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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 14, 2022 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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breaking news tonight a police tonight in morning. two officers killed after a shootout in a motel in southern california. police just give us an update on how it all unfolded. plus a community is asking for help to put a dent in prime. they reminded not just chinatown being hit hard by criminals. and how much immunity do you have? a new blood test that could measure your defense against covid. first, exclusive new details from police. the explosive device found near a councilwoman's home in the bay area. we begin with developing news, a neighborhood on edge and on alert. police confirmed a device found out of a san jose councilwoman's home was in fact a explosive. police blocked off street in the willow glen neighborhood for several hours . nbc bay area's ian cull is live with exclusive new detail . >> reporter: some of those
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details coming to light after neighbors saw that a lot device and talk to police about something that had happened in the past as well. police swarmed the scene in willow glen and said they found a six inch syringe will device right in the street. >> reporter: tonight police are still present outside of the home of san jose councilwoman dev davis. an explosives were found outside of her house in willow glen. surrounding homes were evacuated as the bomb squad investigated this morning. tonight, police say is not a dud but in fact a homemade bomb. >> i was really concerned because it was right there in front of our house and i had to just grab all my stuff and my dog and get the heck out of here. >> reporter: this woman said she was working with people knocked on her door to evacuate her.
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>> i got chills because i was really concerned what would have happened if they weren't here. >> reporter: the big question is did someone target the councilmember? police tell us tonight that leading up to the election, one neighbor found an and m 80, an explosive used as a firework, attached to one of her campaign signs for married. police investigated and found the threats were not credible. councilwoman dev davis gave us a statement tonight , "i'm seriously disturbed by someone that would threaten harm to me and my family just because i am elected official. this further erodes our democracy and our ability to attract good people to run for public office." >> reporter: tonight police are trying to determine if the councilwoman was the target or if somehow someone just left that device industry. ian cull, nbc bay area.
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>> thank you ian. we have some blank news out of southern california. two el monte officers have been shot and killed. this is the procession for the officers. you can see dozens of police cars and motorcycles flashing and lining the street. it happened in el monte, that is in los angeles. there was a report of a possible stabbing at a motel, a domestic violence call to. one officer was a 22 year veteran and one was a rookie with less than a year in the fourth. tonight they are called heroes. >> they were good men. they paid the ultimate sacrifice serving their community and trying to help somebody. >> the two officers were rushed to the hospital where they died. police say the man who opened fire was shot dead at the scene. a new detail about a fire that burned near pittsburgh. we learn it started in a homeless encampment. here's the view from nbc bay
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area's sky range. it took 75 firefighters to contain it and no homes were damaged the fire did burn into some yards. thankfully no one was hurt. this one happened in san francisco. a fire broke out just before 5:30 tonight in mclaren park. firefighters contained the fire at four acres. no one was hurt and no buildings were damaged. this was accidental. a call for help from oakland's vietnamese community known as little saigon. they say like in chinatown, they are being besieged by crime and they need the city's help. we have that story. >> reporter: >> for the last year i have been --. >> reporter: this man is the owner of a jewelry store in little saigon. he showed us video of a group of men and women trying to
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break into his store. >> it happens every night. those people that break in my shop they come with guns. >> reporter: another man owns the supermarket nearby also sees violent crime daily. >> i see kids driving. >> reporter: she now closes her store early. along with about 100 other business owners, they are fed up with the first snatching, breaking and crime. they are demanding help from the city. >> this past week they have decided to reach out to other business owners to see how it is that other communities and other business fixtures were able to get funding for cameras for support such as community ambassadors. >> reporter: the vietnamese chamber of con commerce says
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she has been in the cities chinatown neighborhood and increased foot patrol. she feels the vietnamese community has been ignored. >> i think we still wrestle with --. >> reporter: to raise money for how i powered cameras hoping that would provide some safety. we reached out late this evening to city leaders and got no response regarding the communities concerns. this meant that he is tired of the violence and he doesn't know how long he can continue to protect his business on his own. >> we need to enforce the law. >> nbc bay area news. in san francisco family and friends of a assault victim is making sure that she is not forgotten. she died from a violent attack more than a year and a half ago
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at the height of the pandemic. police say anton watson shoved the thai american grandfather to the ground for no apparent reason. you're looking at the video right now of the attack. it is a key piece of evidence being used if it goes to trial. the victim's daughter said they have been patiently waiting to have their day in court. >> it's hard to believe that today is 500 days since my father passed away. the neck >> he is accused of elder abuse and murder. the attorney plans to argue that watson never intended to kill the man. there is a family who was also dealing with the aftermath of a violent crime. six children left without parents. her mother was killed by her estranged husband before he turned the gun on himself. we spoke with the mother's family and learn how they plan to move forward. >> my sisters daughter and this
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is the baby. >> reporter: their pain is unimaginable. >> we were like -- this morning -- i thought i was going to call my sister but then i realized that she is no longer with us. >> reporter: police say she was killed by her estranged husband at her north san jose apartment early sunday morning. a security guard was also killed in the confrontation. >> she was my older sister. it's not fair what happened to her. she's in a better place now. >> reporter: both the sisters say she was a loving mom who worked long hours to provide for her children. they say her estranged husband was abusive and should have been locked up a long time ago and that the system failed her. >> we always told her to go get help. get help.
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get help. >> reporter: san jose police tell me the killer who hasn't been identified by the corner was on their radar and that the courts have served him several time with the way orders, but he didn't stay away and now officers are starting a fund to help the family. >> it's not just about the upcoming funeral expenses, it's about taking care of the kids for a long time. >> we will get through this. we will all be there for them, whatever it takes. we will be here. we will take care of them. >> reporter: a tragedy impacting six children ages one through 10, most of them oblivious about what happened to their mom. david new hill, nbc bay area news. >> today, security guards rallied in downtown oakland to say that their wages and benefits that come with their jobs no longer match the risk.
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guards say the pandemic has made violence worse for their fellow workers. >> they understand the risk they are taking but we also expect to be --. they want to make sure that they get what they deserve. >> the security guards are demanding more training, more hazard pay, more healthcare and offense and a safer working environment. all eyes will be on the federal reserve tomorrow expected to raise interest rates by the most ever since 1994. up three quarters of one percentage point rate hike is expected because of inflation. the challenge is tapping the brakes on the economy without slamming the brakes. that would put us into a recession. a professor, or secretary of labor, what walter rice said that they are moving too quickly and perhaps to pray much. >> in the early 1980s, for example, the fed raised interest rates to fight inflation and plummeted united
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states and one of the most deep processions we have ever had and that is my fear. >> the good news, unemployment remains at a 50 year low and we have a pretty strong consumer spending --. california is making moves to detect abortion rights. today, a bill that would ask voters to make abortion a constitutional right here in california passed two committee hearings. it heads to the state senate next. it needs to be passed by the end of the month in order to make the november ballot. making plans to do the board of supervisors and provide $1 million to planned parenthood. the money would help fund equipment and increased services. the board also discussed creating a buffer zone around critics to protect patients and employees from harassment. >> hundreds of people from climate scientist to entrepreneurs and venture
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capitalists gathered for the first ever tech crunch session climate. among them, bill gates. he has committed billions in research and layout hopes on who he thinks can solve the crime of crisis. >> taking iq, that i sent you in the world, and don't just do derivatives on wall street, these climate related albums, we need you to get involved. >> people who attended said they are optimistic that technology can play a role in fighting climate change but they also say it will take a combination of funding, policy changes, and innovation coming together to make a real impact. we will be back in 60 seconds with a new approach to fighting coded. how a new test will find out how well our bodies can stand up to the virus >> you have to be watchful. hope for the best that nothing like that happens. delivery drivers being targeted on the drop job. we got up to 91 in
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pittsburgh and i will have details on some major cooling rolling in in a few minutes.
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a renewed sleep tonight for help and information about the death of a teenager from castro valley. the fbi is asking for any information about the murder of jenny lind read the 14-year-old was killed by an intruder in her home back in 1994. there is currently a $200,000 reward leading to an arrest. the family, holding a candlelight memorial in friday evening. it has been a terrifying few days for workers who deliver our mail with an amazon driver carjacked in vallejo and a postal worker pistol whipped and walk robbed in walnut creek. nbc bay area's jody mayor has the story. >> reporter: this is the scene where the suspect crashed into a parked truck yesterday.
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he captured video on his cell phone as police tried to convince the suspect to surrender she finally stepped out with her hands up before trying to make a run for it. police appeared to take her for taking in custody. >> it's crazy. people are crazy nowadays. >> in walnut creek, another delivery person became a target earlier in the day. investigators say a man and a hoodie attacked a u.s. postal worker as she delivered mail on her usual daily route. >> we had a letter carrier yesterday robbed and beat up by the robbers. her keys were stolen. >> reporter: investigator spent the morning canvassing the neighborhood hoping to find witnesses or clues. the robbers made off with keys that could be used to commit more crimes. >> the postal service has a reward of up to $50,000 leading
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to arrest and conviction. that's how seriously we take this. >> she is just doing her job. people can do their job. >> reporter: this fedex driver works the same route. he says it's scary that delivery drivers are being targeted. >> i just have to be watchful and just hope for the best that nothing like that happens. >> reporter:'s truck was smashed when the amazon band crashed but he is happy no one was hurt. he is urging delivery drivers to be extra aware and cautious. >> whenever you are living your truck or delivery something, close the door and lock it and you have to keep your keys with you. >> reporter: jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. meanwhile, in the south and another in a string of mail truck that was caught on camera. it happened in the cambrian neighborhood of san jose. u.s. postal service investigators say they are reviewing the surveillance video. it shows a man trying to get in the back of a truck.
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he then moves to the side and opened the door and seconds later walked away carrying a tray full of mail as neighbor screamed at him. he got away in a red car. neighbors say someone broke into a postal truck parked on the same street six months ago. so, do you know how strong your covid immunity is? a blood test could soon tell you. the newly developed blood test measures specific immune responses in the body. it can measure a person's immunity and whether they have protection from actually getting covid and books vaccinations and booster shots. still trying to take stock of the damage in and around yellowstone park after the flooding. all along the yellowstone river in wyoming and montana, roads, bridges, and homes are damaged. officials say power in the park has been on and off that they have been able to evacuate all the visitors. they say it will take time to get a handle on the extensive damage and how long the cleanup
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and repairs will take. >> that video is dramatic of that floating. >> they had about 3 to 6 inches of rain in a short amount of time and getting all of these downstream flooding where the riverbanks just can't hold it anymore. a pretty historic ring out in that zone. as we move through tomorrow morning, we have a dry forecast here and it is pretty simple going back to work, getting the kids off to some sort of summer recreation now that summer vacation is starting. it will be very nice. mostly sunny skies. a few clouds near the coast. 57 degrees right through the peninsula. over to the east bay we are starting off with 56 degrees and a good start with san francisco at 58 degrees and 54 the northeast. it will be really similar to what we had today tomorrow. down across the south bay we will be about 86 in cupertino
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and 85 in san jose. we will certainly elevate fire danger in some of our hottest locations like in morgan hill at 90 degrees. if you see anything suspicious or any spoke, make to ship reported. the faster the fire crews can get on it and put those fires out. over the east bay, 92 in antioch and 90 in livermore. notice the trend as you go over the hill. very, very comfortable. some of the most beautiful weather here in hayward at 79. also oakland, 76. paul also, 86. get closer to that ocean breeze and we are a chilly 63 and half moon bay. san francisco, that picture. we have 70 downtown and when you get near that wind out of the west at 21 off the marina we will have those numbers drop. 59 there. and for the north bay, 84 ukiah, 87 sonoma. that isolated heat we have tomorrow is coming from an area of high pressure so this is the
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last day that every single bit of this will be replaced by an unusually cool system thursday, friday, and saturday. a little bit of wind. 15 to 20 miles per hour. chances for spotty drivel. the biggest thing is a drop in temperatures. san francisco from 71 down to 63 on saturday with spotty drizzle in the forecast. we will go up to 70s next week and inland valleys from 92 tomorrow 272 on friday. so far, sunday, that will be the best day of the weekend. no doubt. make your plans now. >> yes, and it's father's day too, so it will be a great day. mike thinks jack it's time for pandemic recovery. news for your wait time. we had into the peak vacation season. and we have jimmy.
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happening no, san jose's newest budget is in the books. it's san ricardo's final city budget as mayor. they took about one minute to approve it. ricardo wants to add more police officers including 20 more officers with foot patrol downtown and for more officers for the mobile crisis assessment team which pairs police with mental health nationals when responding to people having mental health episodes. we will be back in a moment >> at 4:00, what parents need to know about the fda's possible authorization of a covid vaccine for kids under five. how one bay area man got his money back.
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an instructor in the south bay is accused of sexually assaulting a child. police arrested ernest ramirez last thursday. he owned extreme martial arts on elm street in downtown san jose. police say he also ran an afterschool program where that's where he allegedly met the victim. he faces sexual assault charges involving a child under 14 years old. please believe there could be others. if you are taking a trip this summer you might want to leave for the airport earlier than you are used to. we are asking passengers who arrive at least two hours before domestic lights and three hours before an international trip. summer is a busy travel time and the aforesaid passenger volume is approaching 75% of
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pre-pandemic levels and about 12 million passengers are expected to pass through sfo between memorial day and labor day. just three hours before a flight is early for you. >> yes. no, i like to get there like four hours ahead of time because i am always worried. >> sports is next. we will check in with anthony as the warriors hope to close out boston on their home court.
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the bay area still buzzing at her last nights win making home the pivotal game five. >> the warriors are in boston where they could win it all and nbc's anthony florez is there as well in his prepping for game six. >> reporter: welcome back to boston. what is torts week is going to be here. game six of the nba finals between the warriors and the celtics is on thursday. the warriors lead the series three games to two after a 10 point win in game five. i left the bay area bright and early this money at 9 a.m.
11:29 pm
they arrived at their hotel in boston around 7 p.m. this is just a travel day. on wednesday, it's back on the practice court as they prepare for the biggest game of the season. historically, teams that have led the nba finals 3-2 have gone on to win the series at 81% of the time. game six starts thursday at 9 p.m. local time, 6 p.m. back in the bay. in boston, anthony florez, nbc bay area. >> thank you anthony. let's talk a's. the capital a's, 6-one act against boston red sox. it's his third home run of the year. the team conceded a serious tomorrow in boston as well. kansas city again in san francisco walking away with a 4- 2 win. a sac fly to put the game just out of reach and it is the
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apple's new macbook pro is going on sale on friday. this new, 13 inch laptop comes with a next-generation m 2 chip . it retails for about $1300. this is apple's first computer with the m 2 chip. the new macbook air will also feature the new chip with a release for that computer has not been announced yet. as grown-ups it sometimes hard to keep up with friends but some bay area people are in their 20th year of carving out time for each other. >> tonight you may have seen them on the kelly clarkson show. they share their story with kelly. for the last two decades straight without veil they have gotten together on the second monday of every month for a special girls night out. each month they do something different that pushes them outside of their comfort zone and there is one rule. >> the most important rule that we have come up with is that
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you must say yes. even if it is something you are not into, if you don't want to tap dance that night, you are going to tap dance that night. you are going to have a great time doing it. >> you will tap and you will like it. for this recent gathering they made this trip to the kelly clarkson show and she surprised them with another trip to mexico. so there. that's where they are going. they will like it. >> and no one is saying no. when kelly clarkson says come on the show nobody is saying no. >> not at all. that will do it for us. thank you for being with us this evening. have a good night. >> five. by. your mac ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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