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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 17, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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hand. let's go ahead and take a look at the website flight aware right now. can you spot their plane? it shows right now they're overhead. we're going to be out on the tarmac as the players and coaches walk off the plane. here's more on today's growing excitement. >> reporter: we're hearing the warriors plan will land around 6:00. meantime, fans are already celebrating, buying championship gear like this lanyard to show their support. >> congratulations east bay warriors! >> reporter: wait, did she just say? >> east bay warriors! >> reporter: that's right, the warriors may play in san francisco, but they're beloved by fans outside the city and even the country. this couple came here to get championship gear this morning and they canceled their flight because of it. >> we wanted the cap, but it's sold out. >> reporter: the cap sold out
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early, but there's plenty of other gear to go around. >> i already got the shirts and everything. >> reporter: and the warriors' social media is helping to keep the fans connected. >> it took the whole team, you know, with the effort and everything. it was a good win. steph got his mvp. >> we could see the team and on the plane with the warriors post happy to come home. every fan had the same idea. get geared up for monday, the victory parade. >> my daughter and i, as soon as the game was over, we went straight to dick's. i went in the store and watched the game at heidi heitkamp at half time, and she stood in line. >> great for the dubs. go dub nation. >> we won! how great can you feel, you know? we're champions again. >> reporter: in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> champions again. inflict we actually just found out that the warriors eta was
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pushed back a bit, so they're now expected to be at sfo closer to 7:00. we'll keep you updated on that. san francisco is expecting the parade route to be packed monday at a time when covid rates are still climbing a bit. let's take a look at this chart that shows the trend in covid cases since april. the public health department says san francisco's seven-day positivity average is up to 13%. the statewide average is lower, but still tops 10%. so is this a safe time to have more than 100,000 warriors fans lined up along market street to celebrate the new title? experts tell us actually yes. it probably is. nbc bay area is in san francisco with a look at covid safety and parade security. >> reporter: the fourth world championship for the warriors in eight years, and the first since returning to san francisco. for warriors fans, there's plenty of excitement for this hard fought win and city-wide celebration.
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>> i'm really excited for the win because they've been injured for quite some time. >> reporter: with so many people expected to come into the city for the parade, some residents are taking precautions just to make sure they're celebrating safely. >> i'd probably prefer to wear the mask even outside just for a layer of protection. >> i also like to be protected. i need to be protected in case i have something i don't know about. >> reporter: the good news, the parade itself is outdoors with experts say covid is far less trans missable. >> it's not the parade itself, it's the pre-game and post-game, the parties that happen before and after. crowded indoor settings, poor ventilation, you know, wear your mask. >> reporter: dr. peter chin hong says so far there have been no noticeable outbreaks due to large outdoor events
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like the chinese new year parade or music festivals. masks are still required in stations and on trains. sfpd will be taking steps to ensure the parade route is safe and secure for pedestrians, so be prepared to be dropped off a few blocks away from the action if arriving in a cab or ride share. and officers encourage people to be aware of surroundings. >> we'll have a lot of police officers in and around the venue. feel free to flag us down, say hi. if you see something suspicious, say something. >> reporter: it will be all hands on deck for the san francisco police department at this massive event. in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> he mentioned bart and cal train are adding extra trains to help you get to the parade. bart plans to add 12 trains in addition to its normal weekday service. and an important note, red and yellow line trains from the east bay headed into the city will not stop at the
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montgomery street station before the parade. bart is also boosting staffing and adding extra police patrols to ensure everyone stays safe. and there was a change in the parade late this about. the route just got longer. it's scheduled to roll out at secondary lead in the morning at market and main street. it will make its way down market and was supposed to end at 6th street, but the city and team just announced they extended the route ocks to let enjoy the parade safely. now the parade will end at 8th street. you can watch all the festivities live including interviews with the players starting monday in the morning at 9:30 right here on nbc bay area as well as our partner nbc sports bay area and our sister station telemundo 48. that will be the only spanish language station to watch the parade live. again, that coverage all starts at 9:30 monday morning. let's take a live look at
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san francisco right now. you probably noticed it's been a cool day for most of the bay area, and a lot of fun this weekend. we have the warriors hype, we have juneteenth, and let's not forget father's day. jeff ranieri is here now. hopefully the weekend and monday looking really good for us? >> yeah, let's just get the warriors forecast done with right now. we are looking mostly sunny on monday. temperatures in the low 70s. really some perfect weather in san francisco. now, as far as things go right now, what a huge departure from earlier this week with 90s across the bay area. now most of the bay is in the 60s except for san jose that's currently at 70 degrees. we're seeing all these unusual june changes from this cold system slowly moving across california. it's sticking around one more day, so more cool temperatures tomorrow, on and off wind, and even showers off to the north. tomorrow we're starting off cold. 53 degrees. by 10:00 a.m., 64, and up to
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slightly warmer temperatures, 73 by 2:00 p.m. i'll have a full look at the weekend forecast, show you which days will be the best in about 15 minutes. >> sounds good, jeff. see you in a bit. good news for millions of parents, the fda has approved the covid vaccine for all children under five. the cdc is expected to do the same this weekend. this comes as a time when covid levels across the entire bay area remain persistently high. we spoke with santa clara county's top doctor about when the vaccinations will start for kids as young as six months old. >> reporter: the county says if the vaccines arrive on monday, they'll be putting shots in arms on tuesday. but the reaction so far here is mixed. ill elsie's parents have had to live with the fear of covid all her life, so with the announcement that a vaccine is cleared for kids as young as six months is welcome news for them. >> we are ready to vaccinate. >> reporter: every child six months or older can now
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receive the covid vaccine, and it's expected to start going into arms as soon as tuesday. >> we're definitely going as soon as we can. >> reporter: but unlike this family, the martinez family is apprehensive about vaccinating their three month old. why not? [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: she fears the side effects on her baby, even though the trial side effects were minimal. >> babies were fussy and didn't eat as much after the shot sometimes. some of the babies were cranky and tired, but it's hard to tell if that's a shot or an average day with a child. >> reporter: children that get the moderna vaccine will receive a quarter dose compared to an adult. it's a two-shot regimen. pfizer requires three shots. >> the county health system has been preparing for this moment for week, and we are ready to go. >> reporter: the county urges parents to get the vaccine
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from their pediatricians, but says county appointments will also be available as soon as a vaccine arrives. the health officer says the newest approval couldn't have arrived as a better time. >> covid levels are almost as high as they were at the peak of omicron, and it is really important to wear your mask when you are indoors to protect yourself. >> reporter: these parents say they'll breathe easier now knowing their little ones will soon be protected as well. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. meanwhile, state lawmakers have changed a bill that would have let pre-teens get vaccinated without their parents' consent. sponsors raised the proposed minimum age to 15 instead of 12. right now kids in california 12 to 17 can't get vaccinated without their parents knowing except for vaccinations to prevent stds. it didn't have the support to pass the assembly. and kids and teens makeup
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lowest number of california's vaccinated population. partially because of how long it took for vaccines to be made available to them. around 36% of kids age 5 to 11 have been fully vaccinated. 12 to 17-year-olds have a higher percentage. those 17 and younger makeup 19% of the state's cases. all right action in other news, in san francisco today, the man accused of killing the man known to the community members as grandpa will face a trial. he died from a violent attack more than a year and a half ago. his death trigger aid nationwide response from aaip activist. this rally was held before the preliminary hearing on tuesday. antoine watson, the suspect, is expected to be arraigned on murder and elder abuse charges
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july 1st. watson pushed the 84-year-old thai grandpa to the ground causing him to hit his head on the concrete. contra costa county and the u.s. department of labor are teaming up to combat wage theft. wage theft disproportionately impacks low wage workers. the district attorney signed a memo of understanding today along with the labor department office in walnut creek. they also announced a new work place justice unit. it's going to work with the labor department to expand the prosecution of wage theft cases in the county. >> this memorandum of understanding marks the start of a formal five year partnership to continue our efforts to seek justice for victims of crimes. >> the labor department says it already has a number of cases to hand over to the county for prosecution. the cases include workers from industries including home care, food service, janitorial, and construction. still ahead, spacex set a new record today, but that's not the only reason the
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company is making headlines. what happens when employees criticize founder elon musk after the break. i'm scott budman at pixar headquarters. coming up, a brand new movie release, and it
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oakland police are investigating a shooting that left four people injured and one person dead. it happened on thursday night just before 10:30 on 14th street. police arrived to find two people shot. main and a woman. the man died. the woman was taken to the
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hospital and is in critical condition right now, critical but stable condition. later that night, three more men came to the hospital with gunshot wounds. police determined they were also injured in the shooting. no word yet on who shot them. a gay character in the new toy story spin off is getting pushback from conservative groups in the u.s. and beyond. light year includes a lesbian character and on screen same sex kiss. scott budman went to pixar to talk about the controversy, and why they're not giving in to critic demands. >> to inif ity. >> and beyond. >> reporter: with the launch of light year, pixar is feeling the pressure. >> it's a big responsibility, it's buzz. >> reporter: but it's not just the origin story of the toy super hero getting attention here. >> who are you talking to? >> no one. >> reporter: it's the character of alicia, a fellow space ranger in a same sex
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relationship, complete with a child and on screen kiss. >> that was something that was important to us. it felt organic. it didn't feel like we were doing something just for the sake of doing it. it's important to a lot of people. >> reporter: dean kelly is the movie's story supervisor. he says he and the team are aware of backlash like this not at all secret gay agenda comment from podcast host ben shapiro, but says that didn't stop them from developing the character. >> i think it enriched the character. i think people see that representation on screen, that means something. it brings truthfulness to an epic space adventure and brings it down to something that can relate to. >> for young lgbtq people, our youth, for them to see a positive portrayal of someone like them makes a huge
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difference. >> reporter: kelly says now that it's out in the world, they want reaction and expect some controversy. and there is controversy. as of release day, there are some 14 countries hah the won't show the movie. china asked the studio to make changes. we're told by pixar and disney they won't make the changes. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> scott, thanks so much. word that spacex has fired several employees that publicly criticized ceo elon musk is overshadowing a regard set today by the company's rockets. this launch makes the 13th time they've reused this falcon 9 rocket. as for the worker, at least five were fired for writing and distributing a letter describing musk as a quote frequent distraction and embarrassment. their letter asked the company to publicly address and condemn musk's behavior. a spacex executive says the
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letter upset other employees who disagree. fire officials in the east bay are investigating whether fireworks from a warriors celebration sparked a brush fire early this morning. it started around 2:00 a.m. in pittsburgh. you can see it there. high winds spread the flames 120 acres very quickly. i prompted several evacuation orders. investigators are looking into reports of activity at a nearby transmitter or that this could all be linked to fireworks possibly celebrating the warriors championship win. >> they'll take into accounts the reports they got, follow up with witnesses, and see if they can locate what started it. >> crews stopped the spread within a few hours and the evacuation order was lifted. the fire was completely contained by 7:00 this morning. it damaged several fences, but no one was hurt. and outside right now in
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san francisco where climate experts are studying extreme heat in the city. noaa is looking for volunteers to attach heat sensors to their cars to collect data for heat maps. let's take a look at the weather now. jeff, i would imagine that's very beneficial to get more information about just extreme heat we've been dealing with. >> yeah, and you can see the real time data. hopefully that pans out for them. today, forget spring. it felt more like late winter across the bay area. we had the 90s earlier this week, and i wanted to show you livermore right now. this is typically one of our hottest locations, and right now we're just at 67 degrees. breeze out of the west at 17. you know when livermore is this cold, you need a jacket across the bay area no matter where you're headed tonight. 50s coming in at 9:00 p.m. mostly clear skies, at least over the next couple of hours. now, we're getting all of
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these changes from this unusually cold storm moving across the west. i really see this hanging out heading through tomorrow. it's just slowly inching its way across the state. that's going to mean more cool temperatures, some on and off wind, and even showers to the north. i want to take you to the radar. we have a thunderstorm near red bluff. this is not heading our way. it's heading to the north and east. but there's a little bit of slight shower activity here approaching hidden valley lake. we could see a little of that move your way. but other than that, not expecting anything big this evening. but tomorrow we could see more activity bubble up as we watch that storm system moving to our north. tomorrow morning, we have the clouds and fog to start from san francisco down to the south bay. by around 9:00, 9:30, we should get into sunshine here. as we roll through the afternoon, right there over napa county, might see a little shower activity moving in. we'll continue to watch that of course on the radar
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tomorrow. if anything develops, we'll be tracking it. as we look at the temperatures tomorrow, it's going to be chilly. look at this, down in the low to mid-50s across the bay area. tri-valley at 51. if you're in the north bay, talk about cold for june. down to 49 degrees. your heaters may be clicking on tomorrow morning, so be sure to have the jacket if you're headed out early for the morning. throughout the day, temperatures anywhere from 2 to 3 degrees warmer. we'll see slight warming tomorrow, but overall still on the cool side. 71 in san jose. 68 in oakland, 72 martinez, peninsula, 59 in half moon bay, redwood city 69. 64 in the mission, and 74 in santa rosa and 72 in napa. the wind we've had to deal with that lately. i think through tomorrow morning we're under a break. it's 10 to 15 miles per hour. then into the afternoon, we get the typical sea breeze moving in out of the west. 15 to about 30 miles per hour. on that seven-day forecast,
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you'll see in san francisco we're in the 60s this weekend. then up to a warmer 79 on tuesday, and gradually drop off next week. through the inland valleys, hang onful we're in for a wild ride. 83 on sunday, the best weather this weekend. a hot 100 on tuesday. eventually we get back down to 80s next thursday and friday. at least the heat only lasts for three days right now because that's definitely going to elevate the fire danger. otherwise i think the weekend looking pretty good. >> yes, it's like you really delivered for this weekend and monday. looks perfect. father's day, warriors parade. >> did what i could. made all the phone calls i could before work today. >> thank you so much, really appreciate it. coming up, check twice before you connect. the new warning from t fbhei
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there's an fbi warning tonight for users of linkedin. they say frauds are exploiting the platform to lure people into fake cryptocurrency deals. they pose as investors, reach out with small talk, guiding users from legitimate sites to fake ones they control. some victims have lost their life savings because the contact came through link edin and they thought it was legitimate. gilroy says high levels of nitrate were found in one of their city wells in routine testing last night.
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the well is located at gillman road. the city reported the findings to the state and has notified all customers already, urging them to read the warning for their own health and safety. the cause of the high nitrate level is still unknown, and the well has been temporarily taken out of the service. testing will continue until it reaches a safe level. looking ahead, this monday marks the first time juneteenth will be celebrated as a federal holiday. but you don't have to wait that long to celebrate. tomorrow, the 41st annual juneteenth festival in downtown san jose is happening. it will take place in the sofa district on south 1st street. today in the bay's marcus washington, our very own, will be the emcee. and jonathan bloom has a great explainer on the history of juneteenth. you can watch it on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, by downloading our nbc bay area streaming app. are you looking to renovate stryour kitchen or bathroom? an east bay
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you may have heard the alameda county fire is officially back in town. the rides, the game, the livestock are now in full effect. there's going to be a live
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concert series kicking off with 90s singer ginuwine tonight. others will take the stage, and what would the fair be without the delicious food? >> fair food is one of the top reasons people come to the fair. we're going to check out some amazing fair food and all the foodies out there will absolutely love what they're bringing to the fairgrounds. >> i love the fair food. the fair is set to run through july 10th, and season passes are available online. and don't forget, you can also watch us live on roku, amazon fire, and apple tv. here's janelle wang with what's coming up at 5:30. >> anything fried for me, give me all of it. right now at 5:30, gas, food, everything in between, inflation is raising prices across the board, and americans are wondering when it will end. >> when i


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