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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 14, 2022 1:37am-2:07am PDT

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one more w. warriors just one win away from bringing another title here to the bay area. we'll hear from the fans, from the players, and steph curry's special message. also covid cases moving in the wrong direction again. the bay area is going through another up tick. we'll tell you why. and it's no joke. people in the south bay being shot with pellet guns leaving the victims with serious injuries. what list police are now saying about the trend. not quite how the warriors envisioned a win. an off night for steph curry, but in the end everyone was smiling. >> andrew wiggins the hero tonight, and the warriors could win the title come thursday night. they fly out to boston tomorrow, but first things first, the party at chase center tonight. cheryl hurd working the basketball beat. >> reporter: on friday i promise to wear my blue jacket for good luck, and they won.
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also on friday, steph curry put the team on his back with 43 points. tonight he only had 16, but his team came to play tonight and the fans were here to cheer them on. >> reporter: tonight the warriors fans going crazy when the dubs beat boston. the series now three games to two. >> we're going to bring another freaking thing to freaking san francisco! >> one more w! it's game 6 time! it's game 6 time! >> i told boston we got your number last game, we got y'all, it's over, we are champions! >> reporter: inside chase center, the arena was electric. the fans coaching from the team with the stands. >> so, so, so excited. i cannot wait.
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>> reporter: tony lindsey, a former santana lead singer starting things off with the national anthem. he feels like a good luck charm. >> i have a really good record with these guys. with a lot of anthem stuff i do. i hope i brought them good luck tonight. >> reporter: luck coming in all forms for the warriors. record executive and rapper jay z and his daughter were in the stands. this couple flying all the way from the big apple for the game. >> the way they revolutionized the game of basketball is unlike anything we've seen. we came all the way from new york to be here in chase center in san francisco. >> reporter: tonight it was party time. >> good warriors, baby! >> in draymond we trust! one win away! one win away! we believed from the beginning. >> reporter: and for these fans, it's good night for the celtics. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> reporter: i'm anthony flores at chase center. the warriors are a win away from winning the championship.
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reaction from thr game 5 victory over the celtics coming up later in sports. our other top story, who's doing it and why. another victim has come forward, a woman randomly shot by a pellet gun in an upscale part of san jose. in another case, a teenage girl severely wounded. here's the latest on the attacks happening in the south bay. >> reporter: san jose police are investigating trying to find out who's responsible, and tonight yet another victim is coming forward. she tells me she was shot by a pellet gun riding her bike in the same area. in her case she was shot on march in winchester just south of valley fair mall. she gave us this picture saying they hit her neck, wrist, and hip. she wouldn't go on camera, worried she could be targeted again. san jose police say they had similar attacks in recent days. >> my lungs felt like they were being compressed, and it hurt really bad.
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it was really hard to breathe. >> reporter: last friday, 15-year-old gianna was randomly shot in the back with a pellet gun. she had extensive injuries, including a fractured rib. the pellet is still lodged in her body. doctors told her it was too risky to remove it. she spoke with our marianne favro from the hospital. >> it collapsed my lungs, it almost hit my heart, it broke my rib and caused internal bleeding. >> very serious injuries. even though it's a pellet gun, it can do serious damage. >> reporter: gianna wasn't the only victim. >> i can confirm we're investigating at least another two pellet shootings over the last several days. we don't know if they're connected yet. >> reporter: they all happened within a couple miles of each other. the first attack was on a 42-year-old woman in a wal-mart parking lot on stevens creek boulevard. less than an hour later, a nine-year-old girl was shot in
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the back near west gate mall. gianna was discharged from the hospital and greeted at home by gifts from her friends. she still wonders why her. >> i don't know why anyone would like shoot me. >> reporter: and police say when they find the suspect, they'll be charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon. >> thank you. tonight a normally quiet neighborhood in north san jose is still reeling after a double murder and suicide. it happened around 1:00 a.m. sunday outside the upscale crescent village apartments. a husband and wife were arguing when a security guard intervened. then the man allegedly shot the guard, then his wife before turning the gun on himself. the couple's six children were inside one of the apartments. a neighbor says his wife heard the gunfire. >> she thought she heard shots
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and heard someone crying and wailing so she woke me up. >> police say the couple didn't have a reported history of domestic violence. their children are being cared for by a family member. new tonight, we're learning about an attack and robbery on a postal worker in the east bay. it happened this afternoon around 12:30 next to highway 24. authorities say the worker had to go to the hospital for treatment for her injuries. no word yet on how much was stolen and if it was mail or her own personal property. the search continues for a man who stole a care in oakland right in front of its owner. this is alice street in chinatown yesterday. you can see a man get out of his car while it was still running. that's when police say another man jumped in and drove off. the owner of the car actually tried to stop him, even getting dragged down the street for a bit, but he was unsuccessful. okay, we're talking guns and flame throwers all broken out during a family fight in
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san francisco. police say they responded to a fight on saturday between two members, family members, in the city's mid market neighborhood. police tell us one family member pistol whipped another family member. along with the arrest, police seized rifles, a hand gun, shot gun, and flame thrower. the flame thrower is the same kind that elon musk's company sold a few years ago. mixed messages about the bay area's current covid surge. last week covid experts were hopeful we hit the peak, but tonight cases are ticking back up. cases started to dip earlier this month. the bay area, though, now reporting nearly 4400 new cases a day. that's reported new cases. this is up 25% from the week before. we turn to a covid expert for some answers. >> it can be that we expected a delay in reporting from memorial day. i'm really looking at
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hospitalizations, and at ucsf we continue to be relatively flat if not going down by a few cases a day. >> the doctor added he thinks kids, on a separate note, that kids under the age of five, will be able to start getting covid vaccines as early as next week. day two of the january 6th committee focused today on establishing what it describes as the big lie. congresswoman loftgren played a key role in today's proceedings. she says president trump not only lied about election fraud, but also ripped off his supporters. >> the trump campaign used false claims of election fraud to raise hundreds of millions of dollars from supporters who were told their donations were for the legal fight in the court. but the trump campaign didn't use the money for that. >> the committee says former president trump used election falsehoods to create a movement that ended in the january 6th riot. here's more. >> reporter: the january 6th
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committee's second hearing today hammering home a single message. donald trump lost the 2020 election, and he knew it. >> as a result of his loss, decided to wage an attack on our democracy, and in doing so, lit the fuse that led to the horrific violence of january 6th. >> reporter: the committee relying on the taped testimony of top trump campaign staff who urged caution as election night returns showed joe biden winning. >> there are suggestions by, i believe it was mayor giuliani, to go and declare victory and say we won it outright. >> reporter: miller claiming giuliani was intoxicated, but his attorney says giuliani wasn't drinking at all. the trump campaign manager backing out of a live campaign appearance this morning after his wife went into the labor. instead, the committee played this video tape of him earlier saying he also disagreed with
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giuliani. >> ballots could be counted for days, and it was far too early to say that. >> reporter: but the president declared victory on election night anyway. >> frankly we did win this election. >> reporter: creating a rift in his inner circle that only grew as courts rejected 61 of 62 legal cases filed by the president's team. >> what they were proposing i thought was nuts. in theory it was completely nuts. >> reporter: the president's embracing the so called big lie of the stolen election ultimately leading to his attorney general resigning. >> i said if he really believes this stuff he's lost contact with, um, he'd become detached from reality. >> reporter: republicans largely ignoring the committee they've called partisan.
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>> no ability for republicans to do cross-examination. i still don't think there was anything new there. >> reporter: tonight attorney general garland saying the justice department is tracking the testimony. >> the january 6th prosecutors are watching all the hearings as well. california is closer to a new state budget just passed tonight by the assembly and the senate. but governor newsom isn't on board, at least not yet. their vision, the assembly and senate, is a $300 billion budget. they have to pass one by wednesday or else they don't get paid according to the state constitution. the governor's team wants to see more immediate direct relief to help families with the rising cost of gas, groceries, and rent. negotiations will continue. happening tomorrow, the san jose city council will vote on the mayor's recommendations for his budget. he wants to add more police officers to the city's ranks including 20 more officers for foot patrol downtown and 4 officers to expand the city's
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mobile crisis assessment team that pairs police are mental health professionals when responding to people with a mental health episode. this is part of the efforts to expand the city police force that's short staffed compared to other major cities. we're back in 60 seconds. just ahead, historic rainfall in one of the most popular national parks. new video of the flooding that's shutting down yellow stone. >> we're seeing an escalating campaign of rhetoric attacking our community. a bay area lawmaker threatened during pride month. why he believes it's part of a frightening wave of hate. a comfortable 61 in san jose right now, but i'm
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weeks after his arrest, police are releasing paul pelosi's mug shot. the county said it was following policy in not releasing the mug shot and that pelosi wasn't given any special treatment. the county says it's updated its policy and is making image available. the chp arrested pelosi on may 28th for suspected dui. he was released the next day. no decision yet on whether they'll charge him with dui, but we expect an update on the case next week. a frightening threat aimed at state senator scott weiner.
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police asked him to say away from his own home and office yesterday as they investigated a death threat. >> reporter: this is the profanity-laced e-mail threat the senator's staff got sunday. the headline is concerning, but the second paragraph raised the biggest red flags. it reads we placed bombs in his office and house. we will kill you. that prompted san francisco police to search his home and california highway patrol to search his office in sacramento. the senator says he gets threats pretty regularly, but believes this is part of a pattern. >> we're seeing an escalating campaign of rhetoric attacking our community. when that happens enough, it's just a matter of time before people get so riled up and brainwashed that they act. >> reporter: it comes on the same weekend that alameda county sheriff's deputies were called to drag queen story
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time at the san lorenzo library saturday. a man was wearing a shirt with an ak-47 and said kill your local pedophile and a proud boys cap. also on saturday, officers in idaho arrested 31 members of the white nationalist group patriot front. a citizen called 911 after spotting men loading into a u-haul stopped just a quarter mile of the city's pride festivities. >> the information contained within the call about the weapons they were seen loading and riot gear, we made a command decision to make the stop prior to them getting downtown to prevent the riot from happening. >> reporter: despite the threats aimed at him, the senator says he's looking forward to celebrating the first pride event in the city since the pandemic. >> i look forward to seeing everyone there, and the last thing we want to do is be
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intimidated into not celebrating our community. it turns out that san francisco's district attorney chesa boudin did not get recalled by a landslide as originally thought. according to the most recent tally, voters are split 55% to 45%. even though the margin is tight, it's not enough to reverse the outcome. now it will be up to san francisco's mayor to appoint a replace. ment she says it will take a few weeks. certifying the adults could take until early july. can a robot have feelings? a google engineer claims a piece of computer software he's been working on has developed emotions. blake lemoyne says a chat bot project he's been working on learned to think for itself. he said the bot told him it can feel joy, sadness, and anger. if true, that would obviously be ground breaking.
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many people that study ai and google itself all say it's too early to make this kind of statement, especially after one case study. >> one experiment and one result is not enough. you need to replicate this one multiple times. >> he was suspended with pay by google, but he said he needed to get the word out. google has agreed to pay $118 million, to up to 15,000 women. the years long class action lawsuit accuses google of slotting women into lower salary levels than men, promoting women more slowly and less frequently, and simply paying women less for similar work. two years ago they promised to spend $300 million on diversity, equity, and
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inclusion programs after they were sued over alleged misconduct against women. major flooding forced yellow stone national park to shut its doors today. heavy rain washed away roads and bridges, even causing mudslides. look at that. some visitors had to be quickly evacuated. no word yet on when the park will reopen. >> that's pretty incredible. just seeing that video, it's hard to watch. yeah, the next 24 hours they have some rain and snow mixing in. nothing as heavy as what they had in that video, but pretty mild out there. back here across the west after a little bit of showers this weekend, and also some humid conditions, we cleared out to a beautiful day today. lots of sunshine. 58 in the peninsula, tri-valley 57. 50s over the north bay, san
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francisco, and the east bay. this change in the forecast is an area of high pressure. it does not look nearly as hot as what we went through last week, but we still have a pretty good rise in the temperatures 10 to 15 degrees. down in the south bay we will be able to manage, but you'll feel it especially in gilroy at 89 and east san jose at 87. danville 89. hayward at 80. chilly 66 in half moon bay, redwood city 82. san francisco 70s in downtown, and through the north bay 78. 89 in napa, 86 towards ukiah. warmer tomorrow and wednesday, and hang on. once we hit thursday, friday, and saturday, we have another unusually cool system dropping on down. again, we're going to see another 20-degree drop in
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temperatures from what we're going to experience tomorrow. so big change for us. just a slight chance of maybe some drizzle as we head into saturday morning and on and off winds of 15 to 25 miles per hour. here's how it looks on the seven-day forecast. 74 wednesday, 66 on saturday, and on sunday 68 in san francisco. through the inland valleys, 93 wednesday, 82 thursday. 70s coming back in strong friday and saturday's forecast. then popping it back up to 812 for sunday. right now sunday definitely looking like the best day of the weekend. i think overall not too bad as we head through the week. >> looks perfect. thank you, jeff. it's not a bird or a plane, but it's coming to california. where amazon plans to test its drone delivery. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, everyone. halsey is my guest tonight.
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it's a great show tonight! happening now, still following the fire burning in the angeles national forest. the fire started saturday. it scorched nearly a thousand acres. firefighters are reporting higher containment, up to 27%, and they're hoping cooler weather and slowing wind
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tonight a celebration in san jose no honor of juneteenth. ♪ [ music ] ♪♪ >> sounds good. the african american community service agency has raised the juneteenth flag at san jose city hall. it kicks off the 41st annual juneteenth in the streets. there will be events all week celebrating african american history. the big festival is saturday. juneteenth commemorates the end of slavery in the united states. amazon will start delivering packages with drones in the small town of lockford. other companies have started making similar aerial deliveries. amazon will use the feedback from this little town before expanding delivery to other cities. >> that's pretty cool. two big events within a couple of blocks of each
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ot >> reporter: welcome back, i'm anthony flores at chase center. the warriors are one win away from winning their fourth title in eight seasons. game 5 of the nba finals. draymong green came out more
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aggressive in the first quarter. warriors up 11 after one. andrew wiggins is averaging 17 points per game in the series, but he was huge in game 5. he scored 16 of his team high 26 in the first half. dubs up a dozen at the break. third quarter has belonged to the warriors this series, but not in game 5. the celtics rally to take the lead until jordan poole gave the dubs the momentum and the lead. curry's streak of 233 games with at least one three was snapped, but he still scored 16 points. more importantly the warriors beat the celtics in game 5. the dubs lead the series three games to two. >> nobody is celebrating, but we're excited to be in this spot. >> this is the ultimate stage. i doesn't get bigger than this. i was just out there being
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aggressive. it was a good game. >> you can talk about it, embrace the challenge. a >> reporter: the warriors have a chance to close out the series in boston on thursday. >> anthony heading back to boston as well. the giants coming off the three game sweep of the first place dodgers and the party continues. bottom seven, brandon crawford with the bases clearing double that blew the game wide open. the giants beat the royals 6-2. giants are now just three games behind la for
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all right, what do you think, all the vips in chase center for the finals? all the fancy seats. >> but only really special vips get to hang backstage with steph. curry and jay z after the game. jay z sitting court side tonight with his daughter blue ivy. >> and see this, steph's wardrobe after the game for the post-game media session. look carefully, look careful, look carefully. there was a sign in boston that said ayesha curry can't
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cook, so steph answering back. >> ayesha curry can cook, so take that boston. >> and we'll come into massachusetts and beat you game 6. >> exactly. we're going to set you on fire in the frying pan! >> that'll do it for us here tonight. thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you tomorrow. good night. tonight the january 6th committee, its second public hearing making the case that donald trump knew he lost the election but spread false voter fraud claims anyway. trump insiders testifying one after another that they told the then-president he lost and his claims of voter fraud were bogus. former attorney general william barr testifying he feared trump had become detached from reality. and the advice the committee says trump took from an allegedly drunk rudy giuliani instead of listening to his own campaign team on election night. what giuliani is now saying also this evening, wall street in free
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fall stocks closing in bear market territory for the first time in more than two years growing fears of a recession with all eyes on what the fed will do this week. the bipartisan breakthrough in the senate on gun safety what's in and what's out. the 31 suspected white nationalists arrested in idaho, released on bond. police saying they planned to start a riot extreme heat spreading across the u.s. and heavy rain. the national park closed off by floods and our exclusive amber heard, her first interview since the defamation case verdict. what she says about the jury after they sided with ex-husband johnny depp. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening the words of some of donald trump's closest legal and campaign advisers formed what the january 6th committee believes is a powerful narrative about the ex-president's false claims of a fraudulent
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and stolen election. day two of the hearings kept the


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