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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 15, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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excitement quickly turned to disappointment on graduation day at san leandro high school, when they saw something missing from the program. >> i didn't get to see my name. >> reporter: while they walked across the stage, their names weren't included in the program. neither were four other special ed students, even though they were all a part of the graduating class. >> there is not only one kid, it is a mistake. it is six kids, including mine. it's not a mistake. >> i felt that my son was excluded. i felt like, how could use forget to put his name? when i bought the cap and gown, they didn't forget to collect my money. >> reporter: for joseph, but it was meant to honor more than just his educational compliments. he has a rare disease after surviving cancer as a baby. >> i was always so worried about him living, that graduation was just like, so important. >> reporter: joseph was clinging to this frame in which he hoped to put his diploma. they say that the school forgot that too. >> i wanted to make my mom
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proud and my family. >> and made me feel my son was discriminated. they said they forgot to order the diplomas. it was heartbreaking. >> reporter: the school is calling it an oversight, without its planning how it happened. they said they printed new programs and will deliver the probe diplomas by hand next week saying that they are profoundly sorry that this omission occurred, and we are conducting a full review of our graduation processes to ensure that a critical error like this does not occur again in the future. but parents say the damage is already done, and plan to sue the school for discrimination. >> a district treated like that, it's not fair. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. we have new video tonight of the box truck that started a fire in the south bay yesterday. the truck was spotted near a gas station with flames and smoke shooting into the air. this is in santa clara. this is the video. the surveillance video. it captures the moment the truck started several fires along highway 101 in san jose, burning pieces of wood falling
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off the truck. the amber started fires along the highway as the truck passed by. you can see the flames burned right up there on the shoulders. all northbound lanes were closed for about an hour. the search is on for two men who broke into a vacation home on the peninsula and held travelers at gunpoint. detectives are now looking for this toyota tacoma. police say the home invasion started last night in pacifica. they say two men wearing all black and ski masks broke into a home being used as a vacation rental. the robbers pointed a gun at the victims, fired at least once according to police. thankfully no one was hit. the suspects did steal jewelry, cash, and luggage. if you recognize this truck, you are asked to call police. another step forward for kids and the covid vaccine. today, fda advisers endorsed in the moderna adviser shots for children as young as six months
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old. that means about 18 million more kids would be eligible for the vaccine. if the fda and cdc give the green light, the shots to be available as early as next week. kids under the age of higher the only a trip left that are not eligible for the vaccination. stronach today marks one year since california emerged after being shut down due to the pandemic. almost all of the public health restrictions were dropped. you remember mayor as coveted hospitalization rates have dropped to the lowest point since the start of the pandemic. the night before the state reopen, governor newsom made it clear that reopening did not mean we had beat covid. we spoke with infection is expert peter hum, who says right now the west coast is writing out another surge. that of course, will soon pass. >> right now in the bay area, we are still holding very high levels, leading the state in a number of cases. i think the light is at the end of the tunnel by some models. of course, i can't predict with certainty. but my gut feeling is that we will have a good july and
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august. >> reporter: the doctor recommends handwashing, wearing a mask, and receiving the vaccination if you haven't done so yet. let's take a look at where we stand right now in terms of cases. see the number right there, the state positivity rate is just above 9%. that is a 1 1/2% jump within the last week. hospitalizations are also ticking upward. just not as quickly as the positivity rate. this line graph represents the 14 day average over the last three months, and you can see on march 16th, we had more than 2700 patients in the hospital with covid. then it dipped, and then didn't start racing again until the end of may. today, 14-day average of hospitalizations is more than 2500. how strong is your covid immunity? any blood test could help you find out. the test focuses on t cells. they are part of the immune system that provide long-term protection by telling your body to remember the virus. so that tests can measure immunity, whether it is from a natural infection of the vaccine.
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people who are immuno compromise can use the test to determine how vulnerable they are to covid, and how well their body has responded to the vaccine. researchers plan to conduct a clinical trial for the test in order to get fda approval. you may have already heard across the bay area, animal shelters are full or are on the verge of reaching capacity. some are temporarily waiving adoption fees as incentive to help find a pet a forever home. nbc bay area's marion favreau is at the animal shelter with a look at why more people are actually giving up their pets. >> reporter: this is late. he's one of 40 dogs here at the santa clara county animal shelter in san joaquin. he really needs a good home. it's important, because for the first time ever this week, the shelter was at capacity. so many dogs up for adoption, and so little space. this week, the animal shelter in san martin filled up and
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that some dr. to sherry kennel. every available space for cats was taken too. some of the pets may have been adopted during the pandemic and later surrendered, but that is not the main reason for the recent surge in pets coming in. >> i know that when we hear people wanting to surrender their pets, housing is an issue. it is really hard to find affordable, pet friendly housing. >> reporter: lisa jenkins says that may explain why more big dogs are coming in. to free up kennel space, this week the kennel waived adoption fees for two days, and put out a plea for people to foster pets. this sunnyvale family hopes they can help you >> i was looking for a lab, but honestly any dog that we like that is big, i will take it home. >> reporter: right now her family is getting ready to know this dog in hopes of fostering her for the summer. shelter operator saying even taking a pet for a few weeks will help. especially with the fourth of july coming up. it is the shelter's busiest
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time of the year, because so many people bring in dogs and cats they find roaming the streets after being terrified by fireworks. >> if you are able to hold onto the animal, even for just 48 animals to try to find the owner, it is a huge help. >> reporter: another way to help free up space to help find these four legged friends find homes. in san martin, marion favreau, nbc bay area news. stronach four years after the tone of yacht phil was torn apart of a deadly shooting in a veterans home, we have looked at the victims families. it started as a hostage situation as law enforcement converged on the pathway home, which is a -- program on campus. the gunmen had been kicked out of the program. some five hours later, police stormed the room finding the gunmen had already killed his victims and himself. the state will pay $51 million to the families of dr. jennifer gullett, dr. jen gonzales, who was pregnant, and pathway director, christine roper. the remains -- return to his beloved soft baked
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community for tributes today and a form of community service tomorrow. today, minetta was praised for his professional achievements, including stints at san jose mayor, cumbersome and, in two cabinet positions. it was mainly goodbyes to a friend. nbc bay area's robert handa, who knew minetta since childhood, joseph from san jose city hall, where one of many events was held today. >> reporter: norman i was my parents insurance agent before he went into politics, and both families were interned together during world war ii. minetta have that personal relationship with a lot of people in the community who came out to say farewell to the city's favorite son. norman minetta arrived home, a properly enough, lending and norman y minetta san jose international airport. in the family, including his widow danny and his sons took a
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motor trip, the community where he started his political career as a councilman and mayor before a 20 year stint in congress. and then as congress secretary, under president bill clinton, the first-ever asian-american cabinet member. then asked jennifer tatian secretary under republican president, george w bush. today, the stops were in places such as the main japan town churches, and his childhood home, and the goodbyes were for a friend. >> i think that is why we are all out here. we want to express our personal farewell, and to let him know that although he's gone, that his presence will always be with us. >> we are all really proud of him. i think that definitely works out that he's gone, but you know, he did so much for us. we are so happy and grateful for what he's done. >> brothers and sisters of san jose, norman y mineta will always be our --. welcome home, norm. >> reporter: sam liccardo started his political life as an intern in mineta's office. rod dared on, who heads the
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mineta transportation institute, and former councilwoman in county superwoman, blanco alvarado. >> it is such an amazing homecoming for dad. you know, you can take the boy out, but you can't ever take the valley out of the boy. this welcome home today was everything to our family. i know it would have been for him today. >> reporter: norman mineta's homecoming will, not in an official memorial tomorrow when president clinton will add his voice to those who expressed theirs today. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. 10 years ago, andre, an immigration program paved the way for undocumented students to remain in the u.s. the deferred action for childhood arrivals, or daca, was operated on june 15th, 2012. today's anniversary comes
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during an appeals court, to determine the program's future. president biden on twitter this morning urging congress to make the program permanent. >> to dreamers and the organizers who have been in this fight for so long, i'm at all of your courage and sharing your stories. thank you, for all that you do to contribute to our nation. know this, your president has your back, and i mean that. >> reporter: a decision on that court case could come down later this summer. stronach well, apple ceo tim cook shared his thoughts. we are proud to have hundreds of dreamers working at apple and will continue to press for passage of the dream act, which creates a path to citizenship. still ahead, the search is on for the man who cut down a pride flag out of a county school tonight. here the message from the superintendent on how the school is planning on moving forward. dove nation one game away from another nba title. we are live in boston where the warriors are looking to win their fourth nba championship
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in eight years. i am chief meteorologist jeff, some isolated heat in line. right now we are holding onto 83 degrees in livermore, but it is going to drop fast with cooler weather on the way. i will get you ready to go with the weekend ahead. i'm back in about eight minutes.
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caught on video, a man in the east bay cutting down a pride flag outside of a school district building. check this video out. you see this man cutting down that flag. this happened on tuesday night outside the john's what unified office in rodeo. the man also cut down the american flag. the flags are backup today thanks to the fire department.
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the district called the act a hate crime. >> our students made a conscious choice to raise the pride flag on all of our school sites. they did it with the support of adults and the support of our governing board. this was an attempt to silence that voice. we are not going to allow that. >> reporter: the sheriff's department is working the case trying to identify that man in the video. tesla ceo elon musk is calling for an end with an agreement with the ftc that says that his lawyers have to approve his tweets. they remember that agreement was established back in 2018. it came after musk tweeted that he had the funding secured to tickets company private. the securities and exchange commission ruled that he defrauded investors with that tweet. in april, a judge upheld the ruling, but musk says it undermines his right to free speech. he is filing an appeal asking the court to overturn it. will he or won't he?
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all eyes on government newsom today to end this state civil assessment fees. those of the late fees that build up when someone fails to pay a ticket. the fees can reach up to $300 per ticket. it is one of the harshest such fees in the country. it is known as the poverty penalty, because it mostly affects low income people who can't afford to pay off the ticket. the latest eight budget proposes to get rid of that fee and wipe away any outstanding debt associated with them. governor newsom has historically supported a compromise, which would cut the fees in half. homeowners who are struggling to make it in the bay and around the state are now getting some help. the state is expanding a program to help those who fell behind on their payments during the pandemic. homeowners who missed that lease, two mortgage payments before the end of this june may be eligible to get $80,000 of relief covered. homeowners who have fallen behind on property taxes can get up to $20,000. the program estimate about 13,000 bay area households are eligible for this. that relief is help for some people. california, how did it end up
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here in the first place, right? our investigative unit spent an entire year into this golden state's housing crisis. you can see what they found in our streaming series, overpriced, overwhelmed, over it! budget on roku, amazon my fire tv, or the nbc bay area amazon streaming app. stronach back in boston right now for the nba finals, they are so close to that championship. audrey, they can taste it. >> i think we all can! anthony florez joins us live in boston with the look at him six. anthony, i have to ask you, what is the vibe like out there? is boston nervous? >> reporter: first of all, hello, ladies. good evening from boston. audrey, you worked here, so i don't need to tell you. boston is a great sports town. there was a lot of nervous energy. on the way over to the arena, our uber driver who is a celtics expense at oh, we are going to lose tomorrow. he has all the confidence in the warriors winning, and not the celtics but the warriors
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are just one win away from their fourth title since 2015. they lead the celtics three games to two in this nba finals heading into tomorrow's game six. not today, both teams at the practice court at the garden. there was a lot of pressure played in the nba finals. both teams very relaxed shootaround. closing out opponents has not been easy for the warriors. this postseason, they failed to close of the previous three series in the first attempt. they expect tomorrow to be the hardest game of the series. >> it is hard to close out a series. i've missed this very good team. we know that they are going to play with a sense of desperation. for us to match that or receive that, it's going to take the most effort we've had to give all year. >> it's not easy. to close anybody out of the playoffs. there is no common thread. we are just going to have to play really well to win. simple as that. >> reporter: all right, so game six is tomorrow.
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the warriors are hoping their flight back to san francisco was for a victory parade, and not game seven at jason terry. live in boston, anthony florez, nbc bay area. >> that would be so nice. victory parade, absolutely. all right, anthony. thanks. i was going to say, i got to get in here real quick. i checked boston's weather. they are at 67 degrees. we have parts in san francisco at 67. would this be a sign? maybe. san francisco weather making it over to boston. >> fingers crossed. it works in our favor, right? >> reporter: yes. all right, we have cooler weather coming our way. how did you get what is coming up in boston's weather. after some isolated heat today, we are definitely going to see those numbers dropping we had 93 in st. helena, pleasanton at 90, los altos hills coming in at 90. we had this heat the past few days from this area of high pressure. but beginning tonight, yes, it
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just a couple of hours, we are going to see this high pressure moving on out. it is going to make way for a cooler system to start to drop on down. as we head into tomorrow's forecast, friday and saturday, we are looking at unusual cooling. dropping temperatures 10 to 20 degrees. will get a little bit of wind, 13 to 14 miles per hour. i think the temperature drop is going to keep our fire danger out of the extreme levels. a little bit of good news on that front. you can already see the system as it is beginning to work for us. we are five degrees cooler in san francisco. 11 degrees cooler in novato. starting tomorrow morning, we have high clouds streaming a class. temperatures in the 50s, 57 in the south valley. san francisco with 55 in the north bay, 53. daytime highs tomorrow or going to drop at least 10 degrees across the bay area. we are going to go from those 80s and low 90s back down to the 70s. this is just fantastic. this is really the weather we usually see in march and april.
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so to get it in june is definitely a treat here for us. some before and san jose, let's to get over to the east bay. you can see vallejo, 74, and a nice cool breeze in oakland and hayward with those 60s. overthrew the peninsula, 71 in redwood city, daly city, 73. san francisco is going to be blustery here. 50s and 60s across the board. sustained winds out of the west at 21, with gusts up to 35 miles per hour. definitely have a couple of layers if you are headed to san francisco tomorrow. let's take it off through marin, napa, sonoma county. down in hill valley, we are coming in at 72. the only problem in tomorrow's forecast you might find with some of that breeze kicking in is your allergies. we've got a lot of stuff that is popping right now, including olives, grasses, oak, pine, and cedar all in the moderate category. do what you got to do on the allergy front. i think we are going to manage some good weather for us. i'm at seven-day forecast in san francisco, we'll have 60s right through this upcoming weekend. spotty drizzle friday and
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saturday morning, then going back up to the low 70s x monday, tuesday, and wednesday. we've been on a roller coaster ride lately on those temperatures. we are down to the 70s here friday and saturday. by sunday, we are up to 82. then we have those 90s coming back in next monday, tuesday, and wednesday. the great thing is while we have had some heat, we have probably had six to eight different systems to help break that heat. it is the best thing we could be asking for right now. >> it is nice. >> that seven days is looking like victory parade weather to me. >> i like it! >> thanks, jeff. stomach still ahead, a digital billboard near sjc gets the axe. the reason why you won't see the billboard along 880.
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five women are along the new class of bus operator trainees graduating from a nine week program today. bta says it wanted to create a more diverse workforce and provide well-paying jobs for women. the board of directors recently approved an increase in the starting salary and wage progression for bus operators. the city of san jose turned down a proposal to build a digital air billboard near the airport. they were proposing to put the digital billboard on 880 near the airport, but that no board request was denied because the airport said it would cause safety problems for air traffic. it doesn't apply to all billboards though. the city previously approved two digital billboards along highway 101 on airport
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finally, musicians and authors go on tour, but presidential portraits? not until now. the young museum is looking to be one of the newseum's hosting the traveling portraits of president obama and former first lady michelle obama. the paintings have been a hot ticket in each city they visited. often setting records. organizers say what draws people is that it's not just the obama's being the first black presidential subjects, they are the first to choose african-american artists to
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portray them. >> it offers inspiration to millions around the world, and they have captured some of that phenomenal energy. that sense of hope and possibility here in these paintings. >> the exhibit opens on saturday and runs through august 14th. don't forget, you can also watch us live on roku, amazon fire, and jessica joins us with what is coming up next at 5:30. at 5:30, the feds take another shot at dealing with inflation. raised interest rates. why this could be the first of many hikes to come. >> we are strongly committed to returning our inflation to our 2% productive. >> reporter: how the rate increase will impact you almost every day. stomach also biting coming after oil companies as they rake in big profits while you pay more at the pump we are going to break down just how much money they e


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