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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 16, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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the fed wages war uon inflation with its highest increase in years. making the case on the capitol riot the january 6 committee pivoting to the pressure campaign on mike pence at third hearing is set to get under way. historic floodwaters race across yellowstone park while
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tornados taear a path through te midwest. a big coin beat down the financial fieears causing crypto to lose value "early today" starts right now. former vice president mike pence is expected to play a key role in today's january 6 hearing. the committee say it is it will provide evidence that former president trump put his vice president's life in danger the committee also wants to know about tours that happened the day before the attack. >> reporter: the committee released a new video of barry loudermilk giving a tour on january 5.
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in it you can see him leading the tour one person is taking pictures at stairwells and a security checkpoint that man also shot video outside of the capital on january 6 where he could be heard making threats against speaker pelosi and other members. but the plan man is not identif and there's no evidence he entered the capitol. >> what they were taking a picture of is i took the family and of course the others had two young kids that wanted to see the trains so i took them to show them where the trolley was. >> why do you think pictures were being taken of the stairwell. >> there's a golden eagle sconce on the wall. that's what he's taking a picture of >> they did not find the tour to
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be suspicious. the focus is expected to be on the pressure campaign against former vice president mike pence. john eastman had pushed a legal theory that pence could stop the election certification by rejecting some slates of electors we expect to hear testimony from former aides to the vice president who rejected that plan >> brie, thank you nbc fl nbc new alsos will have a speci report this afternoon. the fed chair's jerome powell had indicated that more rate increases could follow. it's a balancing act for the fed without toppling it into recession. also president biden is engaging in a war of words with u.s. oil companies, accusing them of profiting during the gas crisis and calling on them to ramp up
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supply >> the american petroleum institute responded, insisting they are running at or near capacity to meet demand. and rising interest rates are causing people to buy property sooner rather than later but is that wise jolene kent reports in our series "priced out." >> reporter: sky callahan was in a rush >> so financially, overall, it's been a little bit of a struggle. we had to either buy before the rates went up or completely wait >> reporter: with a growing family, she needed a beggar house. calculating what the new jersey family could afford depended on interest rates which have surged a 30-year fixed rate mortgage climbing from 3.3% at the start of the year to 6.22% now home prices have been soaring, too. median sale prices have skyrocketed 16% in the last year it could mean as much as a
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thousand dollars increase. a trend pushing some act in a hurry. >> when we saw that the rates were going up due to inflation, that's when we really got into gear and decided, okay, we need to make a move now, because it's only going to get worse. >> reporter: that feeling she's getting is too, beyond the housing market nearly 90% of americans are concerned about inflation and more than a third of shoppers say they have purchased something recently for fear that the price would continue to rise >> it's our rationale that we need to stockpile things before the price increases. we spend more. we feel like we have less money. we blame it on inflation, when maybe it's our psychology. >> reporter: it can impact the way we spend money on everything from houses to swimsuits to baby formula, triggering more stress.
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>> i feel pressured to buy now as opposed to a few months, because who know what is the prices are going to be then. >> if you're going after a big ticket item that you need now like a house, should you be approaching this in a certain way? >> we won't see a big drop in prices after inflation stabilizes maybe rent something affordable and wait until i have more savings to buy those big ticket items. >> reporter: food costs seem to keep going up. jolen jo ling kent, nbc news now to the man accused of the racist attack in buffalo some of the new charges could carry the death penalty. today actor kevin spacey is expected to voluntarily appear in a court in london after formally formally being charged with sex
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crimes he was in london between 2004 and 2015 he issued a statement saying he will, quote, defend myself against these charges which i'm confident will prove my innocence. there is good news in the fight against covid-19 it is recommended that the vaccine be recommended for kids under 5. the decision now heads to the fda and the cdc who is expected to vote on whether to endorse the shot if cleared, they could be available next week. meanwhile, dr. fauci has tested positive for covid-19. the national institutes of health says the 81-year-old who is fully vaccinated and boosted is experiencing mild covid-19
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sym symptoms the monroe county sheriff says multiple buildings were damaged after a tornado touched down in central wisconsin. the storm left over 100,000 homes without power across the state. yellowstone national park remains closed after the historic flooding of the yellowstone river. and snow melt filled the rivers in that region and montana's national guard has stepped in to airlift nearly 100 people from floodwaters in and around yellowstone the northern portion of the mark may be closed for a significant time crews are beginning to restore water to odessa. and scorching heat remains across much of the country millions of americans are under a heat advisory. for more we turn to michelle
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grossmann. >> 64 million americans under some sort of heat alert, whether it's an advisory, a watch, a warning. and we're going to see that continuing through next week record breaking heat, historical heat from the south two the midwest. we're going to see temperatures well above average for this time of year. the jet stream so far to the north, allowing all this hot and humid air. it's the humidity making things worse. in phoenix, temperatures over 100. near 100 in memphis. 96 in charlotte and 99 in tallahassee. it's going to feel like 109. as we go throughout tomorrow, it's going to feel just as hot, and that's sparking storms this morning. a cold front moved through michigan and illinois. lots of lightning, severe thunderstorm warnings. that's your little orange box there, and parts of the northeast is seeing storms as
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well as we go throughout time here, we are watching parts of the northeast with the bull's eye of severe weather we're going to see winds gusting over 60 miles pe in wichita. into the southeast, temperatures in the 90s in florida. we'll talk more about the heat when we look at the weekend and your father's day forecast in just a bit the puck dropped for a thrilling game guone in the stanley cup final. the lightning truck twice in the second period to tie the game up at three but that score would hold until overtime, that's where andrei
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ber coughski found the back of the net. and the avalanche won it game two is in colorado on saturday coming up, the crypto collapse why some are calling it a winter for digital rrcycuen a new arms package to help ukraine fend off russia. what goes on it. usually. and in it. mostly. here to meet those high standards is the walgreens health and wellness brand. over 2000 high quality products. rigorously tested by us. real world tested by you. and delivered to your door in as little as one hour. - hey honey. - hey dad. that smell is eight million odor-causing bacteria. good thing adding lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria that detergents can't.
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clean is good, sanitized is better. ♪♪ does your plug-in fade too fast? try febreze fade defy plug. sanitized is better. it has built-in technology to digitally control how much scent is released to smell first day fresh for 50 days. la la la la la. more military aid is headed to ukraine the u.s. is pledging to send more weapons systems and more weapons could be on the way as nato defense ministers have started started two-day talks. >> good morning. president biden announcing an additional $1 billion in defense aid to ukraine that came after a phone call with president
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zelenskyy yesterday. included included in that aid package, 18 of the american howitzers and more long-range roberts which tro rockets the leaders of france, germany and italy are heading to the ukrainian capital in a gesture of solidarity. u.s. secretary of defense is meeting in brussels for two-day talks to discuss what additional weapons systems they could be sending to the ukrainians. they're also talking about plans for finland and sweden to join the nato alliance. now on the ground in ukraine, the situation pretty grim for
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in today's quick hits, dolly parton is working more than just 9 to 5 to fight childhood illnesses. she donated a million dollars to
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help research at vanderbilt research center. and the barbie movie is schedule to be released next summer, starring margo robbie. the san diego zoo has a new baby aardvark in toucwn her name is princess dirt pig. the first in over five years >> that movie coming out, it's weird to see them like that. >> i can't wait to hear what kind of accent they're going to have there have been barbie cartoons. i can't wait we'll have to wait a while for next summer. >> that barbie song like 25 years ago. so there it is now to the collapse of cryptocurrency investors have suffered a week of deep losses lowe
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>> reporter: crypto called on celebrities to help sell the fortune of the future. but if you listen to matt damon and invested a thousand dollars the day that ad came out, you'd have $360 left stocks are cratering, too. but more sharply as the fed raises interest rates to battle so soaring inflation. >> you have the federal reserve hiking interest rates today. there is a big fear at the moment as to what that means for markets of all stripes, and crypto is one of them. >> reporter: an estimated $200 billion has been wiped from the broader crypto market just since friday a bank for crypto halted withdrawals, citing extreme
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measures, spiking fears the company could fold >> the question about the transparency of celsius. nobody know when is they're go going to let up on this. >> reporter: founder of custodia bank says they can ride out the rough seas what does this mean for the every day consumer >> it's so small at this point it doesn't mean much but i would encourage everyone to watch it. the resilience after these crashes is what tends to bring folks in, especially if you have a long-term time horizon, it can be a time to dig in. >> reporter: is crypto here to stay >> oh, crypto's definitely leer here to stay. >> reporter: but jobs aren't
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citing fears of a crypto winter. no laughing matter as jokes about crypto being a sure thing take on a different meaning. >> eh, i don't think so. dreaming about the weekend i feel you michelle will have an early look at our forecast, next. how would you rate that traffic stop the w wn neto letting residents review police officers >> hmm yup. see you around. i knew that was the last time i'd see tom. the truth is, i was spending too much online jake from state farm. don't give up what you love. state farm has options like bundling home and auto, so you get a rate that fits your budget. tom! i'm gonna buy more stuff! for surprisingly great rates that fit any budget... like a good neighbor, state farm is there.® call or click to get a quote today. got lingering odors? grab febreze small spaces. state farm is there.® press firmly to activate... and small spaces continuously eliminates and prevents odors...
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a small town in virginia is letting residents review their police officers. it's an app that lets people rate officers on everything to fairness >> reporter: here in this small town of warrenton, officer molly kimball patrols knowing that her interactions are rated she reinacts a typical speed stop it might sound familiar. but residents pulled over are now being asked to do something
4:27 am
brand-new. >> you can scan this, and you'll be able to rate your encounter with me, okay? >> reporter: officers are required to hand out a qr code located on the back of their business card, asking for feedback on the encounter. some cops were wary at first >> we were all kind of skeptical, because we thought it was going to be negative >> reporter: but after the feedback >> i think a lot of us like it i've gotten very good reviews. i think that's just my personality. >> reporter: it's something kimball's boss, warrenton police chief, says is a win-win. >> what we're starting to see is more relational type of policing officers are just a little more personable >> i went ahead and wrote ah warning for today, okay? >> reporter: people can rate them on fairness, listening skills, communication, and they can leave other comments chief koch says it helps maintain expectations. >> for way too long, good cops
4:28 am
were dwefined as those who wrot a lot of ticket ths and made a t of arrests, but that's not necessarily the definition of a good job >> reporter: if cops are too generous supervisors check body-warn cameras. >> they can review and make adjustments before it gets worse. >> reporter: many welcome the program. >> i actually think it's a great thing to do, especially in today's age. we need to be holding some of these police officers accountable. >> reporter: others hope to see it in their communities. >> i hope this system here will allow the nation to be the voice and give a more accurate poll on what exactly is going on >> reporter: the warrenton police department has a 4.96 out of five stars. it's expanding to california and
4:29 am
also in pennsylvania >> nothing wrong with a check on d decency. >> a whole new meaning for good cop, bad cop >> i hope more cities put at inth
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legendary. we are going to win. warriors and six, baby. >> right now, momentum is building. i feel like i should say momentum is building. the warriors would take on the celtics game six. the dubs one when away from the championship. final preparations the team is making as they wake up in boston.


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