeling priced out.
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we have a viewer get the gold star for patients, waiting more than 5 500 days for a refund she clearly deserved on day one. we're tracking some warmer weather today, also tomorrow. there's also a big change for the upcoming weekend. back with that in about six minutes.
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nbc bay area responds to a woman who was waiting for a refund for over a year and a half. she got chris chmura and his team to snap that streak. it was way too long. >> yes, way too long. kay paid go to gate $1,800 to fly two family members from bucharest to sfo in 2020, but she had to cancel due to covid. she expected go to gate to refund her. she called repeatedly to request her money back. a year and a half later, still
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no refund. so we contacted them. a representative said when nbc made us aware of the situation and immediately contacted air canada and refunded the customer. so that means kay gets back $1,843. we've been through this rodeo so many times since the pandemic started. we've learned online travel agents don't always deliver the service you expect, and that's a huge problem. when you buy a ticket from an agent, the airlines usually won't work with you for changes and refunds. why? because the airline expects the agents to do that job. if they don't, what's the point of the agent? so a word to the wise, shop around when buying airline tickets. see how much it is to buy directly from the air carrier. it might be the same price without that middleman.
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that's how i book my flights. contact us online, go to and click the respond button. >> we love our airline stories, and you're traveling this summer, so if something goes wrong, who are you calling? >> you! >> love it. we all call chris. regardless of the stock market crash, we know the bay area housing market remains red hot. same story for miami. tonight on nightly news, we're going to take you to the hottest real estate market in the country right now. it's beautiful there, but you have to pay for it. the influx of people seeking all that florida sunshine and loosened covid rules are fueling a staggering climb in rent. prices up almost 60% in miami. sam brock shares one family's jaw dropping rent surprise. >> reporter: at any point did the thought go through your head this might make our family homeless? >> absolutely. the first weeks i was
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absolutely frantic. >> hear what a landlord has to stay tonight on nightly news with lester holt at 6:30. and there's really no relief in sight on either coast. our investigative unit searched for answers on our own bay area housing crisis. watch the series overpriced, overwhelmed, overit. watch it on roku, amazon fire, or apple tv by downloading our streaming app or simply go to >> now even my old stomping grounds where i grew up is overpriced. jeff knows the area well too. >> yes, my parents in florida are saying the same. it's just getting so expensive like everywhere. okay, back to the bay area. if you're headed to san francisco maybe for some warriors action, you can see a little bit of haze off in the distance.
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it's cool. you will need a jacket. 67 degrees and also breezy. winds out of the west at 25. be ready for a little chill tonight. we're staying in the 60s throughout the next couple of hours. now, really, all across the bay area today it was beautiful. but we're going to see quick changes moving in this week. now, it's not going to be nearly as hot as what we saw last week, but i'm seeing high pressure build in tomorrow also for wednesday, and that's going to warm the temperatures up. i think overall as we begin tomorrow, we're starting to get pretty refreshing across the bay area. 58 in the peninsula, mostly sunny skies. no issues as you get behind the wheel to get going whether it's to drop to kids off at some sort of school or recreation or yourself to work, we're looking good in the tri-valley. 57 degrees. over to the north bay, 56 san francisco, 57 in the east bay. solid ten degree warm up, so in the south bay you'll see the numbers went from extremely comfortable today to maybe starting to feel that
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heat more in morgan hill with 88, cupertino 86. out to the east bay, thankfully no low 100s like last week, but up to 92 in antioch, hayward at 80. half moon bay 66, redwood city 82. san francisco at 73 in downtown, and head to the marina, the westerly wind at 17 miles per hour will have you at 67. and through the north bay, anywhere from 65 to 78. sonoma at 88. going on this warmer trend for two days. then by thursday, friday, and saturday a cooler system is going to be dropping in and temperatures going anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees colder thursday, friday, and saturday. with this system, i'm not seeing a big chance of any kind of rainfall, but i do see the potential of maybe some spotty drizzle through saturday morning throughout the bay area. we'll continue to update you on that as we get closer, but
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best rain chances look to be to the north of us. 74 in san francisco on wednesday, 66 on friday. 60s for the upcoming weekend, and through the inland valleys, warmer the next two days, and then 70s coming in friday, saturday 74. best day of the upcoming weekend. never too early to look ahead to the weekend. going to be on sunday, 82 and sunny skies. looks great for all the father's day celebrations that might be happening. >> sounds perfect. >> big sunday. jessica, maybe we can rent out your miami house. >> oh, yes, i wish i still had my miami house. god, i'd be sitting pretty. thank you. up next, high profile covid cases, now add the rolling stones to this. the band forced to cancel a concert after mick jagger comes down with covid. which world leader also has it.
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as the war intensifies on the eastern region of the country, ukraine is said to be
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losing 200 troops each day. their leaders are warning they're out gunned on the eastern front line where they're battling for the last major city still remaining under ukrainian control. ukrainians expected in next 24 to 48 hours to be critical as russian president vladimir putin tries to close in. the united states has been sending advanced weapon systems to ukraine, but they need training. the governor of new york signed several laws to protect those that provide abortion services and the women that may need the services. the supreme court justices are expected to release a ruling that could possibly overturn roe versus wade. the new laws in new york would strengthen a woman's access to abortions across that state and also protects women coming in from other states. >> reproductive freedom is a basic human right. let me say that again, a basic
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human right. >> here in california, state legislators are considering a package of 13 bills intended to help expand abortion care. canadian prime minister justin trudeau has covid again. this comes just days after meeting in person with president biden and other world leaders in la. the president took a photo with trudeau on friday and met with him as well. the prime minister said he feels okay right now because he's vaccinated. he also tested positive in february. rolling stones front man mick jagger also tested positive just hours before a concert in amsterdam today. they were forced to postpone the concert. the fan is touring europe to mark its 60th anniversary. okay, ready for some drama? game 5 of the nba finals. this is a live look. the lucky fans going in the arena. everyone else will be watching on the big screen.
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[announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! the stanford baseball team is headed to the college world series. this afternoon the cardinal beat uconn. hupp had the grand slam in the 4th inning to bust open the close game. stanford wins in the sunshine 10-5. they're one of eight teams that goes into the college world series, one of eight. they'll play arkansas this thursday in omaha, nebraska. the last time stanford won the national title was 1988. so congratulations, they are close heading to the college
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world series. okay, here's another reason to smile and grit your teeth at the same time. big night for the warriors. counting down to game 5 of the nba finals. the series tied at two wins apiece. >> did you say smile? it's too stressful! >> smile and grit your teeth! >> anthony is back from boston, but probably going back to boston in about 24 hours! how are you doing? >> reporter: i'm great! i'm here to make you all smile and relax for at least a minute 30. the nba finals is now down to a best of three series. the good news, the warriors have home court advantage. the warriors coming off a huge game 4 victory in boston. steph was incredible. that win tied the series at
5:59 pm
two wins apiece. historically, when it's tied 2-2, the game that wins game 5 goes on to win the championship 70% of the time. >> the finals are the finals whether playing or coaching. it's the ultimate competition in the world of basketball. there's a lot of nerves and excitement and stress and all that stuff. i think my experience as a player has definitely helped me to prepare to coach a team in the finals because i know what these guys are feeling. >> reporter: steve kerr has his team, i have mine. come on, guys! highlights coming up tonight on the news at 11:00. they're excited, game 5 minutes away. back to you in the studio.
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>> when did anthony get his own flash mob? oh my goodness! very well done. >> nice job, anthony. warriors and celtics, game 5 of this best of seven series. coming up now at 6:00 as pride month continues, the lgbtq community being harassed, including a frightening threat to a high profile state senator. >> it's just a matter of time before people get so riled up and brainwashed that they, that they act. >> what san francisco police are doing as pride parade nears. >> also we're learning more about that double murder-suicide that rocked a normally peaceful south bay neighborhood. what police are telling us about a security guard who was just trying to help. and the renewed effort to encourage latinos to vote when november rolls around. the news at 6:00 starts now. good evening and thanks for


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