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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 17, 2022 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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you know what? seth, in this studio tomorrow we're gonna shoot the big season finale of "the amber ruffin show," where i'm gonna interview cynthia erivo and we'll have a special guest! >> seth: oh, so i should finish up so you can get the studio ready? >> ya think? doi. get out! >> seth: stay safe get vaccinated get boosted! we love you! >> we love you [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: we love you we love you, fred. we love you, man we miss you. we miss you, fred. i know you have to work tomorrow for amber, but we're gonna miss you guys thanks for everything. thank you very much. i know this is really your last day working for amber, and thank you so much. bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ f0
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they did it again. they are the champions. electric and emotional, the warriors winning the nba championship, their fourth title in eight years. no doubt tonight that the dubs dynasty is still going strong. >> what are they gonna say now? what are they gonna say now? >> they'll say you're the champions, that's for sure. steph curry named the mvp, saying tonight's win hits different than all the others. >> it's special, man, it's special. just all the work that went into it. the faith and belief. >> from boston to the bay area, players families, friends, and fans going wild. [ cheering ] >> look at them there inside chase center. the energy unmatched. this watch party unlike any other. >> this is such a win for the bay. >> we can't believe it, they
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doubted the warriors. >> fans on their feet screaming as the streamers rained down. that's the way we do it. what a win, what a night from boston to the bay area, celebrations are huge at this late hour. >> and we do have team coverage. anthony flores is in boston tonight, but we start with cheryl hurd at chase center. i'm guessing it was so loud in there, are your ears ringing from all that noise in there? >> reporter: my ears are still ringing, but my heart is full. watching steph curry overcome with emotion. a lot of people have gone home, but some people are still sticking around, others buying gear like this championship hat. this win was overwhelming. >> warriors! >> reporter: yelling and con at the
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confetti screaming down. >> this is unreal! >> can't believe it! they doubted the warriors! not only did they come back, they got the win! that's what it's all about. >> reporter: towels swirling with dubs fans unable to control themselves. fathers holding their sons a little tighter tonight watching steph curry break down in tears, getting the fourth championship in eight seasons. >> it's amazing, man. they worked so hard for it. i mean, what they've been through the last couple years with injuries, it's amazing to see how much he's still passion in the about the game after all those years. >> you know, curry, he's something else. he's a star player, but he knows how to give. >> unbelievable. >> we believe! >> reporter: throughout the game, the fans inside chase and outside in thrive city had no doubt the warriors would
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bring home the trophy. there's also no doubt these warriors are cementing their legacy. >> this is any city, nine championships for san francisco. five super bowls, three world series, and one basketball. we don't need hockey! >> reporter: that guy was really funny. you know and i know that the warriors know how to win. you see it right there. it's extra special because it's the first time the warriors brought a win to the brand new stadium. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, i'll see you at the parade, and i'll want that hat from you. turning things over to anthony joining us live from boston. yeah, game 7 would have been fun to have it at chase center, but this makes them road warrior, anthony. >> reporter: absolutely, and it also makes them nba champs. tonight we saw steph curry like we've never seen him
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before. he was very emotional. under a minute to go, he started hugging the players and celebrating on the court. with three seconds left he fell to the floor, but he realized there's still seconds left on the clock. he got back up, but it was all over. you could just see the emotion and relief from his body when the clock finally struck zero, and the warriors beat the celtics in game 6. his teammates ran up and hugged him. everyone was celebrating. this is their fourth title in eight years and curry was named the finals mvp. it was a huge celebration for the entire team. this completes an amazing run for the warriors. think about it, three years ago they were last in the league. now they're nba champs. >> it's really special to see guys like wigs and all, just how far they've come.
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i know i'll forget people, but it takes a full team effort to do this, and we just had a great group who got it done. >> reporter: really an amazing season for the golden state warriors. in sports we'll have highlights and more reaction from steph curry. >> anthony, before you go, i want to talk about the news conference after where we heard klay talk and draymond talk, and they all said people doubted us. it was really interesting to see. >> reporter: yeah, well, they didn't doubt themselves. earlier in the season green said it didn't matter if we're the third seed or second seed, we're going to win the championship. you put the rest of the nba on notice. but nobody was listening. now they're listening. >> and they're listening to the podcast too because he
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said he'd do the podcast. thank you, anthony. and what a night for klay thompson as well. this is where the party really got started after the celebration on the court. the team broke out the goggles and the champagne in the locker room. steph right there counting their championship titles just in case you didn't catch that, that's four. >> that's four, that's four. back in the bay area, celebrations spilling into the streets, into the sky. nbc bay area sky ranger overhead. check that out, fireworks illegally launched on the ground tonight. heavy police presence too. >> and this will be a win we'll be talking about for quite some time. we got a sneak peek at the chronicle's front pain. front page. you can see the headline, forever champs. a nod to them winning four titles since 2015. and more love from the city tonight. mayor breed tweeting this message out saying quote congrats warriors on bringing
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another championship back home and showing the doubters that we are still here. the entire bay area so proud of you. now it's time to celebrate in the city. the mayor appears to be referring to a parade, and we'll of course have more on that in just a moment. and governor gavin newsom was also quick to congratulate the team. he tweeted warriors, nba champs. never a doubt. what a team, what a year. >> he has the bet with the massachusetts governor, he'll have to wear a curry jersey. die hard dubs fans lining up to get their nba champs gear. several bay area dick's sporting goods stores closed 9:00, then opened up again with championship gear. one woman got to the store at 4:00 this afternoon, watched the game on her phone, but she was the first one in line, and she says it was worth it. >> i just knew they were going to win, you know. obviously it's the warriors, so we have to have that confidence, you know? >> don't worry, if you don't make it to the store tonight, dick's will be open again at 7:00 in the morning tomorrow.
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>> the line already so long! the warriors are now seven-time nba champs. as we told you, their last four wins were over the last eight years. 2015, 2017, and 2018, and tonight the dubs bringing home another trophy and ring with this game 6 win against the celtics. >> so when is the party mayor breed was talking about? the warriors and the city of san francisco are hosting the championship parade monday. you may have to call in sick. the parade will kick off around 11:00 a.m. at market and main and end down market at 6th street. but you know what? if you have to watch it at home or from work, you can watch it here right on nbc bay area. our coverage starts at 9:30 in the morning. we are all going to be there. our coverage continues now online at the warriors win, obviously
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the top story on our white. find out more information about the parade on in other news tonight, an unusual discovery on the peninsula. workers at a construction site in san bruno uncovered an old military ordinance. streets in the area of bay hill drive and trager avenue were shut down. youtube offices were among those evacuated as a precaution. a specialized team was called in to safely remove it. it's unclear what era it was from, but in the 1940s, a naval base existed in the area. a moving tribute today for former san francisco mayor norman. there was a public memorial. the american-born son of japanese parents, he was whisked away to an internment camp in 1942. but he never let that define him.
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he was a councilman and then a mayor. he served 20 years in congress and as cabinet secretary for two presidents in both parties. among those eulogizing him today was former president bill clinton. >> he spent a lifetime trying to be a builder and not a break, a uniter, not a divider. someone who used his power to empower others, not to get more power for himself at other people's expense. >> yesterday mineta's remains landed one final time at sjc, a fitting tribute since the airport is the named after him. pledging to stand up against hate after a confrontation at an east bay library on saturday, members of the proud boys disrupted a drag queen story time event and made hateful and homophobic comments to a drag queen reading to children. today leaders are deciding how
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to move forward after another threat was made yesterday. the caller said quote, we are coming back. today community leaders held a round table meeting at the library. >> we're not going to stand for hate today, not tomorrow, or not ever. our community has come too far to go back now. >> to the proud boys, what i tell you today after talking to this group, you have nothing to be proud of for what you did to children, and it would be a compliment to call you boys because you acted like babies. >> in regards to sunday's incident, the sheriff's office says the da will have to ultimately decide whether to file hate crime charges. the january 6th committee held its thursday televised hearing today. it focused on efforts by former president trump to pressure then vice president pence to not certify the 2020 election. the bipartisan committee argued that this was a central part of trump's plan to illegally stay in power. the committee said it was a contributing factor in the
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insurrection and put pence's life in danger. the committee praised pence for refusing to go along with trump's plan. >> he knew it was illegal, he knew it was wrong. we're fortunate for mr. pence's courage on january 6th. our democracy came dangerously close to catastrophe. >> they also released never before seen photos of pence sheltering deep beneath the capitol, allegedly working through the attack, refusing to leave. >> the vice president did not want to take any chance that the world would see the vice president of the united states fleeing the united states capitol. he was determined to complete the work that we had set out to do that day. >> mr. trump responded on social media today demanding
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equal time to discuss what he called massive voter fraud and a dem security breach. still ahead, it's a big score, and this time we're not talking about basketball. what we're learning about today's announcement that the world cup is coming to the bay area. plus expect more delays. the new problem that brought the production of baby formula to a halt again and what it could mean for your family. quite a bit cooler out there today, and now a late season system is moving over northern california bringing in cl
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it's the biggest sporting event in the world, and it's coming back to the bay area. fifa announcing levi stadium is one of 16 host sites for the 2026 world cup today. nbc bay area's ian cole was there for the announcement. >> reporter: tonight it's official, the world cup is coming to the bay area. it was pure elation at levi stadium the moment it was announced, especially from soccer legend brandi chastain. >> i look forward to embracing every single team of every single language and culture and letting them know they belong and are welcome here.
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>> reporter: the world cup was first held in the united states 28 years ago this week. stanford stadium was a host site back then. this time levi stadium was chosen as 1 of 16 host sites across the u.s., mexico, and canada. >> we'll put on a beautiful show here in the bay area. the players, the fans, everybody from around the world is going to love it. >> reporter: the common theme at today's event, the world will be watching and visiting. randy attaway knows that well. he was at the 94 world cup. >> brazil never left because it was such an invigorating time for me and our community. >> reporter: there were constant parties in the streets, both visitors and locals immersing themselves in each other's cultures.
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>> from what i hear, it was like carnival. >> it definitely was. 2:00 in the morning, i could still hear the drums playing. i only got one or two complaints about the drums. i can't believe our community accepted them so much with open arms. it was amazing. >> reporter: if you're looking for tickets, those are usually available about a year out. the hope is hosting will excite and unite the globe. >> there's a wonderful potential for this community at large to be uplifted in a way that nothing else can. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> and you can tune into our spanish language partners at telemundo 48, and if you're on the go you can stream it on peacock. two newly elected bay area sheriffs are making california
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history. christina corpus and yesenia sanchez are the first latinas to be elected sheriff in the state's history. they're both excited to take office and make a change in the community. >> i'm really happy. excited that, you know, i can actually make some changes in an organization that i grew up in and love. >> latinas have been deeply underrepresented at every level of elected office. latina leadership, however, is transformational. when elected they're powerful change makers. >> in monterey county, tina nieto is leading the race for sheriff as votes continue to be counted. there's a new proposal to boost affordable housing in san francisco. today supporters of that proposal said they have enough signatures to put it on the november ballot. it's called the affordable homes proposal. mayor breed and other supporters gathered south of
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market to support it. supporters say it would cut down much of the red tape. san francisco and every california county is under a state mandate to increase affordable housing dramatically by the year 2031. we have an update on the oakland a's new ball park saga. now the mlb commissioner is getting involved. rob manfred says fans deserve a better chance to watch the a's play ball. their lease ends in 2024, and it's up in the air if they'll move to las vegas or stay in oakland. the league likes the vegas market says the commissioner, but he also talked to the oakland mayor about building a new stadium at howard terminal and likes the progress made. right now the a's have the worst home attendance in the league at just over 8,000 fans per game. bringing in jeff. do you have the parade forecast ready for us yet? >> i do, it's looking awesome heading through next week.
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we had some cooler weather today. numbers will go even cooler through tomorrow. if you were out tonight, you definitely felt it. certainly chilly all coming from this system here. unusually cold for june. the chilly weather hangs around for tomorrow and saturday. afternoon sea breezes 15 to 25, and there is some rainfall to the north that could actually bring a slight chance here of showers. let's get the closer view of the friday forecast. we've almost made it through the work week, tgif. high clouds and fog at the coastline around 7:00 a.m. by 9:30, we should manage some sunshine. a few isolated showers could pop near napa county. i'll have a close watch on the radar tomorrow. meanwhile, as we start it off, it's going to be nice and refreshing for june. temperatures here in the 50s. 55 in the peninsula, south bay
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54. also north bay at 51, east bay 53. daytime highs tomorrow, no more 90s. check it out. we're all the way down to 61 in martinez, 69. 60s in san francisco through sunday. that warriors parade, yes the champs on monday. 73 and sunny skies, but not uncomfortable. it's going to be very, very nice. 79 on tuesday, and we drop it off on thursday down to 72. 70s through saturday. 80s on sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday back into the 90s. looks like the hottest day would be tuesday. only a three-day event. we start to drop down by next
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thursday. most importantly, awesome weather for that warriors parade on monday. >> all right, that's a three pointer for sure. >> and i got the yellow and blue on the map too. >> you do. >> like it was meant to be. happening now, summer travel demand may be surging, but airline stocks have tumbled. american airlines dropped more than 8% today.
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if you're thinking of buying a tesla to save money on gas, you'll be paying more on the tesla due to supply chain issues. tesla raised prices for all car models in the u.s. this comes as cost of raw materials have surged. elon musk has warned about the risk of recession. earlier this month he said he had a quote super bad feeling about the economy and that tesla needed to cut 10% of jobs. and another setback when it comes to baby formula. production at the abbot plant in michigan has come to a halt again after severe weather flooded part of the facility. that means more production and distribution delays. abbot told the fda it could last for a few weeks. this is the second shutdown at the plant. earlier this year it was closed for months due to a product recall. there were reports that infants who consumed products made at the facility experienced bacterial
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infections. the plant had just reopened on june 4th. a lot of us have smart phones or smart tvs. now if you're in the south bay, you'll get a smart water meter. to fight the california drought, san jose and some neighboring cities are installing smart water meters that track how much water you use in real time and send a notification to your device. san francisco and boston already
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>> reporter: welcome back, the warriors are champs once again. the dubs win their fourth title in eight years after beating the celtics in the garden. the warriors wrapping up this nba finals series in game 6 after falling behind by double digits early, the warriors come storming back. steph curry for three and the lead. the warriors take control of the game with a 21-0 run between the first and second quarters. draymond with a sweet pass to thompson for the bucket. more of the same in the second half. curry buries the deep three, then turns to the crowd and points to his ring finner. the warriors beat the celtics 103-90 in their fourth title
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since 2015. curry finally gets finals mvp. >> it's special, man, special. everything that went into it, the faith and belief. every one in the locker room getting to spray champagne. everyone mattered in the process. i'm proud of everybody. >> they're all unique and special, but i think this one might have been the most unlikely. it takes a full team effort to do this and we just had a great group that got it done. >> reporter: next up, a victory parade monday in san francisco. in boston, anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> looking forward to that. what a night. and the warriors weren't the only bay area team to beat a boston team today. the a's beat the red sox
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check it out. san francisco landmarks bathed in gold and blue tonight. the quick tower and sales force tower both shining bright in honor of the 2022 nba champs again. finally tonight, the kids continue to steal the spotlight from the nba champs. draymond sitting there chatting, and yep, those are his kids joining daddy. you can see that's olive on the left, draymond jr. dj
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looks a little bored, but you can bet we'll see those kids and more at the parade on monday, including damian lee's infant. >> those are seriously my favorite moments. >> good night. tonight, the stunning new evidence from the january 6th committee on donald trump's efforts to pressure his own vice president, mike pence, to overturn the election and the danger pence was in. the committee revealing the mob invaded the capitol came within 40 feet of pence as he was rushed to a secure location never before seen images of pence sheltering underground as the capitol was overwhelmed. the heated oval office call between trump and pence after pence refused to carry out the president's demands. what ivanka trump and other insiders say they heard our team at the capitol. also tonight, growing concerns for two american veterans missing in ukraine
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what the fiancee of one of the men fears has happened. new reports a third american is now missing. extreme weather. morehan 80 million under heat alerts. severe storms in the midwest and southeast. and new images, the flood disaster that has closed yellowstone park economic anxiety president biden's new message that a recession is not inevitable but the stock market taking another plunge. and our one-on-one with the fake heiress who inspired the hit show "inventing anna" after scamming new york's elite. does she feel like she owes an apology? >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening. as riveting as the stories were, it was who was telling them that gave way to chilling testimony before the january 6th committee today about donald trump's pressure campaign on his vice president, mike pence, to stage an illegal one-man attempt to overturn the presidential election results


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